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God's Three Books

Jonathan Zita


Jonathan Zita

Associate Director, Review & Herald



  • March 29, 2008
    10:00 AM
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morning once again at the blessing of privileged to be here and no one I notice no matter where you go around the world when you need Seventh-day Adventists that are on fire for God there is something I can't put my finger on it it is a smile or that but I and I says that here people that really want to follow God and to do his will and that's really really encouraging for me that's a blessing to be here this morning I like this to talk about God 's three books God 's three books below a little boy was on display somewhere in in a backroom and he found a book that was very dusty and it looked kind of interesting with leather and yet never really seen that before so he took the book it was pretty big and he brought it to his mom in the kitchen says mommy mommy look what I found what is this and the mother with reverence and awe said well son Mrs. God 's is full of dust and cobwebs all around and he thought for a moment as well mommy is God 's book we should probably give it back to him because we surely don't use it and you know that's a little review this some of us sometimes how we have to three four five Bibles and down sometimes we don't take time to read even one well disgusted with them and talk about today are not is not the Bible it's three other books in the first one if you can turn with me in your Bibles to Philippians chapter four is discover what the first book first one of gospel yes Philippians chapter four and were looking at verse three business Paul speaking to the Philippian church and he tells them in Philippians chapter four verse three ninth Street the also ensure your fellow help those women which labored with me in the gospel with Clement also and with other my fellow laborers whose names are where in the book of life so I'm privileged this morning have a copy of that book and go then amazing the book of life is so the first of this morning I want to talk about is the book of life Paul is speaking to the Philippians and he's saying I wanted to do something to ensure each of those that labored with me in the gospel with Clement and also the with other my feel levers whose names are in the book of life and so we can find contextually speaking from Philippians chapter four verse three of the names of goals that are found in the book of life are not just people that are nice people are Christians are so forth but according to the Bible it says bills that labored with me where in the gospel and soul goals that are as a man or laborers those I would call good Christians write that a good term to use I believe good Christians are found in the book of life those that have a burden for souls those are doing everything in their power to go out and seek to help at the same those that are lost in chapter ten if you can turn with me there the disciples have just come back from an amazing on missionary journey they have seen demons cast out people raised from the dead sickness has fleeing bus has fled from before them and they come back all excited to Jesus and Jesus gives you never guess what happened that actually works in Jesus with homeless in Chapter ten I can just imagine him saying ten verse twenty notwithstanding in this rejoice not at this spirit are subject unto but rather rejoice because your names are written where it hasn't been so angry controversy page four eighty it says the book of life this one right here contains the names of all who have ever entered the service of God the book of life contains the name of all who have ever entered their service of God that includes people like Abraham and Isaac and Eli Jeff and Jake up and Judas in a and Judas Judas was not God speaking to disciples was viewed as part of the disciples who share is so Jesus speaking for disciples including Jesus has rejoice that your name is written where in the book of life in heaven you can turn with me to Revelation chapter twenty one Revelation chapter twenty one looking at verse twenty seven speaking about those that will enter heaven Revelation twenty one verse twenty seven it says and there shall in no wise enter into it meaning heaven anything that the violence neither whatsoever work is abomination or maketh a lie but they which are written in the Lamb 's book of life as are the problem here Judith obviously was a liar and a DC and work abomination but yet it seems from the Bible that Judah 's name was also in the book of life so will just be in heaven are walking innovative leader and if he is there you still want to go he can turn with me to Exodus chapter thirty two Exodus chapter thirty two I'm moving quickly because it's quite a lot of verses need to look up here Exodus chapter thirty two Moses is pleading with God for the children of Israel and God is saying that he's got to destroy them in Mozilla is putting himself as it were on the line for the and see Moses uses a powerful argument Moses Knowles that God loves him Moses knows that God loves him and morals as well as that God does not want to destroy him so what he says in verse thirty two of chapter thirty two arguing with God is it where he says yet now in doubt will forgive their sin meaning the people of Israel and if not blot me I pray thee out of thy book which thou has written and the Lord said unto Moses whosoever has sinned against me Kim will I blot out of my what book and so we see that it is the book of life is a book where not everybody's name is entered in the book where only those that have entered the service of God 's their name is entered in but we have also learned that it's not only good Christians are Christians that are co- laborers with God that are working for the salvation of souls but it's also all Christians that are not so good that I entered the service of God like units that have