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Stud or Steward: Revealing the Tainted Image Within

Eugene Preval


Being a single male in today's society has varied expectations which can come with spiritual disadvantages. As a result, men face the difficulty of choosing between measuring up to the standards of the world versus God's ideal especially in relating to women. In this session, we will discover the underlying issues men secretly face and the hidden void that God alone can fill. 




  • April 21, 2018
    3:00 PM
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My father in heaven I want to say thank you again so much for us being here and Lord we want to invite your divine presence we want to look at the man Christ Jesus the humble man from Galilee the 1 who we ought to emulate and model our Life After we X. Christ are you may forgive us off sins and Lord also hide me behind the cross this we aks in Jesus reverent name Amen. If you ever Bibles let us turn to the Book of Genesis Chapters 1 the Book of Genesis Chapters 1 Genesis Chapters 1 title of this message is the tainted image the broken image that god. When he created man what happened the broken entity image because in the beginning it was him broken it was a perfect place a perfect creation a perfect man but we want to see 2 passes of scriptures before we dive right in to look at this and Genesis Chapter 1 Verse 26 can someone read that for me Genesis 126 what a strong voice what a strong voice. It. Is. Here. All the. Lines are so how is man made according to the tax. In the image and what else the likeness of God Now go to Chapters 5 of Genesis and we're going to read the 1st 3 verses of Genesis chapter is 5 we know what took place in Chapter story the fall of men but notice what it says in Genesis chapter is 5 reading from verses $1.00 to $2.00 this is reversed once it to someone with a strong voice. If the book Daenerys. In the. Not as this it was not only man that was created the male figure but also the female and what did the Bible call them Adam you notice how in Genesis Chapters 2 Her name is not Eve's it was after the fall and is a reason why now pay close attention I want to see the statement taken from inspiration as will progress to verse $3.00 notice what it says concerning Adam Education Page 15 paragraph 1 when Adam came forth from the creator's hand he bore his physical mental and spiritual nature a likeness to his Creator God created man in his old image Genesis 127 and it was his purpose that the what longer men lived the more fully he should reveal his image the more fully reflect the glory of the Creator So in other words the longer Adam lived 3 days a week a month of year it goes forth he will reveal more and more of the Creator's glory and his character and notice this you see the next sentence all his what faculties were capable of development their capacity and vigor will continually to increase that all involved. His frontal lobe as well as his passions now let's go to verse 3 of Genesis Chapter 5 notice of the Bible says and Adam lived a what 130 years and begat a what. After his what. After his what. And called as what they called his name south question whose image and likeness was south after. Whose image unlike was Adam after before the 4 God something took place something took place I want you to see something that when the fall took place Adam has transmitted to each and every 1 of us specifically men an image and likeness that he possess that the Creator had no business of dealing with another individual came into the picture and placed an image not going to show you a quote I'm going to skip on the next slide but I want you to see this quote real carefully let me see. OK got it I'm going to go real quick I'm going to go back to this but I want you to see the statement right notice what it says right here this is as the Bible Commentary volume 7 page 125 paragraph 1 I'm trying to build a case and then we're going to look at some studies the image of what Satan was upon men not the image of God and Christ came that he might bring to them more power anything and see what DIDN'T man lose. In himself when the fall took place according to the statement. The image of God and His likeness what is concrete concerning this they were not inspiration such as moral power and Eve in Sea World morals tell me very practical virtues right or wrong bags exactly right what man lost the ability to choose right. Over wrong were custom to do evil and not good and Christ came to restore that in US Now I want to look at 1st Timothy's chapters. 