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Ellen White and the Avondale Agricultural Experience

Alan Fisher




  • November 30, 2017
    7:00 PM


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Good evening everybody we're going to talk tonight about 1 of the most significant events in the history of Adventists education and agriculture in particular and that is Ellen Wyatt and their experience with agriculture in the founding of Avondale college now to. To understand this we need to go back beef 2 years before that Ellen wired wrote her 1st step. Articles on education and I teamed $72.00 an article proper education and in that she advocated the education of the whole person the physical mental moral and religious aspects and she stated that idjit cation quiet embraces more than merely having a knowledge of books and that a portion of the students time should be spent in physical labor she went on to say that in connection with the schools there should have been agricultural and manufacturing establishment and them if you want the references for these Crites they're all in that paper and more so that was a day in 72 and at that time we had no Adventists colleges at all but 2 years later writing $74.00 was the founding of Battle Creek college the 1st Adventist college now when this was being talked about Ellen Wyatt again recommended a rural site where they could be agriculture and I looked at a piece of land $160.00 acres but it was considered to be too expensive I understand the chimes and Ellen why choose to go out traveling around the area around Battle Creek looking for a suitable property for it but the 160 acres was considered to be too expensive. And. Then I found another 1 the form of fairgrounds on the outskirts of Battle Creek 50 acres and she was happy with that and it was generally thought that that's what they'd get so she and her husband had to go away to California and while there I Why the good bread when they made the decisions bought 12 acres in town opposite the Battle Creek helped instituted save from 168 and 12 of this lay promptly sold 5. Housing lots to get money to build the college and said that left them with 7 ICAS and it said that al L. and white wept when she heard of this so 7 years later there were some problems developing at Battle Creek and she write another article A Our college in which she said a more comprehensive education is needed it would be well could there be connected with a college land for cultivation and also workshops under the charge of men competent to instruct the students in the various departments of physical labor much is lost by neglect to unite physical with mental taxation and about another year later she write another article the importance of physical training she said every institution of learning should make provision for the study and practice of agriculture in the mechanics arts 1 a part of each day is devoted to mental improvement letter stated portion be given to physical library and a suitable time to devotional exercises in the study of the Scriptures and then there comes a little further on a memorable statement if the youth can have bought a 1 sided education which is of the greatest importance. The study of the sciences with all the disadvantages to health and morals or a thorough training and practical Geordies with sound models and good physical development like Derren was talking to us last night and said she says which is of more importance to the academic study or etc training in practical G.D.'s we unhesitatingly side the latter in 1 statement a slight variation of this inserts a piece that says if 1 must be neglected let it be the study of books I think that's what it says if I'm just going from memory but she says in most with proper effort both my in most cases be secured so battlecry college. Ran into some problems that arose and after several years that closed down for a year or 2 and jury in that time while it was closed they were eyeball to start 2 more south Lancaster academy that became Atlantic Union College and Healdsburg college in. California Healdsburg had small grants but it was in a fruit growing area and I did offer some classes in gardening and fruit growing Incidentally I understand that but I had to move it out later it was said that while men slept the enemy side has has been around the college so thus it can be seen that the early steps to incorporate agriculture into a 7th Day Adventist schools were faltering had best and here are the time time when Ellen what was asked to come to astronomy there were various reasons 1 was that she was asked to come to help them start a school in astronomy. And I'm always amazed at the audacity of the astronomy and certainly very few I think there's any about 500 Adventists a something and they started talking about starting a college but anyway this was a great opportunity to carry out the divine instruction for education and especially the emphasis on manual training and agriculture because I was starting from scratch that I could do it the right way this time so I had a 92 they set up a temporary school in Melbourne the Australasian Bible school as it was now on and this was before that eyes of safety regulations you can see those delays standing up on top of there but 1 interesting thing about this although it was in the city there were 2 ICAS of land around it and Ellen Wyatt wrote to her son Edson later that at Melbourne your Uncle Stephen Belden he was married to Helen White