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The Sacred Circle: Joyous Covenant

Wes Peppers


Wes Peppers

Pastor, Traverse City & Kalkaska, Michigan



  • February 11, 2017
    11:30 AM
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Father this morning we come to you praising you thanking you rejoicing father in the joy that we find through Jesus Christ the love in the peace that we find in him compared to no earthly treasure no earthly relationship no earthly joy and father we would come this morning seeking to know use seeking to be known by you Lord seeking to be experiencing the fullness of your spirit and we pray Father that she will draw close to us this morning we lift up those families that have lost this week and we pray Father that your spirit would be close to them that you would draw nearer to them that you would minister to them and father we present our church family would also put their arms around them father it's terrible to lose loved ones it's terrible to lose children and parents and brothers and sisters and and friends Lord but we know that this is not your original plan so we pray dear father that as we draw close to each other we draw close to you Lord that your love would fill our hearts and fill those voids that we often. And now Father we turn our eyes upon you to be drawn to you through the worship of the word and we pray that that word would be broken today that our hearts would be comforted convicted encouraged and Lord we ask all these things to be poured down in Jesus' precious name that everyone say amen I want to just review with you from last Babis a few statements and a few thoughts before I move in here Advena home paid 17 says God would have our families symbols of the family in heaven let parents and children bear this in mind every day relating themselves to 1 another as members of the family of God then their lives would be such a character as to give to the world an object lesson of what families who love God and keep His commandments may be Christ will be glorified his peace and grace and love will prevail at the family circle like a precious perfume of you think that's a beautiful state and then I mean you want your homes to be like this whether you're a stain goal whether you're married we have children it doesn't matter our homes are to be this and God desires and does not has designed that the family would be a revelation of the relationship between himself and his people on earth a man but even further than that God would design that the family unit would be a revelation of the relationship between the Trinity in heaven the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit on the Earth thank you for that this morning Amen so we saw last week real quickly that from ages 0 to 3 the child watches and learns more from who from the mother right and then from the ages of 3 to 5 the child watches and learns more from who the father and I talked about my son what I wanted you to see and remind you of this week is that from age 5 to 9 the child actually watches how the mother and the father do what interact with each other is an interesting so 3003 you can you can be sure my daughter is attached to my wife's hip. She has to know where my wife is all the time if my wife leaves and I'm there with her she loves papa but she's always asking where's Mommy where's mommy when's mommy coming back right my son right now he's 4 and a half he's attached to my if he wants to be everywhere that I am and the more time we spend together the more that bond is developed but from the ages of $5.00 to $9.00 it's very very important that we understand that the child watches the mother and the father how they interact I would propose today that the child actually watches the mother and father their whole life and then but in the interim it level of development from the ages of 0 to 9 children are watching yes or no very important these influence the child's foundational character for life very important Theodore has said the most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their want to love their mother and then not to live so that everybody knows he's a Christian and most of all his family ought to know now I want to mention something here that I think's very important you see when you're welcome back to it let me just do it a minute so we look at the Biblical formula from cautions 3 for how the bring that family together spiritually remember that last week look at the biblical model for a family worship and what that ought to look like in the home and right there in 3 It gives it to us step by step by step I'm going to review these steps number 1 we found from the cautions 32 and we should choose to set our mind on what kind of things heavenly things you guys await today I know some of us are missing are over at the Grand LEDs tourch for the school but the rest of you here that means you got to kick it up a notch and then. All right there you go Secondly be committed to putting off what kind of things earthly things Number 3 we must practice intentional love through humility forgiveness responsibility an apology so as we're preparing for family worship we want to make sure that our relationships are correct with each other yes or no yes and that we have made those apologies that are necessary we have taken responsibility for our our actions that have hurt each other we've asked for forgiveness number for practice intentional love through appreciation for 1 another talking about sharing what you appreciate about each other does that does that build each other up in the lore yes or no it does doesn't it helps you appreciate each other number 5 asking the question what are we thankful for by expressing thanksgiving to God In verse 615. Number 6 verse 16 opening God's word together so we're either sharing some passages from the Bible over opening