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Education: Teacher

Ariel Roldan
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What is a Christian teacher?  What must he/she know in order to be a Christian teacher?  What does the Bible say about how God prepares someone to be a teacher?



  • August 15, 2015
    11:30 AM
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We've been going through a series that has caused a lot of personal reflection in my own life in my own attitude searching my own heart as to how to relate to them and how to apply the the Biblical perspective to what we have as a society today especially in regards to education went away for it to come through as Mrs Bailey said there was a time when we have Power Point or computers or all the other accoutrements they are helpful in this morning I intentionally want to use it because I want to begin to wrap up some of the themes and concepts that we've been talking about in regards to education in regards to Christian education. Especially for us as a church and this morning we're going to be look at it specifically in cotton the context of how it relates to the Word of God. In that he praying very. Last week and you can probably see it there on the screen already we're comparing 2 things and I asked you in sort of a. Pop quiz what what comes to your mind when you think of something that's yellow on the outside white on the inside and that is very sweet you remember the answer right when he came to what is true food. There was a time in my life that I would have answered it's the Twinkie not the banana that's what the 1st thing they would have come to my mind fruits were not part of my. Repertoire or my culinary repertory and my mom would try to push those things on us and we didn't like them when they want to A if she had us choose between now and later or an apple the apple flavor and now in leaders you know on to presidents and if we had to choose between a banana Twinkie we certainly chose between. And this morning I want to start picking up on that comparison again because we use that as an illustration yellow on the outside and white on the inside and sweet just because something is described that way does not make it a banana and when we look at education just because something gets the labels of math English history doesn't mean we're talking about education it doesn't mean that we're talking about what education really is what true education is the Bible is a document that by its own claims supersedes other human documents because the Bible is not a document that has been generated or developed by humanity God through His Holy Spirit has inspired men to write on his behalf so the Word of God claims to have precedence over every other written document whether it be a document regarding history a document regarding the sciences and the Bible doesn't say we are it is a science book where the Bible presents is that the laws that govern science have an origin and it's a personal being it is God the Creator in the in that sense the Bible over Archer's And and it touches everything that is related to academia all that this disciplines all the various ways in which education as we come to know it as math science history music etc We have somehow divorced these disciplines from the 1 that originated all of them. Light sound wave our ear drums the way we perceive music music is highly mathematical yet we don't experience the mathematics of it we experience the motions of music do we not but yet the frequency of the sound waves and that how the sound waves travel through the air enter into our dreams and is not just words is not just the words they grab us God designed us and God create music for us so that it is Volk and we can express things that sometimes words fault sure from I mean why why do we have you know when we are in love and were wanting to make sure that the person we love knows that we love them we don't simply tell them I love you many times either we pick a song that says the same words but putting melody to it. Some education needs to be rebooted in our minds because education as we have come to think of education we have separated education from its origin from its creator math science biology chemistry ourselves the way we relate to history the way would relate to math everything finds its origins with God and education needs to be rebooted in our minds and I speak from experience what this series has done for me is coalesce things that should have never been separated put together things that should never have placed a part in my world view as Christians we have a tremendous responsibility to the world and education starts at the center we have in our in our country a blessing that many times we misunderstand. Many Christians decry the fact that we no longer have prayers in our schools and what we mean by prayer is prayer to the Father in the name of Jesus and we complain that in protest that prayer is no longer part of public schools now I want to present a biblical perspective of how should we we should be relating to their links between government and the church and it's very simple we need to have separation between church and state the moment you have government endorsing or suppressing any religious movement any religious groups we no longer have a democracy we no longer have a republic things that have made our country beautiful so yes we may complain that prayers are no longer in the schools because the government has taken prayer out of the schools my question would be to the Christians is that all that it took for you to stop training school do we need the government telling us you need to be praying in public schools we shouldn't we shouldn't want a government that tells us that we should all want to government that spells out by through civil laws how you should relate to God spiritually do we want to kind of government no we don't need an earthly 1 that's why the United States has become the safe haven to pretty much every religion in the planet because we have this beautiful phenomenon unique phenomena of religious they pretty where the government cannot dictate my conscience