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The Practical Key to Victory Over Sin

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries (http://www.pthministries.com)




  • April 21, 2018
    11:30 AM


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Father in heaven we praise you we thank you so much for the wonderful gift of life we thank you so much for the privilege of prayer and we come to you at that at this time seeking your Amazing Grace for the various needs of our own personal lives and we asking you father to do a miracle show forth your power in our homes help us to see the power of the everlasting gospel in a family we pray to God that you will forgive us of our sense and that will grant to show Holy Spirit who is the only effect will teacher of truth make your words plain to us today and at the end of it maybe we climbed just a little higher up on Jacob's Ladder is our prayer that we ask in Jesus' name amen you know. 1 of the great things that I'm very thankful for is the privilege of knowing the true and living God It makes you walk different it makes you talk different it makes you think differently Jeremiah the incredible prophet of God said listen let not the wise man glory in his wisdom let not the mighty men glory in his mind but he says but listen if anybody is going to boast he said let him glory in this that he understands and that he knows God himself it is a privilege when you can begin to understand the voice of your Heavenly Father when you can know God is speaking and he's not just speaking to a world as Brother Carducci made it very clear in Sabbath school he's speaking to you he's speaking to me personally I have the attention of the master and the creator of the universe. This is what Adam and Eve had in the very beginning of time can you imagine that in fact the Bible shows us something so beautiful and I want you to see it in Genesis the 3rd chapter go to Genesis 3 with me and I want you to see how high privilege that Adam and Eve had in knowing. Their Creator the master of the universe the Bible says in the book of Genesis the 3rd chapter and when you get there let me know by saying amen there is a point in this verse in fact if you look back at Genesis to go back you know just right there yes are you still there but look just consider Genesis to write God created man in His image and in His likeness and the Bible says something that's very strange it's actually only mentioned once if I'm correct in the entire Bible in Genesis Chapter 2 was the same verse $25.00 it says in Genesis $225.00 it says and they were both naked the man and his wife and they were not ashamed do you know that I don't know of any other inference in the Bible where it says that that we can be before God naked but not ashamed when you study the Bible carefully nakedness and shame actually go together last night we talked about loud to see in Revelation 3 they think they're all right when they're all wrong and it says that 1 of the symptoms of that disease was nakedness wretched miserable poor blind N. make it now what did God counsel them in verse 18 he said I count of the to buy of me gold tried in the fire and then he said and also white Rayman that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear you get that nakedness and shame go together in Scripture. It was Isaiah that he was recounting the cow the an armies that was coming through to take the Israelites captive but in the promise of the Word of God that eventually they'll be brought out of that bondage in a mighty hand God began to say and Isaiah 47 versus 1 to 3 God began to talk about how go through the waters you daughters of the Caledonians it says on covered by lots if you're talking about the King James this is uncovered by locks the word locks is better termed veil in the Hebrew take off your veil then this is uncovered make bare your legs and uncover your thigh God was telling these daughters of the cow DNS go through these waters he says I want you to remove your veil the veil was something that was worn on the head and what it would do is it would go from the head over the woman's hair and then it would go right over her chest area so when God would say uncover the veil it was removing that so the nakedness of their breast area would be seen then he would say make bare your leg uncover your thigh go through the wards and he says your nakedness shall go before you yea your shame shall be seen nakedness and shame go together in the Bible but Adam and Eve as a result of being covered with the glory of God they were able to be naked and not ashamed you see all of us in this room when they could right now when they can but the reason we're not ashamed is because we've got something covering our nakedness and it's called clothing you get that under these crazy well make it Would you agree but you're not ashamed about that because you have a covering Adam and Eve were naked but not ashamed because they had a covering God was covering them with the beautiful light the glory of his garments of righteousness but by time to get to Genesis 3 what does it say happened in person. The Bible says in the book of Genesis Chapter 3 right there in verse 7 it says and the eyes of them both were open and now they know that their make it the you see that their eyes open now why because whatever they had they lost it once they chose to sin once they chose to join sides with the rebel leader they lost their covering they would make it their eyes open they know that they were naked and then instead of repenting they tried to cover up their nakedness with their own works they said let's go ahead let's make our own coverings a lot of people today what was that covering called in Scripture it was called an apron Isn't that right you know a lot of us today are wearing Adam's apron and you can know if you're wearing Adam's apron very easily any time you're convicted of something that you're doing wrong against the will of God If you got a conviction even for a hot 2nd that I assure you was not the devil the devil has no interest in pricking your heart in my heart to say you know that this is sinful you know that this is wrong the Bible doesn't leave us aloof then if it's not Satan then who is it isn't John 16 right there in John 16 The Bible tells us who it is the Bible says in John 16 go there you can go ahead move from Genesis very well in fact keep your finger on Genesis people going to pick back there in a 2nd but right there in John the 16th chapter you don't have to wonder who it is it's not Satan that is convicting us of our sins. The Bible tells us who it is in John to 16th chapter if you're there let me know by saying amen Bible says in John the 16th chapter right there in verse 8 talking about the Holy Ghost the comforter it says in verse 8 and when he is come he will do what he will reprove the world of sin and of righteousness and of judgement my brothers and sisters there is no way that we can see our sins except it be by the Spirit of God making it known to us there is no way that we can see Christ Our Righteousness except it be by the Spirit of God making it known to us talk about our need for the Holy Spirit any time we get that trick what you just said to your wife was not right you need to go ahead and fix that you need to apologize how you just spoke to your husband that was not right you need to go ahead and you need to reconcile how you just spoke to your brother or to your sister or whoever it is in your family whatever you just did right there that was not right that that unsettling feeling that voice that is going through our frontal lobe my brothers and sisters when ever that happens that is not saying Bring it on that conviction that is none other than God. The Spirit of God always brings it to our attention that we might repent that we might make that wrong right that we will go to God to say Lord forgive me have mercy upon me and then we go to the individual whom we have offended and we say my husband my wife my children my son my daughter whoever it is please forgive me I am sorry God is all about reconciliation but Adam and Eve didn't do that Adam and Eve had an opportunity because I can guarantee you when their eyes open they knew that they were naked The Spirit of God was letting them know you just did something wrong you need to make it right but instead of them. Repenting turning away from their wrong going to God confessing their sin acknowledging their faults and seeking His Grace Instead what did they try to do they tried to make up their own covering you have a tried to cover up your wrong doings the way that we can know the Adam's apron is going on is when ever that voice picks us and lets us know you just messed up you just did something wrong that wasn't even right how you just spoke to your wife your husband your son your daughter your brothers or sisters what you just did to your fellow brother or sister even in the church God says once that prick comes to us that is God letting us know don't put on that apron don't try to do some work of some deed or even some quote unquote good deed to try to hush the voice of guilt and not seek the savior many of us today are wearing Adam's apron because we know we are hearing God speak and you know it's so sad we can get to a place my family that we can tune out is a most frightening thought we have in worship in our