a reading some kind of story at cetera number 7 was verse 16 seeing to God he said let your hearts be knitted together by singing and the number 8 praying together and for each other and then these were the elements of family worship not talk about the more in-depth last week but I'm just reviewing them for you this week and Adrian Rogers who was a pastor made this statement the same Jesus who turned water into wine can transform your home your life your family and your future is still in the miracle working business and his business is the business of transformation and then on the believe today that Jesus can transform our homes what do you think you know in the last days Satan is attacking 2 elements in the world he's attacking the Sabbath and he's attacking marriage. And the Sabbath is the test for the world and I believe this morning that says that marriage is the test for the church I mean sad as a test of the church as well but if we can't get it right in the whole we're not going to get it right in the church are we if we can't get it right in the home we're not we're going to receive the mark of the beast because the pressure is going to be too much isn't it so we must have homes that are heavenly So we're going to talk about that this morning so there are some important words about marriage so I'm going to address for a few minutes the single people for for just a few here and I 86 it was written that this subject marriage concerns your happiness more than any other a vent and your life with an interesting marriage of facts the afterlife both in this world and in the world to come ministry of healing page 359 So is marriage something that's important yes or no now I realize that we live in a broken world don't misunderstand my intentions in this presentation this morning we live in a broken world and things are really messed up and our minds are messed up our bodies are messed up our emotions are messed up our hormones are massed up I'm talking about both male and female our feelings are messed up and a lot of things are messed up Amen that's why more than ever it is important for us to abide by principle rather than how we feel or what our emotions are feeling understand that and I know that there's been broken homes I understand all of this and make sure you understand that Pastor Wess this morning is not attacking or coming down or condescending those broken homes you understand the purpose of this is healing no matter where we are we're in a rough marriage if we're in a divorced home if we're in a separated home we can all do something to take us to the next step that Jesus wants to carry a say man yes or no and that's the purpose of this we can learn from our mistakes we can make corrections and by the grace of God move forward in his low in then. Amen All right so I'm going to go with you this morning to Genesis chapter 2 we're going to look a little bit here at the theology of marriage Genesis chapter 2 and we're going to start in verse 18 go with me into the Bible Genesis chapter 2 and verse 18 Genesis 2 in verse 18 the very 1st what in Scripture. The very 1st what marriage right the very 1st marriage Adam and Eve and Genesis chapter 2 and verse 18 just about every blessing and problem you can find in marriage you can find in Genesis chapter 2 and 3 very interesting Genesis chapter 2 verse 18 and it says and the Lord God said it is not good that man should be alone I will make him a helper comparable to him and I want to I want to point out something very interesting here many people think that God is selfish and restrictive when the people may have heard people say that right and God made Adam and God recognize he knew it would be so from the beginning of course because he knows all things but God solve that Adam was lonely and he needed a companion right God could have been selfish and said No I'm going to keep Adam all to myself He doesn't need a helper because that helper as going to take some of his affection some of his attention and some of his devotion away from me right so God could have made all males are all females and he could have just left it at that but God saw that we need a want to help me and so God is very powerful to understand this that God and selfishly gave of himself. To Adam through Eve knowing ahead of time that some of his devotion will be taken off of God and given to her some of his attention doesn't mean we're always 100 percent of 0 to God you know don't misunderstand I'm saying here but he gave some of that away very powerfully very very amazingly very unselfishly because he was speaking for the good of Adam's happiness and then God was willing to to do without something himself in order to give away now of course Adam and Eve or make complete and their union together worshipping God was complete so don't misunderstand I'm saying here but you get the point now going on to verse 19 it says out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field and every bird of the air and brought them to Adam to see what he would call them and whatever Adam called each living creature that was its name so Adam gave names to all the animals or I'm sorry all the cattle all the birds of the air and to every beast of the field but for Adam there was not found a helper comparable to him and the Lord caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam and he slept and he took 1 of his ribs and closed up the flesh in its place then the rib which the LORD God had taken he made into a woman and he brought her to the man and Adam said this is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh she shall be called Woman 1st because she was taken out of man therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and they shall become 1 once 1 flesh now something that's very powerful here is that when the Bible says that they should become 1 flesh the