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The Two Revelations

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries & Co-Director of Tekoa Missions



  • December 15, 2017
    7:00 PM
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Well let me go ahead and say Happy Sabbath everyone very very grateful to be here with you all very thankful that the Lord has brought us all safely through another week giving us an opportunity to come together that we can study his words of truth receive it in our hearts that we don't just leave more intelligent but far more important than that that we leave transformed this is the will of God And so as we prepare to study this evening and of course we are very grateful for all of those who have completed their courses and stressed yourself I'm sure you and your minds were taxed and I just want you to understand that this is the beginning of your work you know you leave in the classroom you get ready to go into a very vicious field and as Christ goes with you you have nothing to fear. And so we're going to spend a little bit of time kind of talking about the Word of God looking at what really does God want from you as you're getting ready to leave this place but it's not merely just to those who are students getting ready to go into the field but this is for the staff who are here at Wildwood I believe the Lord has something for you too I believe the Lord has something for every single individual and you know what's even more exciting Lord has something for me. The Word of God should penetrate the preacher. Way before it penetrates the people. And so I have seen how God has challenged me through this message and I pray that you receive the same challenge and seek the same source of strength to go forward and to be part of God's team in the finishing of his work as we prepare our hearts to receive the study this evening I believe the best way to do that is upon our niece and so I'm going to kneel and pray and I know we're very pressing together but if you can Neal I'm going to ask you to please kneel with me if you cannot kneel then just by your hands where you are but let us go before the Lord and let's let him speak to our A loving father we are very grateful for the wonderful blessing to be able to study your words of truth. To be able to be led by your spirit. To be able to edify and strengthen one another as we get ready to enter into the final scenes of the Christian race we pray God that you will please forgive us of our sins let there be nothing in our hearts that would cause a disruption of what heaven wants to communicate to us tonight and I pray that you would please a Bible with us open our eyes help us behold wondrous things out of your word and Lord teach us and grant us Heaven's most choices blessings on this your holy Sabbath for we ask these things in Jesus' name amen. You know. I am very grateful to be here with my bride Alexandra and any time I get a chance we have for very grown children. The grown to me I mean they're grown in height and they also grown in age too we have four children ages nineteen eighteen seventeen and sixteen and that was not the plan but that's the truth nevertheless and you know they are their minds are still very precious still very young and they still have tons of needs it's just on a different level you know they're not the two three four five like before but now they are older and you know living a life of homeschooling and doing all that we can to give our children what God has given to us we cherish every moment that we can get when we can just be husband and wife and get away even when it's on a mission it has a different feel to it so I'm very grateful to be here with my bride and earlier today at a certain point I happen. To click on a program that a friend of mine sent me and it was a program dealing with the atheist delusion and I was I was an intriguing title I said I went with this about so I pressed play and it was very good I must say I said you know this is good and it was a gentleman some of you probably heard of him he is an apologist great comfort and you know he was going to schools and universities where a lot of people are secular scientists you know and of course you'll probably find a lot of atheists and as he was there he was challenging them on asking Do you believe in God and of course they said no absolutely not it's foolish to believe in God and they started to go down that list and he began to challenge them and I must admit I said you know his method of challenging was very compelling I mean the way that he just engaged them and was able to walk through step by step that in the beginning of the program they were saying no way it's ridiculous there is no God we don't believe in God but in the end every single one of them said you know what we have to admit we denounce atheism we believe there is a God I mean he is he was super methodical as he brought them from that point to this point and so I was impressed as it was pretty good and then as my wife and I began to talk about it you know we talked about pros and cons and as we talked about the pros and cons the pro was obviously he intellectually challenged them he got them to a place that he presented facts in such a way that they would have to realize it was absolutely foolish to believe in atheism I mean he got them there he intellectually challenged them he intellectually stimulated them I mean he got them right where he wanted my wife and I clearly saw that but then my question was but honey I said here's the question what happens after these people say that Jesus is the lord what happens after these people say OK you know we believe in God now. No they have to live Christ like lives every day and that is a whole different challenge that goes beyond the intellect. You see the more that I began to watch that program is the more I began to understand why it is absolutely imperative that God had to raise up the Seventh Day Adventist Church. It was so clear to me because our job is not to get caught up in apologetics just so we can intellectually prove people wrong while we go ahead and prove God the Bible in ourselves right I hope you understand that there was more there's more to the work than that a lot of times we just want to prove the others wrong and prove that God is right now I don't know about you but I'll go ahead and talk about this I've been married for twenty years so I know a little something about marriage so I'll say this husbands and wives have you ever had a disagreement about something and either the husband either the wife wanted to make clear that the position of your spouse is wrong. And that your position is right. Have you ever ever filled a bully established your fact that I'm right and you're wrong and if you've ever had that experience the question is how much more peace to bring to your home do you get that you get the point sometimes you can be right and you can be right in a very irrefutable manner but you basically have accomplished nothing God has not sent us in the world to tell everybody else you are wrong. And we are a god has a desire. And the desire of God should be the desire of all those people because last I checked correct me if I'm wrong if you're watching the go across this podium up here and if you see my head go right and my body go left. You all would probably leave this room because you probably say this is spiritualism in here you understand that you don't see a man's head go right in his body go left wherever the head goes the body goes you understand. When the head when the brain nerves when the mind communicates to the body to pick up the Bible the mind had to send that message it's amazing that once you stump your foot your mind there really says say ouch and you go ouch. I mean it's amazing how the body is just so incredibly wired together. The body does not move independent of the head. Do you know what the head wants because whatever the head want it's what the body should want even when they do gospel medical missionary evangelism. I wonder what the head wants go to the Book of Proverbs the twenty third chapter Let's find out what the head wants if God does not get this at the end of our gospel medical missionary evangelism. If God does not get this our work is worthless our trainings are worthless everything about the ministry that we represent is worthless. And the Bible tells us exactly