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2. Another Gospel

Mark Howard
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Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism


  • March 25, 2017
    11:30 AM
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We are in a series on the everlasting Gospel You ma'am are in the remember in the first part we talked about the goodness of God you know seven am and us we believe that we have a commission in Revelation Chapter fourteen and in that commission starting with Chapter fourteen verse six it says I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel though to proclaim to those who grow on the earth right every nation can a trunk and people or tribe and depending on which translation you're reading. And the first thing that it says in that message is fear God and give Him glory and in part one we talked about the glory of God representing the goodness of the character of God and how an essential heart of the Gospel message is understanding God's goodness and what we covered in there was that God has a love that we would call unconditional that he doesn't love us because of what we do and how we perform but because of who he is and that's a powerful truth we learn that the wrath of God is not upon people or against people but against sin that God has to deter destroy sin in order to save sinners and then he will do that and so right now what he's trying to do is separate his people from sin so that when that sin is destroyed the people aren't and so we learned that and then we learn that. God's forgiveness is not like man's forgiveness. When we get in a situation where we're asking forgiveness from another human being oftentimes in most cases anyway we're asking is it that person would stop being angry with us and I mention in part one that we tend to look at God that way sometimes and we just we think that asking God Forgiveness is asking to stop being angry with us but that's not forgiveness in the Bible Bible forgiveness is now asking to change God's asking God to change us literally to give for our sin and God gives the righteousness of his son or our sin and so with all those elements of the goodness of God and that powerful. Core of the gospel I mentioned at the close of that message that while that is an important truth it's not all there is to the Gospel because they're going to be people who are lost to God loved unconditionally they're going to be people who are lost to God did not have an attitude towards who God was not intending to pour out His wrath upon knowing the goodness of God in and of itself is not all there is to the good news not today the message is called another gospel and before we get into it I want to kneel and ask God to bless our time in his words on a by your value as a dues Father in heaven bother we thank you so much for the privilege of being. In your presence today. We thank you so much for your unconditional love we thank you so much for the power of your forgiveness. We thank you father that you have not appointed us to wrath but to receive salvation. Now this morning I pray that your Holy Spirit would open our understanding. As your people here at the end of time with an important message to proclaim to the world the everlasting gospel message I pray you'll give us clarity of understanding. Or Father we ask and pray it in the name of Jesus and for his say amen one invites you to turn with me to the book of second Corinthians Chapter eleven second Corinthians Chapter eleven in the new test of Matthew Mark Luke John acts Romans first Corinthians second Corinthians were going to the eleventh chapter starting in. The first verse second Corinthians eleven in verse one. The apostle Paul says here old that you would bear with me in a little folly indeed and indeed you do bear with me for I am jealous for you with a godly jealousy or I have betrothed you to one husband that I may present you as a chaste or pure virgin to Christ. But I fear lest some how as the serpent was. As a serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness So your minds may be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ for He who comes preach is another what. Did you know not every Jesus that you hear about is the same guy. Also Paul says there such thing as somebody preaching another Jesus so they might use the name of Jesus that it might not fit the character of the one we read about in Scripture. Where he who comes preach is another Jesus whom we have not preached or of you receive a different spirit which you have not received or a different was a different gospel which you have not accepted you may well put up with it now the words here in the New King James. May be a little bit confusing I'm going to read what the new century version says here he says you are very willing to accept a spirit or gospel that is different in other words what he's saying you may well put up with it what he's saying is I'm concerned about you you guys don't have enough discernment to know when somebody comes and preaches a different gospel you're going to go along with it and think it's the same thing that we've been preaching so he's concerned that they're going to be deceived as the serpent deceived Eve Now I'm working on a sermon I've been thinking about how the serpent deceived Eve. And basically what he did was got Eve to trust in His Word instead of God's word. Listen carefully to believe in his words instead of God's word so I'm working on a sermon called unrighteousness by faith. You know what righteousness by faith is but it's interesting that it was her belief in the serpent that led to an righteousness so you're going to obey whoever you believe whether it was Paul say we serve or servants of the one we obey whether of sin leading to death or obedience the union rights of snus. So he's concerned here that they may follow another gospel and the reality is just like the name of Jesus you can use the word gospel and throw it around and we can all talk about the gospel and you can talk the other Christian friends about the Gospel we can always sing gospel gospel gospel and talking about entirely different things that they want to talk about the gospel I'm going to give a little administers history lesson you like history don't you. Some of you maybe do and some of you maybe don't ask for Daniel alluded to this recently now there's a lot of history we have a Seven Day Adventists and there's been a lot of discussions and debates about the gospel I certainly don't want to get into all of that. But there are some points that I think are important for us to understand getting into