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  • December 3, 2017
    9:30 AM


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Some of these tools are generally applicable to all of us and some are more appropriate for a larger scale. Operation you know there's Lee and I and our young people are never really measured up how much we're growing on that over and I think and these 2 of the difference between madness and sanity of. Some suggest it was true still straining on the madness side. Or even might be possible in impossible OK. And I don't really want to take the time to talk about all of them you can come and talk to me afterwards. But just absolutely fantastically appropriate technology for the sort of scale that most of us I think of thinking of especially those that aren't relying on tract is to do their planting in cultivation So it ranges from OK. You know the 1st thing we need to do is prepare our garden beds so here we have what's called a broad fork and there's lots of different types of these but this is an amazing tool that helps you prepare your soil and you can see how long the tines are and it's just a matter of pushing it into the soil with your feet and if you all saw anything like mine when we started off by the jump up and down and we go with this and to get it down and then use crack the soil go OK you don't turn it over you describe it and then you come back 6 or 8 inches and you do the same again and my testimony is that now solely extremely I can just use a simple edge to extremely poor and difficult not quite as bad as Richard's I don't think that he's grown. But we couldn't grow carrots. Just for a master using this you know 3 or 4 times over 3 or 4 different crop cycles we can successfully grow beautiful hair. It's just been fantastic and it lets it air rights the soil you know it it helps to adjust the biology down there and it's building topsoil for us I can see it our soil is improving in front of our eyes so we're really fantastic to broad Falk and then after the beds prepared we want to we want to plant and 1 of the tools that are brought home from America from John and Pam's farm. Is this 4 row seed are OK and this is fantastic for small cities and you can adjust it for various sides season so as seeds and you put your seed in each of these hoppers and you just pull it through the prepared ground and opens a little sorrow and drops the seed. So you're planting 4 rows at once you know if you ever open the Florida plant carrots and then come along and try to sprinkle the sea so absolutely I can't I don't want to say oh I forgot this 1 D. This is my favorite lady my 2nd favorite all my 3rd favorite. So after the broad forking and you use your fertilizer already be doing you want to write to bed nice and smooth and this is so light come on play with sidelight and it's just so perfect and the right with for the beds that I use and. It's a sweet Reich OK And then when you want to plant you transplant you just slip these little plastic things on here like this and you use that to mock your rows so all of my brassicas are pointing $33.00 rows to a bit so I just run along like that and if I want to I can just crosshatch it like that so I know exactly where my plants are going to be transplanted just beautiful and then what is your favorite part of gardening. Cultivating we don't wait OK if if we're waiting if we're waiting we are unfaithful husband MN and if any of you come to my garden tomorrow. You'll see how unfaithful of being over the last month or son I saw a couple of tools this is our favorite tool this is called a steer a pony and you know with an old hoe you go like this remember doing that OK well this 1 you stand up straight and you go like this it cuts both white as you going forward and backwards coming have applied with it take it out saw it and you've got some palm tree and I we're not affecting OK that's you know we used to use english shows you know a garden and the children as we walked down the hill towards the garden I'd say What are we doing this morning dad and I'd say cultivating. Walk slowly down to the shed and get the old highs this is the 1st 1 of these new tools at our door and we'll be walking over the hill there down the hill towards the garden and I say what are we doing this morning Dad cultivating and the 3 of them would break into a gallop to try to be the 1st 1 to get to this because then 1 could use this and the other 2 and me had to use English. So I bought multiple ones of them and so everyone's happy and then there's this what's called the colinear OK this is an invention of hilly Coleman and fantastic just see we want to cultivate when the waves are really small OK And then these tools just come into their own and I just look we don't have time to go into this but it's just fantastic and then down here this is the the best of them all I think and this is called a wheel. And we've got a photo. First of all explain so once again there's an oscillating steer or you can see that with the blight sharp on both sides and so whether you're pushing or you're pulling it's cutting the weight cutting the waves off and as you go it also turns the weeds over so exposes the roots and if you do this on a you know on a sunny day those words you did really in an hour or 2 at a come back OK absolutely fantastic David took this time on Thursday OK And David's got a Hall. Not cover. So. It's got this problem with not grass up there on right here where he and his family. And and vegies and. If we've got 2 slides here. 730 at night like I've got time with a real home. An hour later. OK this is how fast you go down these roads OK like that now you compare that with what you're doing with an English Oh you're still back there on. Absolutely fantastic we don't pardon I was and this yes absolutely you know I can't recommend these tools high enough and then over here I think you probably heard John and Pam sharing about their son Jonathan the agriculture inventor farmers friend look it up on the Internet he's got some fantastic things and this young man how old was he when he invented this 16 Come on you know that it says in the spirit prophecy that is it because and I'm paraphrasing here as it becomes harder and harder to grow. Plants agriculture is going to become harder and harder that God would inspire people to invent tools to make it easier this is 1 of them you know God I really believe God inspired you know it common and Jonathan together and the other people that helped Jonathan do this thing this is called a quick Greens have the stuff you know how mesclun all the salad mix is a really popular these guys you know how people used to cut it with scissors or with a very expensive tractor drawn secret piece of equipment and then Jonathan invented this and basically put a cordless drill on him which turns an oscillating blight see this bread knife blade and young people we've lost the god. Young people go this is extremely sharp blade that goes backwards and forwards like an electric bread knife and this then these places in my camp McCraw me can you see how it's working these places I'm a crummy flick I've been flicked the leaves into this hopper and you can ask is fantastic so this is a market gardening too right OK maybe not worth the investment for a home garden unless you really love you make solid leads OK but this is range of appropriate tools. I can't impress on you have. Important