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Give God Glory

Willard Santee


  • December 31, 2008
    9:00 PM
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it's hard to imagine that it was almost forty years ago of easier than I graduated from Walla Walla with a friend of mine moaning while all direct mention his name because we'll be talking about him in just a few moments but the years are common the years have gone and Jesus has still not come today we want to talk about giving him glory even though there are moments in your life and mine when we have deep sorrow sorrow that sometimes cannot be expressed yet the heart understands today as we take a look at two points to parts of you please of our message we want to take a look at the past some history my history and also we want to take a look at the future your future what is God have in store for this incredible worldwide denominated people where is he taking how can we give him glory one supreme father right now I'd like your spirit to come into our hearts open our minds and touch our lives may we sense your divine presence here today and father I pray that we were through with this with this message today that our hearts like the manifold might burn within us with gratitude and with the holy joy knowing and him whom we believe in Jesus and the first part of our presentation this morning is going to deal with what we are dealing with right now in our lesson quarterly as a worldwide people right now we are talking about the great gift of prophecy and of all the people in the world we as a Seventh-day Adventist should probably be more excited than any other religious organization because God has given the best people a special messenger from old he has spoken special nuggets of truth for office in fact I'd like to suggest that the Nuggets were going to talk about today are little shoes of truth that when we look at them in light of God 's word it magnifies the word of God and let's also bring glory to God is a Seventh-day Adventist boy growing up in our denomination I heard a lot about seeing I heard a lot about what was wrong and what we shouldn't do I had an opportunity over the years to take a look at some of the writings that had been given was as a people and I discovered that the word evil had been written by Ellen White some twelve thousand five the words and was recorded over sixteen thousand five and by the time I become a teenager I think I heard most of those evil single negatives and somehow not only in my generation perhaps even in this generation there are those individuals today that her concern that we continue to even feed those books on ourselves in light of all of the San San San Sandman evil evil when you begin to see those things and you know things and that's all you focused on below eventually it becomes depressed and there isn't a whole lot to give glory to God about I can't speak for you this morning I only speak from my own history it wasn't long ago however that I discovered something else it came clear to me they love that Satan has destroy this our action hour-long our respect our joy for what God has given to this people what I discovered also in my study is that there was something that was missing and that was Jesus Christ me explain what I mean by that as I looked at the spirit of prophecy again anew fresh if you please not all that long ago in my life I discovered that his sister white in spite of all of the negatives in spite of all the same statement are you aware that she speaks of Jesus Christ over fifty seven thousand times throughout her writings that's over three times as often she speaks of the solution as to our pollution is the center bailout on whom our whole rest she understood that but we haven't understood that Hollywood has accountable to my churches right after the boy reading the compilation of a springtime because when we take things out of their original context and start listing them one after the other we see Jesus in their own gear and before long we become depressed so much so we say I can't read that anymore so really the saw beloved I think Satan has done a number on us unwittingly am not suggesting that anyone had a bad death plan when they made the compilations but they loved dieting foods is a compilation and we were counseled that everything she wrote could be taken into account in three-way first to whom it was written under what circumstances was it written and when was it written and you don't get the benefit when you read the compilations you just read one two three four five six things I'm out of harmony with and you don't often find Jesus as a solution to the problem but again I'm not blaming us I'm not blaming them I'm blaming him for we were warned years ago and selected messages book one page forty eight but the very last deception when I say the last deception for Seventh-day Adventists would be undermining the spirit Rossi will not affect for Satan knows that what he can come in and take charge and take control because we've lost our cuisines if you believe we've lost those nuggets of truth that revealed the word of God and magnify God again involved in both the bracketed words and ancient history this morning the year was eighteen seventy nine there were over a thousand people gathered in this large auditorium listening to a young man preach on heaven what the ladies receiving about this morning climbing up that mountain on the other side when we can be on the other side of Satanism there he can get us there and here this particular evening as the sun was setting it was a hot blustery summer day and this young man thirty nine years of age with proclaiming a message of heaven I understand there were some thirteen hundred people standing room only in the auditorium there was an individual seated up in the balcony with a little notepad is handed the pencil ready to write same as the W redness he taught public speaking and he was critiquing a man