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What a Journey, No Regrets

Darren Greenfield


Darren Greenfield

Weimar Farm Manager




  • November 29, 2017
    7:00 PM


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The loving Father in heaven it's really a joy to be here tonight to see people who are excited about being with you in the garden and learning more about you wouldn't learning more about the lifestyle the the placings of the life you originally designed for us to have Father thank You for all the work that is being done to make this conference possible for the. Sacrifice of time and and money thank you for bringing everybody safely here thank you for. Just providing this beautiful place so nicely if you already feel your presence here and I'm so grateful for that father and I just pray that tonight and in every meeting and throughout all the time of fellowshipping and talking and networking father may you be in the midst of it all and Father draws closer to you as a result of us being here may you pour out a special blessing may your spirit be here and Father help me tonight you know my limitations and. There are many and I just pray that you will take over and I think you for that in Jesus name they mean. Well I didn't know if I was going to make it. As I took my 1st leg or my flight 3 days ago they were I guess in bad weather and I got stuck in L.A. The plane arrived right when the plane that are supposed to be on the come here was leaving so I had to stick around in L.A. And but by God's grace I made it here and arrived this morning drove up here and being here for a couple of hours and so I'm excited to be here I know the Lord is doing something special. Excuse me a 2nd at the stand on. And I'm really excited to see the agricultural movement spreading around the world. So I'd feel you here in Australia some Kiwis I know the 3 of us here are there any more than anyone else who's a Kiwi here prays a lot feel more time actually the beauty of the nature and here is so close to what I'm used to in New Zealand I feel really at home here but anyway what I wanted to say was God is doing something special spreading this around the world I got an email. Maybe 2 weeks ago in Austria they are organizing a conference there and it's for the German speaking countries of Switzerland Germany and Austria and it's going to be happening at the bogan Hoffman. College day of the seminary and so that's being organized and it's I think it's starting January 7th if I'm remembering correctly so God is doing something and also with Jamaica they've been they've had 2 conferences more than 2 conferences actually they have a program that's called Saw stick save our schools through. Industry and commitment. Something else I'll stick anyway it's an agricultural movement that the conferences initiated because the schools were in financial difficulty and they were reading through the Spirit of Prophecy through the book education and I said you know we're not doing egg recall should we not following God's plan and he says that if we do it then our schools will have a different sharing and so they instituted this plan and many of the schools now have a greenhouse so they call it a greenhouse is a tropical country they need a greenhouse but it's a shelter of basically a plastic roof with some shade cloth around the outside to protect the crops from the tropical storms and rains and they're growing papers and a few other things there and it's taking off and God is doing a special work. And it's bringing in revenue to help this school stay afloat and pay off some day it so I'm really excited to see that God is bringing back slowly but surely bringing back the way of education that that he ordained for us to have and tonight what I share with you tonight may have a little bit of an educational slant to it but I guess what I'm involved in it we mass running the family I don't run the farm just for the sake of enjoying farming as much as I do I'm doing it because I really believe in unconvicted that it's the very best kind of education that young people can have and you know when I heard the. Video the music video 1st heard it when it was played in Florida. It really brought a tear to my eyes to see young people Alvin the God and cheerful you know working it's hard work it's toil this you know this weight involved but to do that kind of which a family because the Lord has blessed that kind of work it does something to a person's character does something for them and draws them closer to the Lord and the Lord's able to work for us you know we can we can make our kids work in the garden we can force them to do it and it'll be a miserable experience for them and they won't get what the Lord and teens but doing it cheerfully What an amazing placing that is well I've been to get into this because time is ticking by I don't know when I'm supposed to stop I see a clock at the back there. Is 8 o'clock now is it 830 that we finish who's running you around 830. When I'm done well that's dangerous OK so how many of let me I want to see get a bit of an idea of the demographics here. And what your involvement in agriculture is how many actual farmers that in a living from farming Do we have it could we just could you just raise your hand I want to see OK. OK I mean those who have come here from a 5. How many of you are interested and want to get involved in agriculture as a living 1 OK Quite a few of you praise the Lord. How many of you God interactive God has made so you hands quite a few How many of you are actually here because you want to learn your excited to learn and get into it can I see you again praise God Well every 1 of us are influenced by someone. To be here to get into the garden. To follow God's plane each 1 of us have a story to tell of what God's doing in a lives to to bring us to this point and to fit our feet on this journey and. I'd love to hear your stories maybe they're just beginning but for me my story I'm going to share a bit of it with you tonight goes back I guess back to my grandfather and my grandfather. The 1st click is working and it's not working there we go we're going to do the list click my grandfather who's passed away a number of years ago he's a farmer he was a farmer all its life and. I used to love as a kid going and visiting the 5 where my grandmother and my nan are and I could use I can call in and hear you guys understand it. And I used to love going the I think I started going from about the age of 5 and just being out in the country my father's a Dane to stay and he loves farming but we were in the city because that's where he had to be for as Dane to practice and so I would go there at 5 years old and on woods and spend holidays there and my grandfather he was very brave I remember the 3 put me on the seat of the tractor and say that you're clutch and there's the brake and that's the accelerator there and few instructions and walked away in the tractor was often I did and then I forgot everything he told me. But anyway it was exciting to be on the farm to ride the horses my father was into horses and I really loved it and I just I think from that time on was I just had this love in my heart for the farm and from nature and being out there and I think right from that very time I couldn't think of anything else that I wanted to do in life then to farm. But my parents did the same thing to me told me the same thing that my father's parents told him and that was no you don't get into farming there's no money involved in farming you need to get a look at something else my parents were a little bit better than that they said. They said Why don't you get a trade or do something that can give you a means of income and then get into founding and at least you'll have something to support you because farming doesn't make any money and so I think at that young age I thought OK. Or when I say young I just probably about 13 when I was starting to think about what course what direction I was going to go and initially I thought I know I'll be a bit I'd like to be a vet because I can work with animals and I love working with animals and that will be a job I can do in the country but there was a teacher who that he was a young teacher again I guess he