doing to us in al learning process and now quest to become productive So these are difficult to get in astray or there's 1 supplier that's been supplying them for a little time. But we decided if we decided that we need to make these more viable and so our 1st shipment of these tubes is sitting in Sydney right now that was supposed to be here for this conference but I got the light on the wind Bangkok so we've bought a whole range of these tools except we don't have any of these coming at the moment the quick cut grain sobs but these tools that are political to market gardening or home gardening alike we've got a shipment of those coming so if you're interested in it all just go to the eastward website and I'll put a link up but a little business is called gardeners tool box OK And with this is just launching this gardeners Tool Box dot com. There's not even a website there yet OK So just 1 and I'll send out an e-mail to you or when I become available which is Monday. As soon as there are all right any questions about those before we move on now. OK I welcome everyone to what we've called our general forum and as I said before we're looking to give you opportunity to ask any questions that have so far been answered. To make suggestions and to have a discussion about where we might go with this movement but before we do that can we kneel together to pray. Lord we just conscious that we are very important climbing history and we don't believe it's a coincidence that any of us are here. This weekend Lord we trust your leading and guiding. Because we know how much you love us and we know that you're not willing to just let us float through life without you providing opportunities for us. To come in contact with your will and law decide what we would do with that we thank you for your counsel and your guidance that. It seems that you've more richly be started upon a small than possibly any of the people here are thank you so much for that but Lord at the same time we apologize that we have been and largely are still ignorant off into the Lord we confess that we have often become aware of your Will women chose in their own path way anyway both as individuals and as a people in order Thank you that we here that we can reconsider that we can be exposed maybe for the 1st time maybe again to your womb for us as individuals and families even in this context because we know you will be so much broader than what we've talked about but we see that what we have been talking about is such a foundation. Lord we want to be in your school we want you to be our instructor and followed May we keep these things in mind as we discuss not only this calm conference but also. What might be before us and we want you to guide him and Lord we see that as your truth your we will equates with your truth and you promised Jesus himself promised that he would send you Holy Spirit and he would lead us into all truth and so that's what we ask for here reveal your will to us of Jesus being so bit of procedure we have our panel here are very happy to answer any and all questions that you might put to them and if you run out of questions or got a few for them yes myself all right we have a microphone set up down the front so Cleese your questions or comments suggestions went like you to come down and again I would ask you to keep it brief. We're not always the best at doing that here I am talking for half an hour's preliminaries you know OK so I'm not going to say anything more come on down ask your question might you comment but please keep it brief and to the point and please keep it in context we don't want to talk about I'm sorry err American problems is this we don't want to talk about Donald Trump today OK I just say there's an illustration as we want to keep it in context OK So is anyone ready to start all I start asking questions are good on you Tony thank you and panelist your way please any or all of you if you've got something in to contribute please do that let's see what is the Prez's of moving to the country successfully begats always lation still sufficiency in pale and others. So shall we put that only Jennifer next conference. When I watched him like to briefly talk he did you go to the country living stream I cried the 1st suggestion I have is that you are vile yourself from the ordeal in the video. Because I know just in anything but a lot of those things in their preliminary 2 hour session. Would anyone like anything you want to add anything to that. OK That was a little bit difficult so I would just ask you not to keep it a point to keep it coherent so tiny Can you come back to just ask the question of a bit more slowly. What is involved in moving into the country as we say you see being fulfilled and we see the agency as living independently What do you see what do you recommend for us to prepare ourselves for that move into the country. Thinking the 1st thing is to examine the council we've been given and it is doing more questions in regard to the council to take it to pray. That's my answer and. There are some some good resources out there and again the ones I'm aware of are American but I think much of the information would be applicable here Dave Westbrook has a country living university that has a lot of good information on it and then the Meisner family. Could just fill that drum am I. Know is that. S S N E R Maybe. Melton media ministry. Both the parents and the Son are involved in that ministry another keyword you might search for is sustainable preparedness I think maybe that's the name of their website but both administers families that are helping people to make this move to the country and they have a lot of D.V.D.'s and information. OK At 1. 1 thing I would just like to add as well and white has a lot of council against making precipitous moves to the country and you know John mentioned so many people get all fired up and they make the move and then they just can't you know they can't make a living they can't they can't stay and they end up going back to the city Ellen White really counsels to know what you're doing have a plan and know that you're able to work that plan before you make the move. Thank you OK any further question. This is a question for my mother but in your last May Ching. You said that every school of Agriculture rejects the standards which stand the standards are you referring to well like we can we have the 10 Commandments as a standard well in the state of mineralization as a standard and if you look at every 1 of the schools of thought in agriculture they'll either spell. Organic matter or they're focusing on energy. For their They're all only excepting limited aspects of a standard but nobody is actually accepting a full standard. And when you talk to people who are very supportive of those. Ways and those schools of thought they become very offended when you talk about a standard of accountability of the you actually at the measure something after so that's what I was referring to there is actually a standard in the soil just like there is a standard of the 10 Commandments and in fact in my class I shared it is more than the 10 commandments. The 2nd volume of the testimonies page $770.00 says that there are laws that govern our being and to violate them would be the same as breaking the 10 Commandments so there is a standard we don't like that standard because we don't measure up to it but there still is 1. And and