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Education: Character

Ariel Roldan
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What food is to the body, information is to the … ?  Brain?  Heart?  What possible impacts does the information I allow in my child's mind have on this life?  Their eternal life?



  • August 8, 2015
    11:30 AM
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I'm going to start with a quiz you'll see it in a little bit when I put it up there and the quiz as it's almost like a riddle and I want you to think what food it is yellow on the outside white on the inside and very sweet he was in time to think about it as. My colleagues up there frankly frantically look for the clicker I want to make sure that it's not up here the riddle is what is yellow on the outside white on the inside and it's very sweet which 1 where you think you know. Your brother appreciate that I forgot that all men think for the racers of the Lord it races are mistakes should have been up there now. Which 1 where you think you know bananas braised. Was thinking tween he I was going to think of an illustration on how to start since last we were talking about you know call me that when me though I was teaching a little Spanish related to food that I will continue with illustration. But though we came up with banana if you think about it yellow on the outside white on the inside and very sweet also fits the Twinkie The reality is though that I'm asking for something that falls under the broader canopy of true food how many of you guys have seen the US Open or Wimbledon tournament. If you seen those my brother played tennis in he loved watching those and I think I enjoyed him as well we notice that between sets he's professional athletes would see it simple in water and you know what they nibbled on most of them. When adults would restore their electrolytes principal Tassie I'm somebody might see some some sugar but not the kind of sugar high that you would get from a Twinkie but the sugar that you would get from a fruit which is loaded with fiber and so it allows for the sugar to escalate gently normally and then deescalate and go back to normal or as with a Twinkie I mean you give my Gian a Twinkie you will see the super spike right way you won't need to take a blood glucose testing to see that hearse sugars to you through the roof and that's the difference 1 nourishes us once promotes health meets our needs of life the other 1 the outwardly may fit the description really a Twinkie is not food it's not something that qualifies it as food because it has no fiber as pure sugar and of course of fat than all other stuff but it taste so good right that's the problem or maybe York City they have discovered that if you dig they would sell as hot cakes when they would take Twinkies freeze them and then quickly deep fry them and sell them to people because the creamy inside was they'll stay frozen while the outside with the crunchy and. The right tween peas man were known was when no 1 I know was a nurse and you have to be a medical professional to know that there are certain things that they may taste good but they just ain't right and a deep fried Twinkie is 1 of those education is the same way education I mean Jason you have a pencil left you know the greatest. Part that makes this pencil such a great learning tool What was it because it. Now what poor value is found in the Gospels that fits the principle of the race or what is it called Forgiveness can you have forgiveness without due the view of God in that model in essence when information filters out God when information when education filters out God from the content the foundation of what is being presented in essence it rips out the race or you are left on your own to scribble and quite a blot out on your own your own mistakes leaving got out of the question hinders education it leaves the 1 that offers us Grace thank you Jason for that illustration any educational system that filters out God completely out of its process provides a world view in which we are left to fend for ourselves it's very the imagine given an exam you get an exam a written exam and you get 1 of these without an eraser How would you feel when you get the name wrong wreckage your nerves it's true knowledge is that which develops in mean and ever increasing awareness and discernment of what is good and evil it develops in me more reality that's 1 of the key things just like the banana has certain qualifiers that makes it true fruited it will nourishes during a tennis match it will nourish me during my SA So I would say for my soccer matches it will bring your nourish I did not take a Twinkie to eat between have time in the soccer game. I would be running pretty fast for the 1st 5 minutes but what will happen after that same thing with education education order for it to provide a true benefit to those receiving it has to have God in it because it will produce morality it will produce a sense of ethics he was weird last month in a 1 week period 3 members from our church asked me via phone text and Facebook pastor how do we know God's Will how can I know God's will the will of God His desires for us how he was to leaders is founded upon more reality and things to God we serve as a moral guide to the God we serve as an ethical God We touched on this many many some service ago we're talking about Sabbath how Sabbath is is an emblem of morality and ethics during Sabbath there were no slaves during Sabbath there was no servants during Sabbath every human being was equal before God isn't that a wonderful concept to begin to absorb it prevents racism it prevents these social class disparities that are so prevalent in our world an ethical immoral God we serve is a moral ethical God and because he is the beginning of wisdom and he is the beginning of knowledge it goes without saying that true education should bring those elements because it includes God it should bring an awareness a heightened understanding of things that are evil and things that are good I mean how will we know what we race if I don't know what a mistake is how will I know I need to erase and correct as I make sense what good is it to have