what God wants it's a beautiful summary is just one verse can you imagine in Proverbs the twenty third chapter. I want you to see what the Bible says as we consider Proverbs twenty three in verse twenty six in Proverbs twenty three in verse twenty six The Bible says my son do what. Give me than nine aren't. Let your eyes observe my ways God says I'm not satisfied until I get the heart of a man. God says I'm not satisfied until I get the heart of a woman you see and the reason God is so much into hard work is because just go a few verses up to the very first portion of verse seven what does it say there it says as a man thinketh in here is what's the conclusion so is he you see once God has the heart he now can reproduce his character in us. If I got your heart God says then that means you got me I got you and you reflect me. It is possible to go into environments it is possible to study heavily it is possible to get a lot of intellectual understanding of many things. And at the end of the day God says this is nice they now know how to do hydrotherapy this is nice they now understand the way to read a lab report this is nice they now know how to do all sorts of things but the question is do you know how to reach the heart. You see if you and I don't know how to reach the heart than even a graduation can become a formality God says you and I must learn how to reach the heart and the best way to learn how to reach the heart is when God has your heart. So we're going to talk about that all throughout our weekend together. The heart has never become such an interesting thing to me since I had heart surgery because when God worked on my heart. Was really working. My heart now I see everything with brand new eyes it's like I understand the gospel more clearly than I've ever understood it before and I know what God wants I know what will bring Jesus back. But I also know what won't. Ellen White one day made a very profound statement is found in the Book Volume five of the testimonies to the church. It starts on page two hundred thirteen and it's on the subject called the seal of God in this chapter she makes a startling statement on page two hundred thirteen by which she says there are many. Who keep the Sabbath. Who will not receive the seal of God and therefore it is wait a minute. If we are good old text book prophecy want to one Seven Day Adventists we know that the seal of God is in the seven. That's just that's like Bible prophecy want to one. Now how can somebody keep the Sabbath but not get the seal that almost doesn't make sense. What she goes on and gets even deeper she doesn't just say there are people who go around keeping the Sabbath but she says they won't get the seal She then says And there are many who teach the truth. Who will not receive the seal of God in their foreheads wait a minute that's not just lay people now that's ministers. The quote continues to state the reality it it says they had the light of truth they knew their master's will they understood every point of their faith. That means these people were incredibly one hundred percent doctrinally sound. But they don't get the seal that you have to understand it's one thing if you're dead if you're dead you know and you don't get the seal of the living as a different subject but these are people who are alive now if you are alive when God is sealing people in their forehead and if the seal bypasses us what do we by default get. We get the mark of the beast. If we don't get if we're alive and God is literally sealing people and here it is that we don't get the seal then that means by default we get so this quotation really got my attention. It continues they had the light of truth they knew their masters well they understood every point of our faith. But then it says this. But they had not corresponding works they knew it all but they practiced little Please understand that they knew it all. But they practiced a little she said they had not corresponding words I will give you the next sentence of that quote towards the end of our study because it's even more startling what God is trying to do is get our attention because it's very very they hate I want to make it very clear to you my brothers and sisters the hour is very very late in earth's history God is letting everything by sea and by land be revealed. God is showing us of the things happening in our world as well as things happening in the church that Jesus is making it crystal clear probation is about to close. We have to be a people prepared to meet our God. And then we must be instruments to help others be prepared to meet their God and so understanding that God wants my heart God wants your heart that is the great work that God wants for each and every one of us God raised a vis movement. To do his last method of hard work. To prepare people to meet that there are two things people often ask me I have a lot of non Seventh Day Adventists that listen I keep finding this out almost every week to find out the people from all sorts of denominational movements people who are part of Islam and and and Buddhism and so on I get phone calls everywhere I mean can you imagine my cell phone and I get phone calls from all over the planet. My wife and I my family went to full time ministry I thought we were going to be some little tiny ministry just working in a local church doing a little here and there in Atlanta so when we were like you know what what phone should we use to do our work with some people got to reach us I said I'll use my cell phone so you know use my cell phone no we're not going to get that many calls. Big mistake. Or you get a restart Evanston and start your ministry do not use your cell phone because now I get all these strange looking numbers coming up on my phone. And I'm like Hello Hello I'm calling from South Korea. What. Hello I'm calling from India Hello I'm all over the world people are calling and they're asking questions about guidance and God's ways and so I start to think about this and I said lord. We all have the gift of influence and God wants us to use it very faithfully and we must know why we do what we do so that we can do it effectively does that make sense because a lot of you getting ready to leave in the context of graduation you're going to start going and doing a lot of work and you got to touch a lot of people's lives and people are going to start coming to you looking for guidance and it is imperative that you and I know how to get crystal clear answers because that's God's commandment whenever you read first Peter three and verse fifteen Write it down if you don't know it first Peter three and verse fifteen that's your verse as a gospel worker that's your verse the Bible says very clearly First Peter three fifteen sanctify the Lord God in your heart and be ready always to give every man and answer when they ask you the reason of the hope that is in you some of you have Bibles might say defense God expects you to always have an answer always what are the things that God wants us to do. With such a tremendous work lying right before us there are two things that God raised up to seventy administrators to do two things and they both involve the word reveal. Two things that God raised up this movement to do. And they both involve the word revealed the first revelation that God raised that this movement to reveal is found in the book of second Thessalonians chapter two let's turn there in second Thessalonians the second chapter we find one of the things that God has raised us up to reveal. And to make it plain make it clear. The Bible says in the book of second Thessalonians when you get there just let me know by saying amen in second Thessalonians chapter two now second Thessalonians two is a continuation of the Apostle Paul obviously speaking from the things in the second testimony chapter one in chapter one Paul was talking about the Second Coming of Christ he was making it very clear you can specially see that from right about verse seven and on we're talking about the Second Coming of Christ everlasting destruction and all these other things and now in Chapter two he is continuing with the thought that was put in chapter one so watch what assisting in verse one is now we will see to brethren by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and by our gathering together unto him talk about the gathering together unto him when he comes then it says in