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Sharing the Cross, Shedding the Bias

Michael Carducci


There are some people in this world who we might easily deem as unreachable. Yet the truth is that often times a hard exterior has been created as a shield... or a siren. How does a well-meaning Christian reach out to the hurting souls around them? How can we help LGBTQ individuals? In this presentation we look at some helpful points on this topic. 


Michael Carducci

Co-Director, Coming Out Ministries




  • April 21, 2018
    4:15 PM
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Father thank You for this opportunity to talk about how it is as a church that we can love somebody and show compassion that doesn't compromise the word of God and so Lord it's very difficult to address this issue and I pray Father that you will you will guide us through this discussion and we ask this in Jesus' name amen. So 1 of the things that I realized coming into the church culture 17 years ago is now we have these 2 different. Opposed kind of positions in the church and we either have the 1 like you know the Baptist church that says fags die God laughs God hates fags or we have the complete opposite now it says Jesus had 2 dads and he turned out OK thinking that you know homosexuality is OK so I thought that coming into the church I definitely experience this side of it I don't recall that 1 but now I start to realize that wow you know what if I bought into this understanding then I would ultimately be lost if I accept the Word of God as what my truth is so here we have 2 positions that are they're both wrong and how is it that we can find that in the middle because this side definitely needs some compassion right but this side doesn't have the truth and so how is it that we can get those together and get rid of the things that that aren't according to God's word and so I think that's what the challenge is so growing up myself I had gender dysphoria I thought that I was a girl trapped in a boy's body I remember going to school and what happened is that I had defensively detached from my father I wanted nothing to do with my dad he was angry and raging as you saw in the film and so for me I thought that I was a girl trapped in a boy's body so with the 1 thing that I needed as I needed male affirmation I needed to know that I was accepted by other males and so then when I went to school the 1 thing I needed became more elusive because it started calling me little girl sissy fag and so what that did is that pushed away the 1 thing that I needed most and that was male affirmation so what that did is a push me further back into thinking that I was a girl that I was like my sisters and you can imagine this confusion depression that I had because a certainly wasn't a boy but I wasn't girl either and so I was like stuck in the middle somewhere so imagine my disappointment at Christmas and and birthdays when I got boy toys when I really wanted to girl toys Barbie's Dreamhouse And so as I was growing up I remember my. Sisters getting these really beautiful dresses I had 3 sisters and no brothers so I was surrounded by girls so again it was really difficult for me you know to adjust to that and to think how can I fit in and so I spent most of my time just trying to go through the motions and and to be chameleon So whatever you want I'll be whatever you want I'll be and this is what I was doing I was stuffing all of these feelings inside not knowing where to let them out where to express them in a way where I could at least get understanding so I didn't think that help was available so again this is how I was growing up it wasn't until I was 20 years old when I came out into the gay culture that I realized that I was OK being a male they actually have laws now that will help children like me that if I feel that I'm a girl trapped in a boy's body the law will go against my parents and allow me to take these hormones and to eventually retard the puberty process so that about 13 and 14 I can finally have the sex change that I desire and so that was available when I was a child out of and sending 1st in line and so what happened is I'm grateful because a 20 years old when I came out I realized that masculinity was more valuable than femininity and so what I wanted was male affirmation so if I just push it up a little bit and work out in the gym I found that I got all the attention from men that I wanted imagine the private purgatory I would have been had I had a sex change at 15 or 16 years old and then all of a sudden at 20 realize that I should have been a male you know these surgeries they they mutilate and they massacre you know our bodies to make them appear like the opposite sex but the bottom line is the D.N.A. is still whatever your birth gender is and so people are realizing even John Hopkins University has done extensive studies and the L G B T community is extremely upset with them because John Hopkins even said it does not give them what they're looking for it does not give a male the the biological difference of being a female and again what it does is it may give you the appearance but the bottom line is these men still cannot have chill. Dran they cannot have successful relationships you know with other men or whatever so it and the same for women that want to become men so they found that the suicide rates are still just as high of a depression is probably in some respects even higher there's a woman named Nancy that was in Belgium and she became Nathan and so Nathan was so distraught when he saw his appearance in the mirror with the scarring and everything else that he was so depressed he didn't want to live anymore and he petition the government to have an assisted suicide because he just could not bear the fact of living the way was and therefore the government granted Nancy that that suicide and that sad So again we found that the rates of suicide attempt are 41 percent in the transgender culture and that's the sorry 41 percent will attempt suicide but 30 percent actually commit suicide that's a 3rd of a population those are the highest statistics among any group of people. Epigenetics in cellular memory I didn't realize this until I came into a relationship with Jesus Christ that there was something else going on Exodus 20 verse 5 talks about the sins of the generation to the 3rd and 4th generation and so basically what that means is that when the sperm and egg come together they bring with it the history of $3.00 to $4.00 generations before that so using my family my mother was molested by her father my grandmother was raped by her stepfather and my great grandmother was a prostitute so just on my mother's side alone you can see the hereditary Cycle of Sexual sin and while I was in BORN GAY I was born with a hereditary tendencies for sexual sin my grandfather was an alcoholic he was also very violent and then on my father's side my dad was a sexual addict he was also addicted to pornography 2 of the things that I also struggled with as an adult my father's mother was raised by a single mother because her father shot and killed a man that he thought was sleeping with his wife and so here you can see not only sexual sin on both sides of my family but anger management alcoholism drug addiction all of these things that have followed through as well so even my same sex attraction wasn't necessarily something that I chose but there were hereditary tendencies that the Bible confirms has already been set in motion as well as epigenetics which is science that was a powerful reality for me the church in coming get me some matter of fact I had 3 sisters that were praying for me 2 of my sisters my sister Kathy worked with me and my salon I was what I call the poster child for the gay life I was a hairdresser and a rogue's instructor and I don't know that you can get any more gave a man. I lived in Orlando Florida I lived 2 miles from 5 gay bars I was surrounded by my gay identity I lived in a gay neighborhood I drove a gay car I had a gay dog and it's a 6 pound about that big and so this was my life at this time I had a rocky boyfriend I was a successful hairdresser I had 9 my hairdresser's working for me in my shop I was making great money drove a convertible Mercedes had a house with a pool. Had a condo on a lake with a boat so had the world by the tail and a rich boyfriend with big blue eyes and big arms and so we were livin the life it was like the devil was just giving me everything that I could possibly have and yet I was still struggling with the sexual addiction and there were times when I would think to myself wow this is the best life is going to be thinking about you know how great life was and just thinking of myself something still seems to be missing I can look back now and realize that that was the Holy Spirit drawing me because I had 2 sisters that were praying for me my sexual addiction was so strong I was acting out as often as 3 times in a day with different men and as often as 3 or 4 times a week you do the math for 20 years of that kind of life unfaithful in the 5 significant relationships that I had I knew that I was out of control and I had sex unprotected sex with men that would be dead 3 months later and so I didn't know how to stop there was just no way I could stop this addictive drive and yet because of their prayers I believe that God held his hand over me and that's why I stand before you today. And so 1 of the things that I think is so paramount to tell people is that prayer works and the