grace and forgiveness if I don't know what I need forgiveness for without morality and without ethics what's evil. What needs forgiveness what needs erasing some excess church Oban I have to go back and redo the sermon next week through to cation should go beyond information beyond their afile facts true information should change the way I choose I make choices that are moral and are ethical. I've been talking a lot of abstracts and I was asking the Lord please Lord give me something and this is listen to this preamble I am a pastor I have no political agenda no political leanings and this has nothing to do with politics OK I am simply using an individual and I read this about 3 weeks ago as I was looking for for something that could conceptualize all these abstract things that we've been talking about I thought Is there someone that is very bright very sharp as successful. But they can help us understand the importance of including God placing God at the center of our education the information that we receive and I came across this article from a Christianity Today it was from July 25 written by Eugene Scott the title of this article was Trump This is Donald Trump believes in God but hasn't asked forgiveness that was the title of the article Donald Trump believes in God but hasn't asked for forgiveness and this was in the context of a coalition of Family Ministries Family Christian ministries they got together in Iowa and together they would interview Donald Trump to see where you made some stances to see whether they would support him at the polls and so there has been questions for Mr Trump and the question that got the attention of this writer was. The moderator Frank Luntz as Donald Trump whether he has ever asked God for forgiveness for his actions whether he has ever asked God to raise this is almost done with Trump's response I am not sure I have I just go on and try to do a better job from there I don't think so I think if I do something wrong I think I just try and make it right I don't bring God into that picture I don't I'm speaking as a pastor not as someone that is looking for a presidential candidate if Donald Trump was the 70 AD minutes and a member of my church that statement I don't bring God into that picture I have it as God for forgiveness is the essence saying give me a pencil without an eraser I'll do just fine if I do something wrong I don't bring God into the picture I try to fix in myself the notion of leaving God out of the picture the notion of filtering God out of my world view I can call myself a Christian because I'm yellow on the outside and white on the inside and very sweet but that does not make me a banana and I can see that minister he calls he defines themselves as a person Tyrian you can define yourself as a Catholic but what is my worldview what has what impact is the information and the knowledge that I'm acquiring How is it impacting me I must ask the question what kind of information has Mr Trump received that leads him to not bring God into the picture to filter him out and if he is filtering got out of the picture how does this affect his work ethics how does this affect Donald Trump's morals and anyone's not just him for a human being the clear. If I do something wrong. I take care of it I don't bring God into the picture is a statement that has moral implications ethical implications if God is not in the picture of what I see around me then what is evil what is wrong and what is right and beyond being able to make that this story man can I act on that true man he learns it teaches me that numbers can be used to bless others he teaches me that English through words i can we I can learn to use words to bless others if I learn is 3 I learned that the past can be used to bless others for true science I learned that creation came we used to bless others there is an underlying current of true education it goes somewhere and the destination it takes those that receive true education is a life of service a life for the benefit of others when I leave God out of the equation all the education and knowledge I acquire all the skills that I obtain have 1 current direction my benefit my aggrandizement mom i bigger how to get the bigger slice of the pie myself education is not simply learning to arithmetics and the grammar rules but as we learn these things how are we going to use that information how are we going to use that gain knowledge and apply it to our lives last week I ended the sermon with a question the question was regarding the placing over of kids in certain schools as your pastor loves you I am sincerely praying and I have been since I've been here. That the parents of ours church would place their children in our Christian school I have been praying that the Lord would show us that it's not just this school that has God spring call and they is inconsequential I know that Christian education is being challenged from May various sources. But for me no there is no entity whenever you involve humans in it there is no perfect entity but if I have an institution that will give a banana to my child to banana me have a couple spots but I may have a little bit of a bomb at 1 end but it's still a banana is an education that places God at the center of every subject is an education that will give the child the potential to absorb it world view that has a moral compass that as the education as the knowledge increases is not just that the able to answer questions on a test they are able to answer questions in a life life has questions that are not found in textbooks pastor how do I know God's will I have to make a decision for my life where do I get the answer where is the text book is it science is a history is it math this is statistics across to Jim God has placed an institution approval or a blessing that as your pastor I would prayerfully invite you to consider there's individuals that have come to me and said Well Pastor that you go to admin a school. I went to public schools that's why I am appealing to you to place your child in a Christian school the worldview I graduated with was very similar to that of don't. Is this a young lady that Ashley unite my interest with and get married to I