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Seeing What You Look At

Whitmar McConnell


Whitmar McConnell

Owns and operates Golden Moment Farm in Means, KY




  • December 1, 2017
    7:00 PM


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In the parable it's OUR and Matthew chapter 13 the disciples come to Jesus after he's been telling them the parable and they ask him. Lord why do you teach to them in parable Don't you want to know the truth now. Jesus answers them and we find it here a quick. Why and the disciples have to verse 10 or type 13 and it's idols came and said to him Why do you speak to them in parable and he answered and said to them because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven but to them it has not been given now Jesus is being really gracious to the disciples here because in a subtle way that cycles were asking the question why do you teach than in parable giving the idea that somehow or another they didn't understand why would you teach him in a way that a you know something and make it hard for them but the disciples than understand and they were in a subtle way trying to get the idea well we understand but these people probably don't understand so. But they were hoping that Jesus would answer you know explain it to them but Jesus said for her and said because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven but to them it is not being given for whoever has to him will be given and he will have abundance but whoever does not have even what he has will be taken away form from him therefore I speak to them in parables because seeing they do not see and hearing they do not hear nor do they understand and it goes on to quote the prophecy from Isaiah. The title of my message is saying what you look at that was a an admonition that Kerry reams to do any of you are young if you're familiar with Kerry reams and his work he he did contributed to some of the knowledge we have and. How to develop healthy soil. But he would always it admonishes listeners to see which you look at and you would think well as that's kind of silly what you actually see which you look at well Jesus just said here that seeing they don't see and hear and they don't hear is that a problem well let's look at. Proverbs 2918 where there is no vision what happens people perish so they're not be able to see might be a problem I want to read the version best when the King James Version the New King James Version says where there is no revelation or no revealing that people cast off restraint the disciples didn't understand Jesus why didn't they understand why is it that they didn't see the people didn't understand they didn't see. We're here studying agriculture and if you are Satan and you wanted to be sure that someone didn't have access to the truth what would you do 1st let me ask you this do you think Satan knows the Bible do you think he's read the book ob Christ object lessons in the book education do you think he knows what God's purposes do we know what God's purpose is narratives are not true and perceptions are not reality this is what's going on here if you were the devil what you would want to do if you knew that if people had access to the Word of God if they had access to the garden that they would learn the truth then you would have to create a different narrative to obscure that truth you would have to divert people's attention from that knowledge and so you have to create a different narrative this is the world that we live in today because when you create that different narrative you create different perception. For example. When you look at a lot of people's idea of Agriculture Let's take organic agriculture for example their perceptions are based on the narrative that they believe which is based on evolution and so if it's based on evolution the perception is is that and a narrative X. says that nature is advancing but what does the Bible say about that it's waxing old it's groaning under the curse but with the actions be different if you understood it that way as opposed to nature's advancing it would be different when it so you have to you have to change the narrative you have to give people a different narrative than what what the truth is so they can lead them let's look at the world today. If you wanted somebody to be as obscured from the truth then you would have to convince them well I think Justin on the devotional Monday morning shared 1 of the ways is to convince people that farmers are ignoramuses and they can't do anything but. They can't do anything intelligent The so they have to do agriculture but let me give you a different perspective on that do you know that in order to succeed at agriculture at farming a growing things you have to have a wider knowledge of more disciplined than any other profession or vocation there is you have to have a broader mind and a deeper understanding of more vocation more disciplined than anybody else so is it true that farmers can only do something or can't do anything that requires intelligence the world teaches the the narrative in the world today is that farmers you know the farming part well let me just say this I grew up in Agra around agriculture however you grew up around agriculture. How many of you saw all problems increasing I didn't I didn't want to having to do with agriculture I spent a lot of time on farms we had a lot of fun me and my brother is a year older and me we'd go somewhere every summer and we'd be milking cows and throwing cut in throw and hay bale and hay and throwing it Sora. We used to love riding in the and the wagon when we were my uncles harvesting cotton in the cotton balls were but you know Boulder blowing into the thing and we'd be runnin around back there dodge and cotton ball and but I also saw that they were having more and more disease and pest pressure their yields were going down and that what they were getting paid was also going down and so their their cost I had friends who had were severely injured or killed I mean acquainted from that of the family who were severely injured or killed from chemical spilled or accidents. I didn't really want to have anything to do with that and I don't know Mary Mae people if they really saw it the way it was that we have fine yeah we were we were kind and I naive until we start again a little bit older to the realities of it all you know the ironic thing. When I 1st came into the church learned