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Growing... in the Dark

Theressa Wood




  • December 3, 2017
    6:30 AM


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OK growing growing in the dead. Growing stuff is a part of many of the many of us go here is the part of our day is that not every day almost every 1 of us is involved in sound bomb or fashion probably in growing stuff some of us on a very small scale and some of us on a very very big scale but as we move through the motions of growing stuff I wonder how often how often do we missed the miracle of the mind. Like when you've just gone out and you've seen that the last seed raising trays that you just last ARE had has germinated overnight does that just kept your breath or does it make you go wow. I hunt it down because it's a miracle a miracle every seed that Jim and I use a miracle but what about when you're out picking your abandoned. Does it make you go wow thank you Donna do you pause in the moment just to lift your eyes to heaven and say wow thank you no thank you for the cross I hope you today I believe that plants the world of rolling stock in the still speaks as much of the splendor of God as the heavens. But I now live this is easy and I know that sometimes the moment simply passes by but right Mel you are not P.C. right now you are not going anyway so can you just pulled for a moment with me to just wander in The Miracle Of course we can it's that simple. We going to pretend we're in school just very much what to plant during the day. But I sympathize exactly that their main mission during the days to simply stand there underneath the blue blue sky less than shine in to get to much of the light to take up the water use the carbon dioxide that they have taken into themselves and convert it all into these beautiful young me stuff called Sugar In give out oxygen like that they use just wow I mean really how many of you can take a molecule of water in space it so that then you can provide something as life giving as oxygen that's a miracle that is something I only God can do and that itself makes me go Wow What about the rest of a couple dark side and the way that it takes like a waste product in terms of into something yummy like shot at you know the process of by the synthesis is an absolute may recall that was a crash course in our A Synthesis we don't have time. We can move on from that with the daylight in range and we can move on and look at the life of a plant in the evening in eventually the life of the plant at night so in the evening after it's done all that better synthesis What's the plant do well it's had its busy day it's created a balance to fold supply of the photosynthetic and often evening a plant actually drops. 20 to 30 percent of the carbohydrate the sugars that it's formed down into its red zone for 20 to 30 percent of it goes down down down into the roach it doesn't keep all of it up in the plant in what is a dubious se because it's going to mirror feed the microorganisms that are down in the soil. There are a multitude of microorganisms that are really close to their roots dying in the plants going to see these beautiful young me show views on to the microorganisms why because by good microorganisms are the friends of the plants and that they are in turn going to feed the plants because it's the microorganisms that can make the minerals in the soil more plant available so in return the microbes the supply of it is at the beautiful system 1 of I guess what Darwin was talking about if that day. How they are all these cycles that God has built into nature that continually serve each other in this beautiful way for us to see and is that concept of freely you have received and so like you. And I want to talk about the cycle of beneficence and it's that same concept that we see just simply of an evening when the plants are gifting some of the sugar down to the microorganisms the micro can isn't feeding the plant in return. And I think it's just futile because God is a God of order in the way that we see God working here in just this tiny little sliver of nature each hour is 1 of not just self-protection and hoarding and taking out their lives which we as humans in to do too much of but it's 1 of the abundant it's a picture of abundance it's as a picture of sharing it's a picture of you doing. Belief out be. It beautiful God by the beautiful. OK now all of that was fascinating we have kept it in frame the day life of a pandemic of an embrace that evening lack of a plan but where we are going even into the night of the. 1 night I woke up suddenly like but. I was sound asleep 1 minute thing I was wide wide way. And I wasn't just the way I was awake with the question already racing around in my mind it was crazy I don't I cannot explain why this happened and the question that was running around in my mind for whatever reason was. What a plan does at night. And I don't know why that happened and I think you are your sleep would have been better about here I am wide awake and wanting 1 to plan that in. I I lay there thinking you know what plants grow at night. So why am I thinking about it. But I couldn't help but I couldn't go up in the morning I know in the day I but I'm going to have to restart this I'm going to find out more information that my my questions inside see that and want I had made me. What have Eve Troeh that plants grow they take guys. Stone structures that been formed during the day and all the minerals but the microbes of going back to them and they don't think grow but now they grow grow grow was new God mostly but there's more to it than that. I actually had the privilege of watching online a picture of a pumpkin a video diary of a pumpkin that had been