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2. New Theology & Half-Hearted Christians

Mark Howard
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Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism


  • July 15, 2017
    11:30 AM
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Now if you look at the bulletin it tells us that we're in the series admonitions for the last days part two you may remember that I started this quite a while ago I really wasn't sure when we started it and I actually just look back on my phone it was in February or it was in February and we took a little segue and I just want to give a little refresher very briefly from our scripture reading this morning First Corinthians ten where I'm drawing this out oh First Corinthians Chapter ten and verse one the Bible says moreover brother not do not want you to be what ignorant or unaware that all our fathers were under the cloud and all passed through the sea all were baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea all ate the same spiritual food and all drink the same spiritual drink for they drank of that spiritual rock that followed them and that rock was Christ but with most of them God was not well pleased for their bodies were scattered in the wilderness now these things became what are examples that we should not and then he goes on to recount some experiences which I'll touch on a moment and then in verse eleven he repeats again now all these things happen to them as examples and they were written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the ages have come and thus the title admonitions for the last days and admonition is a warning why do you give a person a warning what do you warn people of danger and where in the last days the Apostle Paul is telling us and in fact he gives us the reasoning he basically tells us that of all and notice his language there in the first few verses all of our fathers did this all of our fathers did this all of our fathers all of our fathers overhauled as all of our fathers except with most of them God was not well pleased they all had the same spiritual experience they went to the same church they did the same fellowship meal they did the same outreach projects and so with the Apostle Paul is saying is I'm warning you not to repeat the example of ancient Israel just because you all go to the same church and disturb school and and whatever else things that you do is not going to be the thing that makes the difference and so he gives us an admonition and he specially speaks to those. Who are living in the last is in the course of Chapter ten he recounts five different experience was from the history of Israel I think that Paul's intent is that all of those experiences are for our admonition but he brings up five and in this series we're going to look through five and we're going to go through them chronologically rather than the order he brings them up in the five experiences just so you know right now or the experience of the golden calf found in Exodus thirty two the experience where Israel was clamoring for the food of Egypt in numbers eleven Corus rebellion in number sixteen the serpent on a pole in numbers twenty one and the incident Pale Male Peor in numbers twenty five and all of these things as we go through this series you're going to find are almost strikingly And surprisingly applicable to our day today we're going to look at the Golden Calf the story of the golden calf written as the Apostle Paul says for our admonition other words those of us living at the end of time should be able to look at this story in draw things out that will speak specifically and especially to us today and so I want you to put your thinking caps on with me as we draw out of this story what it's trying to communicate to those living at the end of time I want to just give you a little run in to where we are we're going to Exodus thirty two that's where we find the story of the golden calf so let's go back to the Book of Exodus Exodus thirty two we're going to start in verse one now God has gathered his people together we course he's brought them out of the land of Egypt in Exodus Chapter twelve he's gathered them together at Mount Sinai printed proclaimed to them his ten commandments followed by his statutes and judgments and all the people entered into covenant with God We call that the Old Covenant accidents nine hundred twenty three you can read all about that. Then I got invited Moses and Aaron and made dab into by you and seventy of the Elders of Israel into his presence to eat the sacrificial feast of the covenant they had just made you read that in Exodus Chapter twenty four and then the Lord called Moses up even further into the mountain to actually give him the tables of stone in the instruction for the tabernacle and IT services that's what's happened prior to this now it's while Moses is up in the mountain with God He went up there and he told the others who had come up part way with him a devil by who the seventy elders etc Aaron that I'm going up and I'll be back well God didn't give him a time frame and the Bible says he was there forty days and nights so after some period of time they figured we're not going to wait for him up here we're going to go down among the people and it was while they were down among the people this where we pick up in Exodus thirty two we're going to read through the whole chapter of Exodus thirty two The Bible says now when the people saw that Moses delayed coming down from the mountain when the people saw Moses what when Moses was delayed coming down from the mountain the people gathered together to Aaron and said to him Come make us gods that should go before us for as for this Moses the man who brought us up out of the land of Egypt we do not know what has become