our topic today and I want to go back to an era. In the nineteen fifties. When certain Adventist leaders met with certain even Jellicoe leaders to try to remove the stigma. That was on Adventism because let's face it our belief system is not what the Orthodox Christian belief system is. We don't believe just the same way and of course that has been one of the two of the individuals that were met with was a man by the name of Donald barn house in a barn house was the editor of the leading Christian evangelical Christian magazine and I are is that use that word evangelical I just want to touch on the idea here if you look up even the word in the dictionary even just means you believe that we ought to share the Gospel and we all ought to be even Jellicoe Amen but even Jellicoe in this term is a word that these leaders used of themselves to describe the basic framework of belief system of the fundamental Bible believing Christian. So the Donna Byrne house was the editor of eternity magazine a leading even Jellicoe magazine and then there was a man by the name of Walter Martin and Walter Martin was the author of a book called The Kingdom of the cults and in his first version he had included Seven Day Adventists in that book now I want you to put yourself in that place and these men. And I'm not giving you all the background of how this came together but they want to meet with you a Seven Day Adventists and say Can we ask you some questions about your faith and depending on how our conversation goes we're going to decide where to put you in this new edition of kingdom of cults who want your church to be called a coal right so let's go ahead and meet together and they figured we'll meet in diffuse the concerns of these even joke leaders. Now here's the problem that I think in retrospect we understand more clearly you can't play seven tism in an evangelical framework. Now you say why why is that well let's give one very glaring obvious reason they don't believe the law is binding upon the Christian and we do you think that changes your belief system a little bit. Furthermore the men that we met with. Were Calvinists they believed in predestination right God already determined to save the last you don't have a personal choice in the matter is that different from how we believe how you can affect how we believe into that framework they also believed in the doctrine of original sin that says that we're guilty because of what Adam did not because what we do seventy seven is don't believe that. So you know there are some complications here they believed in once saved always say Right they believe the law wasn't binding upon the Christian all of these things how do you take evidence belief system and put it in that framework it's not going to come out right now we can't fault them for attempting it and I don't but I want to tell you that we've got a process through because there's been some aftermath of this we've got a process through this a minute let's take let's take the idea of salvation. What does the Bible say we're being saved from sin what is the but how does the Bible define sin is sin the clearest definition in the Bible is transgression of law and you could tell me well says in Romans whatsoever is not of faith this sin and you can tell me that James says he who knows a good to do and does not do it him a sin but that doesn't define it. First John three four says sin is the transgression of the law now if you get rid of the law what happens what happens to sin. The gospels been referred to as the divine remedy for sin you get rid of the law and suddenly you have a medication to cure an illness that doesn't exist let me say that again if the gospel is divine remedy for sin which is lawbreaking in the law doesn't exist laws been done away with we should say that the Christian. That means that the gospel now is a medication or a cure or a disease that no longer exists. So I'm not going to call the even joke a gospel of false gospel but I will call it an incomplete gospel. Is the Seventh Day Adventists because of our viewpoint our understanding of the law of God Let's talk about something else for a minute let's talk about justification. The word justification means let's put it this way that we're justification has to do with showing somebody is innocence and we use it in everyday terms like this I could say I could get an argument with David Carter and in the midst of the argument I could say David say something to me trying to excuse themselves I said Dave you're just trying to justify yourself have you ever heard that kind of language ever use that with somebody you're trying to justify yourself what is he doing if he's trying to justify himself. Is trying to make himself innocent right the Bible says that man needs to be justified now let me ask you this is Mr Carter going to be looking for justification if there's no accusation. When does a person try to justify himself or herself. When somebody is accusing you of something right so justification only happens in the context of an accusation the question is Where is the accusation coming from. Because we talk about justification by faith where is the accusation coming from people tell me the devil. Or God doesn't care what the devil has to say we see that Zechariah three among other places the law rebuke you will say if the Lord this shows in Jerusalem I don't care you're a liar you're the Bible says the. Accusation comes from go to Romans Chapter three with me. Romans Chapter three Romans Chapter three and look at verse nineteen Romans three nineteen the Bible says here we know now we know that what ever the law says it says to. Those who are under the law that how many mouths every mouth may be stopped. In all the world may become was guilty before God where is the accusation coming from him from the law of God right look the law of God just shows it's just like oh you look at you got a guy who goes and robs a bank in the law says don't steal the law is going to call him a thief the long gone bears witness to sin and righteousness and so the law of God brings the condemnation brings the accusation. Once we're accused by the law as sinners then we need to be justified but we can't justify ourselves we have to look for justification somewhere else and we find if you Christ I will get to that but the question is this if there is no law why are we talking about justification it doesn't make sense. And so the whole concept of salvation changes. When you're talking about an even joke a context because if there is no law then salvation is some way of changing God's mood to make him willing to look at you differently. Or