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1. The Godhead: Tri-unity

Jason Sliger


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jason is a former full-time evangelist with Amazing Facts, now pastoring in Northern Michigan. He and his wife, Midori, have two children, Evangeline and Christian who are 3 and 1. His greatest desire is to have an experience like Jesus and be part of helping others be like Him too. He enjoys playing with his kids, photography and, when he can find time, playing the guitar.



  • February 3, 2018
    11:30 AM


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Father in heaven we thank you Lord. That we can enter into your presence and today we ask humbly that you would give us minds to be able to understand. Some of the complexity of scripture Father we want to rightly divide the Word of God. And we ask now that you send your Holy Spirit. To be our instructor for we ask it in Jesus' name. In the years leading up to eight hundred forty four there were two men who were really at the epicenter of the great religious awakening that was taking place primarily in New England but obviously it expanded from there and began to take the world by storm we're all familiar with the first individual His name is William Miller he was a Baptist who as he studied the Word of God found this particular message in Daniel Chapter eight under two thousand three hundred days then shall the sanctuary be cleansed as William Miller studied this particular prophecy he was moved by the conclusion that Christ would appear in eight hundred forty four now those of us that have been in this faith for a while understand that Miller was correct in the date that he gave for this particular prophecy but he was incorrect in the conclusion that he gave that Christ would come back in eight hundred forty four and we could talk more about that another time but Miller Miller began to preach this message with great fervor and as he preached this message there were many people that were converted and gave their lives to the Lord in fact some historians estimate that some eighty five thousand people were converted to the advent message through the preaching of one Baptist minister that some powerful preaching if you ask me now one of the men who listened to William Miller preach and was strongly persuaded by the message that he was presenting was a young man by the name of Joshua V. Hines he was the second man at the epicenter of this great religious awakening that was taking place in the early eighteen hundreds Joshua V. Hines was a minister in a. Church called the Christian connection you may have heard that before and as the as as Joshua behind sat there and listened to William Miller preach he was convicted that this message could not just stay in that local area but it needed to be spread far and wide Himes was a very influential minister who was known as the Napoleon of the press he was very good at getting the word out he was very good at printing things and getting the word spread far and wide in fact in the L A white encyclopedia it makes the statement about Heinz's work it says this on page four hundred eleven and eight hundred forty he that is Joshua the Heinz published and edited the first Miller right newspaper the signs of the times in Boston he led in organizing general conferences and can't meetings and published hundreds of pamphlets as well as the second and third editions of Miller's lecture it goes on he organized extensive lecture tours for Miller and himself as far west as Cincinnati brought about the manufacture of the great tent at the time the largest tent in the United States for the use of those tours and established than a network of agents book depots and reading rooms from Boston to St Louis would you say this guy was energetic or what. He believed the message he was stirred by the message of William Miller It was a passionate thing for him he said this could not stay here it needs to go out into the world he was convinced that something climactic was going to happen in one thousand nine hundred four and he put all of his youthful energy into proclaiming this message in partnership with William Miller Now here's the interesting thing to me as I look at. This from today if William Miller and Joshua V. Hines were alive right now under the current Adventist persuasion under the current climate in Adventism they would have never worked together. They would never work together Miller being a Baptist believed in what we call today the Trinity he was what we would call a trinitarian he believed in the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit Joshua V. Hines coming from the Christian connection faith was an ardent anti Trinitarian he did not believe the way William Miller did in the dot on the doctrine of the Trinity they had polar opposite views almost on this particular point of faith however when it came to the proclamation of the great Second Advent movement the second coming of Jesus the investigative judgment and all the various acts of cute associated with it these two men put their differences aside for the common goal to proclaim that Jesus was going to come very soon. Now please don't misunderstand me I'm not saying in any way shape or form that this doctrine of the Trinity is not important that we need to just kind of be sloppy in our interpretation of it or just brush it underneath the carpet I'm not saying that in any way but what I do want you to see from the story is that for some it wasn't as divisive as it is in the current been his climate that we live in today in fact I would suggest that on subjects such of the complexity as the one that we are studying today we would do well to take the advice of our prophet that the Lord has given to us in the book Acts of the Apostles page fifty two she says this the nature of the Holy Spirit and I think you can also apply this to the Godhead in general the nature of the Holy Spirit is a what. It is a mystery it can men cannot explain it because the Lord has not what he doesn't reveal it to them men having fence of full views may bring together passages of Scripture and put a what human