of him and Erin said to them break off the golden earrings which are in the ears of your wives your sons and your daughters and bring them to mean a lot of commentators say that the reason Aaron did this was he was thinking in most cases the people would never been willing to part with their arguments and so he thought well I'll ask him for this and they'll say well no way I'm not taking a tour and say oh good I'm out of that one only this time they were all too willing to part with their ornaments the Bible says verse three so all the people broke off the gold nearing this which were in their ears and brought them to Aaron and he received the gold from their hand and he fashioned it with the engraving tool or an engraving tool and made a molded calf then they said this is your god I'm sorry yeah then they said this is your gone to Israel that brought you out of the land of Egypt so when Erin saw it. He built an altar before it and Aaron made a proclamation and said tomorrow is a feast to the Lord a couple things I want to draw your attention to when Aaron saw it when he saw what listen carefully when he saw that it meant the approval of the people and he said Hey let's run with this thing and it says that he proclaimed a thief to whom how does Lord appear in your Bible it's in all capital letters now that's just so you know in case you didn't that's what translators do with what theologians call the Tetra gram Aton that is the the a fit when he wrote the name of God They wouldn't write the vowels they would only write Y H W H And some people have added valves and compass come away with the word Yeah away from that some have assumed that the valves added in there yet why mix adjust sound in the mix of the sound that come with Jehovah from that but that's where they get it from and when you find L O R D capital in your bible it is the proper name of the God of heaven that's important you know that when they did this feast and they built the calf Aaron did not proclaim a feat this was not to ape is the bull God in Egypt we're going to have a feast to who to the Lord everything that we're doing here it may be different from what we're custom to but we're doing it to the Lord first six then they rose early on the next day offered bird offerings and brought peace offerings and the people sat down to eat and drink and rose up to play you can do a little research on the word play there but it doesn't mean Tagore and the Lord said to Moses go get down for your people whom you brought out of the land of Egypt have corrupted themselves they have turned aside quickly out of the way which I commanded them they have made themselves a molded calf and worship it and sacrifice to it and said This is your God Oh Israel that brought you out of the land of Egypt. And the Lord said to Moses I have seen this people indeed it is a stiff necked people now therefore let me alone that my wrath may burn hot against them and I may consume them and I will make of you a great nation now I have to interject another spent a lot of time on this today so I have to interject here some people read this is they say Man Why is God's God is just so wanting to destroy them all let me ask your question the god need to ask Moses permission to God need to ask most us to get out of the way no the why was he doing it because God was trying to testing Moses to see if Moses would intercede for the people I'm going to just destroy them if you want to destroy them and he said let me out get out of the way and let me do this it was an appeal to Moses it let Moses know that if I don't get out of the way I can do something about this and Moses did he treated for the people and this is what Moses said verse eleven the Moses pleaded with the Lord his God and said Lord why does your wrath burn hot against your people whom you have brought out of the land of Egypt with great power with a mighty hand why should the Egyptians speak and say he brought them out to harm them to kill them in the mountains and consume them from the face of the earth turn from your fierce wrath and relend from this harm to your people remember Abraham Isaac and Israel your servants to whom you swore by your own self and said to them I will multiply your descendants of the stars of the heaven and all this land that I have spoken of I will give to your descendants and they shall hear forever it is to inherit it for ever verse fourteen so the Lord relented from the harm which he said he would do to his people and Moses turned and went down from the mountain and the two tablets of the testimony were in his hand the tablets were written on both sides and on the one side and on the other they were written now the tablets were the work of God and the writing was the writing of God engraved on the tablets and when Joshua heard the noises of people as they shouted he said to Moses there is a noise of what war in the camp now something just as a flag to me that when your worship sounds like war something's probably not right about it. But he said it is not the noise of of the SHALL to victory nor the noise of the cry of defeat but the sound of singing I hear and so it was as soon as he came near the camp that he saw the calf and the dancing So Moses anger became hot and he cast the tablets out of his hands and broke them in the foot at the foot of the mountain verse twenty then he took the calf which they had made burned it with fire burned it in the fire weather and ground it to powder and he scattered it on the water and made the children of Israel drink it and Moses said to Aaron why they did this people what did this people do to you that you have brought so great a sin upon them so Aaron said Do not let the anger of my Lord become hot you know the people of their set on evil for they said to me make us gods that we should go