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Myth of the Holy Harlot

Danella Taylor Jaleesa Almarales


We praise, revere and emulate the exceptional woman of virtue found at the end of the book of Proverbs, while we hastily shun the promiscuous and uncontrolled ways of the strange woman located near the same book's beginning. What we often fail to admit or even recognize, is the innately immoral character of the woman striving for supremacy within our own hearts. This session will specifically be targeting how to identify and evict that strange woman with a focus on what it means to truly regain and maintain your purity in Christ Jesus.




  • April 21, 2018
    4:15 PM
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Rather in heaven I know that you are an intensely practical God And so I ask that you will help us today to be intensely practical to see the realities in your word and your promises. And of how we can overcome. Some of the things in our minds and our hearts. That is difficult to prove in fact it's impossible to work without your help. In this session by that I pray that you will help us to be very honest and that you will show us. The way of escape from the corruption is there in the world and in our hearts to lust in Jesus name we pray Amen. Came. This session call the myth of the holy harlot the myth of the holy harlot I am going to do you a part of this presentation and then my sister Julissa is going to do the latter part of this presentation OK so with let it into and. This is something that's been on my mind when God gave me this topic I thought to myself Lord how could you ask me to talk about this. Because a lot of them my own personal struggles but something that I've learned about God he so merciful when he wants me particularly when he wants me to understand something then he'll give it to me to teach because he knows that I'm really not going to look into and study it as much as I would a method with teaching it of his own thing and so others are going through that. This is very interesting but I thank him for it and I'm just going to give you the overall basis and premise of this of this presentation so you can understand what we're going what angle we're coming from. We all want to be virtuous woman Amen I pray that we do it's my desire to really be a virtuous woman and like I said in the in the blurb in the. In the program that we look at the woman in problems that you are she somewhat intimidating may however going to get there. But at the beginning of Proverbs there's a woman talked about as the strange woman has any way you read that before the strange woman. And we have in our hearts naturally tendencies to act just like the strange woman which is contrary to everything that the virtuous woman how the virtuous woman acts and. We especially in concert over to circles. Can. Try to pour on a show or a facade of being a virtuous woman it's easy to dress in a modest way it's easy to try to carry you see yourself properly with impure motives these things are actually something that can be done this very party talks about that but our hearts in still be deceitful. And corrupt and so the thoughts that go on in our minds. The last 4 per cent that these are the desires can still be carried out in ways that don't look like the same way the world would do it but it's still a manifestation of the corruptness. Of our heart filled with those lost all desires and so what we want to do is identify some of those today and just really give practical tools for helping to overcome even that. Those. Actions that appear under the garb of a nice good Christian young lady and we're still searching and acting in a different way kind of undercover do you all along talking about we're going to be really real in this. In this presentation and so I hope that you're praying that you know we can all be real OK easy kill Chapter 16 I'm going to spend a little bit of time in the chapter 16 today actually so you can just you can just turn there with me. Chapter 16 verse 2 it says Son of Man cause Jerusalem to know her abominations so it's important. For God. It was important enough for God to say to the prophet cause them to know what's going on right so we want to also cause we want to know what's going on OK cause Jerusalem to know her abominations and then this is 2nd create the universe to 2nd create is chapter 2 verse 11 he says lest Satan should get an advantage of us for we are not ignorant of his devices. The reason why we want to look at these abominations today is so that we are not ignorant of the tablet devices so that we can be honest with our hearts and say or look we don't want anyone. So the. Chapter he could have to 16 is a story of unrequited love. And it's a really interesting chapter if you know read it read and study it because we don't have time to study it today but I'm going to highlight some point some points in it so it is equal to. 16 God finds this baby OK he finds a baby and it's all or an allegory or analogy he's talking about his people he's talking about Jerusalem he's talking about you know his church but it's in the story of a woman. And he finds his baby covered in in blood OK so in verse for us for the next night 70 in the day you will die I was born my neighbor was not cut neither was I washed in water to supple the that was not salted at all nor swaddled or. In verse 6 when I passed by the and saw the polluted in our own blood I said unto the when I was in the blood live Yea I said unto thee when I was in the blood live so God passes by this baby and see that she's not getting covered in blood and he nurtures her back to health again so that's what. He does in verse 7 he calls the to multiply as the butt of the field. And he causes her hair to grow and he causes whereas she was naked in bed before he looked upon her invest in verse 8 it was the time of love he spread his scare over her he covered her nakedness and he entered into a covenant with her in verse 8 says the LORD God said and the hour became mine all right so at this moment God is now entering into a marriage with with this woman and you became mine and so after that he gave her everything he just. In verse 10 I clothed with boarded work I get to be with fine linen in verse 11 I decked all him and I put braces upon your hands and the chain upon your neck verse 12 a poor jewel on your forehead and earrings in your ears and a beautiful crown upon your head and you were dead with gold and silver so he does all of these things for this woman for this kingdom for his people. But. In verse 14 there were now men 4th among the heathen for their beauty so everybody started to find out how beautiful this this woman was that he had done all these things for. In verse 15 it says but that it is trust in 1 on beauty and so what happened was somewhere along the way she lost sight of the 1 who had given her everything she lost sight of the reason why she was where she was and she started to sleep. You know I have some quality. I am beautiful I am attractive I want more OK this is what started to happen to this lady I want more. So than to trust my own beauty and played the