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Our Need for a Change of Mind

Dwayne Lemon


Dwayne Lemon

Director of P.T.H. Ministries & Co-Director of Tekoa Missions



  • March 31, 2018
    11:30 AM
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Our Father in heaven we are very grateful for the privilege to come together as a family to study your word we thank you Lord for the way that you constantly draws closer and still closer to your heart we praise you even for watch trials for if they are rightly received even they work together for good and so Lord even now we bow before you asking for the forgiveness of our sins and also for the presence of your spirit to manifest himself as our teacher but not only our teacher but the 1 who will guide us into the teachings and empower us to live them and we're grateful that you have not only heard this prayer but we trust because it's according to your will that you have answered it and so therefore we say thank you in advance for these precious blessings in Jesus' name amen. But I did invite all of us to turn our Bibles to the Book of Genesis chapter 1 right there at the very beginning we're going to look at Genesis chapter 1. And we're going to look at a very foundational text of Scripture God's plan when he made man there was a plan there was a thought process that God had in his mind of what he wanted and the Bible is very clear about it in Genesis chapter 1 and we're going to consider verse 26 and if you there just let me know by saying amen the Bible says in Genesis chapter 1 looking at verse 26 it says In God said Let Us make man in what. Let us make man in our image after our likeness and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fall of the air and over the cattle and of all the earth and over every creeping thing that creep it upon the earth as man is made in the image and likeness of God He by God is empowered to have dominion over everything on the Earth all right when man is not reflecting the image and likeness of God He cannot have dominion over the earth you understand that. And that's why today Adam and Eve back in the days they could go to an animal and the animal was subject to them today when we go in the presence of a grizzly bear we are subject to that bear you understand that we're subject to that line we don't have the Dominion anymore that Adam and Eve once had but as God restores his image and likeness in us we will once again have dominion that is God's precious promise when I look at the word likeness. It's a very important word the word likeness in the Hebrew it means resemblance So the 1st thing is that you know Adam and Eve had certain. Physical physiological things about them that reference God there was a resemblance when God made man kind of the beginning of time but it's not only that I also want you to see that that word likeness also deals with the mannerisms of God OK the mannerisms of God behaviors. Characteristics. When God made man man was designed to not only reflect God as it relates to behaviors but when God made man he was to reflect God's fops. I want you to understand that he was supposed to have the very mind of God When God made man man was to reflect the very mind character and personality of God Himself that was God's design in the beginning of time and there's a nice little way that if you study the Bible carefully you can actually see a reflection of this how God's thoughts and man's thoughts were absolutely united 1 with another and I'm going to give you an example of this go to the Book of Genesis Now Chapter 2 just pretty much turn a page over well maybe you don't even have to do that depending on how big your bible is you go to Genesis chapter 2 and I want you to see how literally. We can see this truth that when God made man in His likeness that it was not just resemblance by way of physiology but it was also a reflection of the very mind of God the thoughts of God Well how do we know this the Bible is very clear in Genesis chapter 2 God told Adam to do something let's watch the Council of God very clearly and then we're going to consider some other text so we can kind of get of an understanding in Genesis Chapter 2 The Bible says starting at verse 19 man is made in God's image and likeness there is no sin on the earth man is in his sinless state and he has a reflection not only of the physical physiological structure of God but the very mind and thoughts of God So 1 day God does something and I like how the Bible puts it in verse 19 What are the see it says and out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field and every file of the air and brought them until Adam to see what he would call them God says I'm a bring these animals out I want to see what Adam's going to do. You see Adam was made without any flaws he was made flawless but he still had to develop character still had to develop so God allows Adam to go through this experience and he says I'm going to make all these animals I'm going to call these birds and what I want to do Adam is I'm a watch you carefully and I'm going to see what you call them it was a beautiful little way of a test no no bad could come out of it but God again was seeing I'm going to watch Adam see what he calls them so here it is that it says and whatsoever Adam called every living creature that was the name thereof and Adam gave names to all cattle and to the fount of the air and to every beast of the field but for Adam there was not found and help meet for him so you can imagine that Adam is watching all these things God created so Adam sees this animal it has 4 legs it has a very full sized body but it has an extremely long neck and then kind of this little head on top of it and it has all of these brown and white patches on it so Adam's looking at that animal and eventually Adam says you know what I think I'm going to call the animal What do you think I don't call that animal giraffe very good Adam goes ahead he looks at this bird he sees this bird this bird kind of small little guy bird a small got a pretty much wide round almost a little squarish looking head the bird has big eyes and the amazing thing about this bird is that the bird could be looking at you this way and a bird can just droop and turn his head all the way the other right way and look and see exactly what's behind them Adam says I think I'ma call that bird an owl you see that guy Adam was just looking at all of these animals and he's just looking at them and he's naming them 1 by 1 whether it be the father of the aware whether it be the beast of the field he's naming all these creatures now. I believe that when God was putting this before Adam God was seeing something else outside of merely the names that he was calling them I want you now to turn your Bibles with me to the Book of Psalms and I want you to go to Psalms the 40th division and look at verses 25 and 26 with me Psalms were going to the 40 if division and I want you to see what it says as we consider verses 25 and 26 God wanted to see let's see what Adam calls these animals let's see what he calls these birds so here it is in Psalms the 40 of division you see here no that can't be right son not Psalms 48 so let's go ahead I'm so sorry Isaiah 40 thank you Isaiah the 40th chapter in Isaiah the 40th chapter 25 and 26 Isaiah. The 40th the chapter and now we're going to look at verses 25 and 26 Isaiah was going through now 25 and 26 is our focus but you know if you were to go through the whole of Isaiah 40 Isaiah is challenging the people of God because you know there's a lot of things that were created there was man there was stars there were animals and you see all of that listed from Isaiah 40 and you can pretty much start right about at verse 21 and you take it down you can see there that God is referring to all sorts of things and as God refers to all of them I want you to notice something that God brings out in a powerful principle in verses 25 and 26 and Isaiah 4025 if you there say amen All right it says in verse 25 To whom then would you like in me or shall I be equals say of the Holy 1 Lift up your eyes on high and behold who hath created these things again the animals the people the constellations God says look up your eyes look at who's created all these things verse 26 lift up your eyes on high and behold who have created these things that bring it out their host by number he called them all by what he called of them all by name. By the greatness of his might for that he is strong in power and not 1 failing God calls them all by what he calls them all by name you see God already knew that that long neck animal