home the other day and it's just this past week and I remember I was talking to my son and daughter the rest of my family were out and we were having worship and I remember we were talking about this and I said children I said I am discovering more and more every day it is a fearful thing to reject God yes it was talked about pilot we were going to Matthew 27 and we were talking about pilot pilot he didn't even realize that he was if I may use this term blowing him on his own self he was making it known what he was doing wrong they go to plan and they say we want this man Jesus dead we want to kill his wife was the 1st witness his wife comes and says listen I had a dream about that man and she didn't refer to him as that man did she she said that just meant another word for just his righteous. His wife was and I had a dream about this righteous man don't do it then pilot himself he himself has a dialogue with Jesus and when he had a dialogue with Jesus it is hard you know 1 thing I've learned about people I've learned to do this I learned to do it a long time ago probably learned it for the wrong reasons and I was used to be in business and all this stuff so I learned a long time ago the power of looking someone in their eyes when you're talking to them and so I know how to talk to people when I'm talking to Michael look I'm strictly eyes and as they talk and I just look at them in their eyes I'm not like you know I'm not trying to like hypnotize him or anything but I mean I I believe it is a sign of respect that when I'm talking to somebody I look them in their face I guess OK OK Yeah you know my eyes are fixed right on and God had to help me train my mind to do that but what I've learned is sometimes when we are fearful deceptive embarrassed or any of these type of negative elements 1 of the hardest things in the world to do is to look somebody in their eyes if you haven't noticed that it's hard it's hard to look somebody in the eyes it's almost like this something that's being revealed all we are revealing. Is looking Jesus in his eyes and Jesus is looking back upon it and by way and I don't know if you've seen this is actually a movement right now a kind of marvel that I don't know if you are seeing this but there's a movement right now that 1000 how many thousands of people line up in a religious type I wish so much I can remember his name this is real this is happening right now 2018 there is a man who has become. And people get online. By hundreds and thousands just to come into the venue and all he does when he comes in the venue true story all he does when he comes in the venue is he walks in and he just looks at you and people literally start they start crying. They start breaking down they start feeling they start experiencing in their minds healing is a movement right now I wish I could remember the bell just watching the video the other day and I said boy we need to get out there and get the 3rd angel I mean because you know it's just that was the thing that came to my SO Lord if we could just get everlasting Gospel look at these people these people are so hungry that they actually think they're fed by staring some man in his face what if they had actually heard the good meat the good food of these ancient words pilots of Jesus in his eyes he asked them what is truth and Jesus tells them the pilots convicted again pilot goes back out. All right Brad this is Jesus and better than to go through that whole exercise and then he gets to that point where he saw that those people were not going to yield and so the Bible says so that he might content the people he gave them barabus and condemned Jesus and he said his own words of condemnation I said Lord even realize what he said he said. I washed my hands of not only this innocent man but he also said from his own lives this just man and then he did the thing that a lot of people do you have a do something wrong and you know you're wrong and you know you messed up and you are convicted and the message has gotten across to your mind very clearly that what you just did was wrong but that wicked beast that we're going to study about today I'll leave the beast name this nameless right now that beast within starts to rise up and instead of us yielding and repenting we more boldly do the wrong thing even more boldly we do it now as a pilot in Polish trying to quiet his conscience to what is probably due to quite as conscious palaces you know what I know I did wrong whatever but I got acquired by conscious of what is probably due next pilot says scourge of Baden and then pilot has Jesus be. And then they put his clothes back on and send them out Adam's apron trying to do something to quiet our conscience try to do something to make us feel better about the wrong that we did rather then doing simply what God says then as a result of Adam and Eve doing this the Bible lets us know something that happened so now let's go back to Genesis 3 Let's watch what happened because this study we're doing today is saying prick my heart had me up last night got me up this morning going over different things with my bride from my side and as my wife and I are talking about our different things and I'm trying to do left brain right brain I'm trying to multitask and think of both things because this thing would leave my mind the Bible says in Genesis Chapter 3 we're back there now what happened the eyes open they know the naked they try to do their own works to cover their sins and what does it say next is says Now verse 8 and they heard the voice of the Lord walking in the garden in the cool of the day and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the trees of the garden and the Lord God called on to Adam and said on to Adam Where Art Thou and he said I heard my voice in the garden and I was afraid because I was naked and I hid myself and he said who told me that I was naked and asked the eaten of the tree where if I commanded the that thou shouldst not eat and the man said the woman and of course we start going down this terrible roller drive of making excuses the woman you created the serpent you created it and then to get kicked out the garden a beautiful marriage beautiful a relationship broken because of sin and the effect of it was due it did not just break the heart of Adam to be removed from the garden it broke the heart of God. We must understand that God hurts when his people choose to do that which is wrong it hurts him if somebody would ask you what was it that killed Jesus was Aren't it was a broken heart wasn't it if somebody says show me that in the Bible would you take them in some 69 notice what the Bible says in verse 20 How do we know what actually killed Jesus the Bible tells us in Psalms a 69 to vision it's actually what we call a messianic psalm in it's a psalm yes of David but it's speaking about the son of David Jesus and the Bible says in some 69 notice what it says right there as we look at verse 20 in some 69 in verse 20 the Bible says reproach Jesus literally tells us what killed him. It says a sound 69 in verse 20 it says reproach had broken my heart and I am full of heaviness and I looked for some to take pity but there was none and for comforters but I found out this is how Jesus lived closed out all by his lonesome none of his friends were there to truly be with him and to support it what was it that killed him reproach is a reproach is what broke his heart now the question is this well what's reproach if you think that's a natural question reproached Broca's hardbound fully understand what reproach is so what exactly is it that killed Jesus yes the verse says reproach but we need to go a little bit deeper according to the Bible what does reproached mean Robert S. chapter 14 in Proverbs the 14th chapter we don't have to wonder and we definitely do not have to guess the Bible makes it clear what reproaches. It was reproach that killed Jesus and we need to know what reproach is and the Bible says in the Book of Proverbs where and what chapter we're in chapter 14 and I want you to see what it says in verse 34 The Bible says In Proverbs 14 right then verse 34 it says write this this does what to a nation right is this exults a nation but sin is a reproach to any people what is sent him approach so when it says that reproach has broken my heart that's not clear enough what is reproach reproaching as sin so what was it that killed Jesus it was sin was it here is no it was yours it was mine it was I since killed and you know I was think about this you know what what do we call a serial killer was a serial killer how do you explain a serial killing say again now talk to me repeated murders in there right now I want you to think about that a murderer a killer is somebody who you know for whatever reason be a robbery a crime or something like that they kill somebody they do it once that person is properly termed a killer or a murderer but when you kill somebody and then kill another person and then kill another person and then kill another person and we kind of go on this spree of killing that is when that person is no longer merely a killer but now they have earned the term a serial killer my brothers and sisters did you know the Bible shows in Hebrews Chapter 6 verse 6 that every time we choose to sin we crucify that's another way of saying kill we crucified the Son of God afresh. And bring him to an open