was a fresh graduate who when we were talking about the different things that we that we were interested in doing he said to me you won't be of it you don't take your studies very seriously and takes a lot of study to do that in so he gave me a very negative thought towards it and I thought well yeah I guess I don't enjoy studying that much maybe I should think of something else and so put that 1 behind me but thinking back about that I realized that the influence that we have over other people is great you know every single 1 of us have an influence whether it's out children or Frayn's or whatever the just the words that we say can and can sane people and that's totally different direction than what they think it can be good or bad but this man or maybe it was the Lord's will but he put me in a different direction I think you'd encourage me and say you can be a bit but this is what it's going to take you going to have to apply yourself you have to study unit to do your homework and all that and maybe I could have gone into reaction but anyway I didn't know at that point what I was going to do and then I thought OK. I kind of like driving the tractor and I like being around machinery maybe I'll be a diesel mechanic because then I can wear contractors and I can be in the country and I can you know I can still be involved in a fun and some some way but then I checked out what it took to become a diesel mechanic and how competitive it was that didn't work out or didn't appeal to me I guess the track to get the and then. It was about 15 years old still hadn't decided what I was going to do. Murray is he is somewhere over the his father was influential in my life and he suggested to me why don't you do an apprenticeship as a for the Turner machinist and engineering trade at the sanitarium he was working there and so he planted that thought in my head and I thought yeah that would be good because I don't really take a night classes in welding out already taken some engineering courses not classes and I thought that would be really good and that would be that would go great with farming too so I went to the senator my applied they gave me the job and I don't have time to go into the details but it was a tremendous blessing to learn a trade that has been just such a blessing to have on the on the fun because now I have the ability if I need something I can make it instead of you know going to buy I can modify things and it's just been a tremendous placing. I would say more about my grandfather but time I've got to really move on and this kick clicker is not working under no fun pointing in the right direction here. Thank you so anyway cut a long story short. As I started I was converted while I was working at the senator and I was I was not really a christian many way or form. As a young person and. Did some very shameful things and anyway the Lord came into my life and turn my life around I'm really grateful for that and as I went to. College and started to study there and we had to read through the book education in 1 of the classes and started to discover some of the the James of truth that the Lord had given us I read a statement in the area and I read this this statement and I thought wow this is really a blessing it says here that the Hebrews had been instructed of God by his servant Moses to train up via children to industrious habits that people the that people with us lead to look upon an indolent as that is laziness as a as a great sin and the children were all required to learn some trade by which if necessary they could gain a livelihood those who neglected to do this were regarded as departing from the instruction of the Lord labor was considered elevating in its nature and the children were taught to combine religion and business in the time of Christ the Jews thought the wealthy still followed their ancient custom and then this next statement sorry I'm looking at the wrong way. This next statement joins it to al day it says and now as in the days of Israel every youth should be instructed in the duties of practical life each should acquire a knowledge of some branch of manual labor by which if need be he may obtain a livelihood this is essential not only as a safeguard against the vicissitudes of life but from its bearing upon physical mental and moral development even if it was certain that 1 would never need to resort to manual labor for his support still he should be taught to work without physical exercise no 1 can have a sound constitution and vigorous health and the discipline of well regulated labor is of no less essential to the securing of a strong and active mind and a noble character. So I was very very grateful that without it being planned that way it was very grateful that the Lord has Providence actually allowed me to learn a trade allowed me to to have some time on a farm as a young person to learn how to work I mean I just loved working on the fire there was nothing more than I love them being out making hay you know and I remember at 13 years old I was excited because I could pick up a bale of hay and I could lift that I have my head and throw it up on to the trailer and my father was too trusting of me and. At 13 years old loading this trailer with Halo with the other men we had bombs at the back of the fire we had a 1000 acre fire and at the back of the fire there was some hay bands and he sent me at 13 with a tractor and he was steep hills and with my young cousins on the on the trailer at the back and we go you know it take us an hour maybe to get to the back of the firemen offload all these vials into the band and come back but there was nothing more than I love to do that and then sharing sheep and. Some days out our days would start at 5 in the morning and and we crawl into bed 9 or Tina 9 physio team at night and next morning wake up at the same time and you know it never faced me as a young person I just got up excited every day and I just loved it because somehow God had instilled in my heart this love of being in nature the love of the hard work and I'm very very grateful for that because it has been a tremendous blessing to me. I see young people today many young people and I work with a lot of them. And some of them of never done anything physical in their lives I feel so sorry for them some of them of never handled a spade or a shovel and I have to actually teach them how to stand on it and dig it into the ground it's such a shame. They've missed out on so much and to stop it and all you know as nearly an adult is it's just such a shame if you're a young person here and your parents are taking you into the God and you is so blessed he was so tremendously blessed God does something so special when you're in the God and he does something sudden magical so powerful it just changes lives. You know a friend of mine in New Zealand he was managing the administer time and village and he said to me you know there's something really something that I observed that's really neat he said you know all these these elderly people that are in this retirement village he said I've noticed something that the people that get out and they working in their God and he said they're always cheerful like a song always cheerful they've got the mind faculties are still you know intact he said and they just seem to radiate this happiness and the ones that don't they seem to have problems and you know and so on it was just saying what a difference being in the garden Manx you know there's something very special that happens when you're in the garden I think of a bell. I think about the young people that I see I see people come to young people come to we matched to the academy to the college from all different walks of life some of them are being homeschooled some of them had the privilege of having a gap in the way they were as part of their education some of them didn't but there's a night and day difference the young people that have been home schooled and worked in a garden they are more focused they more mature they seem to be more confident and and tackle task have never done without it facing them and it just there's just something powerful about kids that spend time in the garden with their parents at a young age I remember also a friend of