a message and. Came into the church that the health message just blew me away. I couldn't fathom why this wasn't being tough taught in school course I was still naive about a lot of that and I said I decided to go back to school. And try to go to medical school to become a doctor physician but I don't want to practice medicine I want to crack and you know do public health or lifestyle medicine I guess maybe you could call it where I wanted to educate people on good health principles and so I did I went back to school and. I tend to last year this is quite a few years ago now. Nearly 30 and I took up an organic gardening class there just because I needed electives and it sounded interesting to me and that having to be the last agriculture class they caught their farm shut down that year and it was done. But in that class I was sitting listening to teacher the professor and he was sharing about him into a friend every every year would go to the mission field and they would they would go to these villages and they would teach him how to to grow things and the goal was to help them to be more independent and to be able to to have a better life and everything. And when he was sharing that this voice came to me and said I want you to be a farmer and here I am thinking I'm preparing to go to medical school and and I already shared with you my attitude towards agriculture and I hear this voice that I was pretty confident of who it was Chris coming from I want you to be a farmer and and I resisted. So God had to press the issue a little bit and so the the MT Ph D. program which I was hoping to get into law Melinda shut it down that year and so I said OK see I was seeing things my way and I was seeing things the way he knew I wanted them but I was you do you ever get yourself in a situation where you you think you're doing the right thing and in reality it's the wrong thing. God knew my heart he knew what I was wanting to do what how I was wanting to help people and so. I set about that was OK. I'll just switch majors I'll go to a different school where I can get training in agronomy and so sign and that voice came back to me again very clearly said no I will teach you and so I left school going home not knowing all I knew was what I knew about agriculture and God's telling these you know he's going to teach me and so I go home and you know trying to figure out you know where do I go from here what I do. The funny thing is that Loma Linda decided to reopen that empty Ph D. program right after I left school. Do you think God had any hand in that. And so the process started and I will I won't take all the time to to. To share what transpired but it was line upon line and precept upon precept here a little there a little when I came across. Actually the biggest part of that was when I was helping with the farm it even Valley in Colorado and Neil Kinsey who some of you know or heard from me came and did it 3 day presentation so fertility presentation there and about an hour into it it was a whole 3 days but about an hour into that that voice came again he said this is what I want you to learn this is what you need to know and after the 3 days were over I could understand why God said this is what you need to know because it. As I went back and I began considering it and looking at it if you were in my class you could see that I don't take anything unless the biblical principles are consistent with the scientific principle. And so I went back and started to really address looking at everything and I started looking at you know how did it actually work in the real world was it actually working in the real world and yes it was. Somebody asked me how prominent Is this in the agricultural world and I said it's a remnant that's all it is around but it's represented in every major food crop every minor food crop agroforestry landscaping there's not 1. Discipline that uses utilize the soil that it's not active in and excess oil I know I don't know of anyone who's gone down this road who's turned back because if you saw the pictures John showed last night of the greenhouses there at Heritage academy when you apply the right principles just like when you apply the right truth to your life it changes things for the better and changed in any way we were talking about I did want to give you a little bit of where I'm coming from I ask the question is if you wanted to prevent somebody from knowing the truth you've got to you've got to change the narrative so that their point of view is in obscure the truth from and so how would you do that let me read these 2 quotes the 1st 1 is from Education Page 20 the system of education instituted at the beginning of the world was to be and most was even read these reforms were to be a model for man throughout all after time how long so we passed that time yet. As an illustration of its principles a model school was established in the in the home of our 1st parents the Garden of Eden was this the school room nature was a lesson book the creator himself with the instructor and the parents of the human family where the student OK So up. That was the model they were to follow so you have to come up with a different model or a different narrative and by the way models have their way a lot of the times the reason we fail at what we do and quite honestly the reason a lot of our institutions have failed agriculture is because we're trying to employ a worldly model to achieve a spot a spiritual objective a heavenly objective and the model always has its way it always has its way it doesn't matter how well intentioned you are whether it's in education or health care or agriculture or business the model that you embrace will always have its way and so if the models were wrong then the outcome will be wrong so. Basically what's being said here is in order for people to know the truth what do they have to do they've got to go to the garden but not go there alone who go out and who need to be there within the instructor. So we live in a world today where and this is been told to me personally that farmers are not needed anymore why do you suppose they said that. Well there's plenty of food at the fast food restaurant. And at the grocery store you're laughing but I've been told this more than 1. They did a they did a survey a poll of the millennial so they call in that over here in millennium generation now when I say this my daughter's on the lending generation