leave God out of the picture is a career that I should be pursuing the question is not whether God is leading me that direction the big questions that I had was how many digits are in the paycheck of these careers when I went to college and I went to my advisors I said 1 of the highest paying careers out there. The ones that require the least amount of effort education that merely informed education that provides information without a god picture can actually be harmful it gives us power without the ability to use that power in an ethical or moral way now it wasn't that my parents were an interested in Spanish we grew up we didn't have a school eventually my mom and my dad transferred I was to the Harrisburg 1st 70 at his church which was an English speaking church very similar to our church the sanctuaries here there's a 4 year a gym and then the school and my parents would look at that school because in South America we did go to I've been a school where we were little my parents would look at that school and keep walking you see what you know my journey my parents were legal at that time make him below minimum wage who were dirt poor and my parents knew that Christian schools which intuition cost money so they never asked years later when I was in college or my brother was also in college we were talking to some church leaders and because he was a potluck they were talking about that moment when my parents 1st started coming here and wish that they could have put placed us in the admin is school and these leaders lamented and told my parents why didn't you ass my parents said we didn't think we could afford it and these individuals lamented. Because we sometimes have questions and are free to ask them my friend if you have questions about our school ask them the Lord has answers the Lord has answers more than mean the Lord will open up doors so that our children can grow up with a different worldview than that of a public school and I'm not going to go and say you know do you like the schools that I went to there were of the lower social class lower tax bracket I'm talking about any school that leaves out got out of the picture I think that there's a better option and as Christians we should seek for the better option for our children just because it's Jell-O. on the outside white on the inside and it's sweet does not make it a banana and just because they will teach math English science and history and all those things with good teachers with a good curriculum does not mean that they will include big key components which is a God driven world view your worldview that makes me a moral character an individual that when faced with decisions that in that require ethical discernment I will be empowered by the Holy Spirit of God to the view that I haven't raised in the view that I have been given to see clearly what the choices that I have to me will not hesitate to make them love it's the basis of creation and redemption is the basis of true education love not competing with India not competing with China it's love. Love is the ultimate goal teaching our children how to love teaching ourselves how to log true education teaches me how to love God and humanity through all of my academic achievements the goal is not simply to say will I be able to become rich or wealthy or financially stable the the driving question the driving principle is will this education maximize my ability to be a blessing to humanity while I live that is the goal it goes beyond that diploma it places a higher aim for education the next quote says our ideas of education take too narrow and too low of a range there is need of a broader scope a higher aim true education means more than the pursuit of a certain course of study doesn't say that it doesn't doesn't tell us to do not go to college or go to graduate school or get a Ph D. is nothing that at all is the motive of the purpose for it true education means more than the pursuit of a certain scores of study it means more than a preparation for the life that now is what is true education true education has to do with the whole being and with the whole period of existence my academic performance is not all of me because I get an A in I am an honor student doesn't mean that I am a good person that is your 1 slice of Ariel my academic performance does not speak about the whole of who I am I may be very well and math and business but horrible at sharing and being generous does that make sense and through education focuses on the entire human being it will not just teach a fact of successful business practices as a moral person as a Christian. I can not use business knowledge to stiff other people it is the harmonious development harmonious development of the physical of the mental and what is that last 1. It prepares the student for the jaw of why service not career service I can have a job and when I was a nurse I was working punching in punching out just like every other nurse but the worldview that I had adopted did not allow me to simply punch in and punch out while at work I would pray continually How can I shine for my coworkers with the knowledge that I have as a nurse I was prepared and ready to assume as I graduate to start putting out community programs to educate illegal immigrants and immigrants as speak English or how to immunize their children and all these health resources that are available and from the community for free because many of them are afraid they are afraid of the bills and as a nurse I wanted to be used by God with the knowledge I had acquired as a nurse to be a blessing because there is joy in service there is a joy in service that supersedes the joy of graduation there is a joy in service that supersedes the joy of a paycheck Do you understand what I'm saying there is a joy in being a blessing for someone else that supersedes all worldly attainments and true education plays is that front and center in the mind of our children so that we do not grow up in a culture of me centered me pleasure mean number 1 Me myself and I true it occasion places service as their all to me. And I just service for this world but the higher joy of wider service in the world to come is this tells us do not labor