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07- How to Teach an Interesting Sabbath School Lesson

Justin Kim Shauna Chung Esther Louw


This episode of the GYC Beyond Podcast features Esther Louw and Shauna Chung in conversation with Justin Kim. Justin Kim is the Editor of Collegiate Quarterly and Assistant Director of Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Department at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. He has previously served as a missionary, pastor, and director of the Public Campus Ministry Department in Michigan and is a co-founder of the GYC movement. In this podcast episode, Justin Kim answers some big questions about how to teach Sabbath School, the components that make up an ideal Sabbath School class, and methods you can implement in your local church that can turn your Sabbath School class into a vibrant outreach endeavor.


  • April 8, 2018
    5:15 AM


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Ellen White once wrote a service call a friend they conducted is one of God's great instrument talent is to bring souls to knowledge of the truth for many of us however have a school is anything but a so many endeavor beyond this if you've ever been asked to teach a subsequent lesson you might have discovered that there really isn't much guidance how can we teach school and a way that is engaging and this in Jesus either practical models and ideas that we can use to help facilitate discover the Bible Welcome to the two I see beyond podcast if you've ever felt inadequate as a Sabbath school teacher or simply want to improve your abilities you will enjoy this week's episode John Chang and I discuss methods for teaching and encouraging engagement is have a scope class with just a camp just it is the editor of collegiate quarterly an assistant director of subsequent press a minister's department to the General Conference a something I haven't he's previously served as a missionary pastor and director of the public can't dismiss department in Michigan and as a co-founder of the team I see the. Father never were embarking on our a fun project and we asked in. The past conversations with postproduction in the future conversations and and this especially this one that we're going to talk about Side school we don't want to do anything without you we ask that you bless us no brain Jesus. Thank you so much for being willing to talk about some school. I know that you're really close to South Korea now with your position and what is your perspective. Of the school in general my perspective on Sabbath school and I think it's good to give your on a serious and I think Sabbath school. I mean everyone's for it but like there's a lot of people I mean I'm sure I'm guilty like you're late for it you don't go out or finding out more and more like the next generation and not generation not millennia old generation but the generation after that is not really he doesn't even know what I was not really engaging the millennial generation is very for a Sabbath school I mean very far into service and and eventually got all that stuff I will study but I just can't get up in the morning to go for. The big but I really feel you know churches church you engage in what and it's kind of like a long airplane ride you know you say you see some sort of swap back and forth and I'm sorry flight attendants were also male hope go. Forth but you don't want to do anything to satisfy your deers a lot of cerebral cerebral activity but also physical a meaningless ticking Islam or social and an ideal situation so you have a passion for prayer in a better burden to revive it to see it better specially for young adults. So in your opinion what is the ideal What does it look like a mushy Yeah so there are the ideal Sabbath school and that's thing I think everyone has a picture idea should be. You you you rotate that it all yellow envelope even you put your dollar in there and and you have your superintendent's remarks for some churches the ideal sav is cool is actually a very creative format and it collects like anything. And there's some Sabbath schools where they even they don't sit and they go out and do outreach or service from nine thirty to eleven o'clock their I don't know if you know the four goals of Sabbath school one is studying the Word of God two is fellowship three is community outreach and four is world mission so it's incorporate all those four things now you don't want to do outreach every Sabbath but you do like mix it up lot of people think as the Bible study period and that is probably the best thing that is you see is part and so the best seven school that I've been to is where you sit and you actually open the Bible and not the Sabbath school quarterly and you read the Bible and use that in the Bible and you ask questions about it and it's more the group format is people should have studied it before during the week and then you're sharing your insights on Sabbath boy usually happens is no one study during the week right and then the teacher study and then eating gives the pre-surgery into the sermon or he asks questions you get the awkward silence and I once doesn't I want to know so they give their opinions and it's just a horrible experience. Speaking Out of. I guess getting people involved I think that the sounds cool Quarterly has a lot to do with that connectivity people how do you use that to its fullest potential Yeah so that Coralie is is a lot of people think it's partially inspired by her that one in one church and it's not parsed inspired It's just written by normal human people who live on on Earth and it's it's a booklet it's a resource it's not it's not a program where if you plug in and just make sure satisfy awesome it's really it up Sabbath school falls or rises really on the teacher on how good the teacher is how engaging how many questions how he asked the questions how she may develop an atmosphere of candor and even vulnerability while not letting it degrade into like a emotion fest in prayer requests and talking about everything under the sun except for the Bible topic and it shouldn't meet the needs but not B. and then there's other formats for that but not for Simon school so as a young person myself I've never had someone come to me I can teach you how to teach that as you know as a young person who hasn't you know let's say in the snow was never taught us how to school but once to you know how should they start in a kind of principle should they use to make it interesting Yeah yeah very good that's that's awesome question because there's a couple things I mean to talk about this forever but one thing is really teaching the younger divisions is great training and a lot of small interest you're at it already have that happening but on a philosophical level if you can teach young children you can teach anyone because to get have their