mine who's a pastor in New Zealand he went to Fulton college and while he was there. He didn't have a lot of money and he had to grow a garden to supply the food to the family he said I had to get up at 5 o'clock and start working again for 2 hours before I'd come in and get breakfast and get ready to go to school and he said while I was there years married and he had. A couple of kids and I think he might have added to them while he was the but he said his his young son that was 2 years old when they 1st started doing the guy and he said he would go and wake him up and even that was fought 5 o'clock in the morning and his boy would be rubbing it on it and you know kind of what are you doing dad waking me up at this time he would take him out because the only real quality time he could spend with the boys and take him out into the garden and they would work in there for 2 hours and and so he did that for 3 years that he was there at Fulton and he said you know what my other kids never got that experience and he said That boy was so helpful in the home the always was radiant get to do whatever we asked them to do it was there was nothing too hard for him to do you know it was the other kids they were kind of lazy and they didn't you know they didn't do that is something really special and really powerful that happens when kids spend time in the garden 1 more thought I want to share with you about that I've seen kids come to our school even I've seen some older that come depressed and a lot of a Young people today are depressed very depressed. And I've seen 1 kid that was actually suicidal and the teacher is actually called me several times and said we don't know what to do we've talked to him with pride with them we've done and he's just like you just want to die. Please do something and so I would go and I would get him and I would walk with him all the way to the farm and then we would just spend some time in the farm and I talked to him about the Lord and how everything he's doing here and how he's the same things he doesn't our lives I just talked to him and as he would be there in that environment and looking he would be like his face would start coming down and he would come back to reasonable thinking and those suicidal thoughts would go because the you know the angels would just come around and they would be a beautiful environment of peace that would just surround us as we would be around the fire. And I've seen other kids that just that they counted it's was down they would hardly speak or interact with other kids and I had several of the most assigned to the like that and over the course of a year of being on the fire and their 2nd they were solid night and day from what they were they were all of a sudden radiant they were excited they got into they work and just a amazing difference that God works it's just something so special so powerful so magical you know it happens when when kids are in the God and I can encourage you parents and nuff to spend lots of time with your kids in the God and make it a happy time make it a cheerful time. Well I loved my time at the sanitarium learning a trade I loved working with machinery and I would have been quite happy to stay there for the rest of my life and work except I still had this love in my heart to be you know to have a fire and I had this dream that 1 day I was going to buy a 5 I was going to save up work and buy a fire and you know by the time I was 40 that was kind of my in my head that was my goal I would be on my own 5 and I would. You know I would live my happy life that I thought I would have on a farm but I was unconverted and you know I I remember from a little child going to church we didn't have religion really in a home at all we went to church that was about it and. But hearing something in Sevastopol versus different teachings and I remember it while I was thinking about this dream and I was working I was doing actually at the time for to midnight shift the afternoon shift and during the day I was running in Rick Rick and with this goal of making money and as I was thinking about it as like the Lord the Holy Spirit just started speaking to me and saying what is a profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul and I was thinking about then I thought what if I do make the money that I'm hoping to make and what if I do buy this farm and what if I do get there and then Jesus comes back and it all burns up all this hard work and all this for nothing you know when the Lord was working on me and and then through a series of other circumstances I have eventually gave my heart to the Lord he had to humble me and it's a long story I won't go into the details but it was while I was working there that the Lord changed my life and all of a sudden I realized you know now the Lord's in Chad I don't know what he has in mind but I guess I'll put this farming thing. I'll save it for the earth made new and I don't know what the Lord has in mind but I'll wait till then and it was while I was working there that another man who was a farm a sheep farmer. He I looked up to him and he spent a week with him on the on his farm for some mentoring as a young Christian and he he talked to me said his son who had never met was at we married a student and he he said to me why don't you think about going to women in the further thing from my mind and I didn't want to to go there he said well why don't you pray about it why you see if the Lord wants you to go there I thought well OK I'll pray about it but I thought I'd just tell him I prayed about it just to get him off my back so he wouldn't annoy me any more about it and so I prayed once and that was always going to pray. And then all of a sudden the lawyer just kept impressing upon me until I couldn't get out of my head and so such Finally I I knelt down I said Lord if you want me to go you open the doors you open the way and I'll go and so he laid me off to to email. And. It's a picture of the the front gate and while I was that we must some things that I learned there really changed my life and some things that you're going to learn here at this conference are really going to change your life I know that it was while I was there I studied I was going to study for a year or 2 and then go back to New Zealand and I had some ideas of what I thought the Lord was leading me to do and so I graduated and I wasn't sure what I was going to do and. This man Robert mom tag was the president at the time and he he had been reading through the Spirit of Prophecy education in so on and he said you know we can improve our program we can get closer to what the Lord's original plan was and he asked me said I want you to to be out working education director well in my mind I thought Why work education that's not really a ministry I didn't come here to we mouth to learn how to be aware cage acacia director. And so I said no and he said well look. I want to hire you for 2 weeks 2 weeks only and during that 2 weeks the only thing I want you to do is I want you to study the spur prophecy the Bible Ed ministry and any other schools that have a work study program and then I want you to write up a proposal of what we can do to improve our program here and that's all I want to do for 2 weeks and so I said OK I guess I don't have anything else planed right now so I agreed to do that and I did and that study completely changed my life and lead me in a different path and that's probably why I'm here involved in agriculture partially today 1 of the books that I read was this book here how many of you read this book or seen it before few of you have seen it powerful book talking about medicine in college and the work study program they had beer. You know I saw them again I think of them as Caleb and Joshua. Mean who stepped out in faith to fully follow the Lord's plan while the other had been a school Zwick kind of dragging the feet in and not wanting to to do it all and so they go off down the south and start this I read that book I was so inspired I thought wow this is amazing and the things that God accomplished through people who fully followed him and all of the front institutions and missionaries that went out from the school just amazing the. The the influence of this school