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The Compassion of Christ

Jonathan Zita


Jonathan Zita

Associate Director, Review & Herald



  • March 29, 2008
    3:00 PM
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I good afternoon in the good afternoon did you all eat well the all easy enough to imagine you're into my session be requested to be the question that I want to talk about come action maybe we can test on the Sabbath school compound you know were pretty selfish individuals that you know that or is that something new to you you probably heard the story of the two men that were eating in a restaurant and one was talking just talking about himself I never met that people like that before they talk about themselves and about themselves and about themselves their mother Shannon sent about their family about this themselves penal afterlife this is true our sister talking about himself all essays as an ally turned on the says Ono he set I feel so bad I been talking about myself all alone and here I have even mentioned in all asking anything he says this talk about you what do you think about me and selfish selfish selfishness we are truly selfish people and even though that this selfishness somehow we have brought it into our Christianity and it paints our Christian experience and I believe that that is why Christianity does not have more power in this world because we are so selfish individuals Christ came and he had compassion and I believe that true compassion is the opposite of selfishness is a sign that says this people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care he said that with me people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care if you forget everything and went to share right now if you can walk away with that one thing in mind with that one principle you have learned to be a true Christian out there people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care if you have your Bibles in turn with me to Matthew chapter fourteen Matthew chapter fourteen speaking about compassion Matthew fourteen and let's look at the first fourteen ninety fourteen fourteen and Jesus went forth and saw a great multitude and was moved with what compassion toward them and he deemed them a Bible study is that what it says what it say he had compassion so he did not give a Bible study actually healed them Matthew fifteen thirty two if you can turn there with me Matthew fifteen thirty two just for the page it says then Jesus called his disciples on to him and said I have compassion on the multitude because they continue with me now three days and have nothing to me and I will not send them away fasting that's the faith in the way so what is his compassion lead into doing this circumstance freedom not just pray for them March six thirty four Mark six thirty four so and once the situation is that compassion and let him to seal and another one yet compassion and it led him to feed in March six thirty four the Bible says and views when he came out saw much people and was moved with what compassion toward them because they were as sheep not having a shepherd and he began to do what to teach them many things to teach them and in no chapter seven if you can turn their in the chapter seven we see that Jesus had compassion one more time to see what he does here in the chapter seven this is the story of the window of name who had a son who died her only son the only family member I guess any new nuke seven verse thirteen we see where Jesus came and met the procession head on verse thirty seven when the Lord saw her she had what compassion on her and said unto her we knocked and so in the first instance God or Jesus has compassion and he heals it doesn't get a Bible study he heals the second one yes compassion and he thinks he doesn't just pray for them but he was a phase that the third one Sears has compassion and he teaches he sees that they are just hungry to learn and so he teaches them he does not entertain them and in the fourth section of Chapter seven or thirteen Jesus has compassion and therefore can conference conference in ministry of healing is a quote that says Christ's method alone with future success in reaching the people this singer mingled with man is one who desired their good he sold his sympathy for them minister to their needs and won their confidence then he bade them followed me then he bade them follow me as to what Christ does is that he first doesn't say follow me first he starts mingling with people talking with them showing compassion and interest to what they are interested in people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care after he shows interest for them to start seeing that means you don't know the needs of people in Kodiak she start talking with them and finding out about them I've noticed that personally I have misjudged a lot of people that you look at someone you look at the car they drive you look at the house they live you don't you look at certain things and you know you know and then you start talking with the individuals are mutually talking and you try to something you really find out that they have needs every single person has need especially those that don't have Christ as so she mingles and then showing that he desires their best interest and then he discovers their needs to show sympathy towards them he ministers to their needs and then by doing so he wins the confidence of the people and the people are ready to follow him anywhere in eighties as I now and people from Christ method and is a method alone will give us true success I believe that the compassion of Christ it is that him to meet felt needs first not spiritual needs unless spiritual need with the felt needs are you with me and I think that when we Christians truly start understanding this principle anyone change their lives and especially it will change the way that we relate with those that don't know God Christ that felt needs first and if they were hungry he would give them a viable state right know if they were hungry what do you do it they were without knowledge when he do if they were crying when you do in your sacred Hebrew felt needs first and you know in my experience from going from door to door I have known is that it's very rare that this felt needs meeting the needs that the people surely feel are spiritual efforts are you with me especially in Canada where I come from with as a lot of infants is not a church is built on a street a solid five six churches I was like well where the people are amazing these fiber percent of population care this does not go to church and the rest occasionally go to church and it is a small minority