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7. Looking Unto Jesus

Mark Howard
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Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism


  • July 1, 2017
    11:30 AM
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Father in heaven we are so thankful for the Sabbath day and more than that father worth we're thankful for the sacrifice of Jesus that serpent on a pole pointed to that incredible sacrifice that we only have to look to and live I pray Lord this morning as we spend this time together in your word that your Holy Spirit would teach us and speak to us very clearly father convict us and convert us and knew that we may reflect the image of Jesus more fully for this is our prayer in his name and for his sake amen I'd like you to go to Revelation fourteen with me as I said we've looked at a number of different things throughout this series one of the probably the most important we're going to build on this this morning is that the whole concept of the Gospel good news of the Gospel being predicated on the fact that Jesus Christ came into humanity and did in humanity what nobody else could do he lived a perfectly right just life and he offers that righteousness to us when we receive Him and we had a message on this we talked about the name that Jeremiah calls him by the Lord Our Righteousness that in Jesus is all the righteousness you or I will ever need but it's a sad reality that many the Bible says are going to take the broad road and they're going to reject that free gift righteousness one of the things that we highlighted and I just want to spend time highlighting this this morning is that the Gospel sometimes says we talk about the Gospel we talk about our personal salvation and that's important isn't it I mean that's that's where it comes closest to home but it's important for us to also to understand that in the Scripture my personal salvation is not the fullness of the gospel. Your salvation is not the fullness of the Gospel and oftentimes even when I speak about salvation we talk we think more on in terms of forgiveness but the Gospel plain is God's plan to restore humanity to his original design to get rid of all sin and suffering in this universe and to restore man in the image of God Now one of the things I hate about Power Point slides is when I put them together. A lot of times pastors like to edit on the fly you know when we preach A certain things or say I'm going to change that around I gots lives has a really good Sly's are going to share with you but I'm going to pass them because I and I share that right now I do want to share this though the survey just page twenty four says the very essence of the gospel is what restoration going to look at a few passages this morning to show you that this really was the hope of the early church the restoring power of the Gospel is something that we've lost sight of in fact again beginning in Revelation Chapter fourteen verse six the first of the three inches messages the Bible says Revelation fourteen six then I saw another angel flying what in the midst of the heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell in the earth to every nation in tribes in tongue in people saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come not just when I was a part of that gospel we're going to talk about that in just a minute but as you go through the three messages when you come down to verse twelve and I want you to understand what we're looking at here in verse twelve we are given a view of the results of the preaching of the Gospel in other words when we read in verse twelve here is the patience of the Saints Here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus but was seeing other people who receive the Gospel and this keeping of the commandments in the faith of Jesus is the result of the transforming power of the Gospel in their lives. So these are those who have received that message and what it's telling you and me today is that God will have a look you've heard me say before everybody keeps some of the commandments some of the time everybody does that's not what this is talking about this is talking about people who through the grace of Christ have come to the point where the character Jesus is reflected in them perfectly and the Book of Revelation pictures them as a harvest of sorts because a few verses later we see Jesus coming back and he's going to harvest the harvest of the earth and in the harvest you see the righteous and the wicked being harvested. So you have a culmination of the gospel work here now let's go to a few places in notice what the first angel says he says Fear God and. Give glory to Him How do we give God glory I'm not going to all the passages today but we've done this before when we read about the glory of God in Scripture what is it often referring to the character of God and Indy Indy what's the what's been the big question in the controversy the great controversy what was it that the devil cast question about the character of God Where does THE BIBLE say here when it says Fear God given glory God saying there's going to be people in the end of time who are going to vindicate the character of God by letting him live out that character in their lives and so it's important to understand that term of glory because we're going to see that in a few different places let's go to cautions in the New Testament after first and second Corinthians Galatians a fetus Philippians kolache and it's cautions one and verse twenty seven now or in the middle of one of Paul's thoughts but you'll get the point Colossians one verse twenty seven in fact many of you be familiar with this verse it says in Colossians one in verse twenty seven to them and God willed to make known what are the riches of the glory of