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  • December 2, 2017
    8:45 AM


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Well welcome everyone to Country Living forum. Before we start let's let's just pray Father in heaven we thank you for your goodness to us in the fact that you have a plan for real lives for our families for communities and Lord I pray as we discuss living in the country. And as we share our experiences that you would direct at discussion. That you will be praised and honored and done that will be able to learn from each other's experience and how. We pray this in Jesus' name amen All right. Amongst the group of people that we have here the soft and we have quite a range of experiences of living in the country so we have some of leaving the country all the lawyers some that have lived remotely maybe even in the outback as we would call it in Australia. We have folks who. Have lived their lives in very densely populated centers and some that are in the middle of a transition and also some that have made the transition from living you know binaries to countries. Just in any event I'll introduce people to start with just an event. Of just presented in our country living series here. And shared a lot of the experience for hopefully we can get a few more juicy details out of them as we go around David and his family live in the suburbs of Adelaide and out very soon to make their transition to a country a country property that bought south of Adelaide and then Jeffrey is living in Brisbane after coming to Australia from Indonesia for Malaysia Singapore sorry the metropolis of Singapore and. Now leaving Adelaide also or I mean if you come this way there's only my wife she's a city girl as well but we were knocked out over a few years ago. And then we've got to cut a couple of country girls at heart and then we have a RINO who grew up in Lightning Ridge and then we had yarn or who grew up in country Germany northern Germany northern Germany freezing cold country like a. Skip over skip over just because we've heard a bit from them to start with. David I'm wondering if if you might kick off. The discussion in just briefly explaining or describing the pathway God has led you to this point. What life was like growing up and as a child in a young man and what sort of influence has caused this transition that you've gone through to the point where you now have bought a property in a country a stranger and you're moving your family there. I wasn't expecting it but. Try to summarise it. I was born and raised in South Korea and like my parents moved into a country like when I was young when I was 5 years ago 5 years old and then I was there but it was more like my mother was a farmer and I'm just you know taking along but. I wasn't thinking too much about country living or not I was living there but. Went to middle school and high school they sent me to boarding school that Adventist boarding school which is in the city soul at that point my experience stopped. But like I was actually enjoying it at the time when I was young it wasn't my decision it was my parents' decision so I didn't think about it but slowly. I finished my uni and when I wanted to study bit more and that approach me to move to Australia because my sister in law wanted to move to Australia because of the. Because of the ones that they wanted to escape from the hectic life in a big city so I wanted to try at the same time I can improve my English and stuff but that's all we came in. Was a string no more thing I wasn't really to do with any country living thing but slowly I don't know somehow. God help me to find my own. Relationship with God as opposed to my parents' relationship because I was you know 2nd generation advantages so. I started to be more involved in the church and whatnot and I moved to Melbourne because of my job and I went there I met a really enthusiastic a group of people that really focuses on like evangelists you're more like looking up to your spiritual side of things so they helped me to realise more about what it means to be a Christian and then after that I was he reads a meaning my life and I was my trade is software engineering so I just sit in front of computer all day long. I was not. Unhappy but I wasn't too happy either so I was you know looking at the options but then slowly I was talking to my friends and they were interested in growing some things and going out to the nature more often and that allowed me to. Consider what kind of life that I had when I was young as opposed to my kids experience now so although I mean though astri lariat is more each I love you to have more experience in the nature then South Korea but my children I felt like. I didn't want them to go through the thing that I have gone through I didn't want them to be in the city growing up all the way although I was in the country for and I was young but. So I'm hoping that. God is leading us to a better situation for my family and also I feel like. I thought I won more from the school but at the same time I understand why the school can't be run as you know how I would like to run so I'm for to also close to the ring homeschooling too if that's an option but we try not to go too fast so we want to move into country 1st and there's yeah we go with the settling in who decide what the homeschooling is something that they can do or not so I think you still. Allowing me to find a job daddies. Freeing myself not to be in the commutes I can walk from if I wanted to so I think God is showing me the way that I can go to a way I wanted to go and meet fears like he's leading us sometimes I'm questioning whether it's the right. But. We are on the journey so. Yeah. So those of us that have made the transition from living in the city of the country. Realize that you've got some challenges in front of you. And not be different for every circumstance but there's like. Growing up in suburban Bruce been and then. Making a transition to the country in Western Australia some of the challenges that you faced. God was very gentle on me he transitioned to me slowly I grew up in. I went to college at all which is semi rural at that time and then I was a teacher which is another small town. So he kind of transition me out of the city and into small rural and then I went to Western Australia I realised a lot of things about myself that I didn't like that I couldn't see in the dark because it had never been dark. And so walking at night I would actually hold on to Raj church because I couldn't see where I was going and he would just leave me I realized I had. Illogical fears of spiders snakes anything that. I so I had to deal with them as well and I I purposed in my heart to deal with them before my children. Adopted my same illogical fear is because I knew that if I was afraid of spiders and wanted to stomp on every spider I saw or spray it that that's my children would have that if I was afraid of snakes then my children would have that I didn't want them to have these fears are 1 of them to learn to grow up responsible and thinking. And be able to yeah I just live with nature so I had these kind of things I had. Not being how to just get on chops I had to learn how to. Plan ahead those meals anything that we wanted plan ahead so that I'm not having to well we just don't go to town every day. All sorts of just little things in life that we take for granted when we live in suburbia even your mail I mean where we were initially we only got our mail twice a week so you had to be prepared for that and you couldn't just post a letter whenever you wanted and when I was young we didn't have internet to pay bills either so you you had to be organized and you had to get to town before the bills needed paying and it was just a different totally different life for me. I guessed thoughtful life mindful life as opposed to just life happened in the city to do for it in some ways stressful as you're going through this learning experience it's kind of hard to remember. Stressful I think I think God had prepared me and I embraced it there were frustrations probably more I would call it frustrations we had a we had a unique experience as you all will have unique experiences no one's experience is going to be the same but when we. First moved on to our own property in W.A. I had no electricity either. Except for this clunky old. Generator that anyway it was it was frustration you couldn't just wash when you wanted to wash you couldn't vacuum when you want to direct you couldn't have an electric fridge the convenience of cold food you couldn't have an electric or gas oven you had to have a would have been just such a steep learning curve for me that I I think. It was very challenging in that way I don't I don't think it was stressful but I think it had some frustrations and I had a very steep learning curve I just want to ask you also were you successful in. Overcoming your fear of these critters and. Your children. With their fears of those critters. I've overcome my fear of the creatures I still have a dislike for them but I don't I'm not afraid of them. As I would I would sit at my my 2nd child is a boy and he is a nature lover and I would just be sitting at my computer trying to get some work done you know you can just get really focused all of a sudden it be this huge Huntsman in front of my face and. He just delighted in doing that to me and I had to learn to go Oh that's beautiful. So I've learnt I've learned to you I've learned to control my emotions and my reactions because I still don't like I like I don't like big fat frogs like. I'm not afraid of them but I don't particularly like him. My children have no fear. None whatsoever. Spiders to run all over the day gone pick up a snake they they have no fear they have respect but they have no fear so by God's grace I've managed to not pass that on to them. So deadly mentions a generator. I was a bit offended when she told a clunky because it. Just a beautiful machine challenge was it was an old 32 volt system might in the morning fifty's and the batteries are prettier and that was her challenge and if it did you face any challenges like just 1 more thing I had to wear summer and winter I had to wear out beats