sister I think she died by that time and Melbourne your Uncle Stephen Belden play out a piece of land and work the soil thoroughly and rise to most profitable crop of sweet corn for the school everyone told him not to undertake it but he was determined to show them what could be done and so that was the temporary school down there in Melbourne but of course they had plans to establish something more permanent and Ellen White as we've said was keen that it should be done the right why this time so what were her I aim What was she wanting to get had in this new school. As concerns agriculture Well the 1st was she wanted it to be a model school she wrote the light which has been given me regarding the work of the Avondale school is that we must not pattern after the similitude of any school that has already been established and she wrote again our school must be a model school for others who shall establish Gould's in astronomy and show out the world in vain and again she writes this was to be a sample school it was organized on the plan that God has given us and he prospered the work no breezes from Battle Creek had to be wafted in United and so that was the 1st time we could place that she wanted it to be a model school for other Adventists girls the 2nd was she wanted to have it as a demonstration of proper education as we've mentioned the old around spiritual physical and mental She wrote to both children and men lie back and bind with mental taxation will give the right kind of all round education the cultivation of the mind will bring tact and fresh incentive to the cultivation of this of the soil and she right in the school that has started here in clear and bong This is after they had selected this site we looked to see real success in agricultural lines combined with the study of the sciences we mean for this price to be a center from which all are idea light precious advance knowledge that she will result in the working of unimproved land so that hills and valleys shall blossom like the rose and she added that the spiritual lessons to be learnt I have known me in order. And again that the students not to look upon the school land as a common thing but as a lesson book which the Lord would have them study its lessons will impart knowledge in the spiritual culture of the soul says she is very strong on the the spiritual aspect of it other I am as we could say that she had in mind was to try and missionaries she said the usefulness learned on the school farm was the very education that is most essential for those who go out as missionaries to many foreign fields and 1 that we've sort of touched on she wanted it to be an object lesson to the community she wrote We have located here on missionary soil and we desire to teach the people all around us how to cultivate the land they are all poor because they have left their land uncultivated we are experimenting and showing them what can be done in fruit rising and gardening and I 5th I am we could list was to help the poor and we'll come back to this she said we want to demonstrate what will be done with the land when it is properly worked when once this is done we shall be eyeball to help the poor who live in a straw and they are in a far better why than by giving them money as we have had to do in the past and you'll remember that at this time astronomy was in the grip of a severe depression and it was more severe in astronomy than in most other countries and there's reasons for that which I'd be happy to tell you afterwards and side as we've said this was signing a temporary school and they were looking for a site for a permanent school I had a 94 she wrote an article where shall we like hide her school and which she gave the example of John the Baptist he was educated away from the contaminating influences of the city. She wrote Never can the proper education be given to the youth in this country or in other any other country unless they are separated a wide distance from the cities and she went on to say he had taught Adam and Eve in Eden how to tend the garden would instruct men to die there is wisdom for him that holds the planet and plants and so is the seed there must be education in the sciences and education in plants and methods of working the soil there is hope in the soil but brain and heart and strength must be brought into the work of killing it and I notice there's a book for syle there titled hope in the soil that's where that statement comes from out of this letter so they started looking for a site for this school they wanted to set up by looked at a couple of sites in Melbourne. And Victoria rather out of Melbourne they came up to New South whilst I looked at 2 sites they are near Picton below Sydney 1 reason for that was I heard the climate was very good and I had thoughts of putting a sanitarium there as well as a school but I found that 1 of those sites at least was in the fog belt and there were other problems down a dept on the south coast they found a site with super excellent in quality. Really white sand is a are. You familiar with really white the son of L. and Wyatt and I had to bear much of the responsibility of the stablish in the school and selecting a site and doing the business work of it concerning the site down in the South tell you Steve said it was super excellent in quality with springs and never filing streams and he exclaimed IOW if we were only rich this would be the place. But he lamented that we want so much and we have so little money that