for the food which parishes don't work for the tween he. But for the food which endures to everlasting life I strive for an education get good grades don't be lazy don't say well I'm not going to do my homework because I'm going to pray but I was thinking massage school in California our director Dr Thomas told us about how we can use sometimes spirituality to be mediocre and as I was busting my chops when I learned the anatomy and physiology the insertion points and the nerves and all these things 1 student locked himself in the room and read the Bible every day while he should have been in class and then called the rector of our school unholy and uncompassionate and unspiritual because he was learning the Bible and what better thing to learn that the Bible and rather than not I mean physiology that was not that's another kind of Twinkie right at 1st I went to college it was so that I could get money so that I could have career of financial security and I dropped out it's my journey OK and I seen this is happening across the board this is my journey I dropped out I dropped obvious such a way that I did not know that if you stop going to class you don't get an F. you get an incomplete I guess I'm sorry you don't get an incomplete you get an F. Some teachers would mercifully give us an incomplete but after a while as you start getting me giving me asked and if by the time I was out and done with pursuing college I was under academic probation and that's where I found myself when I wanted to go back to serve the Lord with academic probation I couldn't take any of the classes preparing me for nursing I had to take a whole bunch of classes that had gone on. But I did it and you know there's a difference when there is joy of service driving the educational pursuit you know that there's a difference the driving power. Of getting an education for the joy of service supersedes the driving power of financial gain and the 1 walking with me key insights and understanding that went beyond just memorizing a lot of what we call the occasion now which is rote memory but not concept understanding and I've told you I've been here that I got into honors societies and I think here that I was getting into all these things that colleges have and because of the good grades I wanted to get good grades because I wanted to be the best nurse I could be so that as I would go overseas to serve overseas as in the mission as I would go into the community where I was where I lived and offer my knowledge as a service as a free service to the community I would bring the best that I could in service to good Lord sometimes we think our children need to be motivated to go to school and get good grades I don't my child can do so much better why is he being so mediocre Why is he not given the full of his potential I know he has it in him I know she has it in him her why isn't this child producing what it can maybe is what's driving them a Twinkie may start fast but it drives really fast too but a banana I hope you understand what I'm trying to say now that you are going to give your child a banana and that with their homework why are they doing their homework why are they getting this education why should they strive to be the best that they can because when they get that diploma that knowledge and that information will give the potential for service for the Kingdom of God There is nothing higher than that there is nothing higher than being available for the Lord and the LORD using us to expand his kingdom through loving service and sacrifice. That is the aim of true education and if our children sometimes don't really have too much gumption and enthusiasm maybe it has to do with a goal maybe we haven't aimed high enough maybe finishing college and getting a career is now motivational enough as Christians we are called to aim higher than this world boss and there's nothing higher than the joy of serving humanity in the name of God do not labor for the food which perishes make sure that the education is true food don't get deceived just because it's yellow on the outside why don't the inside in a suite just because something has a title education doesn't mean it is order to qualify as true education it must have got at the beginning at the middle and at the end Amen you we are blessed we don't need to drive across the state we don't need to walk 50 miles our school is right across the gym my friends my parents friends if you have children age prayerfully prayerfully come to me ask questions if you have my friend put in your children a higher aim than a diploma a higher in than at a academic achievement has its worth but is not the all in all of Education God in the picture changes everything. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom knowledge of the Holy 1 is understanding without God education and still being a pencil without an eraser life without grace life without knowing we have a merciful God that is compassionate and takes our mistakes and wipes them out brain that Donald Trump experiences the joy of the forgiveness of God in his life I don't criticize him and I'm not putting him down he's a human being just like me and I know what that world the world through feels like as I had it too and I pray for that man he reminds me of never can measure in Daniel Chapter 3 and there is the a new chapter for there is hope for Donald from because of the grace of Jesus a man because there is hope for Ariel rolled onto That's how I know so don't miss understand that I'm bashing or trying to humiliate you I'm speaking about the realities of what happens in our lives when we lead God out of the equation we are asking for the removal of the race or in the pencil of life he waits my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life and I will race him up on the last day for my flesh is true food and my blood is through drink it is this Spirit who gives life the flesh Prost prophets nothing I'm speaking symbolically here this was Jesus saying what is my flesh what is my blood the words that I speak to you they are spirit and they are life is school that is guided by this curriculum. A school that is founded upon the Word of God in the principles the holy