Sheen sin causes pain this is why God raise up the church and sin does not just cause pain to the 1 whom we have offended but it causes pain to us every time we sin we hurt God again every time we sin we hurt ourselves again nobody comes out a winner now watch this the reason diaries of the church is so that the church can go and live and tell the truth is you know that this you know the how do you know how God defines the church in the Bible go to 1st Timothy Chapter 3 I hope you don't mind studying do you mind study rather you don't understand I really want to study go to 1st Timothy Chapter 3 I want you to watch where the Bible says this is what God refers to his church as I want you to watch this 1st Timothy we're going to Chapter 3 How does God look at his church what's the term that he uses what does he call it by what is the reference it by those with the Bible says 1st Timothy we're now in what chapter Chapter 3 now watch verse 15 in 1st Timothy Chapter 3 in verse 15 How does God refer to the church God says but if I tarry long that down there is no how about orders to behave by self in the house of God which is the what Church of the living God And how does he close a verse the pillar and ground of truth how does God refer to this church the very pillar and ground of truth why does God have this incredible love not an infatuation for sure it's a love for truth why does God love that so much it's very simple Jesus said You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free. When those arrogant Jews responded they said this and then we'll be Abraham's Free see and we've never been in bondage hairy men how safe now then we shall be I'm a free Jesus then clarifies in verse 34 of John 8 and he said this whosoever committed sin is the slave of sin Christ wants us to understand that sin not only causes pain it is the literal source of slavery and is only 1 thing that can make people free from sin and that is truth thank God Jesus says I and the Way the Truth and the life no man comes into the Father but by me my brothers and sisters I want you to think with me Jesus knows that the truth has so much power and he raised up the church to be messengers of truth by way of precept and example you see I am a black man in case you haven't noticed and I speak with authority the solution to black on black crime or white on black crime it does not matter if it is a police officer doing the killing or another brother want to street doing the killing the solution never has been and never will be going on a March I want you to listen to what I'm saying to you I know that what I'm saying to you is authoritative The solution to seeing a bunch of black people getting killed is not to go on March marches to gather a group of politicians and to get all the news networks to show up and to record us and for us to go into people's faces and say stop killing us you know I watch 1 of those articles where somebody yells in the person's face stop killing us. And I thought to myself you know a text came to my mind I'm a man of scripture and I often find that their scriptures that are very relevant to the things happening in our world today and when that person looked that person in the eyes and they said stop getting us I know they meant it I know they were screaming out of desperation because they just don't know what else to do but the text that came to my mind was can the Ethiopian change its skin can the leopard change its spots then how can you do good when you're accustomed to doing evil you think you can get people to stop doing evil because you yell in their face to stop doing it you think that you can remove bigotry from the heart of a man or woman because you tell them to stop being a bigot racism is a sin issue and until the axe is laid to that route every other effort will bear very little fruit when we look at the L G B T lifestyle again as long as we open up the word see a lot of churches are closing the word opening their minds that's the crisis we're in we have closed the straight word of God And now we get no philosophical This is why the church is in trouble and God wants us to understand that it's not even so much of a man to man issue a woman to woman issue it's a sin issue don't get caught up in smoke screens there are a lot of wickedness and crimes and evil that's happening in our world and God has the solution but that solution is has to be found in something that's so powerful that it can actually destroy sin there's only 1 man I know that can do that why go to many religions and I sat around many I used to be Muslim myself so I understand many tenets of Islam I used to roll with the Hebrew Israelites I understand many things with my Hebrew Israelite brothers and sisters. But it's funny and this always seems to be the common denominator and I love it personally when I ever whenever I get to travel and I meet my brothers and sisters from all sorts of walks of life religious walks of life I love to talk to them and when we start talking when we start vibing I always get to this very key question for me because I find that this key question is so important that if you can't answer this right it seems like nothing else matters my wife and I my family and I we used to love on Sunday morning sometimes when we lived in Georgia we would go to 1 of our favorite restaurants it was called Soul Vegetarian and then we would go to so vegetarian and they would make you some pancakes healthy no sin in it good health reform food and we would go ahead and go in there and we would you know kind of make our orders and place our stuff and it was a brother that I used to always see I was the creek or the obvious secret would come up to me older gentleman used to walk up Stone Mountain you know and just you know healthy guy fit God so I got used to seeing him he got used to seeing me so he would always try to indoctrinate me to some of the Hebrew is really teaching so I would just be like OK brother Sikri what you got for me today because I'm like I see you're from afar but I know you come in so just go ahead bring it when you get there the secret would come up to me a brother and then you know you start throwing out his doctrines and he starts throwing in Hebrew words and starts throwing in all this stuff starts talking about the land that you know we as a people got to get over to and all this other stuff and I said Brother Sikri Can I ask you 1 question he said sure. I said what is sin brother secret is well it's doing wrong I said how do we define what's wrong. I mean you just you just know what's wrong I said but doesn't Saddam in the wise man say that there's a way that seems right unto a man but the end there are other ways that he said it twice Proverbs 1412 Proverbs 1625 I mean a man said it twice must really mean what he say and. He didn't know what to say to me so I told him I said Sin is lawlessness and we're not talking about violating running a red light we're talking about God's law not that we should run red lights God's law is very clear obey the laws of the land as long as they don't violate the laws of God don't want nobody leaving his brother women told us to run red lights he said OK and then I said Now here's my question what's the solution to sin I love asking that question it gets to the bottom line when I talk to my Muslim brothers my Buddhist brothers my Hebrew Israelite brothers I say what is sin and then what I want to know is what's the solution to it because I already know the answer there will be no victory over sin 1st Corinthians 15 makes it crystal clear that I think that given us verse 50 for the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ that's what it boils down to and so God wants you and God wants me to get victory over the thing that causes so much pain to his heart and to ours and that is sin that is the crux of our message is to show people that there is a power source out there that can and able us to live above the calls even of our own sinful natural heart this is the Gospel like I told you the other night a gospel that's not practical is a worthless gospel How long are we going to keep disrespecting our brides How long are we going to keep disrespecting our husbands how long are we going to continue to just be who we are to the point that sometimes we brag about it well that's just who I am you are some I say that look that's just who I am that's just me like you to love it. Says you don't want to stay who you are I don't want to stay who I am because I know for sure I will not have my eternal inheritance God needs to do an extreme make over for us to make it into the celestial joists. And so I started to study this thing out and as I started to study it out I started wondering how exactly a sin birthed and God actually helped us this morning in Sabbath school but now I'm going to bring us back to remind us go back to James Chapter 1 watch this in James the 1st chapter I started to look at it and I said all right I've learned the cure is always found in the cause the more that we identify the cause of our problems the easy the easier it is to embrace the cure to our problems the Bible says in the book of James what happened we're going to have Chapter 1 very good in James Chapter 1 I want you to see what the Bible says Now watch this verse 13 verse 13 says Let no man see and when he is what tempted I am tempted of God for God cannot