for the Seventh Day Adventist salvation is about God changing us and transforming us into His image so we're in harmony with his will so as I said if there's no law the gospel becomes a cure for a disease that no longer exists this is why we find statements like these that I'm going to share with you here from Christ object lessons page one twenty eight A says no man can rightly present the law of God without what the Gospel or the Gospel without the. Law and our friends I just want to tell you something. We get into this in the administration. You preach too much about law and somebody comes up and says you need to preach the gospel or I disagree we need to preach the gospel but notice you can't separate the two the law is the gospel embodied in the Gospel is the law unfolded the law is the root the gospel is the fragrant blossom and fruit which it bears. Look at this statement evangelism two thirty one says both the law and the gospel are blended in what no discourse are they to be divorced all that comes from our framework our understanding not just of the fact that the law of God is the foundation of his throne and his government but there's another piece in this puzzle now Pastor Daniels been talking about the heavenly sanctuary and its framework I'm going to talk about the same thing going to be use a different term for it it's called the great controversy. Some of the admin is some of them honest understanding of salvation is a salvation includes more than just getting you and me saved salvation means the restoration of humanity and of God's universe into the state where it was before sin ever entered the picture. To us the sacrifice of Christ on the cross is not just for humanity in fact it was me to John twelve Matthew Mark Luke John let's go to John Chapter twelve. And look at verse thirty one. I'm sorry verse thirty two. John twelve thirty two no notice the words of Jesus you're probably familiar with these Jesus speaking of his death on the cross. Said and I if I am one lifted up from the earth will draw all what's unique in your Bible about that next word. It's italicized you know what that means that means the translators supplied it there is not an original quibble in the Greek what it literally says is when I am lifted up Jesus says I will draw all to myself not just all people not just all men why because Jesus' death on the cross was not just for humanity let's see it another place in scripture. Go to collage ans one has to Corinthians and deletions of Libyans kolache ans cautions one. And verse nineteen the Bible says in collage and one in verse nineteen for it pleased the father that in him. All the fullest should do well and by Him speaking of Christ to reconcile how much all things to himself by him whether things where on earth or things in heaven having made peace through the blood of his cross through. Reconciling things in heaven. What could this be talking about but the great controversy between good and. We understand that the sacrifice of Christ is effective in saving all humanity but beyond that is effective in getting rid of sin in the universe restoring everything to God's original plan. Or just a statement from the Bible echo. Back in one thousand nine hundred three assists through the plan of salvation a larger purpose is to be wrought out even then the salvation of man and the redemption of the earth. Through the revelation of the character of God in Christ the monotonous sins of the Divine government will be manifested before the universe let me ask you a question how did the great controversy start in heaven OK rebellion of Lucifer What did he do in his rebellion OK One of the position of God and how did he go about trying to get it. By lying about what about God's character right let me ask you this question if the great controversy started because of lies about God's character is it ever going to be able to finish until those lies are shown to be false and the truth is cleared up no. So more than just the salvation of man in the redemption of the earth there is this whole great controversy to deal with that the plan of redemption has to address and this is what this is talking about. The charge of safely back up a little bit through the revelation of the character of God in Christ as the beneficence that's just the goodness of the Divine government will be manifested before the universe the charge of Satan against God refuted the nature and result of sin made plain and the perpetuity there is just little the everlasting nature of the law fully demonstrated God could not even to save the last race change that law or people say the law was changed most of the law was going to change why didn't God just change it instead of making his son die for breaking it would be a change of change and then guess what there's no more law and order to die for the law breaking because there is no law the strongest argument in favor of the law is the fact that Jesus had to die for our lawbreaking God could not even to save the last race change that law God is love and to change the law would be to deny himself to overthrow those principles with which are bound up the good of the universe the working out of the plan of salvation reveals not only to men but to angels the character of God through the plan of salvation the Justice and Mercy of God are fully didn't vindicated and to all eternity rebellion will never again arise affliction never touch the universe of go wow what a powerful statement. It's never going to happen again you may ask why it's going on like it is why are we on this earth why does God allow the evil to go on because this is a divine experiments for lack of a better expression and when it's done there will be no not the slightest thought in the mind of any of the redeemed the hey let's try that again. Let's do our own way instead of God's way so the plan of redemption is far reaching farther reaching than many people take it to be and certainly farther reaching than those even Jellicoe leaders were taking it to be and sort of try to fit Adventism into their framework just didn't make sense and there's some other challenges with that. Barn house in Martin's major issues with Adventism or as follows Number one Evan Tisn't belief at least at the present time and not this present time that time. In the fallen human nature of Christ now at that time seven daven it's pretty universally believed that Jesus took Adam's fallen nature man's fallen nature but brought into it his divine nature and you don't gotta get caught up in all that at this moment but they but that was something that they had issue with Now keep in mind they