and how I relate to God preserve or for that so though we may not have prayer in the school anymore actually this is where I began to realize that this is the secular government setting up a school system. Has 2 choices if we want the government to include the judeo christian god in it then we should also want or say you need to put the Muslims got in there too and all the Hindu gods as well do you understand the logic otherwise we as Christians like having the upper hand suppressing the other religious but that's not a democracy that's not religious freedom we would not like it if Muslims or Buddhists or or whoever other religious groups were in cahoots with the government and they were suppressing Christianity as we see it in other parts of the world we would like it then right we need to be consistent and the Bible once humans as got for a king that's the moment that God made a separation the king settles secular matters but a king will never officiate as a priest the priesthood is separate from the kingship So in the Bible we have this principle of separation of church and state and public schools by definition should not endorse any God does that make sense Voss presenting for us Christians I believe a simple choice I don't think is in a work so when you go from here this is the question that I want us as parents soon to be parents to think about it public school system will present and we should not protest this it public school system educational system will present it world view in which God is not essential God is not relevant God is not to be tolerated God is actually harmful when we put him in the picture in the scientific or arena as an example there is great animosity towards God. There are many I've read articles in academic journals of high positions scientists decrying and and denouncing any inclusion of a god picture in the sciences because they are saying their argument is it will harm children why teach children fictitious myths as fact is their argument we should only be presenting to children empirical factually verifiable information to do otherwise is to harm their minds very for God should be completely filtered out of all like it damn it pursues and I don't really find that offensive because he is speaking specifically about a public school about attacks government supported school system many Christians have been given a wrong version of Christianity in this country the reason you and I can worship according to the dictates of our conscience is because we have always advocated for separation of church and state the moment we cross those cables what church will the government indoors and if it's not ours what happens then therefore that creating of listen carefully the creating of their development the development and support of a Christian school system becomes imperative because we have 2 choices is school system that should and does lead got completely out of the picture Lisa tries to there may be exceptions but legally elease got out of the picture so that is a place where I can place my child to receive an education or as Christians we can look for resources be creative be responsible. Aim high in the academic area providing an education that is just as good as all the other schools but intentionally intentionally placed before our children in their reality everything is linked to God everything is linked to God there is not 1 part of our lives that should be separate from God So this really is what education begins to boil down to when looked at from the Scriptures that's why the sermon this morning is in title education slash the Bible how does the Bible relate to us in a secular society in its society that we have religious freedom we have secular public schools and we have Christian education I guess in essence as the pastor might have 1 of the main driving points that I see from the Word of God is if God is not optional for the Christian what kind of education should govern or direct the direction my children go on last week's A Jason hamster introduced to us the Great is educational tool ever invented who remembers what it was the pencil Why was the pencil very greatest educational invention every creator had an eraser Why does that make why did that make the greatest educational tool What about the race or allows for learning grows empowerment trial and error how many of you guys have done math and were thankful for the research and heard it at the you know we were learning long divisions and I made a hole in the paper has that ever happened to you. You raise so much you're raising the following page I want to take it a step further all pencils including the 1 Laura had here this morning all pencils have this much lead this much eraser I showed you last week a small snippet and I put it in context this has nothing to do with politics it has everything to do with education and how we view the world last week I share with you a quote from a very prominent they were Donald Trump and how he relates to forgiveness he claims to be a Christian but when he asked Do you as god for forgiveness for your actions were wrong actions sin he said I don't think I do I don't know I don't actually And so what he is saying is Laura do you have that pencil that nice sharpened pencil with you sorry to catch you off guard it's probably your person where deep deep deep in there OK thank you so in essence someone with this worldview would go like this we don't just get tests at school there are times that in life we get tested as well and the tests in life carry much more weight much more repercussions for us and so here we are right taking the test of life. Oh man. Thank you Lord that you gave us what we the eraser well be the equivalent in a Christian world view what is the eraser forgiveness the grace of God What Mr Trump is saying to many humans are saying give me the pencil without the research I can do just fine without it if I make mistakes I'll scratch over them or pretend they're not there and continue writing Jason you're a mathematician what happens when you get 1 process 1 step wrong in a mathematical equation it messes everything up is an eraser important. How bout