Hebrew word there is the word a CAD which means it is actually the plural form of 1. The plural form of 1 is the same worse or the same word use and the Book of Deuteronomy when it says hero Israel the Lord your God He is 1 right that's the word that the Jehovah Witnesses often use to say there is only 1 God and Jesus is is not really divine all this but the word of 1 is a card which means a plural form of 1 which means that from the very beginning God was intending for us to not be. Separated from each other but to be want but to be 1 not to be individuals I mean to be individuals yes to maintain our individuality but to come together in a beautiful way to make a deeper impression of unity in men so the purpose of marriage friends is not simply for me to be happy the purpose of marriage is for us to develop a character like Christ and to stand there because I want to put Think about this example when we were single before we get married we have a lot of defects of character no way we all have them that we know and when I'm single I can interact with people and when I get to that place where I am like just. I can't handle any more of people I have you ever get that way and it is like I'm just done you know if I have to interact with people anymore I'm going to start to lose my spirituality here I have to retreat you can go back to yourself and you can go back to your room and through your house and whatever and you can just kind of vegetate yes or no and you can be by yourself but when you become married and you're tired and you're irritable and you're frustrated and you're mad at the world and etc etc You go back to your home and who's there it's your spouse or you with me. And so there's that person there and it's that person that God has called me to connect with and to be closer to than anyone else in the world and it's the person it is the person whom God has called me to express the depths of his love to and it's the person that knows me better than anyone else it's a person that knows all my weakness all my shortcomings and all my difficulties and I cannot hide I cannot escape I cannot just go away from that person yes or no that's what marriage is designed to do is divine it is designed to develop our characters to make us holy the greatest purpose of marriage friends is not happiness it's holiness is to develop the character to become more like Christ but let me just fill you in on this you know many people today are getting married because they want to be happy you understand and they're looking to that person to fulfill their needs are going to talk about that here in just a minute but looking that person to fulfill their needs when in fact that's the opposite of what should happen but as God develops holiness in me through marriage and character development I can become happy Amen that's the happiness that takes place now there is something Adam and Eve when they entered into that marriage covenant that's exactly what it was there's there's 2 elements today in I should say 2 types of marriage in the world today there is a covenant marriage and there is a contract marriage. Now we're going to look at the difference between those 2 but I want you to notice what God's covenant was in Genesis 2 this is Genesis 2 plan if you study through that passage you'll find this to be the case. Number 1 God desires us through marriage but also before marriage to develop some sort of spiritual maturity in other words when I am speaking or thinking about a spouse I must have some kind of spiritual maturity about myself that would that be a good idea yes or no would be a good idea and as I interact with that person I've become socially interactive with them I get to know that person I'm talking right now by a single person and I get to know that person but there should be 1st a spiritual or a social connection which when do you think there ought to be some kind of spiritual connection right if I'm simply getting to know that person because I'm interested in how they look how they act or whatever it's for the wrong reasons for the wrong reasons I should be drawn to that person because they are exuding Christ they are revealing Christ to me that's why I should be drawn to them now doesn't I'm not saying that physical attraction that's not important but what I'm saying is it's not primary it's not 1st understand that's why you see sometimes unifor women with not so beautiful in the case of my wife and I anyway once there's a social interaction once there's a spiritual connection a social interaction then there should be a mental connection where I begin to connect with that person mentally OK then once that happens there is a certain amount of emotional attachment that begins to take place but you must understand that I'm not giving my emotions completely to that person or you with me because that's only reserved until when. You guys sleeping so early it's only 90 barely afternoon all right and then once I have marriage then there comes a physical intimacy and then a complete and full mental and emotional intimacy that takes place now what you're going to find which is going to show you is that this is God's plan for your line yes or no and if in a few. Follow this before getting married hopefully you have a you're having a good experience if you're not there may be other issues that can but if you're not I'm going to show you Satan's counterfeit here in just a minute now I want to just say to some of those who are single this morning don't underestimate the value of being single and then don't do that Paul says I Would that all men were even as myself but every man has his proper gift from God after this man or another after that I say therefore to the unmarried widows It is good for them to be if they abide even a zine Now Paul wasn't saying it's bad to get married but he's saying look when you're