harlot because of the Army now and poor out there fornications on everyone that passed by his in was when I see where 16 and my gramma started to take and death by high places with diverse colors and played the harlot Thereupon the like thing shall not come neither shall it be so and so this lady is woman she gets to this place in her life where she is she she's she recognizes I'm attractive and I want more. Leaves the 1 who gave her everything and takes the very things that he gave her to you know as tokens of his adoration and to beautify her and he take the very things I start giving them the love of. Her she once more so. This is this is all in. In is equal 16 and you can just read the whole thing but it says as a wife that committed adultery which take a stranger's instead of her husband they give gifts to all who are as but that will give us that gift too although I love it and hires them they may come on to be on every side for the whoredom So this is really interesting what God is saying. When he when he had times that he thought of what God is saying to this woman is you normally people give gifts to the whore Normally they pay her but you know what you're doing you're paying them. For these attentions. He says. Skirt continuing and the contrary is in the form all the women in my whoredoms whereas none followed the to commit whoredoms and in the Give us a reward and no reward is given unto the therefore about our country OK So God is like I gave you everything you decided that you were attractive a beautiful no you wanted something else but you've gone contrary even so were all the other harlot do. You are not waiting for them to come to you and give you nice things you know you're doing you're putting yourself out there and paying them to pay attention to you you're giving them money just so that they will come and commit harlotry with you. And God is like that doesn't make sense of what he doing that's contrary All right. And so God ends by saying. Well he doesn't end by saying these are just different verses where for all harlot hear the word of the Lord OK This experience is. Often times manifested in our life. And if it hasn't been it doesn't mean it never can be we have this propensity illness. To 1 something else and actually do anything possible to get it and we end up kind of giving pieces of ourselves to people 2 men in particular trying. Possible with everything possible to gain that attention. That we could have got from God but somehow like to turn away from so we're member what we said in the last session for their maker as a husband a lot of horses is that is his name and the Redeemer the Holy 1 of Israel so God is your husband at this moment in time. That's what he desires to be but. We desire something different oftentimes now in 2nd queen the in verse 11 2nd point is chapter 11 verse 2 let's turn the 2nd Corinthians chapter 11 verse 2. 11 2nd Corinthians Chapter 11 and verse 2. We then yes it says for I am jealous over you with godly jealousy for I have a spouse due to 1 husband that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ OK So God is what over us. Jealous jealous over you. I was passage to just 1 husband and you know what's interesting what's interesting is the next verse is what i fear of arrest of the 3rd by fear lest by any means as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety so your mind should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ and so the fear is the same thing the serpent did to Eve is the same thing that's happening to you I'm jealous over you but you know the serpent it's Eve he convinced Eve that she wanted more than what God could give her that's what he did you want more and this is how you're going to get more OK this is the way that you can procure it you're going to play the harlot gave over your affections your attentions your gifts to another person and have that you know. Relationship with them so Joe Myers Chapter 2 Let's go there. Jeremiah chapter 2. Germline chapter 2 and verse 13. This is what the law does say welcome. For the Lord is saying. To us OK for my people have committed how many evils 2 evils they have a stake in me the fountain of living waters and huge them out systems broken systems that can hold no water OK now I want you to just understand God. Just just picture with me before we go into some specifics God is saying. All right so 1st of all I gave you everything and you lack nothing and you turned away from me that's the 1st evil but you're not even turning to anybody that can give you really anything that's going to satisfy you or that's going to help you in any way in fact you are giving them more than they're giving to you right you're paying them and this is actually what happens to us this is metaphorically that we end up giving pieces of ourselves to the men that we are seeking attention from we end up doing that and it hurts us a lot more so God is like this is if you are least going to someone who is going to you who was giving something to you you know maybe you can make sense of it but how could you be going and paying them. You know like it's like a double whammy for you coming to you was none of this makes any of them. So this is where the load is and I look at I think God I was awful sorry you're so. I look at I looked and I saw I really saw myself I go telling you I see myself in this. And so on a quite a love. Chapter 65 ago there really quickly and this is the Lord kind of crying out after his people. And you know as I have to 65 verse 1 and 2 he says I am sort of them that I ask not for me I am found of them the saw me not I said Behold me Behold me unto a nation that was not called by my name I have spread out my hands all the day unto a bell these people which walk it in a way that was not good after their own thoughts were right so God that these people are not seeking me and I spread out my hands all the day God wants us back and you know we're doing we're playing the Harlot. When God says you know you're paying them you're not getting anything and I want to go really quickly to Genesis Chapter 15 because I want us to read it it's just 1 simple sentence. But I want us to to read what God says in Genesis Chapter 15 verse 1. After Utah he's here I have to talk to the woman in 16 years and you know you are you really giving out all of your your. Gifts and everything I gave to you not getting anything in return Janice is 15 verse 1 says after these things the word of the Lord came and Abrams in a vision saying Fear not Abraham I am the shield and exceeding great reward God is really the truest reward that we can do that we can. Ever receive in fact. Communion with Him and fellowship with Him is the goal it is the purpose it is everything that's our focus is what we were created for and we lose sight of that reward you know that woman lost sides of it started to seek for who knows what for more be other people right really who knows what. Will we do know what because inside of us there are base or lower passions OK All these things that God is doing he's appealing to our higher nature he's appealing to the part the part of us that really understand