we are very hard to sued so in March of itin a 94 ways Lee hair and ions Lee Reeky their 2 good old Adventists names they came up to Maurice set where there were several tracts of land available there was 1 block of $1290.00 Ike is that considered looking at that had a 3rd of it in rolling land suitable for orchards the remaining 2 thirds of the Lou veal land for cultivation and 1 mile of rib river frontage and from what I can gather for those who are familiar with here and bong and is on the southern side of the creek from about what we call red hill down across towards Stockton creek and down toward manned long the bottom corner of it would be about where you leave the freeway to go into Mara said said I looked at that site but there were problems with that and I was disappointed and there was some trouble with getting the title for the land so they went away disappointed a group of them tie him up. I'm too shy to say it after Wesley here Nine's the Reeky and 1st visited in the Lodge a group time but as I were going a wide I met a contractor working on the road and he told him of 1500 acres on the other side of the creek that had been offered for a silent auction with the highest bid being eyed 100 pounds he suggested that the vendors would sell it for something between 800 and a 1000 pounds and so as we've said it was just across the creek it's Didn't quite line up but the the southeast corner of it lined up with the northwest corner of the other face I'd previously looked at. And this property was known as Brett Vale after Mr Brett had lived there so it had some advantages number 1 it was cheap old so there was timber there was water transport that was in reasonable proximity to Newcastle where they thought they did do missionary work and so on for the disadvantages were that it was. The distance from Sydney which was along by in those days poor roads and sparse populations and there they thought they wouldn't be much scope for missionary work in the immediate vicinity and also it was in a wet district where it would soon get over grown and really why it right that much of the land about the district is poor giving things a sad wild look and applies to some of the people who live there too but he said if the price is as reported I think we will take it said that was around about March they 1st saw it in my Ellen why it came up to visit the site and she was enthusiastic about it she said we are much pleased with this place as a location for the school and she spoke about the pleasant climate in the price they could get it for and she stated this is I consider a rare opportunity and in the providence of God offered to us and we ought to have the land so that evening on the 23rd of my day went back down to the village of Dora creek where I was staying overnight which is near the railway station and I held a committee meeting and voted to buy the property and the next morning you've probably all heard this story that 1 of their ministers Stephen McCallum who was with them was suffering badly from a chest Styleman some site with tuberculosis and I. Friends and so of prying they felt impressed to price. Brother Michael like and he was miraculously healed I think he said it felt as though a shock of electricity went through his body and I took this is a sign of divine approval for this purchases are planning to make but not everybody felt as happy about it as Ellen White and some others did really why it right that nearly all the men of influence with whom we have come in contact shake their heads when we speak of the district the Department of Agriculture after examining samples of the soil said it was sour and would require a ton and a half of lime to the Ica and I got a. Fruit expert to come from the Department of Agriculture or ever to give his opinion on it and he wrote I do not consider that more than $500.00 acres of the land at the outside is a viable fit for cultivation and this would cost a lodge some to get in order the balance of the land is so either a very poor seller sandy loam resting on yellow cly or very poor swamps covered with different species of Melaleuca and that's the paperbacks and tea trees and so on that inhabits swampy areas the whole of the land is sour and would require liming and drying to bring it into good condition it is my opinion that the society would be unwise to select the land I visited. But my advice to them is to obtain the best land they can for though it might be more costly in the 1st place it will be the cheapest in the end and give satisfaction and you've all heard the story that the man is supposed to have told them when he handed the means report that if a bandicoot cross the land he'd have to bring his lunch with him it was so poor Well Arum brethren in astronomy sent back a report to the Foreign Mission Board over at the General Conference in Battle Creek and I read the reports and sent back word advising them not to buy the land to the lying to the purchase of it and some of their own men particularly I.A.G. Daniels and brother Russo who was the man who was given the job of starting the school Evidently they were attached him to the beautiful black soil in Iowa and they were horrified at this land and they were very opposed to it and so I would the vote was mine by the the board whoever to delay the purchase and to look into it further Ellen White wasn't impressed with this she wrote it looked to me very much like the work of the great adversary to block the why of advance and to give