verse two that you be not soon shaken in mind or be troubled neither by Spirit nor by word nor by letter as from us as that the day of Christ is at hand verse three Let no man deceive you by any means for that day shall not come God makes it clear that the day of Christ the second coming of Christ shall not come until something very important has to happen it says the day of Christ shall not come except there come a falling away first. And what will take place take place next and that one man of sin shall be what revealed. The son of perdition who opposes than exalted himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped so that he as God seated in the temple of God showing himself that he is God. A great blasphemous movement. Will rise up. It will be instrumental in the falling away the apostasy of the falling away from the truth in the early period of the Dark Ages but there is going to be a continuation of this work in the very last moments of Earth's history and God wants to make sure that he has a people yea a movement. That will reveal that man of sin. To make it very crystal clear to make it plain who that man of sin is. Now the Bible makes it very clear in verse four it's almost like it's very easy to see it says in verse four who oppose it and exalt themselves above all that is called God or that is worship so that he as God said it in the temple of God showing himself in fact that he is God Daniel spoke about this very same thing you remember in Daniel Chapter eight. Daniel began to walk through the successive movements kingdoms they were first revealed in Daniel seven as beast but then here they also revealed as Beast as well just taking on a different form same principle same kingdoms but a different form when Daniel got to the fourth beast the beast that came after Greece when Daniel got up to that beast power Daniel said something that was very important to be understood not only in its local literal sense of its first fulfillment but what it's going to seek to do all the way till the end of time Daniel said and through his policy which is actually intelligence through his intelligence also he shall cause craft or deceit to prosper in his hand and he shall magnify himself in his heart. And by peace shall do what. And that doesn't even make any sense. By peace he shall destroy peace doesn't destroy peace causes life it brings forth life it brings joy brings happiness. But this is a method that is being used by this last power it says by peace he shall these strong many then it goes on to say he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes same power going to stand up against Jesus himself and then it says in closing but he shall be broken without hands that's going to be as close. Now the reason that this becomes so important for you and I is because the first beast that was spoken of in Daniel seven also when we think about Daniel eight the first beast we're dealing with is especially Babylon but then the second piece was middle Persia third base Greece fourth beast Rome Now obviously this is dealing with Rome if we are students of prophecy now looking at Rome we know that Rome is going to play a magnificent part in the fulfillment of prophecy in the very last days and we fast forward all the way up to our day to day Rome the papacy plays a tremendous role in world events a prosthetic events something that happened just a few days ago was very significant to you and I just a few days ago right there Pope Francis Pope Francis meets the new president of the Lutheran World Federation now this movement is very key for those of us who are students of prophecy always remember if you're a student of prophecy you always pay attention to current events you got to pay attention to current events you know why Jesus didn't go to the book of march up to one let me show you something very quickly let me show you how Jesus study prophecy when you look at how Jesus study prophecy I think you and I should do the same thing notice what the Bible says in the book of Mark we're looking at Chapter one The Bible shows us exactly how Jesus started his ministry and I want you to watch carefully what Christ says the Bible says in the book of Mark a first chapter when you get there just let me know by seeing him and. In Mark one I want you to watch verses fourteen and fifteen the Bible says Mark one verse fourteen now after that John was put in prison it says Jesus came into Galilee and what was Jesus doing. Preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God Now please understand the context of that Jesus was not starting up in truth his public ministry in John the Baptist was doing his public ministry preparing the way for Christ to initiate his public ministry John unfortunately is now in prison so as John's public ministry starts going down praise the Lord Jesus is public ministry launches. When Jesus is public ministry launches he now goes out that's why Mark is giving that space specific point where he says after John was put in prison Jesus now comes out Jesus has finished his forty days and forty nights in the wilderness he has now been strengthened by the Spirit of God. An angels he is prepared to launch his mission so now Christ goes forward verse fifteen it says and saying the what. The time is what what time what time was fulfilled. You are right what prophetic what prophetic time was fulfilled. The seventy weeks with the seventy weeks completed so then what time what prophecy was fulfilled because right here he's saying it clear that a prophecy was fulfilled so the question is what prophecy was fulfilled say again. Very good the annoying thing of Christ when did the annoying thing of Christ take place when he was baptized was his baptism a private event or was it a public event All right so notice that what Christ did was he used something that happened in the public something that people saw something that people knew about and what Jesus did is he used that watch my words he used that current event and he took the current event and then gave the message and said The time is fulfilled are you following so even Jesus showed us the way that we study in the way that we teach prophecy is that we should always be looking at the current events that took place and let that current event when that current event lies in harmony with Bible Prophecy then we are to go forward and preach that message from the rooftop you understand that all right so Jesus goes ahead the current event is taking place he has now preaching and he's telling the people what he says repent ye. And believe the Gospel Repent ye and believe the gospel. Is what Christ did. This is what if the body is connected to the head then this is what we should be do. You understand that two things that God has called us to reveal the first thing God has called us to reveal is what. Is the man of sin you know why God wants the man of sin to be revealed because the man of sin leads people to sin. That's simple enough why really into because sometimes people say oh you're not being nice why you got to be so rough it's like listen we're not trying to be rough We're not trying to be unkind what we're doing is pointing out the fact that the man of sin has one job it is to lead people into sin. Now what is the effect of sin Isaiah fifty nine fundamental studies thus far as a fifty nine What is the effect of sin certainly. We should understand Isaiah fifty nine versus one and two. The Bible is very clear God says I want my people in these last moments in earth's history to understand I raise them up to reveal two things The first thing we know is that God raised us up to reveal that man of sin. The reason God wants us to reveal the man of sin is because the man of sin leads people to sin and the question is what is the effect of sin the Bible says and Isaiah fifty nine behold the Lord's hand is not shorten that it cannot save neither his ear heavy that it cannot hear but your iniquities have done what has separated between you and your God and your sins have done what else he would his face from you that he will not hear. Sin causes God to turn to hide his face from us. We sing a hymn called Face to face shall I be old. There's no way we're going to be hold him unless we let him take away our sins and so one of the first things God says must be revealed is the man of sin because a man of sin leads people into sin. So when we look at something like this