to do my washing because my machine shorter than when I stuck my fingers in the water with the zap me so I want to agree to grounded me so. Why didn't you call the electrician. Disney hasn't yet mentioned the sorts of accommodation that she lived in when refer to the country. I think we've all heard of the great. David and Jeffrey I hope you've got a good shed on your property. If you have houses to move into. Because my wife nor Justin's wife had that privilege of living in a house when we shift to the country if it. Give me that before you get to my wife or do a bit of background can-I where you going the challenges are there for a blessing and the talent isn't given to us by God The meek explained. I grew up. In a suburban suburbia. Northwest and. Quite knighthood when I was 12 on 5 acres for the Northwest and we had horses and. Chooks and shape and story. That was all right until they had babies and little bit aggressive. And then when we married we knew. Our country. Fathers were off the grid. Was far down the road that a box 5 down the road dirt road all that. Does a really nice house it was a very very nice house. And God told us to leave and now you can ask my wife the questions of the challenges Now you asked my wife what's it like living in a shed and living in a shed for bets how long 7. Are exhibit 6 months years what's it like if it. Well it's not so bad now but when we 1st moved onto the property old it was there was the shed we had no war light on a kitchen. Anything no Palla side to do any. Any sharing he had to hate outboard or use a solo shower it just literally took hold by just to leave he couldn't do anything else. There was not refrigeration so we just had luck in ASCII we've. Seen it and things would go off fairly quickly in that condition so it was quite tough but because were I guess really exhausted moving on to a property it didn't worry me as much but now the I E's is clicked the wrong light really eager to get into a house. With a very very close to moving into our house yes I'm on a boat. Had a few experiences like that as well. We 1st shifted into a 3 made a square garden shed. And we had a kerosene Pad fridge in 1 corner a small title in the other 1 on the way to the window. And then. During the diatom we had a mattress on a recycled brick floor. And during the not sleep on it and during the day we'd stand it up against the wall so we had somewhere to walk in the shed. And we lived in that once we built a shed which was probably about 8 metres boy 4 or 5 metres once again recycled bricks just laid on the floor on top of plastic to keep the dampness here and I went to a nearby sawmill that had all these huge piles of round backs as we call them you know it's after the sawmilling finished and this is theirs and it's part of the log still left that they can't can no longer cut timber out of and so I dragged all these home on the trial and I built or. Or another shed couldn't call it a house with all of these around back standing up I cannot just trim them but it up to each other to so that the cracks are only small and we lived in that. And then we sold that property to shift a K. up the road where we bought a larger property and we built a mud brick house there. But before the house was a 5 metre by 5 metre shed and by this time we had a little baby and I don't know the whole experience was fantastic I agree just it seems like about 6 months but that didn't cure their sleep because just recently a couple of years ago we shifted into the latest house that I built and before that we lived for what. 4 years in some temporary accommodation and. It wasn't a shit. Living in the middle of you know children sleeping in swag. Yet so. Our combination was a caravan and that act as the kitchen and there was a couple of little bedrooms on the end where the younger children slipped and then there was what you call it cool room panels sort of thing solid an X. on the caravan. Which is fine it was it was a large large space in there was a bathroom in 1 corner but when you've got. 6 kids. A relatively large space isn't really much bicycle and you know we had. Our double bed was in 1 corner of it and then there was a dining room table and Desley office and you know so it was really small and there certainly wasn't enough space for our. Children to you know all the children just to live sleeping there so for nearly 4 years they slept in us in this way. Just were from Utah to swag. And so when it was raining they dragged it over into the shed which was nearby and when it was clear they just drag it somewhere in the paddock under a tree or somewhere over they wanted and they did their 4 years that war thing with them after a while and the house it got to the stage where you know the roof was on its setter and Buddy sort of died down sleeping there so they dragged this wags out there I understand you're the moderator can I ask you a question do you think your children resent the fact that the camping for years nonstop living in a sweat. Not having their own bedroom with their own stuff because it's something. I'm battling with my thought. Look good as you're asking that question on I'm trying to think and I can't remember any I got sick you know. Especially in summer when it was wet and hot but I can remember it going to resentment dizzily. Now I there are times when they will talk about it it depends who they're talking to me. That aren't that resented they enjoyed it they enjoyed getting into the house they love having their rooms now however they're all still happy at the moment we have our house full of the deicing is there more than happy to get into this wagon straight back out in the paddock it's not something that they never want to do again because I had to do for 4 years so. It sounds like a really hard thing for children. And yeah. I think even if they look back on it during a period of their life and think that was hod. When they actually get older and they can look back on the benefits of the life that they've lived. They will appreciate it you know how it is when the adults we can look back with a new perspective then when we're children and as parents sometimes we have to make decisions that are best for our children but it's not what they want and what they want is not always the best thing for them you know it's like any child that would be happy just to eat ice cream pretty but is that best knowing so we don't allow that and we have to make those decisions in lot of areas for our children and. When we want our children to grow up. In an environment where the world's not pulling at them the whole time to conform to the world when we want to protect them from that or when we want to give them a lifestyle will they will have practical skills that will serve them anywhere they go any time any country. Sometimes that takes some hard decisions and some some uncomfortable living. But it's I think eventually surely those that may think it was a bad time of their life I think they'll be able to look back on it as parents especially when they have their own children and recognize the sacrifice that their parents made for them and the reasons why the parents made that choice sometimes we have to wait for that children are always the most grateful. I think there's 2 issues here. If you're a bucket loads of money country living's a breeze many respects so we're talking people who are tight budget the 4 of us and it comes with extra challenges that we're living in the country for. US and. So we've had to go into the bedroom on. Our tummy to get. A few problems in the solar system need to be expanded and stuff but not a huge amount of money a lot more money than I ever did. So I was it's a tight budget on top of it as well can be a real challenge but it helps to keep hold of Christ I think because we often ask why do we need where we were and people say I showed a a a pitcher we had on the computer for out for my showed it to your sister and she said Why did you leave this was because God told us so we go look back and think what you know Sawah and. You know we were at character must have needed the challenges or we just must I mean you know it's smooth. And I think the 2 I mean yeah they had challenges but nothing what we're going through. So it so I really appreciate that perspective Justin because. I don't want to push this analogy too far but. When the children of Israel where way out in the middle of the desert if someone wanted passed and saw what I challenge is they were experiencing it understand that person saying why did you leave Egypt the thing was they were following the. And that's what you were doing as well and it's really important for us to remember that why we're doing it to understand what MIT views and I know why John deicing are over in the market gardening stream is repeatedly repeating. Don't even think about launching out into market gardening and unless you know you are led by God to do it all it needs to be a calling Otherwise it's just too hard when we need to have that the conscious understanding that this is God's will and we're not making it up in our madness because otherwise we will turn back we will it's we need that surety that this is God's will for our lives and that of our families told me many times I'm a mistake and the gentleman he moved into the country. And tell them as well I mean I said in our workshop that church members will tell you you're doing the wrong thing. Because they're feeling guilty because I know they should be in the country but they're not. And. So you've got these voices that say you must know that God's call you do you must know. The scripture behind the spirit prophecy so when the challenges come through you you can work your way through it. So. David when you're sharing his brief testimony explain how he's parents made the decision to shift into the country in South Korea and now that he had no choice David had no choice about that new experience wasn't. Really the best for you at that time from your perspective. Children are powerfully infected by the decisions we make obviously and I'm just wondering whether Sharon so 4 or 5 years ago. Your family made the decision to shift into the country and you are really in the country where you