and everything and and when I'm saying it's I'm not saying it all millennial to this way but far too many are unfortunately they were asked if you could only have 1 thing 1 of these 2 things which 1 would it be an Internet connection. Or sunshine and outdoors. What do you suppose they chose the majority showed an internet connection they were also asked if you had a choice between a robotic partner and a real partner which would you choose what do you suppose the answer was well it wasn't the real partnerless as good as that or there is a different narrative happening in the world today it is a narrative that separate us from reality you know sometimes it seems like we struggle with the idea Oh do I have to move the country they really have to do gardening is it is it. We look at it not because it's necessary we're just not familiar with it we have all this stuff in the back of our head saying Well farmers everybody just treats farmers like they're full and they and. You know it's not where they're at everybody else is that and we have that coming and we don't have any skills you know how it is that most people don't have any life skills anymore. And so it's a very intimidating and almost terrifying things as people sometimes think about it and so the narrative has created this and this idea that the very thing that it could actually angers in the reality and as a result into truth is portrayed as something that is either archaic or on necessary or demeaning or is it just me that is get that impression. You remember I read the verse. Proverbs 2918 from the New King James where there is no revelation where there is no revealing I like that version is that a vision where there's you can't see Remember Jesus said seeing they can't see hear and they can hear we're going to get 2 more that a minute the people cast off restraint. Instead of the people perish it's given you why they perish here the translation that people cast off restraint What are you seeing in the world today I never thought I could see I would ever see the things that are happening in the world today in our country gender is a stereotype that you're here is that true you can go to jail some places now for calling somebody by that using a wrong gender when speaking to them I read an article and the man who wrote the article said the last I knew it was a biological fact but what happens when you become when the narrative on anchors you from reality when an actress you from true when you when you go to the garden you're engaging yourself in that classroom in the creative act of life within the sphere that God gave us the 1 thing now nature is broken. Nature is wearing out just like we're broken and wearing out that's why God has to give us a new body and he has to create a new earth. But the 1 thing Nate's nature is not in rebellion like we are and so when you go and you a gauge in that process you get feedback and most of the feedback that people get initially is not very pretty they plant it was interesting when we moved to Kentucky and Colorado not a lot of people grow gardens anymore the weather's not conducive to it and you know the culture is different but in Kentucky people are poor most of the people are poor and they still grow garden and the 1st time I traveled through there it was in this it was in the spring in the the ground it all been worked and planted and planted and they were all up and growing and everything looked beautiful and I remember driving through about a month later and. He would see a handful of foreigners that were well cared for but the majority the guards the weeds a grown up and they pestered chewed him up and eat him up and everything and. My point is this People ask me How do I have to take a soil test do I have to know all this stuff and I said no it was like I said earlier take a shovel 1st digging for can go out and dig the soil up and plant and see and the Class B. in nature will lie to you. And. You won't be able to cast off restraint you will either humble yourself to learn the lesson for you will fail there is no alternative narrative there. But the A see how people can throw restrain off do you know what's interesting about almost every school of thought in agriculture let me read 1 more bible verse here lamentations 29 The last part of it the law is no more and her prophets find no vision from the law or virtually every school of thought in agriculture rejects a standard they will accept some aspect of appropriate So fertility but they all reject a standard and by throwing off the law they lose their vision and so you see a lot of these schools of thought have embraced the concept of evolution and then people embrace the concept of evolution and they're told you know an arse in our culture today we have a special enough spiritual culture 1 of the things I was want to say is that the devil uses the same tactics in every discipline in life the same 1 and so you'll see today say in the spiritual world you hear a term called formation. They may heard that before if you're forming something who is forming it. You are what does the Bible say what does Genesis 2 say that God formed man from the dust of the air but then what happened. He fell. That form became deformed so what term should you be hearing reform but the world is being get told a narrative of. And it's based on again that nature is evolving and it actually leads to pantheism the belief that nature is God in the Library of Congress in the US the place that everybody supposed to go to gain knowledge is mostly the that this bastion of knowledge there is a panel up on the wall and in that panel there's a quote that says Man is the true Shikata So the narrative being told is that you are evolving you are advancing you are forming your god do you think that changes your perceptions about reality now fortunately for us. God has put eternity in our hearts and so you see happening in the world now that same millennial generation and it's not just. In that only general only in that generation it's in a lot of them but within that generation as well there are people I was talking to my daughter about this is said you know Dad So there's a lot of us that just really want meaning we want our lives to make the meaningful we want to mean something we want to contribute to to life. And so a lot of the end there being. They bought into part of the narrative and so they were told they needed to go get that