and we say well you know what in history we know that Martin Luther played a pivotal role as it relates to what we know today as the Christian Reformation the Protestant movement and so it is that now we're seeing the Lutheran Federation the president there of and hear things is being said Vatican Radio Pope Francis met on Thursday with the new president of the Lutheran World Federation Nigerian archbishop to supplant the Phil of us focusing on common prayer as the key to Christian unity so notice that again using different things to say this is where our common ground are we believe in prayer Let's pray together and let's pray for unity put aside our differences always remember ecumenism sets aside differences. Protest in tism puts away differences there is a difference. When something is put away it's gone and you never see it again when something is set aside it's still present it's just it in it's kind of like when a husband says I forgive you but he really doesn't he's just hiding it in his heart it's kind of like when a wife says that no no no I appreciate you but really she's harboring bitterness anger and resentment still in your heart can that make a successful marriage my brother and sister so it is with Jesus we have to let Jesus put away our sins he doesn't want to set it aside he doesn't want to put it in our pockets he doesn't want to put it on a shelf and say I'll come back to it at a rainy day God says I want to get to a point that you love me so much as much as I love you to the point that as I died for you you'd be willing to die for me rather than to do the thing that separates us I says that's what I want and the only way Jesus can get that is not when he merely has our intellect he has to have our whole up everything you can't reserve anything with God. You can't hold on to something that God has already made plain to you and me playing To me this hurts me you cannot be successful if you hold on to this. And so. When we look at this here this becomes very eye opening because again the man of sin leads people into sin and sin does what between us and God So that's why God says I want to revealed because a lot of people are falling for it notice through prayer the pope continued we are able to see the painful divisions of past centuries in a new light abandoning our prejudices purifying our memories and looking to the future with confidence through prayer he said we are called to recognize the gifts of our different traditions and receive them as our shared Christian heritage very powerful very methodical. And you have to understand that when we begin to preach things like this sometimes it will be called hate speech. You have to understand that Pope Francis right now is helping people. Overcome the ailments just like a lot of you medical missionary. Pope Francis right now is going around and blessing people finances that you hear about a month or so ago and somebody made a specialize Lamborghini for about their story made a nice specialized Lamborghini form and want to give it to him had his name inscription on it and everything but Francis said thank you but no. I would like to accept this gift only if I can go ahead and turn it into the Treasury so we can help more the poor. And everybody says how humble How many of you were turned in that let me give. You name want to use some of us what I said Well I mean I would have given it away but I got my name on it I guess I got to keep it Pope Francis humbleness. And please understand my issue is not so much even with Pope Francis my issues with the position of Pope you see in second that's a lonely in chapter two and verse four when it talked about that man of sin sitting in the temple of God as if he himself is God that is the position of Pope whether his last name was Paul whether his last name was Francis or if his last name is any other name. Our issue is not with the person as much as it is with the position you understand that so when we think of the man of sin we have thinking of the position of the pope and the very seat upon which he sits which is that God says I want that revealed why because the world is clearly deceived if you study this whole article you'll hear the president of the Lutheran church see we're going to do everything possible to get everybody else to join ranks with this wonderful Jesus in love understands there's a time when there's a place where things have to be rude because the people are under a deception are you following that so far all right well let's continue in the little book great controversy it says through the agency of spiritual is a miracle will be wrought the sick will be healed it says and many undeniable wonders will be performed and as the spirits Well Professor faith in the Bible and manifest respect for the institutions of the church their work will be accepted as a manifestation of divine power you know why would you have a wonderful opportunity. As I heard the beautiful testimony about going to that special place you know I guess I can't say it because you know I want to be careful you know I understand you heard the place that they're going what you know it's funny I talked to a friend of mine who works with amazing facts a lot of bodies over there and I was talking to my buddies was invented as it travels all over the world including that country he said you know when I go to that country he said I got to tell you me he says you know we can that ties thousands of people just in two weeks and I began to scratch my head to that ties thousands. I said sounds a little quick he said he said the reason why is because what the people do is when they accept God they add him to the other one thousand two million plus gods that they are already serving So in other words when sometimes the report comes back we baptize ten thousand people in two weeks. A lot of the church says amen I say and when you begin to dig a little bit more and say well tell me about those Baptists how to go how do the bible work is that it has you know or whatever did you tell them that in order to accept the true and living God the only true God and Jesus Christ in the US and when you tell them about that are you telling them that they have to denounce all the other two million. Are you making that claim do you make that clear before they go down into that watery grave Did you know that there's a lot of ministers that don't do that and so these are tough grounds. Because sometimes the people like hey I'll add Jesus no problem to the other you know what but when we say the only true God. Jesus Christ this is life eternal that's when people say well we're going to talk about inspiration makes it clear this beast power that's what they're doing they're telling everybody you can go ahead and have your thousand gods just add us to the list that's not our work family. They're going to use the medium of spiritualism they're going to use healing it goes on it says the line of distinction between professing Christians and the ungodly is now hardly It says church members love what the world loves and are ready to join with them and Satan determines to unite them in one body. And thus strengthen his cause by sweeping all into the ranks of continuing it says papacy. Who boast of miracles as a certain sign of the true church. It says As a star started to trust will be readily deceived by this wonder working power and who else Protestants having cast away the shield of truth also be deluded you see that's the danger. That president the Lutheran Church says I think it's wonderful that we join in this ecumenical movement where we set aside our doctrinal differences for a quote unquote higher purpose they don't even understand and can you imagine God is raised. To be the lighthouses to show forth the revelation. To reveal that man of sin and His plan. And then to show them God's. That's why God did it. Sometimes we think now that we know how to do hydrotherapy now that we know how to do all sorts of different herbal uses dietary regiments massage and the list goes on sometimes we forget that the grid work of God is spelled out again by the master pattern man in Matthew Chapter Nine go to Matthew nine Now the good again Jesus is context of medical missionary work look at Jesus's context of medical missionary work Matthew nine Matthew the ninth chapter Jesus spells it out ever so beautifully really can't miss it in Matthew the ninth chapter I want you