taken on time lapse in they'd taken it over theories of days and nights so you could watch the pumpkin growing. Unfortunately I was unable to do and I read the video because of the quality of it it just wasn't going to show very well on the screen but the good news events that I feel I can demonstrate to you how the pumpkin drives you will need to use your imagination not in life. I K I think you guys precise enough you need your imagination and I need you to imagine for a moment that when I'm blowing my own it's not time and when I take a breath it's daytime Can you imagine that you're ready. You. You've got it you got the idea. You agree that the pumpkin Gras is in the syndrome. Yes. To the crime or tonight. I'm just thinking. As I said before Brant happens in the night shift do you. Do you grow more at night what I mean you do you grow spiritually when all is just well life in the Navy like the daytime around you or do you write virtually When you are walking through the darkness to die most of the time. The valley of the Shadow do you cry Meister in the trials of life when you had her on every side when you were walking by faith and not by sight. When your press so tightly into the side of God that you are all to trust him he's really honest even though you cannot see him or feel you earlier this year I went through a trial that absolutely flattens me we all have our now down side we like every day every 1 a question we have be out on the downs of life but every now and then in law to go through a crisis in my book 1 of the guys in. Daily I was pressed into a very very painful situation and I was in a very dark play and I grew by the grace of God. Spiritually I grew so I applied to God I started every day and I enjoyed every day but I have to you. But it was in this dark place that I write the words of something that 1 day my song The chorus is related to me Let it be and I will you see there had been just hold my hand let it be intro make life I'm Lord let it being I guess my spiritual growth with our just real inside tangible and I was so I'd like to start this side of God even though with her but I didn't want to end. With that thing that. I felt like a pumpkin grounding in the. Rowing in the dark and I got to feeling that you each identify with 1 thing because of all being men growing in the dark. It's because that the Roman is we also glory in tribulation knowing that tribulation produces perseverance and. Her death in character mind and heart does not disappoint. The Bible repeats itself in chains in a different sort of way but saying the same thing counted all joy when you fall into various trials now in the testing of your faith produced with patience let patient have a perfect work that you may be. Complete and lacking nothing Did you catch the last few words of their. Perfect completely lacking nothing you know I'm not talking here about just an average that I've spoken with an average sized play that I'm talking here about a prime with the prize winning 5 pumpkin with a heavenly high Brix Leyva. You know we can be confident that he didn't have began a good work is going to complete it a man that is complete it to the point of perfect a complete and lacking nothing in faeces 1 God is doing in you in the ME. Praise God the child. Praise God for the doubt praise God and somehow work everything together for good praise God for growth for spiritual growth praise God who helped us to grow to grow in the time. That they are you more you saw a lot more about these growing in the light and Norman and remember I said that when I looked into it I way it was God's world of nature is deeply fascinating and I believe it's designed to make us go wow. Why because it brings glory to him. Summering searches in Norway at the John. Eames center have been studying a plant it's a it's a plant from the mustard family in there made some discoveries that have made them go well it's astonishing though they say it's mind boggling what they have learned about plants and the way they grow but not 1 that actually discovered the plant have these even built ability to do math but physically the vision. How does this work. In the night and while you are snoring. Plants actually have the ability the Calculate the optimum range at which they need to take up in a dog. In fact the sugars that they have made during the day. In this is what you've waited that amazing flush of growth that we see urbanite like I was showing you with the pumpkin. So how do they do it how do we do they do these calculations. Basically simply 50 as possible. The plant has the ability to kind of measure the amount of sugar is that in the plant at the end of the day I think to the way the able to sort of quantify quantify the amount because if we don't going to get from depending on well the amount of light that they've been exposed to during the day at the end of the day they're able to kind of quantify that in that we're going to call that it. At the show or that whatever you want to call. Him because there's kind of got like an internal body clock like you and I have an internal body clock and of course it runs on a $24.00 hour cycle just like that they've been able to also quantify time so Tista the time. In these has to do we have how many hours of light the plant has been exposed to in so beneath is able to figure out how many hours of darkness is coming in it's why is that making sense. That are in basically take the concentration of the molecules for 1 of the better term to be indeterminate have quickly or slowly it's going to need to use up the phone I think that that it has stored in its system so are basically the quantity of air molecules will speed up the post stimulate the breakdown of the stats and that