selfish motives and we found out that means can be put in an and needs to be taken out very good the second book is found in Malachi chapter three Malachi chapter three the book right before Matthew Malachi chapter three and were looking at verse sixteen Malachi chapter three verse sixteen the Bible says then they that fear the Lord spake often one to another and the Lord Harkin and heard it and a book of what remembrance was written before him for them that fear the Lord and I thought upon his name in Nehemiah chapter thirteen verse fourteen I can read it for you it says remember me oh my God concerning this and whatnot out my good deeds that I have done for the house of my God and for the offices there or of the second book is a book of God 's remembrance or of the book of good deeds once again I'm so privileged to have a copy today of that very thought beautiful book called the book of good deeds in great controversy page forty one this is both God 's remembrance or good deeds every deed of righteousness is immortalized their every temptation resisted every evil overcome every word of tender pity expressed is faithfully chronicled and every act of sacrifice every suffering and sorrow endured for Christ sake is recorded and you know I don't know what here's trouble losing your life you don't maybe your marriage or your work or children are your parents needed with sickness or loneliness but it's encouraging to know that if nobody sees that nobody cares by God 's and that every struggle that you have to go through but sometimes you may wonder is even worth it sometimes we do good to people in the turnaround is established in the back we wonder should I discontinue but it's amazing how if you can just think that though no one sees though no one cares somebody and everything is written and I believe that the reward will be yours one we serve an amazing God a God that does not overlook small things and that you may think that is not worthwhile but I tell you if you just hope and persevere it will be worthwhile one day you know a song 's fifty six first eight it says now number us my wanderings put down my tears into thy bottle are they not in my book and so it's almost as if every tear that falls in your eyes is captured in a little bottle year is recorded in this book that this individual suffered for my sake was able to resist temptation was able to help and be compassionate to others when they were only being mistreated as a result it's all written down in one big they will have their reward as it was mentioned I work as a live stream Angeles going from door to door in working with young people also that go from door to door and I remember one day I I was working an apartment building to the gets very cold in Canada my link you generally work outside in the winter 's ethical and the buildings however I finished my my is pretty much finished for the day was Leah was tired I was hungry I wanted to go home and so I decided grab my bag and I was it as I got into the elevator on the elevator started going down the next floor elevator open and somebody walked in was a young woman and it was a government and the door is hurt him and mean the elevator and he was a tall building something in a twenty thirty floors and right in front of me being started to talk about what what they had just expired annoyed that are just experienced in their bedroom and I was just this cost did you know for me I felt like we'd be giving them in the name of you know but something told me for my kids and I I've never seen I don't know it I've never hung around prostitutes or whatever but I could almost guarantee that she was a prostitute is the way that she was dressed in everything but something told me hold your peace John obviously this person doesn't know you and so instead of just rebuking are just getting out of the elevator just I decide the print as I pray I said Lord obviously especially the young women I said obviously doesn't know you and I pray that somehow you may find yourself to her being elevator hit bottom floor gone there in a serious woman again finally I meet hundreds of people and I can't really say that I've met people again I may but when you meet so many people there all phases after a while you know you don't remember everybody that you've met and remember a few weeks later I'm walking the big city here in Canada walking in a shopping mall all I see her walking towards me with a friend I just thought I'd is present for this woman and I remembered who she was nothing is so strange I find this this girl one more time as I found wanting I don't think you recognize me but I recognize there and I pray for her one more time and I say Lord that is extremely strange I find this girl once more I pray Lord that she may find you added something essay Lord if it is your will for four if you want to use me to reach out to her I am willing as I walked past she walks past the two months later I'm not given in another building somewhere with sister from the church and is night and it's time to go home and I'm hungry and I'm tired on Thursday note about Tacoma city of units go home peace is the stupid one more door I say the school you know we really were kind enough to send loan this do one more door and so what this door and so the logical things to do this door I set up to Mister distortions Lumina the spirit is telling me sometimes I question if there went into that door is isolating the system and go out and get out of here so we went through that door and I remember we walked over there so we just not in the door and swung open guess who opens the door backdrop as well because I don't think she recognize that segment that strange and so I started talking with her about what we're doing trying to help people in the community and we start about thought we always talk about health first then we move from health to character building this will lead to spiritual things because in Canada many people our age just