before us as for this Moses the man who brought us out of the land of Egypt we do not know what has become of him and I said to them whoever has any gold let them break it off so they gave it to me and I cast it into the fire and this calf came out that's a likely story isn't it now folks listen to me as we're looking at this and we're going to draw I'm going to draw every example I can but one of the tendencies we have when we read Old Testament stories is to so distance them from where we are they're off we don't worship Golden who would think that the throne golden and a calf would come out but I have heard similar far fetched reasoning as to why what I'm doing before God is OK even though God said it's not OK Well I mean God said it's not OK but if it was OK How could I have miraculously closer and we could go on with stories about that but this is what Aaron tells Moses we put the hey look I get put the gold in the fire and the calf just popped out of there is a miracle God must be in verse twenty five now when Moses saw that the people were unrestrained for Aaron had not restrained them to the show their shame among their enemies. Then Moses stood in the entrance of the camp and said whoever is on the Lord's side come to me and all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together to him and he said to them dust says to the Lord God of Israel let every man put his sword on his side and go in and out from entrance to entrance throughout the camp and let every man kill his brother every man his companion and every man his neighbor so the sons of Levi did according to the word of Moses and about three thousand men of the people fell that day then Moses said consecrate yourselves to day before the Lord that he may bestow on you a blessing this day for every man has opposed his son and his brother verse thirty now it came to pass on the next day that Moses said to the people you have committed a great sin so now I will go up to the Lord perhaps I can make atonement for your sins then Moses returned to the Lord and said all these people have committed a great sin and have made themselves a god of gold yet Now if you will forgive their sin but if not I pray blot me out of your book which you have written a whole sermon on them right there and the Lord said to Moses whoever has sinned against me I will blot him out of my book now therefore goal lead the people to the place of which I have spoken to you behold my angel shall go before you nevertheless in the day when I visit for punishment I will visit punishment upon them for their sins so the Lord plague the people because of what they did with the calf which Aaron had me wow it's one of the longer examples or one instances or stories that Paul cites and it's full of examples for us living in the last days and I'm just going to draw out a few things that spoke to me as I went through this is I'm looking for you know what is it that God may be pointing out to us the very first thing that I noted was that this whole thing began when the coming of Moses was delayed when Moses was in the Mount longer than they expected they began getting into mischief. Now brothers and sisters I want to tell you that a Seventh Day Adventist we've been saying for many years now that Jesus is coming and what's the word we don't the word we don't like to use so much anymore in fact I've heard this word disparaged over and over that why do we keep saying he's coming soon it's been one hundred sixty plus years well the point would be this when we it's not that we might say OK he's Terry longer the point is with the children of Israel when Moses didn't come as soon as they thought he was going to come they lost their focus did they have to lose their focus once you notice the statement of prophets page three fifteen it says Have they been thus seeking a clearer understanding of God's requirements look they just heard the commandments of God they heard God statutes and judgments could they have spent some time maybe meditating upon what God had asked them to do and been spending time praying to God for strength to do it that would have them in a different frame of mind had they been thus seeking a clear understanding of God's requirements and humbling there are so for him they would have been shielded from temptation but they did not do this and they soon became careless inattentive and lawless of Jesus speaks of the last days in Matthew twenty four he speaks of a class of servants but he calls them evil servants and he says the evil CERN's servants begin saying something in their heart anybody remember what it says in Matthew twenty four What does the evil the wicked servant say in his heart my Lord De Lay's his coming and when the evil servant begins to say in his heart Jesus isn't coming as soon as I thought he was coming what does the Bible say he does in Matthew twenty four he begins to beat his fellow servants and eat and drink with the drunkards you see when he loses his focus on why he's here and what it's about the fact that Jesus is coming soon the wicked servant begins to get caught up with the things of the world and drawn to those things and the more he is drawn to the things of the world and gets involved in the things of the world the more attractive they become. And I want to be very plain with you today that when we begin to involve and connect ourselves with the world it's not going to seem as bad as it used to seem and we may find ourselves saying I don't know why I used to be worried about that it's not so bad of course it's not so bad to you because you have become inoculated to it and so it was with the children of Israel and I believe the same is true with us today that Jesus has not delayed his coming but has tarried longer than we thought and we've become careless inattentive and lawless