are. House has and you've heard us share some of the challenge that our children of faced How is it from a young person's perspective and just those you don't know. In a pair of family shifted on to a property. Near Roland's plains just over the hill from us and. There were some tracks to get into the most of the properties Bush there was some forward drive tracks to get in across a couple of creeks you know it's when it rains they stay at home. Well they stay out if they're on the wrong side of the current How many creek crossings have you got on court trying to count the river 123456777 right creeks including the river Yeah I can fog that normally flood OK So but when they shifted there was a concrete slab where someone a previous owner had intended to build a house and that was pretty well it and so Shana and his siblings have gone through the experience of contributing to building a house and it didn't take years but it's still good you know and this is another warning for those of you that are thinking of shifting to the country and. How can I say this without prejudice I mean what's the word. Condemning myself also. But that's the challenge that if you think that the house is close enough to being finished will shift in now just recognize it will probably never get finished because once you shift in there are other priorities that come up in your life and those in our house we don't have floor coverings we don't have skirting boards there's all sorts of things that aren't finished and that's probably how it'll show but that's probably how it will stay for a little while but Sharon. Are you willing you happy to share your experience your perspective as a young person. So I guess where to start was living at the time this is. For a long time Mom had been reading lots of books and she's like we have to major countries so a lot says is what the Bible says this is just what we're called to do watching lots of and if you know back to some family in America has a ministry talking about moving to a country country living university or something I know that on his. Day Westboro gets a she's that stuff and she's like getting all of us kids pumped up about this and we're like yeah that sounds good we've lived in town like a whole lives and been having freedom to live in a property and run around and do all those fun things so we all got pretty excited and the 1st step was we had to sell a house and we didn't work in the house and 5 years just read it was like to empty shell upstairs and we just like had to build it so it would just keep building houses sort of thing like you find we have to enter the country we're trying you know we need to get out and so. We prayed that we would be sell our house somehow and it was like a total miracle how that happened and it happened really quickly and not what was happening in the area at the time so we knew it was God leading. And I remember very clearly as we like moving at we're going to move up toward just to live in water for a little bit to see you know where God led next and what country probably like living area before you made the property so we did that and. He's like you're excited about it but you know it's possible we might actually have to live in a tent and we have to like really rough it and still just excited. Let's do this this is cool so like all of us kids went out like this is also I mean this is something new something exciting and it was new and exciting and when we finally found the property and like it's a whole miracle how that happened as well. We had to go out there and work with lots of wages and lots of takes and lots of snakes and lots of animals like that it was very overgrown property that we had to clear 1st and yeah oh my little sister she likes to cry every time we're going to go out to the property to work on it because those low. They're going to get me and I want to go that's time so yeah that's sort of what we had to go to but I for me I loved it it was hard work but we made it hard work and them got us through that saying Yeah I mean there's so many challenges and so experience yeah. From my perspective I'm so grateful for it and I'm pretty sure the rest of my siblings are so go for it as well. Yeah. So so Shannon's dad is a plumber so. She can do plumbing but just think of the other all the other experiences schools are no siblings of her does not build a house. When we were building our house mom used to bring Shannon over and. You know all of the kids were involved you know the schools the practical schools young people can work but did you did you ever live in a tent did you get to the point where you lived in a tent. I mean was staying in a tent on the slab when we 1st moved out there just to carry it in the morning but I never lived there such we still had our rental in town when we went to and from we moved in when the house was just that lock up stage that we had windows in we had a little bit of walls on most of the house not all of the house and we had a roof over our head but we didn't have rich capping so I was still got in yeah it's just we moved in just before it flooded a lot and the whole house got very wet and all our stuff but it was still really good and challenging. You're smiling about it laughing about it but that's what we were saying after a little wall it doesn't seem so bad. When I say I heard right after that 1st experience of being there and like being totally wet. And I think I would like almost cry every time it rains because I'm like is it going to happen and. So it was hard going to it. My experience started off with a tent. When I was 12 my parents bought a country property and. We lived there. Yeah and we had a little family. Kitchen my mom's kitchen and. We. Lived in a 2 bedroom was a 2 man tent. Yeah and we lived in that for I don't know probably 3 or 4 months. Until my dad managed to build a slab hot that we lived in. When I'm on tents What do you think about Justin. Just thinking. As providers of the family we can a little bit. Perhaps our family is living and I was just thinking before you are you're living in a shed and we're living in a shed. Of. The patriarchs of all the intense. Think of the wealth. And that's what. I mean extremely wealthy people. I think it's right to. For a better place I think that's something God puts in us. We must realize that better places is heaven and in the New Earth so I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting something a bit better as long as it's with God's will. And. You know living in a shed is better than living under a tree. Living under a tree is better than living in the open. And living out in the open is better than nothing living not living at all so it's all relative. It would be nice to live in a proper. Listen to a market gardening podcast called farmers a farmer and if you're interested in farming agriculture grow our growing vegetables. I really encourage you to listen to it but 1 of the questions that the presenter asks everyone that comes on is what is your favorite tool on the farm OK What is your favorite tool on the farm and so I'd like to do that. I'm going to start with Desley and ask a few people whatever so that those who are thinking about making the transition put in mental note need 1 of those OK depend on circumstances so does the what's your favorite tool on the farm or in your home stating you like to put what has been in the past was really significant to you my lodge solar system. That would have to be my favorite is knowing that we're completely off the grid so we have no electricity we have US panels on our roof and batteries that would have to be my favorite after living without power and after living with just a generator. That I have electricity and I have the convenience of cooking vacuuming whatever almost whenever I want. That would be my absolute favorite. You know. Being truthful. You know it just reminds me of you know the council husbands are given about providing every convenience for their wives so that they're not spending all their last slaving over you know those were going to say those mechanical things that need to be done for the family cooking and cleaning and things like that so now. I get that about you just. What you just said because I work in progress for all I know what if it's all going to pass it to her 1st as a reason for. My most important thing would be would cook stay because it. So it's most important to us because I like a hot shower. And I want to preempt but I think I know what your favorite tool is now well actually it should be the other way around. My favorite or should be that would cook any of it should be the sure. So I wore out 1 very good 1 to my 2nd a bigger 1 hopefully can last longer and I was just telling some people before I don't know whether I should have my chainsaw surgically removed from my hand because I just hang on to so much or whether I should have it attached. When you're living somewhere or a guest 7 months I in the evenings in winter and you live in a shed there's an inch lighted You can go through the wood I'm talking about the night foot by 6 foot try on my you stacked high in 2 weeks no 1 can burn wood like my wife. But thankfully we're going to 100 like the trees and love on the ground. But they come to challenges like. It's very wet area and arbitrary there are neither been on the ground for 10 years not cut cut them and they're still green just doesn't dry out there was a previous like a growing tree just color in logs and just before I went to use it I would split it and it be dry I had to split wood and white for was 6 years before I can use it like when it's really noisy seasoned so I have a huge stack of wood by years and years and years worth. But it's not all usable now. So out of it you have to burn so much so I go inside the house and I'm always turning. Down the you know the vent. Like there's nothing in the oven there's nothing on top of the side it's not that your windows are open and they aren't. Cronauer the last year killing me. But as a man my boy lays harm is going to be harder now that he doesn't use a chainsaw yet he wants to kind of letting it but he's been spinning wood from the age of 4 and he's really good and your exit and. This is it