be tempted with evil neither what tempted he any man are we clear God does not tempt us please understand that God tests us but God does not tempt us you understand that a test is given to make you better not bitter any teacher that cares about their student you test them because you want to make sure that they embracing the education so that way they can have a better experience in life is not right so God has no problem with testing us because the end of a test is always to make you better but the devil is the 1 that tempts us because a temptation is always to pull you down and make you worse that's why the Bible says God does not tempt his people so never ever put temptation on God when you are tempted that is the devil and our own cultivations. But that's not God continuing now it says continuing in verse 14 but every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his 1 of those 2 words own lusts there's something going on in my heart that I want really bad and the passion for it is getting so strong that eventually I'm going to do what the next verse says So what happens is there's a passion there's a desire that I have that is seeking to put me in a direction that I know is going to take me down is going to make me worse it's going to hurt me and it's going to hurt other people OK now going on it says in verse 15 then when lust have conceived it birthed it brings forth sin and sin when it is finished it brings forth death so when I started to look at it the foundation of sin is the fulfilling of my own lusts the understand that because God wants to give us victory over sin but if he's going to give me victory over sin then he needs to help me with some of my lust issues the word lust is simply an uncontrolled desire or passion for something you don't just lust after men and women you could lust that the food you can lust at the power you can left after money you get that all right so notice the foundation of sin is when I want to do what I want to do this is why Ellen White uses this term which is totally accurate all sin is selfishness all of it. You cannot commit a sin without doing what self wants to do you understand that. You can't commit a sin without doing what self wants to do that's how it works this is something I what regardless of what God says regardless of what man says I want it and sooner or later I'm going to yield and to do it so all sin has its roots in selfishness but do you know that there is something in selfishness we need to address because until we address this victory over sin it's still not as real you see to get Victor of a sin is to give victory over selfishness to give victory over selfishness did you not do you know was the foundation to all selfishness selfishness is self doing what it wants to do rather than what God or anybody else wants right you know is foundational to all selfishness is that thing right there pride pride the foundation all forms of selfishness spry and as pride is tickled tent Alliance and cultivated it increases a selfish desire and then that selfish desire is pursued and it brings forth sin so to truly get victory over sin is to give victory over selfishness and to truly get victory over selfishness we need to get victory over pride the more that God can help us overcome this we could thing called pride you see if you really think about it we've all been duped to some degree I mean I'm a black man again so you know what I used to believe in black pride today if you're gay somebody's going to talk about gay pride if somebody is Latino Latino prep Everybody's proud to be a song we used to listen to in our home by a man by the name of James Brown and he used to say say it loud and then everybody would say om black and I'm proud and it was cultivated. Inside many of us this thing called Pride and I began to study it out because I said Lord this is really the issue do you know that pride can creep in ministry we can even be proud of in serving God Can you imagine somebody else looking like of course I have salute Lee pride is so deadly I started to study it out because you know it's funny black pride gay pride this pride that pride all this pride you know 1 thing I've learned when I study the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation if there's 1 thing that God does not speak favorably of or celebrate is man God does not speak about the greatness of man in Scripture the scripture is a revelation of our true condition you never see God You know I was taught I was doing a class with my children and we were talking about self-esteem because you know in the world they tell us we got to have better self-esteem you got to have better self-esteem we must build up our self-esteem 1 of the problems with our youth today is that they don't have enough self-esteem. And men don't listen to that thing and I said you know what let's study this as a study of children was doing class you know my wife and I tag team together in our homeschooling I suspect to a class on own self-esteem so we started to do it and we started to talk about it self-esteem synonomous self-confidence something you develop confidence in yourself and I asked my children 1 by 1 I said how many of you believe that we need a little bit more self-esteem and I 1st they were kind of like. Well maybe and I said OK well let me show you this way go to 1st John 5 more bring you to a text of Scripture that a lot of times we read through it too fast we'll read a slow I want you to watch this 1st John Chapter 5 because I'm going to spend a long time ago God is not interested in self esteem because God does not want us to have confidence in self this is the issue. Once confidence in self comes in it is the perfect red carpet to invite pride So what is the Bible say in 1st John 5 I love it we sing this song don't we when we sing the song the 1st John 514 it says and this is the. Now what are the next 2 words no sorry this is a confidence that we have what are the next 2 words so stop right there where is our confidence supposed to be in Him Our confidence is in him I don't read anything in Scripture that encourages us to have confidence in yourself that is a very far in teaching by the way it's a very weirdly teaching and it belongs in the world and not in God's movement these false forms of psychology are dangerous and so it is that the Bible teaches our confidence yes we can have confidence but our confidence is in him now why what is wrong with having confidence in a little bit of me what's wrong with the fact I'm not a saying I know how to teach I know how to do a lot of stuff what's so wrong with me having a little confidence in myself 1st of all we're deceived because go to the Book of Acts 17 knows what the Bible said the book of Acts the 17th chapter and I believe what access right here if we understood this verse carefully I don't know how any of us could boast about anything the Bible says in the book of Acts to see 17 chapter and it says it right there in verse 28 X. the 17th chapter right there in verse 28 What is the text say the Bible says in X. 17. Verse 28 it says for 1 of the next 2 words in Him Now I know this for and him we do 3 things 1 of those 3 things we live we move and have our being do you know that but for the grace of God You can't even blink your right eye and blink your left but for the grace of God You cannot put 1 foot in front of the other foot and you could definitely not go for it and then side and then backwards and then back into your spot do you know it's the grace of God that enables you to even do that you know how I know I used to work at a company in New York called Y. AI young adults Institute I work with people who were mentally disabled and duly diagnosed and we used to go outside and have to take them to go to the restaurant or to the grocery store to get food and I remember 1 young lady who would walk with us and we would walk and we were just walking and we came upon a curved line you know how we do it when we're walking on a curb how many of you have to look at the curb and then walk over and all of that did you do that when you walk on a curb Don't you see the curve coming in it's like it's a difference like yeah you know if you just lift your leg up over the curb and you just keep talking right back I'm walking with my friend she was 1 of the patients at Y. and has a walk in there she's walking with us and I'm like you know because that is that and then I start walking and I looked at a sign I know she wasn't there I looked behind me she's way back still at the curb She's at the curb doing this she's at the curb and she's going come due and I need your help come come come and I had to go over to her and take her hand and then she would just go. And then she would start walking again things that we take for granted things that we take for granted when I had to show a gentleman how to hold a spoon you and I could pick up a spoon and we could probably Twitter that thing between our fingers this guy would have to pick up a school and he doesn't know how to use what's called his motor skills. We don't understand how blessed and privileged we are these individuals have gone to trauma they've gone through accidents they were born with challenges and so on so things were not 100 percent as God planned for the human existence to be so when you and I come in and our brains are functional our bodies are