should be called the draft but he wanted to see Adam what are you going to call it God already knew that bird who could turn his head all the way around he already knew that that virtue be called the now but he wanted to know Adam what are you going to call it and God goes point by point through the various things of creation and Adam was right there because his mind was so united with God that everything that Adam called it God says that's exactly what I would call that at. Everything that Adam named that could fly God said that's exactly what I would call it. The mind of Man Of The Mind of God we're perfectly united 1 with another it does not matter if it's the smallest matters of life or the greatest matters of life when the mind of man and the mind of God are together even our minds. Can become very powerful. Our thoughts can become very powerful you see that at the echo of this very point in Psalms 139 Let's watch it again Psalms 139th Division notice again what the Bible says in. The 100 and 39th Division let us go ahead and let us consider verses 1 to 6 in Psalms 139 we're looking at verses 1 to 6 God brings out all these wonderful points to help us understand that his desire in the beginning of time was that man's mind and his mind were to be completely united that we would be 1 the Bible says in songs $139.00 starting in verse $1.00 oh lord thou hast searched me and known me the know us my down sitting and mine uprising that understand US My thoughts are far off that understand as my what my thoughts are far off now come past is my path and my lying down and are acquainted with all my ways for there is not a word in my tongue but lower down though is that all together that has been set me behind and before and laid her hand upon me such knowledge is too wonderful for me it is high I cannot attain and to it God knew Adam was what Adam was going to call it before Adam called it again God's mind and Adam's mind with together their thoughts were united. And this was God's plan in the beginning of time God wanted us to be a reflection of his thoughts his thoughts were to be our thoughts and so whenever you think about the plan of redemption you and I have to understand that it's not enough that God wants to change our behaviors he also wants to change our what he wants to change our thoughts and he wants our thoughts to become what his thoughts and God says the sooner nans thoughts becomes my thoughts they have just found happiness. The sooner that man's thoughts and God's thoughts come together my brothers and sisters you really found the key for happiness. Well that we might think like gun. If we could think like him then something else will happen go to Proverbs 23 let me see what else will happen you see if we can think like him and something else we'd happens it's kind of a by default you see a lot of people are pursuing the character qualities of got a lot of us are trying to do the various behaviors of God while we still don't have the thoughts of God we're working backwards. You can't have success like that and get definitely won't be happy Had you ever obeyed God on the X. while deep down in our thought processes we are not united with Him That is when Ellen White uses the term where she says our religion can become Dr formality and heavy drudgery why does it become like that because as much as I'm obeying I don't want to do this I don't like this that's all right for a beginning stage but that's not supposed to be the Continuum and definitely not the end. In the beginning stage of life in anything you're going to do stuff you don't want to do when you work out there comes a point if you've never worked out before when you 1st curl that dumbbell or when you do that 1st push up or when you do that 1st exercise when you've got to go 30 minutes straight get your heart rate up at least 75 percent of your target heart rate at 1st you're not going to like it. But the goal is that eventually it becomes enjoyable you actually get to a place that you say man I can't wait to exercise again I'm enjoying going ahead and doing those dumbbells doing those pushups running and going and you know what I'm not going for 30 I'm doing 45 this time now I can do a straight hour why because your body has become acclimated to it you now are 1 with those exercises so I understand that in the beginning of the walk with God Yes we're going to get to that place I don't want to do this I don't want to do that and I don't want to do this that's called the beginning of the relationship but my brothers and sisters God wants to get us to a place that eventually his desires are actually our desires. That's part of that plan of redemption Well here is that when you go to Proverbs $23.00 what does the Bible say if thoughts could be as thoughts what's the beautiful natural default Proverbs $23.00 right there in verse 7 it says right there in verse 7 it says for as a man and what think if in his mind what happens so is he that's the devil you see if we could just realize Could it be that some of us are working backwards. I'm a father of 4 children so I have to also consider this as a parent often parents want their children to behave right but very rarely do parents try to help their children adopt God's thoughts. That's a different level of parenting how do I help train my children that they can have the thoughts of God because God promised if you can show your children how to have my thoughts the default is they'll be like me because as a man thinks in his mind so is he the understand that some of us put forth pain staking effort child behave right child behave right child behave right it's imperative that we behave right but how often are we assessing our children do they have the mind of God do they think as God thinks do they have thoughts that are like the pattern men this is the kind of things that we should be assessing as mothers and fathers of our children because we want our children to be successful and we want them to be happy and God says listen I understand that yes at a certain stage in a child's growth they can only understand the externals but the time should come where it should be super seriously goal oriented in the mind of that parent that we are seeking to help our children understand God's mind to understand the way he thinks and you know what that means that means that we cannot just tell people what to do now we gotta show them why. I've always learned that in business but it's amazing how is taught in Christianity the why is more important than the how. Other that in business but it is also true in Christianity God says it is not so much what you're doing got as I want the why are you doing it God pays attention to that thing we studied in service school this morning motive why are you doing what you're doing because you can do everything right externally and be completely corrupt on the inside at the same time that's deep. That's why Davis's reach me oh God and know my mind. Try me and know my thoughts. See if there be any working way in me and if there is Lord please leave me in the way of a lasting help me to change my mind you know what David fell into sin was the 1st thing that was the 1st reformatory aspect of David's Prayer is the 1 you have thought about that created in me a clean you see that they haven't already said listen you know how I got in this trouble he said My heart was messed up he said My thoughts were all messed up and until I get my thoughts right I cannot truly get control over my behaviors listen family I'm tell you right now we can all act nice for a period of time we can all lay low for a period of time we can all and do a trial and endure a drama for a period of time but the time will come after months of a long time ago Satan is also patient. He will sit back and he will let you and I think that we've got it together we've got it figured out we've got victory and all these do it is you sitting back and I brothers just practicing It's as if he's this practicing and get rid of the punch and they don't even see it coming and he will let us walk in a false religion and in a false relationship and walking around with false power and he will let us learn something I had a sales manager his name was Chad and Chad I'll never forget it Chad was teaching us something this is years and years ago when I used to do professional sales and Chad all of us down to sales reps and he said listen how many you guys ever heard practice makes perfect and we were like you we heard that before you practice makes perfect we're all in agreement and he said no that's not totally true and what I what do you mean