single take advantage of it don't spend all your time whining and pining that you're saying go serve the Lord God and do you think friends do you think that if you serve God faithfully. That somehow somewhere someway God has the ability then to bring you in contact with someone else who is also faithfully serving God and he could bring your hearts together would you think think that's possible but if you're whining and pining and desperate guess what you're going to find others who are whining pining and desperate that's the way it works yes it's very true now Jesus said Matthew 191112 he talks about Unix were born from the mother's womb units who were made so by men light was Daniel and their units have made themselves units for the Kingdom of God sake and he was able to accept it let him except it so not all conception we understand that his marriage is part of God's plan and even Jesus said that he makes that statement but the point is if your single serve God with all your heart and strain because when you're married that attention is going to be what it's going to be divided isn't it God may not be calling you to a life time of single ministry but he may be calling you to it for a certain period of time you can be very productive for God's work as a single person and are able to do many things that you cannot do being married I found that when I got married it devote divided my time it divided my attention it divided my energy then when I had a child to divided even more than when I had a 2nd child it divided even more I'm not saying that's bad but there are certain things that I cannot do now having children that single people can do you understand I'm saying here all right now here's a thought question for those of you are you perfectly content to remain single as long as it is God's will for you and you'll do will to his recognizing that he knows what's best for you why are you willing to do this morning if you're single and because it's often when a person really surrenders that to God that's when he brings that person along. Sometimes we think we're surrendered but we're not if you can't be live happy living STINGEL with Christ as your sole companion you will likely rush into a huge mistake with a marriage that leads to major unhappiness in the long run what do you think Paul says I've learned whatsoever state I am to be what to be content that's with Christ is a better images back of here they get out of hand it will go is a better to go through a short time of patient singleness with a desire for marriage or to get married hastily and be miserable for the next 4060 years and end up in divorce which Where do you think it's better to wait isn't it you'd better wait and make sure that it's God's will for you. This is from a letter that was written 874 it says your feelings of under arrest and a whole loneliness may be for your good your heavenly Father means to teach you to find in him the friendship and love that will satisfy your most earnest hopes and desires so where are we to find our are the true love that will only satisfy the soul 1st and foremost where in Him If you're not happy with him if we're happy with God We can be happy with anything else can we that mean single happiness whatever and if we're just walking around saying I'm not happy because I'm not married then you've got the wrong picture in mind you've got the wrong picture because God gives you true joy in your life and with him you're completely the marriage comes to bring Yes maybe a deeper happiness but also a holiness to your life that you didn't have before for a man not that marriage doesn't bring happiness but we ought to be able to be content to many people look to human relationships to fulfill only the need that Christ can a man or a. Ecclesiastes 3 a couple verses for you to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven a time to embrace and a time to walk out to refrain from embracing a time to love and a time to hate song a Solomon do not through chapter 3 verse 5 did not stir up or awaken love till the time is right till it pleases A says but that's the actual translation until the time is right so in a Genesis 2 covenant relationship where we were married together notice this they are joined together in every way there covenant the covenant relationship the covenant marriage rather than a contract marriage says that I would rather be split into then to split you into That's what a covenant when God enters a covenant relationship with us it's a beautiful thing because also in Genesis he makes a covenant with Abraham and he tells Abraham to split all these animals down the middle I mean if you remember that story and then God passes through it with a fire and basically what God was saying to Abraham is I am willing and as I enter this covenant with you I am willing to be split in half for you if that's what's necessary to preserve your life and that's exactly what he did human you guys look so just maybe it's just me maybe I'm just paranoid I don't know anyway smile every once in a while OK All right so a covenant relationship says I would rather be split into than for you to be split into another words I'm willing to give myself completely and totally for you that's what a covenant relationship is Interstate. We will I will serve you above my self and seek the others good rather than my own however in seeking my good my needs often are met but yet my greater joys and seeing your needs met rather than my own that's a covenant relationship and then my joy is in seeing you have your needs met and seeing you have what you need to be a blessing a successful that's what true covenant is now listen this is selfless love this is unselfish love that only comes from above a man now the way that God has designed it is that when I and selfishly seek to meet the needs of my spouse whose needs always get