to watch the story as we do with that man who is sick of the palsy and we're going to start at verse one and take it down to verse seven. All reversed when you read verse today and will do it accordingly until we get to verse seven when you get there let me know by saying amen the Bible says in Matthew nine starting at verse one I'll read and he entered into a ship and passed over and came into his own city. Pleased. To see. The Sun. And the horse certain of the scribes said within themselves this man blasphemous. Whether. He would say all right all. And he arose and departed to his house question. Did he did Jesus heal him physically Why why did he do it so again. OK because he saw the faith good anything else why did he. Why he was physical body say again to show that he had power to forgive sins is that not what the verse just said that you may know that the Son of man has power on earth to forgive sins then he says to the sick of the palsy arise take up the bed and walk so the context of his physical work was so that he could indorse his spiritual work. Yet to stand that that's why we need to understand that medical missionary work is largely a spiritual work. Largely. Not minute really the large family a spiritual work it's a means to an end our job as I've said for years is not help sick sinners become healthy vibrant strong sinners that's not our. It's a lot of the people's work that's not our. Our work is to help six become healthy vibrant strong saints of God That's our work yes and that and we can't do that work faithfully and successfully. If God in our rights. Stand. Continuing because this is the deceptive work that's going forward this is what God wants revealed continuing it then says through spiritualism Satan appears as a benefactor of the race healing the diseases of the people and professing to present a new and more exalted system of religious faith but at the same time he works as a Doesn't that bring you back to Daniel eight. By piece he shall destroy many. It says his temptations are leading multitudes to ruin intemperance the thrones reason sensual indulgence strike and blood shed follow Now my point is this if we void out the present truth if we've removed the everlasting Gospel from our medical missionary work we're not just only doing and ineffective work we're actually doing the very same work the papers to do you understand that So this is why it must be imperative now while I say this I was sitting in Vietnam I was with Brother John Bradshaw on a few others and we were there doing an airside meeting and we were there doing a sign meeting I remember that we were all sitting down in a nice table and I talked to some people who were talking about how they reach Muslims and I said Really oh yeah we have a great success reason Muslims I said Really I said Well how did you get them to come out of battle and got quiet. And I said Yeah again how did you get them to come out of Avalon. And they said well we don't give them that message really. Case of let's rewind OK What message do you give them what we do what we do is we show them how to accept Jesus and to study the Bible and we show them how to just you know what we we let them hold on to their faith but then we go ahead and show them how they can practice our faith but we don't get to those certain points I said Where is that in Scripture with that method Well you see but I said listen. You and I both know that there's a nice little manual outside of the Bible that belongs all medical missionaries you know that manual that manuals called ministry healing that write that book ministry healing we are told contains the wisdom of the Great Physician OK ministry I said Now you know ministry healing one forty three says crisis method was the next word alone can anything else be added to that I said All right so if you're using that method as a way to Jesus use them I say I need to see where Jesus used it meant. You're encouraging them to hold on to error and falsely you're encouraging them to do that. While at the same time you're trying to get them to adopt this is kind of like say eat healthy food but keep it in the garbage as well still more than likely going to suffer with sickness them and so what's happening is this all these methodology is in ways that which trying to do God's work tweaking what God has clearly said I have learned family you know what's one of the hardest things to do both men and institute to live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth. And do not add to it don't take away from us the hardest thing in the world to do every decision made in your personal life as well as in it is supposed to be thoroughly based on the word of and if there's even one decision. If there's even one practice that we have that we cannot substantiate according to the Word of God What kind of impact you think that could have on the ministry what kind of impact you think that could have on your life just one thing that you hold on to even if it's small Well this is one thing you hold onto that you can honestly say we have no biblical basis for why we do this. So in this we disregarded what God said just on this point but ninety nine percent of what we're doing is exactly according to the words right here what kind of impact you think that I have on a person's life or on an organization what do you think that you're way too quiet so let me help you go to Mark Chapter ten Let me show you march and I'll give you just a jog your memory. I'm a jog your memory just a little bit we're going to Mark Chapter ten and I want you to watch what the Bible says. Mark we're in chapter ten here Oh yes very good. Now. I want you to watch what Jesus says I know you all know the story it's in March chapter ten and it's the story of a rich young ruler I got to I'm not educating anybody in this room so I'm just reminding you of a story that you know you just didn't didn't come to mind when it needs needed to so I helped you out here so look at this march after ten starting at verse sixteen. And he took them up in his arms put his hands upon them and bless them when he was gone for them to the way they came one running kneel to him and asked him good master what shall I do that I may what. Inherit eternal life you think that's an important subject all right now and Jesus said to him why cause that be good is not good but one that is God now knows the commandments do not commit adultery don't kill do not steal don't bear false witness defraud not honor thy father and my mother and he answered and said to him Master All these have I observe from my youth now I want you to watch what Jesus says in verse twenty one of jogging your memory it says then Jesus beholding him loved him and said What's those next four words one thing. How many things one thing. He had ninety nine percent right he had how much wrong one wrong there was one area that he was lacking. But how does the story conclude with this man how does he leave the Bible goes on and says How did he leave verse twenty two and he was sad at that seeing and went away grieved for he had great possessions he was lost how many things did it take to put him in this last condition so I go back to my question if an individual or an institution does ninety nine percent of what the word says but they hold on to even one thing that they can say I know that this is not according to God's blueprint at all I know that I don't have biblical substantiation for this at all but it's a good thing let's go ahead let's do it anyhow. If this is one thing that we knowingly continue to press forward with while we see you know that this is not prescribed in his work for either an institution or for my life as an individual what is the effect of that one thing upon us or the institution we're going to do it can cause us to be lost in this and I say on point that is God wants us to live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God because that's the clearest contrast to this. It makes no sense to reveal the Man of Sin who commingled truth with error and then people see us and then our lives commingle truth in error that becomes confusion you understand that so what God wants us to get very clearly tonight just setting up the stage tonight what God wants us to understand he raise this movement up with a very specific. We're not just caught up into apologetics Yes it is true we're going to deal with a lot of people that