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How to Know God's Will for Your Life

Jonathan Zita


Jonathan Zita

Associate Director, Review & Herald



  • March 29, 2008
    11:00 AM
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good morning is it no far a few years I worked for a Korean man and I have to be honest that I think Korean food like one of the best foods in the world and whenever you invite me home to eat that was like heaven on letter talk about how to know God 's will for your life how to know God 's will for your life you believe that God guides you to believe that God guides us how specific does God guide like let's say you want to know all of this summer should I go to can or should I go to Korea you think that God would actually tell you specifically what he wanted to do but what if you say well tonight I'd like to eat kimchi all are among the few think what should I do you think God would actually tell you how specific does God guide you you think it would guide a specific note that revivals turn with me to some thirty two Psalm thirty two we look at just a few verses talking about how to know God 's will for your life Psalm thirty two looking at first nine if speaking to people and he says look being a not as the horse or as the mule which have no understanding whose mouths must be held in with the and parties in a bridal this may come near unto the so what is God the same because when I'm guiding you I don't want to guide you like a horse or like a new comedy here had never ridden a horse before you have what you notice they put in the mouth when it put in the mouth due to have anything in their mouth inside their teeth when you drive that a bit what is a bit is a piece of metal right so when the one you're about to write a horse revealed that but like a little piece of metal and it's attached to him leather seminar is a test you like the thing there and when you want the horse to turn right you pull on that and a piece of metal bull's-eye there allegedly happens is it a rule that feels really nice then we turn and see get more about using that's what the horses thinking what does the horse experience when you go like that I actually hurts so God is saying here is some visit I don't want to guide this I don't want to guide you like a horse with a bit and bridle so that whenever I need to speak to you I need to have something bad happen in your life your mommy step cancer your grandpa needs to die or you need to get sicker you get into an accident that the only time I can speak to your can guide you because I don't want to guide you like that policy want to guide us he wants to guide us in verse eight he said I will instruct thee and teach be in the way which social goal I will guide the with my what with my eyes I will guide me the with my best the way that God wants to guide us I need to volunteers is one beautiful what you both come up mana come on down okay what's her name Brenda and I'm not okay Brendan and Han now Brendan when you get any closer eyes and promise me you won't open them until I tell you to but I'm not hurt you and what on what you get into I want you to take Brandon and I want you to beat him BC were the one for the ladies of the red dress I wanted to the Brendan with his eyes closed around right there and come right back here when I say going in the glycerides are equal drives until you promise you won't open them you sure on Jason is beautiful number and then when I say go you go one to three ago Hans finds you you have delete any guide unit you are one that you connected one two three go nuclear Heisman and ensure okay you sure afternoon out there walking so slow because they are you sure you can open your eyes to okay beautiful you can open them now while that's wonderful human lovely trout pond Ned Brendan with his eyes upon the shut his eyes it would have been big trouble right now what you do something else now I want you to guide Brandon not with your eyes but we your voice okay her for him is so delimited value one concern laughed and so forth against the closer I get from it will turn open up our Melville heard in okay so what unit time is a time when Google went the stop when to turn it go are you just tell them that directions don't even show him stand right here from you at the ship wash the wall at an market share and you can see that you know the thing is I is thank you guys him energized him self what was easier or better or more accurate with the guiding with the eyes are dining with a voice definitely the eyes right so God is saying I will instruct me and chichi in verse nine eight I will instruct thee and teach you the way which I struggle I will guide you with my wife with my eyes in Psalms forty fourteen if you can turn with me how long will God guide us in Psalm forty eight verse forty eight verse fourteen the Bible says for this God is our God for ever and ever he will be our guide even what on to the fun today has illustrated what we learn what we learned so far is that God guides us okay but God is sending is beginning I want to guide you like the horse the horse needs to be guided or that because of pain says if I have to does the women to use but that's not my preferred method my preferred method is to guide meet you with what with my eyes and I will guide you if you allow me God says I will guide you until one until that very good very good very good I believe there are three basic prerequisites to understanding God 's will for your life I don't know about the kimchi versus Mondo whatever but I do know that God wants to guide us in things that are important and I believe that if you take heed to these