believed in original sin and original sin meant when you're born you're guilty of sin because Adam sinned no matter what but if Christ took a nature like ours and yet through his divine nature overcame Well that doesn't fit well with the idea of predestination I'll explain that in a moment none of these things do they didn't like the idea of what they call the incomplete Atonement theory S. just talk about the heavenly sanctuary is the Seven Day Adventists know from the Bible from studying the type that God set out in the Old Testament with the sanctuary. That the animal sacrificed on the burn altar wasn't the end of the service. There is an end of the years there in fact after the sacrificial animals put on the altar the priest then had to go into the temple. Paul tells us and he Roos Chapter eight that if Jesus were on earth he could not have been a priest. So there goes any argument of saying he did his priestly work was on the earth he couldn't have and so for seven am as we see the sacrifice on the cross is the perfect and complete atoning sacrifice but then we believe that Jesus by virtue of that atoning sacrifice went up to mediate as the Bible tells us in the book of Hebrews among other places to be our High Priest. And Minister the benefits of that atoning sacrifice for you and me. What I mean by that a little bit. But that doesn't sit well with first of all. If he got to understand that predestination says everything is done. There's not a good I'll tell you right now there's not a good explanation and in a predestination mindset of why we're still sitting here. A big. Element a key element in even Jellicoe Christianity whether you're predestination or not. Is what they call Creusa centricity that is the central idea of the Cross and the importance of the cross even joking likes to say everything was done at the cross they feel good about that there's only one problem with that sin still exists so everything can't be done. And if you read your Bible even a little bit you'll see that that's the case when Paul in Philippians one gives us that promise that God will through Christ what is the same flippy as one six. He who has begun a good work in you will. What completed unto the day where where is the completing of a work if it was already complete obviously the Apostle Paul saw something wasn't done right go to the Galatians and Paul tells the glaciers you foolish Galatians that would just be gone in the spirit are you now seeking to make perfect or finish in the flesh once again he's speaking about something that started but wasn't done well that makes sense to somebody who studies the sanctuary we know what that is the sacrifice was perfect but the sacrifice has to be applied and that's what Jesus ascended to heaven to do well that that's a challenge for somebody who has rejected the heavenly sanctuary so there is no fitting that into their framework what they didn't do going to do is come away from that say you guys sound cultish to us why because we don't believe like you do let's say we go to Scripture and look at scripture about this that's not what happened they didn't like the idea of an incomplete Atonement keep something else in mind re destination everything is done I don't have to worry about anything hey how I live isn't consequential I mean I should live a good life as a Christian but it's inconsequential I'm saved and it's done. Now you introduce the idea of overcoming sin see in there you can't overcome sin in their framework now you introduced that idea that sin should be overcome Well guess what that does it's robbing me of that assurance I have when I believed it was all done and there was predestination Now we talk about a heavenly sanctuary where Jesus ministers right now as our heavenly High Priest and takes the choices we are making and works his character in us well that doesn't fit well predestination because that takes away that confidence I had that I could have to sit in rest in predestination are you following what I'm saying no other words predestination Gava what I'm going to call a false sense of security everything's done there's nothing to worry about but the Gospel in Ambon tism and I want to say the gospel of Scripture doesn't allow for that there is not a once saved always saved picture in Scripture you have a choice every day to follow Christ or not and he's not going to force you and I'm going to tell you that if you put your confidence in Christ there's no reason you shouldn't have assurance of salvation. But if you don't there's no reason you should have assurance Preston come to offer shuras of people who didn't put their trust in him they had a problem with what they called the lation ism in the evidence church. Faith plus obedience that's what they call the Sabbath I hope we know better than that here that we don't obey God to be saved we don't keep the Sabbath to be saved you keep the Sabbath because we love God because of the salvation he's given us in Christ. But you gotta understand where that's coming from for an evangelical who isn't keeping the Sabbath articulation is the underlying issue I be the. And I think we see elements of it today was that of overcoming sin. Which is the essence of what the sanctuary is about. Look at it with me and Hebrews I don't want to just to have you take my word for it. If time permitted I went through this last week with every chapter of Hebrews but I want you to see this and he reads chapter. Nine The part of the Apostle Paul summarizes here. The purpose of Christ in the sanctuary above. He was Chapter nine he was separate He's already laid out the fact that Jesus is a High Priest in the sanctuary of heaven that was made not with human hands but by God and he says and he was Chapter nine verse twenty three verse twenty four let's begin twenty four for Christ has not entered the holy place is made with what hands us the earthly sanctuary which are copies of the True but into heaven itself now to appear in the presence of God for us that for us is key the high priest was a representative of the people in this is what it's saying Jesus is entered into the presence of God to represent us just like the earthly priest represented the people not that he should offer himself often as a high priest enters the most holy place every year with the blood of another literally would say holy places which I won't go into right now verse twenty six he then would have had to suffer often since the foundation of the world but now once at the end of the ages notice the language he has appeared to do what. Put away sin by the sacrifice of himself now here the apostle tells us the purpose of