what's to understand what it is to be in fellowship in communion with the God of the universe has such a high holy privilege of calling but there's a lower lower base of passions inside of us that we want something that can be gratified only by. Sensuality that God is not God he's not going to satisfy that like he's not going to he's not going to give in to the desires of our corrupt heart does that make sense like he's not going to give us that and so if in our. If what we really won is to feel good you know that chemistry Hi this is now I type you all know I'm talking about right OK that type of thing. Makes us like buzz a little bit god is not giving us that and he's like by the way you're hurting yourself like that doesn't even really feel good but you think it does and that's the reason why you just continue to give pieces of yourself to other people because you haven't yet learned that that's destroying you so the strange woman Let's go to Proverbs Chapter 5. Proverbs Chapter 5 and by the way I want all of you to know that I am talking to myself got a fucking theory and you are just being blessed I hope by the overflow of a conversation that God had with me the never give me your heart it is corrupt OK So Father of chapter 5. It talks about the some of the ways of a strange woman now the end of this strange woman's path is like death and health again so in your own time I read Proverbs Chapter 5 in power to 6 talking about is really counsel to a man to stay away from the strange woman that's what we do what these chapters are about but we want to understand what this strange woman is about because in some ways in our own actions is brought out OK so in verse 3 it says. The lips of a strange woman drop and honey call and her mouth this. Oil and I as we look at these points I want you to be thinking about you associations with your brothers in Christ or brothers in the world even associations with men. Think about that we know how to speak nicely to them and though we. I mean we know how to speak to the really well. And we know how to make them feel good OK And that's that's a problem the lives of a stranger they drop as a honey smoother than oil right this is the straight woman we know how to do this we're not ignorant of saying the devices. And I don't want to see the play in the thing either like. You thought you were you know I'm talking to I thought by the way because often I'm like oh I thought about all of them so I got like no you didn't know you didn't know you further because you knew there was going to make you feel good you knew those were going to make a smile and he knew that that was going to make you feel good so you know you knew those things another I don't play games with me all right Vera 6 It says. Les Tao should ponder the path of life her ways are movable. That thou canst not know them this was so when I buy this house I woud Lord because what God wants us to have is a consistent life right never man spoke like Jesus but because no man lived like he lived it was quite consistent life of a Christian and the life of a virtuous woman is going to be a consistent 1 but do you know the strange woman especially the present truth strange woman or especially the conservative strange woman the strange woman who is covered by this garb of sanctity she will look to be associating correctly with the majority of people but with a few They look different and with a few it looks different maybe under the cover maybe to the side maybe through text messages maybe through phone calls and nobody else hears right maybe in the and everything else looks fine but it's inconsistent and so is saying is you can't look at that woman and say she's going to act the same across the board of everybody because we don't because we have the attributes of a strange woman this inconsistency Well there's something between the 2 of us and I kind of want to perpetuate that but I'm not going to call it perpetuating it I'm going to call it like you know. I really don't understand this verse in the Bible could you explain it to me a little better. Like I have a Bible study contract and you know I just needed some help on how to. I'm telling you I'm telling you we have a problem and today we want to really like we have a theory of problem I have a problem of OK problems to have to 6 turn over to publish up to 6. Verse 24. Well invest 23 says for the commandment is a lamp and the light law is light and approves of instruction the way of life Amen but 24 says to keep me from the evil woman from the 1st 2 e of the tongue of a strange woman you know. Brother you know that it was such a blessing to my saw you know every time you speak everybody is blessed. And that's just me being very moderate but it's flat doing it's flattery and this laughter you can come up I have to I'm going to I'm going to be careful with how I think things just in case this goes public but you know there are things that you can flatter your brothers about that it's not even really flattery but it is because we're in this conservative circle so we're not going to out right we come out and say you know that looks really good in new or you know you're such a strong but you know we're not going to say these things but it can come off in insults always was going to stop their loss a lot to speak to your heart about that OK. Verse 25 it says a loss not after her beauty in 1 heart neither let her take the with that with her eyelids like now this is really interesting OK You know it's interesting because I was saying for the man though I had think you know the beauty don't let her take her in with her eyelids do you think that she doesn't know what she's doing. I'm telling you now. I want us to be honest with our hearts we know what we're seeing we know how the thinking man in without eyelids but we know what that is so like I said I'm trying this thing to another ministry right and when I'm in there when I'm when I transition I start to work in the garden and I love working in the garden and I spend lots of time just you know agriculture and learning how to become self-supporting praise the lord what I started to realize was that all of a sudden I look in the mirror be like my parents look different you know now. I'm not I don't look shabby but now just you know my hair will it won't be all nice and did OK It will just be presentable and me and I am I'm going I'm talking to people also I mean interaction there are still people coming and going from the place where we are but I realized to myself then I think why is it that in certain circles you make sure that your hair always looks so nice like why is it that certain places you know you cannot leave your house if such and such a person into such a such proximity without looking a certain way why has that and the look the the Lord he was so point of that he was like the military or I hope you realize what has been going on up until this point and held my lord have mercy. On my eyes Oh we know how to do it we know how to take them in with our eyelids and with our beauty and we know how to do it in a long skirt Yes. Yes. Good question good question I'm going to repeat it