3 Let's go to the book of 1st Timothy's chapters 3 when you have a cement for me. First to Missy's chapters 3 and actually it's Says me Chapter 6 1st Timothy's chapters 6 of. What I'm going to do as will progress. Because we have inherited a fallen sinful nature and I want you to listen carefully it is natural for you natural for you to be accustomed to do things that you were not originally designed to do what am I talking about this segment of this study now we're going to look at why we have trouble being single and satisfied I remember growing up. As when I went through high school especially in college everywhere I look someone was in a relationship. And you know what happened I wanted to be in a relationship. And when I realized that I was with the wrong girl and things were not going to work I say you know I had to get into a nother relationship as a result and I was a Christian and I remember when I 1st came into the message of the understanding of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ I still was not happy and satisfied now just to set the record the terminology single satisfy it doesn't mean you have to be single for the rest of life like Paul did what it means that you are in a good position mentally that you are happy and you don't lack anything does that make sense now let's go to a chapter 6 of 1st Timothy's notice what the Bible says reading from verses 6 let's read it all together of word by word as says this but godliness with concept is great again verse 7 for we bought nothing into this world and it is certain we can carry nothing out notice what it says verse 8 and having food and read let us be there with contents question what is contents or contentment. OK satisfaction you so my brother. Not desiring something that you don't have out a story surpasses the Scriptures or the word contentment or content and how it's utilized and we're going to go to the original Greek of how it was used and for some of these most of the Bible says here an exit is chapters 2 verse $21.00 Moses was content to do well with men and he gave Moses a poor his daughter he went from Egypt to the plains of the field where shepherds guide their sheep he was content notice of the Bible says here look chapters 3 Verse 14 this is John the Baptist's addressing the soldiers the Bible says and the soldiers likewise demanded of him saying What shall we do and he said unto them do no violence to no man need to accuse any false Lee and be content with your wages be happy of the salary that you are receiving especially your hourly notice what is says he which of this 30 in verse 5 let your conversation be without covetousness and what and be content with such things as he have for he has said I will never leave the north or save the notice how this word is used in the Greek it means self satisfaction or contended Inus or sufficiency and not a sort of says a feeling or showing satisfaction with one's possession status or situation question nor unraised Is there anyone here that fills. The area of self-satisfaction in other words there is nothing in your mind no trace. Of stating that wow I wish I really had that you know Lord if I had a wife that I'll be so happy Lord I'm doing ministry accent or Oh is there anyone here in their hearts are you being honest yes my brother. Yes. I'm. Right. I am an eminent I appreciate their honesty and you know I'll tell you this much we're continually growing and will continue to learn more things about ourselves but where God wants us to be we're going to look at where he desires for us to be a man now I won us to see very carefully of this illustration of someone when you look at yourself in America this is what you really look at because we saw that Adam was made after the image of God after his likeness but then again notice this picture right here what do we see. OK a reflection what else do you see. A broken mirror or you might say a broken image or a broken likeness. I'll tell you this much. Ever since I've been doing this study I did not realize how much men in society are broken but they are quiet about it we hear more women that are broken more women go into depression Well we rarely hear about men being broken and men go to depression and I write on my rock Now I want us to pay close attention to this article I came across this is men's health and this is November 21 2017 Being single is harder on men then it is on women do you believe that notice what it says here on men's health the survey found that 61 percent of single women reported that they were content on their although no men on the other hand weren't so comfortable only 49 percent said that they were content without a mate now those sort of says the study also found that guys are much more likely to want to partner not with the women 75 percent of women said that they had to actively pursue finding a partner in that past year compared to 65 percent of men who said the same it goes further men on the other hand have a harder time opening up and without a partner to confide in they could feel especially uncomfortable many men still largely finding it difficult to be what open about their what. Do you know is about thoughts and feelings. It makes it more character whether Jesus wants to restore the accordance of the statement bring more power any fish and see if it goes forward the absence of a partner can mean that they have no 1 they can talk with about their issues affecting them and it goes even further duck told money issue with this in mind it is perhaps unsurprising that attached males struggle to enjoy their single status. Can someone tell me probably 1 or 2 has why do you think men have a hard time according to this article being single and attachment Yes. OK. Yes So. I. See. The more. You think. OK I like that I like that. You just quoted the Bible Scripture how God said that is not good for men to be alone but then again Salamat leave his father mother's house and cleave unto his wife so therefore man was designed to desire a woman the opposite sex OK that. Here OK. OK. OK OK Yes only here but the article just like you said yes see yes he said Rich yes article can't say all women are