three simple things our mission with you not from Eva from the Bible that you can be guaranteed that God will guide and I tell you I'm not a holy person but I surrendered my life to God and God has led me in my life so if you can guide and lead me I know he can lead you write the first one is found in John seven seventeen what did I say John seven what seventeen so Jesus is talking to the Pharisees and Jesus says in a Pharisee something he says this key that's if any man will do his will meaning the will of God he shall know of the doctrine whether it be of God or whether I speak of myself so what is God saying do the same if any man will do his will he will know God 's teaching for him many say that in English what that is are you saying look if you are willing to follow Dennis and when I mean if you are willing to do what God wants you to do she will reveal himself to you but if you're not willing to be like the Pharisees when you read the Bible you read the Bible you pray you study but you still don't know or his will for your life the first prerequisite is willingness if you want to know God 's will for your life what why should I study what should I become when I become older hosted by Mary where should I live these are all questions that you have to make a decision on the first prerequisite is willingness so what is your name yes Iris Cyrus you cook so let's say Iris 's dinner invite me to her house and then him and him the day before she advised she comes to music Jonathan would you like to eat as a you know it I think you know I really like I really like Chuck like if you can really do that him to relax so good that she looks at me I said all that's wonderful too that's good that's what you would like to have tomorrow I said yes you know I would really like talking simple as wonderful now the next day when I come to her house I called your house and in a nice sitdown and then lasagna and then I'm talking with her friend which is sitting beside me and I find out that I was I was gone I found out Iris had already bought the possible and the tomato sauce and it seems as a matter of fashion oriented cook the pasta before she actually what I wanted and so Iris is a nice person I'm guessing and I don't think that I will let food destroy our friendship but in my mind I'm thinking with a second if she had Artie bought the stuff and cook the stuff and everything she asked me what I wanted to eat if she was getting anywhere she wanted the ways right and you know we do the same with God we come to God and since God when you want me to do but you know we know what were to do anyways no matter what God tells us we have our plan already in mind that you don't know what is going to Korea Stuttgart what would you want me to do I got a singlet that is not the way that it works and if you work with God sometimes God reveals it to you and in your saying all got out just curious I just wanted to know and you go and do what you than it do anyways what God Jesus is saying here is like listen the comes a point where he doesn't reveal himself to you because no matter what he tells you you're still going to do what you're going to do anyway as with the first prerequisite is what really willing you must be willing to follow and when you want to ask God how to guide you in your life you must first say Lord maybe I'm not willing to do what you want me to do for Lord I'm willing to be made willing I'm willing for you to come into my heart and give me a willingness to follow now that I've ask you this my faith and I believe that you've done it what do you want me to do first prerequisite to being that my God the second one is found in Isaiah fifty eight in turn with me quickly Isaiah chapter fifty eight Isaiah fifty eight were looking at verse six fifteen verse six the Bible says is not this the fast that I have chosen to loose the bands of witness wickedness to undo the heavy burdens and to let the oppressed go free and you break every yoke is not is it not to deal your bread to the hungry that you bring the poor that I cast out your house when you see the naked that you cover him and that you hide yourself from your own flesh in verse nine then when you doing these things you shall call and the Lord shower answer verse eleven and the Lord shall guide thee how long continually and satisfy thy soul in drought this is the second prerequisite the second prerequisite to knowing God 's will for your life in service to what God is saying is that one in verse six and seven defeated those that are hungry those are naked you give them close those that need help with their homework to help them those that need to help to clean their yard to come and clean your involved in service to help others when you do that then in verse nine God says you shall call in the Lord show what answer any verse eleven he will guide me how kind he there is a very strong relationship between you helping others and God guiding in a entertainment and so if you are very selfish person and if all you like to do is play video games or talk on your cell phone to your friends when monetizing this is it's a big fight even to help to wash the car whenever and then you want to come to God and say Lord I really felt for this please show me what you want me to do God is saying it doesn't work you need to be involved in service for others and then you will call and I will answer and I will guide you along a continuum the third one the third one I read a verse here are paragraph here from spare processing says God 's voice is also revealed in his providential workings and it will be recognized if we do not separate parcels from him how do we separate ourselves