this what mystery among the Gentiles which is Christ in you the hope of. Now we're going to pick up on that word mystery again in a minute or two but Christ in you the hope of glory Let's hope about let's hope about when you when you when use the word hope what is hope. Well I'm not specifically not somebody says Second Coming and yes but what is when we use the word I'm going to hoping for anything what is it I kind of gave it away is what we do when there's something that we want that we don't have in fact the apostle Paul says in Romans eight Why does a man hope for that which you already have right you hope for what you don't have but what is promised what is coming what you're looking it's what you're looking forward to and here the apostle Paul says there what he's looking forward to is Christ in you the hope of glory His hope the Apostles hope was not just that his sins would be forgiven although that's a glorious thing his hope was in the fact that there was a promise that the character of Jesus would become his character and he would begin to speak and to act as Jesus did now you're going to see that theme here in fact it wasn't just Paul's hope but we're going to see this in another place seven Creamfields former sixteen this is also the Apostle Paul we're going to look at the Apostle Paul in a few places here second Corinthians if you go back just a little bit chapter four in verse fifteen second Corinthians four and verse fifteen a certain verse sixteen actually in the Bible says this therefore we do not lose heart even though our outward man is well perishing yet the inward man is being renewed day by day for our WAS OUR was light affliction Now you read the Apostle Paul is life it was anything but light affliction anything we what we would call light affliction is not what Paul was dealing with I want you to understand something there are people today who are looking for Christianity and it's prevalent you can find it anywhere a Christianity where it's all smooth sailing and high times you go to church service it's all rock out you're having a good time things are you feel it's been good stuff what is Paul talking about his experience and he's relating here is very very very different from the experience that many people look for today in Christianity and he's not he's not complaining about it you look at all the different trials that he went through much as he said his light affliction hey this is light affliction and it doesn't matter because this light of fiction is but for a moment but this light affliction that we go through is working for us a far more exceeding eternal What weight of glory to impose mine the whole goal here. Was that we would have the character to get there amen I mean that's what Christianity was about for him because he understood that you know I'm going to live in heaven and neither am I with the characters we have on this earth unless we receive the righteousness of Christ and his character becomes our character and so he understood that the trials of life the things we go through in this life they do something for us don't think they're developing a character that's going to work for us this weight of glory he says in verse eighteen while we do not look at the things which are seen but the things which are not seen for the things which are seen are temporary is not funny so often what's the what's the thing that pays also away from being faithful to God the things that are seen right what's in the here and now there's so much in fact people say I'm losing my my faith because I can't I don't have enough evidence for God I wish you would speak to me more loudly I wish there be more and look there's all kinds of evidence but the funny thing is that we were it happens as we're really being drawn away by the things that are seen we treat the things that are seen like they are more enduring than eternity but the Bible says they're passing away you posit Paul says we don't look at the things which are seen but the things that are not seen for the things which are seen are temporary but the things which are which are not seen are eternal so he's looking here for this weight of jury go to Romans eight with me this is one of my favorite passages in Romans eight this is this is we don't have time to draw everything out of Rome and say that this is a fascinating passage now you know Romans seven right how many many Romans seven nobody all those two of you are familiar with Romans seven What is Romans seven about as a conflict right with the old man right I do things I want to do I don't do things I don't want to do those things I do right now are you familiar with that I'm going to tell you right now there are far too many Christians who set up camp in Romans seven. They're sitting around a They're sitting around the forgiveness campfire and Roman seven roasting marshmallows and I want to go on to Rome and say Romans eight is where we go beyond that struggle me begin to find the power of Christ life in the spirit and it's in that as Paul begins to reveal some of those things that then he says in Romans chapter eight notice verse eighteen and I'm skipping so much good stuff Romans eight is such a powerful chapter but in verse eighteen he says for I consider that there was a hardships in the Christian life but they shouldn't phase a single Christian number alone to see the Said they be their number two because we're looking ahead I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not rooted to be content paired with what the day which shall be revealed in us now notice when he goes on to say for the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God Now we're going to see John's take on this a minute but this is fascinating what he's saying is this revealing of the sons of God is when God's character is revealed in