natural. I mean you're outside and you're getting exercise it makes him 30 and hungry. Is a strong as an ox you know he's like me. Now we're not quite moist saw as yet but he's my heart but so is he is helpful it's going to be more of a challenge is just the 2 of us I think. The Chinese saw. A cancer love it but it's the. US and US and the society it's a necessity. You know children leaving home is going to be a challenge for us. You know how your. Good plan. How can you do with that split you wouldn't do that. I went home this morning to pick my brains It took me hours. I just really appreciate that I really appreciate that Jeffery would you be willing to. Share with us where you're shifting to 2 weeks with your family and maybe a. Couple of reasons why you chose that location. So suddenly really feeling Brits been and we are. Moving to tile groom in north New South Wales so it's a long story but I think we believe that God is really calling us to to move from the city I'm a city family very city boy from Jakarta Singapore Malaysia and Greece been is totally new but we just move out of faith. To and to answer your questions how we actually. Because we are new in Australia so we said God we don't know where to go where do you want us to move and we keep on. Reading the Bible and fasting almost every Sabbath on where it got 1 us to move where they're going back to Indonesia or or you know straight. So almost 2 months every Sunday almost every night we are looking into property to sell so we've been up to given be nor been to Melanie we've been to. The womb. And. And actually the 1st place that we feel that this. Child go and that's the last place that we finally found the property is entire room so the last 2 months is I think that is leading us into into the right place where we believe that's the place that he wants us to to be the property is 14 acres 14 acres. There is a cottage. 2 bedroom. House. With a big shed. So 1 of the criteria that I'm looking for at that time is is hopefully there is a fruit trees. And there are 40 fruit trees and the good thing about that property is after we find more about the property is there are 2 place already prepare garden beds already ready to to plan actually took place and there are small them that's already already there and. We found out that the water never runs dry in the last 6 months there was no rain around here and it's good for the rain and the water is still there so yeah we best we meet with the gave. And. Are you going to continue in your current employment when you shift down there yeah. So that's the 3rd So this year is a big milestone actually for our family we sold the house we want to live in the simple life I've been living almost 10 years as an expatriate in different countries so we get a lot of luxury life we get a good good pay so I work in oil and gas company as a senior in finance. But when we pray and pray we're led to the country life but also during that period we said God what do you want us to do. After we moved to the country life so to make the story short I left the job after 20 years of working in this company and all of the people in the company said that what I what did you do are you are you doing the right things and even the family also asking why do you have to leave such a good such a good job and then to live somewhere that you don't know that I think he will he knows where where we are going to do next. And Justin. You live a long way from the city. What's your circumstance with work. The right that in your. Well the idea or me me me me me was I would work continue working in Sydney and work as a as a gardener in Sydney's north. For 2 years we would do that and in that time we would have bought country probably. And we would have been on the work at our budget like for example did the house need some improvements done and work out a budget and. And and then find work locally I work 1 week on 1 week off and more money on that $1.00 week on and see me going to woodworking fault on down home but obviously the idea is to be home so I come home every not I miss not coming home every night I'm away. It's Sunday afternoon through to Friday evening and I get a next week off I'm only 520 kilometers. 6 hour drive leaving Sydney on a Friday off and then you can get to the 77 half hour drive just trying to I'm not the only person who wants to drop out of Sydney on a Friday afternoon and the traffic is renders. So that's a big challenge for me it's a big challenge for a visit and when I'm in Sydney I'm in a house. Back home in a shed and when I'm in Sydney I disconnect and how I how I cope is I disconnect from the family somewhat and I disconnect from the bill in the house I hate having to come to Sydney and work and I have to ring the chippy or I have to ring the sparky I just I do it but I hate trundle automata home and then when I'm in Sydney artist just work so I work 7 am till dark so this time of year I'm working 7 to 7 invite PM I just don't have the energy and I get a little bit depressed as well you know. It's challenging it's. Hard but this is my children. More often now and then when I used to have to commute and then from where we used to live to work so I said commute like 2 hours into the eastern suburbs of Sydney so I had to scrap those clients and move them because. What I actually they see more of me now than before is just going. Oh it's going home to where I'm in Sydney going back home. Which I just rent a room and eating by self. You've got to find your you know in the bar or you're in the news where you know not talk to you and so there and working by myself and for myself and like I don't even see customers half a ton the big properties they're busy people so I just invoice and through you know through the Mao and I just direct deposit my money so I can go and not even talking to anyone except the odd bank or to a vet now I hate talking on finance. How do. And my wife wants to talk to me and I ring her so I walked down to get the word of the tomatoes and up to get to do this don't forget to do that and she wants a bit more in-depth more lovey dubby sort of conversation that war is won and I dance. So I come. Looking for a cuddle and I'm lucky they get to sleep in the same bed as you know. Just a couple days to so smooth the waters so that's a challenge more for Yvette I suppose and she has to become. The She's the head of the house she's the spiritual leader she's got laid out in the morning worship and it's not her role and all I have to do is worry about me when I come home and have to sort of fit in and there's Al family time Tiger Woods changes I come home so I'm come on holidays now. I mean I work 7 tall dark I'm toil I don't come good for bed Tuesday and then I've got a 6 hour travel by wise and I try and sleep on the Y. bus a little dangerous. I have my car sleeps you know. So this is home just for 1000000 my fellow commuters. It's no I'm serious. I can sleep at 10 times in the way but I wake up quick. Now I'm serious and. And before I had to pull over and have a sleep and put the seat right back but I can count like a jump in the back of a single cab you the seat doesn't go back you try stating like this you head against the winner sometimes I've slipped my head like that on the center console. And that's my belt microstates and it worries me that. I have church members praying for me because I told them I think you're joking I said now I've probably had 30400. Back the last 10 years. And yes. I. Know it's not it's not a perfect world. With. I want to ask you a question because of what we said before and and that is that you that he to me for a minute you realize that was an embarrassing question for me title to you Mark about that I'm in the idea as embarrassing really because it's not and teaching country living and I'm in the country 3 quarters of the time and quarter of town in Sydney the kids are experiencing country thing they call me a cunt. You know. I think I'm right here right. Now why I asked you that question was because I think it perfectly illustrates that we need to know that God is leading us family church members the devil they're all telling you you're mad and there's probably some grounds. For for them saying that in that context but we need to know and that's I don't know what keeps you going but I think that's a powerful thing that keeps you going you know you're doing right in spite of the struggles and in spite of her difficulties. God can work through people who. Who make mistakes. I'm going along to have an interview with Jesus while I wait in line for the millions of other people want to get there before me and I asked him the question where did we go wrong did we go wrong and. Why like the Israelites they wanted the king and decisional can have a King we want to King you not to have a king but we want to King. Have the king and reap the consequences so I kind of wonder you know you said you go in the Lord's leading Well it's not like we moved to the from the country to the city and we know from council that's the wrong thing to get to Biggest up about it is not working out and. But. I'm sure we've made mistakes. But God will work you work through that. You bring us back around in the end so we're just looking forward to the next installment going to finish the house should have a country living I tell you it's hard to get tried them and. To get because you can't get them in a small town they rough is guts and all that affectionate and and expensive and we've been waiting 3 months for God to do some work for us so we can go on the next stage is holding everything up. We could have finished by March or and then from then I like to have said little girls like people say oh how do you Al How do you build a house like I had no idea how to build a house I never want to build a house I've never been someone who did anything Triesman in regard to building a house or a site it's like it's like any horses 1 mouthful at a time and you just look at the next mouthful and eventually you consume the horse. OK But but how do you do the helps you clear the land you know you have the salt testing done you dig your footings and it's just 1 step to the next step and then once that's done them and that's done