by the name of DM can write after the meeting was over tears were falling in people 's hearts were deeply moved and touched the sense the presence of God had been there and p.m. Ken Wright had a hard time even made it out of the auditorium because people wanted to press next thing and they wanted to talk to him that they wanted to praise him he made his way out into a little park not far from the tabernacle and there is out on the little park bench and VW rabbits came and sat next to him and said to him that was an incredible presentation at night in fact it was so powerful God move in such a mighty way my notebook simply I wrote nothing down because I was so enraptured as God moved upon you and then to VM can write made this observation if it were not for this advent message I could be a great night for which I understand Elder Ramos replied the young it's the message that has made you a great breach you may know the story of the camera right indicating our number one first major critic of our theology about the second coming of Jesus Christ about the heavenly sanctuary about Ellen White being a messenger of God about the seven baby in the Sabbath be challenged almost everything until in eighteen eighty seven he finally made a break with the Adventist church and two years later he had published a book entitled Seventh-day Adventist and renounce four hundred and thirteen pages worth fourteen different printings if I'm not mistaken about what if circulated not only throughout America but also in many parts of the world is most every Baptists in the world at least our part of the world in North America has a copy of that at their pastor your because that will tells the Christian world but basically Seventh-day Adventists are cultic that they have a false prophet and on and on the book goes interestingly enough sister white ropes to Elder can write before he joined with the Baptist faith and she says to him and I'm quoting you have wanted to be too much and make a showing noise in the world and as a result your son will surely set of security in fact she went on to say that the very atmosphere surrounding a man who dares to make such statements that you have made is a poisonous my asthma and listen to her clean do not take another step in the darkness but take your position is amenable you must make God first and last and best in every plan and work and thought Jesus was where she was bringing him back so not her not the Advent movement but back to Jean 's house he didn't come what happened don't the camera just so the record will show over Lyle Albrecht and I made our way after graduating forty years ago as I said this year back to Andrews University after spending your out in the field as an intern and together we met at Andrews and they are it was we went to chapel one morning there in the seminarian over Arthur White grandson of former Ellen G White was there as I guess that particular day and with him he had an elderly lady I recall her well she was not seventy five Elder White called her up and help her up the steps and you came up and gave a testimony about her son her name was Karen Terry Johnson and I listened with great interest in her because of some of my own background as I've already mentioned to you struggling to be a Seventh-day Adventist but could never quite achieve people I was interest in this little lady now begins to tell us a story and silver white interviews her and the story was this the story was there when she was eighteen years of age she had just finished a secretarial science course and her first project was to take dictation from a man of renown she didn't know who this man was that she was asked to make an old but she would never reveal what went on in the room where the patient was taken but she would never try and take the material and share it with anyone else that it belong to the individual over now such a meeting open she met this man but she called Mister X because she had seen him before he was now in his sunset years she was at the Battle Creek sanitarium Hospital working in the cafeteria Colonel extra money and there's this old gentleman would come bounding with even the kitchen he wasn't allowed to eat out for the regular folks eight he would eat in the kitchen and oftentimes he would come down without his patch on his left on I had a soccer there nor I he was less than commonly dressed poor would be putting it mildly Amanda wants health thirteen hundred people spellbound when he was thirty nine Amanda wrote the four hundred and thirteen Facebook the man who was known all over America as anti- Seventh-day Adventist this man now sees him and his sunset years of the little lady had once written if you continue this direction your son will set in abstract please follow today's and now she means this man of renown quote and she sees him now emaciated and worn in trouble with a patch over his left eye and her Mister X is none other than the former Elder DM can write any senior years and she is to take dictation from him and what is the subject continuing on about Ellen G White it was interesting as Terry shared with me and while later because we were so fascinated with her and we had to interview her and we actually went to Niles Michigan and where we were doing our preaching practicum in those days we actually brought her as our guest and we brought her up front and we recorded a conversation between Lyle Maisel and Kelly Johnson the private secretary of VM can write the one as one person once said all critics that have ever spoken against Ellen G White have drawn there Inc. from the pin of the encampment and now she's the one who was taking dictation and we had the privilege of meeting her and talking with her and praying with her and now interviewing her and she shared with us in that interview as well what you shared with us in private but when she was with DM can write in that room just that every time he would ask me to write about normal things