Ted and he said perfect practice makes perfect he says sometimes you can practice the wrong things so well that you become perfect perfect in doing wrong. And I was like. That was the I had to take a bathroom break I go to bed you gotta think on that a little bit that was deep sometimes you and I can practice something for years for decades and it's the wrong thing and we've become masters at doing the wrong thing. Sometimes we're no better off. We've got to understand what the right thing is and then practice that right thing you understand that God's desire for you and God desire for me is that his thoughts and our thoughts would become 1 because God knows the more that my people have my thoughts. Then he says My character will come out because by BE HOLDING YOU BECOME change now that's a great principle that we hear about you don't know what that's found you know what that actually is in the Bible you know this worth it. Excellent 2nd Corinthians Chapter 3 remember the verse. Excellent again 2nd Corinthians chapter 3 verse 18 we it's worthy to look at let's turn there in 2nd Corinthians It's a promise in the Bible 2nd Corinthians Chapter 3 notice what the Bible says that principle comes from scripture by beholding you become change by beholding I become changed that's why you need to be careful what your beholding So notice what the Bible says 2nd Corinthians Chapter 3 right there in verse 18 here is the principle not the exact verbiage but he is the principle 2nd Corinthians chapter 3 verse 18 but we all with open face be holding it as in a glass of the what the glory of the Lord what does this say next was the next 2 words are changed so we're beholding the glory of the Lord and we are we are changing how look at ourselves into the same image from glory to glory even as by the spirit of the Lord the Holy Spirit of God is the source of how you and I get the thoughts of God. We behold the character of God we behold his responses we behold his initiations we behold when he holds himself we behold when he speaks when we constantly behold him. The spirit of the Lord will begin to do something that is very mysterious. He will create a love and a desire and a passion within our hearts that we want to be like him. This is why we're told in that wonderful blessing book great controversy page 519 it says Satan well knows that those whom he can get to neglect prayer and the searching of the scriptures will be overcome by his attacks that is a clear definite statement he will create any and every good reason quote unquote stay away from the Bible don't pick it up and if you do pick it up don't take it seriously if you do pick it up rush through it and read it hurry up go ahead you've got more important things to do so you would do anything but get us to sit down or even more put more important more beautiful to get on your knees. Open up your Bible study it and say I'm not going anywhere until I get my blessing from this reading with all my getting I'm not going anywhere until I understand what these verses are saying to me Satan hates it when we do that when we take that time to study the devil is very mad my brothers and sisters we go on our knees and it's no longer those formal prayers Oh Lord thank you for this thank you for that that are the M M M M I me almost like super rehearsed prayers so he says I'm not afraid of that he says you are doing I do that for decades. But we get on our knees and we say Lord. And we begin to talk to God like he's real. Pray out loud not yelling but praying aloud evening morning and at noon while I pray and cry how allowed the Bible says Psalms 55 or 17 Pray allow. Verbal open your mouth don't just do meditational mental prayers open your mouth that's what Jesus did He is your example. When you begin to talk to God you know when you open your mouth and talk to God he becomes more real to you. Then you know that. There are any of you to try it is a good there I dare and if you try to find a solitary place like Jesus open your mouth that's why and look at leaven it says that he was somewhere praying and then he says and when he sees when he stopped praying then the disciples came and said we have a question to ask you teach us how to pray Jesus says when you pray say he was teaching them speaking God becomes more real to you when you open your mouth God is very imaginary when you pray to Him in your mind. He says that he stays more in that puppet world when you just pray in your mind when you open your mouth God starts becoming a lot more real to you. You start praying and talking to God and then when you stop talking you open up the word let God talk back to you that's called communion you start doing that you make an internal. You make him tremble because now he knows you are in a position that God can show you wondrous things out of his word. And Satan is very afraid of it and so it is that God says I want my people to have my thoughts because ever since sin came into this world my thought processes have been broken from humanity and now the minds of men are going in all sorts of different directions then God go to Genesis 6 less notice the proof I mean we just read Genesis 1 and 2 but by time you get to Genesis 6 what does the Bible say Genesis knows what it says now look in a Chapter 6 this is all here all of the text. So I can go just keep showing us things it's beautiful. Genesis Chapter 6 and let's see what the Scripture says when you get there just let me know by saying amen the Bible says in Genesis 1 and it kicked Genesis 6 verse 1 and it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born unto them that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair and they took them wives all which they chose you need to underline that part they chosen then it says in verse 3 and the Lord said my spirit shall not always strive with man for that he is also flesh yet as they should be 120 years now watch this they were giants in the earth in those days and also after that when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men and they bear children to them the same became mighty men which were of old men ever known and God saw that the wickedness of man was what great in the earth and that how many of their thoughts every imagination every thought these people had all of the thought every imagination of the thoughts of his mind was only evil continually That's how much the devil debunked God's plan the beginning of time man's thoughts and God's thoughts were 1 by time you get to this end to dilute be in phase by which now know when his team is on there all of a sudden it seems like the devil has almost completely. The race that wonderful privilege and gift that the thoughts of man were completely out of harmony with God to the point that God said this We need to start this all over again and he brought a judgment on the earth that's how serious this thing gets Now when we begin to look at this we understand that God wants your thoughts to be his thoughts this is why the forehead is so important with the seal of God. Notice that the devil he doesn't care is that I don't care if you get in your forehead or in your hand when you get in your thoughts or whether you get it just by your mere cooperation I don't care but God says the only way you can please me is when you believe the only way you can please me is when your thoughts are my thoughts guess that's the only people who get the seal of the Living God That's why it's forehead only with him but with the devil forehead hand I don't care says I don't care just don't do what God says wear this because you don't believe it or whether because you believe it but you are afraid and therefore you just cooperate with Satan's plan as I don't care either way you don't get them are going to be standing out and so God is very serious about this thing what we're studying I can guarantee is preparation for the Final Crisis what we're studying is not only serious is dead serious. I realize that I really need the thoughts of God and I need the thoughts of God at every moment because at every moment there is someone that is tirelessly trying to derail my thoughts to get me to think in certain ways that have nothing to do with heaven nor heavens creator and you better believe you're under the same exact attack and this is why God Well the avenues of your soul all my brothers and sisters that is the counsel of the day. You've got to guard what you like in your head you've got to guard it at all costs have a wonderful wonderful talk with my son as we were driving here. And we're talking about how it's so imperative that you guard with you that