so you're suggesting the standard in the soil is. The addressing of the law was clickable to the soil exactly it really comes back to the mineralization part of it. Because it affects the rest of the condition of the soil we look at the different at components the that the gas phase the solid days and liquid phase it's actually a solid phase of the terminal phase which is actually representative when you look at manmade form from the dust of the earth and he was made in whose image he was made in God's image so that form is a standard of God of the image of God. And so. When you look at that you have to there is a standard there to be measured. And we don't like and like I said most of the thought all except that standard or just are they ignored or outright rejected. Thank you once again this is the reason why we recorded all of the seminars so that. Those of us that have insight in all of the presentations can involve themselves of of light around so you probably took a whole class to cover those 15 sentences that you said. Hours turned her horse. Beautiful next question up please please come and sit down the front near the marker phone so you're good to go so we don't have gaps in between. I think this may have been addressed but you just said that we are going to have access to this resource in have is that going to unfold how do we access that yet to be determined exactly so we've approached or do you know her to see if they'd be interested in taking all the audiotape so that would be free download straining or download or streaming from a website or her start all does it and if you're not familiar with audio hers right don't know Google it right now and look at it because it's the most fantastic resource ministry sources absolutely fantastic whether you're interested in prophecy current dance agriculture you know practical Christian living it's all there are thousands of high quality presentations and so we'd love Matthew for this to be added to that you can also go there and see the audiotape from how many I digress conferences through. You know audio verse can be rather overwhelming because there's thousands and thousands of talks on there but if you swipe to the side or press on the menu thing you can search by speaker by topic by conference so you can you can look under agriculture and there's there's lots of presentations not just from our conference but other ones as well. You can search by conferences so you go to admin is Agricultural Association and it will have. This is that doesn't happen for some reason. I haven't talked about technical cost but. Because I'm an ignoramus when it comes to that but we'll be providing them on out there already on the web so I envisage because we'd really love that to be free so I can just go. And I envisage will so I will be able to produce a for those that are more comfortable with that technology. And then the David. Will be editing out them over time as the guys have capability miking them. That's the story of everything that was filmed in. The beginning of the country living and also. Recorded for us so. Yeah. Absolutely this quite a number of things that we're going to need to inform your well. Period of time as they become. Questions or rod we filming in a strike at Agra or are we coming under the American umbrella and what's membership in balls. OK yet to be determined all these hard questions like I'm this afternoon off to lunch the organizers sitting down and having a meeting partly to consideration of your suggestions that you're going to give us in the next half an hour also to plot the the Course forward and I guess there's a number of options before us and I'll just be frank about it 1 of them is to start an association here and we've had discussions with that I you know in America and. The consideration is that we start our own association here in this country and the other consideration or possibility is that the conference just continues under the general and brawler of Eastwood and their activities and so not sure yet. Those decisions will be made in the next little while so please please put that to prayer. We want this to be a movement we don't want to be inhibiting any why we want we want we just need God to take those stumbling blocks out except for those ones that he he wants to put in and why so that he can he can he can teach us so please privately thanks for your question Ben. Anyone else thinks I just have a suggestion when my friends of famine in the famine community and say this is a really old for them. No Say going to the other states of Australia what will be the place. And yet it's going to be things happening around the Strait. Not just the east coast because it's always the East Coast. But being a West Australian. I can completely empathize with what you're saying and you. We started here for 1 simple reason and that is where most of the people are in this is where. I was close to home to that was important sorry for those further afield but I. Completely understand where you're coming from and the committee that's going to be set up to take it from here obviously consider that exactly venues are a challenge. Any venue that we don't own ourselves is very expensive and it's very expensive to set up their own venues you know we've got 270 I guess an asteroid from here where we could all go and camp there. We need to bring you 10 OK and you're. OK And so. So venue is really important All right so pray about that please join us in Korea the other thing is you know is it going to be anything else you know we'd love to and as we go along as people are going to share ideas we want to go further than a conference right sitting down for 3 or 4 dies it's fantastic we hear a lot but what about learning a little bit and then put it into practice learning a little bit and then putting it into practice you know I'll be happy to teach you how to use to steer a pod in my garden. Like I said we're looking at it so we really this is why we want your suggestions right because you're going to have some ideas some of the panel members have got some great ideas that we're going to be crying about assuring police so what's the sign. OK this is the start of a movement we're going to go where God's going to lead this we got not only this we're going to already I coming regarding your friends probably to die harvesting. Grine in South Australia to die and couldn't be here. The primary reason why we had the conference at this time of year because it's a crazy time for me you might have seen me leave at 4 o'clock this morning to go home and try to keep my garden alive. Is because if we didn't do it this time of year Darren couldn't be here Edwin and Jennifer couldn't be here with Mark couldn't be here John Pam couldn't be here because this is I've just finished the growing season right OK things have slowed down and I coming into into winter so we took the call although it's not a good time of year for stridency it was impossible for them to come when it was a good time for us so that's something we're going to have to manage down the track until we have enough agro musts So Whitney doesn't have to come anymore and we now have enough families that have had the experience so John pen you know what I mean so these guys can stay home or go to Moldova or or the roof or somewhere to an agriculture conference started so that's something we're going to have to juggle fantastic considerations