looking for any guys are always coming here to shoot people all of its faults like you see men men see. I don't really pull out the sky that's true just don't suit me the way men see yeah OK just like he said in the scripture sums it up even terms right by nature. Men were after we see Yes yes that's so true yes well more have a look at it biologically speaking to the parent yes ah like that. Is waiting so those of us for. Over 300000000000. Context Yes Good now I have a question for you is there anything wrong being single yes it's not good for man to be alone make help just like Genesis creation maybe. And then you know you do and I'm OK here OK candied OK yes or no is it is it is there anything wrong being single listen to the question no no no at all if that's the case they'll be something wrong with Jesus because he was single OK but but but follow through yes before I proceed on. Yes I want to understand something there's nothing wrong being single however understand this. Is it true that there are things in our lives that's actually creating a habit I need to be with something and as a result it's wrecking our lives I need a lot I need to fill my desire are there are things in our lives that's actually creating that without our control environments that is putting us in pressure and telling us if you are single men therefore you are not a man and you know when I was in school if you don't have a girlfriend. You know what they would say. Now Now granted they would use those terminologies sadly but now I also want to point out something which is even more striking how many of you on social media buy the razor hands Facebook Twitter etc Now I want to pull out this article I want to see something very carefully noticed what is saying about over here pick the brain social media is wrecking our lives heres how notice what a Says right over here 3 thinks discontent and comparison this is what people do a lot of viewing other people's profiles seeing other pictures how many likes Do I have man no 1 did a put a no is actually commenting on my photo and then it says solicit soliciting attention trying to captivate people's attention upon you number 3 difficulties in getting around in the off line world do you know why because you are creating a reality that is not true when people see your photos and by the way people are good at doing Adobe Photoshop I'm a 1 time when My Space was popular you know I met someone online except for you know but I was like wow she's pretty when I met her in person I was shock I'm like What in the world just. Now that was probably the 2nd to last time I saw I was trying to be nice you know but except we have to reality we have to realize that it's the pictures that you're seeing. Exactly some people are photogenic right notice what it says right over here a new study funded by the National Institute of Health label social media as 1 of the major causes of depression. A to $98.00 person $298.00 person case study at the University of South 4 reported deaths 50 percent of the participants said that their what use of social networks like Facebook and Twitter makes their lives worse. You're on the job right and your role as a male you're looking at so many different images of women that in reality the average woman is not like that. In reality you're creating a picture in your brain that this is the person that I would want to meet so therefore you put high expectations go in life and as a result you cannot meet or meet that person and you know it's even sad when you meet the person you meet men they don't have the personality I can't connect with them and then you see him try to find the next person and it's a domino effect until you realize you're like literally 60 or 70 years old and you're still unhappy because you're going about life trying to seek happiness in someone else who's in the broken image of adult notice what is this next 1 now I want us to pay close attention to this $1.00 because this is crucial it's not only social media that is affecting us men from seeing who we are and being realistic but also I found out that something else is affecting us in secret because when we are online viewing profiles we start to do things in our imagination and that's called Lost things that is creating images that are not true as anyone familiar with a barn or a group research group barn or research group. It's a Christian organization that does research in regards to different religious groups but in this research they actually surveyed it's untitled They surveyed about $770.00 pastors. And this is what they found in their research notice what it says here who is struggling in the church according to the research this was done in 2015 men of all ages and stages but especially marry men are coming to passes for help with pornography struggles notice what it says right here pastors sought help in dealing with porn from their congregation 59 percent single men 36 percent teen boys 33 percent and with the women it's very low like 5 percent or 4 percent and notices these are ministers it goes even further Rob you see worse is right here daily right over here about 8 percent and then you have weekly 10 percent once or twice a month about 21 percent is married men but here you can see the numbers over here for single men but I also want you to see this other 1 this is teen struggling in the church