education and there's nothing wrong with education if you just want true education but they just put themselves into debt for you know 507100000 dollars and they're coming out of school and they're told that the economy is wonderful another narrative that reality doesn't agree with and they can't find a job we have in our country. There's a big brouhaha now about slavery we have identity politics coming out our ears it's a divide and conquer thing but you know we've had over this really big issue with slavery again I mean by a large that's not an issue in our culture anymore but the ironic thing is is that it's a it's a distraction because we've been slaves ourselves the debt and we've been slaves ourselves to our vanity and our passions and our appetite our obligation to life is long and our ability to pay that obligation is way short things are coming unglued and the narrative is saying everything is getting better can you respond if you believe the wrong narrative what if you realize that you're a sinner but if you if you realize that things are deteriorating they're getting worse. Or your eyes open to that. So the you can appeal to God for an understanding for help it's a serious problem and they have and unfortunately people have. Trapped themselves in it and are going to have to struggle to get out God has opened a door wide open for his people. And he didn't wait for his people there are huge numbers of people wanting to return to the land. Why do you suppose that is there in the middle of that rat race and all we have is the rat race there's no time for further relationships by the way we always say the devil always substitute stimulation for nourishment and you can look at it in any facet you want for free literal physical nourishment we have stimulation all of the nutritive value of foods has been stripped away from it and stimulants have been added back salt fat and sugar you just jack him up to the highest my point you can No just something wrong with those do you know that the most nutrient dense foods have the highest levels of salt fat and sugar in them but they have everything else within God intended eating to be a pleasure What about social relationships we have replaced actually face to face relationships remember that that poll I'd mention we've substituted face to face relationships with social networks which are stimulating but they're not nourishing we've replaced the we've replaced pornography for intimate relationships we've taken the most stimulating aspects of things and extracted them out and we drive them but they're not satisfying spiritually we've done the same thing and it's fair to prophesy point this out that we want to hear sermons that are stimulating they make us feel good but they don't make us good so we have a lot of people now who are unhappy they're unhappy in that world really the adversary is overplayed his hand because people are beginning to recognize that there is no life there and so they're wanting to move back to a more certain natural and more peaceful way of life. By the way on the. Do you know why on the poll they said they would rather live with a robot than a real person well the same thing is true as it is in the garden is there anybody in here who's grown a garden is never had a problem we're going to have a conversation after and. Has anybody been in a relationship that has never had a problem you know we've you know. We tell our kids always Hi Mom and Dad love each other but there are some times and some days we don't like each other. When you're in the real world you have to face yourself you have to face the reality of your condition and so then you have to determine. What conclusion do I come to well a lot of people today are when I don't get what I want then I'm gone they're not sticking around to face the problem and resolve it and the same thing as with guarding logs go the grocery store instead but I said there's a wide open door here people are want to are moving back to the country they're wanting a simpler life they're wanting something that's more meaningful they want relationships again because what they had before was only stimulating it was nourishing it was a satisfying and are we prepared to answer that need a lot of people are moving that God put that in our hearts and and we can't escape it completely that Satan would like us to be able to escape it completely because then you know he could he he knows that he could destroy us but. A lot of these people are moving back out into the country. But the narrative that they're believing and therefore the perceptions they have in the practices that are employing are not glorifying God food is a neutral venue. A lot of people have become very cynical towards religion and a lot of the younger generations not to mention a lot of the older generation you would not find very much interest in that kind of discussion but they are very interested in food right now and they're also very interested in relationships I think I shared with this with some of you but I have a friend over in Hawaii and they had a and item for sale on Craigslist and person called to inquire about that coming by to see it and they were just getting the sit down for lunch in the they told him while we're just there I sit out for lunch but you're welcome to join us for lunch. Now how would you respond to some light I mean most people are not used to that kind of response well the person said Well I think it's OK if I just come by I only have about 15 minutes anyway it's OK if I come by and just look at and he said yeah sure sign so he got there and they showed him the item they said you sure you don't eat lunch with this and the guy you know based on a little bit interaction A had acquiesced and said Yeah OK Remember he said he only had 15 minutes we're afraid we don't even know how to interact and react and you know respond and relate to each other for hours later he reluctantly left the world is starving to death it is starving to death for nourishment physical nourishment social nourishment spiritual nourishment and there's hardly any to be found that's our mission that's our mission to nourish people to give them something better to let them taste and see that the Lord is good I always tell when I work with growers you know Adventist growers I work with a lot of doors we're not Adventists I enjoy much more working with that minister or is because they have a different