and so with work on thinking not just finish the house and then we'll go from there what what what you want to you know with regards to my work in regards to our budget to our work. With prying about actually trying to start a business together we want to do some work that's together and if it's come up with something and I said no way. And it was 1st. OK then. I'm a gardener right and you're going to be in a horticultural agriculture is not a high paying job right so when you get you going to be a guy you go to work for wealthy people do a perfect job finding the low skill level in charge a little money now. So her. This. Thing is probably horticulture if I want a lot of us by jobs along with clay in this. That we work locally and I can do the I can do the gardening in she could do the cleaning or she works with me I hope the cleaning and we're talking to as a bit draw thing and it's not all bands or a hard spot with something cleaning services you want to be tomorrow having something like that that's a path of write down I will bet that. You know I said you chairs about the 2 most lowest paid job out and off my wrist. And Guy. Were asked to have a town called Tumbarumba go out as freezing cold and really nothing nothing drives until about stops about the same bike a star drawl and nothing has. God New York tired of and member December. And claiming their Halle's half the houses in the prices of the forming their own here I mean. I'm not after a lucrative career but I'm going to be working my God set and nothing in. Richmond to find something a little bit more worthwhile perhaps I'm not that desperate you had. A really large events trying to so you know something local something together using in schools that we've developed over the last times you know it just makes complete sense but that's all right we need to look at things critically and why the mob do or do deal with diligence so I'm glad you've done that yeah. You can all make a big jump from Tumbarumba to somewhere even colder ya know. You grew up in rural Germany and you now live in suburban Australia. I know there's been a few twists and turns in. That journey. But could you maybe just share with us what before we started this conversation you felt that you are languishing at the moment in suburban Brisbane. And I guess my hospital I growing up in a rural area loving it having wonderful childhood memories and this we've had tough times as well but it's as we discussed this morning the blessings of bigger than the challenges and we've been working in Austrian and Health Institute prior to getting married and we got married when we decided well we'll settle down in a stroller we moved back to brace and Webb and he said to his. Traineeship I said hop into and 1st of all we went straight back into the middle of for a spin and after 2 weeks I'm like sorry honey I just I can't do it. I've been that tap and I can smell the chlorine I open the window I hear that has buzzing my I've got to make sure no one's breaking into the house so we're more on the outskirts now but we definitely do feel that we're not designed or create it for that kind of lifestyle and we notice every time we drive further out this is what we're meant to be this is how God created us to be surrounded by nature we can tell how that comfy cozy and so to speak lives on this city it's creeping in and we don't want that we've really died and. And we know it's not meant to be but we've got to make the most of where we are right now we've got our little god in the background that just give us that bit of a tightest of what it's supposed to be like we have tried several times moving out into the country had serious looks at properties but every time we prayed seriously about it God's very. Clearly shut the doors on the sofa at times it's frustrated us but we know that we've got a place where got Once us to do his work right now we've got to do it faithfully until he shows us the next step and I'm very encouraged by hearing now how everyone sharing their story to see God's leading because sometimes I wonder are we making it too complicated that we pray too much about this not stressing but take trying to take all things into consideration instead of just saving an opportunity that might arise rather than waiting and praying and listening to what God has to tell but listening to what if in Cherry Now actually encourages me to just keep trusting that got noise that he is in control when the time is right he will in the way because I know that's his plane so 1 day. Jessica. You've lived in the country. As you describe as long as you can remember can you just describe where you live and what it's like for a young person to live in in the bush in the country from your perspective. Or stand. Is only 16 ties away but it's not really. It has a pub and a post office and not much else operational so. We live 16 years so that's I remember the Mars place we lived most and I guess for me because that's 1 and. Yeah it's just normal to me. Like for example when he was saying about having to plan ahead for the shopping and that I have no concept of ducking out of the shot so it's just like that's so normal to me it's just like our need something that we just have to wait to next week you know in our in town. But yeah I really appreciate the just the slowness of life like now I go into camera so of course to see 1 day a fortnight and it's just every time I get higher from that I just like. So refreshing because it's not noisy there's just might be an occasional CAGR down the road but you know it's not busy it's quiet or is only like nature sounds. And also I really like that it's much more private I'm not used to being in town where you know I was here everything. So I really appreciate that as well and I wouldn't want to and you know the way. I appreciate you talking about the the sounds the different sounds city to country. Life in the city have mercy I can only imagine what life in Singapore. To people concentrated you know hundreds of people living in the same building. To the point so congested so many people in 1 place that very few people own their own vehicles is it still that case here I remember a friend that shifted from Singapore to Australia a while ago told me that you had to actually have permission from the government to own a vehicle to own a car whereas in Australia I mean if you haven't got 3 or 4 you know you're really poor and we've got to travel long distances you know that it's nothing when you live in this it's in the country to hop in the car and drive 5 or 6 hours you know if you drive 5 or 6 hours in Singapore you're the other end of Malaysia I guess if you could get across the strait but the noise you know when I 1st met Desley. In a very sweet way OK. She was very uncomfortable with silence OK and go and visit her in a house in golden for argument's sake where she was a teacher and she'd walk into the house and turn the radio on and it would go on to be on until she either went to sleep or she went back out and she turned it off again and that just broke me crazy because like Jessica always used to the sounds of nature and silence was just normal except for a magpie or a cook a bar in the background so did you want to talk about that a little bit. So that really I don't know why I. It was like that I was the youngest of a family of 5 and we were not a quiet family so maybe I just needed that noise to make me feel at home. I was living by myself it was probably just my company the habit that I get into you know you kind of just get into the habit of having something. I think I'm still the same because the other morning I woke up here and it was 4 o'clock and I just listened and I couldn't hear any chokes I couldn't hear you know the the noises of our property I couldn't hear them and I was subplots to quiet. The sounds of our property and Jeffrey I was very pleased to hear you call them chill. Various try and. Yes I think it's just what you get used to. It is but. I think because of how God created us most people pretty quickly get used to the sounds of nature I think somehow we're we're hankering for and even though we used our Remember this is kind of traffic I want to stay with my sister once Greenpoint on the Brisbane water you know on the central coast there and she lived up above the the water and I was there on a Friday noise and I just listened to saw errands or. Police and ambulance and I guess the water was the the sound was coming across the water from Mobile and I just so. This is 2 rable But 1 thing that I'm conscious of and it's become really apparent to me as of witness people making the transition from the city to the country and that is that we often take the city with us. And so we seem to have this sort of an ideal of a lifestyle and that varies from person to person but often there are elements of city law. That we can do with air that we need to take with us. If. This 1 is 1 thing to get them in the. Other cities now within the city of them in and with me is 1 week on 1 week of the country. As busy as we as a slower pace it's a. More calming influence but there's times I'll give you an example if we go into town once and once a week. And so we do multiple things in 1 trip was going to tip and so those are the 2 stops you and you know if it's sunny recycling but it's free and they get but yes leave your receipt. But B. doesn't always give you receipts or not just as you want so I'm pulling up and there's a different guy on and he's having a chin way back to the car in front and all I want just dropped off 2 bags of recycling and I want to get going I want is needed I want to get back home so I got the city in this band in the country is. What. And so I am waiting and this cause not an easy just the guy working that sees me there and he just keeps talking so I look at it until I drop next to him but the window down time I get rid of this restocking him and I just go either way you're not going to get a receipt and as we're driving our thought that was not unreasonable of the ply I'm his customer and he's letting me white and there's nothing wrong with what I did so I'm driving and it just causes me he says that was very rude. So it's like the city is to rush. And