notice this statement here Ellen White comments on Matthew twenty four where it talks about the wicked servant saying my lord delays his coming he was a servant outwardly devoted to the service of God heart he had yielded to Satan he does not like the scoffer openly deny the truth but reveals in his life the sentiment of the heart that the Lord's coming is delayed notice that next line presumption renders him careless of eternal interest what is presumption mean presumptions when we presume upon God's love and mercy God so loving and merciful he wouldn't possibly exclude me from his kingdom What do you I mean after all have made a few mistakes but we become careless and inattentive and act like God should be OK with that this is how she describes that we could servants here except the world's maxims and conforms to its customs and practices selfishness worldly pride and ambitions predominate as he needs himself from the people of God he once more and more with young Godly I am watching this happen to day with people who come to church more and more sporadically they find themselves more at home with the ungodly he is found eating and drinking with the drunk and joining with worldlings and partaking of their spirit thus he is what LOL that into a carnal security what is that. Conjure up image wise when you're LOL into something when you load to sleep right you just don't discern anymore you're in the world you're with the world you do the worldly things and you just kind of aren't even aware that you are not ready for the coming of Jesus that is lol into a Carnal Security overcome by Forget illness indifference and slaw just as Moses was delayed in the mountain and so the people turned to the building of the golden calf I'm afraid that too many Seventh Day Adventists today have become careless inattentive and lawless That's the first thing I notice now the other thing that is probably the most obvious thing about the story is that the people began in this absence of Moses and then this careless and worldly state and mindset they began to demand a different style of worship that's probably the most obvious part of the story a style of courtship that would be more in harmony with their worldly hearts and it's interesting let me rephrase that a style of worship that was more in harmony with what they were accustomed to now we talk about worship in the church today and a lot of times we talk about cultures we say well you know it's just your culture and my culture and their culture and but brothers and sisters don't lose this point when you come to Christ the Bible says Your culture is now the culture of heaven not a culture of the earth this world is not our home we're pilgrims and strangers those are words of Scripture when a person begins to be a hole in the world and worldly culture and then they want the church to feel more like what they're accustomed to what are they wanting the church to feel like the world is that a good idea now this is interesting in the book paycheck I'm going between two here's a little extra reading there are two main chapters that I reviewed in looking at this besides Exodus thirty two one was the chapter in the book pitchforks and prophets called idolatry at Sinai and the other is in testimony for the church Volume three called Moses and Aaron Oh that is a fascinating one I'm just going to give you a little bit of that but this one preacher prophets. This was Aaron's mindset Aaron have thought that Moses had been too on yielding to the wishes of the people he thought that if Moses had been was less firm less decided at times that if he had made a compromise with the people and gratified their wishes he would have had less trouble and there would have been more peace and harmony in the camp of Israel you should be connecting dots because at least here in North America this is been going on in our church for some time now changing our worship to be a little bit more what we say seeker sensitive. A term I've heard recently is the safe church going to church to be safe to people who want them to feel safe here what does that mean that Aaron has this idea no notice goes on to say he air and therefore had been trying this new policy he carried out what his natural temperament by yielding to the wishes of the people I want to tell you something right now saying I would much rather yield to the wishes of people and never have anybody mad at me sometimes people think that pastors just like people to be mad at them and that's why we say what we say I would rather say anything else but I can't stand before God and I can't one day look my Savior Jesus in the face if I just live to please people I could look you in the face on the other side of that wall if I'm just living to please people Aaron thought he's going to do this new thing but reality the reality and oftentimes reality in our own hearts when we think we're being more merciful we're not being more merciful we're taking care of ourselves we don't want to be the bad guy here and thought he'd try out his new policy and so no he with the people designed a worship to meet their perceived means you know that are perceived deeds are often not our real needs a lot of things you may think you need the Lord knows you don't need. To be things you've asked the Lord for in prayer and you're like I don't know why I don't have it yet because the Lord knows better than to give you sometimes what you ask for me what I ask for it's interesting that when they went out there in verse six of Chapter thirty two it says they went out and they had this worship Did you notice what kind of sacrifices they offered. The Bible says they offered burnt offerings and peace offerings what was missing oh no sin offerings because sin offerings make people feel uncomfortable burnt offerings and peace