functional and everything else we need to understand in Him we live we move we have our being in the little book called Medical ministry page 8 and it says that every heart beat it says every heart beat every nerve every muscle every cell moves throughout the body and is supervised by the great I am. The creator of the heavens and the universe actually watches you when you go to sleep and he's literally looking over you and making sure Hearts moving just for cells are circulating beautifully through the system muscles a beautifully relaxing brain waves of functioning just fine he oversees it all in him so why in the world do you think you're great when you can preach Why do you think you're great when you can teach Why do you think you're great because you can sing why do we think we're great because all these things that we've been privileged to do but for the grace of God you could not do any of these things in Him we live and move and have our being and that's why I believe X. 1728 and 1st John 514 are beautiful text to put together this is the confidence that we have in him. I reject and I rebuke the idea of self esteem because the message is not to teach the people how to have more confidence in themselves we are living in the time we need to have less confidence in ourselves and more confidence in God. It's a difference between true education and education and science falsely so-called And so what God wants us to understand is that this in this thing called pride you and I need to get rid of it get rid of the human pride the black pride the Gay Pride it's all of the devil God has no he does not have his hand in any of these forms of pride the Bible is very clear in Proverbs 16 in verse 18 that pry comes before destruction I don't want to prepare the way for destruction Jesus says I came to give life and I came to give it more abundantly so when we study this thing called pride I looked it up in the Hebrew the word pride arrogancy pong swelling these are the things that are building up in our heart always this is why I keep telling you all this some of y'all don't listen very well but I keep telling people stop complimenting me and stop complimenting preachers you're hurting us when you do that we can't handle it I'm being straight up with you we can't handle it you keep telling us all this stuff there's a little voice that starts to say here you know I actually am pretty good actually think I'm kind of wise and it will stop be proven because when when when you non presenters when you little coming to listen and listen to us if you come to us trying to correct us with scripture do you know that there's a bug that sometimes comes in the event of this mind that says what do you think you are on the other how do you figure that have you been in the schools have you studied like I've studied Have you read the 9 volumes when a man says that to you I just want you to know this that's pride when you are lovingly coming to someone to say brother or sister I just want to share something with serve that what you said so and when they immediately come back have you been a ministry as long as I have have you gone to the conflict Ages or the 9 volumes. When they start talking about stuff just know Lord have mercy and pride is in the mix Father help me and help them because we just identified the pride and now what's going to happen is if we don't check it is going to swell it's going to get bigger and bigger and bigger This is the thing that's even in our homes this is why there are certain husbands and certain wise it just cannot get along do you know the foundation of every argument in the whole the you know the foundation of every argument in the home Proverbs Chapter 13 you've got to look at this text bowl when I read this text I said Lord have mercy look at this thing Proverbs 13 and it's not just arguments in the home arguments amongst ministries arguments amongst brethren all this fighting that happens amongst each other what is it that we are told in Scripture is the guarantee foundation notice what the Bible says proverbs we go into what chapter alright Chapter 13 notice what the Bible says In Proverbs the 13th chapter The Bible says In Proverbs 13 right there in verse 10 what's the 1st word only can anything else fit No it says only by what pride cometh contention only if somebody is having contention with another some bodies proud somebody is proud only by pride it comes contention you understand that God was his thing he wants to give you real victory over sin not that talk victory over sin all is a lot of meetings can't meetings group meetings gathering meetings conferences Bible studies and everybody's talking about victory over sin but God wants to give you a real victory over soon. And you cannot get picture of a sin and seek a victory over selfishness and the foundation of all selfishness is pride so if we don't fight let's fight intelligently we know that pride was built up and began in the heart of Lucifer did let's go through that text you remember and Isaiah 14 how our fallen from heaven old Lucifer son of the morning how about cut down to the ground which does weaken the nations for that has said where it always starts in the heart that's why you need to guard your imaginations we are told in inspiration that the 1st work of reformation is to reform the imagination I believe that's Volume 1 for 69 is that right I believe check me on it but never the less we are to guard our imaginations Now watch this he says for I have said and done heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne about the stars of God I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation in the sides of the north I will ascend about the heights of the crowd I will be like the most high this was Satan's self exhortation and noticed the key thing that was in it he costly was saying what I have learned this sin and pride both have something very much in common they both have I in the center of it the foundation of all sin I the foundation of pride I is a constant gawking in gazing and looking at an uplifting self God says I want people who I want my people to pay attention to this I want you to notice this this is the issue my brothers and sisters so at the end of the day what really is pride pride is when we exalt ourselves above God and His Word as upright is foundationally. Pride is when we exalt ourselves above God and His word now this is not enough I want to stop here but the Spirit of God said no take it further doing and so what we're going to do next is we're now going to look at some key examples of this because we need to understand it and how it works so then that way by the grace of God we can experience a real victory over pride which we victims over selfishness which will be victory over sin Now watch this pride 2 roads at least I'll say at least I always leave room because there's so much more God knows in me but there are at least 2 definite roads of pride and I want you to see these 2 roads and when I show you these 2 rows I want you to ask yourself be prayerful Lord which road Am I on because no 1 in this room is exempt from experiencing pride not a single 1 including the man that stands before you giving the message I promise you this message is just as much for me as it is for you in fact I'll correct it it's more for me than for you because when you start traveling and when you've got people taken you all over the world and when people begin to look at you as some level of an authority upon the Word of God etc There is all. Voice that's telling you how great you are rather than How Great Thou Art always any preacher tells you otherwise the line that thing hits you there's a voice I don't say we all surrender to it but there is guarantee there's a voice and there are many preachers in this room know what I'm talking about there's a voice that lets you know how wonderful smart great you are etc etc And even while you talk in humility your heart is actually swelling in the process with conceit. I wish those were my words that Christ object lessons page 159 now watch this pride to reduce notice the roads number 1 when you think of pride 2 roads number 1 the US Open pride the 2nd road is call hidden pride we struggled with 1 of these 2 if not both open pride hidden pride now the question is how do we know the difference thank the word thank the Lord the Word of God He got has all the answers in Scripture Now watch this open pride we can look at strengths Let's go to Luke the 18th chapter open pride is when we look at stare dark and constantly spend time focusing on our strengths let's notice what it says Luke the 18th chapter in Luke the 18th chapter I want you to watch what the Bible says Luke the 18th chapter open pride I might even trying to hide it I'm a let you know Luke 18 and watch what the Bible says as we consider verses 10 to 13 now watch this the Bible says In Luke 18 verses 10 to 13 if you dare say men Luke 1810 to 13 The Bible says 2 men went up into the temple to pray the 1 a Pharisee and the other a public and the Pharisees stood and prayed thus with himself got I think he that I am not as other men are extortioners unjust adulterous or even as this public in I.E. fast twice in the week I give ties of all that I possess and the publican standing afar off would not lift up so much as his eyes went to heaven but small upon his breast seeing God the