sometimes I would take some money because I you can be driving to from. Into town it's like 100 kilometers country road. 100 kilometers an hour to 23 commas a wise 100 an hour speed limit and then a few places you can pass some time some all cocky or pull up big head on a nice cruiser you know something of a helping on the back a year or 2 and he sees me coming and he still pulls out and he's on the 140. And his road so I just sort of put the foot down and go around him and the sides and sort of side to people in the car and from the city. And slow me up so it definitely it definitely is a challenge to get the city at of the person and I think 1 thing we need a whole lot of to this is another form but I think it's worth I'm with. Modern technology you can be at the back of absolutely nowhere if you go a satellite dish you can have the worst of anything you find your eyes doesn't matter the nearest neighbors a 1000 kilometers away you got the ball right there and if you've got children doing this an education through Internet you can replace what their own ticket doesn't take many keywords to get on the rubbish. Evilness of it so you can have you can be living in the country. Not city here but city literally in as well. Key point this really in this touches every aspect of our lives. Our thinking about. The statistics in Australia of mental health and I was really shocked you know because I've got this idea of how good living in the country is for the mind and how we think and we know it is but when you look at the statistics there's not much difference and we actually have more people committing suicide in the country than we do in the city you know where the elem what tells us to get out of the cities because of the suicide right in the city in her day now we had the suicide rate multiple times higher in the country and I believe there's all sorts of factors that lead into that but. When you go beyond mental health to physical health as well we can be like you say we can be in the country thinking like a city person we can be farming we can be involved in agriculture and we're in an airconditioned tractor the G.P.S. is basically driving it and we're sitting watching the T.V. in the tractor we do next to no physical labor we're in air conditioning as we go around our products. It can be even worse than that you can be on. The roadside anything and at the city in your head because farming is a business it's a business and what drives the city is money and economic money not in business so you can be farming and forefront of your mind is making money what city. You need a you need to earn the money but is that the driving force. All right I think it's time we give you know opportunity for some questions so anyone got any questions it just and you've got a question. I don't. Just want to comment on this he's very remarkable. And some of us have our battles personal. We have battles. As a choice of other things but I'd like the outdoors I'd like to be left alone and I don't need a lot of money but don't like me frank I don't like being poor I'm not all bad I want to be any poorer than I am I mean we struggle but we if it's very good a budgeting and. Our needs are met we give Lord. Offerings often give more offerings and we think we can afford him but we can always pay our bills but I do have my struggles in I don't want to be any I don't want my wife in any lower than it already is already went to the bank for a living. Me Arabic office did not your in the bread line these are now you work for yourself you write off a lot of equipment and. So my turn I reserve lot higher than what I show but yeah. You ridicule or are you thinking what are you doing in the wanting money to poor. And. I wanted a bar ID $1000.00 if I had $80000.00 in. The money I said I had a $1000.00 and sure that will solve the share that would be coming to you but have the city works. So you know I have my struggles with the with the money thing I don't want to. Go in there in Tumbarumba you know no disrespect cleaners or go on this on 1. Any questions ready to go. Just country living thing everything like obviously I believe it's right think of myself as well but. How would you answer a question like a meant to be in Times. Lost. I guess it's yeah how do we do that when we're on our country properties and doing our own thing and just trying to struggle with the how to survive her money all that sort of stuff and we focus on other people as well. And I was the still 1200 people living around me and they the Lord. Is a difference between country living my being living and being a monk or being a hermit We're not called to to do that firstly the mission field is our families and they're just spread so on next on neighbors and so forth country living doesn't mean you got to be. 100 away from a big city often talks about just outside the cities and the only thing our church in the city is the church I think the only thing church should churches in the city and we should move we should drive into the city on Sabbath and have your churches where you can I can't do that to Sydney you can do that to Sydney or Bridgeman So some people may just be just out on 5 acres or something you can buy your private small property like that and still grow your own food and. Answer the question I have a question if that question was answered. There's another aspect that. You know just in your were quite. The cities are to be worked but not by us living in them I think um pretty well verbatim there but we don't we live in the country in missionary to back into the city I believe that's the ideal situation. I tell you where you have to go and he opens and shuts doors we didn't want to be where we are. But God shut doors and direct just to where we are now. There's plenty of people outside of Sydney to you can you can work Sydney and Brisbane Siple but you cause like was. Then you got you still got a mission field Yeah and I think that brings up a really important point as well. We need to all individually rely on God for God. And he doesn't ask any 2 people or 2 families to do the same thing I don't believe and it will be different times for different people I think our challenge the challenge for us is to be open to easily I can layer laws hones lay our families on the altar and just say Lord. Direct me you know. Tell me when it's time you know by by your by your council by your providence is. By the Holy Spirit explain to me when when it's time to go and meanwhile wherever we are we can be missionaries and we can be active in our communities sharing our faith being loving and lovable Christians whatever God calls us to be in there and I just want to share that because the council these CLIA you know out of the cities out of the cities you know time and time again she says out of the cities get out of the cities into the villages and then into the country except trick setter but we need to be really careful that we are not pushing people. You know share the information share our experience but we need to leave each family's experience between them and the Lord so no person so you have a question just. You. Just want to add to what you just said you're in I'm not sure what the quote was from is in country living and she says that. Not to push people that the lordly talks may not doing it the word heist either heist but then she says don't be like a lot as well that loiter she says don't loiter somewhere between rushing and not doing anything is where this festival where we were all supposed to be. I or my question was to the young people Jessica center in regards to work. I'm not sure how to word it right in the country there's less work it provides opportunities to have your own business work for yourself which is absolutely ideal particularly when our rights and privileges are slowly eroding and you need some littles. That opportunity so that I was just wondering how the young people feel about less opportunity growing up in the country less opportunity for higher education when you go to Maine like for example just glad to get a camera. You need to be the closest place and the struggles with all this opportunity for work it's a really good question because in Australia and I think probably most western nations the migration of the young people is from a country to the city you know they get to 16 seventies old and they're off easy to to uni or to work looking for those opportunities you're talking about. Well yes the really good thing about this Tanay uses a lot of distance education so for me I'm studying I do it all from harm. I have practical stuff I do it through video kind of thing so. Yeah. It's not like studies of limits still definitely possible. And the other thing about working is I guess a story my brother. Because I lost early last year he decided he needed regular work and. Yes So he just made a flyer and said This is his name contact details interested in doing like farm hand taught work. Yard work lawn mowing. Yet as my Him self available and through that he has basically got full time work he started off he works on a farm down the road touring work sheet work fencing all that kind of stuff and that's regular and then through that contact another guy who came and worked there then he said working to him as well so that's also local That's like gardening landscaping work and. Yeah he's just then you know that guy's brother also has a farms or goes or helping with sharing other work around mocking everything so it's just like he just took that $17.00 initiative and God provided all these opportunities. Just through word of mouth I guess and that's the other thing about living in the country it's much more community based so if you work for someone you do a good job they're going to tell then you the night as everyone's going are like sometimes it's not such a good thing but. Yeah and so I threw that I think you must have more good days than in the city because it's there's not that kind of community. That community thing and yeah I think also the other thing comes back to faith in it was actually really amazing every time Luke was feeling like I need some more work he prayed about it and he just got a call from someone you know and you fly or I heard about you