construction upon them but the acceptance of these views will not strengthen the church regarding such mysteries which are too deep for human understanding what does she say. She says Silence is golden Now again I don't believe that she you know this is just strictly political to the doctrine or the understanding of the Holy Spirit I believe it's also has a further broader reach to the Godhead in general it is a mystery it is something that is so deep we have to remember when we study the concept of the Trinity that we are talking about God and we can fully understand God we cannot fully understand how he operates or or how they interact with one another it is God It is being he is beyond our limited understanding however there are passages of scripture and there is divinely written inspired counsel that gives us a glimpse if you will into an understanding of the doctrine of the Trinity Now if you were to go to our fundamental beliefs this is what it states fundamental belief Number two it says there is one God the Father Son and the Holy Spirit a unity of three co-equal persons God is immortal all powerful all knowing above all and ever present he is infinite and beyond human comprehension yet known through his what self-revelation So this is what we believe as a church and this particular statement in some form or another was not officially voted in until nineteen thirty one and so those who are of the persuasion of. Trinitarian persuasion have come up with the conspiracy that the church changed around the one nine hundred thirty S. to this average view of the Trinity that we have here today however we're going to find in our third presentation as I take the time to outline some of the history behind the development of this doctrine that the development of this particular understanding was in the into better far before nine hundred thirty it was actually in the late one nine hundred eighteen hundreds that they began to get a better understanding of the Godhead and began to become the early at an aspiring years began to become. Disinterested in unsettled with the anti Trinitarian understanding and began to switch or develop or grow in their understanding of this particular point. In testimony for the church Volume three page two hundred fifty five seven of the Lord says this those who desire. To doubt we'll have plenty of room God does not propose to remove all OK jps for unbelief he gives evidence which must be carefully investigated with a humble mind and a teachable spirit and all should decide from the woods weight of evidence so God never intended to remove all doubt he never intended to answer every question if God did that why would we need faith so there are some questionable things there are some things that we just as humans we have to say I don't have an answer for that the Bible doesn't speak very plainly to that point we are going to have to wait until we get to heaven to get a broader and better understanding of these particular points now she goes on and she says this three years later she says God give sufficient evidence for the candid money and to believe but he who turns from the what weight of the evidence because there are a few things which she cannot make plain to his finite understanding will be left where in the cold chilling atmosphere of unbelief Listen to this and questioning doubts and will make a shipwreck of his one. I think we're seeing this take place right now because there are a few. Group is actually growing who cannot make plain to their finite minds some peculiar points of scripture in fact you know this this particular understanding this average understanding of the Godhead is taking our church by storm we're kind of a little insulated here in Michigan if we have some affects of it but in other parts of Adventism this thing is tearing our churches apart and it's taking some of our brightest minds along with it you know where we stand on this lest we get swept away by this understanding that is in my humble opinion not Biblical over the next three presentations I'm going to attempt to address these particular points today we're going to take a look at the unity of the three persons of the Godhead That's our sole purpose in our study together here this morning next week we will take the next two points that is a fool or sorry the fool Eternal Deity of Christ and the personhood and full Deity of the Holy Spirit Now if you were to look at anti-trade Trinitarian views they pretty much all boil down to these three points number one that there is not three gods or three it that comprise the Godhead number two that at some point Jesus was created in some distant time in times past and number three number three and number two and then number three number three being that the Holy Spirit is not a person but he is just the Spirit of God pretty much most anti Trinitarian views stem back to these three particular points so tonight we're going this morning we're going to take a look at the personhood or the three persons of the Godhead and then. Next week we will deal with the other two points and in my third presentation as I mentioned we're going to take a look at the historical development of this doctrine in our in our church now before I go to the next thing I want to just make another point. There are some who are of the idea or of the Spurs suasion that we should not use the word Trinity because it is of Catholic origin and so they want to avoid using that particular word However as I've been history don't avoid using the word merely because of its where it was derived from where it came from but we don't use words because we may not use that word because it is not Biblical Now when it comes to the Trinity actually we'll see in our study today that it is actually a biblical term and there are other terms that we use that we don't find in the Bible such as investigative judgment do we see that in the Bible we don't there's no investigative we see a judgment that's investigative But we don't see the term investigative judgment we don't see the word millennium in the Bible but we still freely use it in the description of our theology of Revelation chapter twenty