doctrinal issues there didn't seem to be much of a problem but she said the moment he began to dictate about Ellen G White something what was that she said it was like a fold like like on this like a cloudy mist that would come into the room like a cloud and would completely introduce him as he set a forest would take possession of him out of that cloud would come a voice that made the shocker in fact she said it was so displeasing I turned my chair and looked at the wall because I couldn't look at the operation and I have says and what happened after he came out of this fall what happened then she said oftentimes he was perspiring profusely and he would fall back into his chair and he would throw his left arm how do I need Whitney would cry out enough mournful tone he would sit him up on the last man lost my and then followed by that he would say this she referring to Ellen White she was of course one she was a good one been very went on to tell us that he would then pick up his little paid in the pickup is attaché case and he would put on his little have to make his way to the door and many times he would mumble these words from the apostle Paul all who will deliver me from the body of this death the end right died in nineteen nineteen some of the newspaper said the reply Baptist pastors there at his funeral come to find out there were non- in fact he didn't even have a funeral he had an internment of the little private cemetery belonged to the family was a little plot didn't have enough money to even buy a normal headstone it was in the works was his bills were paid in money came in from his books I think was nineteen thirty seven when they finally erected the tombstone he was debt-free but nobody knew about the funeral supposedly Kerry Johnson did the research not even his own nephew lived right across the street from the plot news that uncle Dudley was buried there until he was interviewed by Terry Johnson when he died the he had only one leg the other had been amputated the Battle Creek sanitarium because he had fallen through the floor into his Baptist church in the baseman later for two or three days without anybody knowing he was there I missing old hired born in the loss name and remembering the words of Ellen but if you don't give glory to Jesus your son will set in obscure the beloved reason I tell you that story is because a woman to share with you now we need to go back and look again at the ridings that haven't given to authors of people and I thank God they were studying it as a worldwide denominated people today the gift of prophecy we need to take a second look at it are you real all the spirit was manifesting itself through DM fan right was a God in his criticisms against Ellen White or Ellen White spirit that moved further like what you wrote about trees was truly can have I believe it was by God that Ellen was chosen and I believe that she gave to you and me tremendous nuggets that help them magnify the word of God made it not only relevant for us but give us hope for tomorrow and I want to take your Bibles in the last few moments today and I want to turn with me if you live the gospel of John unmistakable to the very last part of Chapter twenty first nineteen habits John Chapter twenty first nineteen in the same day at evening the University of the week when the doors were shut because of the Jews Jesus came and stood in the midst of them said peace be unto you when he incentives he showed them his hands and his side then the disciples were glad when they saw the Lord and Jesus said to them again peace to you as the father has sent me I also send them you very as it was so it shall be as the father was in Jesus so Jesus was to be in is the site and when he had said this was going to says he receives on them and said to them receive a lot the Holy Spirit the Holy Ghost he breathed on and that they might receive the Holy Ghost and they receive authority yes or no no how do we know that because we discovered that next book the book of acts that the Holy Spirit was not poured out in its sufficiency unfilled Palin calls that correct here's if you visit as I just told you with biblical but notice the gym that was given to us as the people that magnifies what I just say it comes from desire of ages page eight oh five the Holy Spirit was not yet fully manifest for Christ had not yet been glorify so he breathed on his disciples in preparation for an early rain experience of following the love I believe the time is is coming when Jesus once again will breathe up on his intellect his chosen called out people he will breathe upon them in anticipation of a last terrain which will fall upon this very people all over the song within this people reading on page five weakness no one goes on to say this is our gym the more abundant impartation of the spirit did not take place till after Christ's ascension not until this was received what was received early rain could the disciples fulfill the commission to preach the gospel to the world did you hear what I said if you don't grasp the gins and will be class we first thought as we look at the future and tomorrow we love it's clear it will see the gym and polish it off and look at it again through the eyes of Jesus as it was so it will be as Jesus was one with the father so the disciples were one with Jesus and one with each other and as a result acts chapter two takes place we determine there with me please assorted Chapter one verse verse four and being assembled you with Liam Jesus again he commands them not to depart from Jerusalem but the wait for the promise of the father which you said you have heard from me for John truly baptized with water but you shall be baptized with the what the Holy Spirit not many days from now no bailout for regarding rapid Jimmy is that they could not present the gospel the good news of God 's character to the world on till they had received of God spirit under early rain did you think that is convenient