the question was What is the difference between going over the top and just being neat and presentable that's an excellent question and well I could speak for hours on dress reform but. I'll say this in a nutshell when we commune with our own hearts well know the motives about why we're doing something that's really what I'm trying to hit or I'm not trying to say that we should look on. An acceptable or that we should look on can't at any time we shouldn't and there's nothing wrong with maintaining a dignified presentable or an even attractive presentation that Jesus is attractive he had no beauty that we should attracted but he is an attractive person and so when we dress is not to attract people to our beauty but it is to present the attractiveness of the Gospel of Jesus and that needs to be presented and so I'm not saying that we should you know throw meat this to the wind but why I'm saying is if I would be perfectly fine let's just say I'm just using as an example let's say I would be perfectly fine with just having my hair wrapped all the time but when such and such a person I knew was going to be my proximity all of a sudden like they had but it wasn't it wasn't acceptable to me anymore that's a motive thing that's not something it's not that I would look. Unacceptable wrapping my head or look unacceptable with such as such a hairstyle or with a certain type of attire but my motives are my changing because of certain people that are coming into my close proximity does that make sense OK so that's really what I'm talking about what's wrong with that that strange woman behavior. It's a strange wrong behavior because what's happening now is I'm being inconsistent I'm really doing something to try to gain the attention of those men that are coming because I have some kind of an attraction to them. So that was my motive so if my motive is pure then attraction may come and go I'm not saying attraction may come and go at all times I can't say anything about my brothers but I can say something about my own heart so if even my own heart the reason why I'm doing something is specifically to gain the attraction then my behavior is not coming from a pure pure motive. God has everything that he already needs if you if we give him our full heart he will transform our hearts men do not need to be attracted. We don't need to gain the attraction of men we just need to gain. Relationship with Jesus Christ and when our hearts are fully given over to him. He will work everything else out that he wants to work out. And solve the problem with this the problem the 1 talking about is is that we're even putting our attentions or trying to attract people we don't even know what there is in the will of God 12 is the 1 behavior is the behavior of a strange woman it's not the behavior of a virtuous. Verse 26 is says for by means of a horse woman a man is brought to a piece of bread and the adultress will hunt for the precious life so this is a little bit like 1 talking about the this woman is the pursuer in this situation this behavior looks like actively doing something. To maintain an association with a male. That doesn't need to be maintained and these things really and they can. It is talking about the motives we're really talking about the motives so whether that means you know you're in a group setting. You purposefully go and always sit around the same table as such and such and such purposefully I'm not saying it happened accidentally purposefully that in your in our minds that's actually acting the part of a pursuer or I purposefully making our interactions such that it's a frequent major purposefully doing that. Maybe for an array of different motives now I can think of all of you the way that the different motives may look very sanctified may look very sanctified I'm preaching a sermon today how some hope is very sanctified but what is going on in my heart right. That's the problem verse 32 I just want to outline how. How detrimental this is. It says who so committed adultery with a woman lack of understanding he that do with it destroy of his own soul now what did Jesus say a man who does what looking on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery in his heart so this is not talking about only I've got I've committed the act of adultery or fornication if I am doing something to my brothers in my behavior that's causing them to lust after me I have caused them to commit adultery and destroyed their soul and that came for my own impure motives I just acted the part of the strange woman and you know when I started to realize like the Lord have mercy on my i saw because this strange woman. Playing the part of a harlot is being acted out in my very behavior and can actually bring somebody soul to eternal ruin if I continue with that behavior and so it's so essential for us to give this to God OK I'm going to finish and sister Julissa is going to. Take over he's got 2 more things to say. We looked at this last time so I'm going to pass over it sounds 15 verse 1 and 2 we need to learn how to speak the truth in our heart and that means being real with our motives being real with our motives and understanding that these these behaviors are not right so 1st we have to say that it's not OK to attract attention it's not OK for them to get them to be in my presence and my association is not OK for me to lead them in and then what actions of my doing to them and and what sanctified actions am I doing to Turlough them in pharisaical flirting. You know the Pharisees the fire see did a lot of things in the name of religion that was so off you know. Anyway they really preach the word they really preach the word and they were just going contrary to it they were trying to crucify Jesus really quickly because the Sabbath is coming you know like that doesn't mean you know like we can't go into pilot hole because you know we're going to be defiled But no this is a maybe you can you know man a given human mind to have this both over the Sabbath anymore and so we want to look at the fact that in our mind you know sometimes we can be like I'm dressing properly I'm speaking properly I'm conscious of probably I'm still floating I am still flirting with the opposite sex but I'm doing it. In a way that says at least my demeanor still looks like I'm a consecrated young lady bicycle bloody So this is a quote it says there will be woman who will become tempters and who will do their best to attract and when the attention of men to themselves Now listen to the way that they do it OK 1st they will seek to win that sympathy right this is the 1st way next their affections and then to induce them to break God's Holy Law right this is the way with of the order I read there. Well the Lord is working on my heart so when their sympathy with their affections then induce him to break out holy law when their sympathies it just looks so simple you know how you doing you know things aren't going so well really what's happening and all of a sudden you know you know I'm doing pulling and pulling in the symphony's And I'm telling the other thing that's going on in our way we have is the emotional bond but it's really