we don't find the word incarnation in the Bible either However we still use that in our description of Christ and His coming into this world in fact I would even argue that a Seventh Day Adventists we actually do believe in the word rapture or the concept of the rapture not the way the rest of Christendom teaches it but we do believe in a catching up or taking away into the kingdom of heaven as the Bible describes and first US alone in chapter four that we which are alive or remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds so we don't reject the word merely a because of its origin but we reject it because it may be and it's not Biblical Now when it comes to the word Trinity It simply means try Unity three things that are united together so let's take this in the Bible to morning and see what the Bible has to say on this particular point now as we do so let's ask ourselves the question. Notice the statement here this is from Jay in love Pearl he was a renowned Adventists the story and wrote the book The Great Second Advent movement on the history of the administration this is what he said he said if Father Son and Holy Ghost are each god what did he conclude we would there would be what three gods he was an he was an anti Trinitarian he believed that there was one being kind of God that wasn't God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit as you see here plainly in this statement now there were others and we'll look at that in our third presentation but we ask ourselves the question this morning as a denomination are we monotheistic or are we polytheistic do we believe in One God monotheism or do we believe in many gods polytheism and from according to you know Jane love Pearl if you believe in the Father Son and Holy Ghost you would have to say were polytheistic However I think the Bible makes it clear for us that we are actually what we would call monotheistic believers we believe in One God The Bible says in Deuteronomy Chapter six verse four hero Israel the Lord our God is what he is one so we were not Hindus we don't believe we don't worship many gods we have one God The Bible tells us that we worship Now it's interesting if you were to just take that one Bible passage and not look at any other scripture you can conclude with J.M. left Pearl that there is one being that is gone however you can't do that as add this we don't build theology off of one Bible passage we build it off of the weight of evidence in Scripture Now it's interesting when you look at this word here the word for one Lord that Hebrew word one is very interesting that Moses chose to use under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit Listen to this Bible passage that uses the same Hebrew word the word there that is translated into the English as one we find here in Genesis chapter two verse twenty four The Bible says therefore shall my. And leave his father and his mother and shall cleave unto his wife and they shall be what same Hebrew word. Is the same Hebrew word now there are Hebrew words that are that can be translated one mean one one individual one thing but this particular Hebrew word that is used in Deuteronomy and also in Genesis has the connotation of one made up of several parts and here we see this with the development of marriage that when two people unite their life together they become one flesh now do they literally become one being of course not there are two still two individuals but they have united their lives together and that's the Hebrew word that Moses chose when he said one God. He's given the idea in the Hebrew mind when they read that Bible passage they understand that it's not one being but it is one that is made up of several parts so somebody asked the question well how does one plus one plus one equal one. Last I checked in math that quite work out that way and that's that that's actually a legitimate argument that you would hear some people make how can you have one plus one plus one equals one well you know at some point all illustrations break down but hopefully this will help at least help us understand a little bit in the context of what we're talking about here in a family had to dig this one up but in a family it was a long time ago wasn't in a family you have one father one mother and one. Child but the three of them make a. How many families one family right so you have one family that's Avengelyne by the way you have one family that is made up of three parts I couldn't give you the current family picture because the illustration obviously going to work. But suffice it to say that one can be made up of several parts and that's the that's the concept that Moses was pre-training as he said The Lord our God is one Lord and that he is one that is made up of several parts and we see that even in our English then ocular as well Here's another passage Genesis chapter one verses twenty six and twenty seven you've read this before it says and the Lord said let. Us make man in our image after our likeness three times we see the pew plurality of God mentioned in one Bible verse and it goes on in the next verse verse twenty seven So God created man in his own image in the image of God created he him male and female created He them so it's kind of interchangeable here you have the plurality of God but then you have him in a singular form as well where it says him so we see here the Bible is developing this idea in the very beginning of Scripture that God is plural not singular he's made up of several parts not just one particular parts Here's another one this is in Genesis chapter three verse twenty two The Bible says in the LORD God said Behold the man is become as one of us no no it to no good and evil again is it poor. Or is it singular it's plural Here's another one this is from Genesis as well Genesis eleven a verse seven go to this is God talking here go to let what us go down and there confound their languages that they may not understand one another speech that's at the Tower of Babel this is God described here in a singular sense or a plural sense it's pleuro and I find this very interesting that at the very beginning of the Bible in the book of