Jesus' sacrifice what is it to put away sin how much sin do you think he wants to put away how much sin do you think he is limited with. Saying someone to tell you right now Jesus is going to put away sin. Either you do Jesus is going to take care of sin he's not going to get it and say oh I missed a spot in the corner so I'm going to happen that way. The Bible tells us that this is why he came he appeared once the entity of the ages to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself knows what it goes on to say verse twenty seven has it a point is appointed man to die once and after this the judgment So Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many. To those who eagerly wait for him he will appear a second time apart from sin or salvation I want you to understand the picture he appeared once to put away sin he's coming the second time apart from sin some translations say not to deal with sin without reference to sin the only point the Bible's making the Apostles making is Jesus ascended to heaven as a High Priest but he's not coming back as I praised his coming back as the King of Kings High Priest deal with sin he would deal with sin he's going to get rid of it and when he's done getting rid of sin. He's coming again not to deal with sin anymore and time permitting we would break down the sanctuary in the services and the day of atonement is in particular as God's method to rid the universe of sin. But that means the overcoming of sin and this was a problem for a belief system built on Original Sin predestination and grace instead of law. And in a case like that salvation then of necessity because you don't believe in overcoming because you don't believe in law salvation of necessity becomes merely about forgiveness and not about transformation in the even joking framework Jesus is seen as the savior from the penalty of sin but not from the power of sin and so that spills out into phrases like this where Christians aren't perfect just forgiven. Says saying I'm no different than you are but God looks at me different that Christianity and we're really no different as the gospel not change a person and some of this may help us to understand just a little bit why in the beginning of this thing in the one nine hundred fifty S. when one of our ministers said Donal barn house a copy of the book steps to Christ barn house actually did a write up editorial in eternity magazine and said that the book steps to Christ was full of half truths introducing say tannic error and that it bore quote the mark of the counterfeit and was quote false in all its parts and some of the avenues think oh I believe the same gospel as mine no you don't. Or if you do you've got an incomplete one he didn't like barn house red step surprised he's or he isn't a Calvinist subsequences the saying that God has given salvation freely everybody no that's not true not for Calvinist that's false brothers and sisters we can't seek approval for gospel from man we need to seek approval for the Gospel from God And so this and it wasn't this only this this meeting with. These Even joke leaders in the fifty. Well what's happened is for many Seventh Day Adventists and you know as well as I do we don't talk about character perfection anymore that's about in fact the word perfection isn't good we like to substitute the words maturity and completeness we don't talk about overcoming sin we don't talk about this stuff because it's works based I mean even in our own discussions right it used to not be an issue to discuss it as we want to talk about forgiveness Hey I'm glad to talk about forgiveness but you know too often what we're talking about is that even tell forgiveness we're changing God we don't include transformation who often and so we think to say things like oh well I'm. I'm not perfect just forgiven. I'm not going to count somebody out for saying something like that but what I'm telling you is what's happened. Some of the fallout on us. Is that all the. Admin is understanding of justification and sanctification and the Gospel. Have been confused all the subjective elements what I mean by that is what happens in the believer have been downplayed if not entirely left out in of time permitted I would document all that personal choice Christian behavior transformation of character are marginalized in the black did what were hers to focus more on Jesus Now look I'm all about focusing more on Jesus but there is no such thing as focusing on Jesus without focusing on your life and I'm giving this example before you get a husband or wife go to a marriage counselor and there have been problems in the marriage counseling to the husband and says look if you want your relationship to get better you need to start working on some of your behavior Hey Doc leave my behavior out of this. I'm talking about my relationship with my wife I don't make sense but we do it in Christianity even Adventism all the time it's confusing. And it's gotten so bad that in some instances the gospel becomes the catalyst to resist any preaching of doctrine any instruction for admonition or reproof or correction any calling sin by its right name basically any preaching that touches the practical life are like whoa hold on a minute let's talk about the gospel. You want to talk about reform you want to talk about changing our lives you want to talk about addressing personal sins and I was somebody is quick to say hey we need to talk about the Gospel gospel are you talking about when she to see something in Scripture with me. I'm not going to look at justification right away I'm going to go to the Book of Acts. Chapter twenty six and I just want you to catch on to something here Acts Chapter twenty six and verse I'm going to reverse eighteen are in the middle of a. Of a sentence here but we'll get the piece that I want to I want to zero in on here in Acts twenty six eighteen Bibles talking the Lord is talking to apostle Paul and sending him to the Gentiles talking about his conversion. And he says he going to send them to the Gentiles in verse eighteen to open their own eyes in order to turn them from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God that they may receive forgiveness of sins and inheritance among those who are what. Sanctified by what faith in me now we get into these discussions on justification and sanctification maybe you do maybe you don't I know some who haven't. Maybe it's not using the term sanctification maybe just read eons. But I want you to notice something. The Bible says we're sanctified by what. By faith OK what are we justified by by faith what faith. The same fate. So it's kind of silly