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Extremes in Faith and Works

Willard Santee


  • January 3, 2009
    9:00 PM
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today as you notice in your bulletin I'm going to be sharing a little addendum risk of a supplement to our series we just completed the call life at its best and they want to talk about a little understanding of the mind and body relationship of everything your Bibles before we get into her study and turn with me to the gospel of Matthew just for a moment if you would please Matthew eleven and a very familiar passage verse twenty eight the very end of the chapter Jesus makes a rather interesting invitation in verse twenty eight he says come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you what rest take my guilt in verse twenty nine he goes on to say take my guilt upon you and learn from me for I am gentle and lowly in heart and you will find rest for your souls he says it again for my guilt is easy and my burden is light those are things that God is inviting us to experience rest in him rest for our souls and burdens that are like interesting enough God says take my guilt upon you which would imply something are you a live from birth to go up with something other than Jesus and as we carry the heavy burdens of life longing to be free we read of one economic coordinate when we finally thank God I'm tired of being dealt off with the old man with the old flesh with the old South this guided by Satan himself continually quickly and often fishing on I wanted to talk with someone who can give me rest and make my burden light of you have an reach that point getting your life I want you to know that Jesus is inviting you to experience that even today God wants you to change your from the partner you were born with which is Satan himself to a brand-new partner that of Jesus Christ who will bear your burdens for you Jesus had cast all your care upon me because I care for you but our minds unfortunately the are in charge of our bodies and our bodies seem to direct the flow of our sleep teen if you please is tied together from birth before I really get into today's study let me just say at the very outset here that this study she represents a work in me that's still in progress in other words I am not professing to hold all the answers to the issues that I want to address today but I do know in my heart of hearts if there is a God who is willing to teach us if were we in this study his word and he is willing to share with Austin were willing to listen to what he has to say on our last study of life at its best a five part series that you can now access on the web if you want on our webpage we talked about the justifying defined power of the Holy Spirit we look at both archetypal and our fitness to heaven our title being justification and our fitness being sanctification we also shared that Satan doesn't want to understand the plan of salvation or the work that God wants to do for us through justification and in us through sanctification the reason that Satan wants us to be ignorant of these things is because if we were to ever understand them he knows that we would choose Jesus to be helped up with he also knows that Jesus would give us a new heart a new mind and who desire and Satan 's power would be forever broken and Satan is bent on keeping us in the dark is why Satan works so hard to keep us in ignorance however if we begin to study the plan of salvation or listen to it being preached Satan will movie a month suggesting the laws I told you before you move in and play the role please the Holy Spirit is what you'll play as though he's Jesus Christ for you as an angel of light to control if you please our new religious experience little magazine calls signs of the times written September twenty four eighteen ninety six I found this little statement was in the same time does not always appear as a lion is as reference you recall the Peter when he said Satan as a roaring lion walks about seeking whom he might destroy the power business Satan doesn't always appears alive he has the power to calm as a light and then his voice is soft and long Paul said to the Corinthian church and second greatest Chapter 11 verse fourteen and no marvel for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light what is this demon angel to as he masquerades as the Spirit of God or as an angel he instructs us beloved on how to live the Christian life and the reason he has such incredible success in this is because he knows how to take advantage of our minds which are selfish and bent on evil number of missing it in this way your carnal nature and mine has a natural bent toward sinning which of eight and we cannot resist Satan knowing this takes advantage of Oz when we want to be born again whatever that is and they want to become a Christian whatever that means and he immediately says let me show you how all teacher how to do that and because our carnal nature here me now because our carnal nature has him who wins the war doing things that bring you satisfaction you will then move toward Christianity no matter what the cost in order to be blast or benefit an important one we don't understand what I'm saying again our carnal nature which is in opposition to God willing even commented on that it might receive a greater blessing that had it remained away from dog to your carnal nature isn't exactly opposed to God Illinois but if he can get a greater blessing of being a Christian guilt over being a Christian and we have a lot of people today the still living in the flesh playmakers because the getting more benefit of playing the role of the Christian octavo secret I discovered that even belongs in that program figure but which would in turn agreed with text that verifies what I just said it's in the book of Romans must go back if you would please Romans eight versus five is just for those who live according to the flesh and I've asked you this question another way another time but what kind of a nature were you born with a sinful fallen nature a fleshly nature right for those who live according to the flesh that's you and me from birth that's the only one in the homily they set their