you're mine you got to be careful. Especially when the last out and down the gifts when you inabilities and people pay attention you better guard your thoughts. Realize I've got to guard mine every day my brothers and sisters you need to understand that even some of God's Warriors. At times have shown through the testimony of Scripture that their thoughts were not God's thoughts you see. I want you to think about this good Isaiah 55 Watch this. We're really going to study today we're going to study Isaiah 55 I want you to watch this. This came out of my devotion by the way all of this is this just burst out of my devotion Talking to go 1 on 1 Lord said all right doing I need you to pay attention and he gave me my lashing and I am healing from it and God's about to give you your son. And the purpose of him doing it is he always wins for 1 purpose to heal always wombs for 1 purpose to heal your always remember a butcher and a surgeon can both have a knife in their hands 1 does it to cut and separate the other 1 does it to cut to heal. God is not a butcher God doesn't want to slash you up you know a lot of people teach that about God They make God look like he's the slasher but he's just going around just just cutting focus when I used to live in New York used to be on the Long Island Railroad and there was a time on the Long Island along on the road into Manhattan every day for work and I remember there was a time thank the Lord there was a guy who went on to the Long Island Railroad You know he did he took out a knife and he just thought of just slashing people just got a cut people all through the Long Island Railroad some of you live in New York you probably remember that if you're watching the news way back in the days like 2999 something like that and it's amazing because some people they take not to slash in the cut and we begin to put that wicked picture on God God does use a knife God does use a sword guaranteed but my brother and sisters God never uses his knife or sword to just flash the people I'm a complete to death when God cut he cuts like a surgeon God says I'm the master surgeon got this I perform the 1st surgery. Hadn't taken that son I need to do some surgery. And God did that 1st beautiful surgery and I think he did pretty well don't you think so Adam came out of it just fine came out better off than when he saw this. And so it is that God is the master surgeon he cuts to heal my brothers or sisters so don't be afraid when I use that word cut God cut me but he did it for the purpose of healing me and if God cuts you you make sure you understand he's not doing it to hurt you he's doing it to heal you. The Bible says and Isaiah $55.00 and I say the 55th chapter it's right there in verses $8.00 and $9.00 God makes it very clear that what he designed is no longer reality for the Bible says in verse 8 for my thoughts. Are not your thoughts neither are your way my way saith the Lord for as the heavens are higher than the Earth so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts then your thought that was a statement of reality but that was not a statement of desire you get that difference it was a statement of reality but it was not a statement of desire God's desire is that his thoughts and I thought to be 1 and I'm going prove that emphatically from scripture God's desire is that our thoughts will be 1 but God made it clear your thoughts are not my thoughts because the previous Various is 1 of the most beautiful statements in all the world when the beauty most beautiful promises Elyse is this promise right here we should take it naked as it is it says in verse 7 Let the wicked for sake his way and the unrighteous man his thoughts and let him return unto the Lord and He will have mercy upon him and to our God for He will abundantly pardon God is like listen. This is my promise to you if you forsake your ways if you 1st take those evil thoughts do you see how God did that because he did not just say forsake the ways. He said 1st take the thoughts. Because it's the thoughts that prepare the way clear clear and so God says listen if you for sake you ways of those thoughts Gus's I will not only pardon you I will abundantly pardon you. He says what he says to my thoughts are not like us my ways are not like your ways oh men look at what God is so this is Grace what he's revealing to us in these verses you understand now there might be warriors. Who did great things for God. But sometimes they testified that their thoughts were not connected to God's thoughts. I think it's time to go through some of these examples I chose might be people on purpose go to the Book of Numbers Chapter 20 I want you to watch this. When I think of a mighty man of God I don't know about you but my man Moses comes to my mind. Moses was an incredibly mighty man of God The Bible says something about this in numbers. We're looking at the 20th chapter and we're going to pick up at verse 7 in this story the children of Israel are murmuring and complaining again not the 1st time they're murmuring and complaining again so here goes God having to give counsel the most is now I want you to watch this in verse 7 it says and the Lord speak unto Moses saying because keep in mind people complaining wears off food at these people love food food was definitely there got their belly where they God Now here it is that they're complaining crying Oh I wish we were back in Egypt all of this stuff just because they couldn't eat pretty pathetic but nevertheless Moses and Aaron to go before the Lord the crying Lord what do we do with this so he got instruction verse 7 and let's take on the Moses saying take the rod and gathered out the assembly together thou and Aaron by brother and speaking on to the rock before their eyes. And it shall give for his water and Thou shall bring forth to them water out of the raw shall give the congregation and the Beast drink and Moses took the rock from before the Lord as he commanded him and Moses and Aaron gathered the congregation together before the rock and he said unto them here now you rebels must we fetch you water out of this rock and Moses lifted up his hand and with his rod What do you do. Note the rock How many times twice the brother was angry he allowed passion to control them for a moment. Says he smote the rock twice and the water came out abundantly and the congregation drank and their beasts also but verse 12 and the Lord speak on to Moses and Aaron because you believe me not to sanctify me in the eyes of the children of Israel therefore you shall not bring this congregation into the land which I have given them. A moment of passion. Change the whole course of Providence. You have to understand 1st Corinthians 10 versus 1 to 4 it is right there down if you'd like in 1st Corinthians 10 want to for the rock represented Christ that rock that was providing the drink for them that rock was a representation of Jesus. The 1st time they came to the rock What did Moses do he had to strike it OK he had to smite the rock and then water would come out but this time the 2nd time what did God tell Moses to do the Rob speak to do you know had Moses obeyed it would have been a beautiful picture of the gospel. How the rock in order to provide refreshing to the people. To provide blessings to the people the rock the 1st time had to be mitten. So it is with Jesus in order for Jesus to pour out blessings upon the people Jesus had to be smitten yet to stand that so the 1st time the rock was smitten that was a perfect type ology perfect rock smitten blessings come Jesus smitten blessings come but watch this the 2nd time what did God say to do now he said he would speak to the rock you know why that was important because Jesus does not go on across a 2nd time. Once Jesus went on Calvary and then ascended into the sanctuary above all we have to do now is pray and speak to him and ask for blessings but what Moses did if he were ruined the plan of salvation in the type. Because instead of speaking to the rock at God says Moses This would have been a perfect example the people would have appreciated the coming Messiah more but because you're struck it not once but twice. You've marred the whole plan of salvation. Failure number 2. He said How much do we have to keep doing this for you what do you think that made the Israelites thing so maybe it wasn't God doing all of this force before whom I guess it was you and Aaron that was doing this for us all along and if you erred on this point maybe you erred on several other points and maybe this whole thing was a joke and maybe we really need to go back to Egypt. You know God said God