to try to get too particular about justification and sanctification when Faith brings both of them to you. The same faith that justifies you sanctifies you and yet again we have sometimes some confusion between the two terms and I want you to notice the screen here this is from messages young people Page thirty five and it tells us this The righteousness by which we are justified it is declared just in the sight of God. Is and uses this word imputed into the Bible uses that word but I need to use that for some other statements the righteousness by which we are justified is imputed the righteousness by which we are sanctified it is imparted The first is our title to heaven the second is our walk fitness for heaven so in other words justification we often say it this way justification is the work of a moment sanctification is the work of a lifetime justification is like being born sanctification is like living once you've been born it's learning to live the new life so justification is what happens when you come to God and you ask for forgiveness for your sins and you claim Christ as your savior Boehm in that moment God views you as just as righteous as His Son Jesus Christ and you are justified before God. And the righteousness of Christ is the word is imputed It's him it's put to your account like somebody making a deposit into your bank account it's put to your account. And it says the the there in other words you've got a whole past there was an righteous and it's like all your own righteousness is on the whiteboard and somebody goes up and wipes it all away and boom puts all the righteousness of Jesus there and it takes the place of every bit of unrighteousness you had it's imputed is put to your account when you accept Jesus all of your sinful past is gone and in this place stands the righteousness of Christ and then it says the righteousness by which we are saying to FIDE. So notice the way she uses the terms here both are talking about righteousness and righteousness comes by faith remember what we just said the same faith that brings you justification brings you sanctification. One is the righteousness by which we're justified imputed and the righteousness by which we are sanctified is imparted that simply means that now I have accepted Christ he begins to to give his power for daily living and he imparts to me his power moment by moment day by day so that's how we sometimes differentiate the two but notice this next statement. Our only ground steps to Christ paid sixty three are only ground of hope is in the righteousness of Christ what imputed to us and in that wrought by His Spirit working in him through us that's the imparted here ground of hope is not in one it's in both. Justification and sanctification. Notice a statement in the eight hundred eighty eight collection page eight ninety seven many commit the error of trying to define minute leave the fine points of distinction between justification and sanctification of time permitted I could tell you and it would bore you with Adam for an item on on the how some people have made a big In fact these even joke leaders they made this big deal about how justification is part of the Gospel but sanctification is not I know avenues leaders and pastors who hold to that viewpoint and when I caution she says look let's not be so particular about trying to divide between justification and sanctification while they both are different things they both come through the experience of faith in Christ she says into the definitions of these two terms they often bring their own ideas and speculation it's why I try to be more minute than his inspiration on the vital question of righteousness by faith you are in danger of making a world of an atom and an atom of worlds. Hey don't do it now we're going to make sense of this in just a moment. But I want to share a couple more things now there's been a. A misunderstanding and I've heard this in a number of places just as people relate to me imputed righteousness' in a misunderstanding among agonise about Christ imputed righteousness and Ellen White wrote about it here in faith and works page eighteen she says the danger has been presented to me again and again of entertaining as a people false ideas what kind of ideas false ideas of Justification by Faith I've been shown for years that Satan would work in a special manner to confuse the mind on this point the law of God has been largely developed upon and has been presented to the congregations almost as destitute of the knowledge of Jesus Christ and his relation to the law as was the offering of Cain now there's a lot I could say on this but I'm just going to say this right now and if you disagree you can talk to me later this was how things were when the message came in eight hundred eighty eight this is not how things are now. We don't hear so much of law and so much of doctrine anymore that we've just had it up to here with it you go back and listen to the preaching that was happening in those days it is not the preaching that's happening in these days I was talking to a young man one of our pastors here in Michigan he's taking a class a religion class from one of our colleges and in the course of the instructors of his instruction he mentioned the miller right movement. One of the Adventist religion students raises his hand and the teacher calls on me says Teacher What is the miller right movements so the teacher then looks to the class me says Who of you wants to tell him what the miller right movement is none of the other students could folks I hear people go on and on and on in the church about how all we just have so much of this doctrine I don't know what bubble you're living in our kids don't even know this stuff anymore and Michigan were a little bit different here in Michigan in that regard to some people should grin. But I'm just going to tell you. And I'm not saying that this is she's making an important point here but I want you to notice what she goes on to say we're going to flesh this out I have been shown that many have been kept from the faith because of the mixed confused ideas of what salvation because the ministers have worked in a wrong manner to reach hearts the point that has been urged upon my mind for years is the was the huge it righteous ness of Christ I'm going to interject this here this is where we go because of the background that I've been sharing in this sermon today many seventy AD history that say imputed righteousness of Christ is simply talking about that which we have apart from us outside of us what Jesus did on the cross has nothing to do with what he does in our hearts. Has