sad reality is if we buy into the lie of the gods OK with your homosexuality I would be standing in front of you that they would not prayed and they would instead they would have prayed for God's blessing and instead what happened is God was able to use those consistent prayers to help pull me up because I wasn't praying for myself I wanted nothing to do with a God that I thought wanted nothing to do with me. Being informed Did you know that indifference is the same as rejection in the church there are 2 responses that I get from most people that walked out of Christianity and it's either that they were thrown out kicked out embarrassed or humiliated or the other side is that they were basically just ignored and so I was 1 of those people that was basically ignored nobody was talking about it I remember it 20 years old I have picked 1 guy that I thought I could trust I had watched him for several months and I determined he was a 1 I was going to share my secret with and I sat down with him 1 night 1 night after prayer meeting and I said Hey can I talk to you and he said Sure Mike what's up and I said well it has to do with women and before I get say another word he said something so derogatory about women I knew I wasn't safe to share my secret and I walked out of church at night and I said to God I'm done I can't get my sexuality and my religion has come together you haven't answered my prayers you haven't healed me and so I'm outta here and so the arms of the gay community were open wide they were willing to love me but it's interesting just a few months after I had come out into the gay culture I was in a gay bar on a Friday night right on the holy Sabbath of the Lord so here I am I've got my drink in front of me I'm at the bar and a couple of other people ordered their drinks Well now there's like 4 of us standing around the bar with the bartender and all of a sudden 1 of the guys says Hey happy Sabbath and I looked and all the other guys said the same thing and of course I chimed in too and we started to dialogue about how the church had treated us did you know that a child has been molested that they have not only are abuse that not only do they have physical scars but they have deep emotional scars fair to say did you know that to a child that's been abandoned or neglected or just totally just left alone that they have the same emotional scars as somebody who's been physically beaten and so I believe that the same thing applies to the church even if we condemn homosexuals Yes that's in my opinion that's abuse but the other side is even if we're not talking about it that stilled there are people that are struggling because we're desperate to have these conversations to know is there hope for somebody like us and so basically I was 1 of those people I was. Out of the church because quite frankly I couldn't get anyone to talk about this issue and I believe now genuinely looking back or even today that many of us in the church don't know what to say about it and so we just stay hushed because we're afraid they will say the wrong thing and so that's why I believe that we as a church if you want to really reach out to the community and to show them what love really looks like we have to be informed and that's why you're here I believe is because you have either a curiosity or maybe you have a desire to really want to know more about how to reach out to this this group of people that even you might find disgusting or maybe even might might not even know how to relate to it and so I really applaud you for coming today. So looking to keep my boyfriend I found this group there was a friend of mine he had also come out of the gay culture he left a boyfriend they had for 10 years and you know what God provided for me a special friend that we could learn this together and so I remember 1 time I looked up on my computer and I just already broken up with my boyfriend and I looked up on the computer and I found kinship sta sta kinship and I thought to myself Eureka I can have a boyfriend and my friend looked at it and goes Well it's look at the way that they be that they deciphered these these scriptures in the Bible and I go I don't care I don't care what it says I just want a boyfriend and my friend but look at Does it even make sense and I really don't care just lie to me lie to me and tell me I can have a boyfriend and that was how I felt coming into a relationship with Christ and in the churches like I was desperate to hang on to my identity was desperate to hold on to my boyfriend and so this was going to give me that option however the bible may hurt us with the truth but it will never comfort us with the lie is not true and eventually the Lord showed me through my friend that I realized that I definitely could not accept that is true for myself and as difficult as it was I really had to continue this this relationship with Jesus Christ and to deny the flesh all the things that I had identified myself with for 20 years when you're talking to somebody else I want you to remember that as strong as you find the desire to be with the opposite sex is the same for that person and so imagine if an L. G.B.T. person is already in a relationship with somebody same sex and they have a mortgage together they've got car payments together they've got children together and you match on what that means for that couple to tell them that they have to split up and to split up their family and therefore 1 K.'s on their mortgage so we're talking about something pretty heavy here right so it's not as easy as to think like oh what was I thinking let me just come back to the other side there's a lot more to it and so in the church culture I remember that I had a great experience with my Caribbean Spanish church in Orlando Florida. They embraced me when I gave my testimony they loved me and so when I moved to Tennessee to this to this small mountain community I thought that every ad been a sad basically the same reaction as they would and so as I started to tell my story I went to the past and I said hey I need a men's ministry and they go well well will make you the head of an I don't know no you don't understand I can't be the head of something that I need I need to know how to interact with men on a non-sexual basis and the pastor says oh I guess and or Stan He said Well picture idea to the board tonight I had a speaker that was willing to come I had D.V.D.'s of books on the speaker we go and camp out at 1 of the local camps on Father's Day weekend and have this really great time and so I pitched my idea to the to the board and 1 of the pastors 1 of the elders I'm sorry 1 of the elders was there and he was a doctor and he was on the board and he looked at 1 of the books and he just threw it down and he pointed right at me and he said I don't want to be running around in the woods like a bunch of gay men the pastor never said a word the head elder never said a word that was the best that my church family could give me I wasn't even living in that life anymore and yet still isn't it sad to think that I now have this reputation and this is my new church family and this is how they show their love for me right and so I got in my car that night and I was getting used to talking very openly with God and I said to God I hate your church and I hate your people. And the Lord then spoke back to me and just said so what do you know and I said well I go because that's where the truth this right and he said So what do you do when you go and I said why go to worship you is not what you ask and he said yeah and he said stay in that church and learn the process of forgiveness and I'd like to say that it was like a magic wand that God could just wave over my head and I'd be done with it but it took 3 years to learn to forgive those people imagine seeing the pastor walking toward you and then as soon as he would see you he would dart to the left or to the right so he wouldn't have to touch you imagine seeing these these other men that were so afraid to touch you or to be near you that they would automatically ignore you or avoid you rather than have I contacted or to say anything to you and you know something the Lord didn't give me a pink slip and tell me that I could act out sexually he said stay there and learn the process of forgiveness which I definitely needed to do because of the years of neglect and abuse that I have experience as a homosexual I had what we basically term as residue in the gay community with this hyper sensitivity meaning that I was constantly looking for offense and people and so the Lord was teaching me that I had to learn to love people whether they understood me or not so what was so miraculous I think it's the next slide. Yes So the next slide there was actually 2 sisters that I was doing Bible studies with and you know what they decided that they like the little black church in our community better than the white church and so I prayed about it and I said Lord do I just drop them off at the black church and then go back to my church and he said no you've done the process of forgiveness and it's time to go this little church had about 20 members very small church I walked up to the head elder who is an ex drug addict and basically all the church members were his his wife and his kids and I said I know right and so and I said to him I go Hey do you have any room in your church for an ex homosexual acts sex addict and he said Well have a seat with all the other centers and can you preach every now and then because we don't have a