different before Jesus comes the second time no blog this one have to pour out his elaborate upon God 's remnant church before the gospel will be proclaimed for the entire world if Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever reading on let's jump down and take a look at another gym purity of the Christ object lesson hundred twenty one the gym listen to it the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost was the former rain but the latter rain will be more outgoing than that makes me want to know what happened under early rain are you curious take a look at chapter two verse one when the Day of Pentecost had fully come they were all with one accord in one place wouldn't that be nice to have a church where were all of one accord all my one accord even of the leaders were one accord what a great thing a man and suddenly notice what happens suddenly there comes a sound from heaven with a rushing mighty wind and this fills the entire house where they were sitting and there appeared to them divided tongues as of fire and one sat upon each of them hundred and twenty upper room men and women and they receive an outpouring of the early rain what was the gym we just read as it was with the early rain so it will be with the latter rain and what happened first fourth and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit began to speak with other tongues or in other languages as the Spirit gave them utterance I like this statement of the gym actually possible forty I can tell you what I believe happened here but listen to what is says under inspiration the Holy Spirit enable both disciples to speak with fluency the languages of man from that very day until their death they spoke with accuracy the languages of those for whom they labor there those today and would have us believe latter rains falling want to go for the record beloved is not fallen it is not begun to fall based on God 's word the latter rain is not falling has not fallen we might have a few dewdrops praise the Lord of some but in the A why I'm excited is beloved according to God 's word if it's true what Jesus said that as it was so it will be the day when I see evangelist traveled around the world without taking a translator will give me a clue that something awesome is we won't need a translator in those days because every human being wants last-minute people in the government must speak their language and their dialect as what were their mother taught that hasn't happened yet or occasionally in some remote places the receiver is actually hurt the English language but heard it in their tongue got still works miracles were talking international and universal state are you with me this move right along I have some babies cry chapter three verse one and you'll recall the story to the laymen has been there that day beautiful since he was born he's never why will you not using levers going before so he sits down near the only thing he sees Arkansan skirts in this particular day for him is no different than the other you saying all along all those Peter and John about one hundred overs present fixing his eyes on him Peter says look at us look at us is your eyes and look over the sermon raise your holidays from the depression of this world as seen by every moment of your life will salvation is only a list of Hattaway and so this man looks at what is little to what you have for me and what is Peterson Peterson is in verse six Silver and gold I do not have you mean I'm looking at you you want me loving you so you have something for me and you have no gold and silver could be that he had something of more wealth and greater value than gold and silver sorry says what I have I given to be in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ arrived he reaches down and picks him up and the man stands on things that it never been still gone before is little to help whose insignificance the Gold and the silver and the trinkets that fell into it brings significant because he now could well in the Bible says he not only well be linked and he shouted any praise God and Dave involved in my picture yet one man on one side and one on the other Peter on one side and John on the other and they made their way inside the temple and beloved listen to me the only reason Peter stopped was because God is working through Peter and through John the father had worked fruit trees in other words they were to get God glory in everything they do and Peter heard the voice of God is walking in the temple to do what he was going to do that day and suddenly it's like God says stop and Peter stop and he sees this man along songs and Mrs. God what he wanted to a God that I want you to healing and mining to Peter didn't do that on his own Peter was being told what to do Jesus never worked one miracle without the power of his father Basil Peter never worked one miracle about the living presence of God in his life and he says Jesus wants you to live today on your feet he wants to experience a better life than simply begging for bread and five thousand men took no five thousand men were converted to the Lord Jesus Christ that David of the one God and onto that man is set for years the date beautiful upkeep and law as it was so it will be again practicing medicine without a license is not allowed Peter Justin Strube were brought to argue with me as they deliver this level of Jim Ray Congress is six eleven says the work of the gospel will not close with less manifestation of the power of God Denmark its opening which is opening the gospel what began to happen on the early rain and the latter rain when it comes infinitely more powerful were abundant more spectacular than anything that happened under early writing miracles in Iraq not just in the mission field but everywhere God 's man though they are to be the voice of God to the people God speaking through the end to others listening to the voice of God that we would not assess them to do to get in