just to do with the goodness of God His love for us His forgiveness I won't totally disagree with that but notice she clears herself up a point that has been urged upon my mind for years is the imputed righteousness of Christ and this is what our people need to know I have wondered that this matter was not made the subject of Discourses in our churches throughout the land when the matter has been kept so constantly urged upon me and I have made it notice what she says I have made it the subject of nearly every discourse and talk that I have given to the people there is the sticking points I know seven Habits are all about the statement till they get there and they're like yeah but the thing is to own what is she. She says all the sermons I preached did exactly this and I know people have a lot to say about the imputed righteousness of Christ you can't reconcile Ellen White sermons with it you know why because their idea of the imputed righteousness of Christ is not a biblical idea for some people the imputed righteousness of Christ is only like I said outward but I want you know some statements here that will clarify this faith I live by page one twelve notice what I want why it says having made us righteous having done what made us righteous through the imparted imputed righteousness of Christ so when the righteousness of Christ is imputed to us when I accept Jesus as my Savior. In that moment not only does he declare me righteous he makes me righteous. He looks upon us a god pronounces us OK start again having me so the imputed righteous of Christ crowd pronounces us just and treats us as just he looks upon us as his dear children therefore being and she quotes Romans five there for being justified right made righteous you'll see that minute. By faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ and here's another one of you and Harold of July twelve eighteen ninety two the law of God is the exalted standard to which we are to attain through what. Not the imparted through the imputed righteousness of Christ were able to keep the law does that sound like something must happen in our hearts to be imputed righteousness is a some kind of transformation I'm going to tell you I'm not keeping the Law of God until my heart's transformed has a law spiritual I'm carnal the Bible says so the imputed righteousness of Christ makes a change in the individual it's transforming. And that's the point I made earlier the gospel. To many people is just out word and it's just about God's forgiveness and you're just going to have to be that way. So as the imputed righteousness' transforms us and us again sense of times June eight hundred ninety four Christ closed his divinity with humanity and endured the test upon the point of appetite ambition and love of the world thus making it possible for man to keep the commandments of God through us. Wow his imputed righteousness' Now let's finish up by looking at scripture and looking at a couple verses here going to Romans and this is one of the clearest passages on the Gospel in the Bible with the background we've looked at Romans one sixteen and seventeen where our scripture reading was is plain or should be plain Romans one sixteen and seventeen the Bible says for I am not ashamed of what the Gospel of Christ for because it is the power of God unto what salvation knows pause here what is salvation. Salvation is being saved from what sin and sin is what lawbreaking What does it mean to be saved from lawbreaking. It means you got to be a low keeper to be saved from your sin is to be made a law abiding citizen and the Bible says that the Gospel is a transforming power in fact and I'm glad that Steve Williams and I were talking before he brought this point up the Greek word. For power in this verse is the word Dumas. What English word can you think of that sounds kind of like Dumas. Dynamite now dynamite was invented in eight hundred sixty seven and Dynamite is powerful. I want you to think about the guy who invented dynamite or whoever named it was thinking around and saying who what can I name this stuff what's a good word for it any use the same word that we're reading here in the Bible for the Gospel. It is the power it's explosive power to change the life. Now brothers and sisters listen to me today the good news of the gospel is that it can transform you in change you in give you victory over your sin that is the good news think about it this way OK. Imagine you're in prison with a life sentence OK you with me the governor comes by he's got a pardon in his pocket so good comes to your cell begins talking with you says hey I got good news for you. I've got a pardon right here in what this means is this. And I'm not going to let you out while you're sitting here for the rest of your life in this cell just know that you're forgiven. And then he walks out. And the guard stands by any overhears and he says me and what good news. Is that good news is. The word gospel means good news. It's not good news just to know we're forgiven. Unless we understand the biblical concept of forgiveness that we're given the righteousness of Christ in place of our sin and we're transformed in the power of God makes us new creatures and that makes sense to you today. If you see yourself in that jail cell if you really realize you're a sinner if you see what your character is without Christ you long to be somebody different. You know there's a lot of Christians who are just in it for a name and they sit in church and they don't see anything wrong with themselves and they're just happy with the gospel of forgiveness because they're gospel forgiveness is just changing God not changing them the Bible says the gospels the power of God under salvation you say but what about the grace of God Let's talk about the grace of God for just a minute let's go to X. twenty verse twenty four. X. twenty verse twenty four X. twenty verse twenty four Notice what it says but none of these things move me do or do I count my life dear to myself so that I may finish my race we have joy. And the ministry which I receive from the Lord Jesus to testify to the what the gospel of the grace of God. So the Gospel is also called the gospel of grace Now follow me to a couple passages go to Second Corinthians Chapter twelve now you're familiar with this passage but you may not have looked at it the same way we're going to look at it here today second chapter twelve I want you to notice here what happens with the Apostle Paul look verse seven with me so when his trial for seven the apostle says and lest I should be exalted above measure by the abundance of the revelations a thorn in the