regular preacher. And so his response to me was totally different kind of caught me off guard and I went with it right and so here I am in this little church and so I want to tell you it was it was actually the 1st foot washing that I went to there was this man his name was Willie and he only had 1 leg and so I'd see him hobbling from the store he didn't have any water in his house when he got my carts smelled really bad and so occasionally I give Willie a bath and give him a hot meal and cut his hair and then I bought him a suit and I invited him to come to church well he happened to come to church on communion Sabbath so I watched his foot on his feet but his foot I tell people I got 50 percent off on foot once. So as I was with my friend I didn't expect him to wash my feet or to reciprocate and so 1 of the brothers came up to me and he said Mike let me serve you and I said well it isn't necessary I'm with Willie and he goes No no I insist let me serve you and so I was so used to rejection from men and I I never wanted to give a guy a hug for fear that he would think I was copping a feel and so I sat down I took off my shoes and socks and this brother wasn't afraid to touch me and as he was touching my feet and just sincerely just talking to me he didn't know how to help somebody that had homo sexual history or sex addiction but you know what he did is he just said you know Mike it's a blessing to have you in our church he says I see your enthusiasm for Jesus and I really just want to let you know how much I appreciate that and all he said was something simple but that in itself was helping to draw me into the. Membership of the men and what was so miraculous is that next thing he did he started to pray for me and as he started to pray for me the Holy Spirit was moving in that room to the other 4 men and there were only 4 other men in that room but the Holy Spirit said to them get up and touch that and what those men did is they just came over to me and as my friend was praying for me they merely put their hand on my shoulders and that was when it came and for the 1st time in my life I realized that I was not part of the ladies' lunch club anymore that I was included by the men to be a man and that was very healing for me I want to tell you the story about my friend Billy who was that head elder that was the ex drug addict and so I would preach in my church and 1 day after I was preaching it had been many years since I've been in the gay culture and all of a sudden Billy came up to me and what he did is during the what he called when you dismiss benediction I said before you did so anyway what he did is it came up and he just put his arm around me and as my my friend Billy put his arm around me he just started to give the benediction about the sermon that I had given and all of a sudden for the 1st time there was something familiar about that as he was standing next to me I could feel his chest wall against my chest wall and as he was speaking I could feel that reverberation coming through his chest wall and of course it took me back to my same sex days and as I'm standing there in front of God and the church and the people that I just spoken to all of a sudden I cried out to God under my breath and I said Lord I don't want this to happen again and the Lord confirmed to me and he said No Mike it's not intended to he says this is what's this is what's supposed to show you what affection is between 2 men and while it might remind you of that this is not to remind you of where you've come from this is to affirm you and let you know that you're OK that is just affirming you and he's holding on to you and again that's been part of the healing process and so in the in the process of wanting to reach out to people that we've there don't understand or history that we don't come from or even the L G B T thing there isn't this protocol that basically talks about well you. This is how you relate to the drug addict or this is how you relate to the sex addict or this is how you relate to the transgender or the bisexual or the homosexuals it's all the same that if we're being. Moved and directed by the Holy Spirit then the Holy Spirit is going to enlighten us to what to do even if you don't know what to do right doesn't make sense and so those men were able to give that to me. Ecclesiastes 4 verse 10 says for if they fall the 1 will lift up his fellow but what to him that is alone when he falls for he has not another to help him up and I started to realize that that's the power of what men had in the church to give me and so if these men weren't defensive and if they weren't afraid that something was going to get on him because they were being moved by the Holy Spirit they were able to give me something precious that I needed that was derailed when I was young the fact that I had rejected masculinity a rejected my dad the kids in school that rejected my feminine mannerisms what I need what I needed even as an adult was to fill this emptiness inside that I was a male and that I belong to the man does that make sense. Where healing begins God loves you exactly as you are but he's waiting for you to love him exactly as he is and His Word is how he describes what he is and what it is that he knows is best for us and so you know what we need to be sorry for the way that the treat churches treated us we need to get better about how we interact with people but that doesn't diminish the Word of God or his or our what his law says and so you know what even if you're not L G B T You have to make concessions to you have to make sacrifices you're not permitted to sleep with whoever you want and when you get married you're not permitted to lust after somebody else's wife and so we all have to make sacrifices when we come into a relationship with Jesus Christ right and so again this is the same thing and and what we've done in church is that we've taken this L G B T thing and we put it up here and we said this is the sin that God just can't help and you know what we've done that for so long that the gay community probably took Ben and said oh yeah well if we can change and if and if we're an abomination and God doesn't want us then we want minority status and we want special rights I believe that the Christian community has been so cruel that they've actually given the L.G.B. team more steam and more rights than they would have had we just realize that it's a sin just like anything else here's what I think the answer is is we take it back and we throw it right back in the pot was 2nd Corinthians Chapter 6 where talks about all the abominations there won't be in heaven not only does it say homo sexual practice it also says licentiousness adultery fornication right murder lying so guess what that puts us all in the same pod but verse 11 says Such were some of you meaning that you used to be that way but you're not that way anymore Wow Do you know how profound that would have been if somebody would share that with me when I was 18 years old to give me some type of hope because guess what if there's hope for you that you don't have to be an adulterating fornicating licentious person then I don't have. To be homosexuals either because of verse 8 and that I think is really important to make sure that not only do we address what sin is but we have to leave people with hope as well it's not important and so I think that the conversation needs to start off that we have to be apologetic reckon recognizing that the Church definitely has a reputation that it's burned that we are not known for being kind or loving but we can change that but that doesn't throw out the Word of God Instead what it means is we have a special challenge to not only show more compassion but also to stand by the Word of God and to show other people that the Word of God still stands true even in our lives. Either for beloved seeing you know these things before be where Alessi also being led away with the air of the wicked fall from your own steadfastness and this is what I see happening in the church now if people are saying that either Jesus was gay or doesn't matter that what he accomplished on the cross allows me to be in a same sex relationship and that the Old Testament is a has been and I believe that this 1 homosexuality is in that how it really is like the new drug they've called it the new drug now and so basically even the designers address designers are saying oh if you're straight you should try gay sex on if you're gay you should try straight sex and what they're doing is they're just basically blurring the lines of thinking that hey everything's OK as long as you love the person don't worry about it and you know what we're being like we're being attacked by the media and even our young people are being exposed to this to the point where it's very confusing they did a statistic for the for the General Conference and what they did is say they did a questionnaire for all of our students in academies as well as in our universities to another 40 percent of our Adventist students think that gay marriage is acceptable. 