and anyone want to comment on those struggles of managing organizing conferences and things of. Pleasing everyone all at once I tell you realise is impossible so you make a good anymore questions Paul OK so I'd like to hear if it's possible just a brace summary of what you would recommend for the soil testing process. And I guess I'd like to hear what a strategy and options do we have I'd like to hear mention of all Brett and also. We heard you're a consultant an interpreter in results so your answer can embrace a very that if you go. Watch David A. I just told him the market Don Mischer I'm sorry I cry every fiber of that very summer short. Yeah we didn't really get into the but it didn't do a class specific on soil testing. There are lots of labs you can have still tests on my. I only understand 1 process and it's the process that Dr Albright developed there was a lot here in Australia that was started in order to be able to do that but they decided to do their own thing. So that's not available anymore I do do consulting I can do so recommendations for anyone they can. Go to the US to have they have to go to the US to be analyzed. If you're going to do soil testing you you need to know what that will vary the information you're getting is so let's say someone came up to me and brought me a soul test from Logan labs 1 that what I thought well I'm a little bit familiar with their process I'm not comfortable enough I can make a recommendation but the biggest issue was they got no recommendation they got a lab report back with information on it but they didn't know what to do with it. So unless you know what to do with the information you receive no matter what lab it's from. Be sure you have somebody that knows what that information means so that they can help you to to applied Otherwise you need to be sure that you're getting a recommendation an addition to the lab analysis done. Of course I recommend that there's a lab that I use because I've worked with for 26 years and it works a lot of labs use the cat on exchange modeling Dr Albright developed but they've changed their analytical and interpretive protocols to make it faster and cheaper. And that the numbers that that the resulting numbers that they get in or analysis are not consistent with the modeling but they try to apply to that modeling and when you do that you never hit the target because you're trying to match apples and oranges and they don't match that doesn't mean that the labs are not competent It just simply means that their numbers mean something else. So you have labs here in Australia if there's somebody that works with that lab and they know how to work those numbers then by all means you could do that my experience has been that they try to match those apples and oranges and you never hit the target and I've mentioned in my class that the end result should be an elimination of disease and pass pressure as a principle and so if you don't achieve that then you should be dissatisfied with whatever results you're getting with whoever you're working with it doesn't happen overnight but I've been there and I've experienced that I know of farms as large as 7000 acres that have no disease and has pressure on them now they've been working for 15 years to get there but I am available and I'm happy to help people I actually have resisted in the AG wants me to put my my information on their consulting page but I haven't done it yet because I'm trying to preserve the time I do have for Adventists who are trying to fulfill the mission of the church so I am happy to do that and I'm happy to give anybody that my emails so that they can get ahold of me or talk to whoever about how to make that work you can send them directly to Candy AG You don't have to send him through me. But the difference would be it takes you know from the time they receive them and usually takes them 3 to 4 weeks to get information your recommendation back to you usually takes me about a week and a half to 2 weeks. Have a back to you and my experiences then most people this is really new to them and so even though they get the recommendation and I'm pretty detailed with what I recommend how I recommend it they still are needing some input and feedback on where to go with the information they have so I'm a lot more available in that respect it does cost a little bit more to do that and I don't care which way you do it you can send it straight to Kenzie I can get it back or you can work with me either which way it's just the most important thing is to have good information because good information helps you to make good decisions and then as good decisions lead to good outcomes Excellent thanks Can I just add something I have. A number of scientists working the egg myself now just. 3 Step number 1 is actually collecting a soul sample and packaging it correctly because we sending a strong insulin into America there is a correct way of doing that it's very easy to get your hands on the current paper. But you do have to include the current spike was to get through customs so I if you've got any questions on that maybe just come and see me and. Thanks to a little bit. The 1st time you do it you might feel a little bit I don't want but once you've done it once you know what you're doing. All you need is the correct paperwork into he put it in the correct order and with the lie you know the correct labeling on the packaging that going through the mail. Easy to say just a little libeling the 1st time thank you and then i know i those of you that are not and seem just graduated with a degree or this work is that you graduate in a Green Agriculture and his special interest is in this off until it is that witness brain sharing about. Do you want to sign anything on that and I have a question for you I Are you willing to stop sharing. Helping people a little bit. I want to do it. But it isn't you I'm still you know I'm getting into the swing of it. And so I don't want to stretch more than what I can do. But yeah I am I will probably start. And launch some independent from the service at some point and I will try to. Do that. But yet for the moment it's really just being developed trying to develop my knowledge base trying to implement it gathering that experience because there's not much that you know it's book knowledge so. I look forward to helping in that have an excellent sense like we need to strike that would be the right. Her That is also work. Yeah that I've actually talking about that's my hope is that. If you have somebody here in Australia that can help you there's no point in you having somebody outside of Australia. And we need to multiply that not just 1 more but we need a whole lot more there are 2 other consultancy in Australia. That that know how to do this Peter Norwood and I can't recall that they have an operation in New Zealand and here I can't call it man's name or even moment so there are there are other people here too they can do that for you OK So anyone that's particularly interested in that contact me if you don't have witness contact details and went over to Senate at a mile or put it up on the web so I know something like that fantastic like I'm just just had someone asking me a message on my phone I don't forget to encourage moms if I have questions about homeschooling or families in agriculture except So ladies if you're bright enough OK we have another question. Here is there any Scot we've