where hopefully Adventism falls into what I notice is that when you come to people 's doors when you come and meet them at work her shopping or whatever it is it's very rare that their felt needs meaning that I needed to actually feel that you can actually touch and administer unto it's very rare that that is a spiritually most of the time it's a need for this to be listened to or need for for food understanding of the need for now don't know what to do with my teenage child my teenaged child is just out of control I'm about to kill her in all and Bethany and you are trying to come in there with your Bible try to tell them enough and it works for some people because some people died as their felt needs but if the minority there are examples in the Bible where a person 's felt need was a spiritual need we are told in the story of a paralytic when he was brought down from the roof and a tour of the roof that he brought down this man and the demand in the face of Jesus NEDs our pages we are told that the only thing he desired was to have his sins forgiven we're told that if he could just have their sins forgiven he could just get up actually winning it up he could go home and thought you'd be happy and Jesus met his felt the first to forgive the sins and after he forgave his sent anything missing but you cannot make your bed but if he had not been healed being completely at peace Ritalin garbage is that his countenance when he was called that his sins were forgiven was full of peace and light and it was just upset rated by many died no problem that was his felt needs that was his fault he has of us why we cannot I will assure you measures and I'm the first person to tell you cannot stop trying to meet spiritual needs because wherever you go whatever you do you always need somebody that has a spiritual interest are you with me you always need somebody sometimes you have to knock on your door sometimes you have to meet more people before you need that one individual another reason I believe that we should still continue to try to meet spiritual needs for example passing out literature and things like that is because it's called seed sowing people may not necessarily be ready at this point to be able to hear about the gospel or to be able to surrender their lives to God where sowing seeds you're giving a little track for your praying with an individual someone may never come to our church right now maybe for ten or twenty years down the road we are lenient influence Debussy in their lives and I'm telling you seeds germinate in a safe Germany and it will come a time when the harvest will come people don't count much you know people don't know how much people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care it needs are they just this is one of my favorite quotes is as left a man is the earthward manifestation of the love of God it was to implant this love to make us children of one family of the King of glory became one with us and when his parting words are fulfilled love one another as I have loved you when we love the world as she has loved it then for us his mission is accomplished we are fitted for heaven for we have happen in our knees when you're able to love people the way Christ truly love them meeting with no ulterior motive to bring you to charge whatever you just love them because you love them because you love them because you love them thus the reason you don't because you just love them him I lost my thought is what you love them you understand right of course you want them to know Christ that's the ultimate goal but whether they look no price or not you will not stop loving because he loved that you love them because you love them that it when you do that meaning I love that you are willing to give your self your time your means to sacrifice to love somebody that may never respond to that love never with then for Jesus that might work for you send me ask far as he's concerned you could be me up tomorrow and to have because you have people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care you know about Agassi beat ten years ago eleven years ago a while ago actually came to Florida and is a place called Fort Sears a place that exists everywhere was the jackass I sat in my mind to do ministry evangelism where can I remember we're a team of students who were going from door to door and I remember this particular experience where I walked towards the house and I was as I was walking towards the house it was a big window with no curtains as I could look right inside the house what's happening and I could see a television that was playing and I could see a man or sixties I guess and she was looking at the television but I could see he was not now when you look you're not really looking like a blank stare and as a mature Erasmus your topic you need to take in the whole situation because the more you know about somebody the more that you are able maybe to meet their needs right that is your goal to meet their needs through literature and our member I came to the door and I normally ring the doorbell but something told me I should knock and so I decided a monoxide is not the men got up and he opened the door for Tallman around six foot whatever it is I was extremely scared at an ad agency I had my muscles very well at if you wanted to know about man could have finished me on the spot even though he was sixty and whatever age she was and I had a decision right there to make it either I run for all I'm worth or I go in and something told me even though he looked very like Ralph from Inktomi going and so I went into the closet door he locked it behind me as an assembler and what did I get myself as good a reason I say this because I want you home with a junkman and a man would not let me out of his house and a man was six foot five and he was gone and he was strong amine gentle sure and this guy was the cannot get out of his house you know he wanted to go through his whole repertoire of music in front of me you know the site chocolate I'm just saying is that these are memories that were coming into my mind is like no not another one of these but he said all the Sony got really serious and he says I'm so happy to bring the docile have you not to ask him why he says many discs and broke down he said he know I I so many things have been happening in my life I just came back from the hospital my wife almost behind us and the only reason I brought her back we cannot afford not to keep her there and so I'm happy she's she's trying to rest try to recuperate I'm hoping I don't have to call them once again and I'm just so happy you not been in ring and people won't care how much you know