flesh was given to me a messenger of Satan to buffet me lest I be exalted above measure. Now Paul had an affliction some believe it was his eyesight use asking the Lord. To take it away from him notice what verse eight says concerning this thing I pleaded with the Lord three times that it might depart from me and he said to me my was. My Grace Don't miss this My grace is sufficient for you for my strength is made perfect in weakness and I'm going to suggest something you're going to see here in the Scripture very clearly a lot of times we talk about Grace with so Grace That's God's unmerited favor ever heard that before unmerited undeserved favor that's true. But the question we have to ask is this how does God or how has God shown us His unmerited favor what did he do for us to show us that favor. I'll tell you what he did he gave us His Son Jesus Christ he gave us the righteousness of his Son Jesus Christ notice what the Apostle Paul here is saying now the Lord is saying My grace is sufficient because my strength is made perfect in weakness he is equating his grace with here's strength or his power to live a new life therefore Paul says I will most gladly boast in my infirmities of the power of Christ may rest upon me let's look at it another place just in case you think I'm making it up go back to Acts chapter four. Acts chapter four and verse thirty three just go look at a couple more here acts temper four in verse thirty three the Bible says in with great what great power the Apostles gave witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus and great grace was upon them all this idea of power is all through now we're looking at in connection with grace but we can look at other places that talk about the resurrection of Christ when you look at polls description of his gospel he says his gospel was the death burial and resurrection was the resurrection so important so important is it in first Corinthians fifteen that he says of Christ doesn't raise our faith is futile we're still in our sins but the saying is saying that that power of the resurrection testifies of the power of Christ to change us and he says great grace and great power but we're not done most of the first Corinthians fifteen First Corinthians fifteen. Sorry him in that order we should have probably stayed in First Corinthians First Corinthians fifteen or going back to first Corinthians I should say first Corinthians fifteen and look at verse ten First Corinthians fifteen verse ten says but by the what grace of God I am what I am and His grace toward me was not in vain but I was labored more abundantly then they all yet not on I but the what but the grace of God which was with me the grace of God which was with me what would the Grace do. It labored right he said I labored more abundantly but actually wasn't really me it was the grace of God in me. The grace of God labored. So that doesn't fit real well if you just look into the grace of God as God feels warm towards us by the grace of God is more than that in his warmth he gives us power. The gospel is power the power of God unto salvation look at he was twelve years twelve I'm doing this quickly but I was going to leave it out altogether but brothers and sisters it's important Porton for us to understand the grace of God is far more and many have appreciated it to be. Hebrews twelve and verse twenty eight years twelve in verse twenty eight The Bible says here therefore since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken let us have was grace by which we may do what serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear. What are we doing by God's grace it's enabling us to serve him. Brother and Sisters The gospel is the message of God's transforming power. The gospel is the promise of God for newness of life starting when with the imputed righteousness of Christ which is when when I first accept Jesus and when we grasp that there is nothing. That we will not attempt and achieve in our Christian lives I get weary of the kind of faith that I hear about today the has no power in it. The Savior that has no power well we're just going to be sin and right up to when Jesus comes Have you ever done what let me ask your question are we going to sin and I haven't who's going to stop us there how I'm sitting now and I'm not going to sin America how am I going to stop what you say God is going to have to stop us right why can't he stop me here. Why does he have to wait till there he doesn't the Gospel says he can and will stop his us from sitting here right here we have the power of God unto salvation this is why Jesus ministers in our behalf right now in the sanctuary above because he wants us to have newness of life is not what the Bible says old things are passed away behold all things have become new so Paul says in Philippians that I may know Christ and the power of His resurrection. If by any means I may attain one day to the Rex's resurrection from the dead he says I want to know the power now so I can be ready then. Oh brothers and sisters the Lord Jesus has promised us what we learned in our service will class this morning we're reminded of super abundantly exceedingly super abundantly more than we could possibly ask or think some of us attempt very little in our Christian lives some of us laments our weaknesses in our sins and feel like we're just stuck where we are. We need a new view of the Savior and his imputed righteousness that can transform us here and now if only you'll receive it when the Lord Jesus comes again there's not going to be anybody who can say you know Lord I just didn't have opportunity Lord my sins were just too great no worse and about his grace much more balance new meaning right now a power of God will overcome anything you out if you put your trust in Jesus I mean if you want to have the faith. That appropriates that righteousness of Christ to you today to live that new life in Jesus today to have the power of God in your life today how many of you want the kind of life that people are going to look at you and say This person has been with Jesus is that your desire today as spare heads together and prayer Father in heaven. Father pray that with the things that we've looked at today. It would just remind us that the gospel is about your saving power. It's about transformation of life it's about restoring all that humanity has lost because of sin it's about. Leaving that prison cell of sin behind us. And experiencing newness of life in Christ now today Lord help us not to beyond believe. Help us to believe in the saving of the so. We asked visas. 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