got we've got about another 20 minutes to go. Let's kick things car OK My question is really in regard to. What's going to happen from here so you said Rod that this afternoon you're going to get together and form some type of an association or organization what what I'd be interested to know is that is that association open to membership 1. And and what would be the criteria for that membership. And what the criteria for that membership include be limited to just an agricultural pursuit or could it be interested to something a little broader that basically has a what we would collectively understand as a health emphasis or. In kind of wondering whether we live in it just do that because. You know since my involvement at Cedarville 3 trade in getting that up and running while I was there I 1 of the things that really was was it was just kept running through my mind all the time was that it's it's we need we need centers of influence. Every way in any way shape or form this is obviously 11 modeller your 1 paradigm if you like. For example we have a business in in Queensland where we do have some agricultural activity on our property but basically we we distribute health products to health food stores and pharmacy but as an adjunct to that we we were running every Sunday an organic market on our property with people came to some thinking there may be other people who do something like what we do or something a little bit different to what we do that maybe could be involved in in the consideration of what you guys are thinking and planning Scott Yeah I'll just answer you the 1st aspects of your question and that is. What this is going to look like once again to the boys. Who we're really just initiating the discussion along that line nice afternoon. And so I don't have any answers to give you want to come to look like how broad the membership eccentrics Petra. But maybe even I can turn over to our panel says I What's your experience pain in America because I'm sure the same sorts of questions are being asked about the scope of that agro and it seems that you've come to a conclusion about what that scope is that this point would 1 of. JOHN HERRON 1 of you that have been involved in the committees. Want to comment Thanks Terry. Yes as of yet we don't have membership in error so she asian people can many come to the conferences. We've discussed it quite a bit and we're working towards that we felt that it was necessary to have something of value beyond just the conference to offer a membership so we feel that we were getting there with having the magazine and some other things that we're discussing nothing has been finalized so we're we're still working through it and the difficulty is as John mentioned we have families we have busy and you know we put the time that we're able to and to but it just takes more than we have to to to get it going faster. As far as the inclusiveness of it as I pointed out last night this is open to all seeking to understand and follow God's plan for agriculture but we have to try to to limit exhibitors to things that have some. Connection with agriculture obviously if if you just leave it open ended you're going to have another A.S.I. convention which is a wonderful thing but it's you know we want to stay focused and so we have tried to limit it to something of course agriculture is very broad in and of itself but something that is agriculture related. The other thing that we have I mean education is still a big part of it but the other thing that we have added in the last couple of years is sort of encourage meant to young people for entrepreneurship so that I think is a little bit out of the room of agriculture but it's it's kind of under the umbrella of the results of an agrarian life. So Caleb will bring his wood carving that's something that he's doing through our farm because we really do as an association want to encourage an entrepreneurial attitude in our young people and so they're invited to come and have boots but the adult population is much more limited to. 2 things that pertain to agriculture education. Questions are ones that. Any community from here on is going to need to consider you notice we didn't send out notifications to you if you've got something to sell come and bring up we're just sort of this time to keep it really simple and so that's why you've seen a sweet foods in ice with books and then. Go to Born to grow and kind of with these little wood carvings this but next year obviously if this is going to guard. Any large you are going to be great to give people the opportunity to bring what about doing. Probably on the science of why this is as you come to the conclusion. Any more questions. Regarding the offender. Have been thought of. And contaminated sage so. If you talk to other people maybe a bit. That would be a benefit of the people thank you. And I would like to speak on the practicalities of having a say Danko running a seed business. I can just say well there's a whole list of things we'd love to do. The time and you know as the Lord opens the doors that would be wonderful but at this point we're not even doing very well the 3 things that we started out you know the conference the magazine and the website so you know we obviously we can't do it all it really has to be a membership run organization and you know we just encourage anyone with a passion in a dream to do what they can to make it happen and we'll support in whatever way we can. Yeah that there's a whole lot of infrastructure missing. And I think that that an association or something like that is better to facilitate cooperation you know we have 1 of the big problems we have is with finding the right materials in the U.S. because you know all the big growers use in P.K. in the cheapest source in Mom and Pop use a blend from the nursery and to be specific it is difficult unless you're in a diversified agricultural area to find the right materials and so that kind of excludes a lot of gardeners you can get only need a few pounds of each thing that go by large bags of so I mean that's just an illustration seeds which were brought up information resources like that I think it's if an association can facilitate. And inspire people to maybe take uppers sponsibility for those things and make communicate that it's available that's a good way of doing it that we did with there's definitely a lot of things that need to happen here would be wonderful to have our own lab. And we actually have the money and some of the technical ability to have make that happen but we can't get the access to the the analytical information that we need is being guarded so. But yeah I mean I I don't know that an association needs to have all of these things under its umbrella but rather facilitating communicating the need and inspiring people maybe to help fill and fill that need in communicating that knowledge to be frank I think there may be an opportunity for someone young to start a business here in Australia there's a. Guy and admin is gone I started designing C business grew up gardening loved it save to seeds names Jerry gate a gate hole what Jerry is that is actually pronounced J. Make a creek alien seeds all receipts dot com and it's a multi-million dollar business now and. While I don't use these seats because it made me catering to the. Market. It's amazing to see how this is just exploded in a very short amount of time he actually pays guys to