merciful to me a sinner. Open pride is when we consistently consider our strengths we look at our strengths not in a spirit of thankfulness to God and understanding a higher duty of service to our fellow man that's a good way to acknowledge a strange God is the 1 that gave me my strength and I am therefore held doubly responsible on how I use my strength to be more low and a servant to others that's a good way to acknowledge that this guy didn't do that this brother was there you know I'm glad I'm not messed up like these people in the churches that constitute Babylon I'm glad I'm not messed up like then we look at people that are living contrary lifestyles to our lifestyle and we say I'm so thankful I'm not messed up like they are these people are sick and disgusting I'm so glad I'm not sick and disgusting now Gaza scuse me there are things that you and I may do that makes him sick and disgusted makes him want to vomit is not right what we're we become more and more blinded by those realities when we're busy consulting our strengths you know people will be lost as a result of consulting their strengths you remember Matthew 7 not everyone they see as Lord or sell into the kingdom of heaven but he that do the will of My Father which is in heaven many will say unto me and that day is a lost people many a will saying to me did not prophesied what are they consulting their strengths did not proper sign your name did not cast out devils did not do many wonderful works what are they talking about their strengths what they did that was good at least in their eyes but what was the problem Jesus said you did not do the will of my father you see God's will more than anything God is not so much interested in your activity. There's a quotation that I actually put it on my watch and I put it on my phone and I set it for 4 reminders in the day every day 4 times in the day my watch will go off and I just go and I'll just look and it just pop up and you know my watch in my phone reminds me of every day gospel workers page too old for what a man is has greater influence than what he said. 4 times a day I said Lord this is so powerful I want to reminder on this 4 times a day at least my phone and my watch goes all to let me to remind me to Wayne always remember what a man is has a greater influence than what he says and I can tell you the true story of a real I'm a real God you know I'm flesh that you can touch me you can see it watch this there was a time I was in my home and I got agitated about things that was happening outside of the way that I felt things should've been happening so I started to get a little agitated and as I got agitated I was like you know what I need to address this because this is this is this is ridiculous and this is stuff and as I'm getting ready to go to the other room to address it. What a man is. Has greater influence in what he says Do you know about face my wife than even about face father it was like the Spirit of God said angels quick hit the button. And a button just hit what a man is his great influence and what he said My brothers and sisters the problem with these people yes there are people doing false forms of gospel work I get that but there are some people that's doing right forms of Gospel works but they're not converted. You see the will of God In verse 21 of Matthew 7 that will of the father that they were not doing is spelled out in 1st this alone eons for in verse 3 it says this is the will of God Even your sanctification God's will is that he wants you to be holy as he's holy when you and I hold the as he's holy then we can do holy works with much more power but as Brother Mike just showed ministers practicing some of the most vile and base sins while they're proclaiming the gospel void your power 1 sin cherished will neutralize the entire power of the Gospel that's what Jesus told that rich young man in March after 10 he said 1 thing the lack of that 1 thing cause that man his whole salvation 1 game with sin can neutralize the whole power of the Gospel and so God wants us to understand listen this issue is a major issue do not they were consulting their strengths but they paid no attention to their weaknesses so God says please guard your heart whatever it is good that you and I can do understand that there was a power source that enabled I to do the able you and I to do the good that we're doing and that's why Jesus said Whatever you do good you know Jesus loves us so much he told us what to say when you do something good you nobody told us to say go to 17 initially what he told us to say when you do a good thing I want you to do this next time you are if you look at 18 is just 1 chapter over so go to 70 I want you to watch that if you do a good thing you teach a good class you do a good deed for your wife or your husband and that demon starts coming in man you great you just you're incredible You're better than everybody I bet you there's nobody else in the church that didn't like you did. When that voice starts speaking to you and start saying all that wicked stuff Jesus actually told us what to see when we do what's right Luke 17 The Bible says a loop the 17th chapter notice what the text says look 17 we're going to go ahead and start at verse 7 but which of you having a servant plowing or feeding cattle will say unto him by and by when he is come from the field go and sit down to me and will not rather see unto him make ready wherewith I may say and good by self and serve me till I have eaten and drunk and and afterward eat and drink so he saying you know your commanding your servant make my food get me set up 1st and then after that then you can go ahead and eat Now what does he ask in verse 9 does he think that servant because he did the things that were commanded him was the answer I trow not in other words no he doesn't and he doesn't say thank you because he's like you did something you were supposed to do so notice what it goes on to say in verse 10 so likewise he when he you shall have done all those things which are commanded you say what we are on profitable service we have only done that which it was our duty to do can you imagine God knows how we could our hearts are that he actually told us what to say when we obey he knows that's how messed up our hearts are again when we do right was 1 of the things we feel you have a hope you have held the door open for somebody to say to me you know you tell me if you are late you have held the door open for somebody and somebody was going to look at you and you just keep walking and what goes on in your mind. Going to say that is like. Let me see them try to come in this room again in a sense that natural natural rises up in the heart natural. And all of a sudden we say they are unworthy of a 2nd chance what if God were to say we are unworthy of a 2nd chance. Do you see how if I may say it how messed up we are I mean if you really see it you know I'm saying you do something good for somebody the goal of God is to do good because it's good to do good but so often we are so merit oriented that it's like I got to do good so I can get a reward I got to give something back and Jesus is trying to transform that because that's going to mess up heaven is going to create a lucifer part 2 and we're going to go through this stuff all over again and Jesus is like I'm not going through this again since I'm not rise up affliction shall not rise up a 2nd time name chapter 1 verse 9 it's not going to happen again why because he's going to do an extreme make over on every single 1 of us we've got to get to that place they went out in the door you walk through we say right and we just keep going. Keep going don't even think about it don't allow your mind to dwell on him but if that person is can you imagine because the more you start talking to going to get mad just don't talk about it just be like OK and just keep going just be happy that you less people 1 way or another God let's no good deed go unnoticed for long sooner or later come back let's bring some of these things to a close hidden hidden pride how does hidden pride work I was praying this morning God is good I said. I don't I am very afraid of adding to the Word of God not because of oh I don't want my name taken out of I don't want to be you know plagues added to me and that's not my only motivation for those type of things but I'm just like Lord I just want to honor you want to represent you right because I know you don't always get represented right you are like my father like like I love you for real and I want to represent you right so that that's what So I'm living on my bed and I'm just like. We're going to find it in my wife she is getting ready and she heard me I was just like I don't want a system I praise God All of that was so sweet I said something like that and I was like well what will happen now is like I can't tell you I said I've got to save for the message so this is the point so it's like. This is it now study and study and pray and I was like what really where is his pride in Scripture Now don't forget remember what pride is right pride is when we exalt ourselves above God and His Word member that OK we saw that exemplified through Lucifer himself he's exulting himself above God and His Word now watch this so we got this open so now open pride focusing on our strengths hidden pride is when we focus on our weaknesses