head and I read this statement I'm going to share with you and this also really impacted me. Because you know I think I originally thought you know working age occasion is for those who you know maybe they want to learn some school or they just need to work their way through school but I read this and it really changed my life in many cases parents who were wealthy do not feel the importance of giving their children the education the practical duties of life as well as in the sciences they do not see the necessity for the good of their children's minds and morals and for their future usefulness of giving them a Thora understanding of useful labor this is Jew the children that should Miss Fortune come they could stand for the noble and the pain and knowing how to use their hands if they have a capital of strength they cannot be poor even if they have not a dollar powerful and it made me think is there a time coming when we will not have a dollar that we can spin is there a time coming like that do we understand that as Adventists it's coming how soon we don't know it could be soon but our young people need to learn how to be practical how to use their hands how to grow food how to live through this time it's coming upon this world we're told as an overwhelming surprise they need to know how to stand in their time and not be pressured because they feel so in adequate pressured into succumbing to to just be able to eat if they have that noble independence it will be much easier and so I read that and then I read about another school. And I will share with several several slides along but I want to share is because this really impacted me as well because we have several schools as examples we have Evan dial and I'm looking forward to hearing Alan present on on Avondale. We have medicine in college that really went all the way and followed the Lord and His plan but here I found this article in as I was researching that also talks about a school that really embraced agriculture as the A.B.C. I'm going to read through it might be a little bit tedious but I want you to get what they did and what the difference it made it says as we have presented in these articles the instruction which the Lord has given us regarding our school work it must have often been often felt by the reader that in many respects we have not carried out this instruction in a practical way it has seemed impossible to put the work into operation as Else schoolwork is now conducted to do this necessitates changes in our work in various ways this is not surprising however for our whole work as a people is reformatory recalls are requiring continual advancement change in the school year in 1 of our former Kohl's some queries were mentioned which could only be answered by suggesting that the school year coincide with the agricultural season in no other way can study in agriculture A B. B. A B. and C. of the education given in our schools. We need not repeat the various statements which can only be conformed to by having our schools and session and the students in attendance in the spring summer and fall an educational campaign is needed for our people to enable them to see the necessity of having their children in school during these months of the year when alone they can receive the lessons which the Lord says they should be taught many objections were raised in as much as this is different from customs of the past there has long been a feeling on the part of many that the school year should be thus changed but the movement has not been generally undertaken for lack of support from the patrons of the school in the school with which the writer is connected this subject has been studied and discussed for the past 3 years with the result that the people of the conference have given their approval to the change suggested and the school is now running on this basis our present year began March 30 and the blessings we have already received as the direct result of the change have exceeded our expectations the Lord has moved upon the hearts of the brethren and a goodly attendance marks the 1st year of this new order nearly all the students now in school will remain through the summer and fall now with the new with new full classes beginning at this time and with school work closely related to the opening season of growth with some necessary changes in the daily program we find a life and inspiration never before experienced. Alpha is a delightful lesson book and the consecutive nature study of spring summer and fall enables us to make the school work not only more profitable but far more delightful we now have the are an opportunity to open before our students minds the treasure of knowledge and pleasure associated with country life now Savior seems much nearer when studying reset ation can be conducted amid surroundings of trees birds and flowers then in a poorly ventilated classroom in the winter season school discipline is entirely different Christ and his redeeming love can be brought more vividly and constantly before the minds of the students and thus the great end of all our work is more readily reached what's the end of our educational work what is the goal why do we have Christian schools are going to schools this really 2 reasons anyone suggest what they are right the reproduction of his character in us the kids have to be converted night day if they're not already many of our kids today need conversion and then our schools are to train them to do. To be missionaries for the Lord to share the gospel and so this Gnosis and thus the great and of all our work is more readily reached another change will be in the studies pursued by the pupils more of nature study agriculture horticulture Flora culture except being introduced Unless of other studies at 1 time we must make the book of nature stand next to their Bible mental and physical instruction must be balanced in the student's daily life when more slide I think. All the work of the school fund should be done by the school and made educational students should be brought into contact with everything that is being done and should be directed to study not alone the basement thirds but also the science and above all the Gospel lessons involved the instruction is to be given by the regular teachers of the school and not left to some farm manager of practical ability but without experience or ability in teaching with with all other members of the faculty occupied Melian literary work if the students out to get the education that is called for it must be given by the same teaches who can duck the literary classes every member of the faculty must come in close daily contact with the work or he will be unable to draw upon the daily work for the object lessons of spiritual truth and apply them effectively this suggestion calls for much change in it and at adaptation and demands careful consideration the greatest demands of this phase of educational reform are upon the teachers themselves you know I read this article and I was like wow you know if you understand the spirit of prophecy if you read the book education in the councils It's like they just grabbed hold of it all and just were practically applying it and I don't know where the school was I've done research to try and find if I could if there were more articles about it I found this in an old review in here old. You know writing via And I'd love to find out how long they continue this program for and what were the results but we do know from Evandale college we have the statement here that. I'm going to skip over this 1. We have the statement here sorry it must be further down I was expecting it to come notice this. The statement. The manual training work which agriculture was the foundational 1 it was to be agriculture and other industries the influence for good that the manual training work has exuded over the students over balances the financial loss and would overbalance that if it were tame times as large as it is how many so as this work is helped to save you will never know till the Day of Judgment when students to keep busy and useful labor the Lord has opportunity to work with them and that is so true. This particular statement here was written to the heel College Board who were considering