49 percent that's half and so that's what's going on the media is definitely pushing this thing and this is what I believe we have this group kinship and they're basically saying that they got so OK with being gay and so here's the problem because if God's OK with being gay you know and if it goes against his word then what we're saying basically is rather than hate you and be angry at you which of course we know is wrong then we swing the other way to the pendulum and we basically say all it's no problem bring your boyfriend bring your kids or whatever I will love you that way they're still lost because even if they're sitting in our churches and even if they're not getting the word of God and recognizing that God has something more for them you're not being any more helpful than if you were cruel and so in essence it's almost like you're you're destroying these people with your kindness does that make sense and so we have to get back to the middle road we have to let them know that it's not a bad thing that Jesus wants to restore you and so there's a movie 7th Day Adventists anybody seen it OK Anybody heard of it. It's a movie that came out about 6 years ago and it's a compassionate film it talks about these 3 couples these 3 couples His father is a conference President Her father was a. A college president and then this guy here was a pastor they had an affair while he was married with 2 children and his wife divorced him and he was kicked out of the church and so the 3 compassionate stories you laugh with them you cry with them and you know what at the end of the movie you're basically saying OK those people they deserve to love and you know what the sad thing is is that when you watch the film there's absolutely very little biblical evidence to substantiate their position and so as you watch as you can't help but be swayed by the emotion that's in it but then because of the lack of scripture in it all of a sudden your emotions start to pull you into this thing and to think hey they're no different than I am why can't they love each other and what that does is it tears down this this this wall of understanding that the Bible is still true in its word and that we have to stand on the Word of God and that God is compassionate even when we uphold his word. This is shining copper and she basically was a lesbian the Had a on a magazine and in this magazine it was just basically for women but she was in not only the in the magazine industry with BT she was also an activist and she talks about what the real agenda is of the activism in the gay community. We're going to start this. As I look back I see they don't want to see just me and he does you can see the strategy is always to get. To him when in fact the plan means we're going to take over the whole thing well why don't we just get. A statement Mr school or President and your school board policy that you simply now must in fact and we will not work hard to teach with you maybe some students who are going to Me OK with you know not trying not to be produced with more parts we just want more of a statement in the book 1 of the plan is to take Ohio school system as we see now for you to use later is happening is always just that's just trying to just to get in under the wire and then once you get on the harp you want them to do some nation work I was asked to help with domestic partnership to get is that interesting Can I borrow this for just a 2nd OK so I just want to remind you I'm hoping that this is going to create some questions in your mind and hopefully it'll answer some of the questions that you have but if you find that you still have questions inside the bullet said by if you open the sub just above the gray box here there's a phone number we can text your questions to and we're going to answer them during the Q. and A but also give an opportunity to to be anonymous and so you don't have to worry about your name being exposed or having to stand up if you have a very difficult questions to want to ask OK thank you for that. I say if I 20 says what I want to then the call evil good and good evil that put darkness for light a light for darkness that put bitter for sweet and sweet for better raise your hand if you realize that what's happening now in society is what used to be good is now considered bad and what used to be bad is now considered good Christians now have this reputation of being haters judge metal and limited like like they were ignorant because we're just not as is in lightened in our minds and you know somethin I bought into the. During the 20 years that I was in gay culture that it basically had watered down the fact that you know what Jesus was just a good guy all sure he was a Son of God but in my mind he was just another nice guy and so when I came back into church culture started to realize that a lot of these thinking that was inside my head had to be changed as a matter of fact right before I became a Christian I remember thinking to myself that Christianity was basically for losers it was for anybody that needed something to hide behind it was really ineffective in my life it didn't work for me and by the examples I saw of Christians in my life it wasn't working for them either and so again I thought that Christianity was really worthless and for a place where people could hide I want to share with you the new definition of what family is today. When you're here on that and I think you can. Just be me actor and transparently transgender. Look like an ordinary thing to happen to me there's my. Dad He's 27. You know rambunctious top. 3 packs those are their biological children. But their wildest dreams. Never imagined that they would you really this kind of hearing that's behind her long black hair and then think you're young I was born a boy she said just like his hair and whisper a mustache was born a girl called. So actually Bianca The mom used to be Jason and Nick who is the dad was Nicole. And so this is the new definition of family in American culture so basically what happened is both of them went off their hormones and the male who's living as a female impregnated the female who's living as a male does that make sense and so these are 2 biological children and so my question especially after seeing your reaction is I ask people what would you do if this Couple of this family came into your church and wanted to know Jesus Christ you know what they're with their children be able to go to your Sabbath school would they would they be able to see past your reaction to know that they belong there or to feel that they belong in your church because you see we can't stop this now this is already in motion in the church is not going to stop that and again because we're Bible studying people and we study the prophecies we know this is only going to get worse so we as a church we have to change this attitude that we have about how people need to meet our needs when they come in when we need to meet their needs is that right somebody explained it this way said the church should be like a hospital so what would a hospital be like if you had nobody sick be closed when it in every hospital you have 2 kinds of people you have the health professionals and then you have the sick and the idea the hospital is that you have a health professionals that are there to help guide and to bring healing to those that are sick right so the church is the same way what would a church be like if it had no sinners in it be closed just like the hospital and so you know a lot of times the church has become inclusive now it's like we don't really want anybody from the outside and they've got to look the you know the the way that the church looks or whatever before they can come in when that's not really God's design got Zein is that all people should be able to find a safe place a safe environment in the church where they can find healing So what happens if you put sick people in the hospital in charge of healing the sick what happens. They stay sick as I have a start dying driver going to drop like flies So here's the problem in a church culture if you start accepting homosexuals or L.G. BT and you baptize them then you're not only giving them a vote in the church but you're also baptizing in somebody who isn't healed who has an experience the healing that God wants them to happen so the problem is that we have to make sure that before we baptize somebody that they understand and agree we have to be in agreement we can't trick these people into being members they have to know full well what the Bible says that there is healing through Jesus Christ and it's a choice that everyone has to make and so in a church that has a gay family that comes in they deserve to find a safe place where they can heal where they can be loved where they can be invited to your houses for lunches and to actually have a participation in some of the activities in the church. But until they accept what the Word of God says that that God does offer something for them beyond and beyond anything that they could ever imagine then they're still not ready for church membership but they certainly belong in our churches is that fair to say they deserve to have a continuing relationship with each 1 of us so that they can find that nurturing and a relationship with Christ and you know it's no different you know whether it's L.G. BT or even had a sexual you know if a couple comes in and a guy is living with his girlfriend and they have 3 kids is he ready for membership now and so we study with them we're patient with them we love them and what we do is we wait until the opportunity is right and when they realize through their own study that this is not according to how God wants them to live they're not ready for baptism remembering Kubo we had that couple and they came forward and the lady didn't even have a divorce and here they were living together and they had kids together and so you know what by miraculous intervention she was granted a divorce on