met mine do as well understand that because the cycle goes of if I'm if I'm doing the same for that person in a coven relationship that person is doing the same for me that makes sense or with me and sometimes there's a selfishness that gets involved and that other person becomes selfish and the cycle is broken and sin breaks that cycle you see but in the covenant relationship it's a greater joy for me to see you happy that is for my needs to be met that can only take place friends itself is crucified are you with me that can only happen if I'm on the cross and Jesus is on the throne of my heart it cannot happen any other way that's why so many people today are selfish and self-centered and self focused because they have not crucified self they have not allowed Christ to live then they have not been born again they do not have got to love living within their hearts. So the it seeks to bless others rather myself it's others focus rather than self focus or you look in Genesis 223 Adam said this is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh she is called woman because she was taken out of food out of man and so listen Adam is basically recognizing that this woman was brought forth from myself therefore she is a part of me and I am a part of her and our mutual love our mutual covenant is to care for 1 another at that it Nial of self this is the most fundamental basic principle of marriage and if your marriage is not having this experience it's because that 1 or both of you have not been born again you have not been crucified to self now now sometimes maybe you have and you need to just get some some some fine tune ups in a stand communication and those kind of things but as a general case it's because 1 of us are not converted and I want you to notice this if you're going to have a successful marriage God must be the center of that marriage I mean that goes without saying and that's a very fundamental thing but look here I am together with my wife the closer that each of us come to God The closer we come to each other bottom line bottom line and people say yeah that's so sounds so cliché Well the reality is that sometimes we know things and we don't do them and when we don't do them we think that they just don't work but the reality is they often don't work because we're not actually doing them that makes sense. So God doesn't give us new life until we follow the light that he already knows now in Genesis Chapter 3 you have the fall of man I want you to look and we know the story. Even is tempted by the serpent and so forth and she eats from the tree and then she gives it to Adam but I want to notice what happens Adam and Eve in chapter 3 leave behind a covenant relationship and they actually enter into a contract relationship right so they eat from the tree God comes he asked them about it what's going on here and what does Adam say in verse 12 it says then the man said the woman whom you gave to me with me she gave me from the tree and I ate that's kind of like 1 of those things that when the children are misbehaving you say your son or your daughter. The woman you gave me she tricked me and I ate or I ate she gave to me so they entered into this contract relation which was actually the exact opposite of the covenant relationship they were pull instead of being brought together in every way they were what they were pulled apart by their own choices the contract relationship says we will I would rather split you into that for me to be split in 2 so now instead of instead of me becoming the sacrifice for the well being of the other I'm sacrificing them for my perceived good right it's the exact opposite and let me ask you a question most relationships today in the world are they based on a covenant or a contract relationship. And a contract will serve myself above you and seek my good rather than yours I'm seeking my good and my needs are met at whose expense you work Smith Do you realize that many people today maybe even some of you entered into marriage with the mindset this I finally found the person that can meet my needs that's why I'm marrying them and the day that they can't meet my needs what happens they go back to Wal-Mart true yes or no that's the reality that is the sad reality in some people do it under the cloak of spirituality the very unfortunate I can only be with you if you meet my needs this carries me into a cycle of empty selfishness but I pursue it anyway and so this cycle continues we blame each other and then we resent each other and then we kind of make up because my needs are getting strong now on a need my needs met and then the need get gets met and then I just spiral right back into that cycle it's very very unfortunate so I'm seeking to use you rather than to bless you become self ocus rather than other focus and you can find that in Genesis chapter 3 verse 12 through 19 I'm not going to take the time to read it but you can write it down so from Chapter 2 we have a what kind of relationship a covenant relationship and Chapter 3 we have what kind of relationship a contract relationship as you look at these 2 differences don't nudge your spouse but answer the question in your own heart which type of relationship do I have in my marriage which type of relationship and don't think to yourself oh well yeah I'm chapter 2 but he's chapter 3 I'm the covenant but he's the contract. Think about yourself answer that question for yourself better yet actually don't answer the question yourself because you will be selfish and you will be self focus and self absorbed and you will be blind to your real reality ask God to answer that question for you ask God to answer that question for you Are you a covenant or a contract relationship because when we are in the conscious covenant relationship the closer we are to God The closer we are to each other in a contract relationship