as Moses I have to give swift judgment. Just as I have to because if I don't give swift judgment to what you've done. Then the people might very well begin to doubt the whole plan of salvation in the process I must hold you accountable this is why God holds leaders very seriously accountable before him because when we err it's not enough to just err in your home but when we err in the public before the people that are following us. That's a lot of casualties. So you know Moses did Moses decided to. Apologize. And start some begging I want you to read in Deuteronomy Chapter 3 go there with me in Deuteronomy Now look at Chapter 3 watch this story is think is very very deep Deuteronomy 3 we're going to start at verse 23 so in Deuteronomy 3 now I want you to watch verse 23 and look what happens here the Bible says in Deuteronomy Chapter 3 we're looking at verse 23 and we're going to take it to verse 27 look at what the Bible says Deuteronomy chapter 3 verse 23 now the bible says Deuteronomy 3 verse 23 and ice and I be sought the Lord at that time saying oh Lord God thou hast begun to show the servant by greatness and I'm mighty hand for what God is there in heaven or in earth that can do a quarter that I works and a quarter that I might I pray thee let me go over. And see the good land that is beyond Jordan that goodly mountain and Levanon verse 26 but the Lord was wroth with me for your sakes and would NOT WHAT hear me and the Lord said unto me Let it suffice to be speak no more unto me of this matter get the up into the top of his gut and lift up on Eyes westward a northward southward and eastward and behold it with 9 Eyes For thou shall not go over in this Jordan. God says no. Moses thoughts and God's thoughts were not united. God says no. I meant what I said. Moses this judgment must be visited. Moses was begging he was asking God not PLEASE CAN I PLEASE VOTE I know I messed up but you know and he probably could have a 1000 things to say look I messed up only once where also my record do you see me messing up lord do you know that ever since Moses was called by God. We have no record of his sin we have no record of us falling in other words this was 1 time. And here goes God saying Moses I said what I said I stand where I stand and don't ask me again. Serious parrot is any. Very serious now the time comes you'll read about this when you read the last chapters of Deuteronomy Deuteronomy 31 to 34 I'd encourage you to study it in Deuteronomy 3134 my. As I'm going through this thing I'm reading it and here it is that Moses is now giving final counsels to Israel all right Israel just was going to take over. I want you to be faithful 1 by 1 he goes through the tribes. You are Blessed are going to be a blessing in this and he's counseling all of them God is going to bless you God going to keep that up and he's encouraging them and God already showed Moses Moses this you're going to rebel even after you die. It's almost like Moses ministry by way of appearance was a failure I mean think about it you want to deliver a whole bunch of people only 2 of the adults make it in but the original group. Those over 20 years old so you know if you allow your mind I didn't say his mission was a failure I said it can appear like that. So here it is God given final counsel and God says to Moses again God says Moses. You remember I told you to speak to the rock you didn't speak to the rod you struck it and therefore Moses because you struck it he says I have to visit judgment upon you go up in the mountain Moses you read this in Deuteronomy 3134 you read it he says go up to the Mount Moses and there you shall see the Canaan Lane but he says but you will not go into it you will see it and then you will die God says it to him again now my human mind as I read this I'm just like Lord. That just a little harsh. And God says no because my people don't understand the exceeding sinfulness a sin that's the problem is we don't understand it we play with it we think it's again. We let our children sin we are guilty as parents because God holds us God I hold the guilt of gossip you don't think I hold you accountable for your children to do so not only the children sitting we're standing with sinners before God. Then on top of that you've got a church filled with people who love the world want to bring the world in the church all these other things God is like I see all of it. And if people actually think we're going to go to heaven God Heaven will be hell to them. If I brought them in to eat any tourney of Bible study prayer praise and thanksgiving they'd hate it they'd be like Israel they'd be like where's the world we want to go back we remember when we used to eat we remember when we used to that we would say the same things ago. There's very few people in this world that watch my words the very few people in this world that love holiness. Very few and all God is trying to do is convince us of how beautiful holiness is. That it's worthy of our love it's worthy of our attention it's worthy of it. But sometimes this world is still attractive to us and that's why god stuff happens I don't say ordain please watch my words carefully I say let I don't say or don't I said Let God allow things to happen that it was not his ordinance for it to happen so what does God do he allows us to here another shooting another shooting another high school and you got parents got children in school public schools we think those parents are doing to pry print a lot more than they did the 1st time they let their children in public school we understand people are praying more they like. What we do father and we're seeing how wicked this world is and if that's not enough God says I'll let you see more. God is trying to get us to that precious place that we can set our affections on things above not on things on the earth because we're dead and alive should be hid in Christ and God Colossians chapter 3 verses 1 through 4 God says that's what I'm trying to get my people to realize this world is not worthy to stay here the problem is too many of us are trying to stay here. So God says OK let me show you what you're trying to stay in and he just keeps let it happen and when it doesn't affect us from a distance. He'll let it come closer and let it come closer until it comes to our own home. And then when we see the power of Satan and sin in our own home. That's when we start seeing no 1. And even then sometimes God is merciful God has allowed this thing the coming your home so I can show you you need to change your mind. Because if I can help you change your mind then you are right for the change of behaviors and it might become so contagious that your children may partake of the fruit of your tree. Too wise to air a family. And so it is that Moses. Drops dead. Sounds doesn't it. First of all let me tell you that that's not sad let me tell you why you can actually can do a quick test for us right now to show you how even our thoughts are not necessarily connected with God going to do some kind of a test right now. For him I was pregnant. Had a baby baby is born in this world when that baby's born we say everyone is not right we say Praise the Lord do we not rejoice when. Finally bear that child in the birth goes well with the babies born always what do we say thank God don't we give testimonies in church at like like I praise the Lord that I'm alive we love being alive don't we. Go to please yes the Chapter 7. Ecclesiastical is the 7th chapter. That is what the Bible says Ecclesiastes each have to 7. In Ecclesiastes the 7th chapter was what the Bible says just 1 right there verse 1 please yes these Chapter 7. Is what the Bible says God's thoughts are really different from our thoughts if he asked the 7 in verse 1 what do they say it's a good name. Is Better Than precious ornament and the day of what the day of death. Then the day of would one's birth. I want you to think about how many times you rejoiced on someone's birth how many times did you rejoice when someone die. You probably would put the word NEVER next to it. Hardly ever. The Bible says a good name is better than precious going in and the day of death then the day of one's birth it is better to go to the house of mourning than to go to the house of feasting for that is the end of all men in the living will lay it to his heart sorrow is better than laughter for by the sadness of the countenance the heart is made better the heart of the wise is in the house of mourning but the heart of food is in the House of Mirth he starts a different. From most people. And this has died. I would say Oh oh how sad how terrible. But