for line is living with a world view that gives me a pencil with an eraser is that important for the mistakes we make in life and this is where I want to take a step forward I want to go to the Bible open your Bibles to Romans Chapter 5 Verse 20 maybe I'll be good that it's not in the screen Romans Chapter 5 it will get us to some movement which is part of the educational process involving other senses so we are talking about education Romish after 5 years 20 I want to show you this verse is speaking about God's eraser gotz pencil this is God's pencil that he offers and offers consistently to every human being every human being not just Christians every human being God comes to the spirit and says this is the pencil I would like for you to write with Romans Chapter 5 Verse 20 Romans Chapter 5 1st 20 says at the end the last part I'll read it from here and then a look at that part I want to emphasize the law came in so that it transgression would increase but the last part is where I want to focus were sin abounded grace abound it more so now you do describe to me what does God's pencil look like if we're seeing a bounce of grace a bounce more what does the pencil of God look like in proportion to the lead at the race or they race or is like out here right which means that God gives us more eraser than we got led got to race or can correct more than we can right or wrong isn't that wonderful news we can not out mistake the grace and the forgiveness of God Do we want our children to have that kind of a world view or a world view that an educational system. We will give to them this is not if this is not all the learn how to do drugs in public schools no they won't not every kid comes out a drug dealer or a drug addict out of public schools those are fallacies but what is unequivocal and what is reality is that every child that goes to republish school will come out with an educational worldview that has a pencil without honor a certain god by definition has to be left out of the public schools because we live in a country that honors religious liberty still and we as parents are now plays with this choice you know I made a lot of mistakes in life and I still do and I'm thankful that as I look back on my past history there are times that I wrote down 2 plus 2 equals 785 huge mistakes way off and I'm glad I have a savior named Jesus Christ who came and said Do you want that to stay in your page of life in the Lord but I can't change my past I can't change what I've done and then Jesus said Let me introduce you to my Grace let me introduce you to agree that makes all things work for the good to those that choose to love me I can take the pain and the mistakes and the poor choices and through my grace create a miracle in your life that the curse becomes a blessing and you read that in the Bible Joseph is sold by his brothers as a slave he is tricked into adultery by his boss's wife and he's resists he decides to be integrated have integrity and purity and he ends up in jail God takes every 1 of those mistakes every 1 of those men I wish I would have written things differently Man I wish it how would it had the right to for answer God takes that and Joseph said it the things that you intended. Destroy me God has used them and overturned them to preserve life not just so that I don't die by go through all the of that pain it's a miracle that only God can do and God desires us to live a life in which his grace is intricately attached to our lives I want to read a couple of more verses 1st John chapter 1 verse 9 close of the Book of Revelation 1st John chapter 1 he would have been a revelation that will grow before we Jews and before it is there John 2nd John 1st John is the 1 we want to go 1st John chapter 1 verse 9 verses 2. Chapter 1 Verse 93 Chapter 2 verse 2 1st John 19 is the verse that I memorized early on in my Christian life for John 19 is God's eraser That's the essence of it 1st 19 says if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to do what with our sins What does he do with a race or to. Praise the Lord praise the Lord we don't need to be haunted by the poor choices of our past we can specify since he is faithful and just a Forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness if we say we have not seen we make Him a liar and His word is not in us which means that check your paper there's mistakes there there is we we get Met Life's math we get wrong the. Way and the way we see life we get it wrong even Rams life clearly teaches us that Abraham thought the sure way to protect my might my marriage is to negate that it exists so my wife tell people you're my sister then we'll stay married. Lies will bless us telling lies will protect us we get life wrong that's what the Bible says humans are devoid of the world got God sent a world view we make mistakes and Abraham knew got but he chose to live as a separate life God He made a covenant with me but here I am dealing with Pharaoh and with Pharaoh I've got to take that eraser and figure out how to fix things myself as a Christians keep in the race or they are keeping God in the center keeping God touching every part of my life that's true education teaching our children teaching ourselves there can be no part of our lives that can not should not be touched by the grace of God Every part of my life needs Jesus Christ there is no part of my life in which I can say to God you know what you can take the reason for this part I got this I've done that and I know you probably have too and those are the sources over our greatest regrets the moments we have left God out of the picture are they not we want our children for at least 3 years listening carefully we should want our children at least for the years in which their minds are most impressionable in which their minds will absorb with greater intensity the information provided to them and those are the for early years the formative years. In which the information that is provided to them will to a great degree anchor in cement the way that they relate to life and this is NOT speak about the quality of the teachers or the quality of the occasion many many great teachers are working