dropping the manual training programs because it was costing them money and they were losing money an element wrote to them No no don't do that even if you can if you're losing 10 times as much it's still worth it because souls are going to be saved in the kingdom not just the souls of the kids but as they go out from the training there will be to be better equipped So here is the statement that I was looking for. Talking about Avondale who followed this very same plan every term of school which we have held at Avondale has resulted in the conversion of nearly every student in the school in some terms this has been the case without exception and in others they have not been more than 2 or 3 exceptions it's so powerful so powerful I can't you know emphasize it as much as it needs to be and I've seen little glimpses of this. But there's so much more you know if our teachers would just do it a little bit and go out even if it was for a day a couple of hours and 1 day a week or just a little bit with the kids in the garden it makes such a difference I had the privilege of doing that at 1 of our schools and in Michigan and it just was really really powerful another man who had an influence in my life towards agriculture his name was in JONES He has passed away now but he was it we for a while a name Jones was the 1st 1 to introduce me to some of the agricultural quotes that were outside of the book education and some of the educational statements and he was teaching agriculture we may and. Some of the statements he he shared with me really blew me away but as he shared with me about the Ellen White planting method how many of you have heard of that. Quite a few of you well he was want to introduce me to that statement and we actually I helped him do some experiments to see what how does this work that trees are stimulated to grow bigger and produce more fruit and and so on and he had the thought process that these layers of soil actually created electricity and stimulated the plants grow through electricity and so I was excited to work with them and we dug these these holes and we had a number of test beds where we had 1 that had the layers and we put a probe in the bottom and then the top layer and then we had a micro volt meter that we measured the volts and then we had 1 that was exactly dug the same way and didn't have a layer of rocks in it but it had all the layers of topsoil and soil with racing and so on and then we had another 1 that didn't have any it was dug but it was without any topsoil in the bottom and so on so we had the probes in those and we might have had a 4th 1 I can't remember but anyway as we measured each 1 of those when we came to the 1 that was down in the whale and what was shown in vision it actually had 3 times the Microvolt that the 1 that didn't have any any layer of stone that was an insulating value and so it was exciting to see and he had done some research in the scientific materials and he found that they were studies done that plants respond to electricity and there's electricity in the soil naturally and the other interesting thing about it was that we noticed that the polarity was reversed in the with the layer of stones and and so on and I don't you seen this video man by the name of Lynn how egg has put this video together it's called planting by the blueprint I don't know if you can buy it on Amazon or somewhere but I'm sure you can get your hands on it. But he teaches he was. Taught by herbut White who was Alan White's grandson how to do this when he was a boy of 13 years old and ever since then he everywhere he's gone he's been planting these trees this way and teaching other people how to do it but anyway it was exciting to learn about that and I've planted a number of trees that way and I've seen that it really does make a difference in fact I'll share this with you hopefully I've got enough time. Edwina I discovered in our orchard I had a couple trees that I removed in the orchard that as I dug down I want to dig and plant the replacement trees the Allen White man said and when I got down to nearly 3 feet deep I found round smooth river rocks a layer of them and I discovered that 1 of the orchards had been planted that way and then there was an other orchard in and another location actually had beta soil but the interesting thing was those those apple trees were the same age but they were not as healthy and they had boar in them and other things whereas the ones that were planted the Alan White man said they were big a healthier the fruit were bigger and and so on and then I noticed as I dug out the roots out of the ground that just below the surface here is this big bowl like just this big bowl where the other 1 just came down you know the trunk came to the ground in the roots went out and there was no Bowl but the ones planted the only 1 I removed several of them they all had this this ball just below the surface it was like they were just soaking up all that energy from the electricity and nutrients there right below the surface so it really does make a difference. I want to say more about it because I could speak there is the time about it notice here Ellen White says electricity God creates that God gives life to the seed he God employs many unseen agencies to make the seeds apparently thrown away living plants 1st appear the blade in the air then the full corn in the ear God creates the electricity that gives life to the seed so it's not some far fetched thing God creates electricity to stimulate growth and this method actually increases it 3 fold and causes these trees to produce more. And I'm going to skip over this 1 for the sake of time as well this is a little bit about research that was done with electricity stimulating. OK So carry on with my story a little bit more. After working it we for 2 years I accepted the job as work education director and but I didn't see I wasn't convicted at that time that it was a long term. Ministry or calling that God was calling me to I still had in my mind that I wanted to go back to New Zealand pretty hard to leave a beautiful country like that behind and. So after 2 years of working there we did because God was blessing and leading us to to try to reform and bring us closer to God's plan we started apprenticeship programs there were kids could do 2 years while they were studying and learn to partially learn a trade. And God was doing really some some amazing things with that program we had and printing we had and on the farm and mechanics and even in food service and I can't remember all the areas but we put together this program and there were quite a number of young people that got on board with that and actually through that working through this summers and so on they were able to pay for a big chunk of the a bill which is also part of the Lord's will with that and so I started to see the Lord's Council really working but. I kind of went on a detour to New Zealand I took my wife the a she. You know being away from home was hard from hard for her we went and lived in New Zealand for a year we bought a property in the country and it was kind of a dream to put our home there and so on but she really didn't want to stay and I realised that I couldn't force the you know it was my my dream but God hadn't put it on her hot and so we actually returned back to the States after a year and. In. It's if we can get this to come up here you can see it's beautiful just like around here beautiful green pasture we had a place that looks similar to what you can see in the picture of the year and it was heartbreaking for me not to to stay and you know fulfill this dream but anyway I went back to the states and I went to Mission College of Angel how many know Pastor Louis to raise of he's been over here and visited this godly man who's running a school still runs a school in Bible for Training Bible workers and I wanted to luhan and I wanted to go there so I went there for 4 months and that really changed my life too because naturally I'm very kind of shy and timid and not outgoing and I didn't sort of see myself really as a sort of soul went to and went through this training in and the things that he shared in the methods that he he taught us to really open my eyes to see that anybody