are going to teach lots of errors and yes we should take the word of God and make plain the truth but our goal is to reach more than the intellect our goal is to reach the because that's what God wants is that right the first thing that we study of the two things God wants revealed through this movement God says I want revealed. The man of sin and why does God want a man of sin to be real because the man of sin leads people to and sin does what between man and God separates us from God. Our goal is to unite people with God But if we're going to unite people with God there's going to be a time we have to expose the man of sin who causes people to sin that separates people from God You understand so please understand that's not a message of hate. It's actually a message board of love right now I work in western Massachusetts as an associate pastor over at the Florence seven Day Adventist church helping to nurture the church members strengthen the church members turn our church into a training school and then to go ahead and penetrate the communities in Western Massachusetts do you know Western Massachusetts has the highest concentration in the northeast of lesbians L.G.B. T. movement moves strong. Now I need to mingle with men as one who desires their good and I need to show sympathy and minister to their needs when their confidence but sooner or later the message has to be now follow me. Follow the truth now watch this you know that means to follow Christ means something does it go to Luke nine what does it mean look at Luke nine I want you to watch this Luke nine what does it mean to follow Christ please understand this you know sometimes we read ministry healing you know we can possibly misapplied the quotes. But if we're going to bid people to follow Christ we have to understand what that really means so let's go to Luke nine and let's notice what the Bible says in verse twenty three bible says a Luke nine verse twenty three and he said unto them all if any man will do what come after me another way of saying that is follow me if any man will come after me let him deny himself take up his cross how often they really and so to follow Christ requires a denial of self you understand that denial of self now understanding that you know what that means that means that somewhere in our ministry here in Christ alone method we have to say to our friends in those countries where they worship many gods you must deny those gods if you want to follow Christ. You know would have to say to those Muslims are going to say you can have to deny the teachings of anything that comes from Islam that contradicts the Word of God You cannot hold on to it and hold on to the truth for this time at the same time you must deny that and follow God you know that means business leader in all of my being nice and doing cooking classes and helping people go from sickness to wellness and all those other things I have to say to the people in the L G B T community you must deny this lifestyle you must follow Christ. They're going to say why because it's sin. You understand that God hates. God hates. Oh he loves this we have to know how to do that. If that part is missing from our gospel medical missionary evangelism then we are not doing gospel medical missionary work at all nobody can follow Christ unless they first would deny self you can have to deny that old lifestyle you can have to turn away from your sins you must come to Jesus. That leads me to the second and final revelation of our study tonight you see two things God has raised us up to reveal the first thing is man of sin. Why because the man of sin leads people to sin and when people sin they are what from God separated from God Christians the seven have been a church we've been raised up to unite people to God yea even Christ and we are uniting them. But in order to accomplish that precious work the man of sin must be revealed his plan must be revealed Oh how confusing it would be as as we reveal Him we see him in us so that means that there's a need for heart searching Lord I'm pointing out the beast power but is there a beast power inside of my heart because what God wants is your heart. The focus of the beast power is the name calling of truth and error the focus of the beast power is focused on a higher good while we deny and put aside things that we already know offending God is there any of us who lives like this in our own homes could it be that there's a beast in our heart that God wants to reach you can't confess a sin you can't see but you can definitely confess a sin that you. You need to be asking yourself what beast is it that's in my own heart. What is it that I have not allowed God to take over and so now our final revelation that God raised us up for Romans chapter one. Romans chapter one notice what the Bible says now as we consider Romans the first chapter. And let's look at this final revelation Romans chapter one I love it. You're going to Romans one but I would imagine you know what I'm talking about when I said this one of my brothers who came up here or was it my sister I don't remember it was one of the missionaries who came up and I think was a gentleman and he said Romans fourteen yes it was Romans fourteen he gave first Peter to twenty one or twenty two and then he gave Romans fourteen twelve now in Romans fourteen you remember what is this you're in Romans one but in Revelation I said Romans forty Revelation fourteen in Revelation fourteen you remember what the John says he says and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven what's the next word having So that means that the angel has something in its possession is that right. Now who is the angel. Who is the angel All right it's us the angel What did the angel have in its possession. All right had the everlasting Gospel is that right OK Now you can appreciate Romans one now look at Romans one verses sixteen and seventeen What is the Bible saying the Bible says in Romans one sixteen in verse seventeen it says for I am not ashamed of the what gospel of Christ why for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believes to the Jew first and also to the Greek Now watch verse seventeen for their N. is the right just this of God was the next word revealed from faith to faith as it is written The just shall live by faith two things raised up to seventy have been a strict church for. They both have incased in the word reveal God says the first thing is I want that man of sin revealed. God says I want the man of sin revealed because the man of sin leads people into sin and sin separates people from me. So God says I want him revealed if we muzzle our mouths to not point out who that man of sin is for all of our social political correctness purposes we must understand we are denying the faith that we profess to be a part of. I didn't say that the first thing you do is shake people's hands say hey did you know that medicine is I didn't say that you do then what I'm saying is that somewhere in your gospel proclamation You must be intentional that's a word that's used a lot nowadays if I tell my getting physically fit everything got to be intention what God is saying is I want my people to be intentional about revealing that man of sin Don't be passive about it be intentional but God says but I want you to also remember righteousness of his interest in that is a lot of people talking about the gospel. Not revealing the righteousness you see far more important than being right is being sometimes being righteous means to surrender your right is not what Paul taught us. You remember first Corinthians eight when Paul was talking about those new believing Gentiles who join the faith and they would be I'm bothered by those today eyes which they kept telling them you've got to get circumcised you've got to practice this practice that So Paul's talking to his Jewish boys one day he says and listen guys look we know that an idol is nothing we know what Idol is a piece of wood that has no life in it so if we see some clean legitimate food that's been offered to an idol Paul says we have a right to eat that food because we know an idol is nothing. But Paul says but we know that not everyone has that understanding some people's faith is weak so these new believing Gentiles just come into the faith if they see us eating that kosher eyes chicken. That was offered to an idol if they see as any that we know and I was