Genesis in the first eleven chapters over and over again we find this theme repeated that God is not singular but he is plural. So many of the same and. Slain a foundation right there making it very plain for us to be able to see that you can look at this word one in multiple different places in the New Testament and you will find how it is being used in describing one thing that is made up of several parts but here's another one in the Old Testament that will go to some New Testament passages Isaiah Chapter six in person eight the Bible says this also I heard the voice of the Lord saying whom shall I send and who will go for. Who will go for us then said I Here am I What did he say send me Lord send me I will go but do we find we find God describing himself in a singular or a plural since he says who will go for us now as we look at the survey of the Old Testament what we find is this none of these Old Testament passages prove that God existed in three persons however they make abundantly clear that God is made up of more than one one so in the Old Testament we don't see the three or the tri eliminate so much of God but we see very clearly in the Old Testament that God is made up of more than one part to get the further understanding of the Tri Unity of God We need to go to where and you test it and there are two passages that you are very familiar with that are so great at describing this and making it vividly clear for those of us that want an understanding on this particular point Matthew chapter twenty in verse nineteen you are familiar with this the great gospel Commission who is talking here. Who. Jesus talk you know I always find it interesting when people contre try to contradict what Jesus says you know you shouldn't contradict the Bible at all but if you're going to you know you really shouldn't contradict anything that Jesus says this is a red letter he's speaking to His disciples here and he says Go ye therefore and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and the. Just plain as day it's written there in the Bible the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit now it is interesting. To note that in every known biblical manuscript that contains this part of Matthew and every early translation into other languages all contain the threefold aspect of God so you can go to multiple different manuscripts it's not just one man usually because as you know the New Testament was translated from many different manuscripts but you know. Well you can go to the all the different manuscripts that contain this portion of the Gospel of Matthew and you will find all of them comprising the threefold aspect of God the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost Now this is an interesting statement from the B.R.R. from the vehicle research institute they make this comment commenting on the passage that we just read Matthew twenty eight percent nineteen it says the union of these three names indicates that the Son and the Holy Spirits are what are what are equal with the father listen to this reasoning it would be rather strange not to say blasphemous to unite the name of the eternal God with they would. Now remember those who are of the anti Trinitarian persuasion they believe that at some point in the distant past in some unknown time in the in the past that Jesus was created and it would be blasphemous to put a created being on the same level as the Create two. Right. So what we find here is actually Jesus when he says go back ties in the name of the Father Son and Holy Ghost he is leveling the playing field he is saying that they are all of equal authority and then Jesus is just as much God as God the Father is the Holy Spirit is just as much God as Jesus and the father are it's a leveling of the playing field here in Matthew the twenty eighth chapter Now here's something that I found fascinating as I was doing this research I never really read this passage before but this is in the Spirit of Prophecy Volume two page one hundred thirty six and she says this the prejudice of the Jews was a rock used because the disciples of Jesus did not use the exact words of John in the riot of baptism This was before Jesus ascension into heaven when John was baptizing people it goes on John baptized into repentance but the disciples of Jesus and profession of faith that ties in the name of the Father and the Son and. Isn't that fascinating they were baptized in the threefold name before Jesus ascended to heaven and it would only stand to reason that they would continue that after Jesus went to heaven. This was common understanding for the disciples that the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit were all equal as God and as a deity. Now some are argue. That you can't show from the Bible the Bible says God the Father. But some are you well you say you can't find God the Son in the Bible or God the Holy Spirit Now it's interesting you can't find the term God the Son in the Bible course you can't find the term God the Holy Spirit in the Bible but the Bible is abundantly clear that all three of them are God. Let me just give you this real quick so you have it in your notes Philippians Chapter one Verse two The Bible says Grace be unto you and peace from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ is the father god yes or no yes according to Scripture he is not notice this one Titus chapter two in verse thirteen looking for the blessid hope and the Glorious Appearing of our great God and our Savior who Jesus Christ is Jesus Christ God yes or no yes the Bible says that he's looking for the glories a period of God Jesus Christ coming in the clouds of heaven going on actually there five in verse three and four this is the story of an innocent Safira Peter said an anonymous why had Satan filled BEINHART to law into the Holy Spirit that has not lied into men but unto. Is the Holy Spirit God yes or no now listen you won't find the term God the Son of God the Holy Spirit Bible but doesn't trip you up because the Bible's very clear that all three of them are God If the Father is God We have the Son is God and we have the Holy Spirit the three of them make up what