bread for an easily tempted uncritical the impression that God was not leading in the school enterprise I believe this to be a hindrance that the Lord has nothing to do with and willing wired to write later that the project he described as being in a fog for some time so this opened the way for many to criticize their plans and to urge various modifications or changes. A strong effort was made in favor of getting a small tract say for the Yankees near Sydney and thus have our school placed where the older students would have easy access to the city for missionary work but Ellen White right the more I see the school property the more I am amazed at the cheap price at which it was purchased and which was being offered to them at least when the board went went to go back on this purchase I pledge myself to secure the land and I will settle it with poor families so I will have missionary farmers come out from America and do the best kind of missionary work in educating the people how to till the soil and make it productive and so the as we've said the project was sort of in limbo for some time and October of that year and I had a big camp meeting down at Ashfield in Sydney which you've probably heard of for other reasons but while there Alan White right as I awoke this morning I was repeating these words to my son Willy be careful that you do not show distrust of God in making decisions as to where our schools will be located and she warned him against him showing distrust of God seeking the advice and counsel of men who do not make God their trust and who are so devoid of wisdom in matters that they will by following their own judgment retard the way they do not recognize God to be infinite in wisdom and silence she said here we are to acknowledge God in all our councils and those that are not connected with God are connected with the enemy of God and the enemy will work to lead us with them to lead us in false pads. We do not honor God when we go aside from the only true God to inquire of the God of Akron and so. The brethren kept looking around for other sites and they couldn't find anything better and eventually it was decided to go ahead with this land Ellen White wrote later the circumstance of securing the land rested with myself there was so much doubt and perplexity as to the quality of the land but the Lord open up the matter so clearly to me that when they discover a jingly turned from the land I said no you will not take it then I will take it and with this understanding the land was purchased and there you've. All heard this story of the Farai vision that Ellen Wyatt had she said before I visited Curan bungalow dive me a dream in my dream I was taken to the land and several of our brethren had been solicited to visit the land and I dreamed that I was working upon the ground I time to a need to cut Ferriter that had been planted 1 quarter of a yard deep siding inches and 2 yards in length 2 of the brethren who had been acquainted with the rich soil of Iraq was standing before this fire and sighing this is not good land the soil is not favorable but 1 that's 1 with a capital Oh so you know this is referring to 1 who was often spoken in council was present all say and he said false witness has been born of this land or this. Fight I was taken I think about 958 That's Arthur white Ellen White's grandson on the right pointing to the the site of the sari where it was believed to have been but. Where where we there 1 who has spoken and counsel is present said full sweetness is being born of this land then he described the properties of the different layers of earth he explained the science of the soil and said that this land was adapted to the growth of fruit and vegetables and that if well worked would produce and stretches for the benefit of man I wish we had a type of what the Lord told or about the science of the soil in the Little Liars of soil but we have got our brother here who can tell us a lot about the science of the soil well she said the next day we are on the cars on our wide to meet others who are investigating the land and as I was afterward walking on the ground where the trees had been removed low there was a fairy just as I had described it and the man told Sy who had criticized the appearance of the land and the words was spoken just as I had dreamed now the Christian is she right this much lighter and the other right is really white and sigh forth at the time dancing to mention much about it the question is When did this actually occur when she saw this far I really want light a wrote on a document about it that it was following the Ashfield camp meeting when a large committee was sent up to give the land another careful examination I used to think that I'd heard the story of how she saw this sorrow in the vision and I went up and found it there and everybody immediately said this is the place and they brought it it's easily is that but that was far from the truth as we've said a lot of the folk went in favor of it all but eventually. And I did decide to go ahead with it and Ellen White right I'm glad that my warfare is over so in March I had a 95 I started on this land they opened what was called the industrial department and I rented an old hotel the heli hotel in Coeur and bone on it's on Bibles road if you know cure and bone and I lived in there while that and some lived in tents while I went across and worked on the. Work on clearing the land she wrote about 26 hands students have worked a portion of