I'm just sharing things with my big brother oh. Fine this is. Where their affections OK. We know how to win affections for men and we know how to hold on to them at least I know I do I know how to be like this person is attached to me in some way and I feel good about that or this person of losing their attachment to me let me do something about that I'm telling you not to do it and I'm like God. This is terrible I'll definitely be a strange woman but you can God can do funding to leave I'm going to going to share it with a man to help us to come out of this pits are not I'm not going to stay too much in this by this want us to see the simplicity of what ends in inducing them to break God's law and remember breaking your god's law begins in the mind so if we've induce them to begin to last after that in our minds that that was still the con the conclusion of the matter but it just began with simple things sympathy affections simple things we don't want the men to have their symbolism their actions title us we actually don't want it we have 50. A man I want I am telling you is precious It's precious form a bond of your sister OK. It is necessary to God the thoughts to fans the soul about with the injunctions of God's word and to be very careful in every thought word and action not to be betrayed into sin it is no. History to guard against the cultivation of the indulgence of the lower passions just the cultivation of it just the things that make us begin to feel good in a not good way does that make sense what I just said we begin to feel good and is nihilist sanctified way we hope you understand this is not the fruit of sanctified thoughts or hearts it is now the duty of God's commandment keeping people to watch and pray to search the Scriptures divergent lead to hide the Word of God in the heart lest they sell against him and idolatrous thoughts and debasing practices and thus the Church of God become the modernized so it's girls duty is the duty of God commanded keeping people to watch and to pray. And to search the Scriptures diligently So at this point. The this this word has a solution a member gospel simplifies all our problems and if we didn't we see to scriptures and hide the word law hearts we will begin to understand and search the heart to see these different actions that are in our lives so there is going to continue and bring out some of those very solutions that we've been talking about. All right. I'm not here to talk about solutions because I am 1 that have arrived as well let us know that I'm here to explain and to share what the way has been doing for me personally and how he's been helping me to to and change instead of this being the myth of the holy harlot taking up heart that taking our men in and around it is to be holy because God wants our sanctification and so before we begin let me just quickly ask for the Holy Spirit to be with me as well having a lawyer. I am so grateful that you sent your son to die on my behalf on the half of my sisters and I pray now that as you share on to us this relationship that you want to have with you father that you were close enough to us hind me behind the cross of Calvary do of the Lord and speak to me and through media father give me modest transparency I pray Jesus to me human. So there's a lot that I can share but I want to just let us look at an experience from the woman at the well the woman at the well in John 4 train 9 she goes back to her town and she uses a phrase she says Come see a man that show me all things he told me all things about myself and in those I have ages it says as the past of her life had been the spread out before her she had been made sensible of her great want she realized her soul those which the waters of the well of psychotic could never satisfy nothing that had hit or to come in contact with her had so awakened her to a higher need she goes on to say Jesus had convinced her that he read the secrets of her life yes she felt that he was her friend pitying and loving her while the very purity of his presence condemned her sin he had spoken no word of the inauguration but had told her of his grace that can renew the soul 11 morning and always 1 evening in January. I say that's only why remember it was in January I was battling with some of the things that my sister shared and affections and a brother and such and such and you know. Things didn't go the way I try to manipulate it to go and so I was not pry and I was I grew up you know is there a problem for you to want to be married you know this isn't fair you know isn't a not good that man shall be alone you know come on right and I was just like Lord is it issue to be into meant to want to know someone intimately and to be known intimately by someone else is there something wrong with that would you think is there something all of that and well I found this I thought as an equal as intimacy is into me you see and God reminded me no that's what I did the woman at the well and when she recognized that I knew her in the most soul that I knew everything about her it drew me to her closer to me and I very very moment God said that I'm a Jew in my image this is life eternal that they may know the only true God And when Adam Eve they conceived he showed me that there is a nest as a team of intimacy that intimacy is divine and because I was made in God's image it is OK to be known by someone but Mike but the question is am I known by my creator I am who knows everything about me do I know him that intimately though do I know him that intimacy God says is life eternal that they may know me Jesus longs for intimacy with us and through this intimacy relationship he looks into in a most souls and helps us to get. Strongholds of his or that nature now though not the well how many husbands does she have. She had 5 in the 1 now that she had the 61 wasn't her husband so we know that she had a issue with sensu on this can I say that you know we knew that she had issue with her attachment issue with love because she couldn't find it and we knew that you know the context of pasta tells us more but unfortunately it says there's When we come into. The truth or when we go growing up we may have a lot of relationship with God that we didn't that we should have had and we start to seek for things and different in different ways and we start we may start to purity and I'm going to put a slide too soon I want to. Go back to us like there a lot of the things that mouse's the knowledge sharing has to do with. The lack of purity in our hearts and what I want to look at is how to regain purity and I don't know what any of you have gone through you all know what your life experiences have been you know what your struggles struggles are and by God because I'll be as modest a chance parents possible as some struggles I have had how God has been giving me victory and so as I was starting this intimate relationship with God It was beautiful I said I was quoting Jesus and I'll accept these questions like So where were you born and he would I'm dead serious and he would tell me in 1 breath let him with the way that. I do hope I was there to talk about your mom and