attention for them to be intellectually stimulated if you teach them spiritual things it's great training to teach adults it's a lot harder to teach kids than adults adults can listen to whatever in the middle of that sweet honey and it will be one winner and so now for the adults the in the end the ideal situation is really I encourage teachers to read a lot. You can't wing a good Sabbath school on Friday night and I know Friday night the Holy Spirit is very powerful. And helps you prepare we should be reading a lot and I would even say I would even say reading random stuff because the random stuff helps feed the main main stuff and it all in the nexus of the teacher it is it just makes more juice here you know and the format should be you know what I do is. We only have like what forty minutes some church twenty minutes some church is thirty minutes human we only a short amount of time so is really to get the jest and then get the scripture and my thing is just find a small passage and teach that passage well rather than trying to everything so my point is just you read the text and then I excellent explain it and then we get applications to it than we do next verse and then we give what does it say in an application so it's just reading interpretation application reading and just and until the bell rings and at the end it should be the teacher's job for some kind of appeal not appeal for a come up to the front and for vetting that's And there's only the if there's five people there it's kind of ironic but for some kind of action some kind of conclusion some kind of has us all appreciate that he doesn't want to you all want to get together this week and then during the week the whole each other accountable but it's really the a regional small groups boy is The happens is that you talking opinion opinion pinioned Oh the bell rang and then you just give a prayer but the prayer is like some kind of awkward formality just to finish it off and you're not really praying to God for something is just Lord now we're going to go divine service so help us not to get hurt on the way upstairs in our something but it should be an appeal and in some people maybe even to me want to do that some people not and so that's up to him so so as a person who might be involved here shit there are a facility. You've got to mention that there is that tendency for people to get details for the participation to kind of overshadow the focus of that particular Sask lesson How do you keep the conversation focused had to be bulldozed by your congregation Yeah yeah that's awesome question in they we have. I have some of those but there's also people give seminars not in terms of Sabbath school but terms of communications even in this format of a pod casting in radio I mean you always have that one provoked with me for that one as it just keeps on talking and talking and talking and talking and you got to go to a commercial break or the programs over or something there's these nice Christian courteous ways of being like Thank you brother furry enthusiasm but we need to get back and and you got to use your personality like my personality to be a little bit humorous and a little bit confrontational on protecting their dignity kind of thing from his others are all a bit more introverted but using your personality there's these little things that you can do to in a polite way and then after if they continued you really knew you can actually pull rank on them and say look we hope we have ten minutes left and there's a teacher and I want to you know as I'm a teacher here but like I want to get through this material so can you hold on that for second or and then it's a skills that you learn and the more skills you learn the more smoother you seem and every Sabbath school has. Those people you know and that's OK and that's human nature it's human nature. So if I was part of the US maybe had just people. How could I. Want talking to. Yeah that's awesome question the one key I think the secret is missing in Sabbath school is visiting each other during the week when we often don't do that in our Out in the circles we just see each other on the Sabbath and i do we don't want to see them during the week because we're busy or we don't like them and so if we visit like if as a teacher a misprint or prophecy counsel that says visit your class members and even if the younger divisions you know from a primary teacher visit the families and every every problem can pretty much be solved by the city like hey we want to come on time do not coming on time hey we want to make the Sabbath school really good like for that to happen can you help me like let's say it's really hard for me to be there my mind to my mind one thirty but sometimes I'm there and sometimes I'm there's no one else there like can you be there much can you make a commitment and whether they're there there are not I mean it's up to them but you make the appeal. If they're problematic and did they talk too much more like a can you help me like we're trying to get not having this to come out but sometimes like a lot of people talk like you and so can you think I mean you know you kind of funny in the butt but just kind of like to lay the burden for them and like who want to make this really good or if they're introverted or if they're not doing a lesson like like hey I want to get into the mind I really want we're doing Romans this semester that's Mr This is. This and this quarter and you have a Bible to do you read it in and that may be the opening for another severe issue not a problem not a conversation something and it's always been good so it's been visitation I think it's like the secret and then a so at home it could be at a neutral spot it could be at a. You decaffeinated Starbucks it could be you know where we want to go so just in relation to that whole idea of visitation try to get a group of dissipates and if I miss out as a teacher that doesn't like the lesson is it OK to use other material absolutely absolutely so it's nice to impress maybe use the topic at hand but you don't have to go through the order that the lesson has the topic is it is it is a guide it's a Sabbath school or the official name is adult Bible study guide so it's not mandated by the General Conference that you need to follow this format and if not Ted Olson's be knocking on your church and demanding your membership it's a guide so I think the cool thing is to at least use the same topic because the whole world church is studying that topic if you look at Entergy nomination only There's probably not another denomination that has a world document that the entire world is studying simultaneously and translated all these languages it's cool to be part of a church and and that's what makes it different from Institution and from a movement I mean it's so cool that I can go to Cairo Bangladesh and go