in the public schools really wanted to their children to study and learn and do great academically so there is no fault in that department but what no public school teacher can do or should do or is able to do is include God into every part of the curriculum and that's what makes the difference in Christian education we teach children that they have an eraser attached to their lives and that does not sink in the 1st time is told to them that cannot be a something that will attach to them just on Sabbath mornings for 1 hour I mean school is on in it's going to be on in a little bit for 9 months for $5.00 to $7.00 hours each day and a curriculum in which places God 1st middle last in all of its worldview does that have the potential of leading our children to appreciate the racer without the race or we are left with our mistakes on our own 1st John 19 chapter to do chapter 2 verse 2 points to Jesus as that eraser to grace of God is not some mystical Misty thing a cloud it's a person this passage finishes saying and Jesus Himself is that sacrifice for our sins and not just for ours but for the whole world to graze that God gives you how does the mistakes you've made Can you believe that the grace and forgiveness God gives you. Can you raise even the biggest and most painful decisions we can have EVER me tell you my friend to Mika who in high school senior year asked me to give her money to get an abortion and she did get an abortion I can guarantee you that she grew and she saw other mothers with little children I can guarantee you she wished she had any race or world view for herself that she could go back to that moment in time in her history as painful as it was to what made have a Jesus that says. It's forgiven it's cleansed I don't condemn you go and sin no more that what we need to get through life in this world that the world to you your children need to have in the direction that our world is going could we afford to have children without a grace center God Center worldview there was a time in which society clearly argues for a separate entity we should stop trying to make public schools Christians that's not what should be happening what we should be trying to do is make sure that Christian schools flourish and are available to as many children as possible does that make sense because we want not just our children here but what about the children around us right why did God places here so that we could come and see it and just have church for ourselves just have a school for ourselves would not there be families that need to know that there is a savior that gives them a different kind of pencil and that a pencil like this 1 with a busy little bit of an eraser but 1 where where there are sins abound they're great his grace much more about it isn't the grace of God is not just about forgiveness and clearing out the past he transforms the present and redirect the future he heals marriages. He restores homes. He said People kept a bison free that's also the grace of God That's also part of the race or the race or teaches me day after day trial after trial how to answer right that is that the greatest goal of education I don't think any teacher would be happy to say great job you've erased all of your questions we should mean you've got all the wrong answers great job in using your research or a teacher is happy when they finally see after so many do you eventually there is no more we it's 2 plus 2 equals 4. Right Abraham in the end told his son you need to go over there and sacrifice Abraham raised his hand with a 9 and God said God your God I want to fast forward since we were not be able to use the powerpoint I want to fast forward to a part of the sermon that I want to spend some time in going to Genesis chapter 2 verse 9 and this will use this as our segue into landing Genesis chapter 2 verse 9 This will be our transition text to bring a close to this morning's message Genesis chapter 2 and verse 9 I want to this morning to. Have a little brief Bible study Genesis chapter 2 verse 9 says in the middle of the garden where the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil we're very familiar with this narrative Genesis trip to verse 17 says God speaking about from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil You shall not eat for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die you have 2 trees 3 of life and the 1 with the really long name the tree of the knowledge of good any will this is the exercise that I want you guys to do. God answered prayers OK we did out 1 without 1 I love that 1. When you look at pencils and what you think of the cross of Christ when your kids are in school and you're helping them with their homework and you see that pass when they hear a story I want you to think of the cross of Jesus His grace is sufficient for our lives I want to. I'll go to this real quick OK the ladder of humility everything I know is wrong number 1 everybody all Christians are offered this great blessing of perspective through the ladder of humility and this is it everything I know is that wrong number 1 which is everything you know wrong number 2 is everything everyone on earth knows today and how much is that how much information if you were to accumulate all the knowledge like through Google and Facebook and all those engineers and neuroscientists and shafts and painters and were to accumulate all that knowledge of people today how much knowledge would that be in comparison to what I know right a grain of sand and the ocean is that a pretty close comparison that's wrong number 2 though wrong number 3 is everything everyone on earth could ever know with an infinite amount of time our only limitation would be our planet and of course the tools we would stand a little satellites here and take pictures there but how much knowledge could we accumulate if every person on earth would have an infinite amount of time to learn how much knowledge would that be as an ocean of an ocean the 4th wrong is everything every created being in the whole new universe knows and will ever known how much knowledge is that and the last 1 what God knows now this is the question listen