from God by walking in our own ways doing according to our own wheels and followings the promptings of an un- sanctified heart following the promptings of a heart that is not sanctified then goes on to say until the senses have become so confused that eternal things are not discern and the voice of Satan is sold the skies that is accepted as the voice of God when she said she's saying this when you follow your evil heart and you keep following your evil heart and you don't resist evil there comes a point where you think that you're doing God a service and you're really following Satan are you with me having some of you ever heard of the Taliban intellect the Muslim people sometimes some of these guys the they put a bomb on themselves be run into the building press a button and they blew up the building and in their mind they do this from God this is not even like I think I'm doing this for God is the actually believe that I'm doing this for God is one we don't resist evil meaning if there's something in your life that you know is wrong and you keep doing it and you'll ask God for help to overcome and you're saying God I want you to show me your will here and I want you to show me your will here and here and here but this one aspect of my life I know I'm not doing right please don't talk me about this I'm working on it on the change when the time comes but I want to know your will here goddesses it doesn't work because what happens if you keep resisting God 's will here you keep resisting it on the other place you are doing God 's will anyone know there as well but it this is one area in your life when you keep resisting you keep resisting according to the quote is that there comes a point where you're hearing a voice and you think it's God that is guiding it is really good that that is strong and I have personally seen this in my life you think honest never never happened to me you know I'm a Christian and monotonous and I tried to I'm sure that there are many young people came to this church that are not from the church and you know that some of them actually really believe that this is not God 's way is not even an issue of 9/11 God thing but I'm just not doing it is an issue of no I don't believe in the solutions they actually don't believe because they have not resisted no the third prerequisite to knowing God 's willing your life you cannot God 's will here here here here but don't reject in this one to God reveals himself as a whole the third prerequisite to resisting to knowing God 's will is resisting evil if you want to know God 's will in big decisions like where to study what the study what car to buy where who to marry where to live you must first follow God in this small decisions impressions like this in relation and be eating this for you gets a little too much you can stop now on impressing small impressions and integrated school all impressions or don't you think you're wasting your time surfing on the web or maybe you should be watching this kind of stuff if Jesus would actually be watching this and laughing with you it's all impressions small impressions or you know breakfast can wait when you spend a lot of time with God before you go to breakfast but you shut these offshore these offshore these are entities that God I need to know what to do please show me what you want me to do you must first learn to resist evil I believe is one of the prerequisites to knowing God 's will for your life God guides us through through many ways he guides us through the Bible you may think well you know in the Bible does not Harvard versus Princeton or yields on here but our principles and the word of God that helps to guide you when you read a Bible story don't read just the story but try to find the principles that is trying to teach those principles will help to guide your life another thing that people waveguide this is prior financial working sometimes you can open doors for you to go and sometimes is in a shut doors and that whereas you're watching your able to know okay that's probably where God is leading that is one way that she needs another one is through nature and the appeals of the Holy Spirit but you get impressed by God this is really what you should do and God does impress us by his Holy Spirit through nature through godly councils and also through the spirit of prophecy in closing I just want to share brief tips on on guidance sits on guidance the first up is this what you want to be led by God make plans but submitted to God I know people that that say you know I don't I don't I don't make any plans I just as a spirit lead zygote the Spirit will guide me wherever the spirit will go but there's something wrong with that because if you have someone says if you fail to prepare you prepared to fail right and so here it says In-Stat the Christ page seventy six consecrate yourself to God in the morning make this your very first work that your prayer be paid nihilism old Lord as holy by highly all my plans at your feet particularly plans a gutsy and easy less outflows in the first place in the United States right is that logical argument so what happens is that you want to do something before you wake up in the morning and we rephrase that you wake up in the morning before you head out of your room you have a certain plan of what you think you get into even if it's going to school the name that I got speak to be carried out or given up here says as his providence shall indicate still have plans have plans and related a pleasant God 's feet for him to God I sometimes you must be willing to surrender those plans and to change your plans to attend the plastic on as it finally