priority. That if you're going to go into the marketplace take something better. So that when people when people experience it it impacts their life and changes then isn't that what the church should do should it change people's lives I share this too and I apologize to those of our shared with the wider group I haven't but we had. When I was at Eden Valley we went to the market there we had no solicitation rule so you couldn't bring tracks and hand them out or offer them or anything because it was on private property so I always put the challenge every year I did this for 9 years that to the students when we go to the market place take the absolute best produce there is and not just because it look good because it was good display it in the most beautiful way and then present yourself in the most winsome way and then let the Holy Spirit do his thing and they would all you know every year I get to Xerox that and say there was freedom of speech in all it but I said just try just see what happened I said once the person asked the question the solicitation law is out the window because you didn't solicit they did and so we would go to the marketplace and they would get the OK Well people might ask us health questions and everything like that but that's not what I was talking about and sure sure we got health questions from people and everything they you know we enjoyed the produce and it changed them it changed their help but what always shocked the students was when a person would come up and ask a personal question I was sharing remember who was with. A woman who had been buying produce for a long time she was in a car accident and as a result her lymphatic system was damaged and she just a very attractive woman before the before this happened better her body just bloated with with fluid and everything so you know she wasn't as attractive anymore physically speaking I mean as a as a human being she was the same person and we were always really busy didn't have enough staff there ever she came 1 day she came walking around while I was helping a customers stood by me and said My husband left me he said I'm repulsive is that a spiritual question she wanted to know what was wrong with her she was the same person she didn't look seeing anymore we had I had a I scare these because they're my favorite ones I could share others but we had a doctor that traveled 2 and a half hours each way to get produce and I felt bad and I asked him why do you. See you can't find anything closer so you don't have to travel so far and his response was this. I don't know what you do how you grow your produce but when we eat it we feel better we sleep better we get along with each other better when we wake up in the morning we're more optimistic and hopeful now he drove this 2 and a half hours twice a week each way and he said if I have to drive 2 and a half hours to get whatever you're putting in that food then that's what I'm going to do is that what the truth should do to people it doesn't matter what avenue you reach people in whether it's through the garden or through a social interaction or spiritual interaction getting the truth into somebody is life is what matters because it will change it he would come in his $5060000.00 Mercedes. $1000.00 suit on $500.00 shoes and bring a cheapo a lawn chair and say Would you mind if I just put set my lawn chair out and hung out here I just want to breathe in the atmosphere he take his shoes off me walk out in the field he said I'd walk put my feet in the dirt see if it does the same thing your food. Probably angered him a little bit more imminent Well probably at a time I'm not even checking here way at a time let me just close with this we need to be in the garden and we don't want to be there alone we need to be there with the instructor and we need to learn about life so I want to close with a couple of verses. Jesus said that he came so that we can have what life and have it more abundantly was he talking about just eternity I don't think he was good around me Chapter 30 the star reversed 15. Course Moses here is as given the instruction to the Israel light and he's laying before them a choice. Verse 15 see I have set before you today life and blessing and debt and cursing in that I command you today to love the Lord your God to walk in His ways and to keep his commandments to statutes in his judgment that you may live and multiply and the Lord your God will bless you in a land which you go to possess in the final 1 is Isaiah 55 her 6 year. As a 55 or 6 starting with her 6 now just her 6 will just 2 verses seek the LORD Well he may be found call upon him while he is near Jesus had a crisis that he had to deal with you remember the. He said the 5000 with the lows and the fishes which was actually probably more like 10 or 15000 because I was just men and the people who wanted to make him King Jesus didn't demonstrate any intention of that the disciples wanted to make him king he had to send them away but the crisis resumed when he came to Capernaum and people found him there and they had the they wanted the I had I gave the sermon a couple weeks ago at my home church and Jesus was trying to help them to see what reality was but the truth is that they just wanted the bread whereas the bread and Jesus kept continuing to try to help them to open their eyes to see and the truth is that they most of them many of them I would say most of the many of them refuse opener on the narrative that they have been told it was not the true and it has become so deeply entrenched in their lives that they couldn't give it up and from that day forward they didn't follow him anymore so how dangerous is it not to be able to see if you think going to the country and returning to the garden so that you can learn from the instructor is a hard thing consider the alternative let's pray Father in heaven this is been a blessing time that we've been able to enjoy at this conference I just pray that you would open our eyes and our ears so that we can see things as they are and not merely the way men report them to be because we want you to be our teacher so I pray that if we're able yet now whether you're able to you're able. To lead us back to that garden where you 1st place. And a come again in the cool of the evening. Struck this. Season. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a visit to W.W. audio or.


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