as we had to be very impactful in your approach and so because she was six and is really visiting health net basis invited us in so we went and we sat down and start talking about things and since her knowledge she was not a prostitute there was actually a hairdresser and is another that a connection and she was living alone she was about nineteen years old and I know she was really nice actually and we start talking and we shared with her some Magellan health and as she was really excited about that she decides to get out and I said well you know I have one more maybe I can show you that I pulled out a book called God 's answers to your questions and as soon as I pull out the book says God no I don't know I want to do it guide you can put a book away this is you know I used I used to believe in God I don't believe in God anymore a guy like that you can keep us alike what she says well she mumbled something about her dad being shot two years ago and in God is a God of love that you never had allow something that happens I don't want to know anything got it when they're young and I'm young I consider myself to you you can talk with them straight as I said well if God is really a God of love and if you didn't allow your deck shot wouldn't you want to know is this like the perfect book God 's answers to questions and then looked at me now I know I can't get no front I won't push it so she went and got the money for the health book in this lesser heart spiritual sister mine which is talking and also she grasped that book is gone once you have this book is and I said oh no what she's going to do and I watch her reaction she looked at the book and she had the two books in her hand she was like a struggle going on in her heart just don't know I said no one in conjunction for lack we keep talking about things this casual conversation about life and so forth in the spiritual sister of mine one more time was led by the spirit animal waste I got to grab the book and can't want you to have this book assets is to him she said she doesn't want so once again is not one so we kept talking lady and it was time for us to go in this issue is nice though she was I guess an atheist I sent you not printing with Cindy said yet I know you don't believe in God but if we pray to him before we go she said you can let everyone know problem 's I pray for short streets report and it's amazing how so few people out there have anyone that cares from you know one lady said my priest he comes to my house all the time he's my chicken and he's never pray for me you know you're the first person that comes in praise that I pray for her she was in tears and just quiet and so I I grab my bookcase was rated go to open a door he says wait she says you know that God book imitate that says I'm I'm ready to give God a second you know what I think about that I think in God would care for someone likes and whose just stupid insane iniquity and immorality would care enough to go down into markdown hurting heart and to see I know this can arrow and choose messing with the wrong thing but I see that she is crying every night to sleep and she's trying to put her sorrow by immorality or whatever and God would write that down on a sinner that doesn't care about him that is a want to know anything about him how much more how much more would he care about you who have entered the service of God and you may think of the work that you're doing is not worth it and so why even get involved why even try to do something because that's not my thing I'm telling you everything is written everything in your reward your reward will come a day something anything the third book is found in Isaiah sixty five Isaiah sixty five looking at verse six Isaiah sixty five it is God speaking Isaiah sixty five verse six God says behold it is written before me so something is written before God so what is it I will not keep silence but will recompense even recompense into their bosom while what is written before God in verse seven it says your iniquities and unique ways of your fathers together saith the Lord I don't know if it's a blessing or curse but I have a copy of that book two here today and I had to put it a little figure two unfortunately to know make things real unfortunate that most of our most of the time in our lives this record is is a little bit bigger than this one but we do Sarah merciful God amen is there a merciful God the book is sent the book assumes a great controversy page four eighty two is every man's work passes in review before God and is registered for faithfulness or unfaithfulness opposite each name I think that includes yours and mine is to write opposite each name in the books of heaven is answered with terrible exactness every one word every selfish act every unfulfilled duty and every secret sin with every artful dissembling heaven sent warnings or reproofs neglected wasted moments sounds like TV right on improvement opportunities the influence exerted for good or for evil with its far reaching results all are chronicled by the recording Angel on amazing and so if you because of the fuller sense that you say are you doing anything you leave someone a straight and that person walks away from God and that person is married and has children that are adult novel about God and those people and all that is that is not only what you have done but the influence you have exerted for evil with its far reaching results meaning all of that is where Notre Dame and you don't even know it you just think you said something stupid are you just let someone astray and that person and their children and the evil that they do and their grandchildren all is marked in your book and I believe I'll be honest with you I believe that our record of said just without one fact is much thicker than we think because we don't always know new forms of evil that we have upon people many times there's different course and inspiration that says you know we may recover we