got my plants are better blessed in all rows know you gave God 's plan but God is the boss so God is the one is in a tell you if that plan is good visiting a worker not rights of the be carried out or not carried out according to his will another tip beware of restlessness cute ministry of healing page four seventy two is says many are dissatisfied with their life work in the deed of the surroundings are uncongenial their time is occupied with commonplace work like school boring things when they think themselves capable of high your responsibilities often the effort seems to them to be unappreciated or fruitless their future is uncertain let us remember that while the work we have to do may not be our choice it is to be accepted as God 's choice for us whether pleasing or unpleasing whether we are to do that you weather cleaning on pleasing we are to do the journey that lies nearest whatsoever thy hand finds to do do it with all thy might so if you know that God wants you to do this and you know this is God 's will but then you come to God is a God what you want me to do what is the saying is don't do that if you know that God doesn't want you to go out with this young man that is not a Christian not going to go to goddesses God you know what you want me to do you know I really love that guy do you want me to go if he has made it clear what he wants you to do from the start to beware of restlessness another one is make a decision is better than not making one at all making a decision is better than not making one and all number four avoid for signs had ever taken a coin flip it and says if a has had them going to Walmart benefits Kevin Landis even those who are here says would furnish us with experiences that will glorify God for us to decide what is his will by dropping of a card or a coin and observing how it falls no no such tests as this will spoil the religious experience of the one who adopts them everyone who depends upon such things for guidance needs to be reconverted the last quarter battery today speaking from education to sixty seven how do you know for sure what God wants you to do this as we need to follow more closely God 's plan of life three things to do our best in the work that lies nearest to to commit our waste to God three to watch for the indications of his providence these are the rules that ensure safe guidance in the choice of an occupation so I believe that God wants to guidance specifically and I believe that to do that they are prerequisites to remember what the first prerequisite was closed the first prerequisite willingness was a second one service was the third one resist evil prerequisites very very good and I believe if you take that in mind applying these principles in your life God will guide you he will not feel I believe that God the ultimate reason God wants to guide us is because he loves us because he wants us as a little boy that was walking with his daddy four years old a few years ago as having an that in him we were walking in a street noise lights NAFTA while bad turn and you he was leaving this little boy anyone into like a forest industries life lights were left behind they got darker and darker and darker and did that could sense that little boy was getting test consists is his is his grip got stronger and I was just waiting for the boys to say something but the boy there's anything just kept walking the catwalk and he would get darker and darker skin like this pathway with his like a lot of trees and is not a law stars you could barely see where you're going for a long time the boy said nothing but all of a sudden the boy stop to stop that stopped to be said that he exists on were not scared are we in that he says no son were not scared that in pixel just checking in he kept walking on the way you know that little boy maybe was not smart enough to know that human daddy are two different people and what effect that he may not affect him but is one thing he understood is that he loved I tell you when that boy understands a bad lesson I have a little boy and there's that whole trust and dependence upon friends God loves you you can trust if you follow these principles that have provided knowing your heart that she loves you she wants to guide you because he loves you and he wants to Jeremiah twenty nine thousand he wants a future for you and I prayer is that you may be able to realize that and accept his guide is let us pray our father in heaven McLean a lawyer for your guidance and allies so much of our lives is being led by Satan and sometimes we doesn't know what we ought to do at father I pray that you have revealed certain principles of guidance there are some people in this room that truly desire to be led by you I pray that you may bring to mind these biblical principles and help them to apply them in their lives that they may know so well for their lives because Lord we know that the hatches place we can be is what you want us to be the greatest peace and fulfillment we can ever experience is in the middle of your will there are those father in this room that couldn't care less about where you want them to go and what you want them to do but father I plead that you may have mercy on them still that you may plead with their souls with your Holy Spirit to bring them to the decision of allowing you to guide fully in their lives all father I plead me not one soul be missing when you come in the clouds of glory may we all be ready that day to meet you and if we need a little bit more time please give us that time that not one business this I pray in the precious and holy name of Jesus


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