more than half of the youth pastors have had at least 1 teen come to them for help in dealing with porn in the last 12 months. Although teens seeking help are mainly boys there is still a significant amount of girls seeking help from youth pastors noticed or says in the past 12 months how many teens have come to you for help in deal with porn notice was 32 percent want to want to 5 months and want to 50 percent scuse me that I think that's the age group and then it goes even further and it gives you 92 percent of high school boys 57 percent of middle school and with the females is 23 and 10 percent it's very low you know I'm showing these figures I can show you what how the world is struggling but in the church the numbers are no different from the world but it could be even worse you know why you're professing to us to live a life that is not true and no 1 sees what you're doing in sequence this is serious not a sort of says here church leaders and by the way I'm up picking our leaders our pastors I love them amen but I'm just showing you how the men are struggling in this area notice what us as only a percent of pastors think that a pastor should resign his or her position if he or she is struggling of porn most pastors think that he or she should do with the struggle to counseling or countability and notice what it says here about 82 percent The question is which of the following do you think are usually a good idea when a pastor struggling the point notices 82 percent say find a professional counselor. Number 215 percent says have a group of mature Christians who can hold him accountable. 58 percent says tell the spouse I don't think that's going to work notice what it says right here find a council or who is a pastor at 21 percent says Tell the elders and deacons in board at the church now I'll tell you this much it takes a lot of boldness to come up in a front to tell your board members what you're really valley with knows this next 1 if a church finds out its pastor is using porn 41 percent of adult Christians think that Pastor should be fired or X. to resign if they are found to be using porn younger Christians are more likely to take the lieutenant approach now I tell you this much 41 percent say he should be fired and X. to resign. Now for the record sake sometimes for the sake of the flock it is important to be able for that individual to step down for reason for the sake of the precious mind's eye makes sense but at times what I realize is when a women is at fault we give a lot of mercy and grace to them but the 1 in men isn't at fault we tend to be a lot harsh and not give grades doesn't make sense is a true and there's a reason why it's true because I want to address something which is crucial is very crucial. When you're a social media specifically men we tend to go on these social media just to look at women with Jordi of the time especially those that are struggling and then it will lead to footsteps possibly to struggle with pornography. Now I want to read a statement for you taking from the pen of inspiration every single 1 of you are Christian men but we have someone who is trying to take us down trying to humiliate you and ruin your reputation at all costs how many of you are in a ministry by there isn't any form of ministry where there's music Bible study OK good I want to read the statement for your notice what inspiration says here in values 5 of testimonies for the church page 114 paragraph 3. Young men it states have received the truth and run well for a season but Satan has woven his messages about them in unwise attachments and poor marriages this is this he saw would be the most successful way he could a lower them from the path of holiness for While some of these you've bore the Gospel armor with dignity and grace you can walk interests a man our brother is powerful just as long as the heart and mind were in subjection to Divine Will there was prosperity but. When the I was diverted from Jesus and attracted to onward the objects then it was that self asserted that the sway that carnal reason oval bore wise judgment and integrity and a Christian armor was thought too heavy to bore by those so young in years it would do of old experienced soldiers of the Gospel but it was too heavy for you. The tempter offered many suggestions calculated to cause and constancy added verse elation in the Christian course and I want to share something with you. I realize too that it's not just social media it's not just going online pornography does a straw man there's a key ingredient that's affecting each and every 1 of us how many of you by the rays of hand were raised in a hole where you had both father and mother there by the Razor fence of care how many of you were in a home where you had only your mother there. How many of you were there who actually lived in a home where you had only your father dear OK how many of you were in a home where neither parents were there OK I appreciate your honesty I'm going to share with you to stick of how important a figure of a male in the home is to a young man. Did you know that within the family circle the male figure has a greater impact and influence in the wife and the children than any other member in the family. Do you believe that. Do you the question my statement was do you believe that the male higer has a more influence than any other member of the