now watch this go to the Book of Exodus chapter 3 I was like pother where as an example of this is scripture I want to be faithful I don't want to add to the text I just want to be real with the text Exodus Chapter 3 watch this in Exodus the 3rd chapter and I saw this as it is the Bible leaves nothing uncovered I don't know why people don't spend more time in the Bible I'm serious look at Exodus Chapter 37 to 12 right so Exodus Chapter 37 to 12 God commissions Moses to go to Egypt and tell Farah let my people go so God of Moses I have a dialogue you know God reveals his power to the burning bush and now watch what happens when Exodus 3 verse 7 it says and the Lord said I have surely seen the affliction of my people which are in Egypt. And I have heard their cry by reason of their taskmasters for I know their sorrows and I am come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians and to bring them up out of that excuse me up out of that land unto a good land and enlarge unto a land flowing with milk and honey and unto the place of the Canaanites Hittites of the Amorites of the parasites and he invites in the genocides now Therefore behold the cry of the children of Israel is coming to me and I have also seen the compress the O.P.'s in will with the Egyptians oppress them come now therefore and I will send the unto pharaoh that bring forth my people the children of Israel out of Egypt the Word of God was clear Come now and do this I'm going to deliver with a mighty hand it cetera what does Moses say in verse 11 and Moses said unto God who am I that I should go on to Pharaoh and that I should bring forth the children of Israel out of Egypt now versus $12.13 and he said Certainly I will be with me so god reassures them certainly I will be with the and this shall be a token into the that I have sent the 1 that was brought for the people out of Egypt you shall serve God upon the mountain and most are set on to behold when I come into the Children of Israel and shall say unto them the God of your fathers has sent me on to you and they shall say to me what is his name what should I say unto them and God tells him his name so notice God tells Moses what to do God lets Moses I got you I'm going to do this because he did not say you shall deliver or you shall come down God says I'm going to come down Moses is representing God You understand a god like I'm taking this thing on myself Moses I'm asking you to be a messenger. God says I'm not asking you to be a power source I'm just asking you to be a messenger but what does Moses say he consults his weakness or who am I how far gone listen to me this what is going on in his mind then in Exodus 4 it gets worse in Exodus For now go 1 chapter 1 as they say in Exodus 4 in Exodus 4 in verse 1 it says and Moses answered and said But behold they will not believe me nor hearken unto my voice for they will say The Lord have not appeared to me so again he's consulting his own weaknesses he's consulting what he cannot do even though the God of the universe is telling him I'm the 1 that's going to do it your my messenger versus 10 to 14 then it says And Moses said unto the Lord Oh my lord I am not eloquent neither here to for your sins that I have spoken to the servant but I am slow of speech and of a slow tongue and the Lord said unto him now I want you to notice that the Lord says simply responds right but I can't do their fair is not going to listen to me it's all right well let me tell you this but a lot of people say that I never saw you all right well here's this but a lot me I'm small a speech do you know that this is actually a form of pride is the 1 that's not so obvious that's why it's called Hidden what is Moses still doing he's doing the foundation of pride which is to exalt yourself above God and His words he's doing that but it's a hidden pride some people's pride is on their strengths other people's pride is on their weaknesses but at the end of the day we're doing what we want and not what God wants. Continuing it says in verse 12 I'm sorry verse 10 and Moses said into a lot oh my lord I'm not eloquent neither here before nor since that has spoken to the servant but I am slow speech of a slow tongue Ursuline and the lawyer said unto him who have made man's mouth oh make of the dumb or deaf or the seeing or the blind have not I the LORD NOW THEREFORE go and I will be and I will be with my mouth and teach the what thou shalt say verse 13 verse 13 and he said Oh my lord send I pray thee by the hand of him whom thou will send can Moses is rejecting the call of God So what does God do now in verse 14 and the Lord and the anger of the Lord getting different now God is saying Moses listen there comes a point in time parents you cannot allow Parenthood in these verses the child but Mommy and Daddy OK what we're going to need to do is this next mom and dad that's OK no problems and going to do this but Mom and Dad OK with this in the let's just try to get in but Mom and Dad this isn't. There comes a point in time that is part of parenthood the father's support to represent the sterner virtues it's an advantage home so there comes a point in time to look them in the eye and say listen I mean what I'm telling you right now and I need you to go do it I don't want you to talk back to me on what do you understand you know and the world is actually cultivating this stuff now calling phone numbers and telling people to come to their house and all this stuff brothers and sisters there comes a point in time where you have to take that stance is that anger of the Lord was kinda against Moses and he said is not Aaron Valley and God just began to walk him through 1 more time my point is very simple where we're at this close and. All I want to get this thing but nevertheless the key is that pride is a great challenge and the only solution to Pride is the opposite of pride. And the opposite of pride is humility will cover this in the last few seconds here when Jesus walked on this earth Jesus said and he that sent me is with me the father have not left me alone why he said for I do always those things that please Him Jesus his whole life was doing that which pleased the father and John 8 and verse 29 his whole life it got to the point that as a result of him demonstrating his whole life being subservient to the Father that the Bible says that eventually being in the form of God he thought it not robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no reputation and took upon him the form of a servant and was made in the likeness of men and being found in fashion as a man he home with himself and became obedient to death even the death of the cross Christ was the complete opposite of Satan Satan was exulting himself before God Jesus was humbling him self before God the way that we come always so see my brothers I'm trying to think how could I do this with you because I feel I could be a crime for me not to show you this true humility skepticism and unbelief are not humility implicit belief in Christ word is true humility true self surrender is I may just 535 that is what humility is humility is not a little brother how are you doing friend what's going on my brother and my sister some time we said when I saw him because he talks soft. Or whenever they talk to you there's always a low position like you doing all right OK All right. What I'm saying is that these are good virtues when it's genuine. I do believe that when the humility of Christ calls a man you're not going to be like Hey How you doing you know and all in people's face you will have a gentle position have a gentle disposition about you I do believe that you will have a gentle disposition where you will kind of a brother how you are sometimes we we make that humility the fact that we had always been down when we talk or they always talk low they never dress nice they always seem to dress really out of date and just you know and we say look at how humble he is as if you can't wear a nice outfit and still be humble we got to watch that stuff seriously get that out of your mind that is not Biblical that is fanatical You can dress 2018 and still be humble the key is don't go around showing your nakedness Don't get me confused and out of those a man is it a woman I don't know to get that stuff out you understand that no cross-dressing no effeminate none of these things that bring forth confusion do not wear stuff that blinds my eyes because your stuff is dazzling in my face there are principles of dress that we definitely need to keep in mind if we are the children of God but we need to erase this thing about the more and kept my hair is the more you know trashy my clothes look all ripped out of whatever this is you merely get that out you had police you can have a nice car and still be humble you can live in a decent home and have a nice home and still be humble so please don't go there the bottom line is that true humility is simply implicit belief in the Word of God. That's true humility now I need to write this down because I'm not going to be able to present this any more. And I apparently was enjoying myself too much of this message so the key I want you to see is this this is the suit to me I couldn't wait to get to this slide so we're going to do is do is this and they'll take about 4 minutes and it will be done here we go practical steps to experiencing truth unity I am going