if they just doing the will of God Anybody can win souls for Jesus doesn't matter how shy or quiet or whatever you are God can use you powerfully and I would encourage young people if you are you know thinking about the direction the Lord's going to lead you might have already know what that direction is but I would really encourage you I believe you have a rise here in Australia is that right arise and maybe some other opportunities but I really encourage you to get bible work or training because it gives you it gives you tools and if you're a tradesman and you're to do a job you need tolls are going to be a tool that's like cutting off your hands you can't do the job and so getting training was so valuable and so while I was there. Talk to me he said I want you to go an interview with 2 conferences that are looking for someone for pastas I said well I don't feel I'm called to that and he started walking me through and reasoning with me and and so cut a long story short I except that and went to these interviews and was offered both positions and so my wife and I prayed and we ended up in Michigan conference and. Right that's right and so I remembered that in Jones and she had this quote with me when we started our work in Michigan this is Britain when you take time to cultivate your god and thus gaining the exercise needed to keep the system in good working order you are just as much doing the work of God as in holding meetings God is our father he loves us and does not require any of his servants to abuse their bodies and so I thought about this and I thought you know I'm not going to just go on get a house in the city and live there the Lord wants pastors to have an experience with their gardens as well and so we found a nice place in just 6 miles out from the city that we bought and I had a fairly large garden didn't know much about it but I was eager to learn and. So we lived there for about 4 years and while I was there I also remembered another statement and I'll share that with you it says here let the teachers in our schools take these students with them into the gardens and fields and teach them how to work the soil in the very best manner it would be well if ministers who labor and wood and doctrine could enter the fields and Spain some portion of the day in physical exercise with the students. So I thought OK if this is what the Lord wants let's do it and I talked to the teacher of our elementary school primary school and she was excited about it on board so we we put together some raised beds and got the kids involved and put this garden. Together and the school had between $5.14 kids the painting on the year but anyway we took them into the garden and I'll tell you what what a difference it made in these kids' lives it was such a powerful difference before we had gotten through the winter months in here just trying to spend some time with the kids and bond with them they had a gymnasium with you know. Basketball and various things and so I would go and play with them with the ball and we play different things but I can tell you that when we went out in the garden that's where real bonding occurred that's where the Lord started really impacting their lives and. I'll cut the story short but I'll tell you the parents were so excited about it a lot of the parents of these kids. They there was either 1 parent that was an Adventist and 1 that wasn't or 1 of the kids didn't have a minister was an inmate minister the kid on the on the left the. But the kids that the parents were so excited they came and they said you know what something amazing is happened you wouldn't believe it but what would happen and I said Doc kids want to eat something that's green they bring home the stuff that they've been growing in the garden and they want to eat it we have tried so hard to get them to 8 stay greens and they won't eat them and now they want to eat them instead of parents who are so on board so excited about it and then the next thing that was really powerful about it we had a lot of projects just produced in a very small amount of space and we had members in the church who were poor or who were out of jobs and were struggling to make ends meet and so we said well just help yourself and they were taking projects and they were excited about it and during that period of time that we had the garden there. The the church actually went through a revival a really powerful revival and I believe the garden had a pot the plan was and the only thing but the church just being so open their hearts to the Lord and 1 more of him and he did wonderful things and. I don't have time to tell you more about that but while I was there. I went on a mission trip down to South America and I went to a school where they had a work study program I was doing a week of Priya and during the day and state of just sitting around and finding other things to do I went out and I worked with the kids and I work 4 hours a day so I go and work with them and during that time I noticed that the same thing the bonding was going on and this was a mission school and most of the kids that went there were non administering they came and quite a few would get back ties while they were there but while I was there for the week of prayer there were 8 kids that had never made a decision they were given the heart of the Lord but during that time. Were working alongside of them every 1 of them gave their hearts a lawyer made a decision for that to them it was just powerful just working with them in the garden and again I saw the Lord doing a special work so coming home from there and seeing our kids we saw some of our kids in the church that would go off to our regular had been a Scoles and they would come home during the holidays or they'd finished their study and I noticed that they were less spiritual they were more worldly they were not getting what our education is supposed to give them and I was thinking wow this is not right and I started crying about it and then I thought you know what I really see the difference that it makes and I regret having left we might and I wish that I was back to the air because this really makes a big difference in a young people so I prayed I said lord. I really see the difference and I'm willing if you want to lead me back into this kind of work I'm willing to to to follow if you open the door I'll go so I prayed that prayer I told my wife and she was like on. Wasn't that excited about it and so I just left that it go and then 2 years later after praying that prayer. We got a call to go back to women and to work there and so that led me to what I'm doing today. I was asked by Dr neighborly to take over the farm after being there for a few years in working with where could you creation and administration and so forth and there's a picture of our farm we have a beautiful view that looks out you can't see the mountains there but we look to the South Tahoe and these beautiful snow capped mountains it's a an incredible view and I get to see that every day and enjoy it. Anyway when Dr natally asked me to take on the farm I was like really nervous you know because he wanted to hit the boards vision for the farmers that would become an industry that would make money that would help Wiemar as well as provide employment for students and I thought wow I don't know how to make that happen and. I told him I have no experience you know to do this and he said well we have confidence that you will be able to do it and I said Well I'll pray about it in so I did and then I got back to Him the Lord impressed me do it and when I prayed about it to the Lord reminded me of this promise and you may have read this or may not have this amazing promises in the Bible but this 1 specifically for farmers It says Give me air and hear my voice listen and hear my speech does the ploughman keep plowing all day to so does he keep turning his soil and breaking the clods when he has labeled its surface does he not so the the black come in and scatter the common plant the wheat in rows the body in the pointed places in the spelt in its place for he that is God instructs him in right judgment his God teaches him. For the black come on is not threshed and so on and then at the very bottom of this quote it says