family the mother and the children and do you believe that the male figure has a greater influence over the mother as well as the children and that is yes there's a reason why now some men may not believe that they believe that the woman can take care of everything except her but I want you to pay close attention to these statistics and show you why this is very very important. Right here according to the National Fatherhood of intuitive. Mississippi the mission of THANK YOU Mississippi has the highest number of children living in father absent homes 36.2 percent followed by Louisiana 34.4 percent and Alabama 30.7 percent this was taken in 2013 there are 2000000 single father Hulse holes versus 10000000 single mother households in the United States father absence is to blame for many of our most intractable social ills affecting children the all at it as think you are correlation does not imply. Causation does not apply to the effects of father absence on children notice is next when it gets even worse in America 23.6 percent of children which is about 17400000 live in a father absent homes in 20141 in 4 children live in a home with out a dad. Children living in a female head in homes with no spouse present have a poverty rate of 47.6 percent over 4 times the rate of children living any married couple families notice is next right here adolescent boys with absent fathers on a more likely to engage in delinquency then doles of fathers who are present terms of crime activity stealing etc Children raised in a father absent home are more likely to experience behavioral problems 92 percent of parents in prison are fathers. Notices next right here compared to pregnant women without fathers support pregnant women with fathers support experience a lower prevalence of pregnancy loss 22.2 percent compared to 48.1 percent. Dads involvement during pregnancy positively influences health outcomes for mom dad and baby daughters are less likely to engage in risky sexual behavior when they have consistent contact any sense of closeness with their dads fathers involvement in schools is associated with a higher likelihood of a student getting mostly A's. The absence of a biological father contribution to increase risk of Child Maltreatment In other words abuse involved dads lead to less distress and toddlers do you believe what we just read through. Do you know how serious a father's images in the home. Do you see why in the book of James chapters 1 do you know what James says that true religion and under fall before God and the father is this to visit the what fatherless and the Wiggles in their afflictions and to keep himself on spot of from the world who is the fatherless the children who doesn't have a father in a home who are the littles the ones who don't have a man there who was deceased a man's image in the home has a great influence and God knows this and God has great regard for this so he says an easy to visit the fall of this in the widows. The message of John the Baptist's Malakai chapters for what was his message the actually the spiritual John the Baptist's and Malakai Chapters 4 is speaks of the Alija coming you know what he's going to do he's going to turn to what hearts are the fathers to the children and the Children's to the fathers do you know I am presenting this there is a great lack of men connecting with their fathers. Fathers connecting with their sons. You see this picture right here father son relationship. If you live in a home with your mother your mother cannot teach you on how to become a man period I don't care where nobody says a mother cannot teach you how to be a man. Only a father can you know why because The Father has at you buttes in his character that you possess that he can transmit to you natural leadership security and protection. That is your role when you become a man and you have a home of your own. A man naturally can exhibit authority you know why because it's instilled in him for boy who does not see that you know what's going to happen he's going to try to look for for someone else that's why he gets involved with gangs that's why he gets involved in societies or you can say secret societies so they can cope with each other and you know what they do to men men who didn't have a father in their homes there are more likely right to get in a relationship with women you know what they do all of us and it when things in turn out that the way they expected they break up with the woman and they cause more damage you know why I give a quick example of how serious this is. I have a friend of mine actually. Before I go there I want to share my experience. I love my father so much my parents are go to my parents you know I'm Haitian and Cuban in a culture is very strict. My father I remember it was because of him he woke up early in the morning my brother my sisters to have devotion with us and you know what he did he would always make sure to read the Bible he always makes sure over the scripture MEMORY VERSE. But I'll tell you this much in church if you see him he was not like 1 of the most spiritual guys in the concepts of who his Bible except wrong but if you came to the home he had the house in order he was very strict and it came to a point in my experience as a child I came to the point of hating my father because how strict he was I grew up in Queens New York why I can go and play