this is the question how much distance how much space is between number 5 and number 4 you tell me how much this this is between what got knows and everything every created being in the whole universe knows and what ever we know what's the difference was that this is between number 5 in number 4 infinite. This is the perspective true education gives those that put God in the center 1 of the surest fruits 1 of the surest evidence I'm receiving a god sense or education is that through this perspective I receive humility because this latter continually asked me the question what do you know Mr Ph D. What do you know Mr 20 years of experience what do you know in this letter if there is an infinite space between 5 and 4 what is the say between 5 and number 1 all of a sudden I need to go back to school keep this in mind this gives me perspective and the perspective produces a continual nurturing and nourishing of this quality called humility humility is 1 of the most brilliant attributes people can have it truly makes people smart humility because intelligence goes beyond I.Q. God brings perspective to my academic achievements the increase of knowledge naturally brings into the human heart pride the little letters that we get after our names after we finish college the more letters bigger the head doesn't necessarily have to happen though because when I keep going back to that latter off of humility it keep my love it keeps those letters in perspective the question gets keeps getting posed to me how much do you know really so don't talk bad to your wife who you think knows less than you don't talk bad about to your husband who doesn't have a college degree the way you do do you see how this ladder of humility affects our every day life certainly affects how we relate to each other in church God who knows an infinite amount of knowledge had no problem eating with the beggars the poor the prostitutes. It was not beneath him those are fruits and evidence that true education is taking place in my life when there is no human being that I will snub or look funny or think less of that is the goal of true education when I put God at the center of it God will always remain in wrong number 5 and will forever change how I relate to other beings or the other created beings but that's the negative aspect of. The perspective the positive is that it grants me humility exactly the same humility Jesus exhibit while on earth they created of all things washed the disciples feet sometimes we think of that as you know Jesus making a pizza Jesus washing feeds for the creator President Obama will never do that I can tell you there right now and you of the presidents will never do that and you have the monarchs any of the rulers of this world will never put in you will never see him washing the feet of other governments of of the drunks in their own city but the creator of everything that exists in the whole universe he washed feeds can I know why God knows yes or no give you the answer no in case you were wondering after we just saw this little exercise the question is can I know why God knows and the answer is but in parentheses states of reality we tried we tried in the code of Eden and that's where I was going with this with this narrative of Genesis 29 to 17 trying to make this little exercise of summary you have the tree of life and you have the Tree of Knowledge of Good and evil if we wanted to like hear right his tree of life how can we summarize this into 3 words of from the day that you eat of it you will surely. Di So how can we effectively and accurately summarize the name of this tree over here the tree of death you got it simple this word simple the tree of death let's let us do this exercise now flipping it what if we wanted to expand this 1 like this 1 the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil the tree of life would be the Tree of Knowledge of what John 17 verse 3 and this is eternal life that they may know You the tree of life is the tree of knowing God What pride and sin has done is try to know what God knows and totally ignoring knowing him Lucifer was not interested in knowing God he wanted to be God He wanted to obtain a knowledge that he could have never obtained because as high as the heavens are above us just as high are his thoughts could we contain eternity or infinity. Even Lucifer's brain was too small for the mind of God and he thought he could handle the mind of God and that this is torsion of sin we want to know what God says Leave that alone come and know me stop trying to figure out your genetics and how to break the code of Georgia next so that you don't die I am offering you eternal life right now through my Son Jesus Christ come to know me stop trying to eat of a tree of knowledge of knowledge you as a creature can not handle will be able to hand. So there's a difference between what God knows and knowing God and the Gospel true education they decay tional system has nothing to do I mean they're not apt that we're talking about the most opposite things we could ever think of a public school system will never touch this it will never include Kate in the mind of a child a conscience driven by a god that is love a God that offers an infinite amount of grace a god that offers forgiveness no child will ever walk out of any public school system with that kind of knowledge can I know God and this is there no eternal life that they may know God is it possible to know God yes or no yes it is to know what God knows never to know God through Jesus Christ yes what does it look like to verses 2 and 3 Christ in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge to know Christ is to be able to grasp the originator of all that we study and in all that we study it would enlighten us and show was even better how to understand God history science biology chemistry all of these disciplines should enhanced my ability to appreciate and with humility love God. To know the love of Christ which which passes knowledge that you may be filled with all the fullness of God but you see the tension in this verse is not a contradiction it's tension to know the love of Cry which does what passes how