the time felling trees in clearing the land and then I have their studies in the evening they say they can learn as much in the 6 hours of study as in giving their whole time to the books more than this the manual labor department is a success for the students health wise for this we thank the Lord with heart and soul and voice the students are rugged and the feeble ones are becoming strong and that was March for a nice open the industrial department and started them clearing the land with the students Willy White wrote that when we presented to them our plans for a vacation during September October and November more than 2 thirds expressed a desire that the schoolwork should continue without interruption some of the older ones said we have just got well started in our work studying which was hard at 1st is easy N.A.R. and we feel that we are making good progress and we desire to continue so that's. What I did. It was a very draw a year it was said to be the draw and stiff of foot for 40 years but it was just what I needed for work in draining the swamp and clearing my swampy areas and said the work could go a 4 head without interruption and this right I was a little bit lighter when the after the college and being being built and. I'd say this is probably about 10 years or more lighter and this is a good run you can see if you look here flee the roads of vegetables growing here on the bottom of the picture leading up to the their college the old band on there that was built by the students and I'm old enough to remember him. Right so that was. Had I started on clearing the land and this is Metcalf here you don't often see a picture of him he was the man who I believe was the 1st on the site to start superintending the the development of the property when we've come back to him again later. And in August of that year Ellen White bought 40 acres for itself time up and lived in tents on the side and later she built this house which a nice sunny side for herself and for her workers who worked with her in preparing her books and so forth that's how Sunnyside looked and you can see Ellen White sitting there in the chair by the. The door on that sunny side as had appeared this week so there was a from now on in the torque will speak about her farm at Sunnyside and the college from together because that also to develop together there was a sense of urgency to get the trees planted before it was too late in the season and. On the 19th of August she was liable to write yesterday Aug I had a night in 95 the 1st trees were planted on the Avondale tract to die organise 19 the 1st trees are to be set on Mrs White's farm an important occasion for us all and by the 29th of August so 10 days later Willie white kid right during the last week they have set about a 1000 fruit trees and we find that it is difficult and expensive work plowing now for we have had no heavy rain for 6 months but the time of planting is nearly past and we can no longer the lie I believe that I had to have a plow pulled by 16 bullocks to try and break up the ground it was very hard being very dry and we've heard a lot about council on planting trees in the last day or so here not only did I plant. Trees fruit trees but vegetables the letters from that time speak of beans beet carrot please pumpkin squash sweet drawn asparagus Holly flower and tomatoes and so forth and you can read more about it in that that book but the weather was so dry that they were forced to purchase a pump to. War irrigate their plants on a small scale and described as a force pump from what I can gather it was 1 of those ones like you see on old wells and I with a handle on your pump but it must of been a big run that said the 4 boys could work on it and say they had man Parrott irrigation but ninja course rain didn't come and by February. Ellen White was I able to write we have a garden here at Sunnyside on a small scale and it is doing well we have the testimony that with care taken of the trees and vegetables in the drive season we still have good results now Trees are doing well some of the orange and lemon trees are not doing as well as the IP current peach trees these are doing real well and I can testify by experience that false witness has been born of this land on the school ground they have tomatoes squashes potatoes and melons and so forth will have to cut this short she goes on to speak about in September I had a 96 that's the next year they're planting more trees and she said we have quite a vineyard and hope to receive fruit trim our peach trees some of which are in bloom there she wrote in December of that year I determined to set my trees even before the foundation of the house was built and makes you think of that text that says to make things right in this field and afterwards build your house she said we broke up only far far away is leaving large spaces and play odd here in these fairies we planted a our trees the last of September that was the previous year and lo this year they were loaded with beautiful blossoms on the trees are loaded with fruit it was sort best to pick off the frayed a lot of the trees had a time to growth that seemed almost incredible and she said had I had a small amount of fruit that they'd picked off they were delicious early peaches we have light of peaches and set etc etc and also mentions pomegranates I precut strawberries and quinces. So by January the next year I'd say 97 I've been there now I want a whole new year and a bit before hand she said we have