basketball with the other guys why can't come home late at 12 pm or scuse me 12 AM I was constantly go I'm back in full why I can't watch T.V. why we don't have cable paper view etc etc You know what happened once I got to high school I got influenced or whatever they say I took it at its word whatever my father said I did not take it at his word then college came oh boy they incarceration chains are now less loose if you want to say what I mean. College really open my eyes because I realize the responsibility countability that I needed to possess. How many of you have went away from college to university out of state sometimes when you're out of state without your parents guidance now you have the choice to do whatever you want. An hour I'll never forget this because we have about a few minutes and we're going to transition to another study round going to share how important it is. I remember. I met this young lady. Non-believer I just got into the everlasting Gospel this was about 12 years ago and all of a sudden. She wanted to be in a relationship with me and I said to myself or the relation of I don't want to be in a relationship. In my mind I don't know what all relationship was. We were end up birch and we sat down and she says I did X. Your question was OK Go for it she says can you make love to me and I was like want Yeah make love to me and right when she said that the holy spirit whispered in my ears you're about to go into a Bible so you tomorrow night you just gave your life to Jesus. Be very careful now I just want to give you a backdrop fine print my good brother who I love deal with all my heart my mentor is actually sitting right here he warned me. About this young lady I was messing with you know I just came into I was trying to understand who Christ was I gave my life to Christ and the Holy Spirit sends people warnings in your life. And then she insisted and insisted and I also want to tell you something about myself I used to work at the gym I said be a fitness coach I saw a way about close to $205.00 pounds in muscles and she was like about 53120. My brothers I'll tell you this I'll never forget. When I said why she we were standing up we actually we said no we stood up when I was a while like in my mind I was trying to avoid it because I knew it was wrong and literally she took me by the hand she took me by my shirt and she threw me on the bench and jumped on top of me. I felt like I was powerless I literally felt the power of Satan it was strong I said to myself Oh my goodness and literally in my mind you know what happened. Plus the Holy Spirit what my father in my mind everything that he did for me. How he was trying to lead to me he warned me and you know he was counseling me of be careful with women excited and so forth like that you know and that came to my mind and I knew in my mind I didn't want to disgrace my father more specifically my Heavenly Father. You know happen it was so strong I could not let go or resist the Holy Spirit said yell in the name of Jesus despair was pressure on me you know in the name of Jesus you know what I did what you think I did. Hello. And literally when I did that she got off of me and she looked Our me was I What's wrong with you and I was like Praise the Lord and I ran and when I read she was shocked I was right where you go Eugene and I met all my other friends and I couldn't believe I was like oh my goodness in my mind you know I was thinking of the betrayal of crisis as well as my father. My father was in my life there was a lot of things in my life I think God I do not get myself involved in for example now there are mistakes I made in my life I'm like a denier but there are permanent damages such as you know what getting into drugs or being arrested as a black man. Or getting tattoos you know all those various things but there were mistakes I made but my father. He literally imprinted in my mind but do not forget your integrity as a man do not forget that you are made after the image of God and you are son of God Council after council and it was because of that there were mistakes that I avoided. And what we're going to do is we're going to a pause right here and we're going to go to Chapters 2 of our study and we're going to transition on council that God gives to men because the Bible souls that a father counsel a young man in Scripture. And you know who the father was it was Solomon he counsel his son concerning be where of the strange woman. But also to you know we're going to look at in order for you to be aware of the strange woman because we have to also understand who we are as a man and our responsibility not only before society but in the whole of those 3 things be where of the strange woman understanding who you are and your responsibility was everything clear a man so let us close out with the word of prayer and then we'll take a break and we'll jump right in I meant so let's pray. My father have a lot I would like to say thank you again so much for us Laura seeing. The things that are really affecting us men but also Lord seen the impact that we leave in families children. Father only the Gospel can stop this domino effect we aks that we can seriously take heed to the council as responsible and. Be with us we are us in Jesus and this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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