his home his mom you know it also was on me a lot of like what happened in the you know 80 you know you know around that time you know and as I was doing this Lo such a show to me this is the you know he says unreal to me why I had these tendencies because you would have had early exposure to sensual of sexual behavior you know I was going to get this line when I go to do it exposure that can be to watching television things that you hear 2 essential behavior and these are quotes right down the reference because take a time I don't want to spend a whole lot a lot of time I mean school but. Just highlight the influence exposure to certain behaviors can corrupt your thoughts. Prevent damage or you can have brain and corrupt thoughts from it within your soul just by exposure this is not even behavior when I was growing up my parents family will watch television shows I had you know explicit scenes you know what they always do for me cover you know. And you know and I'm like trying to see was going on because you told how to cover their eyes you know they're going to be intrigued. Exposure this is all automatic Satan is about looking at me in me vain and corrupt thoughts vul Mance novels Christian romance novels is also included you know imagination has become corrupt until you seem to have no power to control your thoughts this is what woman's novels do to you and praise God for the little ones I found these are not the moments novels that I was reading know when they're nowhere near close to as pure as that probably looks also of romance novels you have received incorrect ideas and regard to girls and boys associating with each other Hollywood has lights you like she said romance novels. I unfortunately I had friends family members who will watch pornography and they will babysit me so. I mean exposed to nothing nothing I can do about that child abuse you know this is a testimony is really powerful talking to a minister I think who was abusing sexually abusing children young girls and he didn't recognize what he was doing was wrong but I want to look at the effects of it the effects of it is it will lead her to lewdness and lustful practices so. You have people that may manifest these tendencies but these may be some of the things that they have gone through in their past and God wants to break and free from these things it was not the child's fault that she was abused or he was abuse but when you look into your life now and you see that you may be showing these tendency to bring these floats gotta stay in and we get to the let me show you why you're doing these things let me help me my daughter also says it's poisoning the mind and filling them with unholy imaginations and then it says that you are leading you into this habit of self abuse you have no self abuses masturbation self abuse this is to mothers and appeal to mothers as a why is going to a whole list of mental physical emotional social things that is manifesting in their children and the result was 1 thing self abuse here is the central 1 it says Have you not seen that your children are anxious have a strong desire to be with other sex they have an overpowering disposition to form attack sions when they're young your daughters have boys the theme of their conversation your sons as has been the girls they manifest preference for particular wants and your advice and warnings produce but little change blind passion overall sensible considerations these are all the things that she says she's sharing and she says mothers the great cause of this physical mental and moral evil is secret vice which does what inflames the passions even the imaginations and lead to licentiousness So these are some of the things that people have gone through in their lives and why women have manifested characteristics of the strange woman and someone in here may say that never happened to me praise God hereditary and cultivated tendencies because they may not have happened to you. It could have been your parents it could have been your parents parents it could have been your parents parents parents you know in the line of Jesus there was incest there was harlotry So we know that it doesn't matter what happened in our parents you know line we can get victory but those things are there and is waiting for so your statement is waiting for trigger and you know what the limits are so much about this lust I also have because I don't have time to put in my slides but you're tempted at the less and this may not be your own personal loss in May have been the loss of a parent that is now manifesting itself in you and says those who put their trust in Christ are not to be in slave but hereditary or cultivated habit of cultivated habits or tendencies instead of being held in bondage to the law and nature they are to rule every appetite and passion God has not left us to battle with evil in our own finite strength whatever may be our inherited a cultivate a tendency so long we can overcome through the power that he is ready to impart and what all this passing we used to is petting and premarital sex all these all these symptoms all these experiences can lead to this it can lead to flirting it can lead to other things that you know was mentioned today this I'll just let you guys get to the quote that's also this is and let it 1897 and what is happening up here is that a young man had this affection to this woman and I want to go back to it basically says. She sometimes made the events and you were in fact treated her come talking to them and some of them were about what he was doing with all of what we can do and then it goes on to say when you should both be in your beds you have been in 1 another society and 1 another's arms nearly the entire night. And then we might even be physically I can be over the phone I can be do text message you know well you know his time zone is different than mine time so it doesn't matter is still 12 o'clock your time doesn't make a difference you should be in bed you know and as the lower show me these things I'm having my intimate courting relationship with him you know chooses my way he's my counselor and he's showing me Reese things and he's like my daughter yes it's OK to have an intimate relationship with me with people or to have intimacy but you've been looking for it in the wrong places you need to have that with me let me show you why you have been seeking for it in other locations Let me show you why it has manifested itself like the things I didn't share earlier is because you may have struggled with some of these things so what else you have said with some of these things and when I came into the church this is so tabooed you know only men are taught or are known to quote unquote be. Masturbate are to be empowered honestly you know we don't talk about what happens our sisters we don't talk about the unsanctified thoughts that goes on in the mind and so I came into this church thinking oh my goodness I'm so pure pure because all my sisters look so beautiful and holy Who can I talk to who can I share Who can I ax about these things and I'll go back to this lie here and it was amazing to me that Mary had the same