nothing but to them they're going to say you committing idolatry. So Paul says the first group is a even when we have this right. He said we should surrender it if exercising my right will cause them to stumble it's more important to be right jus than simply to be right. So what God is showing us through His Word is saying listen. If you really have the gospel it's not about proving yourself right sure it's about living right brothers and sisters if you go to First Corinthians one twenty nine We know that Christ is our right to snus So when we talk about living that writer's life we're talking about living a Christ like life it means that when the wife is acting up and the wife is doing things that is of an ungodly sort we must understand that we are not people of vengeance because that was not what Jesus was to his wife if Jesus gave us what we deserved none of us would be standing in this room he was merciful He was compassionate he left the whole list of long suffering love before he finally distributed his disciplinary action. Crisis that's what I want to see with more husbands towards you. Jesus says if you're truly righteous you're going to understand that even though a man spits in your face you and I are not ones to take vengeance and to render evil for evil when someone wants to take our coat we will go ahead and give them why are you blessing me when I just offended you because I love you and if we truly are experiencing Christ our right isness then there is no doubt that will keep because we know that Jesus says I've kept my father's command but even when we keep the Sabbath we won't talk about sports we won't talk about what's been going on in the news won't talk about my shoes which you get from. We won't talk about where you get your hair done it looks really incredible Tell me about the salon while at the Sabbath I'll tell you the price our conversation would change because we lock up love to talk about the theme of redemption so even those of us who keep Sabbath need to go back and again look at how do we keep Sabbath. You see one cries all right dismisses in our heart God says I don't want to be an intellectual understanding because I want that revealed because my brothers and sisters we're getting ready to and in the time. We're about to go ahead and see Satan. On a whole different level and it's going to be imperative that Christ is in us the hope of glory you know why something I know you all can relate to as we close we all have a sponge in our kitchen and use that sponge to wash dishes or rag and you know that whenever water gets in that sponge when you squeeze the sponge whatever is in the sponge is going to come out of the sponge is that right. Simple lesson Jesus is now is the day that I want to make my home in your heart the reason why is because we're getting ready to come up to a time when if we are alive we're all going to be squeezed the pressures of life and the trials of life are going to squeeze us. And when the pressures of life and the chiles of life squeezes us what ever is in us is going to come out of us so if there's even one area of un-Christ like this. If there's any area or a ungodliness then when we get squeezed it's going to come out this is why Jesus says want you to receive my right is now because your day of squeezing is coming. And if Christ your righteousness in Christ my right is this of Christ Our Righteousness is in us the hope of glory then when we get screened. The only thing that will come out of Christ like response you know why this is so important to me and I really know what I'm saying. We are here and you know some of us we got really nice suits. Beautiful dresses got here done look nice got on the Sabbath best you know the people of God. In the church some of us second third generation as the way all these other things I've been to the church for twenty five years I've been in ministry for about fifteen of them I've been in full time ministry for ten of those. I've traveled a plenty around preaching the word sharing it with all sorts of folks prayed with people taught at schools and universities churches and conferences A S I G Y C and all of the stuff in between networks three be an audio verse and so on people would often even Ill me and call me and say how their lives have been last year I just went on a visit to go see my cardiologist when I went on a visit to see my cardiologist I'm just thinking well I'm a C. and because my friend told me a year before I need to go see a cardiologist because the left side of my heart looks kind of big. And when I go to see that cardiologist my brother this man of God this world traveling evangelists this guy who everybody treats like he's more than a human when I went in that cardiologist office I expected in the say Mr Lemon your heart's working like a horse brother when I sat in that room that man said Mr Lemon I want you to look at my screen and he starts showing me my heart he starts showing me all this blood that's going back in my left atrium. And my valve is basically all nest up and he says to me Mr Lemon I have to refer you to a heart surgeon. And I'm thinking a heart surgeon what are you talking about. It's a Mr Lemon you need open heart surgery your valve is bleeding severely if you don't do something you're going to go through heart failure. And that could kill you and I left that office and I remember this world traveling eventually as this guy who's telling everybody trust God serve God no matter what stay faithful and everything else in between and when for the first time in my life I had to actually face wait a minute I could possibly die. All of a sudden. I found myself carrying an attitude towards God. As if he abandoned me turned his back on me left me hanging and left me to die and I began to accuse God with the very thing that job refused to accuse him with I accuse God of folly I started treating him like you don't even know what you're doing how could you let this happen to me. And I began to attack the one who was literally sustaining my bleeding heart no symptoms I go up to the surgery they told me that your valve is repairable can't be repaired and God reminded me of Luke eighteen twenty seven that which is impossible with me. Is possible I stand before you in a few days it will be exactly one year. Since that open heart surgery and I can tell you. That. God. Is. Faithful I marvel at how God can show so much evidence but if we allow ourselves we can be blind to the whole we can just. Kind of keep going and going and going where I'm saying to you is this the ministering I've been in the church for twenty five years of the Ministry for fifteen I've been doing it full time for ten. And God did not have my heart can you imagine that the very thing that he wants is what he didn't have and what it took was a crisis that's all it took I literally was blind I couldn't see it I thought he had me I thought I had him I thought we were good you're on the stand what I've dealt with I've dealt with a lot of backstabbing in all sorts of drama in this movement people who shake your hand hey brother Lemon while they literally tear your name apart after your back you guys were going to as I went on a man came to me Brother you're powerful you're great you're this you're saying all this stuff about me and the next thing you know he leaves me and he goes to a back room and he says to Frank Fournier he says Don't ever bring women back here again. He didn't know that Frank funny actually liked my messages there was another brother that was standing right there I won't say his name he was a friend of mine too and he heard him saying that he came over to me he said Blaine listen you see I got right there yeah it is not like you brother. Doesn't want you here this so many fake friends in this movement. Divisions and everything that will stab you right the back I mean it's just terrible and you go through a lot for the cause of Christ. But somehow I thought creature marriage was in there and I just thought well you know I'm God's man and you know so on and then when I felt like God abandoned. Brothers and Sisters I repent so now that God is reasonable God has given me truly a new heart. It's really beautiful I actually can act I can actually say praise God for my open heart surgery because I would never had seen this condition I just didn't see it so when I go through this simple study to some of us all yeah I heard that