travel the world and go to different countries and find receipts and he has a huge big catalog I mean and this kid had a log is now in major bookstores around the country and it's just it's really huge. Check his website he might be hiring you know send you to South America working. Anyone interested sounds fantastic OK Did you have something to say and yeah I just wanted to say again that the opportunities for entrepreneurship are big and. To me an association is what Maher said can facilitate that and I think we can also look at it as as an opportunity to put ourselves as AD going to work for the rest of the world because you know it's a it's a form of outreach as well. By the way on the sage front some of you I mean you would even say. It's. Been around for long it's currently. Iran Russia. That might not be entrepreneurship that might be slightly to the bank. OK Yes OK why not and from Western Australia. OK. When I hear you talking about stave mountain bike I staved Steve and his wife Karen run a business down on the south coast called The Last season the last Care and right sourcing all sorts of I was the last see an inviolable just like to make another comment about the bacon Creek Alium seed company they give a lot of seed away to schools so those of you who are involved in a school. And you can actually write to them more call them contact them and they will donate. You know a significant amount of seed with a lot of money just to ready to pay the $600.00 for the Quarantine Inspection Service to open every packet and verify that it's pure I had that experience. It's quite a pine Yeah a lot of the things. A lot of the things that I was going to bring in from the States like I just said sorry so it's really difficult so if you can get them into New Zealand then across the ditch we'd be really appreciative. OK Rich it yes then we're going to move to we're going to got 10 more minutes so I'd really like to move to hearing your suggestions about where to go from here OK with us as a group and off to a private you feel that sense of community. What we're going to do with the opportunity you have before us. I've got 2 questions. First 1 the simming that you've got workable soil and you have water about level what is the minimum some minimum size. Plot of land called available land that you can earn an income from that's 1 question a living income as in to support a family enough to support a family OK. Then the 2nd question is and this is more of a personal while now I got something going at the moment that's going to take 50 percent of my time at least. Can you. What kind of income can you and if you're working on the half time on your property. Is that a barbell thing for owning a full time income as well thank you let's get some great comprehensive is. The name stone with micro greens that are doing it in the carriage. Tiffany's. They have a set up in a just a garish I mean it's not very big and they're growing micro greens and obviously they're using lights out official light but I forget how much they are earning from that but they don't have much space and. It would probably be a half time it's not the ideal outdoor sort of a situation but it's an example that you can do something small on a small amount of land and something significant so I remember rightly. After I watched my listener see you. My photo on and does run runs the mockery in business. OK yeah. Yeah so small area. Yeah OK but I think. It that's a very subjective question because it's very relative to where you're located and what your markets and. You know if you're close to a good market and you have a specialty crop you can grow on a very small amount of space in a significant amount of money. I think in our case. Over the 6 years that we've been finding the sweet basil that we're drawing. Can be grown in a place in a $3000.00 square foot space with an income of about $20000.00 currently and every year it just keeps growing so. But that couldn't be replicated in every place so it's that's a kind of a difficult question to say how much land do you need. As I shared in our class you know there are there's a whole new crop of market gardeners that are doing amazing things on very small pieces of land and Curtis Stone this last year and over 100000 dollars on a quarter of an acre so there are you know and that's not to say you can go do the same thing. But what can be done on a small acreage is quite amazing you know as far as to the 2nd part of your question I wouldn't want to discourage you but I've always said. There's no such thing as a part time farmer. You may be getting a part time income but it's usually full time work. So I don't know if there's any other comments on. Yeah like there and said it's it's fairly subjective if you want to do it on a part time basis to develop your soil and your skills and everything that might be worthwhile because that's going to play a big role in how profitable you can be on a smaller piece of ground you know what is the condition the ground you're working with what are your management skills your knowledge base and everything before you can really and then of course markets a lot of the guys making large incomes are growing very specific crops that are going into high dollar markets. 1 of the things that I always encourages people to look at the reality that you can't sustain yourself calorie wise on micro greens and not all markets are high dollar markets so we need to really be addressing the other issue of how can we provide food to anybody and everybody but he had the part time thing if you wanted to just try to you really need to know these guys have really got hundreds skills and so they're really good at what they do that's probably their biggest asset is their management skills or ability to manage the crops that they're growing in the market that they're selling them into so it's not impossible and more and more people are actually doing this. So but it's not impossible to on a very small amount of space to produce a living. Quickly to add 1 thing efficiency and. Not everyone has a natural bent to efficiency or to speed and those are really important if you're going to do intensive growing and you're going to try to make a bigger amount of money on a smaller plant all these guys are super fast. Thank you all right as I mentioned I'd like to switch of an app to your ideas about where we my guy from history had a couple sofa 10 you suggested we consider the time of year to make it more viable to buy water lines of people as well as I can see the China being where the venue is once again to might get more violent out of people and possibly I think she might as well consider different talks of activities not just a seminar. Where anyone watching I know we've got a couple of people up the front with some ideas. Anyone had any thoughts that I'd like to share that no one's rushing forward. OK As you coming I got a text here we are we living in the electronic age your suggestion from a campus for next year a die or 2 at the end of the conference for fellowship prayer and fasting for reformation and for real change. Also camping at a store or some similar facility would be Guy greit then younger children might have more scope as well with gardening picking waiting walking swimming canoeing except truck so I guess the general emphasis might get more practical water experiences and eccentric cetera just don't look at this concept