the same day that she got a marriage license and married her her boyfriend that she'd been living with and so guess what on that following weekend they were able to be baptized because again they had fallen in line with what the Word of God said was appropriate to become a member in the church and so again we realize that we have a very difficult situation with families that are coming in they need to find love they need to find acceptance for who they are and for whether at but you know the beautiful thing is that God doesn't leave us there right. Romans $1310.00 says Love does no harm to its neighbor therefore love is the fulfillment of the law and if we're using the Bible to hurt other people don't we're using it wrong and that's what I experienced in church culture before I left a 20 years old. Repaired of therapy I was asked to speak on repaired of therapy I'm not a believer of repaired of therapy anything outside of the biblical stand of having biblical counseling because repaired of therapy was really set up that was basically trying to make gay people straight and the 1 thing that I realize now is that I still struggle with same sex attraction but the Lord has also given me attraction to the opposite sex it takes time to unreliable all these knots of the enemy is put in our lives and so as I've been walking in this direction I realize that repaired of therapy was almost issues of abuse what they would do is they would they would tell young homosexuals to take a bath and to beat this pillow with this bat until all this anger would come out about your father and so I get it that there might be you know behavior modification but that is not what Christianity offers we're offering relational restoration it's about a relationship with Jesus Christ and so I don't have to be pillows of this kind of stuff but I certainly had to learn the process of forgiveness and so through biblical counseling through studying the Bible in Spirit of Prophecy the Lord started to show me that there were things that I was living in error about but he did it at a time that was that was right for me and so repetitive therapy in my opinion is somewhat abusive they would actually put electrodes on these homosexuals and every time that they would see homosexuals pornography they would electrocute these men and so the idea was that we're just going to shock it out of your system and so those kind of Dalat is in my opinion are really destructive and they get mixed up a lot of time with Christian counseling but there are 2 totally different things you know repaired of therapy is a mode dowdy basically to change behavior Christianity is about coming into a relationship with Jesus Christ and allowing Him and His power and grace to change us and transform us it's not my responsibility to make somebody straight that's gay does that fair it's not something that I can do. Protocol John 1232 an AA if I be lifted up from the earth I will draw all men and to me these are Jesus's words and so you don't have to worry about the protocol for the Gay or the protocol for the drug addict a protocol for the for the prostitute whatever it is Jesus says if I be lifted up I will draw all men to me and so it's beautiful it's very simple guys not asking you to convert these people he's just asking you to create an environment where the Lord can do the converting for you or for them then that makes sense they do not have the emotional maturity that you do and they make they may be in great darkness talking about the people coming into the church they need a safe place to discover Jesus Christ and a place to grow and to heal and to feel like they belong we need people to really know that they belong in our church even if they don't agree with where we're at and so you know what I think we want to clobber people over the head and drag them in kicking and screaming into our way of understanding but that's not effective it didn't work for me would it work for you what I need is I need to know that you love me I need to know that I'm accepted as I am and that this is a choice that I have to make you can't drag me into it you can't force me to do it but by creating that environment where we can show somebody the love of Jesus Christ that's what changed me nobody got in my face a stick their finger my system and say well if you don't change your ways you're going to go to hell instead what she did she love me my sister works side by side with me in my salon and you know what my boyfriend and I have the saw on and and I had other men that were homosexual that were working for me in my shop but my sister every single day she loved me and she would invite my boyfriends over to our house for holidays she never stopped me from interacting with my nephew and so you know what she just showed me genuine Christ like love and she didn't stick her finger and say I'm praying for you in assistance stick your finger in my face and so that was really powerful for me even though in my mind I thought she accepted me in my gay culture my gay life what was going on behind the scenes that they were praying for me and the Lord was able to use those prayers in a miraculous way. To move the arm of omnipotence do you have that you've got the arm of omnipotence So of course we need something more and God has the ability to see things that we cannot and so your prayers help to effect a way to change with the Holy Spirit can come in and work and he may not be able to use you but your prayers allow the Lord to use somebody else that may make a difference my sisters were shocked that I actually came back into the church my my sister Laura who lived in Colorado I asked her in an interview at 3 A.B.N. I said So what was it like praying for me all those years and my sister said you know what it was really tough you were so mean to me and sometimes she said the only prayer I could pray was that the Lord would hear our sisters prayer for you imagine that she was honest right and then I asked her I said So what was it like when when I came into the church and I got baptized and she goes well I didn't think it would stick you meant I should just be an honest but what's beautiful is the Lord said that he promised to finish the work that he started in each 1 of us and I'm so grateful that they didn't give up on praying for me I'm so glad that they didn't accept this as an alternative lifestyle that God approves of because otherwise I would not have had the opportunity to come back to the Lord. A father said I will not have anything to do with my daughter or her wife and family until she comes to her senses I was at an A.S.I. convention and this father came up and there were already tears in his eyes he was already missing his daughter and they had his daughter head on married another woman they adopted 3 children and so now she's got a family and yet this man thinking that he had to honor God by ignoring his daughter not returning her phone calls and not having anything to do with her and as we started talking about it I said then how are those kids ever going to have a father figure in their life you know those kids didn't ask for the parents that they got and even if they're from a loving home those kids don't have anyone male in their lives to show them who Jesus is and I said what does it hurt the gospel if you were able to take those kids every weekend and to take them to church or to share with them Bible stories from the Bible and just interact with those kids who don't have any male influence at all I said and you know something the Bible says and a little child shall lead them what if as you show them who Jesus is that they were able to witness to to your daughter and to a wire I said and why does having a relationship with your daughter compromise the Gospel at all and as we started to talk these tears started coming down his face and I think that he really believed that he had to hold up the law that he had to be you know tough on them and that he wasn't going to even speak to his daughter until she came out of all this and I could see the relief in his eyes as he started to realize that it does not go against the gospel to show love and compassion to those that either our relatives or our loved ones. I want to tell you sorry about the biscuits oh did disguise get 1 of these Anyone can I give you the responsibility of giving those only have a few more OK But basically what I want to tell you is that this biscuit story is in this the viscous stories about Anna break your hand if you saw the film. You see the film journey interrupted OK member Anna from the film so as a mother Andrea she's on our prayer line and so she called me 1 day and she said you know what she said and his girlfriend. And I want to bring a girlfriend over for the weekend and she said you know I'm really uncomfortable with that I don't want to even imagine what they do I don't even want to see this girl I don't even want to in my home and as we talked about that I said well you know something I said you know she's a child of the King to you know Jesus is her savior also right she was I know I know she is but you know what I don't want to deal with it and I certainly don't want it in my home what she does outside is 1 thing but I don't have to have it here I go No you don't I said but what if the Lord could use you in a miraculous way to even reach your girlfriend and she goes well have to pray about that and so she prayed hard and you can imagine she she did tell her daughter she goes OK you can bring her for the weekend and she