us that God is working these things out in our life this is what Jesus is doing for us even now through all of the circumstances of life he's working his character into us because that's what we're asking him to do that's what it's that's what having his righteousness is about and so the apostle says look the hardships here aren't even worthy to be compared with with the glory which will be revealed and then he says all of creation is waiting for this even when God's character is in his people because we're going to see that is the crowning act of the controversy before Jesus comes again in glory and so all of creation is waiting for that's well let's read on for the revealing of the sons of God for the creation was subjected to field two of the not willingly. Right up the creation around us didn't choose it but because of him who subjected it in hope because the creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God and those verse twenty two for we know that the whole creation grains and labors with birth pangs until now not only that but we also who have the first fruits of the Spirit even we ourselves groan within ourselves eagerly waiting for the adoption the. Redemption of the body and I know some of this is wordy but his whole point is that until what do you mean what do you think he means when he talks about the redemption of the body let me ask you this do you think Paul knew he was saved I think he knew he was saved I think he was pretty clear in his writings about so he's looking forward here's a man he has salvation you know he has of Asian but he's looking forward to something right and he called it the redemption of the body what do you think that's talking about folks what is yet to come in our experience with Christ how do I ask this what's our greatest hindrance in the Christian life it starts with S. and it's four letters self and the selfish nature is right it wouldn't be great if when we accepted Christ our selfish nature was begun and there was never another temptation but it's not so the power of Christ comes into our lives and we have to choose and we have to resist and deny self right this with the Bible says because that's selfish nature is in us but when the body is redeemed guess what the selfish nature is the one Can you think about that with me for a minute a time when you will never have another temptation right I mean you know those times when oh you might get a grip somebody you don't even know why and you're just like oh I wish I wouldn't do that it won't you have any more the redemption of the body sees the Apostle Paul is looking ahead to this time he says all creation is looking to this time the redemption of the body we were saved in this hope he said Yes I think about that and he was putting a lot of. Emphasis on this this is why we were saved this is what the apostle Paul says I'm looking forward to we were saved in this hope this glory which will be revealed in us. But hope that is seen is not hope right is one still hope for what he sees but if we hope for what we do not see we eagerly we fear it with. And I love the word King James Version messes this up because it says patients and it's not a it's not wrong but what the word the word the correct word is perseverance and the difference is this when you hear the word patients if I tell a child to be patient communicating to them sit and do nothing OK what is perseverance mean I like to say this with patience is waiting perseverance is working while you're waiting the rich person pressing pressing on perseverance because we know we have this hope I'm going to first John chapter three and you see John's take on the same thing I mean this is what these men these apostles were looking forward to first John Chapter three starting in verse one verse John chapter three verse one the Bible says beloved what manner I'm sorry her what manner of Love The Father has bestowed on us that we should be called the Children of God Now remember what he said and Romans the sons of God were waiting for the revealing of the sons of God Now using the same language here therefore the word does not know us because he did not know him be Beloved now we are children of God and it has not what why do you say word yet somewhere what is yet imply is not here now but was but it's coming it's not yet been revealed what we shall be what we will be but we know that when he is revealed we shall be like him because we shall see him as he is John is just acknowledging the fact that when Jesus comes again we're going to see him and with our own eyes in the Bible says in the book of Hebrews that without holiness no one will see the Lord now how are we going to see the Lord with our own eyes and not be consumed. Because we're going to have to be like him and John is looking forward to this promise is what he's saying the same thing the poll saying when he said talks of the revealing of the sons of God we're sons of God and not it's not yet clear we don't understand what it look what it will look like in my life or your life to be just like Jesus but we know that when he appears we're going to be like him we're going to have his character and he goes on the same verse three everyone who has this hope in him what purifies himself even as he is pure and I'm going to tell you sometimes you know I talk about this is the hope the hope of the early church that I'll be honest we start talking about being like him this is where the Saints start to get skittish sometimes we can talk about overcoming that's an uncomfortable word take it a step further and use the word character perfection watch out fact I don't know if any of you caught it one of the one of the nights elder Bradshaw was speaking and you asked a question and and I forget specifically what he asked but the answer said he were giving answers the