until they know how much you care and I had a decision there to make I could see Sarah P&L whatever you're going to your life whatever you need using the my book so here you know where's the money I could have done the right but I realize that that was not what this man needed Christ's compassion they seem to meet felt needs for an amendment to feel that you need a book about and so I didn't I didn't know what the same I just sits there can I pray for you he said please please do and you'd be surprised I prayed with Muslims and Buddhists with when people are in crisis they are willing to turn to anything or anyone and that is a chance for you to minister to and I remember I I I took his hand and he took my hand and I pray for him simple prayer and the man just naturally crushed my hand is holding it and you could see there was so much intense intimate intensity and I I finish my prayer is a six foot three format eight nine is falling just crying peace he grabbed me behind me and I almost died that day from inside his answer and I said sir you know I don't know directly for his his wife and whatever nice since I want to leave something that the mobile calls that's a sincere reader it will give you comfort definitely and I left you know I was in that home five thirty five minutes that would be no one even be exaggerating but as I walked away from that home I had an impression of leaders from God I don't have that impression a lot I mean I met thousands of people knocking on its only a few people that I had the impression that one day I'm going to meet people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care Christ had compassion his compassion that him to meet felt needs and I believe that when we start having the compassion of Christ in our lives that kind of compassion that will be on our own agenda but will go and see what you need what is it that is is is is making you take or what is it that you are strong of what is it that you could use help with what is it where can I be of service to ultimately I want you to know Christ but right now that is not what you are feeling and I believe that when we start having surely that kind of compassion for people truly that kind of love that can only originate from God I believe first of all will have much more happiness in our lives the second one will start making much greater difference in our families and our communities I remember INET eon 's only times this is one principle that has completely change my life our member one day I met a lady and not for the door should open it and with her eyes she was in a killed me because she was in a bathrobe and I could tell she was the patient the last thing she needed was someone at her door and same concept is that a safe way is this what I'm doing in the community and on the heels seem very well what's wrong with him and give her my name or nothing to show compassion havoc what what what what how you know this went well that no doctor but a nature you need to treatment as a natural remedy that you will laugh at this but you should try this hot cold shower hot cold what not really I doubt she tried it but the concept was that I showed compassion and it's amazing she didn't know my name she couldn't you know what I was doing her door but the show share an interest for her all of a sudden her faces brighten up as were toxic bilingual what are you doing this what were you doing at my door anyways was singing on this doing spindle sharing with people shall you have joined on the money got books like notes even know my name in office yet happened and that I needed no prompting some of the stars Jesse Christ never any take on him it's amazing I remember one day I could see I like to stand here and tell you story after story one more story I remember I was only sixteen or seventeen and I remember coming to adore and I knocked at the door images can creep to open it was pitch black inside the lady says would you want and not just students are what I told whatever I told her she opened the door and become the HVAC and I'm walking in and it's just a marketing issue which what is this there were coming in and she got a little light on and sat down and start talking I could see that she was very discouraged I do start talking with her about a book that I had called peaceable the storms that's the how God can give her hope and comfort cart comfort in her life it's only afterwards affect prayed with her and were tears in her eyes and just amazing she said you know I just came back from the hospital a few hours ago I sent her what was wrong and sheepfold backers please she took on the bandage was fresh months to try to kill myself just a few actually during the night those Russian emergency room is I know they got sent because you have put home now back just a kid you know anything when you shall care compassion for people is amazing it is amazing how they will start responding and they will be willing to follow you follow your Jesus wherever he leads right because Jesus is the one that makes you the way that you're right so what I share this with you well one last quote is Monsieur feeling one forty three says there is need of coming close to the people by personal effort if this time were given to sermonizing but if I should be appear at an more time was spent in personal ministry greater results would be seen the poor are to be relieved the sick care for the sorrowing and the bereaved comforted the ignorant instructed the inexperience counsel we are to weep with those that we can rejoice with those that reach voice accompanied by the power of persuasion the power of prayer the power of the love of God this work will not cannot be I believe that if you're a Christian your call to minister but you will never be effective in your ministry until you learn to have true compassion for and so you plead at the foot of the cross is the Lord of the honest I really don't care about people this morning I mentioned it do you think about the salvation of the person and bags of groceries to think about the salvation of the person that pumps gas or when you try I'll let you drive to work but I can drive through Toronto and ritually I will drive past hundreds of buildings with hundreds of thousands of people and at times I realized it never even crossed my mind that these people don't know about you is not a minute to think about it just didn't work even if I did think about it the lack of compassion that we have in our lives the lack of compassion and so one church decided to do something and I want to and on a practical note once you decide to do something a little church out in the West I think they call it a thirty minute