Ellen White refers to as the God head that's how she uses it in her writings and oftentimes how you'll see it expressed. Now. We find other places in the New Testament I won't take time to go through them all but I want to share one more with you and this is from Second Corinthians chapter thirteen in verse fourteen These are the final words that Paul wrote to the current the in church right before looks like I got ahead of myself. I sure did NOT OK let's look at one more here before we get to that first print the second printing is passages Luke chapter three verse twenty one and twenty two and again this is a familiar one to all of us this is the baptism of Jesus now when all these when all these people or all the peace. Well were baptized it came to pass that Jesus also being baptized praying the heavens were open so we see Jesus here obviously at his baptism and the Holy Ghost descending in bodily shape like a dove upon him and a voice came from heaven which said that our art my one beloved Son in whom I am well pleased to hear we see the baptism of Jesus it's a striking example again illustrating the threefold aspect of God you have Jesus in the literal flesh standing there in the water you have the Holy Spirit in the shape of a dove descending down upon him and then you have the voice of God and I find it interesting because the Bible tells us you know God did not take a shape here at the baptism of Christ because the Bible tells us that if any man sees God what would happen to him he would die so God just speaks his approval upon the annoying teen of Jesus at his baptism so clearly we see in the Bible again the free fall aspect of God here at the baptism of Jesus the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit Now here's the passage referring to second print in chapter thirteen in verse fourteen Paul says this the grace of the WHO Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all a min he says so we see this throughout Scripture the threefold elements of God There are other places and you can just jot these down first Corinthians twelve four through six if Eason's chapter four verses four three six and even Peter weighs in on this in first Peter chapter one and verse two all three of these passages refer to refer to the threefold aspect of God describing God not in the singular sense but in the poor plural sense. Now let me ask you question. Is that clear from Scripture or not is are there passages that make it a little bit more difficult to understand this doctrine Yes there are there are there are passages that even I scratch my head and try to understand and even theologians scratch their head and try to understand what is this passage talking about but those difficult passages should not derail us from the clear passages that are very easy for us to understand. In fact I believe you're safe if you can't on the clear passages and then you're safe if you can't out on those clear Bible passages now we've nailed this down from the Bible I think it's very clear and we could go on but the point has been conveyed very clearly what I want to do now is as we close this thing up is I want to show you from the Spirit of Prophecy what the service of the Lord had to say on this particular point and we're going to get into this more in our third presentation but I wanted to it's touch on it a little bit here just so you can see the repeated T. of it this is from the manuscript release Volume sixteen page two zero five she wrote this in one thousand one keep an eye on those dates if you would and she said this also there would be the eternal heavenly dignitaries who are these God and Christ and the Holy Spirit among them that is the disciples with more than moral more mortal energy and would advance with them to the work and convince the world of sin so we see the heavenly dignitaries the God Christ and the Holy Spirit Here's another one this from testimonies for the church volume eight page two hundred and fifty four this was written in one thousand and four three years later she says in the great closing work we shall meet with perplexities are we at that point yes or no. When we were perplexities then we know that. We know not how to deal with but let us not for get that the three great powers of heaven how many great powers. Three great powers of heaven are working that the divine hand is on the wheel and that God will bring his promises to pass he will gather from the world of people who will serve him in righteousness somebody ought to say amen to that right so we have God the these three great powers that are keeping their hand on the wheel if you will that is steering God's church by God's grace in the right direction those who will serve him as he says in righteousness special testimonies series be number seven page fifty one this is in one thousand nine hundred five she says this We are to cooperate with the free highest powers in heaven how many highest powers and then she defines them the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost and these powers will work through us making us workers together with God How many of you want that experience then working through us to be workers for God but when a man goes forth Listen to this inhuman sufficiency then the enemy will come in and inspire him and he knows not what manner of spirit he is. That's a warning I think we're starting to see the trickle effect of this taking place in our church right now but let it not be missed that she is talking about the three highest powers in heaven the Father the Son the Holy Spirit they are all on equal terms in this particular statement she goes on in the same article test special testimony series series being Number seven page sixty two and sixty three she can. And she says this There are three living persons of the heavenly. So it's kind of being redundant right there are three in the heavenly trio but what's a trio made of made of three right so there are three persons of that Li trio in the name of these three great powers who are they the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit those who receive Christ by living faith are baptized and these our words