been living off we have edged doubles this year last year we had but few tomatoes this year we have enough for ourselves and a good supply for our neighbors all say we are seeing the exact fulfillment of the light the Lord has given me that if the land is works our only it will yield its treasures I was never in a more healthful place than this there seems to be health in the very air we breathe and she also writes about ornamental plants with our planting around Sunnyside and how her secretaries and sour and were taking an interest in it and going out and getting their own little patches of garden going and in their flowers she wrote in October Writing $98.00 I never tried being there another year on 3 years ago this last the last of this month the trees were planted last year and the year before we had the most beautiful peaches and nectarines I ever tell us did you know Mandarin Chinese boar abundantly last season and passionfruit was born continually through summer and winter for a year and so on now those we've said how there are those who opposed it rather Daniels and rather roots I saw and I raised him in buying this land Metcalf hair the man has faced we saw there a few minutes ago he later said that he'd been told by when he 1st came to have a dial he'd been told by people who lived there for 40 years that it was impossible to Ronnie's vegetables but he grew resigned Godden and soon proved him prove them to be false. That's recorded that he grew sweet potatoes so large and heavy that it was almost as much as 1 person could do to carry a single tuba and he wrote this country is particularly adapted to fruit growing it's a passes anything I have seen in this respect is proper attention the land produces well in almost every line of Agriculture said we could not have been in a come to a better place in which to try in our young people when coming here 3 years ago I entertain very different views in regard to the productive nature of the soil and I was led to experiment with the result that I am now quite satisfied that with judicious care and ordinary attention we have nothing to fear but everything to encourage us in this industry we've mentioned. The trees that Ellen White had at Sunnyside. After she left had to go back to America she sold to Sunnyside to a family who wanted to come to the college and when they were finished a few years later it was put up again for asylum by auction and this is I am a map showing the the Sisko to point around and yes there's the house sunny side there and it was divided up into into these blocks and in the National Library in Canberra they've got this leaflet from the auction Sile And the interesting thing about it to me is that it lists the trees that were on the property being sold that was being sold. On lot of each That's the 1 immediately around Sunnyside $73.00 pages $35.00 plums 18 nectarines 12 quinces 4 pomegranates 1 Shaddock. $55.00 M. for Amanda rains $22.00 lemon 13 figs 11 Sony mandarins 2 persimmons 1 lime $47.00 oranges 19 apples 12 local its 7 IB cuts and 1 grab a tree it's a total 332 nearly all of these were planted in a day 95 it says they're just a bit on that line and in the next store block that was being sold or also to mention 150 grape vines and a large quantity of passionfruit binds the next lot 127 mandarins 17 pages 99 lemons and there's other similar ones that we mentioned before also 120 grape vines and a large quantity of of passion trade fines and so. Ellen Wyatt had to return to America in 1900 very reluctantly she didn't want to go she loved it here and she loved the her little thumb and in fact I've read where when she went back she originally planned to come back to a strawman if she was happy to stay here the rest of her time but that never eventually did so that's a summary of it but what can we say was the influence of Ellen White's experience for the Greek culture at Avondale we've said at the beginning that it was 1 of the most significant events in the history of Adventist education and agriculture in particular so what was the influence of it the 1st stem point we can say is the personal influence on the students as. Friend Bob Jorgensen who some of you all know I knew I had the pleasure of meeting when he came to a stranger a few years ago. He says he sums it up by saying that Ellen Wyatt had a perception that there was significant intellectual and moral development dined by having students involved in agriculture totally apart from the fact that it provided food etc and the personal influence as we've said she was keen on character building and as agriculture is and I'm just and I add to that character building and the spiritual lessons to come from it and as she wrote in Christ's object lessons the cultivation of the soil will prove an education to the soul and so it had a great influence and then it's respects on the students I'm reminded of. I'll brother lend son to read any of you remember Len Sunday he was the greatest advocate for agriculture in our schools that I've ever known I any of them met him when he was an old man although my father had the privilege of working with him on the telly inch from there in the 940 S. but he told how that 1 time he must have been getting a bit discouraged about things and somebody mentioned to him that the work you're doing on the farm is I need the scaffolding the building the actual building is the students who have been influenced by the farm there at Avondale island to have been influenced by brother