minds on the things of the flesh but those who live according to the spirit as they set their minds on the things of the spirit so conversely when I set our minds on the things that our natural nature laws and that's perverted thing but evidently Paul is speaking about another group of people who have reached a point in their life where they actually are walking in the spirit verse six was on the state were to be carnally minded that's where you are born is there but to be spiritually minded whatever that is his life and peace first seven goes on to say because the carnal mind than that mind you and I were born with is not subject to the law of God neither indeed can it be therefore Satan wants to simply look at all carnal mind still be in charge of your body and he also wants you to profess religion at the same time and that's what I told you before some of you a number of you before that going to church is a pain for the old man but he'll do it if he can get again for the old man some people come to church because it's politically correct because there are certain strokes from certain foals if you go to church and have sort of a religious creed in place output in the political arena but beloved going to church and taking the old man with you you'll never be at peace with God in Jeremiah chapter seventeen verse nine the Bible says that the heart or the mind is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked and then asked the question who even know who understands the human heart we do strange things I don't know why we are doing we as parents correct our children disciplining them we used even occasionally citing them as a normal working day but when he was even lazily got spankings along the way to put them in the narrow way and will you learn through the old nature what to do to avoid spanking are you hearing what I'm saying he knew there were certain parameters that mom and dad had the home as long as we stayed within those boundaries this backside to say soberly conform is a new user to the old nature I want you to behave yourself because were getting into a lot of pain here is of the old nature on the line talking to staff and the spankings and Willie became an ideal try well at least in some way are you thinking of me had really changed no he simply brought his own nature into control that he might be good if it had to save Willy was looking after number one on himself he wasn't interested in obeying unless he can get strokes from mom and dad as a resolve and that sort of carried over into his Christian wall the way I got strokes from God to do what God asked me to do because understanding God punishes its forever I didn't want to go there and so will he brought his old nature along with the church and Willie said you've got to get that old man under control and you've got to do certain things if you want God to bless you know what about forty years of ministry then I discovered but not working at all because I never received the injuries I never really seen victories in the area that I was always trying to look good in people but I never once just look on I was accepted people accepted me why not they were faking it just like I will we were all on the same program over the same church every Saturday we were nursing the same views in the same song to victory but none of us having questions I know because every generation has had a few beatings stopped away men and women in whom God has full control according to Romans eight verse seven the amplified Bible says that the mind of the flash with its carnal thoughts and purposes is hostile toward God spring doesn't submit itself to God 's law indeed it cannot but it will be a good benefit change is complete below that was when the life God if I renew loved you were hoping that's what you said in John fourteen if you love me keep my commands Lord I want to love you but I'm not seeming to be able to keep your command I've said it before and I'll say it again this morning I have no problem loving God it's his kids I have trouble with using the real proof of loving God is the way we treat one another right and I've had a hard time over the years getting along with some of you now I'd say that when my because you read our time get along with me to because we were walking the flesh we don't get along with one another but we learn to adapt right will I get along and keep these because please is more important to the church manufacturing below this is why Romans twelve verse two says we have to be born again we need a new mind we need a new heart is Alex read for us this morning Paul saying that we needed to be transformed by the renewing if you please the changing of my need to be transformed or changed by the entire renewal of our minds so we might prove what is that perfect will of God for each of us what is God 's will for us and suggested that we might be going up with an sure that we can find rest for our souls so that we can find the curtains of life literally being so what is God 's will according to first Thessalonians four versus three to four Paul says for this is the will of God you're saying to put each that each of you should know how to control or manage his own body in sanctification and honor and notice how he closes his letter there is in chapter five verse twenty three now may the God of peace himself sanctify you come recently and may your whole spirit your whole soul and your whole body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is your body important evidently is your mind important to God evidently but did you notice to it is that sanctifies us is God himself he's you also are he concentrates on us he purifies us as the five thousand feet in other words beloved the one who makes us holy and morally blameless in body and soul and spirit and that's exactly what he said he would do in person John chapter one hundred nine p.m. we confess our sins evidently that's what we really need to be going not playing church not try to get an extra little stroke for the old way we're supposed to be confessing our second niche but this old man has caused us to do if we confess our sins he Jesus is faithful and just to say forgive us our sins and there's another part to