will cooperate with the obedience subjects of heaven in their efforts to live the new life in Christ somebody ought to say and then to that. We have the SRI greatest powers in all of heaven that are working on behalf of the salvation of men their inspiring us and leading us and guiding us and she defines these three great powers as the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit now I'm by no means an authority on this issue there are many some that are much more informed than I am on this particular point but the conclusion that you can come to is only one conclusion based on the light of scripture both the Bible and also inspiration there is only one conclusion that you can come to and that is that the Godhead is we do serve one God but that God is made up of three persons the Father. Who love the world so much that He sent His only begotten Son. To die on a Cross who eventually ascended up into heaven and sent the Holy Spirit as his representative to guide you and to guide me into all truth. Tread softly brothers and sisters on the subject. Tread softly but we are talking about God and we must be careful and never think that we can understand what God has not revealed. We must stand with the plain passages of Scripture and not get caught up in the difficult Bible passages or in the difficult statements let's stick with what is plainly stated and wait until we get to the kingdom of heaven for God to give us more information. Listen even in the Kingdom of Heaven I believe when we are in the presence of God Yes you have a better understanding but we will never fully understand how God operates it's beyond our finite understanding even with the perfect mind when we get to the kingdom of heaven we will not be able to fully grasp God I think it ought to be that way because it gives us something to talk about and study for throughout the season stages of eternity. I conclude with the statement review and Herald made two of nineteen twelve so I'm making more progression here in time this is just a couple of years before Ellen White died and she made this most beautiful statement that I want to leave you with and she says this the Godhead that's how she refers to the Trinity. She says the Godhead was stirred with pity for the race that is the human race when you think of when you think of somebody being stirred with pity is it a passing sorrow or passing pity Well when you preach stirred with pity it's the deepest pity that you have for someone and she says the Godhead was stirred with pity when they looked at the human race she says and the Father the Son and Holy Spirit what did they do they gave themselves to the working out of the was. Plan of redemption somebody ought to say amen to that one too. So these three the three greatest powers in all of Heaven in all of the universe and all of all of creation the three most powerful beings the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost are bending their minds and their energies their time and everything is being invested in trying to save fall and humanity on a new about you that makes me happy. To know that these three great powers are working on behalf of Fallen Men Can you imagine what it was like for the three of them to come up with this plan of salvation it wasn't just the it just wasn't just the father be moving to send his Son and the son being willing to go but even the Holy Spirit was involved in the plan of redemption to redeem fallen men back to his rightful position. We have something to rejoice with the Lord rejoice them in the Lord for that he is working out this plan of redemption and it's not just a God but is the most powerful created beings who has ever existed they are working for the salvation I'm thankful for this morning and only that I'm thankful that God has made it clear in his word that he the God of the universe is made up of three precious being a father and the son. And the Holy Spirit and now you probably already knew this but now you have Biblical evidence to defend your face on this particular doctrine because listen to me carefully it will not be long until you run across somebody. Who is of another persuasion in fact not too long ago. We had all of the all of the cars in our church parking lot where they had a book placed in the window from our friends who are of this particular persuasion that there is only God the Father and that Jesus was created at some point and that the Holy Spirit is just the Spirit of God He's not being like. On all of the cars right out there but we have good deacons in this church somebody ought to say and. We have good elders in this church somebody to say and then and somebody spied the book as they were coming across or something as they were going from the school to the church and they saw and they when they picked up all those books and you can be thankful that you didn't have to waste your time saying what is this stuff is this truth or not is not is not we can be thankful for that God has given us a more sure word of prophecy and we need to keep our nose in the truths of God's word and not get distracted with the fringe ideas that are out there in the world today the devil is coming up with all kinds of things to try to derail God's people but remember just remember we have this heavenly trio the Godhead who is working for the salvation of men or you think for that this morning let's pray Father in heaven. Lord we are so thankful that you have given us the clear word of god help us understand. The truth of Scripture father we ask that you will continue to guide us. As we seek to know where we stand as a people. That Lord we wouldn't be caught up. With other ideas that are outside of the bounds of your word but that Lord we would seek to know the truth and the truth only thank you. Thank you for working on our behalf for putting all of your energy and your infinite wisdom into the devising of this plan of redemption that we one day would have the hope. Of being with you. Faithful to. Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or if you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit W W.


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