principles of righteousness found only in the Word of God that can be a school that has the potential to provide true education to the minds of children so that when they graduate they're not simply cutthroat trying to get to the top of the UK at the social ladder or corporate ladder they're looking at their careers from a totally different angle they're looking at the careers of when I get my diploma how will I be able to use this for the Kingdom of God for the benefit of humanity for the jaw of the service that is the blessing of a Christian education and we have it across the gym my brothers and my sisters again as your pastors I make no apologies I am a Christian some of the admin is pastor of course I am praying all of our parents well placed her children in our Christian schools what else could you expect from me as a pastor specially 1 that is going to public school through education morals and ethics that young lady right there in him is Miley Smith Miley hospital I'm sorry Miley. Is especially only a matter where she was this tall and her parents would send her to Robert Smith who from producers you know that he was the youth leader they had the most impact in my spiritual journey that used this truck driver in a mighty way to save me and bring me into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ that's his granddaughter Miley grew up in the home of 2 parents that were not really practicing Trisha's they love the Lord but they were not they were too busy with careers and things like that for God there were not Adventist Bob was the only 70 as in his home. He converted a much Leader age. When his wife died of cancer after printing and asking the Lord to intervene and accepting the reality that God wouldn't when Kate passed away. Bob told me I got on my knees and I said My mission few are my grandkids I want them to have the greatest and best opportunities to learn about Jesus Christ their Savior and to be converted Christians so he approached Tony and Sharon are great individuals very nice individuals he approached his daughter and son in law and said I'm going to pay I'm willing to pay for Miley to be been a school 1st it was some hesitation but they agreed and you know Miley will never really know because she will not have a reference point I do I know what it is like to go to a Christian school both primary and then university Miley won't she's grown up in a world like this she gets to school and her grandpa is helping make sandwiches for lunch and her best friend from classroom is helping with the kids during gym the parents are there they're helping the pastor makes regular visits to the classroom before every exam the teacher prays throughout the whole curriculum God is mentioned unapologetically with no all beating around the bush it is natural to include God in the discussion of history it is natural to bring up God in the discussion of math in a discussion of history Furthermore once a week they cross the gym and they walk into the sanctuary and they have worship. So for Miley there is no dichotomy there is no fragmentation in the real world view that this is my secular life in my secular school where I'm not allowed to talk about God where my teachers will never talk to me about God Well there will never be any mention about God even though the education may be good God is left out so this is a world where God is not does not exist and here is my church life where God is there 5 days out of the week for about 6 hours a day God does not exist in all the information that is given to me 1 day a week for about an hour I will hear about a world with God in it my we did not grow up like that for her the church and the school had no Divisoria line they were 1 and the same her school was her church and her church was her school she graduated she went to Blue Mountain Academy she's at Union College studying to be a teacher and she took a year as many college students do to when they go to these Christians institutions might it took a year off 2 years ago to go to Central America to an orphanage she would learn Spanish but that's not why she went she would have tremendous experiences but that's not why she went you know why Miley went to South America to an orphanage where she had to be exposed to malaria which you probably got the area where the food may not be as good and there's no Wal-Mart or you know all of the goodies that we have here you know what drove her to do that the joy of service it impacted her so much of how much she had when she saw others the hats. It has given her a reference point that will affect her for the rest of her life it is an education that you cannot get from a textbook but from a life dedicated to the service of God. He impacted her so much it actually took 2 years another year to service orphanage every child is a different kind of flower and all together make this world a beautiful garden would you want someone like that teaching your child would you want a teacher not just with a mind like my but with a heart like Miley teaching your children is there a difference the difference is God in math may be sane and there may be secular schools that the math may be better more competitive what's the point if they leave God out of the equation also recall a when my child when Giana that's what I'm praying for walks around with the little black thing that folds and you open up on you smiling go no more tests. It's not that she got that piece of paper that will hang on a wall because I'm a goal because I want whatever I've learned auto mechanics electrician share accounting computer science medicine anything and everything all education all the information has come inside has become knowledge and education all of all of that are play for God to you that is the true goal of education that our children will be prepared to make an impact for the world for the Kingdom of God beyond just these kinds of acts to the proclamation of the gospel. Jesus says and the gospel of this kingdom shall be preached on to all the world and then the end will. Be needed. We need. Value blessing and the. Creation of. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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