to Tokyo and Fiji and they're still studying the same thing we are you know so that's cool and so if someone's visiting It's nice to have that right action so having like that connect in the still of a church and going through that progression of that Kathleen you know and but being able to use other resources to pull in yes it yeah there's a spirit of prophecy and you know online stuff and you can just let me know what the world is your oyster. There's no limit to that's alright as long as it gets back to the Bible right now that the in and you know just changing topics I really like we've talked about. How it makes obstacle been interesting to me to talk about things that in the format how do I make Sabbath school friendly for non Adventists so that I can invite them into it and engaged. Well yeah every Sabbath school lesson should be from the tap to none and then you have to end out in essence none but Sabbath school in its design was met for not on this yeah it was meant evangelist it was meant to be a binge a list and some where in the one nine hundred seventy S. and eighty's it started being like relegated to like the administration and then like the hardcore administration and like an exclusive club where you would just talk about what is the second you know company coming or it was Sunday law it was my all that stuff right and then we had to think of the question came up how do we make this from the tavern this not have an ist all the dialogue all the question should be should be open and and and and and a friendly environment from Washington so back in the committee for some of the fifty's and sixty's the word was I mean I was alive back then that more non Avonex came to satisfy. And when divine service started they snuck on our. Right but something happened in the seventy's and eighty's we're not having a stop coming up the Sabbath school and he snuck into the lines. And I really don't know the answer to that I mean I have some some hype right policies but that shift this happened and I don't know why I don't know why. But the status quo is that our Ben Jealous the other healthiest right so I mean when I think I've encountered that makes that was a difficult fight not havin ists is just the culture of using a lot of obviously great in high Guinea I've been to documenting. How can I create a culture that at least makes that process easier yeah a lot of that is within the D.N.A. of how that satisfy got started so that's out of school has been on going on from a billion years and then teachers like nine hundred years I mean you just have to wait till they turn one thousand years old and then move on so in. D.N.A. It's some up this is something you can do one is at a visitor's class but not call it the visitor's class and even to rethink the Sabbath morning experience from the minute they the people come out of the car the first impression from the sign to the greeters to the bulletin cover to your website and like oh hey you're new to our church and whether you're an avid this to our not just be new to our church hey we want to come to this class where everyone is friendly and one is normal and they're not going to like you know to stare at you for because for whatever reason that we are having this too and then to put the we are people in another class and let them slowly die and not as harsh as it sounds if we don't do that then all the Sabbath school classes may potentially die so it's kind of you have to look at this almost medically and clinically and can find the infection or Tavist and open up a dialogue with your church and say hey this is what's going on we want to do some changes and and there are some churches where that's OK And where there are some churches that won't do anything but I really feel that if you have that burden that God's going to give you that wisdom he's been given the opportunity and every context is so different you can't give a blanket like do this and that will solve everything and then there are works. Like a I really appreciate the discussion I had just Sabbath school in general and make interesting concent Angela stick just to close off one last question I have is how does the Sabbath school lesson. Should I be using I have less. Yeah that's a great question that's a question that I have battled myself so their Spirit of Prophecy calm Council that when I read I was like How did you like she says don't use prepare for status quo on Friday night and I've been super guilty like I'm teaching tomorrow and you go online you watch all the videos because it is that you know we don't watch it and we have a T.V. show ourselves and I go to an end in the Friday becomes a very stressful point and then I'm also going to the other side where like today Sunday I must study Sunday today is Monday and it's also kind of a legal list that we're checklist experience with that is not positive at the end and they for me and I don't know if this is the answer everyone but it's not about sad school it's not about what you're teaching it's truly do I have an encounter with God through the Word of God. And as administers our contact point with God It's not in the music it's not in the preaching it's not in the church it's not in the baptism it's not with the communion bread it's not with the Holy Spirit I mean I know that sounds crazy but you know but it's really with the Word of God It is where the contact point is and always been and all these things you know that comes in afterwards in once I set that as my central. Then whatever I did with devotion whatever I do it's I was going all kind of clicked in you know and so I don't and then out of my discipline that I like maybe I should do my site was cool you know daily and sometimes I do on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Thursdays is something I still sometimes I start for various things sometimes I don't do it at all you know and it's just I think that's just we have so many resources with our generation it's hard to choose what what what's good but my thing is choose one thing and do it well then you get a blessing out rather being randomly going everywhere. Appreciate the fact that you are talking about I guess principles using our principles that people can use and plug into their own contacts and I really appreciate your transparency and you're having the season well and I think that listeners will definitely get a benefit out of this just knowing I guess even the behind the scenes the structure of the thing work isn't so thank you so much for your time yeah no and thank you for your time this is very very very very very unlikely for me an exciting and I. Thank you for joining us and our discussion I just think and we appreciate his country patient and hope that the ideas he presented it will encourage to you as he said guide you have a clue.


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