says but you have to understand that you both have to stay in separate rooms I don't want any you know public affection you know going on while you're here whatever she said That's my mom you know no problem and so she brought her girlfriend there and they woke up Sunday morning and her daughter comes up and she was hey mom she goes we want biscuits and gravy and school you know that's a lot of work and she goes I know do you mind if she goes you know as long as you help me and so what happened is you know she was standing there with her girlfriend and her girlfriend says well I don't even know how to cook and she goes you Dutch goes No My mother never even took the time to show me and she goes That's all right come over here and you help me make the biscuits and all she did was start rolling out the the dough or whatever and she's helping to cut the biscuits and put them on the on the cookie she and I was doing something else and so while and his mother and this girlfriend were just making biscuits in the kitchen you know. Her mother didn't know what she was doing at the time but they made the biscuits and they made the biscuits and gravy in their scrambled tofu and they they ate a wonderful lunch and then all of a sudden you know the 2 girls went out to do a tour of the farm and while they were out looking at the farm all of a sudden this girl broke down and started sobbing and she looked at her and she goes what's the matter did my mother say something to you and she said no because I just can't believe your mom says What are you talking about and she says my mother wouldn't even take the time to show me how to cook and she says I know how your mom feels about us and yes she showed me how to make biscuits. That's the power of the Holy Spirit that's what we need to have in the church now where we necessarily have it all written out and that we know exactly how the Lord wants us to work and how to interact with people but we're so surrendered to the Holy Spirit that even when we go against our inclination in the things that we find either disturbing or disgusting but to recognize that people are children of the king and that as we were moved by the Holy Spirit just that simple task of making those biscuits for that girl broke her heart isn't that what we're talking about. And so you heard the story of. Our friend Carol right raise your hand if you were in her testimony OK most of you again OK Well let me just briefly go through that Kara was molested by 3 men that were in her circle of friends she lost her father because she moved to the United States without her father because her mom got the visa so she was desperate to fulfill that to have another father figure but 3 men that were put in close contact with with Carol started molesting her and she decided that she wanted to get baptized that 10 years old thinking that it would wash away the shame and the filthiness as she experienced and because that didn't she thought that God rejected her too so as she grew up she started to gain weight she also started to wear boys' clothes because you know what femininity was a liability that made her a victim and she started to think that if I was a guy that I would not have that I would have had the strength to fight off those people that they never would have attacked me and she started to feel inadequate as a girl and that the only solution for her was to become a boy and so she started to live this way not only was she attracted to women because again because of them all the station that was repulsive to her so this is who Carol became this is what Kara looked like when I met her 3 years ago and so as Carol started to come to the Lord into a relationship with the Lord you can imagine it was a really difficult process for her but she talks about how when she heard coming up ministries at a complication 1 time that the Lord tapped on the shoulder and said hey if I can do that for them imagine what I could do for you and this started to change Carol and it was an immediate and want to be nice of God just had a magic wand implant being over her head and it was all done but as she started to change as she started to accept Jesus as word started to realize that his words said that you were not made to be a boy that I'm a Jew as a girl and as she started to slowly embrace that things started to change for her she talked about how the 1st time this put on girls' clothes she stood in front of the mirror for the 1st time she realized that she was a daughter of the king and the powerful and so again I like to show the transition This is Carol as she was working for us in Paris just this last January to have Carol working side by side with us and to see the Holy Spirit and how he's worked in her life that's been amazing to experience I also want to show you. This is Ray Ray was living in an abusive drug addicted home and Ray would get up in the morning and find blood on the wall and on the floors 1 of or her parents would be in the hospital she was molested on the playground by boys and girls as she grew up she didn't know God she wanted nothing to see didn't know any different and so she would fantasize about her wedding but instead of being the bride she wanted to be the groom by 16 years old this is what she looked like and she was living in a relationship with another girl although she was the male in the relationship and that she was going through the motions she recognized that it wasn't enough she heard the voice of Ray in her head that said you know what you need to be a boy you need to have facial hair you don't have muscles you shouldn't have those breasts and so she realized that she had to move to Seattle where she could have the sex change that she desired she would to Seattle she started doing counseling with over the therapist that had already transition from male to female and this person looked at her and said you know what if I had the power the strength I would give you permission to have the surgery today but you have to live as a man for another year and a half before we can line you up for the surgeries but she was okayed for the hormones so then all of a sudden this depression started in the voice of Rae was even stronger and said you know what your pathetic nobody's ever going to watch is the way you are you should just kill yourself and so now now can't even get up out of bed the depression is so dark and the suicidal thoughts are so strong that she called the only person that she talk and listen to her that would make a difference and it was a Christian friend of her that lived in Colorado from Washington and she called her friend and a friend called her back and she said listen just come and see me and she said well I don't have any time off and I don't have any money and she goes up pay for your ticket just come out and see me and so she paid for her way and a 3 day vacation 3 day trip weekend trip turned in 3 months because Ray knew that if he had gone back home that he would have taken his life and during that time he never prayed before but her friend was praying for her and all of a sudden 1 day the thought came to her said you know I'm never prayed and so in our 1st precious said to God she goes Lord how do you see me I was sent you got this image of a girl in a long dress with long flowing hair just dancing before the Lord and she goes that's not me but I she continued to pray as she continued to ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten her 1 day the Holy Spirit said to her Hey. Have you ever thought about putting on femininity you know you've been living as a as a boy as a man all your life did you ever even think to try on you know your feminine side and so she started to embrace this it wasn't easy for her she started to let her hair grow out a little bit and then she started to buy more feminine clothing and you know what this transformation started to take place but it had to be at her timing is not fair to say Would you like to see who raise today. That amazing is that beautiful this is the transformation that God wants to make it doesn't take surgery it doesn't take you know a lot of money to change and to mutilate the body to make it appear the way they got intended it to be as a matter of fact Morris a year ago got married to wonderful guy and then she just delivered a baby just 3 days ago and said amazing. Is this week and so here here as the living is race she was ready to to take off her breasts and she was ready to manipulate her genitals into making it appear more male which would have destroyed her ability to even have a family do you see how the enemy is out to kill and destroy and to steal and what does he want to steal he wants to steal way our identity in Jesus Christ and you know something of a beautiful video of Mariska reading Psalms $139.00 and if you take a look at Psalms $139.00 it talks about the pursuit of God It says that he will follow us into the darkness or into the light to the heights or to the depths it doesn't matter that his thoughts towards us are as callous as a sands on the seashore but it goes on in Psalms $139.00 and says they God knit our very delicate inward parts together in our mother's womb What do you think he's talking about. It's talking about gender are delicate inward parts right and so as she started to embrace the Psalms and realize that this was God saying it wasn't a joke wasn't a trick I intentionally made you female because that's who I've known you to be before the earth was formed and as she started to embrace that now she claim back we've got a given originally and it's that wonderful that now not only is she able to express that in a marriage with a husband but also to actually create life and you know it's the devil behind that wanting to steal the SO way I'm 57 years old and the chances of me being a father or grandfather now are very slim but you know something it's still better than the options that I had in the gay culture and because of my decisions because of my choices I live with those consequences each and every day but what about the fact that the devil is trying to steal this ability to not only create a life but also to experience it in the identity that Jesus Christ gave us even before the earth was 4 and that's what I believe is the issue with the transgender issue and that in Christianity if we accept this is truth then you're taking away God given gifts to men and to women to think that they're outside of that understanding does that make sense. 