son to. Another aspect of the influence was the influence on the community this is harder to measure. But from the early early in the piece pipe people started coming in from this surrounding area to see what was happening and started taking notice when they were 1st planting those trees and I had a 95 she wrote Mr Smith who was recently moved to cure and bone and also the keeper of the police station where on the ground and both these lookers on Big Brother Russo to sell them a few trees which he did and so. Right from those earliest days the surrounding people were looking on and that taking an interest in it and it was inspiring them as it mentions here to plant more trees of their own and even in more recent years. Avondale tallents from was always looked upon as a sort of a leader in agriculture around that area. I remember the wife of 1 of the the dairy managers say I've made the remark that that was looked upon as a model there in fact for that. Hunter area and that the dairy or here's a photo this would be from the $940.00 S. or fifty's this is Dr Murdock The Scotsman who came to be the principal it was a great agriculturalists himself here he is standing with some of the corn you can see at about his head and what else of regard to picking beans there it on the college crayons and in those early days. This is this would be from the 1940s because you can tell from some of the buildings you remember that earlier picture where you could see rows of vegetables at the bottom of the picture that would be this sort of thing here you can see vegetables growing there and. Around here you can pick out orchard and for those who know the place called Bros Santa told me that they had orchard from Dora creek right across here to Sandy Creek Plus there were other patches of orchard more over in this area in different places or this is from the 990 S. where they were. Some of the moderate Mitt Romney Voight he used to teach a subject there an elective in horticulture and this is some of the students gardens that were being grown at that time this would be 998 and you can see some of the the dairy cattle down behind it there in the paddock this would be not far from where that picture of the the fire I supposed to have been it was probably over here somewhere in history mention the dairy that operated until about 10 years ago but it it developed a very good reputation I used to breed champion carriers some that had the highest yield and so forth in the state and I used to win prizes in the shows I was told at 1 show they were asked not to exhibit any more give somebody else a chance to win the prizes so another thing I have could mention that influence in the community that I had a job and under tiny voice in yen in the 9900 sunlight probably up to early 2000 and told the Hoegaarden help out of the tight showing me and he used to go quite a job and that was of benefit to students particularly some of the married students who were very short of money and this garden was a great help to them and many of them worked in IT ALL say. Another aspect of the influence of Ellen White's experience there was the influence on other Adventist colleges with said how it was her intention that the school should be a model to demonstrate how the Lord so ideal through our schools could be put into practice and 1 modern day author says By March I need a 977 descriptive articles about the experimental institution that's Avondale appeared in the review and their impact on 7th Day Adventist sinking in America proved incalculable and we heard mention of. The ice Sutherland and Percy McGann and they were over at Battle Creek college at this time and they were in speired by what they heard coming out of a straw near out of Avondale and what Ellen White had written and said I were instrumental in moving that college out of Battle Creek has the the day area again the buildings in the distance how do we get this to advance here we're in I were instrumental in moving Battle Creek college out into the country to a rural side where would be time known as Emmanuel missionary Tali inch and it said that their goal was to develop a school that would be the Avondale of America and that became to die Andrews University and they are American brethren can correct me if I'm wrong but I understand that they still probably the any college we have that teaches agriculture on a tertiary level and Sutherland in Medan at Emmanuel missionary Tolle each. Here's a picture of them in the eyes surly days digging potatoes and bagging up potatoes as they are to manual missionary college and this machine here fascinates me this potato digger like we've seen betide ideas that run off the power tied off on a tractor but this seems to be the same sort of thing and it's got these wheels with these spud grips on it and I presume that it was good day on the side of the did the motion of the machine along the ground drove the the chimed in with the potatoes and now we get to something interesting you remember that Sutherland and McGann at Emmanuel missionary college eventually with Ellen White's. Encouragement that I moved down to the south and started the Madison school and there's the book on Madison and Eidos for silo over there in the dining room if you haven't read it buy 1 and read it it's inspiring and they were instrumental in starting medicine and this was really. Copied on Ellen White's. Instructions and from its inception NY agriculture was a big thing there to the point where student