of a die or 2 at the end you all would have received in a mile. When was that Tuesday on Monday where we extended the invitation to anyone to come back to a steward and camp we can provide you food or accommodation because we're chock a block already read these good people. You no harm but you're welcome to come and camp use our bush and block there use our garden to hone your practical skills and continue to quiz these ladies and gentleman. Turn up this evening preferably if you can let me know you coming before you turn out that a big right that So there's a couple of dice we should have an asset a long long time earlier so you could make provision but you're welcome to come I can promise. First of all thanks a lot for giving us this opportunity thanks for your thanks what I'm suggesting is maybe to keep this forum going to 4 by 7 to 65 days a year and it's actually possible to have. 3 use a free forum website with moderators who doesn't have to be 1 person who is well the burden on themselves and the people can feel a church exchange photos and what have you. So electronic media you can even stuff like that and. It wouldn't be just me sending an email to you rather than you giving me the contact them and somebody else it would be just a direct communication between members of would like to join obviously this. It is also scalable to people outside which are not here today and would like to join in and that would definitely see a big interest. A huge interest explosion and a new conference is a good that would be organized fantastic our growth was just keep growing you know drop it was your own wouldn't be just like me having received Luckily this is an email telling me about a conference 2 weeks ago. Just be you know people spreading the word on your own fantastic idea. A 4 on 1 for wife communication if anyone here that has the skills and the carman interest in facilitating something like that coming to any course that's a fantastic idea OK Anyone else have an idea or a suggestion for art to Russia. If you have an idea. I guess just a little bit of background music camp is a blessing isn't it I man the guys of you are aware of the ministry of music camp it's beautiful and I was thinking the other day wouldn't it be wonderful for our young people to have an agricultural show count wasteful I don't know I how long 2 weeks 4 weeks 6 weeks I don't know I have. But for some period of time I could guard him to some place like maybe a 3rd and welcome to Science people who had done it before and learned I skill. In cream. I thought you know that sounds great but what do you do after that you need you need some sort of internship like wife each them all of these for what purpose. And then it occurred to me that there's a community that's already say south and the whooping community I don't know if I say that correctly but it's it's an acronym that stands for winning willing was on organic. And if I understand the system correctly people who have the ability for the skills to work on the foam came volunteer themselves to be from families who are in need of watches and they get house on the profit on the property of the founder and fully basically the work out get free board and I think I'm an accommodation and paid for in exchange for I think it's somewhere around about $46000.00. So I thought well why couldn't we stand the young people who have been to agriculture account and send them out to maybe Cripps of 2 to 3 into these places so what for these people as willing happy cheerful young people who will just because of the nature and because God is living in them they will be a witness in the. End in terms of supporting themselves financially because there anyway Inform 6000 dead could they not been the other out of date and he's simply going to want to kill in the local community doing Ellie. Just an idea who says what 1 feels like of a morning by her. Will dentists going out their voices for the truth and then try to agriculture Fantastico to you. Or you're already with the mark for. OK so I guess I get care. For those that are familiar with can we run that middle of the winter school. 2 weeks young people come. Through the. Weeks for that. OK food for thought anyone else got an idea suggestion So you liked it just as it was. Strange so we can at least get a stream. Yet to be. All right so I think you might have another idea something else that's on my mind. But. I'm yet to actually action it. Actually. Will happen but the reason I. Actually think he would be telling. Me I think this could be easily party. We. Can't be in camp. Yesterday. The nutritional needs and can't see. Significant. You I mean me to drive up and that's how I look for a very short period of time you will get the feel of it and I have a burden on my heart and it doesn't have to be in Him sick was not it not all of you are in Him Phoebe Anyway you leave Barry's a bad side of town is there not you know the good that I've been made the band and. I have been on my heart too when we eventually get out a garden up and running. That people produce not just the now for our family but also not. You know God is an abundant giving God and He has blessed us so much and I just want to let that blessings and where I want to let it spill is on the people who really need it the most the people who I need to challenge to and I know that in a place like Kempsey it's not going to be hard pressed to find a street to go and share to me that my plan is that when it's up and happening that we will spend Sabbath afternoon going into these streets were full of pride and just simply I pointed out. We've actually experimented just once already with these we have children and we have you we usually sell them back we had a small excess mine wake him I said to the boy why don't we go in sharing with the people in Kempsey so I let the children choose the straight that we were to go down and it was just 1 of those traits full of broken glass everywhere disheveled house. People broken people and. We didn't even have to go to the door and the people are on the streets already and we gave it away. And we had the mind 1 time doing. And my children. And I am looking forward to the day that we can do that out of our garden now if you've got a garden moment likely you've got Prachi set already in abundance more than you can eat often you get. To many. Too many come of the too many to. Take being. Going to eat die and take them bunches of cooks they probably might know what to do with the hand at this point take them of the abundance of your strawberry in your turn March in your car I know it's wonderful to me that maybe the memories are time in a place for doing that but how much more wonderful to share with ties to Chile needs. Sorts of forms of agriculture evangelism are coming out of the way Darren was sharing with me last night on. Experience from students where my Had taking tomatoes cherry tomatoes for 20 minutes half an hour knocking on doors offering people from cherry tomatoes as a gift and time back with a couple of contacts. Some of our students in the past. Eventually knocking on people's doors offering to come as and spending a couple of hours talking to people about significant or. The suggestion just. This is gesture that has some negatives and some positives which obviously need to be wiped out and balanced and applied but I mentioned this in 1 of the meetings several years ago when I was on business