offerings you notice when Moses said he came from the mountain and Josh was like others were in the camps of Moses and I know it's not the sound of the shallow victory or the cry of defeat right there not hot and they're not cold they're comfortable not going to talk about sin because that would not be comfortable and we want our church to be relevant I gotta be careful not to go to too long on this point I heard a pastor recently speaking about how we come to church and as pastors how we shouldn't wear suits as pastors because suits make people feel uncomfortable that our church service ought to make people feel uncomfortable and so we got to kind of tone things down and become a little more can't lose the tie and get casual Saints listen to me there is one word that I don't think should ever come into the context of the worship of God and that word is casual you don't come to church for comfort we come to worship God And it's interesting as Ellen White comments on this worship of the calf she says this As they drew near the encampment they beheld Moses and in Joshua the people shouting and dancing around their idol It was a scene of heathen the riots an imitation of the doll just feast of Egypt but how unlike the solemn and reverent worship of God Seventh Day Adventists don't understand that much of what's been happening in our own church in the last twenty years at least since I came back to the church is an imitation of the churches of Babylon some of our greatest ideas for worship are ideas that we've borrowed from people have turned their back on the law of God That ought to make us do some thinking and the Bible says when they came to worship in verse six it says they rose up early. Ah but that's the first time some of those folks were on time for Sabbath School Bible says they rose up early What does that tell us about the people what does it tell us they liked it it tells us that they liked it and there's an assumption today that have something draws out the crowds it must be worthy of emulation whether it be food or music or some storms form of entertainment like a skit or a puppet show or concert or whatever as long as the people come you know what's really sad is that there are churches that have capitalized on this far better than we ever have churches like the Willow Creek Church I don't know if you know anything about Willow Creek because things have changed it will tell you that in a minute but the whole mindset of the Willow Creek Church in Chicago was that we're going to treat church like a business and we're going to market it and we're going to ask people what they wouldn't Now listen to be carefully that's not so bad to ask a converted person what they'd be interested in but when you just go ask a bunch unconverted person what they'd be interested in and church and you make a church like that that's not a good idea so will a quick listen we're talking about twenty thousand people in attendance for a worship service and for years Seven Day Adventists were sending ministers to Willow Creek to learn how they did Church how many of you are aware of this but here's the amazing thing somewhere in recent years I wish I did I put it to me put the date in here in two thousand and seven Christianity Today October eighteenth an article came out called Willow Creek repentance and in that article they said you know we did draw out the crowds but we begin to realize is the crowds were getting spiritual great Hawkins who was the executive pastor of Will creek at the time said this. This was their philosophy that they said they ended up realizing didn't work participation is a big deal we believe the more people participating in these sets of activities with higher levels of frequency it will produce Disciples of Christ in other words of more people come to everything more often that's going to do it and so their goal was less just build a church and get crowds but they came to this point where they said it didn't work Christianity published an article but you know what even seven they are going to still haven't gotten that point we still think oh we're just proud I'm in use whatever method possible Look folks that what else are you going to draw out of the golden calf tell me that's not in there you know maybe maybe pastor Howard is putting a little spin on it I don't know but I'm trying to draw out the lesson from that story to now it seems pretty obvious Aaron make us a warship that's similar to what we're used to and when he did it drew the crowds and they were elderly notice Peter profits page three seventeen's was under eight the pretense of holding a feast of the Lord maturity looked at they gave themselves up to gluttony and lay centrist reveling how often in our own day is the love of pleasure disguised by a form of godliness a religion that permits men all observing the rights of worship to devote themselves to for selfish or central gratification is what as pleasing to the multitude is now as in the days of Israel notice this one testimonies volume six if you look at the spindle in order to secure popularity of an increase of numbers and then make this increase a cause of rejoicing Hey let's lower the standard look at that we got all these people coming now because we don't preach anything anymore we just what was it one pastor said we've we've mastered the art today of almost saying something oh look at the crowds coming in and make this a cause of rejoicing you show great blindness if numbers were evidence of success Satan my claim the preeminence for in this world his followers are largely in the majority. It is the virtue intelligence and piety of the people composing our churches not their numbers that should be a source of joy and thankfulness Now let's look at another element from this story and it isn't readily. Seen