This also comes from the LORD of hosts who is wonderful and counsel and excellent in guidance and I have found this to be so true I started praying and I make that my daily prayer to be asking the Lord for wisdom and that he would teach me how to find how to do it successfully how to work with him and and he really has he's blessed I mean I've had an incredible experience on the and it every year just keeps getting better and improving and I'll share a few of the things with me but I want you to notice this about wisdom the Lord teaches us wisdom how many of you need that was them how many of you need wisdom from God to know how to to do this kind of work notice what it says here. This is a dictionary definition of wisdom the quality of having what experience knowledge and good judgment the quality of being wise the soundness of action or decision with regard to the application all of what is that experience knowledge and good judgment so what my experience has been that the law doesn't just all of a sudden give you without having done the work the experience he teaches you as you do the work and sometimes you make mistakes sometimes too and you often make mistakes the 1st year I got you know I was gung ho and we planned it out thousands of of Brest of plants had a market for them and now spring just swung from cold to hot in these plants just Anyway it didn't work out I had to plow them under but I it was 1 of the lessons that the Lord had to teach me and he continues to teach me every year and every year you learn something but the Lord has been amazing because sometimes I'm trying to figure something out and then he would just flash a picture in my mind it's like all of a sudden I can see you see it as it should be like we had a field that was covered and you know Springs and bogs and like how do I lay this field out you know we're going to work around all these whips patches and then you know it was us thinking about the Lord just gave me this picture of this way and that way and and sure enough it worked out perfect and let me I want to back up a little bit because I want to tell you how amazing God is because I would probably never have gone down this path unless the Lord had confirmed it with me over and over and over again but I was working with the Academy and I was convicted that we should be teaching agriculture but I wasn't I was in administration at that time and. I had the senior class in. I have to give you a few details to be done to stay in there was a farm manager there at this at this time and he wasn't doing anything he wasn't growing anything he just really been cleaning up the fun anyway I asked for a piece of land that we could teach agriculture to the kids so I was given the worst piece of land on the whole family was down the bottom of a of a valley where it was called and there was even a spring that was running through it it was a bog and he said you can use that on so we had to read divert the spring and get it out of there and it was just clay and mud and muck and and I was kind of grumbling inside but I knew we needed to teach agriculture so I was using this piece of land and while I was there working with the kids and in my heart thinking Why Lord why do we get this worst piece of land united to do this and all of a sudden I almost heard an order bull voice it was so clear that I had to look around and see where it came from and it was done this is what the voice said to me Don't worry before long you'll have the whole farm and I thought what is he crazy with you know where this come from and I had to think a lot are you saying this to me and so I just brushed it out I thought I was just having crazy thoughts and sure enough 1 month later from that when that happened the farm manager quit and he left and they didn't replace him and we were able to leave from there and go and get the very best Sunny based soil location on the farm and continue class and then it was after that that you know the board asked me to take over the phone and so on and run it so the Lord has just been confirming over and over and when I prayed for wisdom 1 of the things the Lord did was he brought several people into my life who would who actually mentored me and taught me some of the very basic fundamental about most important. Speaks of Agriculture and if any of you really seriously going to get into it there's 2 classes I'd recommend to you 1 of them is taking the market gardening and the other 1 is class about soil fertility but anyway the guy that the Lord brought into my life and he just turned up out of nowhere and talked to me and. He understood the old brick model of soil fertility he he worked with Neil Kinsey and he had a the a by and and so he came and talked to me any even sponsored me to go to a class by neocon Z. he sponsored for us having the soil test done for 2 to the end at the analysis done and so on and I think even sponsored for a couple of years all the minerals that we needed to put on and so we did that and what a difference it made because I'd been growing before I'd been composting I've been doing you know the normal gardening thing and all of a sudden we started growing up beautiful crops and consistent quality and and it was just amazing but so the Lord was doing things like this because of asking him for that wisdom and I believe that the Lord has raised up this agricultural movement so that we could share this knowledge with you to share the things that many of us of you know struggle through trying to learn and you know you've spent a long time when you do something wrong 1 season you have to wait a whole nother year before you can do it learn you know correct what you did wrong that and that's a long time to wait and so the Lord I believe is raising up this movement so that the knowledge can be shared and people can get off on the right track from the beginning and have much greater success. In the machine of this statement here this is another 1 that really spoke to me. Whenever a man accomplishes anything whether in spiritual or in temporal lines he should bear in mind that he does it through cooperation with his maker now work as gardeners farmers is a work of cooperation there is great necessity for us to realize out of pain dense on God too much confidence is placed in Maine too much reliance on human inventions there is too little confidence in the power which God stains rady to give we our labors together with God immeasurably inferior is the part which the human agent sustains But if the is linked with the divinity of Christ he can do all things through this strength that Christ in pots. I have much more that I could share with you and I I'm going to wind it up I'm going to share 1 more experience with you but I were really want to encourage you to paint on the Lord the Lord is there to teach us the Lord is there too. To make our plants grow we do a very small part we put the seed in the ground but who made the seed who supplies the electricity to make it germinate into and to grow Hussein's The son who provides the water you know all these life forms in the soil that that I have symbiotic relationship to the plant to created those things who do they obey we are now 6 year of farming and I had the most incredible experience this year because I still believe in Ellen White makes a statement that we should follow the Biblical laws for agriculture and 1 of them is to give the land rest on the 70 year and so I committed to doing that and I just trusted that the Lord will do what he has said to do that he would do you take care of us and provide but I didn't really expect it to work out that well. There were several reasons I got delayed into the season a very late start and. Anyway I was just praying that the Lord would would bless as he had before but I didn't even have the workers that I needed and it just didn't look like it was going to be a very good season but I kept praying and 1 of the things that I pray now is Lord you seen me the workers that you want me to have I want cheerful workers I want kids that want to be the and we run the just myself I'm the only staff and then with students and so. Sometimes it's really hard to find students that want to work in the heat in the summer hard work when they can work