make repent we may ask forgiveness what about the people that we have ministry what about the negative influence that we have as many kinds of those people will never turn in Romans chapter fourteen verse ten there's civic verse here which I believe includes all of us so missed chapter fourteen verse ten the Bible says but why does thou judge thy brother a wine is now set up not my brother for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ verse twelve so everyone of us shall give account of himself to God how many people does that include you know you may be wondering John why are you spending time talking to us about the books seen those three books are in heaven I have my life to live I have my worries my cares on the family have worked to have school mean those books are in heaven amount and I'm on earth what do these three books have to do with me I always had a problem when I was young I knew that we must all stand before the judgment seat of Christ that everyone had to answer to his words but I knew that the first time I was Jesus was when he was in a car so how am I supposed to be in front of Jesus and asking more for my sins and at the same time the only kind that under the sea hand of the first time is when he comes back and I think that is the whole point is that right now the books are being open and unfortunately her forcefully I do not know the way that we are represented are standing before the judgment seat of Christ is not in a physical form so whether you're standing or not you still have to stand through the books the way it happens right through the books is the way that you stand before the judgment seat of Christ and you may be going shopping at Walmart and you may be working and you have no clue what is happening and as you're eating your breakfast in your bowl of cereal your name may be open in heaven and great controversy page forty three he says beginning with those who first lived upon the earth are added to present the cases of each successive generation and closes with the living every name is mentioned every case closely investigated names are accepted and unfortunately names are rejected when any have since remaining upon the books of record unrepentant and unforgiven their names will be blotted out of the book of life and their record of their good deeds will be key race from the book of God 's remembrance of amazing and so what happens is that everything comes up everything comes up and they go through the name from the book of life and when they go through name and there is some said according to what he says that is unrepentant of this is not an unknown sin this is someone that knows that what he or she is doing is wrong and that same person knows that God is able to keep him or her from falling and that person also knows that God can only give him the power or further power they can give it even the desire to overcome but that person almost five not in the power not to surrender to God to hold that bitterness in her heart or that bitterness in his heart or to continue with his lustful way of life as you size no for whatever reasons you might not even be passionate going against in the dispute may be as he would call and that's what it is saying is that not only was the name be taken off in the book but actually to shred this one today this one could be desisted about one but that one would go completing the shutter I don't know how explicitly happens the sometimes I try to imagine how would that work in heaven if you ever gone to court system you know the person could see object was a your honor well your honor the recording Angel would say is as Smith will tell me about harassment while Smith was born in nineteen oh six she weighed seven pounds and ten ounces and she cried her state and Peter Gordon where the hotel bar secondly as you says it's closely each case is closely investigated singles her childhood angles her teenage years old her life by the time where she got married the time when she accepted Christ into her lack is obviously to be here check entered the service of God somewhere it was a time when her husband decided to leave God and her husband started drinking and her husband started treat her bad and then one day the books is called going through the books and then one day the comes a point where her husband came home and for the first time he'd been and she stirred a hold bitterness in our against and so the question is asked basing no that God is able to keep her from falling mission you that her own what did she know that if we confess our sins he is grateful and just to forgive and declines yes your honor she knows that well the patient know that that if she didn't even have the desire to forget that if she just willing to be made willing she had just come to me I would have given her the willingness to forgive yes your honor she knows that we honor I'm going through and I can't see she never came all the on awake I just found something on her deathbed her husband comes and are weeping together and she finally cleans your power for and all the sins that she has committed in the past discomfort is what would God say when she got all she died in nineteen sixty eight whatever the next day to leave her book refer name of the book and will keep I think what makes it so such a scary thought is not so much the record of abstinence or should I say the record of Jonathan because we are told that it begins with those that are then about one when you're eating your serial I one point when you're driving to Walmart at one point when you're taking an exam and you don't even know there comes a point where it comes to the living has a for example the book is the next person while the next person what is Jonathan Zita okay well what was he born William born in nineteen so-and-so seven seven September fourteen okay okay will tell me about him pencil what we go through life went when he was five years old white abalone is five years old you are into