can you know something that passes knowledge 1st day of class I want to teach you something that you will never be able to understand example today how can this be how can I know something that passes knowledge by special revelation by this long word called Condi sanction. There are things that Jan is asking us that are making a sweat things about her anatomy that's making me sweat in trying to explain to her so I have to do this get down to her level uses words that she understands and concepts that she gets and what God did for you and me is this get as low as he could have possibly gotten he did not become an angel he did not become a sin less perfect human being he put on sinful broken humanity and through our broken humanity revealed the heart of God so that you and I could have the awesome privilege to know. God education for people that are obsessed with only the academic or looking at this much of all that education entails the Bible opens to was the full 10 around mark of everything that should fall under the category of education you search the scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life and this this book is what testifies of Jesus you want to know who God is study this book study the life of Christ get to know him through this book and schools that put this book at the center beginning and in the middle of it will give children a knowledge that they can not gain anywhere else the topic of education goes well beyond grades and academic achievements it reaches the heart it transforms my propensity to pride through education rather than now I go to humility to education. Educational longer is a self so selfish self-centered pursuit education becomes a source of tools for service how can I be a blessing to this world through what I have learned when math English history science and everything else has God attached to it it will lead us to a better understanding of who God is and his great love for us we cannot divorce God from math and science and history it becomes a Twinkie it nor longer is nourishing though it be yellow on the outside white on the inside and very sweet it is not education not the way Bible presents it to us the greatest need of the world is the need of men and women who will not be sold bought or sold men and women who in their inmost souls are true and honest men and women who do not fear to call sin by its right name men and women whose sconces is as true to duty as the needle is to the pole men and women who will stand for the right though the heavens fall this is their high calling and this is there is the potential that is placed within the reach of parents and children to the Christian education. Questions in closing as a church we are a global worldwide church we collect our offerings and our tides and our tides a good portion of it is sent overseas and overseas these types of money are helped to create them build new schools pay the salaries of Christian teachers so that children in Hindu communities children in other communities can have access to a Christian school is that a wonderful thing my friends praise the Lord. Brazil are there are ties and offerings are helping to build schools and offer Christian education to children overseas the question that I have is if we're sending so much support for children overseas so that they can get a Christian education what are we doing with the children our children here are my children receiving a Christian education why am I so passionate and happy that Christians somewhere thousands of miles away are getting a Christian education when Christian education is across the whole way over here last Sabbath I asked this question and I told you the story of my parents my parents were dirt poor illegal immigrants or went to the Harrisburg 1st ever the administrators that my parents saw the school and the 1st thing that popped into their minds was finances can afford it almost 10 years later after living a life with a pencil without any race or for many years public schools Snape that eraser talking with leaders in the church the lamented and protested why the intercom to wiling to ask us questions why the to explore the possibilities and as your pastor this series has changed in effect it me I need to ask you Mom and Dad have you at least considered Have you at least prayed about your children in our school Have you prayed and asked God about where your children would receive their education something so close why would we choose otherwise step forward in faith my brother and my sister commit sacrifice do whatever we will take for your children to receive that which will prepare them to face the real challenge is this real life in this world will bring and will lead our children to live lives that will honor God. But alas humanity and Indiana and grant them access once again to that tree of life and education that will attach to their consciousness to grace of Jesus to every page of their lives Amen father I want to thank you for your word it corrects us it lightens us and I want to pray Father for us as responsible for our children if the opportunities are there Lord if the resources are there if the help is available father will we come to you an ass will we consider an education that will play shoe 1st and foremost in every part I also want to pray this morning father for my brothers and my sisters who have parts of their lives that need forgiveness that need erasing how the want to make this sermon just about education and leave that component out of it I ask that through your spirit we'll today accept the forgiven is that comes through Jesus Christ and if this morning there is someone here that has not accepted you as their Savior as their Lord I asked by that you hear their prayers right now as they reach out to you and invite you into their lives maybe experience your abundant grace that abounds way more than our sense ever could Father we place our lives before you. Lead us to make the decision. On or you. Will ask our family. In Jesus lay the man. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon a little visit W W W audio verse or.


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