2nd Corinthians 517 Therefore if any man being crises a new creature old things are passed away and behold all things are become new you know when I went to S.A.A. meetings as Sex Addicts Anonymous and basically what they say is that every time I would speak I'd say Hi I'm Mike I'm a sex addict Hi I'm Mike I'm a sex addict and for a year that's what I did and you know what I found a place where I could be transparent I certainly wasn't finding that in the church but I wasn't finding victory either and neither were those other men and so here it is the Bible says that whatsoever a man thinketh in his heart right that so is so every time I stood up to talk I'm saying Hi I'm Mike I'm a sex addict so I'm locking myself into this thing that I'm dragging around with me that I want no more and so I don't believe that those are Christian principles that are in the a philosophy because even if I've never had a drink and it's been 25 years since I stopped drinking I still have to identify myself as an alcoholic but God says I'm a new creature in Christ and what happened in the old things are passed away and so I'm not a gay Christian and I struggle with same sex attraction still but I refuse to allow my sin temptation to be part of my identity in Jesus Christ what does sin have to do with righteousness and how can 2 walk together unless they be agreed and so 1 of the things that I had to realize is that I had to I had to divorce myself I had to cut off this part of my identity that I worked for 20 years to create that not only just 20 years but even as a little kid thinking that this was who I was and that it couldn't change I had to make a decision was I going to go in the direction of follow Jesus Christ to righteousness and sanctification was going to hang on to this thing that the Lord said was not who I was so I believe now that we also have to recognize that we can't just say hey all right so you're a gay Christian that's the best you can do and that they're basically saying that some people can identify as homosexual and also as a Christian but here's the problem now you're standing with 1 foot in each side of the fence and at some point I have to. Decided there I'm going to stop being a Christian and be homosexual I've got to stop being a homosexual and be a Christian does that make sense as somehow you've got to make a determination because if you want this thing out of your life you have to cut it off and again it's either going to be 1 or the other. This is a quote from a Lesbian Gay activists and you may want to take a picture of it I think it's a powerful quote Camille Paglia she says this is the gay identity so fragile that it cannot bear the thought that some people may not wish to be gay she says sexuality is highly fluid and reversals are theoretically possible she says however a habit is refractory once a century pathways have been blazed and deepen by repetition it's a phenomenon obvious in the struggle with obesity smoking alcohol and drug addiction but she says helping gays to learn how to function heterosexually if a wish is a perfectly worthy and if I were to say this this would be considered hate speech but what happens when a lesbian activists who doesn't even acknowledge Jesus Christ says a change is possible then who are we as Christians recognizing the power of Jesus Christ Who are we to say that change isn't possible and so there's a movement going on in Christianity saying that that's who you are and then God blesses and that God wants you to be that way because he made you that way and yet here a lesbian activists who doesn't even know his God says that change is possible I believe that what's happening is this movement is basically ultimately saying. That the power of Jesus Christ is impotent that if Jesus calls it a sin and yet we say that it can't be changed basically he's no savior at all because you know what if if if salvation is only for heterosexual people but it wasn't for me then that's not a fair God isn't as so as I cried out to God I said you better have the answer for this otherwise you're no god at all and he showed me that there were things that he had in store for me that I had no idea for myself but I had to submit to the process if I ha held on to my my gay life by gay understanding I could but I could not deny the fact that I had to make a decision was I going to keep my boyfriend or was I going to keep my Savior this is another quote that she has she says homosexuality is not normal on the contrary it's a challenge to the norm nature exists whether academics like it or not and in nature procreation is the single relentless ruled that is the norm our sexual bodies were designed for reproduction no 1 is BORN GAY the idea is ridiculous homosexuality is an adaptation not an inborn trait and so you know what I love the fact that God does not condemn the person that has same sex attraction because he understands that there's a reason why you have that and it is in his compassion for me I started to realize said that he still loved me and that he still want to be but I had to give these things up I had to address it at a time when it was right for me and God was very patient for me with me and so that process was uneasy but let me tell you something the rule wards of what I experienced during those years of giving up my identity giving up my boyfriend giving up all these things that identified myself with what I get instead and 2nd the identity of Jesus Christ I got something so much more peace I'd never known before victory over my sexual sin and my acting out. Can bring it to a close some of the issues that we're dealing already in the church there was a mother was concerned that are there transgendered daughter who was a son who had a 5 year old child that was calling him dad so she pays to have her son turned into her daughter and now she says I'm concerned about her salvation because before he was heterosexual and now that he's a female He's still attracted to women have a computer yet. All right so let me break this down let me break this down all right. So if I'm a male and I'm attracted to women right and then I I have a relationship with a woman and I have a 5 year old son who's to calls me daddy but then I transition to become a female my attractions haven't changed just my identity right and so this is people this is something that people don't understand just because you're transgender does not make you gay so you can be heterosexual and transgender but no matter what I do to my body to make it appear female the fact remains that my D.N.A. is still male there was nothing wrong with my attractions if I was heterosexual before surgery the problem isn't that I become a lesbian just because I mutilated my body there was nothing wrong with the attraction does that make sense and so it's wrong to assume that just because somebody has transcended that they're automatically homosexual and they've done studies and shown that more men that are transgendered are heterosexual in their attractions even though they view themselves as female does that help to differentiate the 2 And so this is what's going on in the church and it's just going to get more confusing there was a woman that was a 7th Day Adventists she was raising her children her husband left her and she had a sexual relationship with somebody this who worked with and after the 3rd time that they had had a sexual relationship all of a sudden this person actually confessed to this woman that that instead of being a man that she was actually she and so then this person called us and just said wait a minute am I gay because I fell in love with somebody thought was a guy that's really a girl is that confusing to you so imagine what this person was going through and then imagine the transgender that comes into the church and you can't tell the difference you know do you want them to date your son or your daughter OK. Raise your hand if you're single. All right so what if there's somebody in your church is transgender and you can't tell the difference and all of a sudden you get married and realize all persuaded men right so do you see the confusion and sin that this is what's going to happen in the church I believe that the transgender issue is going to be more confusing to the church than even just the L.G. be part a 13 year old transgender wants to go to camp and so this is a real situation to happen so the mother's already bought into this she's painted this child's room pink filled his closet with lots of pretty dresses and now this child wants to come to your camp do you dress him