that two claims are from law to unrighteousness all on righteousness sounds like you want to do away of the old me out of bed I betting lawmen of any of you wanting you have your own I don't want yours either God 's forgiveness Melissa visited the love that first John one nine one were trying to expand on it God 's forgiveness of our sins is his act of justification but his closing costs from all unrighteousness and making us holy is his plan to process of scientific age is even willing out in the bathtub is available in the offering you heard it rather dirty the United awarded for you never wore shoes when he was a kid exactly when the school was when he was home she was came off and he was outside and joined by the way was intended enjoying their not even called the end of the day tell would change color and so unwilling to understand what I'm saying there was enclosing the right but Mama naturally out of the top until she would say to him had to wash behind your user could figure out why in the world they did I never put dirt behind my ears it was just an old saying but they did get an great thing is what she was intended to make sure you are squeaky clean see it takes time to think about I know because I used to have to get back in a way is the love of God is wanting to forgive us so we can begin the process of purifying us for losing is launching us St. John is wanting to take advantage of our mind is in our thoughts so he can control us he wants to keep this dirty little slut behind the years but God wants to purify us hold holy holy is what is Satan doing behind the scenes what is it that he's working so hard on from our last study you may recall the Satan is working to lead every Christian that you would be every Christian into one of two extremes he's doing his best to push us into the fires of analysis of or into the ice of indifference when he's done his work well although on me I think he's perhaps done a little of that on you to I like to suggest this morning from my observation in my point of view in my forty years of ministry and hobnobbing with people human beings men women boys and girls is like viewing discovered that the majority of ostrich and I'm speaking collectively of all faiths all denominations all brands right across the board the majority of Christianity live live a resulting difference there salvation nature of arrival in the thought that they had been declared righteous big government is there selfish natures being old and revels in the idea that they been declared righteous they see themselves as having been justified by the righteousness of Jesus Christ and the CEO of Nonie sanctification will be client from their inherited and cultivated tendencies faith CEO accepted by God just as they are and that is all that matters to them what they failed to understand is the rest of the gospel it is true that Jesus will take anyone who comes to him trust as they are because that love is the only way we can come to Jesus just as we are but Jesus takes us hear me now so he can change office by re-creating his individual in us giving us a new heart and a new mind making his new men and women and boys and girls who will reflect his image his likeness to the work to God 's not satisfied with that when he takes his anymore the mommy was satisfied with me when the work or the player was not his time for your back it's time to take it because I love you when you get home in talking the bad vitamin washed off and squeaky clean mommy always told me in the matter how dirty I was moments of my was one time before bedtime I'm suggesting the loving God 's great plan is the same way he takes his kids right where they are in is is I love you a whole bunch I love you with all my heart but it's before bedtime and Jesus takes is the washes up in the cleanness in the other extreme today we find the millions that like to suggest whose lives are filled with frustration because in the life of indifference and also frustrated with some of the rest of the display don't worry about getting cleaned up they go to bed very but the other extreme those who were involved in extremism and fanaticism their lives are fueled with frustration without a there always working and striving and moving forward in the process of sanctification but they never find what they are longing for they never find the rest that comes only to those who are your cup with Jesus and a broken away from New York and bondage of sin cell phones they never find it they long for these folks below are willing to go to any extreme in order to feel acceptance with God but they always fall short of the mark I've been in some of those games even though the great desire in their passion is to be like Jesus they taken the old him with tried to reform the old man and a gone into every kind of extreme you can imagine how there to when the old man in the shape so that you behave properly so that he'll be sanctified and become hole in the beloved you can put the old man in the holiness to give your man to Jesus in fixing the trees it should be the focus but I discovered in these individual little pocket for these holy hobbles we like to call happiness doesn't exist but the spirit doesn't really exist there's a lot of anxiety and stress and tension and frustration as we tried to eat right and where the right kind of call and worship in the rights whole and have the right theology and Mister backslidden them talk about here below using for years I thought I saw that when I realize that the body was the Temple of God and I discovered that the Bible talks about those who worship the Valley I always thought that I had to deal with those that were not Christians those who were not born again all were constantly eating whatever they wanted when they wanted and how much they want they never had any limits on music but I was different I had limits not one morsel of food between the lips between the if you want to behold and you couldn't mix fruits and vegetables you couldn't mix will close with silk garments for polyester of you if you want to be like Jesus you have to let your role I discovered them looking like Jesus is not the same as being is the same as one extreme to eat anything anytime