from song so you do this for me and even mom was praying for him like particularly 1 time and you know it cold and it's just like so repetitive and I think that's what it comes down to we just have to know that we're doing what God wants us to do and he'll provide those needs for us. But the other aspect of that with Luke is that he's been doing a man's work for a long time so even though he's a young man he's got all those practical skills you know and so he's he's useful to people. You know he's not a skinny little wimpy kid that doesn't know up from down. Because he's had that practical education. You know meeting just before lunch we're just talking about that actually entrepreneur. And. It is hard to find work. Over the last year the Tods of you know I'm going to go a lot I've been praying for work and looking for work and applying for work and not getting any work and. I got laid tonight as well because. I guess I just wanted a normal job and just do something normal. Other things me instead like I've been out to do some busking in town and get a living from that of me out to have a few violin students people actually come and ask me Can you teach teach me instead of me looking out people like I could easily get more students but I. Do and I haven't got around to is too busy for it. Like there are opportunities that come up it's not going to be the conventional way and that's good because if you're thinking outside the box and all can I do like even my sister she has been makes money honey with her wax with was everything she touches she turns to money her brother the same he has firewood business sells firewood to random people people dads work he puts flyers up and they just would like out like at least an hour north and south of us people are buying wood from us and I'm dad a stop sign off on his way to work on his way home from work and like God does open the doors to find work. And study like distance education and same course as Jess but yeah it's it is really a faith thing and I've been like I just want a normal job I don't want to have to go around this doing this outside the box thing but now it's been really going to show and God really blessed even though it's not I guess what some people might want. Any more questions. Thank you maybe a question for the parents and even the young adults socializing wise being in the country. Homeschooling And so for Dio live close to each other do you have other like minded families in the area or a church it's really buzzing all active or how do you find the right balance there or do they keep here like my family is my social life and us super content and happy with that because I often get that question oh are you sure you want to move out into the country and you wonder home schooling your poor girls what are they going to what kind of life are they going to have so it might be a good idea to ask someone who's got his hand experience. Just acquired I think the 1 that. We heard are now what maybe was 1 of the meetings out here on 1 of the main meetings talking about children having a simple quiet life and we moved into an area where there's lots of evidence families and it's really great we enjoy having around but mom has also been very careful of we need our own family time we can't just be socializing people time she she enjoys it when we can spend a whole week at home and just do our school work do our normal daily life and not have to be distracted by everything else happening and yet it is good sometimes really helpful to have that social support as well but I guess in our family we've really appreciated being out have a family times also we have sort of a mix of both but especially when I was younger it was a lot more without people now my younger siblings have a lot more people at the same age that I was when without as many people so I guess how God leads that is different as well for every person but yeah it's quiet simple life is good so it's not going to be a negative thing. I think if you want to raise the kids in the Lord and do the home schooling stuff it's a lot better if you are in the country because. Marriage is at Outback but the population still around $7000.00 people and I was at 1 point the only child being homeschooled so I was really isolated in a big amount of people so I was dismayed and then everybody else in the country at least it's there's not all these other people doing something completely different and so when I became take it back to high school in grade 10 and then I I just dive back into the world and it was a long journey to find myself back. I think the sometimes a bit of isolation away from adversaries really good. And that's definitely what saved me as well. Sort of really interesting. You feel isolated in a large group of people because you're doing something different there I can I can relate to them. That be really hard for you as a young person. So they go also Washington be a real blessing but it can also be a challenge coma. To go through different stages. The ideal scenario for the young children is to have isolation that don't need anyone else then mom and their dad of their world and that's how it's meant to be. All too soon in society our children are weaned from their parents and from the influence of family by school because once a child goes to school the parent is no longer the major influence in their life and we lose a lot of ground in that way. But I've found with my children. I have 6 so. They're over socialized with each other alone. And every child is so different I have 1 that is a homebody she doesn't want to go anywhere in fact at this camp you'll have really seen her be sitting in a cabin doing her school work she's very happy to be a line and when she's not alone she'll have 1 friend that she'll hang out with I have another that is sorry gregarious and outgoing that she just cannot be kept quiet she thrives on people and talking. And we as parents I think need to be aware of our children's needs I have another child who is quite a fairly quiet child and I didn't realize until very recently that he was in his teen and she is craving for friendship he hasn't had a friend church he's a he hasn't had a friend in our area too much around his same age. Now he has and. Yeah he's because of that he has craved a friendship and he's found it in some people in our community in the world that concerns me so we need to be and you know some of our children we can read him like a book we know what they're thinking we know what they like we know where the at others of our children are hard to read we don't know and and this particular boy I didn't know and if I had known I don't know what I could have done I could have prayed at least. About that particular thing so different stages of life they need different things but certainly I I don't think living in the country isolates the middle we neuer that. We know that what a child needs is mature adult influence not influence or influence will not elevate their characters but adult influence will it'll improve their communication skills it will give them life experience it will just help them in all sorts of social aspects in life whereas peer friendship is good short doses it's really good for them to have that learning that interaction. But yet won't have the blessing on the character that adult interaction will have. I was also going to add that socialization doesn't have to be in person like obviously that's what we think of when it's still a prop but. I've never had people my own age live next door neighbors like walking distance away like even they see every week and yet I have a lot of friends a lot of close friends and people I've been friends with for years and so I guess is just thinking outside the box again you know. I mean writing letters since I was 7 nights I'm like that you know so it's you can still have socialization. Through other ways and. I have friends without necessarily living close to other people. And the other thing I'll just buy a personal experience from half hourly with. Yeah that was a situation and like a few years ago probably yes. I I guess I resented it quite a bit that you know we didn't have any friends around it seems like it was a normal thing that you have friends you aren't age that you see like really often and so I was like deprived. But over time like looking back now I can see that that was really the best thing because yeah family is so much closer together and also our relationship with God like in that situation where church is not. Church is about God because that's where you have you know you know worshipping. Sometimes worshipping the learning things like that so it doesn't become a social thing for me I know that if if that was the case I probably would have you know going to church to say friends right whereas if friends on there then it comes down to God and when that's all you're left with. That relationship really strengthens I'm really thankful for that. That God will use that to strengthen our family relationship and also our relationship with him. Any more questions. So what is the key at 5 years from you for a family. Going to transition to the country based on your experience. That's a big question really what you're going to answer. Direct to the question to you. It's passing the buck. Advice to a family shifting to the. I'd like to give you some advice from a husband suspected. Do everything you possibly can to Mike the transition as smooth as possible for your queen. As we've shared our experiences that it's sometimes very difficult and they have lived in very difficult circumstances for a long time you know it took me 33 and a half years to build the house we live in at the moment and it got to the point where temporary situation was so difficult you know it was really affecting Desley and. Under a lot of pressure you know affecting your mental health just yeah so it's our responsibility not to have everything perfect but. To have our queens knowing I have our hearts and that we're doing whatever we can to help them to make it as easy as possible. I was in Tennessee in the states doing some training and I was really busy very busy focused on my studies and Desley and. Eldest daughter was I think 3 years