Jesus had a plan you see Jesus had a plan when you get a chance you study Jude and verse 9 there's something I learned about Jesus says in John 11 in verse 25 Jesus says I am the resurrection and the life so whenever Jesus goes to a dead person he only has 1 thing to do with them what is that. Resurrection to bring them up. Jesus is the resurrection. So in June 1st 9 he's at the body of Moses that dead body. Satan tries to interject Hey don't you remember that he hit that rock twice. Jesus had choice words for a live look at those choice words Jude verse 9 go to the back of the Bible Revelation and the book right before it is the book of Jude the Bible says that when Jesus came to the body of Moses. But what the Bible says Jude verse 9. Bible says in the book of Jude in verse 9 right there. The Bible says in Jude verse 9 it says yet Michael the Archangel When contending with the devil he disputed about the body of WHO about the body of Moses durst not bring against him a reading accusation but said the law rebuked the That's all God had to say to him when he came to resurrect Moses. And Satan came to try to remind God of all of his failures. The Bible says he was rebuked get away from me and he touched Moses and Moses get up. And he brought Moses right back up again. You know the only thing that changed in God's plan as a result of smiling the rock twice translation versus resurrection. In other words God already had it in his plan. Moses once you get to Canaan land I'll just translate you but that once Moses messed up Gaza's All right I got to visit that judgment but I'm still going to fulfill my plan is that instead of me taking you to eternity through translation I will now take you to eternity through resurrection. That didn't forget his son. The error of his son's ways when you read that wonderful story patriarchs and prophets and you read that chapter of the death of Moses it says right there that his plan was to translate it in Canaan. But because of his sin because of his choice God says I'm going to visit it but nothing catches God off guard thus is also fulfill my plan he's going home with me it just won't be through translation instead will be 3 resurrection and so God raises that Moses why do you think Moses could be there with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration along with another guy like. Moses was counted among those who got resurrected God raised them back up. God makes a statement clear and I say this to all of the faithful workers in this room don't ever look at that story and think Oh God is such a harsh mean person such as I know God says something very clear God is not on righteous go to Hebrew 6 look at what the Bible says in Hebrew 6. Yes Moses thought it was not connected with God's laws Moses wanted to live God says no you must die but had his thoughts been connected with God's thoughts he would have seen oh I'm going to go ahead and be with him and you know. What the resurrection of the translation how much of a difference I still get to be with him and Moses didn't even die suffering you're going to Hebrew 6 Do you know the Bible says He was 120 years old it says His eyes were not even did. His eyes wasn't even been. My daughter Caylee and I we went to the Philippines a couple of weeks ago we're going to show you the video we went into the house of a woman who is 120 years old. 70 advantage lady lives up in the mountains breeze in pure fresh air it's only food that comes from the soil totally plant. She told Kayla and I I'm going to get ready to take a walk and I'm going to go out and catch the bus so I can go to church. She said I said 1 brother told me there's a lady who's 12120 as I have never seen her I've got to I can't leave this out of what I've seen or so we went to a humble route. I sat right next to put my arm around her and I was like. Smelled fantastic. She says I still believe myself. The girl could still be there so her son was there 84 years old her oldest son 93. It's about time you go to sleep she says 7 o'clock every night if I say Lord I'll know if I can do that. If you don't try to pick out all of her family you found that you point them like how do you do this. But when we got there her eyes were dim. We talk with her eyes with them brothers and sisters she says I've basically lost my sight how many medications are you on none. No medications. But nevertheless she says my eyes a kind of dim my eyes are you know I can't see too well but the Bible says Moses was 120 his eyes weren't even. This is his countenance had no disease. It's like God put Moses up in that mountain and God said to Moses listen I'm a let you see Canaan land I'm going to see more than that God gave me a nice heavenly vision Moses saw the whole plan of redemption Moses saw beyond the. Prophet of God. And when most all of that is as it were that God said Moses you look tired you should take a nap and all the Bible says He just went to sleep. Next thing you know he goes to sleep accepting the judgment of God and his brother go to sleep and almost as he gets to his R.T.M. stage. God says Hey get up. I'm a take you home with me I can. I can only imagine what was going through his mind. Because he just knew I won't die I accept the judgement take care of my family Israel that's all this 1 is mine I accept a lot I know my sins are forgiven etc And here goes God surprising him. And wakes him up. God says if only your thoughts could be my thoughts does is like a show you things that you would never imagine at that moment most of those thoughts and God's thoughts were not the same you see Hebrew 6 look at what God says I don't forget the verse Hebrew 6 but what it says right there 1st 10 in Hebrew 6 and verse 10 i told us that God is not unrighteous who is says for God is not unrighteous to do what to forget your work. And a labor of love which you have showed toward his name and that you have ministered to the saints and do Minister God says I don't forget any of my labors. Even when God labors the left in pits in dungeons and left to be slaughtered the way and the people of God of turned their backs on him and even God may have to give a judgment like he gave to even Moses God says Don't you think for a minute that I'm an unrighteous God he says I do not forget the labors of love that you have done for me. And God will always distribute fair and righteous judgment but it's not just Moses a mighty man who did not have this box fully connected with God at that moment how about another mighty man Elijah 1st king Chapter 19 turn there with me now notice what the Bible says and 1st kings were looking at Chapter 19. In 1st kings the 19th chapter we read another story of another mighty man who also testifies of his thoughts Now what's interesting is a lie just thought a completely different from Moses thought God told Moses you must die for what you have done but Moses said Lord please don't let that happen let me live and let me go on let's look at this 1 1st Kings Chapter 1900 verses 1 to 4 if I just had a tremendous victory against the prophets of Bale Well here it is that as just a bill gets wind of it here's a story and they have told you as a bell that Elijah had done and with all and with how with all how he had lain all the prophets with the sword then Jessa Bell sent a messenger on to a lie just saying don't let the gods do to me and more also if I make not die life as the life of 1 of them by tomorrow about this time and when that mighty man saw it. When that might immense saw that he arose and went for his life and came to be a Shiva which belonged to Judah and left a servant there but he himself went to Day's Journey into the wilderness and came and sat down under 8 juniper tree and he requested for himself that what would happen that he might die and said it is enough now own Lord take away my life for I am not better then my father's. He lives or goes to God and under pressure says Lord please let me die. Just did a wonderful thing for the Lord but in his discouragement he asked for death. I wonder what God gave him but a 2nd Kings Chapter 2 let's find out what let's find out how God answered Elijah's request you see evil I just thought we're not united with God's thoughts when yours and my thoughts are not united with God's thoughts we can even pray and ask for things amiss we can pray and ask for things that we should not be praying and asking for Eliza want to die but instead God says no I'm going to do something else 2nd Kings Chapter 2 and the Bible says right there in verse 11 the Bible says and it came to pass as they still went on and talked that behold there appeared a