for a three what do they look at chapter eight arrest verse twenty six not being lords that develop this is good arise and go forward and for the south along the road which goes down from Jerusalem to gaze the listening all had fellow settlers that you Lord I have heard a prolonged time Melville Philip knew the voice of God he knew the impression of God he knew the will of God and the gospel in club was on his way and had he not been immediately and in this picture in a story and Philip major crossroads receive this man going by the chariot you just have to be a very important man because his queen had entrusted him with the entire treasury in this Ethiopian is reading the book of Isaiah and is perplexed as to who is talking about is this the one who voted or sent by another person but he's talking about and Philip is privileged to jump up a notch area and explain the word of God to him and how is it that the Holy Spirit brings back to your remembrance those things that you want steady the Holy Spirit is speaking through the love below NES Philip doesn't go in to that chariot with a Bible study in mind because it will be given to you in that moment when you shall speak and the word of God begins to move up on this Ethiopian until the Ethiopian comes as a sake of their underwater when you could politely baptize preventing me from being baptized in the coming assortment of God in giving him all you want down in the water and with appetizers or fascinating those first thirty nine figure Bible says the savings mind when they came up out of the water the scribbler caught Philip away so that the unit so I know more and he went away rejoicing you wanted this ad is baptized by Philip and is losing the battle on the Hanford on his drums as thank you thank you thank you I will install a fight another son in his everlasting pink or infallible who took the white by the way you are aware this before and on site you agree those the next verse it doesn't leave them completely out picture of where he went Philip was found in Ashdod and passing through leverage all the cities that he came to Caesarea in other words one woman he's downsizing the unit the next moment he's walking on the streets in Ashdod and my question is they love you look at the map you tell me how I got there are you really thinking with me as it was so it shall be the talking from point a to point B Institute will purely believe that under latter rain even greater things than these will happen was that of another chapter I getting tired yet first thirty six chapter nine verse thirty six these are just things that happened after Pentecost is what you're falling your book to a fatal of because I was totally similarly having begun to see latter rain yet at shop others a certain disciple needs however here is a lady which is translated Dorcas this woman was full of good works and charitable deeds which he but it happened those days that she became sick and I you they wash during the quarter up in the upper room and they wailed and cried and lamented that she had gone and somebody got to thinking Peterson up our little scroll Peter and Peter Voyles him whom the Spirit need another twenty thousand to bring petered out and so they bring Peter for forty thousand meter was put out what all the others were crying and mourning someone puts them out and he kneels down by capital spending praise and noticed that turning to the body yes dad Bobby he says arises was at that latest tell you something my vital your Bible says that Jesus is the resurrection and the life even believe in him though he were dead yet shall be live in Jesus Christ is the one who resurrects the dead was at the call Tabatha so I choose us call her to life group leader it was so amazing that when she awakens having heard the voice of God and she looks not with what is when she opens her eyes she sees me that almost the disappointment I felt remote monitoring phases measurements and she's a greater than the regional picture and calls the Saints and the widows and presents her to them alive who razor up Jesus raised because Peter could never have done no man can resurrect another human being but Peter because thoughts of our binary and when you speak I'll speak because he was doing exactly what God asked him to do that's obedience and life came as a result none of the next verse some of the changes that we can this is because of this thing because of her resurrection it became known throughout all the drama and many believed on Peter Noel word went throughout all of it to him she is off with no one who resurrected Tabatha Peter but already where that will fit your needs are cumulative day in our year we want the glory the Hennepin right wanted the glory as long as we are a people hunting for glory and recognition and position an power and authority Jesus will sit on his throne you know something I discovered in my short life that Jesus has one thing we don't many of the things he's gotten hot on his you think of your time and mine is running out and feel you what I think envelope point where we will give Jesus our entire life our mind our heart our bodies are so large spirit our appetites our classes are wheeled my thoughts are worth our actions and everything about us Jesus will not come until the other people through whom he and works for you see he wants to get his father Galway and the way he does it is working through you and me but we want and as long as we want to glory he cannot receive a and he will not come about a wasted back here in chapter twelve Mrs. your last one then we does a Tabatha was resurrected was another early rain are you really thinking as it was so it shall be are you really thinking that when latter rainfalls that even death will no longer be a hindrance to the ongoing gospel the good news of salvation are you thinking with me this morning that the work of God will not close with less manifestation of the power of goblin markets opening the opening and