for some reason or another namely sin of various kinds Adam was running away from God yes or no and when he went away from God He went away from also who he went away from Eve as well as it makes sense yes or no and so when he went away from God in naturally got further and further away from Eve. Until it was very comfortable and very convenient for him to just throw her under the bus and say the woman that you gave me she gave to me in a rather than taking the responsibility for ourselves see in a covenant relationship we take responsibility for ourselves. In a contract relationship we bear the responsibility upon others and we try to escape all responsibility that we have so here is remember the joyous covenant God Genesis 2 plan spiritual maturity social interaction mental connection limited emotional connection then marriage then physical intimacy and then complete a mental emotionally now want you to I want you to notice that Satan's plan for this world and safest plan for you is the exact opposite of that are you ready watch this here's the contract relationship Satan's counterfeit I have some kind of social interaction by the way this is very interesting that when you have a fight with your spouse when you have a disagreement with your spouse watching C. and B. where Take a guard to yourselves take heed to yourselves that Satan will not bring someone into your life to interact with who will be able to meet the need that they have not met some of you are thinking well how does he know that because it happens to us to your wife wasn't as sweet as you thought you wanted her to be that morning or got to bring that coworker to be so sweet to you that he got in that fight and she just he just didn't understand me you can be sure that Satan will bring some 1 to you who will know just how to listen to your every need a neighbor every every worry Satan does this he brings that social interaction from another place a place that he has designed himself from Genesis Chapter 3 understand then what happens is there's a social interaction that often leads to want. Physical intimacy doesn't happen right away the path to adultery is not instantaneous it's it's premeditated it's progressive you understand and then once at once that happens then there becomes a full emotional attachment now there's some emotional attachment that's going on between the social in the physical you understand are you with me are some of that going on OK but what happens is as when when that emotional takes place and that then to physical intimacy takes place the 2 shall become want that to show become 11 flesh and here's what happens in the world of married and unmarried people unmarried people they have that attachment to that person and then they give themselves over to them in every way before they have allowed God's plan to interact and once that happens there's this there is this attachment that takes place because you have just given yourself to a person in a way that God has intended you to do only with 1 person for eternity OK Are you with me there and then and then what happens after that is once I have interacted with that person once there's some kind of physical intimacy once there's some type of full machinable attachment then I begin to think about the choices I've been making I begin to interact with that person on a thought basis and I begin to realize oh hey we're actually not as compatible as I thought Why what was I even thinking when I was hanging out with this person and started to do foolish things are you with me and then there's never a spiritual connection that ever takes place and there's a quick break up or a quick divorce of marriage and then the cycle repeats and this is why friends. When young people get themselves involved in a relationship that is inappropriate and they get physically do all these foolish things and then when they break up that relationship they will weep and they cry and their hearts are broken and they're all torn up and their brains are a mass their emotions are rock and they wonder why is it feeling so bad about this why does just because you have just done you have attached yourself you have become 1 flesh with a person who is not your husband and you haven't thought it through you have a follow God's plan you understand that makes sense and then once you do have that experience that breakup or that divorce quickly or marriage then you begin to wake up and realize all I did a foolish thing but now you're vulnerable because you've had that experience and the cycle begins to repeat this is Satan's plan for the world it's the exact opposite of God's plan do you understand OK So God's marriage covenant look in Genesis 3 Verse 15 notice what sense he says and I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your seed and her seed he shall bruise your head and he shall bruise his seal then in verse 21 he says I also for Adam and his wife the Lord God made to his of skin and clothed them so God looked at this original situation which is many of our situations and he comes along and he says you know 1 eye is stablished you in a covenant relationship which you have broken that you have violated that you have gone to a contract relationship instead of being split in 2 for each other you rather split nature other into right and so God comes along and says you know what I'll be willing to actually be split into for you to bring you back together. And to bring us back together us and him amen and we are thankful for that this morning they are Praise the Lord that's exactly what God's does so look at this in a contract relationship it's a common legal document regulated by the state you want your marriage to be regulated and you want to be a sacred moral agreement overseen by God which 1 do you want when a contract or a covenant a contract is based upon mistrust between 2 