before if you are one of those you might need to visit your cardiologist my hope and my prayer is you don't have to go through a very traumatic experience like I had to go through to realize the defects Sometimes God allows some of us to go through it so we can tell you before your crisis. You need to really assess yourself a sea of God has your heart because God wants to work for you to do the great revelation he wants you to reveal that man of sin because and then a sin causes people to sin and sin separates people so Jesus says so to counter that I want you to reveal my righteousness so that when the people see they will see Christ they are right they will see a character that they will say like it was said of the apostles of all these men and these women must have been with Jesus because everything they do reminds me of him but how much sweeter it is when your wife can see your wife can say any. You turnaround Yes. She can say Honey I am alarmed at how many homes are broken right now. This movement. How many homes are broken with their husbands or wives that are tolerating each other rather than loving each other. Christ is saying. Wife it's time that your husband can look at you honey you say why why why do you say then they'll be able to say because you know if anybody's qualified to say that as a relates to humanity it's our spouses is it is this we thing with your child and come in with Jesus why do you say this and why do you say that daughter how many realize you need to be different in the Senate it's a sweet thing. Spouses and children can say that. And then one day if you listen in careful enough Jesus will say something to you that he said to a man a long time ago Jesus a man came in touch this our closing point we have a pianist We appreciate that Jesus you know he comes in contact with a man man begins to explain to Jesus. What we need to do is trust God with all our hearts and love our neighbors as ourselves and so on and. As this man is saying this to Jesus Jesus looks at it. In Jesus says you. Are not far from the King as a sweet statement isn't it. Imagine one day you go through a trial and the trial is big and instead of going to Christ and saying all or if you only would do this if you only would do that instead you just say Lord whatever your words this is what I'll accept. Do you understand what you lose. Your words. Is what I'll accept. Do you understand the sacrifices you can have to make. What ever words this is what I. You know Jesus is going to do if you listen carefully. Spiritually isn't to put his arm around you. He's going to say. I have not found so great faith not even amongst my own server the any crisis ready to say these things about you is ready to say these things about me. But it's going to require a higher cooperation. Than what we have already given. I want you to think about where in your life are you not cooperating Where are you frustrating the gossip is true as I just said I honestly did not see this aspect of my condition I really didn't see it I needed that crisis couldn't see it I was that blind. Seems you is do you have Lisi yours because if you see your playing spot while you're in a better position than I was event at least you can say I know exactly what my place by this could Zack be what it is I know where I am frustrating God I know where I am blocking his Spirit from having his complete dooming in in my heart. I know where it is if at least you see it. More blessed than you know because that means that the eyes of is doing its work so my first appeal if you. See. Very clearly. Where your plate spot is if you see it same preacher asked me to please remember me and prove that god. Truly help me overcome the plague spot that I am fully aware of not allowed him to have control. I want to first invite you to stand to your feet you know who you are. Just want to pray with you. You see a plague spot you see it I know exactly what it is now I don't know how many appeals you might have heard like this before and you know we we have lots of habits in Adventism one of the things we have a habit of is getting more training and I'm not saying that to not get some of you need more training but it is there's a group there's a group of Adventists that sometimes they feel like they'll just become excellent getting more training and sometimes you've been trained you just need to take what you learn to go on the field now and just do it and then you'll go ahead and you'll get better and there are some people just need to go on the field and just do what you've been learning and just do it regularly and that's going to be the continuum of your training some of us a proverbial for training you know another thing we're proverbial for standing up for peels. Sometimes we just stand up for people because it's the right thing to do stand up you know what they say if they see me sitting down no I won't have various myself and then we stand up for the appeal My brother says I pray you didn't we're not here to keep up good all. You're standing up because you know I got a plague spot I see it clear as day and there's no way that I know that God can save me while I am holding on to this place. That's why you standing it is not is not for everybody to stand some people are asleep like look what I don't know what I'm withholding. So if you stand and you're not and I category you sing I know I'm holdin on isn't. Letting it go. As you night crisis I want to be that lamb of God and I want to take away. The let you do it. No man can overcome self by him self. Thank God we can consent to let Christ take our Jesus is a gentleman he will never force his way into your life but he will stand at your heart's door and not like a gentle. If we open our hearts I say Lord take my heart because I cannot is your property keep your four I cannot keep it with the Save me in spite of myself my weaken Christ like. You find a God says father that's the one that's going to do last to review. All of you. May God truly have his way and your heart because truly Jesus is getting ready to wrap this thing. It is time to go home. Need to get off this planet is a lot of things happening in this world and it's going to get worse before it gets better we must be about our fathers. God help us to be faith. Why we are standing in such a time. And I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to kneel for this prayer of consecration if you are able to have lights invite you to do with you can't kneel just reverently bare your head but if you can kneel a sneer together let's let the Lord's speech walk our loving Father. We thank you lord that you have helped us understand you raised to suffer for a very specific purpose they both involve that wonderful word really. You have called us to reveal the greatest power that's working throughout this earth right now. To bring humanity into sin and join the great rebel leader I praise you and thank you that you have given us a message that reveals that man of sin and that the world can be warned but Lord a warning alone cannot save anyone they must see something better. That's why that final revelation is so imperative that we can reveal the righteousness of God. Contained within the Gospel that writes This is not an intellectual assent to truth merely It is a living power that changes people that we are no longer the same husbands were no longer the same wise we're no longer the same children we're no longer the same church brethren but we actually have learned to love like jesus love. What I pray. As my brothers and sisters stood up recognizing plague spots in the. Areas where they know they have not allowed you to have your. Father it would be just like the devil as quickly as we leave this place that he would steal away the precious seeds that have been planted within our hearts or I pray please protect our minds grant us double portions of your angels help us to reflect on what we heard this evening are we papacies within our heart. Is there a beast power that is resting in ruling and abiding and putting aside certain sins while we hold on to the things we understand of righteousness or we finally got to the place that we no longer simply sing the song but we live the song Father I pray please begin this work and. Then prepare us to practically walk in the place we pray and thank you for hearing on. All we ask you all in. 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