chariot of fire and horses of fire and parted them both asunder and Elijah went up by a world when Where into heaven a lie just says I want to die God says no I'm going to translate. He responds This is no I'm going to do the total opposite I'm going to translate you. Moses I want to live God says no you must die Elijah I want to die God says no you must live. Mighty men testifying their minds were not connected with God at certain points in their walk is not something the reason I'm showing you this is I want to show you that if this thought process infected these mighty men what do you think is the chances that these thought processes can affect you and I. This is why you got to be on guard at every moment God said to be larger Nope I'm not going to let you die I'm going to let you live a lie just thoughts were not united with God's thoughts God had a whole plan for Elijah it logic and I see that plan because he allowed his discouragement to take his mind into another direction I hope you understand that the great controversy is between God and between Christ and Satan over the mind of the thoughts of man Satan is constantly attacking our thoughts. There are some of us who may say Lord let me live with Gus's No the best plan is for you to die and we need to be able to accept that process if that's got to process and then if and when that person dies we can say it was better. In his death. Then when another child is born because it was God's plan for filled but there are some of us that we get so discouraged Oh Lord I can't take much more this Lord just let me die God says No I have a plan I have chosen you to be counted among $144000.00. I'm going to put that very discouraged week 1 and I'm going to encourage them to hang in there because I've got a plan for their life and that plan is going to be part of my translating for. We need to let God's thoughts be God's thoughts and we need to say Lord help my thoughts to be in harmony with your thoughts. And if that's not enough let's get to the New Testament again amongst the very 1 who is known as the 1 who love Jesus Luke Chapter 9 in Luke Chapter 9 John the 1 who listened most attentively to the very words of Jesus the 1 who paid absolute attention to Christ and His words the Bible says in the book of Luke Chapter 9 I want you to watch verses 49 and 50 there are times that if we're not careful we can reflect the devil's thoughts while we're walking with Jesus just like John the Bible says or loop the 9th chapter looking at verses 49 and 50 if you there say amen it says and John answered and said Master we saw 1 casting out devils in the name and we 4 Bad him because he followed with not with us. And Jesus said unto him what. For bit him not for he that is not against us. Or is for us his thoughts were not united with Christ thoughts and as a result of that he was ready to stop the work of the gospel. Do you see the danger of what can happen when I thoughts are not united with this he literally said all Jesus had to do was agree with him if Jesus would have said hey that's a great idea let's stop that we're frustrated the Gospel going forward do you understand that do you know that there's an application we can make of these very verses even today. From as long as from as far back as 881. In the history of the 7th Day Adventist Church it was an $863.00 that the church decided to become an organized body to become an organized religion OK And when that happened there were some who looked at church organization as a good thing church organization a lot for continuity church organization allowed for holding people accountable church organization allowed for order there were many blessings that comes from church organization when somebody just runs the church on their own when their own and when they're the leader and no 1 can hold them accountable those are churches that can easily become corrupt so church organization is a blessing. But you know how it is sometimes blessings abused become curses. Jesus and the Apostles are walking and doing a great work but this other people who's also anointed by Jesus and they're doing great work but John because the I jealous. And the spirit of Pharisaism in his heart he wanted to stop that work purely because. They are not doing it with us. Let's stop and. Thank God Jesus said no no no if they're not against us you see that's a qualified if they're not a against us and then they're doing this work leave them alone because they're for us. In 81 all the way to 889. There was a little book compilation of books that made up something called Volume 5 of the testimony to the church and there's a segment in it where the statements there are very much a political even to our day and I want you to see what a sis some of our leading men are inclined to indulge the Spirit manifested by the Apostle John when he said Master we saw 1 casting out devils in the name and we for bait him because he follow if not with us here is the response organization and discipline are essential another way of saying essentially very necessary but it says but there is now very great danger of a departure from the simplicity of the gospel of Christ what we need is less dependence upon mere form and ceremony and far more of the power of true godliness. Now watch this if their life and character are exemplary please let me pause right there when individuals are working. We are not to consult Are you under our conference. Are you working with us. The 1st thing God wants us to pay attention to is look at their life look at their character is what they're doing exemplary Is it worthy of duplication is it worthy to be reproduced in the hearts of others. That should be our question not simply are you under this conference or are you under that conference. There is work that's being done that needs to be done and it's going to be done and it's going to be done by people that are not necessarily under a conference not all self-supporting ministries are to be under an A.S.I. or an outpost Center International they don't have to be under these things and any leader or any leading men who begin to treat people like you have to be under this. Or else you are not recognized or recognizable. They are overstepping and they are playing the very role that John was playing himself the question is what is their character like what is their life like what is their work like you see if somebody takes the weapons of Gods word turns it against the church begins to look for every evil that happens in the church so they can put it out on You Tube and on Facebook and on every other network Oh that's an easy 1 that is not exemplary that is not the character of God such ministries should not be endorsed by any of the people of God let alone by the conference so that's not an issue but the key is is that if someone says look I'm not under any particular conference I'm not under the big organizations like an S I or an O.C. I I'm not under any of those organizations but we do our work in this territory we do it quietly we do it humbly the character and the life is in harmony with God They are seeking to build up and strengthen the weaknesses of the church rather than to tear down the church. Those ministries should be supported not just with our words but with our money they should be supported in every single way that we can support them even with our participation. And so it says if their life and character are exemplary let all work who will in any capacity so in these days the work must be done there are many Departments of Labor let every 1 act a part as best he can let not those who preach the word lay their hands upon the humblest worker and say you must labor in this channel or not work at all hands off brethren let every 1 work in his own sphere with his own armor on doing whatever he can do in his humble way strength in his hands in the work this is no time for Pharisaism to control let God work through whom he will the message must go. By him 5 the testimony to the church page 461 paragraph 2 and so God is saying that spirit of John could exist in the hearts of his people today if we're not careful. We must learn how to work together the work of God on earth will never be finished until those who comprise our church membership unite their efforts with those of ministers and church officers that didn't mean that everybody has to be under the same umbrella we just got to be about the same focus and the same cause the promulgating of the 1st 2nd and 3rd angels message the finishing of God's work that should be our focus so that very spirit if we're not careful can come in and there's a warning