answer would have been perfection or we use different words perfection completeness maturity they all mean the same thing we just don't use the word perfection because it conjures up all this and somebody from the audience yelled at you and he repeated he's a god you're going to get in trouble there brother so we don't we don't even need we all agree we're not afraid to bring the word up and look there are people read into we talk about character perfection you get all kinds of discussions as to what it means and what it doesn't mean but I want to tell you when we talk about being like Jesus and this is not like I said it's not uncommon for people to say man hold on to me I mean this makes me just pissed me discouraged because I think this is what people say and this is been we've got generations of this but I want to tell you why I think it is I don't think it's too hard to figure out I think because we lose our focus right our children's story I mean I love that children's story a story in the Bible where they were bitten by that serpent we've been bitten by that old serpent to have. And what were they to do they would look up to the serpent on a pole and Jesus used that same illustration. A lot of people missed this there are a lot of Christians you know John three sixteen but they don't know John three fourteen or fifteen and that says that says the told. John three fourteen says As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness so shall the Son of Man be lifted up that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son so he Jesus ties that together the problem is that sometimes when we think about what God has called us to be like John we don't know what we shall be but we're going to be like Him we get overwhelmed because we think it's up to us to make ourselves well you. Know what he said. We're looking to Jesus and so what has done in much of the Christian world and here they they keep the commands got no we can't keep the commandments of God and other words it's such a high standard to be like here we just say we don't have to be like that anymore. That doesn't fix the problem you could just say nobody needs to be holy and we're all going to get to heaven I mean this is an interesting thing for me and I brought this up before because Christians where you even evidence will discuss this well can we really be over all holy Can we overcome sin and. There's not a person in this room who believes we're going to sin and have them right I mean I hope so I hope you don't believe that it is I don't hope so it will be sinning and have we both agree we're going to sin in Amman Wow We're going to stop Well God's going to work a miracle OK great why RIGHT BY can he work American or I mean this is the thing that I do because we could rise or sell us there would be looking and to Jesus this idea this hope that the Apostles were looking in this was for shadowing what we call the cleansing of the sanctuary and we've missed we've missed the boat on this brothers and sisters when you come to Revelation and we read it in there and the Bible says the hour of his judgment is come it's in the context of the Gospel the hour of his judgment is come if you study that out. OK how do we know when they are what if there's an announcement that the arm of the judgment has come it's here now it implies that somewhere we were told when it would come in we were you go back to Daniel Chapter eight you find the twenty year in a day but for too many Seven Day Adventists the twenty three hundred days is just a complicated timeline and look we've missed is the true thirty days was toward trying to play fair word in fact if you take the seventy weeks how many of you know what I'm talking about or talk about the seventy weeks of Daniel and the seventy weeks talked about from the going forth of the commander restoring Bill drew some unto Messiah the Prince is going to be seven you remember that in the prophecy that it was the seventy weeks foretold the coming of Christ and His ministry whether twenty thirty days as part of the same problem I see it was putting forward to the ministry of Christ the intention of God in giving the judgment our message was it would direct the minds of his people to the final broken chooses in the sanctuary in heaven own our behalf and so it wasn't just a complicated timeline and it's interesting for those of you seven day administering a little of our history you remember that after the what we call the great disappointment when the believers thought Jesus was coming to the earth and he didn't come to the earth there was a man in Hiram Edson one of the believers spent some time with some fellow believers in prayer that morning and he went out across the field pondering not only pondering what had happened but going to strengthen his breath for the law to rested his attention we you know I whether God gave him a vision or a different or an aha moment or whatever it was we know that higher Madsen is going to cross that field it came into his mind the prophecy of Daniel the idea of the sanctuary and it was commonly understood among Christians in those days that the sanctuary referred to the earth and the problem are pioneers made as they never looked up. We get into trouble when we don't study the Bible for selves right they just took it on eg you know they took it on faith but it wasn't faith in Christ was faith in what her body else said it was a sanctuary wasn't the earth but his mind had his mind was drawn to the heavenly sanctuary and in the context he thought you know the Bible speaks about a heavenly sanctuary and as his mind went there God directed his attention to Revelation ten I want you to look at Revelations and with me as an answer to their disappointment I'm telling you haven't studied this I apologize for not being able to