people a cum covenant is based upon trust between 2 people in God contract is written to create liability A covenant is accepted to embrace unlimited responsibility contract isn't that it with an opt out or terminations cause a covenant is attended to be permanent a contract demands joy to mutual benefit and a covenant takes joy through mutual sacrifice and you can say Man Here's a more contract I have to covenant I want to contract in person involved something I have to do involves all that I am I become that I become with that 1 with that other person a contract is conditional if you do you part I'll do mine a covenant is I'll do my part whether you do yours or not because there's a greater power moving my heart my life's a man a contract as I look out for my own interest covenant looking out for yours. Contract I want to assure and said You will do your part coven I will certainly do my par contract what will it take covenant whatever it takes contract I'll meet you half way covenant I'll give 100 percent even more contract once all stipulations have been met the contract is over I will can to pin you to do this as long as I draw breath as a cover and a man will do this covenant love is rational compared to irrational thought based versus feeling base joy versus happiness earthly happiness pleasure of another's self pleasure as sex as oppression of love sex as an act of passion love is a choice Love is a feeling covenant love is unconditional versus conditional We mentioned some of these already controversy process or controversies avoided divorce is not an option divorce is an option marriage is a living promised marriage is a piece of paper Love is what we do or love is what we do until something better comes along to see the difference it's you or us or me forever as long as or a longer feels good we're secure or and secure isn't that interesting I'm of you think that we ought to have more of covenant relationship say men you see a covenant relationship is not dependent it is not dependent upon the other person a covenant relationship is dependent upon what you decide and what you choose and what God empowers you to do and then the other person may not doesn't have to be living a covenant relationship for you to do so but if you take the initiative to do that then it can inspire and influence and set the example for them to make the same decision in their life Amen yes or no I would leave that to be true this morning there are 5 areas. Of a covenant marriage and we're going to talk about these next week but I'm going to give it to you real quick this morning actually I'm not going to give you the 1st 1 the 1st 1 is commitment what is it a commitment now this week we kind of looked at the theology of marriage I mean you think that you learned something from that the importance of a covenant versus a contract relationship and then next week we're going to look at the some more of the more of the practical side of it through commitment through sacrifice through honesty and various characteristics that ought to embody a marriage a man a marriage this is on by God But this morning I want to ask you a question today how many of you want to have a covenant relationship a man I want to go with you to 1 more verse in the scripture Matthew Chapter 18 some people will say yeah but Pastor Wess I would like to have that I really wish I could have that but fill in the blank you've got your situation we've all got the situation everybody has a situation in their marriage some kind of circumstance that if they chose they could enter into that contract relationship what do you think is that true yes or no yes but look in Matthew Chapter 18 and you realize this is part 1 of 2 Matthew Chapter 18 and verse 19 I love this verse Matthew 18 in verse 19 he says again I say to you that I have to have you agree on Earth concerning anything that they ask it will what does it say it what it will be done for them by my Father in heaven were 2 or 3 are gathered together in my name I am there in the midst of them here's the point I want to leave you with this week I'm going to pick up next week. No matter where your situation is whether you're single or you're separated or divorced or you're married whatever your situation is if you can agree with God and agree with each other that his will is for you not just to be together but to be blessed and to be prosperous and to be a blessing to 1 another if you can agree that God wants you to have a covenant relationship with each other maybe your future spouse or whatever then do you believe this morning that God can do that for you if you will believe that and if you will agree on that God can do anything in your marriage I've heard story after story after story of people whose marriage was abysmal they were at the end of the rope the only reason they had on was because of the kids but by agreeing that they would not give up on each other the word divorce often never enter your home my wife and I agreed on that when we 1st got married the word divorce would not come from our lips were if you'll agree I believe today that the God of Heaven the God of covenants to do a miracle and then I don't want to assume today that everyone's marriage is wrecked but we've all got issues don't we 1 has he got his shoes I know your spouse has got issues right we all know because we're all sinners it's just the reality we don't have to pretend about it but if we're willing to look up to gather together gather. If we're willing to agree. God to do work that we're going to. We've got through this. Once again some of the ones that covenant relationship this media was brought to you by audio press a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse for you would like to listen to more sermons please visit W.W.W. dot audio Verse dot org.


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