old at the time and we were living in this really cool in America trailer and living in this trailer you know and you know it's pretty rough OSPS in any way and I remember this gentleman you know very. Very black not very many. Very white hair what a champion brother Johnson his name was and he came to me 1 day and he says Boy you need to spend more time with your wife. And I said I said Yeah I know brother Johnson but you know I'm here I come all the way from astray I'm here for 3 months go to a chief and he said you didn't hear me boy. You know spend more time with your wife and I got. Another. Boy if mama ain't happy nobody ain't happy. Now you go spend time with your what. And that's fantastic for me that was really you know have oil have always kept that in the front of my mind made up my hoss Priority No probably not you know my selfish heart and my misguided priorities maybe you know my wife hasn't always been happy and I know how I haven't always been able to do what I can't but but the thing is as as a couple as a father in my bar. We need to be looking out for each other and we need to be annoyed on what it because as much as possible doesn't mean we blend into being 1 person OK but we need to be 1. So that because it's hard it will be hard and we all face different provocations and and challenges and we need to be taught and they'll be times when you're on top when it just becomes too difficult for her. And yeah like Justin you'll be out in the doghouse you know if you mention it OK. It'll be really difficult and the relationship will be strained OK And it's al role to humble ourselves as the husbands and lead in that reconciliation and and really think about what we can do to might the lot for a wife and if there's not much that we can do you know Justin struggling to build a house and appropriate to ailing for his coin 5 years OK he's put everything into it OK but but I know that a vet will appreciate the fact that as difficult as it is for him that's what he's trying to do you know justin used to live in Canada and he loves the skiing snow skiing in Canada. But he doesn't go in for a single trip to Canada Well he's been building the house OK that's the focus starts to priority providing for his corn and his 2 children is the priority through all the challenges she will appreciate So that's 1 bit of advice I'd give you anyone else. Goes from a voice for Jeffrey. I think it's already been said that the greatest challenges are greatest blessings when everything goes wrong it's OK A sooner or later you won't look at it as everything going wrong it meant nothing may have changed physically but your mind will change. Sometimes you just have to stick with it. And we have to allow our children to go through hard times as a parent that's challenging it's challenging not to provide for our children everything that they want or everything that society says they need. But it's actually better for them if we don't it's better for them to have to work hard it's better for them to have to sacrifice and to make those struggles with us engage them in the struggles let them know that the reason why we can't do that or we're not doing that is is this and we believe it's best for us so we're all making sacrifices together. Yeah and you know I I can look back I can look back on my really hard times now and think What a blessing it was for me and my family. You know as Rod said I really struggled mentally at the end of my 4 years in the combination we had and I was at the point where I was saying I'm moving out and you can come if you want to but I'm going because I can't do this any longer. And by God's grace a miracle happened and we got to get moving to a house very quickly but at that time when I was feeling like that there was no light at the end of the tunnel for me there has to be a light there has to be a light at the end of the tunnel to keep you going. And that lot can be something really small a goal that you're aiming for but there has to be something there that you're reaching for together. Yeah and don't expect don't expect it to be smooth and it's that yes we're following the lower we're doing country living our lives are going to be good now going to be challenging now and more challenging than you've ever experienced but but you grow with those challenges and you become the people that God well by God's grace we will all become the people God wants us to be we're still you know we we haven't made it we still have our struggles I still have mine my dummy spits. It's by God's grace so do the work in me another bit of advice that I'm coming to realize the significance of very light. In some sense to light and that is in the business of trying to hold your head above water. To talk with your children not just in work you know I work for 3 or 4 hours in the garden 3 youngest children and it's great isn't it I spent I'm spending time with my kids. But they're not always there by the choice OK That's part of their schooling that's part of their loss not by choice that does it I'd rather be riding their horses or swimming in the den and so it's important for me as a father and I've done this really to my shine to put my work aside which would gobble up 40 ideas of the dice that's where there was to spend time with my kids you know Jack my live in your own it's shameful to to even remember how many times you asked me to go 1st we've been the dam with him last week you know we're busy with the garden. We're busy with preparing for the conference except for a bit he'd asked me 3 or 4 times would die you know I did it once. And I was there for 10 minutes but you know what it meant the world to him he didn't ask me for another couple of days. So spend time with your kids yeah just any of that anything. Now the conference once a conference is every going to go and have. At the end conferences catch up. At the end of the conferences catch up with the kids. Backwards and forwards I've never seen Rudd so be it for us to catch up with the kids and the now you're going to have to sort of practice what you've just been preaching because you get to catch up on the garden but but see Jack was happy with 10 minutes in the in the day so every 3rd day and God is merciful for much. Jack. Yeah but he too busy. But at least he did it once and for 10 minutes and he was happy for 2. Minutes because strategically just before lunch time. Every every sermon should have more of an impact on the preacher than the people sitting in the pews and. If. You're an instant good friend you really challenge me. Opening me up to bearing my SO now I look it's really interesting you asked that because. I guess being a bit of a workaholic I was back at the Garden this morning picking beans. And. Putting between I don't inches into feet of growth and the hanging off the. Strings and I just had to stop and do it you know so I had to try and improve this morning. And as I'm walking past I'm looking to make music that need all the dead leaves trimmed off so that the doesn't get stuck into I'm looking over there that need pruning and I'm looking at the way we. Catch up I need all the kids and all of you to come and catch me up in the garden. But nice thank you thank you for giving me that challenge and setting my priorities right. Why is it that we particularly bad A-Q. cumbers and tomatoes in their training but we neglect the important training you know we let those little things going out children and when we 1st see it we don't know if it and deal with it but we let it go it's a real object lesson that we can just be so focused on our work that we just miss things in our families completely. When he finished. Just that I just want to add to. It but. Women get the most satisfaction from their families generally and men get facts from from providing for our family so our woman can be flat out busy doing what she has to do. But. Is always a surrounding the family I think that the temptation is greater for a man. To put his children 2nd is always work to do. Everything. Like what roadsign they grow up and then in a blink of an eye on the go on and off they go. Still tomatoes to work with and he comes and. In the end he can his kids come 1st. Any last questions. So you know in relation to. Conversation that he had it kids have question about homeschooling because seriously considering my SO I haven't actually converted my wife just yet because she's just not too sure she can see the benefit but she sure we can do it so that we don't regret doing it but the main thing that I see is that like if you homeschool like I think you mentioned it before that. We get to spend more time with them as opposed to them as pending their time with someone else that we don't really know what they believe in although we have a kid or what went to school. Not all of them out of interest and stopped at there and people that are going around so I can see that might. Change somewhat since they starting to go to school so just wondering any if there's any like tips on the show that you have to send your kids to school 1st and then transition into homeschooling but if there's anything. Homeschooling or done do anything right you go to school. John the Baptist home school in Jesus Christ home schooled the Israelites home school and true education reflecting the character of Christ the school I'm going to do that. Is you and your wife now are 9 song women who said yes I'm going to homeschool and then you see in a few years later and the kids are at school I asked my husband why isn't your wife homeschooling your homeschooling and he said No we wrote that my wife hasn't got the personality for rubbish rubbish there's 1 thing in the hate to do to home school and the now of self that's all it takes because this cannot deny self. Yeah Halse the food won't be as good and the Thai will your house won't be as Klein if you was doing it because they can do everything in my my humble opinion I think I've since run our own refine that in my humble opinion I think you need to consume really strongly consider homeschooling apart from not just go to. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service leader Visit W W W audio verse or.


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