break down Revelation ten today. Just don't just say this for those who haven't studied it study it out Revelation ten Saints Revelation ten shows the great disappointment God predicted in Scripture This isn't an administration turned up thing it's there in the Bible God showed it told it would happen and it happened just like he said Revelation ten is the rise of the movement it's phenomenal and the Bible says it is as as John is viewing these things Revelation ten I want to zero in on verse seven as John saw the disappointment he also heard these words in verse seven Revelation ten seven but in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel when he is about to sound a lot the ministry of God would be finished as he declared to his servants the prophets remember I told you we're going to come back to that word mystery remember that cautions chapter one said that the mystery was Christ in you the hope of glory that's what Paul called the mystery there go to fees and six nineteen and see what he calls the mystery. In six nineteen The apostle says in a fusion six nineteen and for me that utterance may be given to me that I may open my mouth barely to make known the mystery of what the Gospel and this what I want you gather from this in Revelation ten words pointing out this disappointment with the advent movement and incidentally at the end of Revelation ten John's given the the command to prophesy again. In other words the message that was given has to be repeated it had finished its work you mean you must promise again about many people's Nations tongues and kings and again I can't get into all the detail but here's a point I want you to understand if the mystery refers to the Gospel What do you think it means when the Bible says there's going to come a time when it's finished I'm going to tell you most Christians unfortunately said a number of seven day I'm going to day don't process this anymore but what is will it mean for the Gospel to be finished now the Somebody's going to say oh well that means the preaching of the good no it's nobody's talking about the preaching of the Gospel is says the Ministry of God The gospel of Christ in you will be finished what does that mean what can it mean but one thing that Christ's character will be reproduced and it will be finished then other words the loop that Jesus began on Calvary's cross ascended in the sanctuary to heaven to continue is going to come to an end that should excite us into a whole lot of us because that means it just isn't we just aren't going to I just don't feel it today you know nor should get back with Jesus and actually get things right with God and you know I mean I'll get around to it Noel there's no getting around to it Bible prophecy has told us that Jesus has entered into this work in the most holy place of the sanctuary in heaven the entire typical day of atonement his finishing the work of the gospel people having the opportunity to accept or reject and then it's done and the words of Jesus are spoken in Revelation he was he was holy let him be holy still and he was filthy let him be filthy still it's never safe to put off your decision to follow Christ the finishing of the mystery of God Christ in you the hope of glory I want to show you a statement by elder eighty JONES You made this in the book consecrated way to Christian Perfection this is the time of the coming of the world and the restitution of all things is indeed at the very doers and when Jesus comes it is to take his people unto himself it is to present himself to himself his glorious church not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing I want you to notice that Jesus presents his people to himself OK and I'm going to get out the scrub brush and get it all done yourself. But you put your life in the hands of Jesus and he's going to present you to himself a glorious church not having spot a regular any such thing but that is wholly without blemish blemish just goes on it is to see himself perfectly reflected in all his sayings and before he comes thus his people must be in that condition before he comes we must have been brought to that state of perfection in the complete image of Jesus that's what it means what it says here they keep the commands of God the faith of Jesus and this state of perfection this developing in each believer the complete image of Jesus so he describes what he means this is the finishing of the mystery of God which is Christ in you the hope of glory this consummation is accomplished in the cleansing of the sanctuary which is the finishing of the mystery of God Now I just want you to understand he wasn't making stuff up there and this wasn't new the agonist in here. This is what I have been to said believe this what we've always believed that there is going to come a time when the minute the finishing of the mystery of God will be the mystery of God the work of the gospel will be finished and Christ will come to claim its people as its own that glorious church without spot or wrinkle or any such thing so we have to state in the great controversy page four twenty five says those who are living upon the earth when the intercession of Christ shall cease in the sanctuary above are to stand in the sight of a holy God without a mediator let me see how I can do this here Jay can I use you for a minute and Mark can I use you for a minute they didn't know this was coming I just did you know we are I don't know if you got in these discussions on what it means to be without a mediator but it's not complicated I just want you to understand it OK so you stay there and you stay here Jake and once come up here just so the folks in the back can see now we talk about Jesus and as a high priest he's mediating or he's interceding right in the work of what we call the Atonement does anybody know