anywhere any text the other extreme is a you can't eat anything anytime anywhere unless its culture unless it meets the standard another half-dozen and doesn't have added Peggy Addison can have that until our whole focus is on food not the creator will become .com and we worship arbitrators not the God who gave us our system to Satan doesn't care one extreme or the other and be loved I've been done national peace will rest both of these groups those who are indifferent and those who are extreme are under a grand illusion of unity of God the first group is made to feel their security they even claim Bible promises for their assurance of salvation but they're experiencing is a evil secure with a further fruit of the spirit will never be seen in those who refused to be sunny to five by the Spirit of God and unlike that first group the second group will you have been fanatical on numerous things throughout her life the second group never feel secure or at peace they've always been working and striving and struggling to overcome they are continually seeking victory over their inherent in cultivated tendencies to evil only to be conquered by them instead square 's right we got to pray harder we got to play more we got to work harder we got to make a bigger commitment God regarding the more beloved that's what you're trying to do stop and just plain view your self in G 's sake I want to take my mind I would think my body I wanted to solely every vitamin online my soul my spirit attitude I want to take my fool problems I want to take my alcohol problem I want to pick my tobacco problem in which the anger problems for Sigma sexual problem and I will allegedly be and I don't hold anything back I just want Jesus or how quickly God will put the guilt is so upon us and carry our burdens of below Satan 's grand illusion centers in this fight between faith and works which is faith or works my answer is is both his faith it works by love and purifies the soul but whose faith and whose works you know that the gift of faith is come from God is not ours God has given her an animator may be measurably guess where the works from the same person as God 's works through glass not our works to impress him but the back and take a look at this again the grand illusion sinners in this faith and work combination the first group that we've been talking about today believes that Jesus is done all the work necessary for man's salvation therefore to be focused on any kind of religious works this is why one's faith in God works therefore they sit back and do nothing the second group also believe that Jesus did on all that's necessary for man's salvation but may believe that they are obligated to demonstrate our love to God for what he has done for them thus they live in strict obedience to God 's word seeking to keep all his commandments and laws including what we talk about the health law especially when it has been the other seven natural doctors resulting talk but the one that has to do with that's where our focus the one trust in divine when was the last time we trusted in God that what we ate wood digesting the okay you see below for Satan is done to us he's alive to both groups and taken advantage of their sinful fallen human nature 's he knows that the carnal heart will take advantage of God 's free gift of salvation providing it never have to drink or exchange for a new heart which will grow into a new life through Jesus Christ does it makes sense to you the old nature will be happy to become a Christian whiny as long as the frigate the salvation the old man doesn't mind going from here I haven't a Bolivian as long as there's no exchange of heart I'll become a Christian are playing God is my Savior it's a freaking bus Satan preaches a half-truth or false gospel and millions are in the church only believe in your salvation issue the second group B takes advantage of their human pride and self sufficiency don't miss this one both because this is especially good for us Adventist are you wearing one one notable cost twice that because of the one hundred fifty four write down there is not the usual offensive the daughters are dangerous to the human soul as pride and self-sufficiency of all sins they're the most hopeless and the most in curable and self-sufficiency would probably be the number two seasons of the Seventh-day Adventist church today is if we are about to just believe but he saves us in an rest on his goodness because there's something inside of our own natures to say we need to let him know how much we appreciate that therefore whatever he asks up to listen carefully again it's this second group that Satan takes advantage of with reference to pride self-sufficiency which derives on self pixel pitch if the natural desire of his self-sufficient in human pride to accomplish things took longer things to do things the audience over things they filled heart once that it will do that if I is for that it's the American way in fact are you aware that our entire educational system both public school and also parochial education is feared in the great majority of its curriculum to exalt self from him so personally that Sigmund and personal success and rather than Lane Cel-Sci making room for the power the Holy Spirit in the life and giving were not educated than the going that's why Satan has such a tremendous advantage over us because he can save us in our same parties he wants us to think we can be saved in person while we're how egotistical and lifted up it's the natural desire again to succeed and thus Satan stirs up these traits putting millions into the path of works in obedience with a nice secure for themselves a place in God 's kingdom of a lot better than never the majority my life not because I was a bad man because I wanted a vehicle and I wanted to I wanted perfectly so that God would be proud of me so that God can look down on me and said I'm so glad you conquer you achieve you gain victory how short-lived those victories were it's only now with the close of my ministry that I look back and say I'm so sorry that I took my hole in the church and tried to reform him trying to get him to like you now I know why the battle has been so intense is because I