to both of those independent as well as those who are leaders in the Congress and otherwise there's a warning to both groups do not try to control everything being done also do not function in such independence that you begin to let the devil lead your mind and now you are attacking the very thing that God himself raised. There's always manifold extremes all representing a disconnection of our thoughts with God's thoughts you see that I used to look now I look at verses 51 on it says in Luke 951256 it says and it came to pass when the time was come that he should be received up stedfastly. He steadfastly said a space to go to Jerusalem and sent messengers before his face and they went and entered into a village of the Samaritans to make ready for him what Minister they go into the village of who Samaritans Now watch this village of the Samaritans to make ready for him and they did not receive him because his face was as though he would go to Jerusalem so the Samaritans rejected Now watch this it says and when his disciples James and John saw this they said Lord Well now that we command would fire up to come down from the heaven and kill them. Even as he lived it but he turned and rebuked them and said you know not what manner of spirit you are of for the Son of Man has not come to destroy men's lives but save them and they went to another this Jesus said You have my thoughts when you said that these were the you so you don't know a spirit your I don't know no he did no spirit whose thoughts those words do you say those are the thoughts of the devil those are not my thoughts. Do you see how God is constantly showing us examples in Scripture of how even those most closely connected to him can allow their thoughts to be disconnected from him and if those thoughts were followed through on various plans of God would have been ruined if God would have brought Moses into Canaan Anyhow do you understand the damage that would have happened to the gospel so God says Moses you have to die. But God had a plan he said I already know I'm going to raise you back up Moses should've trusted God that he never had to go to him and ask him to change his mind. Cause there's no you need a change of mind the title of our message a need for change of mind he lives or God his life you're going to be the picture of what I'm going to do with my last day people to actually translate them you're telling me you want me to let you die but then he lives are you going to ruin the planet type policy that I'm setting up with you as my model. That says I'm not going to let you die I want to translate you John says well but why don't we go ahead let's stop these people from work and Jesus says John if I stop them from working then do you understand that in the last days there would be overruling overbearing pharisaical leaders in my church that would try to control every single work that would be done and the work would never get finished so Jesus says John I can't do that I am not going to forbid them Jesus says John if they're not against us that's the key then they are for us leave them alone then they said what oh if we can just pour down fire from heaven burned these enemies because they rejected you Jesus says then what should I do with everybody else in the world who rejects me what I'm going to are doing they rejected me for 20 years of his life. Then even more pathetic even after he accepted me he still was living in rejection he was just blind to it what I would have burned I know he would never be standing here giving this message that might make somebody free so Jesus let me say I thank God that I don't listen the all y'all don't have my thoughts. Jesus is showing the danger of what happens when our thoughts are disconnected from his thoughts. The understand our scripture reading a little bit better now. Those are scripture reading let this my be in you which was also Him Do you understand that verse a little bit better now do you see the deep deep deep deep deep relevance of us let that verse be lived out in our lives. Oh I need your thoughts. I need to think how you think. Because the more that I could think Lord how you think great things can happen look at this precious promise and 1 of the best documentary books ever written on the life of Jesus desire A.D.'s it says all true obedience comes from the heart watch this it was hard work with Christ and if we can spend look at this promise if we can said he was so identified himself with our thoughts and aims so blend our hearts and minds into conformity to his will that when obey Him we shall be but carrying out our own impulses. That means that what I told you in the beginning of the message is true. Yes In the beginning our thoughts are not united with God we're going through training but God says but you keep obeying me you keep trusting me you keep following me you keep neither turning to the right or to the left you keep your eyes fixed on to the hills from whence comes your help knowing your help comes from me the Lord Jesus says if you keep doing this. He said The time will come that your thoughts and my thoughts will be so clearly identified 1 with another that obeying me you're following your own natural or. Natural impulses. The Spirit of God will change your mind. And this is what got off with these and every 1 of us today can you imagine that sweet. Yeah we're going to prevent have a prayer my brothers and sisters. Jesus. Wants to make it clear. That I want to change your mind I don't just want to change a behavior I want to change thoughts or change the way you think. You see the promise of the Bible is that the last group to go through the final crisis of Earth's history you know what it says about them it says in Revelation 14 and they follow the line. With us so ever he goes rethought of the land is their thought and therefore every behavior of the people are harmony with that. God that's 1 get ready nobody can make it through this final scene in earth's history if we don't have the thoughts of God and God says Behold me and then when you behold me or baby and when you obey trusting in me God says I'm a do a miracle I'm a change of mind. Keep beholding keep going keep holding keep obeying more obey more God says the time shall come. When the thoughts will be so intertwined with mine. That the next time I tell you to do something you'll be like Adam You see I don't know if you caught that. You see how God's will became the natural course for us to this quote. That's how it wasn't a beginning Adam what you want to call it I'll call it direct That's exactly what I would've called it at. The same thing to you he's going to say what you gonna do about that really says Lord I think I should go ahead and do this I think is the right thing it doesn't say Reggie it's exactly what I would do my will be so united with him. That when obeying him. Just carrying out. I owned very impulsive because we're so united with Jesus. And I'm sure that many of us. Maybe all of us need some improvement in our thought process. And my brothers and sisters if you do I do so I'm already standing but if you see your need to have more of the thoughts of Jesus then I want to invite you to stand with me and God is going to bless you well and your expectations all that his thoughts might be our thoughts what his thoughts are thoughts. We're going to be OK with living when his thoughts our thoughts will be OK with dying when his thoughts our thoughts we will go ahead and work with people even if they don't seem like the greatest folks to work with I mean God changes all of it. When his thoughts become our thoughts may God help us to be faithful in our parenthood in our instructing of our children. You know encourage meant 1 to another and even as a church family may we be found faithful at last let us pray our loving Father we are so thankful for the privilege to have our thoughts united with your SO. We have seen the dangers of what could take place by even exercising 1 of the Lord I pray help us to be quick. To obey when you speak help us to be slow. When salts rise up in our minds and we want to act on impulse. And Father I know that what I'm even saying is very difficult for many of us but we are grateful for the precious promise that which is impossible with man is possible with God Lord we pray in the name of Jesus help us that we might have a change of mind and as a result of a change of mind we will have a change character and will have the very character of the precious son so let it be done in our hearts we pray for we ask it all in Jesus name. 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