in Chapter thirty two but if you look at Exodus twelve Exodus twelve and verse thirty eight The Bible tells us that when Israel left in the Exodus Exodus twelve thirty eight says a mixed multitude went up with them also who were the mixed multitude I like to call them just realize there Egyptians in Israel right right and you know the old saying you could take a boy out of the country be can't take the what country out of the boy in the problem with a mix multitude is that they came out but notice I'm going to read two statements here the mix multitude had been the first to indulge murdering in impatience and they were the leaders in the apostasy to follow in this multitude in Picher the prophet says this in the multitude coming out of Egypt were not only those who were actuated by faith in the God of Israel those are the true followers but also a far greater number who desired only to escape from the plagues or who followed in the wake of the moving multitude severely from excitement and curiosity this class were ever a hindrance and a snare to Israel in other words it wasn't in there are there there in it for some other reason other than really the worship of God and because they were there they became a hindrance and a snare to Israel throughout their journeys What's the connection today what do you think the admonition would be today you think there are mixed multitude in our church today that we got to just realize today people who in their heart really are into being Seventh Day Adventists for whatever reason they might maybe it's an sation listen maybe they're just trying to escape is an escape policy maybe it's a cover in there but hedging their bets notice the statement the accession of members who have not been renewed in heart and reformed in life is a source of weakness to the church this fact is often what. Ignored some ministers and churches are so desirous of securing an increase of numbers that they do not bear faithful testimony against unchristian habits practices I'm going to tell you Pastor Daniel I run into this a lot requiring somebody for baptism or people have to say they're not ready and I'm going to tell you right now saying some time somebody else comes in baptizes and I can't some other pastor not all pastors care about what's written here because numbers look good on a pastor's resume and I'm not going to baptize somebody that to my knowledge shouldn't be baptized why because they become a snare they do not bear faithful testimony sometimes ministers against on Christian habits and practices those who accept the truth are not taught that they cannot safely be worldlings in conduct while they are Christians in name that was a good opportunity for any man they're here to for before now that means they were Satan subjects henceforth from this point forward they are to be subjects of Christ the life must testify to the change of leader shouldn't it you should be able to see that somebody is following a different leader now if they're following Christ and they were following the devil right public opinion favors a profession of Christianity little self-denial or self-sacrifice is required in order to put on a form of godliness and to have one's names unrolled upon the church book Hence many join the church without first becoming united to Christ have mercy in this who triumphs Satan triumph such converts are his most efficient agents they serve as decoys to other souls you know how many times a pastor hear somebody say Well Pastor why should I do that if that person doesn't do that why should that be allowed if that's not what we get a lot of decoys in the church you ought to be aware of that right this fact is often ignored don't ignore it I would not have you be ignorant the Apostle Paul said of what's happening in the church now listen the problem with the mix multitude isn't that they were sinners any more than you and I are sinners the church has been called a hospital for sinners but make this clear how many of you go into hospital expect to come out exactly the same way you would in. Praise God The church is a hospital for sinners but then the sinner should want to be changed the mix multitude didn't want to be changed now in this whole course of Exodus thirty two Moses gave an opportunity for repentance before there was execution it was only those who persisted that met that execution is the last point that I am going to draw out of this and I think it's a powerful one I'm going to recommend to you again the chapter test was for the church Volume three chapters called Moses and Aaron the sympathy of the people was with the wrong leader the people wish that Aaron could be their leader instead of Moses you know Bible tells us in the last days people have ears and they will heap up for themselves teachers how many of you where that you read that second Timothy Chapter four says in the last days people are going to heap up for themselves teachers that tell them what they want to hear and you scratch the itch I've said it before the sermon you like the least is the one you need the most and the one you like the most is probably the one you didn't need all that goes for you in for me Aaron was a people pleaser Bible says He failed to restrain the people testimonies three says Aaron's natural desire to please him to yield to the people led him to sacrifice the honor of God you think that concerned the people that said Man I don't want to leader like that I want a leader who is faithful to God right all think again when the people saw Aaron they thought they had a general who just suited them finally God sent us the right Pastor for this church and they were ready to do anything that he suggested they sacrifice to their golden god they offered peace offerings they gave themselves up to pleasure rioting and drunkenness