needs to go into the growth of the plant in the amount of team knowledge the old kind of flies the prices down so basically what happens is the formula here and divided by T. is set in the plant is able to use out its stored I have a night at just the right way. Because if it want to use out eats by the stores the medicine plates to quickly are the night it might get to the middle of the night have used up all that stored in still have many more hours of darkness until the sun lights up in the morning that that makes then it's very very clever but of course if they use them up too soon Luckily he then they'll get to the morning time when they'll have some left over that they could have put in to grow. I hope you're tracking with me the calculations are all criticize that by dawn we knew the gardener as just crawling out of did that plant had actually used out 95 percent of this deal to have a fraction left over for an emergency you know a good. You know you thought Sorry never. But that's going to isn't. What was even more fascinating than that was when the research is that of building 2000 and they changed the amount of night time that the plant had to go through so what they did is they shortened the day before shortening the line period in they made the plan to go through a long night. In what was the plant was able to do them and the plant was still able to only use 95 percent of this bill by morning the very next morning now I don't know if anyone was struggling with that I'm going to give you about right. Can you imagine with me that these marbled hero this the plaza that I was in that set the plant has to use up for the not. So on a normal night. The plant is going to use them up at this sort of a range actually tracking with that sort of speech. On a night away the hours of no lie. Unless this is what the researchers did so therefore the hours of 9 I going to be longer the plant used the stolen more annoyed me like these is that making sense. What do you suppose happened on them that I mean the rays that just gave them more light during the day the plant knew that it was going to have less not less darkness that not so what did the planet so quickly yet. See. In that you know I'm not trying to suggest here that plants have intelligent then that wasn't what the the researchers when trying to suggest that plants have intelligence it's just simply suggesting that there is a mechanism to him that plants that give them the ability to automatically regulate how fast they burn the cabin which it's at night that hey put that in the clam. God test while my rambling on about the fall you want to get up to breakfast in the clocks against me and the old stomach around belaying are OK can we momentarily step away from the book of nature for a minute and just concede out what it says in the Word of God I don't have time to open it for you but you know I use the talks about Laurie and the lilies of the field. Why why are because God what he's doing. Instead of me reading it from the way of God Can I just rephrase it in my work while Ari can sit any plan to have a go at night if God can build mind boggling mathematical mechanisms to care for the needs of the ground of the deal can't he look up to you. God is so I can tell him we just don't get it. He has 3 lethal beat of outside in you scale in his hands and we often don't realize that enough we often don't trust him and that we wiring and we stress and we fret way too much honestly if God can look after the growth of the plant life to these sort of point where he just leaves them every night no matter what has been used 95 percent of his thoughts and still have a little bit left I've been trying to think he can look up to you in our times of doctor's tones in 1st Corinthians to him for you it was God you faithful he will not lead to be tempted beyond what you are I have all. Just like God knows how much that the plant has and how many hours of nice it has a hate of it in the plant because past city to say the night out out without using up all of its resources that saying God knows how much you can handle he knows your strengths he knows your weaknesses he knows your character he knows what may be preventing he know you want me going he who began a good community is trying to accomplish it he's going to complete it but sometimes the best of what is done in the. Trust you. Trust him because he's faithful it has begun that speaks of being mature fully grown up in the Lord measuring up to the full statue. Of Christ God's going to keep you growing growing until you reached full maturity and that used to be like Jesus and I think you stepped away micro he said it's. I've got a lot more growing to do. And probably a lot more Dak child behavior but I know I can trust I can trust God. So my talents to each of the family God knows agrarian 1 of a fellow diggers in that. When you are out there banging the greit that you see every day or perhaps every night. Just please take a minute to pause and praise God for it. And when you see what God can do in your plan you'll find diaper a reason to chuck that I am God in the dark times of your life in praise him for the miracle of the Christ in your life even after. Let's pray. A loving heavenly Father. Is side to. Your sorrow good to all your creation and we see your fingerprints in every way to help us to trust you because you are faith and trust. We love you and we thank you. For all the multitude of ways you make the band. You are a man. This media was brought to you by audio to a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio 1st of all you would like to listen to more service leave W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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