library rather than cash was accepted for cherish and here is a light a picture of a fellow picking these AIG plants at Madison very inspiring story picking payees and Madison and Madison was instrumental in influencing a host of other little schools and that was set up around the place and still insisted I there are many institutions that are modeled on the Madison plan and so we can say that the influence of Avondale. Extended even to to those schools that exist today that way through medicine another aspect of the influence of the Avondale experience was the influence on Adventist schools in the Pacific Islands Avondale graduates of course were appointed out to the islands to work in to set up schools and so forth and they took with them the work ethic and the work study idea that they had learned at Avondale rhythm to get to the schools they set up out in the Pacific and Alan Saunders who was the son of the agriculturalists that I mentioned the. Island Sound It was a teacher and spent decades out in the islands in our schools and he was an agriculturalist any sign right but he pointed out that there were other schools not Adventist schools in the islands that had to have agricultural programs and weren't programs just 1st survival but he wrote that 7th Day Adventist education the 7th Day Adventist education system in the Pacific is unique in that it considers the work study ethic to be part of its basic educational philosophy the vital role of Avondale has been the provision of generations of teachers who have experienced firsthand the benefits of work coupled with study this philosophy can be directly attributed to the philosophy of education advocated by Ellen White I believe that the work study program has in the islands particularly has been successful because the work component has not been seen as a necessary evil but as an integral part of the education. And a healthy balance to the pressures of study and the lowest point we could list under the the influence of Avondale and Ellen White's experience there would be the influence that it's had on Adventists agriculturalists everywhere to this study as brother pointed out this morning much or most of what Ellen White wrote about agriculture was written. At Avondale while she was there in astronomy and so those of you who are reading that to die you're part of this haven't dialed agricultural experience of Ellen whites and so we can sign that the establishment of Avondale college was a unique event it was the 1st occasion in the history of the 7th Day Adventist Church when the educational philosophy given to L. and why it could be fully carried out her emphasis on agriculture was a major part of her educational philosophy and with the Lord's leading was well demonstrated at Avondale the influence of her agricultural experience at Avondale has had a major and far reaching influence that in many ways continues to this Di So there's much more that we can sigh but we've got to cut it short but I'm told that I should ask does anyone have any questions in Iran. Maybe not. In medicine seem to capture more people's attention and it's been a great. Right Thing this medicine type institutions have sprung up everywhere any other questions you. Brother R I'm James Yeah that's a glad somebody asked about him that he was a I am a man from he lived in what's now the outskirts of Sydney I believe and he used to I think from memory that he was had a job driving a coach but he lost these jobs because of keeping the Sabbath and Ellen Wyatt heard it how they were in. Financial difficulties and she invited him to come up and be her farm manager at Sunnyside and the house that he lived in still exists just off to the side of Sunnyside but he. She had a great respect for him and when she went back to America arrived a wellness hive and she invited him to come over there and be her son manager and it's very interesting it's been pointed out that of of all the people she could have chosen she called for this man all the way from a straw man to be the manager that if you want to know about him there is a little book written by 1 of his descendants dialling dilution of the manager of the Pacific Prissy's written a little book about the life of thought Iram James and incidentally still has some relatives there is 1 at least I can think of you guys to the the church that I attend. Well no I had no option they had I had to live in tents until I got things going was there I think which 1 is. The book on Iran chimes I don't know I I I write to the man and he sent me a copy of it whether it can be bought anywhere I don't know whether it's just a 1 off thing but. Thanks for asking about it also and find out something about it so we're all done. Tyo think we've a good time to close with a word of prayer. If it's there in heaven we thank you that we've been able to spend a few minutes reviewing your leading in a past history we are told that we have nothing to fear for the future except as we figure at your leading and your teaching in our past history we probably that you will help us not to forget these things and to learn from your leading in your teaching and not I need to learn from it but to put it into practice today within the sphere of influence forever we can so I believe this now tonight blessed every person here in my we will have a safe and comfortable night and bring us back again in the morning to him of wonderful things we pry into his his mind. 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