what atonement means. OK you can break it down into three but at Woman's is taking a strange parties and bringing them together now let's say that these guys are strange here they don't get along they've had some rift so I'm the mediator What's my job I need to get them back together take a couples take a step. No no no not backwards art OK we're doing we're making progress here but they're not still together now at some point reach out and shake hands OK Good job now what's happened the attack they've been a tone they're now at one they've been brought back together you get that you guys can sit down thank you even though you're a little difficult on that one Mark now the idea of Jesus in the heavenly sanctuary is that his work there look the Bible says when we sin we ran away from God We turned our backs on God who is Jesus trying to do look wasn't running from us Izzy it's we're the ones who have to have our own way we're stubborn rebellious that's what the Scripture says so here's Jesus and he's moving us back he's trying to bring the two parties back together how long's are going to go on I should have asked it that way is that going to go on forever No there's going to come a point in time when Jesus will have gotten us to come back together and then his mediation ceases some people got the idea so we're going to live on the earth and stand on the side of God without a mediator that there's going to come a point where now we're living on our own righteousness no that's not what I'm saying the point it's making is once we're united with Christ we don't need the mediator anymore but what happens to those who did not allow the mediator to mediate and bring them together when they still had time their last right there's no more priest to do the mediation now is the time when Jesus is still mediating now is the time when he's working through those rebellious areas of our hearts even though we've come to Christ you know there are things we know who struggle with and Jesus is still wooing us trying to give us to get us to give all over to the hands of the father he's mediating he's bringing his atoning But this coming at a time when that Atonement will it end. And it says when Jesus intercession ceases those who are living on the earth have to stand on the side of a holy God without a mediator and those who are righteous will be righteous still and those who are filthy will be filthy still their robes must be spotless the characters must be purified from sin by the blood of sprinkling them as we must have cooperated let Jesus do his work with us through the grace of God in their own diligent efforts this is why we talked about effort the last in our last message together that any effort I give comes from who doesn't come from me God gives me the strength and the talents and abilities so that's not like God's going to save me and me it's kind of we're together in this no he gives me all the strength but I'm expected to use my choice in his behalf there must be conquers in the battle with evil while the investigative judgment is going forward in heaven that's the word we used to talk about this mediation role assumes of penitent believers are being removed from the sanctuary that's now there is to be a special work of purification of putting away of sin among God's people on the earth right in the typical day of atonement it was said that they had to afflict their souls right in other words they were to examine and see if they will hold anything back from allowing that atonement that mediation to take place and points forward to the reality that now we should be searching our arts make sure we're in harmony with God and His will that we're giving ourselves completely to Christ is this work is work clearly presented in the messages of Revelation fourteen that's what the three messages are about there pointing us where fact let me go there noticed this state now in the book early writings and when we got a view of the time of the third angels message being given notice how Notice how this is awesome all as the ministration of Jesus closed in the holy place he passed into the holiest or the most holy place and stood before the are containing the law of God He sent another mighty angel with a watch. Message we're looking at the third angel's message that warns against the mark of the beings. A postman was placed in the angel's hand and as he descended to the earth in power and majesty he proclaimed a fearful warning with the most terrible threatening ever born to man right the wrath of God without mercy that's what we find in the third in his message for those who worship the beast and his image this message was designed to put the children of God upon their goal by showing them the hour of temptation and anguish that was before them said the Angel they will be brought into close combat with the beast and his image their only hope of eternal life is to remain steadfast all their lives are at stake they must hold fast the truth is the third angel closes his message does and notice carefully here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus as he repeated these words he pointed where it is not awesome in the what's happening in the heavenly sanctuary as he ages talking about these times to come he's basically saying you have one hope it will hope who knew sanctuary or justice is working through for you for me in our behalf the angel saying live here you have a High Priest right now whose interceding with the Father for you the minds of all who embrace this message are directed to the most holy place where Jesus stands before the Ark making his final intercession our eyes are to be looking to Jesus let me ask Does Jesus make mistakes does Jesus mess up is Jesus missing some ability as a High Priest No he ever lives to make intercession he can save to the