needed the money I needed to be healed up with a brand-new leader in my life she was Satan does not want either extreme to know is that both are titled to heaven our justification and/or fitness for Kevin our sanctification are to be found in the righteousness of Jesus Christ bizarrely page three hundred is not while we work out is what God works out or not is not what we do and what he thought anyone only doing about if we yield our lives to him if we totally lacking including the old nature once the perks in what dawdled within your vendor that man in operative he will put him to death that's why I say you have to let the old man goals he has to die no more pride numerous self-sufficiency there Satan also doesn't want us to know that God 's plan is for his Holy Spirit to restore each of us into the image of our Creator which involves not just online but also our bodies as well having said that let me just quickly add this even though our minds may grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and even bring into captivity every to the obedience of God our bodies will continue to work on the holy fly here some tried that doesn't work by the way goes to statement for second Peter chapter three verse eighteen in second Corinthians chapter two numbers by this is why the apostle Paul put it second revenues for her sixties as we do not lose heart we do not lose heart even though our outward man is perishing what to say about Islam I don't care a lot how good of a health reformer you walk you are going to die Paul says we don't lose heart even though we know our outward man is perishing yet the inward man is being removing a change even though our bodies are getting older and weaker in the anyways we love you Paul was not willing that we should surrender our bodies to the old man near me now as I called notice when he writes in Romans chapter six verse twelve he says do not let sin reign in your mortal body your old nature will still remain until Jesus you cannot get rid of them no volunteer steps in the casket behind in other words is like a dead person you're caring with you the rest of your life Paul understood that that's why sent over me to Dynasty why because you would be free of the burden of the old nature always dogged his steps wanted to take control once again of his life one he tried to rape and self-sufficiency terrain Paul says don't let sin reign in your mortal body you may remain but he doesn't have to reign that you should obey in its loss people have to obey because they love as a man think of so is he when God becomes your new thought and when God puts his thoughts in your mind and he shows you his ways and lead you in his way then the old man is put the rest he has no more control over you and now you walk in a brand-new way and your body will respond to your mind is your body important Romans chapter twelve verses one to Paul says I beseech you therefore Robin by the mercies of God by his deep compassion that you present your bodies a living ongoing sacrifice at the old man and lived for Jesus Christ allowing him to make you holy and acceptable under God which is your reasonable service so don't be conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind when you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God in first Corinthians chapter six verse nineteen and twenty while no you know your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in the new which you have gone and you're not your own for your pot with a price therefore glorify God in your body and your spirit which are dots we give ourselves to God we give in my mind and her body we give them everything and he changes our mind and our body follows and we will find good health if we let go to the discovery it will do what you balance as she wanted to be dumped he will take it step by step with God he will lead us into all truth I want to turn with me enclosing your last text in the book of Romans for a moment in this title all as the apostle Paul and respiration rates these were Romans chapter eight verse eleven Paul says but if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit who dwells in you when used was that life in your body to become when you get to heaven as well as read that XOR saw that his future gives twice sought is when Jesus comes we can glorify I don't see that anymore as only being that moment in time beloved I see it as an ongoing present experience notice an expert therefore he says because of God 's power that will come again to you and give life to your mortal bodies therefore he says we are debtors we are debtors not flash to live according to the flesh and authorities and we don't have to live like we once lived we have to eat what we want a one hundred three what we want strength in fact he says in verse thirteen if you live according to the flesh of thy if you live according battle manual desire to use but it is are living by the Spirit of God you'll put to death as you than death the deeds of the works of the body and will know reasonably any and all health of those times will come perhaps the song along the way but that doesn't want to the present he wanted to be in good health not only physically but because one affects the other and so he saying here is not the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is a you and he'll keep your body you don't have to do the deeds of the flesh anymore because your mind is new is with Jesus and your body will come along a mountain or as many as are led by the Spirit of God the son and daughters of God I want to be led by God don't you I want him to come up with that joke around me and then I want you to leave me every step of the way the rest of my life officer is that what you want others we our heads in prayer today I just want to thank you for those who've responded today that they want to your cup with Jesus they truly want him to lead the all the way so grateful that we've seen Jesus in it today we know that there is one who can give awesome rest and who can take away the weight of the burdens of the soul life father today thank you for joking up with each of us who've ask you to this morning and Jesus a


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