the house and dog he Jian Islami ask them to clean the dishes what would happen well he got really angry when he says we have four kids in this house come on no one always as it is at and is not fair and I will handle this and he walked out he slammed the door behind him well well you know that was okay that was wrong as well well what happened why don't seek all your honor when he was seventeen yard he gave his heart and so Christ says you know my blood covers and all the sins that he is committed in the process he has asked forgiveness for selfishness his pride in his life of Saint in Christ police was brought from my behalf but this is the issue the issue is that there comes a point where the recording Angel has to stop there comes a point where my name is open in the book is open and that the whole courtroom has to stop looking at the book from the last from the last letter that is written and they have to start looking down so where's Jonathan now while Susan Orlando right now what is he doing well he's talking to young people about God as though I made there comes a point where acid transfer from the books so that's just say that's just say that after going through the book because my baptism the past the surrender of my life to God what is he doing well what happened in nineteen celestial to start again involved in Mister evangelist giggles from door-to-door he shares with the gospel with people that's pretty good he's going to level what he has done for the Gospel of wealth on your powerline and he'll be honoring Lori and the angel stopping our worship him and he continued taking going well but in in nineteen ninety nine assist in the church did something to she baked cookies for everybody but she didn't bake cookies for any of the really bitterness against well will well the scene no but yes same questions as you know that I'm able to keep them from falling missing casino that is he just confesses yes he knows this you know that I can give communities are to forgive this woman if he doesn't have a desire yesterday and so even though that is recorded there and now the book is finished and he looked down at me so what's he doing now well what he's doing he's doing a wonderful job diesel sharing your children about your three books to people in Orlando he's sharing with you how they can overcome how they can experience a wonderful experience in their lives but what about that bitterness against that woman what will one know you know you just has you know he's he's working on it is really working on it you know he's really working on it but because he knows he knows but Your Honor and you know what I can imagine Jesus Christ pleading and says your honor I died for I sent angels to help to protect to direct I sent in my Holy Spirit I raise them up with the Bible story stories I brought them to church every Sabbath this book this is these young men he's a good he treats his wife while she brings her flowers and whenever he can afford if this is the guy you don't know how may people he has preached to Tommy Dorsey is not funny people have been baptized this is a good man and you know what Jesus can plead his blog and Jesus can start weeping before the father and I can see Jesus weeping but it doesn't matter at that point how much Jesus weeps doesn't matter how much juicy sheds and how much pleading he has responded as I can guarantee you that Jesus does not want to let one go and I don't think that in heaven it's a transaction like I'm saying or alteration repair alter change your name okay so that the shutter next person I can imagine a business sorrow in the heart of God in Jesus Christ that unite handle on this opinion from knowing that be have invested everything they could in Jonathan a pain that God was able to use him but obtained that even though Jonathan knew that he could come to God whenever he wanted to to experience power and forgiveness he never did and it doesn't matter how much time Jonathan gives it doesn't matter how involved he is in the analytical doesn't matter how many people come to a knowledge of Christ if there's something in Jonathan 's life but he hasn't surrendered some bitterness that he still holding some person that he hasn't forgiven some lossless on private but he still has not surrendered to God knowing that God is not only able to forgive him but also able to give him a desire to overcome the father with years past the state Jesus I know you're weeping I know it's hard it is hard for you as it is for me because I love Jonathan so much I gave you the Jonathan has made his choice you have to pay the same and you got the sugar friends that is the message the essence of the three angels message that is the reason why the seven-day Adventist movement was raised up it was to be able to prepare people to stand before God not prepare a people to die in Christ yes for many years pastors and ministers that was a ball if I can just help my parishioners when it comes to me and I can be neither bedside and silky brother let's listen one more time with us forgiveness is only can die peacefully in Christ but the difference is now what we are doing as we tried to prepare a world to be able to be anything when Christ comes to be able to stand before God in purity is total surrender to his will leaving the perfection of our characters up to him announce us fully covered with the blood of Jesus Christ so that when their name is going is open and we move on the books to their new lives they can see that there is an individual there is a woman there is a man there is a boy there's a girl whose life is fully surrendered to God as friends at one point the books have to close and at one point somebody is going to be living when that happens and I may be wrong but I have a strong conviction that it will be us but it will our member one day I was in a car and I was driving I was actually passenger in the passenger seat and the one of my list of the delight and it was summer start