they were then decided in their own minds that it was not because they were wrong that they had so much trouble in the wilderness but the difficulty after all was with their leader. He was not the right kind of man he was too one yielding and kept their sins content only before them warning reproving and threatening them with God's displeasure a new order of things had come and they were pleased with their and pleased with themselves they thought if Moses had only been as ammie a bull in mild as air and likeable air and smiled a lot and he was so War What peace and harmony would have prevailed in the camp of Israel they cared not now whether Moses ever came down from the mount or no it's interesting I noticed this one says when Moses on returning to the camp confronted the rebels his severe rebukes and the indignation he displayed in breaking the sacred tables of the law or contrast it by the. By the People with his brother's pleasant speech and dignified demeanor and their sympathies were there I did their brothers and sisters listen to me this ought to be a warning to every one of us what is telling us is the heart is to see people above all things and desperately wicked there are things that we think we need that we don't necessarily need their leaders we think that would be the right leaders and their prophet the grim reality is and all of us gather together certain books and certain chapters that we like and we like to read them over and over because they're the things that we like and they may be all well and good and sometimes we hear things and say I just don't like that but the thing we just don't like may be the very thing we needed the people sympathies were with Aaron you remember when when God told Moses nice that I can speak well he says your brother Aaron could speak well well evidently so but that was not a blessing to the people notice this to justify himself we give this in the story right Moses said what do these people do to you to make you treat them that way and he was a saying in a good way and Aaron's like you know the people you know how they are their fickle and wayward and self-centered right. In today's language we'd say he threw him under the bus right I mean they're Arabs like you I'm for the people but we've confronted who. They're under the bus you know now this what this is saying to justify himself Aaron endeavored to make the people responsible for his weakness and yielding to their demands but notwithstanding this they were filled with admiration of his gentleness and patience a go ahead throw us under the bus because you let us do things the way we want it all the lengths that people will go noticed this one here the people were charmed with Aaron's lovely spirit and were disgusted with the rashness of Moses but let me tell you something Aaron didn't love the people he's what Jesus called a higher Ling not a shepherd Moses what did Moses do unbeknownst to the people Moses was up in the mountain saying Lord if you're not going to save them don't save me Moses after spending forty days if you read all and spent forty more days in intercession for the people but little did they know they're just like we want to Aaron we want to Aaron Oh brothers and sisters we are living in the last days there are a few lessons you can draw more lessons you can go home and process this today but the Apostle Paul tells us don't repeat the history of Israel it is too likely and easy for us to do it and I hope that in this you've seen at least some you know there are some connections today look the devil is going to try to undermine us and steal our crown in any way he can and we've got to be aware of his device the Bible gives us admonitions so we don't repeat their mistakes but we're encouraged to keep our eyes on Jesus focused on his word if it's not in harmony with Christ in His word it's not in harmony with the principles of Spirit of Prophecy don't trust your own judgment trust the Lord when I finish this with this oh I was going to go into something else finish with the statement here warning admonition promise. All are for us upon whom the ends of the world are come therefore let us not sleep as do others but let us walk watch and be sober watch against the stealthy approach of the enemy watch against old habits and natural inclinations lest they assert themselves force them back and watch watch the thoughts watch the plans lest they become self-centered watch over the souls whom Christ has purchased with his own blood watch for opportunities to do them good if you draw close to Jesus and seek to adorn your profession by a well ordered life and godly conversation your feet will be kept from straying into forbidden paths a man if you will only watch continually watch and a prayer if you will do everything as if you were in the immediate presence of God you will be saved from yielding to temptation and maybe hope and may hope to be kept your spotless and undefiled till the last if you hold the beginning of your confidence firm and to be in your ways will be established in God and what Grace has begun glory will crown in the kingdom of our God friends our masters not delaying his coming he's coming soon and I want to be ready when he comes and I know you want to be ready too don't you is not your desire today let's pray together Father in Heaven Father as we review this history of Israel as we review the Council of the Apostle as we seek to draw lessons from Israel's mistakes and father lessons also from your long suffering and mercy with them today we want that mercy in our lives we want our feet to be kept steadfast by your grace we want you to help us to watch and not lose our focus that what Grace has started in us glory will crown one day soon when Jesus comes again. 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