elsewhere cushy the easy jobs that are in the air conditioned buildings and so on and so I really prayed and the Lord sent me a really good team and then he did something amazing he promised that he would in the 6th year you know what he promised to do right to really blasts and give you in and abundance that would carry you through I didn't expect that to happen a little faith but this particular year. Doesn't make logical sense to me because think about it if the land needs risk why does it need risk what what when we need rest what what's the condition we're in with worn out we're tired right. So in the 6th year doesn't make sense that it should produce more than a regular year that doesn't make sense but I believe that God wants to show himself powerful and show that he is the 1 that fulfills his promises and. And even though the land is tied in these resting it will produce more than a normal year and so. We started out the season and I thought it was going to be much lower than the previous season because of the late start and there were other factors and involved and anyway as it turned out we had just such a bumper crop and we started delivering this the projects and we were delivering 4 times a week we do wholesale we don't do the C.S.A. or the market what you call it farmers markets and. So we're delivering to all our customers before 14 different customers in the community that are mostly stores and restaurants and so on during these deliveries and we would harvest and you couldn't see where we harvested it was like wheat harvest and we had the full size you know American tank van full of projects and we take it and people that were coming in looking at the family want to have a sting The Prodigy's and I had that common I comment over and over again we are we are harvesting and we filling the van and we have a thing continually and I said but look at all the produce and week after week after week normally. We would season we would be over cucumbers I don't know how many of you grow grown cucumbers but you know they produce strong for a month and then they taper off and continue strong after that but the oil impressed me to do a succession planting which I did but we start to come as we're strong from. June beginning of June all the way through to middle of October and just just an incredible amount and even after there was so many cucumbers on the ground there were so many cucumbers left over we just couldn't sell them all the other thing the Lord did was there was a deli that. Was part of a store a co-op that we had been supplying that out of the blue just called me up and said. Could we buy seconds from you I said sure what what do you want he said Well cucumbers OK we have to cumbers and you know they weren't all good enough for market and usually we were giving them away to the food bank and they were grateful to get them. But anyway they did up buying cucumbers so many cucumbers and then they wanted zucchini in and they wanted just so many different things that we were growing they ended up adding $12000.00 of extra income to the farm just from seconds that we normally would have just given away and we were still able to exceed our previous year's donation so the food banks. In fact they told us no more we can take more you know and because we gave them so much and it was just incredible for me to see how the Lord answered his or fulfilled his promise to pour out a rich placing I was just totally blown away and I just couldn't help but think I'm in every day for what he was doing it kept me so busy I never had such a busy summer but it was just amazing to see what God would do how many of you have read. A book called The 7th Day ox if you have you seen that book is in critical haven't seen read that book I encourage you to read it I was thinking what what how did you make this happen and what did you do well let me give you a brief glimpse of the story of the same day ox there was a pastor in Russia who was sent off to Siberia to to basically reeducated and try to prevent stop him from spreading the gospel and so on and he was put into forced labor he refused to work on Sabbath and so they put him in this wooden crate where is all cold up and left them in there for weeks and tried to force them into. You know 2 to giving up his face and he wouldn't and anyway he should have died it was only the Lord keeping him A alive but 1 day they finally agreed to let him have the Sabbath on 1 condition his job was to take the ox and the cot in the empty barrels that they needed for water and forget how many miles it was a number of miles off to a well. Pump them full of water bring them back and it was all he could do every day to just bring enough to supply the next day's need and they said OK you can as Sabbath off but you have to bring enough water back to 2 to supply Sabbath Otherwise you can have several off because we need the water and so he prayed about it and he thought well if I could just get 1 barrel extra every day then I could accumulate enough to carry us through on the Sabbath and he wouldn't that ox and he tried to get that ox to move and it just would plotted its regular pace all the way to the well and he couldn't and he was getting really discouraged Friday came around and he thought. You know what's going to happen on 7 I'm going to be put back in the box and closed up there or something and so anyway come Friday he starts going for for the the water and the ox starts running he could barely fit keep up with them running behind and all day long that ox years ran through the well I filled up and back and I got at the end of the day they had enough water for the Sabbath and week after week after week that ox ran every Friday and he was able to keep the Sabbath and that was a powerful testimony to those atheists you know there that came that the Lord on of his people the owners of those who keep his Sabbath day and I thought about that story as I was thinking Lord What did you do to make our farm produce we didn't have like extra extra crops and significantly to have the extra projects we didn't do anything really differently and. Then I thought about that story you know there's all kinds of life forms in the soil that have symbiotic relationship with the plants the plants obey the Lord just like those lifeforms I thought I bet the Lord was telling them to do like that ox they were caught to go faster and to produce more and that's the only explanation that I can give but it was absolutely amazing and I can tell you it's an incredible experience to work with the Lord to the pain on him and to pray about everything that you need in the garden and every difficulty that you face and the Lord will help you to solve it it might take you another year to you know to implement what you need but the Lord will teach us year by year week by week to become successful and you will be so tremendously blazed now we've gone a little bit over time that it shouldn't go on as long but let us pray and thank the Lord for what he's going to do for each 1 of us. A loving father in heaven I am so humbled to sink that you the great god of the universe would actually stoop so low. To send your son to this world to die for us to pay the price for our sins but then beyond that Lord not only to give us your great plan of salvation but then to work with us in the garden and 2 to give us such an amazing experience that changes our lives that changes the lives of our kids that changes lives of people who are sick that. Does many things thank you that we have the privilege of working with you in this way and I pray that you will bless every single person that has come here to this conference that you will show them very clearly the path that you are leading them on I pray that you will please give them great wisdom to move cautiously and carefully especially those who are wanting to go into full time farming that it will be very carefully and well planned out according to your guidance and Father thank you for pulling this all together for this special time place this with a good night's rest now and wake us tomorrow so we can spend the day with you in Jesus name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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