issue Mary had been looked upon as a great sinner but Christ knew the circumstances that had shaped her life he might have eggs then wished every spark of hope in her soul but he did not and I said my daughter there's still hope and that hope comes from a purity of the soul God being able to purify the soul for them referred to this core earlier. The 1st work of those who were performed is to purify the imagination when tempted to view to a co-opt imagination they flee to the throne of grace and pray for strength from having. The OK go to next. Purity of thought This is a beautiful promise there meditation should be of that nature which will elevate their minds and make Jesus and Heaven the subjects of their thoughts if Satan seems to divert the mind from this to low and sensual things bring it back again and place it on eternal things and when the Lord sees the determined effort made to retain only pure thoughts he will attract the mind like the magnet and purify the thoughts and Noble and they will them to cleanse themselves from every secret soon so who's doing the work here God is doing the work when we have made every effort that we can to purify our thoughts there is absolutely no excuse to have impure thoughts because when God sees us quoting scripture when he sees us putting songs in our head when he sees us trying to get thoughts out of our mind he lives truly a chap's mind to Him He does it there is nothing that we have to do except for our determined effort I want to say that some people have the thought that you know all I don't know why you should live with sensual sexual sins you should have surrendered. You have a problem with surrendering that is not what the balance because it tells us she says you should control your thoughts this will not be an easy task you cannot accomplish it without close and even some rare effort I remember coming into this message and the thought that impure thoughts that were there will come to my mind because of my past experiences and I want my sister talking with a sister 1 day and she said you know you are going to have to spend a lot of nice in prayer and I was like. Oh you know I guess over the Dalton Jesus and she was not lie a lot of prayer and agonizing and fasting and absent of what hope me to receive victory from these things because oh. Yes because some of the knowledge the evil of sinful indulgence yet will excuse themselves by saying they cannot overcome their passions this is a terrible admission for a Christian to make that everyone that name in the name of Christ apart from iniquity because the lower passions of their nature have taken the reins and high moral principle which should be the governing power is gone sensuality has quenched the desire for holiness and has with it spirituality and she says The Soul is held in the law responded those who struggle with sexual are so essential sins are in the lowest bondage they can ever be and so states and how the very strong and so is not a simple all you know you should. Do. Is not a simple you know you should be able to overcome you know what lies are so hard why you have spent time in prayer why you got it why you go do all those things is not it is not because it is not an easy tax yet God requires it it is the duty resting upon every accountable being you are responsible to God for your thoughts thoughts produce actions so we need to out the X. ray to the root don't correct the actions that is correct the thoughts that is correct the motives now we can look about actions. And wishes of us so here is an action and we have to action our own here this 1 because people think that is extreme but does not keep clear of the voice. In this society your temptations become earnest and powerful put marriage out of your girl's head this testimony is to a very it's so young girl I would say everyone read this testimony. Some for some and I say this is for everyone for some is like sending an alcoholic into a bar that's what it's like so for some of my sisters I'm not sure if you have I mean I know I've loved your you know was in your heart and all those things and just like I was mentioned today that you have to set up boundaries your boundary may be keep clear of the boys that may be a boundary and is nothing wrong with that don't let anyone tell you you're being extreme you're not being social don't let anyone tell you that because your salvation is asking. And his salvation is a sick expression of your for you know I was called a flush so much growing up and I didn't believe it I didn't know 30 the same thing about being a 4 so I study problems 5 and 6 and 7 miles are all Lord and another prince but I learned when the Jesus was talking to his disciples. When he said that he was going to be betrayed they accept question is that our Lord they search that very moment they search their heart and they search their thoughts against Christ because they want to know is there something that I'm holding against Jesus that I will betray him so I have to read these things and say Lord is it I could let you see it I mean maybe you are going adds another you were flirting with that brother you share worse is it I lord am I the person that's going to do this and here is where God said to teach more. You may become a prudent modest virtuous girl but not without earnest effort you know I was so grateful because I started doing this the Holy Spirit was teaching me he's my counselor we have counseling sessions I'm telling you counseling sessions every night actually turn the Psalms for for. We have counseling sessions every night I'll have a huge bill but just handle. Every night and sums for 4 is beautiful. And when I come to him I remind him I don't have to remind him of his word but he likes us to present his word to him to stand in awe and sin that commune with your own heart upon your bed and be still so Jesus telling me as I was getting to know him I thought it was really where the he knew every single intimate detail of my life and I was like that's kind of vulnerable and hard to teach me he said You must watch you must pray you must meditate you must investigate your motives and your actions closely analyze your feelings and your acts would you in the presence of your father perform an impure action no indeed so every night so Jesus how do you think you interact with a brother so and so today well father you know. That joke wasn't funny but I think got over those things on the very nice well and so I thought you know I was in a lot. Of forgiveness. So you said how do you think you interacted with such and such wow he was standing in the way and I really just wanted to get him out the way so I actually tapped him but that arouses stuff and I brought it by the way don't want to you know actually tap him and he kind of like this and I'm like oh no he's I just don't do that because you don't know what I wrote as a brother's well Julissa How do you think you do such and such and such and such today whoa whoa father the truth is I am really attracted to him I think he's handsome yet China to be in his company so often keep clear of him because since you kind of check it's in him you