closing the love is not to be something you don't want to miss Chapter twelve you miserable through all of this was Peter 's been taken captive by Herod thrown into a dungeon they've already killed John but that's no problem in latter days because John is not part of that select group that God is working through that member that select group like in the upper room a hundred and twenty a member that select group then simply resurrect John again and by the way just without impact on society your resurrection is not to be outlawed probably in the last days can't do that without a license in fact you don't interfere with other people 's business who puts away the greenback sound doctrine not understand about the medical system what happened when he was a vacant place and you don't have a license to practice you what you do can you understand why people go to jail General Y was put in here for your record in mind so we might know what to expect but you know what when we are in jail and give God glory original engine where God 's will in fact Jesus is in jail with us to think that because these in August where he can before they can delete evenly inside that prison than advocates of Jesus was inside me here when I say that both of Jesus verse forty three I like going as a leader in seventy two comes in at night and chains locking of the story runs into a MS as they congregate in iron gate and versions as evidence of the self because God is getting the glory Peter walks out of the night walk down one road and suddenly the angel disappears and Peter Chasen summonses for the only one that neither was left with chains on their arm Herod 's guards are the only one chained up Peter is pretty in the Lord Jesus Christ are you free today I like to think about a second Thessalonians one by the way publicize if you'd like to hear the testimony of Jerry Johnson it was recorded forty years ago I will reel to reel is on our website and you can hear the interview between my friend Lyle and myself and Terry Johnson in Michigan just pull up her website was orchards or post quality the one SPA orange okay just take a look at it and go to that historical interview listen to any could be impressed to hear from a woman who was his private secretary might find it interesting but I don't want your mind to ever forgive him telling you today ever ever forget to tell you they love because it's future what's coming to be more grand the meaning of refusal for notice of your and second Thessalonians chapter one verse nine these shall be punished to speak about those early loss in the last remnant of time we shall be punished with everlasting destruction from two things the presence of the Lord is like a consuming fire and from the goal already obvious power where pray tell is the glory of God 's power to be seen in the last day notice an expert when it comes even bad day to be glorified in me as slaves praise the Lord belonged almost to be glorified in a final generation really it means that he wants a group of people that will say yes to him every time he passed them so that he will get the glory and when he can be glorified in his saints they enable Warhol is a lower writing upon his people and they will be for ever see you settled in the truth intellectually and spiritually so they cannot be moved and what can happen Isaiah chapter sixty seven happened yet not for us it hasn't happened yet but it's going Isaiah chapter six is quoted for you to read it because it's in your book take a look at an underlying chapter sixty first one when that day comes and latter rain has poured out upon that special group of people in the ad movement God is going to say to that select group arise and shine for your license and the glad eye although the Lord is risen upon you for behold the darkness shall cover the earth and the darkness the people but the Lord will arise over you and his glad Lori will be seen upon you and Gentiles shall come to your PC above we do not need another satellite to finish the work God is not finishing the work the radio or television or satellite he's finishing up through human beings it was alliance he has opened from why so this is the glory not creating it and not have to send feed somebody else gets the glory amen John sees another angel coming down from heaven the earth is alighted with his galore and then he says in verse voices come out of her my people we give enough partakers of her sins or upper planes that are soon to follow beloved and that last week call when God is giving himself glory through his church through his people then the world will look at the Seventh-day Adventist church not from sarcasm not some thousand questioning not from some historical book that was written and silent white with yellow him pursuing the people like this we've never seen more place and people like this we've never seen trees is reborn like we see Jesus in the all that will be a payable don't you think minorities have seen the glory of a commune although all he has rambling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored he has loosed the fateful lightning obvious parallels where you saw it is strewn as being as I see all the school all written already Honolulu the blog already glory they lose you a you Lord a Google recon a loon the it is rural it is smaller to the all father today we thank you for your truth never dies but even today in society in which we live without is everywhere or disbelieve is rampant where men and women are constantly thinking of the negative in the critical today father we come to spend a few moments even less time than the Super Bowl justice he we give you in all the glory and the praise and the owner for this fine but we've had the privilege of spending together father for life is a gift loss and some of us are on borrowed time dismisses no I pray with your piece with your power with your love with your grace in Jesus he


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