uttermost all who come to God through him it says in the book of Hebrews which is talk about his priestly work and the rest we can have total confidence if we just keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and what he's doing you know. What we've got we've got to keep our eyes fixed on him. Great controversy forty eight the sanctuary in heaven is the very well center of Christ work in behalf of Ben this has become a contention I'm getting the pastor Daniel because he's doing a series on the sanctuary here but this is why does the sanctuaries become so contentious you think the devil doesn't know this why don't we talk a lot about the sanctuary and when we do I why do we hear negative stuff about because the devil knows this is the place where Jesus is we've got people saying Oh I believe in Jesus let's just focus on Jesus let's talk about Jesus how can you focus on Jesus when you're not when you're oblivious to where he is how could you focus on Jesus and not talk about where he is and what he's doing hey let's focus on Jesus you know let's he's up and I was going to talk about why it's the very center of Christ's work on behalf of many concerns every living soul on the earth the people that sort of need to know that they have a High Priest right now in the sanctuary in heaven who is preparing them for the second coming of Christ the greatest event this earth has ever seen this is why a Pastor Dan to share this recently all needed knowledge for themselves of the position and work of the great high priests otherwise it will be well impossible for them to exercise the faith which is essential at this time to occupy the position which God desires them to feel good to have that focus on Jesus we've got to know what he's doing in our behalf I'm going to tell you the devil is going to press us and it's time permitted I share with you I really want to give you a rare I've done this before but in spirit of prophecy Volume one it talks about the time of Jacob's trouble when Jacob wrestled with the angel and. Just the just the discouragement Jacob was allowed to go through let me let me just make it to the point this way we are coming to a time more and more where we're going to have to walk more by faith and less by sight and when the Bible says sight it's not just talking about. Feeling it's talking about the words we're going to face trial. Where the devil is going to whisper in our ears he's going to point out sins that we've committed any knows we committed to because he tempted us to do it. And he's going to press on us with discouragement and the only way we can rise above that is having a hope in Christ and knowing that no matter what kind of sinner I am I have put my trust in Jesus but if I can't hold on to that I'm going to be overcome this is what this statement is making the point of here this is the time that we're facing and so the Apostles Paul says and he was Chapter twelve turned their will will wrap up and he well what a powerful little passage in Hebrews twelve about Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith let me just ask your honest question that I do not want a response to. A verbal I want you to think about it have you ever felt and secure in your faith have you ever felt incomplete in your faith have you ever felt like the way things are now are not the way I know they need to be there are things in my life that shouldn't be here and I struggle and I try and I I don't want to verbal response but I know I'm catching most of us in this room OK The point is when Jesus is called the officer and the finisher of our faith first of all the implication is once he's offered your faith there's still something left to do and there's the promise that he will finish it Jesus doesn't leave job's undone and so it's precious these moods of of the Apostle Paul that Jesus is not just the author is the finish or you can sit here today in no way but there are things in your life that you're still working through with Jesus but he is going to finish the work he will Shop Pro first one I'm jumping the gun we did read it the scripture reading and seal did a beautiful job on that by the way a model job this also since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses and this is this. His faith in chapter eleven the apostle says let us lay aside every weight and the soon which so easily ensnares us and let us run with in durance the race set before us looking unto Jesus he was. All fair and finish and let me make that point again if Jesus is your faith does that mean you're a Christian I think I can see how you could be a Christian of Jesus is the one who offered your faith so wait a minute if you're a Christian and Jesus has offered your faith do you still have sin that easily ensnares you evidently so now why am I saying that because sometimes brothers and sisters we allowed ourselves to get discouraged when we fall into things not realizing that Jesus is still on the case the apostle Paul says Look Jesus has authored our faith but there are still going to be things that not only in sneer us really ensnare us but he tells us look unto Jesus the author and finisher So in other words not just looking to Jesus but looking to him believing all the while you're looking at him that he's. Having that confidence and here who is going to be good work in you as it says in Philippines one six will complete a professor but under the day of Jesus Christ I will him for size again I hope is not only how we feel but all what Jesus has promised to do and when you can lay hold of that hope then maybe you feel up here or down here by faith you can always walk in the light by faith you always have Victory in Jesus looking under Jesus the author and finisher of our faith who for the job that was set before him endured the cross What was the joy