windows were down and beside us pulled up a convertible in the convertible was an individual a young and he was dancing in his car by lack hurt as car coming about my leg we feel the road because the music is allowed he has those two three four speakers and violating orthodoxy at the speakers and he pulls up and he's just dancing away in the car I mean look over there and I just started laughing I said this guy doesn't know house to you looks out to open you know and I'm turning around my front to give a comment about having a look at this guy look out you know adventure on and on the ball to speak and I see tears in his eyes and I am saved God this man doesn't know just listen Lord you pull me out of this please pull this one I went home and I thought about that incident on a long time ago and got convicted me says John you cannot meet for others until you learn to wait for your holds in other words there is no work of soul-searching that must happening each one of our lives before we can truly have power and readiness to fulfill the message that you should coincide if we ourselves are not fully surrendered to God if we ourselves still have things in our lives some mess that we are just too busy really to take care of it also inside soul-searching I believe that Pat is directly related to the burden for souls that we have as so if you're trying to bring people to the knowledge of Christ trying to have Bible studies and groups that even and you want to share things with others about God I believe that you will never have the power that God intended and you'll never be able to help others truly until you learn to think for yourself I learned to improvise a great controversy for ninety in closing says a judgment is now passing in the century above for many years this work has been in progress soon not know how soon it will pass city cases of the living in the awful presence of God our lives are to come up in review at this time above all others it behooves every soul to see the Savior 's admonition watch and pray for ye know not when the time is I want to bring up a little balance in closing I don't believe that we should live in fear of the judgment I don't believe that we should go around with a check board and still keep it I forgive that one did I forget that one that I forget that one I hope that is not a constant that you got this morning but I do believe that is something serious enough in our lives that we must search our souls for them we cannot just say God grace covers it all maybe if there's something in your life this morning that you know you have to deal with maybe if you is been so long since you've gone inside to look but you know you don't really however if assault you drive past hundreds of people every day but you couldn't care less the person who punctured gas of the person who pays your groceries you never stop and think will it change my life is this person is not in heaven and I think Pastor mine is all about it until you the message is still for you because even if you think that your life is okay just a lack of voting for soul I believe it is a perfect example that we need soul-searching there's some things in our lives that Moscow so this morning if you is very simple if you is that you not know that sometimes today this week before the new forget the message and you will go back to your room your closet and get on your knees and you have a serious soul search with friends it is amazing what you'll find when you do it will almost be the discouraging almost suicidal but when you get it remembered you serve a loving Savior no matter how deep or how bad you are Jesus always been expanding his for you to come back well I want to pray for you and another that is your desire and you want to make that commitment to go back into the heart circle the heart searching please spent in that strength when we pray for you the four I pray this am a little homework for you to do this is a classrooms I really feel like a teacher here there are six questions that will be asked when your name is run up and have six questions that is not available great controversy and always thought that if you can know the question is arrogant of being exam without cheating then that's really good no then you have an edge over everybody else right so I would encourage you may be as afternoon go back to the great controversy in a chapter called facing life 's record and look for the six questions that the recording Angel argues will ask when your name will be called up and I think will be very enlightening for you let us pray our father in heaven I want to thank you for revealing to us the reality the truth of the judgment for many of us we know this but it is good to be reminded to be refreshed about the urgency the importance of this message father you raised of this movement to be able to prepare people to stand before God and also to have their name cleared so they can stand before you given with dominant assessor and Lord somehow we have gotten involved with so many other things that our ministry oriented sometimes we forget the urgency of this mission obviously those that are starting to date when he was then we desire to take the time this week to have a soul searching time with you and I pray that each individual goals that you may help them to fulfill their promise and as they search their hearts with your health wind upon the Holy Spirit manual revealed yourself to know when you have done a willingness to be able to change whatever his shoulder and father I pray that if some of us experience hopelessness in our situation but you may reach out to us and with compassion bring back hope in our lives father some may be standing because everyone is standing in the art I create it you may not forsake them either please send Angels by their side to guide them surrendered their lives to this I pray and I thank you in the precious and holy name of Jesus


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