have that little girl is flirtation type thing that you do you know you just want to talk to them Don't do it OK Father you know I have to go through my day and there's not just grit is not just with my brothers you know how to ask me this is such and such she seemed to be kind of friend in my response to her you know but because the sake of topic I'm just speaking about so that he had to show me come in you own weird you be real with your high and I realized I was a really got out I'll be like Lord you know I think I like that brother you know or you know that and that's it he's you know talk to me let me tell you why he's not the 1 because I don't know why you look at him anyway talk to me you know be real with your commune with your heart upon your head and be still because that is the only way that Christ can speak to your soul intimacy the text I was referring to is here he sees most all recant be set free from any of the filing center from any co-opting dot and like it was mentioned earlier today bhelpuri at the borders of came and we stand those women in there to the see those men we have such power and I hands my sisters. Really have such power in a hands. But 1 steadfast which means a firm or a constant look to the Savior a belief that upon the cross will do more to purify the imagination of the mind and heart for every defilement then will all the scientific explanations by the able this talk we're told that we can cope we can escape the question that is in this world to us we can that is a precious promise we can and I don't know did I do we really resonate with any of you all in this room today. If anything makes sense have you seen yourself in anything we mention today praise God Praise God Turn me to Roman stuff attend. So much of the time verse 1 says Rajan. My heart's desire in prayer to God. Is that they might be say there's my prayer is that I may be saved and then if you are strongly to any of these things you might be saved and if if you are out of place if you don't have to this is if you don't have people in your environment that you feel comfortable to talk to to receive that which I do not now because I did not because I thought I was just so high holy and pure I don't know that struggle with things you know others thought was me I thought I was the only 1 and God was able to show me I can be a counselor I can with I want to talk see but why do we have to allow assistance to struggle like that why can't we learn to have modest transparency why can't we take SR The thing we can come together and encourage 1 another of the struggles that are really happening because we don't we don't talk about real struggles is a taboo and that's why it's not being dealt with and so my prayer my hope in this diary is that my sisters in Zion we will be saved from the lowest bondage that Satan has. And. So I wish I could share more but I know that time was running out. And we're just going to we're going to close it and you can just stay I want to close with this 1 tax that you all know so well and that Lisa just alluded to which is 1st Corinthians 10 verse 13 and it's really the 1st part that I want to hone in on there is no temptation taken you both such as this comment that's why I want to understand. What I'm going through. All of us could be doing it's there's no temptation that's not common that means if you're being tempted with something it's common the word common means others are being tempted with the same thing and that just means we have a Savior who is able to keep you from for the as he's been able to keep so many thousands of others it's not uncommon it isn't taken by surprise at all what's this was going on in her mind no it's it's common. But God is faithful who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye able but will with the temptation also make a way to escape that you may be able to bear it and so find those precious promises that's what it says a 2nd pizza 1 verse for it's a precious promises that are the way of escape and so for every temptation that we're dealing with for every time that we once did these this way towards our brothers. And that could have come from some other way from some hereditary from some cultivated from something happened in our childhood wherever it came from this is not the blame game it's for us to now find the escape route and it's in the promises and so those precious promises are begin this morning hold on to them find your own promise to say Lord I hold this promise up to you this is going on in my mind I'm tempted to act this way toward my brother I am tempted to act the way of a harlot but you have said there is no temptation that is not common and you have also said that you have given me a way of escape and it's in the precious promises him inside us implore all of my precious Is this come together press together lift each other sisters find confident that each other and sisters find spiritual answers with each other in the 1st. Yeah. I don't don't don't take these things to extremes but be real with with your motives allow God to help you to be most real with their Motors' how many of you today really want to make a commitment a real commitment 1 toy allow God to help you to be willing with your heart how many of you want to make that commitment today God What you show me I'm not going to pass off as no money to go through that I'm going to allow you to really help me to be open with my heart about these motives OK praise God Secondly how many of you are willing to say I'm going to make a careful examination of my association with my brothers and what ever the Lord tells me to do by His grace I want to make that change how many of you want that today now whatever that this could be painful but it's better to be painful on this side of eternity I mean. We don't want to go over the period maybe on the side of it so that we don't have to we don't have to go through that pain better now and in heaven have life everlasting you know this new forward of practice to be 2nd for us. Most kind a loving father savior or friend of a demon our counselor Oh dear lord we're so grateful that you have called us from an award you've called us to manifest your glory and your character you have called us to our higher and deeper relationship with you that we may show forth your praises the annoyed and father you know all of the things that was presented today and I can even imagine Satan trying to distract trying to make tire trying to create excuses or excuses in our minds to 5 that this is not something that is important to needful and I prayed to annoyed that you will be back the forces of darkness that we may learn him and have enough for us for someone else their father that we can be that listening ear that we can send them to the rock which is Christ Jesus that we may teach them to an example how to be fulfilled in utero Lloyd I pray Lord there you are help us and you promises that you will attract the mind like a man going into yourself how precious Are you for us and so we thank you so much to write we as you may forgive us for our sins in Jesus' name in. 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