in the States I had the opportunity to go and travel up into Washington state and which specifically because I went to spend some time with. I. Running a business in Seattle hold urban pharma. And what they were doing it is that they were. They had trained themselves in organic agriculture and they were actually going and setting up. Gardens in people's backyards for them. You know the piece these are busy people are both working and whatever and so they would I would I would dig up their backyard or their front yard or between their driveway wherever there was some some spice and I would put a garden in for them and I would then come back and. And maintain the garden pick the projects for the people and leave a little box of fresh produce for those people now it's obviously not in you know living in the country or whatever but it's just another another another I sort as a ministry opportunity because you know you're that you're there perhaps once or twice a week sorry 1 either once a week or once a fortnight. On a regular basis and and interfacing with those people and you could have as an adjunct hopes or recipes or a whole bunch of things that you could add on to that to that that model you know is just just another for another intern where you know there are. OK Our timing gong but I don't want to. Cutting off the opportunity office of lot to. Yeah I just wanted to point out listening to all the suggestions here there's many ways to ministers there are people in this room and so you don't want to narrow it down to so so and so is doing this is owns those doing that I mean it's it's limitless to the out the opportunities the couple I sat next to on a plane coming over here and I live in Idaho they are farmers and they plant a whole section of their farm to give away I've seen churches like you know being done here where they plant they plant gardens in plant crops they give them away so you may not even go in that you may not be a market garden you may just have a car in your backyard you do you know you have surplus and you share it with your neighbors. That's not things that happen in this world anymore as people sharing food with each other so don't limited to just the ideas that are being shared shared here you may have 1 that you think in your mind right now that well maybe not but maybe. That's a really good idea like a clearing house wish ministry possibilities ideas that people have. Yeah. Yeah I found fantastic sounds like the forum that fame suggested would be the perfect place for that have a little slice where people can just put their ministry ideas in their testimonies about what's worse than that to be seriously inspiring wouldn't really as far. As consequences but remember what at the start I suggested that this could be the beginning of a movement Oh wow. You're a church historian with. You know a special interest in agriculture. In your reading you've been around for a while you know in your presentation you talk about different people being such leading Watts. Have you come across anything like this before. The 1 that comes to mind immediately is medicine and all the influence that it. Might I guess I was referring specifically to a strike because those of you that have read a beautiful farm the story of Madison college as and he was. Encouraging. Trying to sell you 1 this morning I really encourage you to read it because then like myself and Alan probably everyone here on these panel you will be just as inspired as we are we what's got going on in the past and you would desire that same thing to be happening in a stride so please do that for anything like this is happening to strike it before well 1 of the Illinois signs additionally that I haven't done sniper that was to help the pool and I'm just trying to think of some specific instances that she spoke about I'm sure she mentioned in the early days helping the poor and I bizarre in Certainly she didn't starting to come to mind are our member 1 where I live he had had a baby in the struggling to feed it she heard so she took her account. You know let's sort of thing. And by the why the deicing is. Patrick your relation that lives near us had a man on my property once when he found out that Benny said you know JOHN PATRICK And I said yeah go to the same church etc and he said you know when I was a young man and my wife had our 1st baby who are really poor you struggling to feed the child and Joe Patrick walk OK out from Papum bar to where I work at where I lived and guy walked up I didn't know him said I He. Struggling with me he's a care for your baby so they got practical Christianity from from 1st an experience outside the sweet corn is acceptable anyway. The best thing that has to my eye but if we had had an agriculture conference in Australia before that you're aware. There is mention in. 96 of. Society. As a thing to. Remember we talk about life being a cycle. Now I want to bring us back around a 100 years later to where you want to be a 100 music isn't that a terrible he had a fantastic. God is intrusted this thing that he loves to us. Come to mind my brother. He recently got a job in W.A.'s marketing major bank and it is. Badly. In effect. Not that he gets depressed but he can see all these people that are in need of food so what he's been doing is what he's. Older. Big corporate companies asking for donations to wards food bank and as I was saying he's not a Christian but when we would be seeking their last normally when. We have. The food with him Tiny night do it together this time he said because he does believe in God each night. He said We must pray you know praying to God that he's praying that his family has got thank God and. It was a happy it's a great thing to say that he is appreciative as is a family man and he says he's providing patients children are his other people and his. And so. I thought just my maybe I am where you take a culture. Whatever can turn nice fur it. Back so that people who are in need of Kenny and especially at this time of year been Christmas on a big. Donations of. Like. Thank you. For mechanism that we can. Interest. It's. We thank you for answering your prayer I really believe we've had a significant conversation here. Answers Quest questions answered Lord A What we really need. Is to learn to rely on here. To rely on you for guidance and direction thank you you've given us each other we can support and encourage and share experiences that you let us through but Lord again we humbly private you lead us from here on in. The question as asked Has our enemy. Read and studied the Bible Red Cross object lessons etc. I mean notice I grew culture inside and out and you know it is your will for us even better than we do and Lord so we pray for your special help for each of us as individuals now going harm that our reliance on our trust will be on you not ourselves that we will not be diverted from the cause that you've set for us so please bless us in your challenges. Except that you love us and you know what is best for our good. Mood just give us a high who put ourselves aside and surrender to you. And what this movement that we believe is started here this weekend we just pray that you're going to write. A few your purpose when to please read. This media was brought to you by audiotapes a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader Visit W W W audio curse.


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