up as a girl and expose the girls to male genitalia or do you force them to dress as a boy and put him on the boy side and subject him to the taunting and the teasing and then again who does this child ask out for the Thursday night banquet so do you see how how difficult this is and so if you isolate this child and tell them that you'll have a private cabin for them the last ep Senate says that's that's what is it. Discrimination Thank you yeah they would say that's discrimination and so you can imagine this this is a real situation this really happened. I mean you write. A perfect example of what's going on in the world so again I just want let you know we can't change it it's going to happen and we know that things are only going to be worse but what can we do from our side of it how is it that we can still show the love of Jesus Christ that doesn't compromise the truth but instead offers them something else something that they're not getting anywhere else right and I know that especially for people that are teachers counselors social workers psychology people this is a really difficult thing and kick up ultimately cost you your job. I want to talk about our prayer line for just a moment our prayer line this is the number for if you want to take a picture of the screen or if you want to write this down 1 of the things that we found is that parents go through a special shame like I never experienced before parents have a guilt and shame that is exponentially greater than anything I've ever experienced before and so there was a book called Out of a far country if you want to write that down and it was written by Christopher Ewan and his mother Christopher was Chinese and his mother also and it was a very prideful thing that if you have a son or daughter that's gay it's it's a big shame it's really a big issue and so she was ready to commit suicide and she got on the train ready to take her life and she on this train she didn't pack a bag and she was on her way to say goodbye to her son and she stopped in a church and she had a Pamplin says does jesus love gays or homosexuals and that pamphlet converted or she became a Christian and instead of taking her life she went back home and dedicated her guest bathroom as her prayer closet and every Monday this woman fasten and prayed for her son and she said I don't care Lord do whatever it takes to get my son's heart and so this book chapter by chapter the mother writes a chapter then the son writes a chapter and his life goes dark while she's praying for her son and you know what he gets kicked out of dental school he ends up selling drugs so much drugs he gets arrested by F.D.A. or F.D.A.. No federal drug What is that. F.D.A. Yeah yeah Federal Drug Administration Right OK So anyway they come in and they bust. Back to ya. Yeah those people but it was federal charges because he had so many drugs in his apartment and so he gets taken in jail as he's going into jail they do blood tests find out that he's a Chinese So here's a guy no friends no money no car no food no nothing and here he finds out that he's a child be positive and 1 day he was walking by a trash can and there was a Bible in it and he thought to himself I'm going to prove to go to my mother and father once and for all that this Jesus thing is a hoax and he pulled out bible out and what do you think happened that's right that's right he was converted and so you know the mother didn't care she didn't care whatever has to happen to my son to get his attention and make sure that he's in the kingdom and so even though he's a positive even though he was arrested for drugs for her it meant everything that he would know Jesus Christ and today he's a powerful pastor that gives us testimony but the book is powerful because it helps I think mothers and fathers to recognize that there is a power that they have access to that they may not realize and that they're not fighting this battle alone on our prayer life we began this 6 years ago and we've got a brother this been praying for his wife for 6 years his wife left him for another woman and so she see he's desperate for her to come back to have his family restored and so what we do is on Thursday and Friday mornings we have the prayer line and it's created a community as a matter of fact this weekend ladies are getting together from our Friday morning and they had never met before and so here they are from Florida Arkansas Kansas Michigan and Tennessee and so they're all getting together to get together because 1 of the ladies has a husband that's dying of renal failure so isn't that amazing they've created a community and they can trust each other and they don't have to fuel the shame and they encourage 1 another so I want to encourage also to to take that number down and come and join us I want to end and I know we have to stop I want to tell you Emily's story the music's a little bit strong but the story is really powerful is that OK if I say OK. I was 15 and I'm certain they are all looking straight or it's not the 1st time ever dating someone and being officially on screen I have a kitty my pants saw it and it was let out. It's a girl and I'm going to be with her and this is how Here we have been terribly. I guess she told me equal and so they can't YOU am saying believe in. Not merely her way OK So they're going to say yes 1 another. Card is not necessary to him being on the growing list backwards thinking if you virtually the question of the world was I didn't know you could littlest again is really really going out you just. Gotta love because it's nice and God knows what with. That 18 and going to ensure that Zuko longs to have cereal and chips you could. Not nurse in school about the girl that you have been engaged to you. If you see have 2 kids. And that's what you were going to do it was and I expected them to bring them out now really early and could use that as justification for not coming back so I agreed to go different ways in a circle who talking about different experiences there and I had nothing more than being a mean. Past off making my father's sure. Are you sure it is he your. KIDS No question. And if your game. Is now called paying. I knew all versions are on sexuality. Doesn't try to homes who shall miss me and also truckers a bunch of other things about our loss and I just bought a new car. And it scared me really bad. And I says and it's not result you buy your arse you're saying you're just. Lost that there are people in the same place and they're saying the chance. You're going to do that. Hamas and. God or I can turn him. Back to the like on. Me not him if I can trust him. I knew I wasn't going to do because it was wrong there is bottom line I twisted those who are more harm than now I sin just not the 1. That is like. The House and he's in the race he's showing. People saying how tunnels Mormonism and. You know more about actions that's why he's had to come. On it is our sins true genius like me. Is not against straight is lost to say. God calls us not to heterosexuality but the holiness. In the world of pain told a different story I was actually is. God's Word is clear he can say. Well. Let's pray as we close. Thank you Lord for your miraculous Grace thank you Lord that we were all shaped in iniquity and born into sin but you ask us to be born again and Lord it's a really difficult conversation to have with people today because we are being called haters and that we are near sighted and that we don't understand what people go through but Lord each 1 of us struggles with the flesh each 1 of us struggles in our own way to understand Lord what's going on in this world and also how to find deliverance how to find. Reconciliation to your word as the Lord because these people have come with genuine questions Lord and they desire to know more about how to relate to people that that they don't relate to I know Lord that you want to provide for us answers and you do it and not only do you do it through your word but you said in Revelation $1211.00 that we overcome not only through the blood of Jesus Christ the blood of the lamb but also by the word of our testimony and Lord I can't deny the power of these testimonies and that's what helped me very 1st time that I wrote heard testimony of somebody they come out of homosexuality I heard the same voice that Carroll dead the said that if I can do that for him then imagine what I could do for you as a lord be not because of our word but because of your word Lord we hold you accountable we also thank you Lord for guiding us in a loving way Lord that's not condemn the Tory but instead Lord you offer us hope and something else and that is reconciliation and true Lord true intimacy with our loving Savior there really helps to answer all the questions Lord that we have. So Lord I pray that for each person within the sound of my voice the Lord that you'll begin that journey that you'll help to guide us and to show us Lord that we have an obligation to our brothers and sisters that we either don't understand or that we might find their their sin temptation repulsive or disgusting but Lord I'm just reminded that you find all sin disgusting and so Lord we're all in this together there's nobody better than us and we're certainly not better than anybody else and so help us help us Lord to maneuver this so that your kingdom can be full and the Lord that our loved ones will be there with us in Jesus name I pray. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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