thirty nine and when they come to church the question is what do you do with your thirty what did you do with your thirty minutes and the concept is doing that we define thirty minutes to show compassion to somebody beside your family and you may think while were Christian learning that we shall come be surprised sitdown and think of last week how many how much time can you can you really calculate through this something for somebody else completely out of your way not expecting anything in return actually sacrificing to give is very very easy to go through home week is an optional compassion on me of course I shall compassionately because he's my father whatever not that's normal but unpalatable somebody out as to what they decided to establish that was thirty minutes that's it for thirty minutes if you want anymore that's up to you but thirty minutes when you condescend to score the question is whether you do with your thirty minutes and is nursing well you know this lawyer says well I'm a lawyer you know normally I charge for people that I met this one the women that really need help and so I signed the papers I did everything for free another guy says you know I I paint but you know I just decided I could see they were struggling paying me and whatever so I decided pain house the pink one of their rooms for free I just been for them get so many others unaccounted and so what I did is I went and I look for somebody that could use someone to do their taxes and I just did it for free so let's is why I don't have any career but I have a car and I gave a ride to this one sister from Orlando to Miami is that along with him and this is the logo is very good jacket the clear wire that the locals right in Clearwater and that United have to you know was tired but it was my pleasure to put in that was nice when I did with my thirty minutes and so I mean I have an example here it's amazing when she stopped to think what you can do my appeal to you send out an action plan to do something for someone good when you don't plan guess what never happens meaning you can actually sit down and plan for example if you know someone that didn't come to church it happens all the time you can excite the common may not call into sermonizing what we ensure some really checking up on you know just hate miscue can we just pray together that simple simple you can bake something for your neighbor you have an example of if it snows and him and Nick and some of the neighbors driveway when they're gone to know what you would do here but now do something for someone show compassion one little old lady in that church she was she had read in the paper about a family that had that had the house burned down for family didn't have insurance severe was somehow to get another apartment it was in the papers small-town physician was walking with her cane I should go by this store and she sees it's a furniture store and she sees one of the couches were the back is through the window where the backless and cut tonight 's my she goes in she says can I see the owner 's of your conscious grandma would you want well I noticed that your couches rip their way to do with that said I any trash it is how would you like to have your paint your face in the page of the newspaper tomorrow is when you need to says you don't remember that family that you know what we donate why that's the case I probably donate you know one of him and what she did as she went down the street I'm not playing the same as in the furniture and bed and this one place after the other and when she came to church as grandma what do you do with your thirty minutes set into much you know that she started listening all the things she had this been had a grand new fully furnished house she says in thirty minutes I don't like that was likely and if I recall well that family came to church as a result thirty minutes thirty minutes well let me recap people don't care how much you know Christ had compassion compassion legend to heal when people were sick that his defeat when people were hungry leading to teach when people needed instruction that came to comfort when people were sorry compassion he ministered with people desiring a good he showed compassion towards them he met their needs and then he bade them follow me and people that follow Christ compassion led him to meet felt needs second right felt needs first and most of the time it was not spiritual need what ever was felt needs that is what he sought to me first and that's why he killed more than he preached in these armadas were told that we need that kind of compassion we need the compassion from Christ that will go out of our way to do something for somebody somewhere regardless of whatever we can get back in return is our greatest houses that when we have that kind of compassion for people then you can like this had his workforce is completed because we have heaven where hearts and my last appeal we learn if we can just clamp plan start somewhere plan to actually try to do something or someone thirty minutes thirty minutes a week start their golfing Unlimited in all five hours of medicine will never happen thirty minutes if you begin somewhere just like we has seen so many stories that I share how God can take that thirty minutes God can take that little compassionate usual and turn it around to really make a difference in somebody's life some I feel is very simple micros how many people want the place to sit I will starting this week pledged to do thirty minutes of compassion and every week after that by God 's grace is not your desire stand with me in the spring our father in heaven Lord we stand here today realizing we don't really know what it means to have compassion we don't really know what it means to give ourselves of our times are means even to someone that would not even appreciate it more this is what you did this is what you do for us every day and yet even though we live our lives as if we own the world you still give you still get and you still get father we thank you for that kind of love and weekly father please inquire that kind of love in is not natural for us to be lead today as we stand before you thereby face you may put that love in us Lord I pray that those are pledging in their hearts help us define specific instances specific time during this week where we can show compassion not desiring reward not having any hidden agendas even if we are persecuted still to show compassion to show compassion to continually show compassion for your work is finished in us and we are ready for heaven because we are having his earnest prayer and name of Jesus


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