that was set before Jesus let me ask it again who was the joy that was set before Jesus who was the reason he endured the cross my dear brother and sister was you it was you you think he's going to endure them and then get halfway through and say you know what I'm done with this. Well he started. Looking under Jesus the are in finisher of our faith who for the job it was said before him and drew the cross despising the shame and he sat down at the right hand of the throne of God And incidentally that's talking about position as he's not sitting down we know he's working in the sanctuary Stephen So I'm standing at the right hand of God but he's in a position of authority and he started to work that he will finish the ministry of God is going to be finished Jesus character will be finished in you and he's going to come to claim you to claim me as his own and so the Bible tells us gives us a view of that final harvest here or there here they keep the commandments of God I can almost hear the excitement in God's voice and you're going to hear but God's grace you're going to be there in Jesus is going to point to use it here or there. The other ball is going to play would you say here my people oh I had another statement here is going to share with you and it's not there so it's here let me should just share this is again something that. Preached in the Kansas can't meaning in eight hundred eighty nine he says speaking of the faith of Jesus and the faithfulness of Jesus Christ was faithful His faithfulness comes to us in answer to our faith that makes us faithful it is only by his obedience that we are made righteous men do not have anything to do my faith to reach out to him M. bring faithfulness from him to enable me to do it you have a present help and uses him as provide what you need to be faithful the peacefulness comes from him in answer to our faith as it grows Moon more his power and goodness will come to us and just be for probation closes we shall be like him indeed and then we shall be keeping the commandments of God In fact because there will be so much of him in us that there will be none of ourselves there. I'm looking forward to that time this sorry says that is when we get to the place where we keep the commandments of God and there is the beautiful promise here are they the keep the commands of God and have the faith of Jesus I want to finish up with this statement from the book Third selected messages Ellen White says the faith of Jesus it is octo but not understood what constitutes the faith of Jesus that belongs to the third angel's message of Jesus becoming our Sin bearer he might become our sin pardoning savior he was treated as we deserved to be treated he came to our world and took our sins that we might take his righteousness how to look. And Faith Don't miss this and faith in the ability of myself faith in the ability of Christ to save us employee and fully and entirely is the faith of Jesus brothers and sisters do you have the faith of Jesus today can you trust in Jesus to save you amply and fully entirely and if not could use a little I believe help though my number leave today my friends Jesus endured the cross and despised the same so you could have eternity and the only one the only one that can hold that back from happening is you what your choice to De Jesus right now is interceding for you in heaven sanctuary Jesus right now is working in your behalf to produce his character in You Jesus is working to give you everything you need as the Apostle Peter says to pertain to life and godliness I don't know what everybody here brought with them today and I don't mean your Bibles or your phones or i don't know what you have in your heart I don't know what you have in your life I don't know where your struggles are but Jesus. And Jesus longs to give you victory Jesus longs to give you a new spiritual life Jesus longs to free you from whatever is holding you down. If their addictions if there are doubts whatever they are you have a Savior who can save to the uttermost to DAY TO DAY And right now Jesus is asking he's pleading with us who will receive my righteousness who will ask me to finish my work in them who will cooperate with me in this great work of redemption is that your desire today seems to receive the atonement that at one moment to be reunited with God to have that character of Jesus and to be ready for him when he comes again is that your desire today if it is let me see your hands Let's pray together Father in Heaven Father we thank you for the holy Sabbath I thank you for the hands that were raised today father but there are those who didn't raise their hands today now why only you know but Lord I I plead for them in Jesus we have Lord while we wait and why we progress to meet sometimes has got to be a mystery even to you when we neglect so great a salvation I prayed today that your spirit would impress upon our hearts and minds that time will not continue indefinitely that perhaps or even some here today her hearing the last appeal and it doesn't mean we're going to go out and get killed in a car accident it may just be that our hearts are just hardened that last time Oh Father help us not dabble with the offers of salvation help us to see with the eyes of faith Jesus working in our behalf in the sanctuary above to help us to keep looking and to Jesus and run with in durance the race before us that we may one day receive that prize that we would receive the redemption of the body and be able to rejoice in the glories of eternity. And realize that the light reflection that we experience on this earth is not worthy to be compared to. The ask and pray these things today father in the name of Jesus and for his say amen. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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