to put out a challenge to each of us if you know pride is a beast not just outside of my heart but inside of my heart I want every man and every woman every boy and every girl in this room to please pay attention to these last lives I noticed Dear God gave it to me watch this how can we truly address the issue of pride number 1 is by experiencing God's humility but when we go through the humility of God I want you to watch some practical steps these are not all but these are some good steps for the next 30 days I may give you a challenge and we give you a challenge what's our challenge are you ready number 1 every day. I want you to study something about the closing scenes of Jesus' life study something about the closing scenes of Jesus' life if you are 7th Day Adventists I'm going to encourage you to read volume 2 of the testimony of the church page $2215.00 the cost of the Cross it is hard to read that and not really see which is Savior did for you and it's going to bring about in your heart a desire to more lovingly follow him in addition to that I'm going to encourage you to study the book the chapter Calvary from desire of ages study the chapter Calvary from desire of ages these are just suggestions then study as many lessons from the cross as you can find in the Scriptures when you read 614 I'm crucified on to the world of the world to me there's a lesson from the cross. When Jesus was getting ready to go to the cross in Isaiah 53 it says he complained not as a lesson we learned about the cross when Jesus was on the cross and those people said his blood be on us and on our children crisis Father forgive them for they know not what they do gather as many lessons from the Cross that you can find and seek to implemented in your life where it is a political number 2 take time for communion with God and pray 3 times per day some city 517 evening morning and at noon will I pray and cry aloud and he shall hear my voice I want you to take 3 times in the day do it according to your schedule evening is a period of time morning is a period of time Noon is a period of time pick somewhere in those time frames but every evening every morning and somewhere in the noon pause from whatever you're doing get to a quiet place and spend some time talking to the master number 3 every quiet moment you have seeing a sacred song and repeat favorite victory verses to yourself you see all those Victory verses I thought to myself Cisco might do you know that I wrote you can clearly see I put this in my notes of victory verses I did that this morning and here you are put it right here victory verses That's the spirit of God You see that Lord knows I got to coordinate this puzzle beautiful start thinking of songs when you're in those quiet moments washing dishes walking through the house just started lifting up a song we praise the. For the Son. Of for Jesus Sue died it is now gone. And the glory. The glory revive us. You just walk through the house. Sings sacred songs whenever you get a chance and you just go into the house and you just have a quiet moment now and to him that is able to keep you from falling to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy to the only wise God and you start quoting Jude $24.25 you see all those quiet moments take a time to sing a sacred song repeat favorite victory verses next 30 days point number 4 Create practical barriers from going into indulging habits elation 6 in verse 1 says if you see others fall into a 4 fault you are spiritual restore such a 1 in the spirit of meekness but then it says considering yourself lest you also be tempted so therefore consider yourself what are your weaknesses become acquainted with your weaknesses and then whatever weaknesses you have set up the appropriate barriers that makes it difficult for you to go back to those weaknesses some of us need to go back to dial up because your high speed is getting you in trouble some of us need to get rid of smartphones and go back to flip phones because maybe a smartphone is getting you in trouble distracting the daylights out of you you get that practical barriers songs on 1011 for the for the moments of sacred song and birth victory verses that's the 1 that says I hit by word in my heart that I might not sin against the point of the 5 who are love this 1 immediately act on what God says to you without hesitation this is very important immediately act songs 1000 in verse 60 says I made haste and I delayed not to keep my commandments once the Spirit of God says to you you haven't prayed to me today you should spend some time in prayer stop what you're doing and immediately go and pray because the more you consult yourself and say well you know I've got to think about my schedule I've got to think you're going to literally the whole time will pass by. When the Lord pricks your heart take a look at this word you haven't read my word at all today pick up your Bible take some time to pray you should go call that friend you haven't spoken to them in weeks you don't even know if the dead or alive once the Spirit of God pretty hard to do something immediately act on what God says to you without hesitation next be intentional in sharing Christ with those who know him not Proverbs 1125 says he who ordered us shall be watered also he who waters the more you share Christ with others and you watch what Christ does for them it literally creates a fire in your own belly take some time for the next 30 days make a covenant with God let this be your lifestyle along with everything else you do figure out how can I fit this in Lord and the more you do it don't be surprised if you find while my mind has been so fixed on Jesus I don't have any time to consult how great I am and what I'm doing and all these other things it is powerful and you know what not only is a powerful we have a promise you know the promises Let me show you the promise is a promise we are promised pride and self esteem cannot flourish in the hearts that keep fresh in memory the scenes of Calvary cannot. God says I got the package God says I can kill that pride in every single 1 of our heads do you see you see I'm a let you know my check my trick is very simple if you do for 30 days I hope it becomes habit that you don't stop and let you in on it right now. I'm hoping you get such a paradigm shift in the way you live that you're going to say why in the world would I stop doing this when I think about how much my heart has been lifted my anxieties were gone I seem to have had a peace that passes all and why would I want to stop though it's very funny how about day 303000 how about they millennium my brothers and sisters cry simply says victory over sin is necessary and it's possible but to give victory over sin is to give victory over selfishness and to give victory over selfishness is a good victory over pride and the only thing that can kill pride is the humility of Christ that humility of Christ must be our focus our study and that's why I'm encouraging you meditate on those principles that we put up on the screen you meditate on those principles make it your practical reality my hope and my prayer is that God will show you 100. Out of his last question how many of us understood the study and then we are going to do a question and answer session later this evening please write them down we want all of your questions don't hold back give us everything that you need to know we want to do all that we can to make this weekend as edifying as possible my brothers and sisters God has the solution to our problems God can kill that pride in every single 1 of us we're all infected thank God Jesus is the remedy and it's a practical approach to Jesus that will give us the victory we need and so I know that you want that victory and if you want that victory let's go ahead and so signify by standing to our feet together you will find that all God's bidding this are enabling is not going to leave you stranded he's not going to tell you what to do what I give you all the power of heaven and earth to get it done and so thank the Lord that victory is ours. My hope and prayer is that we have really transformed homes transform lives pride is in the home as in the church pride is everywhere but God has real power to. Close with a word of prayer thank God for what he's done in our hearts today FATHER We praise you we thank you Lord we love you and our desire is to love you more we thank you so much that as real as pride is. Even more double the real is the humility of Christ my hope and my prayer is that through the experience of true humility explicit belief and cooperation with your words through the power of the merits of Jesus Lord I pray that you might show all of us how to overcome that open and hidden pride that we will no longer consult our strengths nor weaknesses but will look into the hills from whence comes I help knowing our help comes from the lower if we are we will look to your strength if we think we're strong Lord we will look to see how strong you are may cause us to be abased and I pray in the name of Jesus. That we have such a real victory. Our lives will never be the sea. Keep us on to this and we ask. We ask it all in Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about the universe or if you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit W.W.W.. Verse or.


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