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Getting the Model Right- Part 1

Whitmar McConnell


Whitmar McConnell

Owns and operates Golden Moment Farm in Means, KY




  • November 30, 2017
    9:30 AM
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OK so in the parable of the seller. I'm sure most if not all of you have read that parable and you may have heard sermons on it over and over you know the spirit of prophecy says there's more there more to be gained out of that parable than we we've even come close to understanding I will tell you that the reason that we don't clean out of it well because because we don't understand it so as a result because we don't understand the soil and how it works we really don't even understand our own character and the issues that we have to face within our own character because that's what he's talking about. So. In that parable. What is the problem is that the seed is the problem that character is at the cellar. You know what's the problem. It's the condition of the soil this determining what. What the the final results are whether there's fruit borne whether the plant can grow take root can grow and bear fruit and even at that see I was sharing last night where Jesus talks about. The good soil and it talking about it what does he say about it that some mobile bear 306100. Well we're going to talk about why you said 306100 and if you didn't understand how the soil works you wouldn't even pick that up that's why it's 1 of those things that if without an understanding of how soil actually works so what we're going to do is we're going to look here at what the right model is now I've been told by people there is no ideal soil. And I can't couldn't disagree more let me ask you this question. How many means of salvation do we have. 1 could there be more than 1 honestly could there be more than 1 now. How many how many method are there to practice the health ministry. Well there's a lot of ways you could do it just like we're going to look at we look at the different schools of thought in agriculture there's lots of ways that you can do it but how many right ways are there. Which is why. This 1. Well I'm going to tell you that there is only 1 model that's correct and identifying what the so should be it's also telling us what our characters should be because that's what the parable is talking about on Friday evening I'm going to talk about something else is brought up in this. The parable of the sower and that's the the disciples come to Jesus. And they ask him why is he teaching in parables. And what is easy answer. He says because seeing a wide they don't see and hearing they don't hear we're going to go into that as well as that would be that would be on Friday evening. Why they weren't saying. We have lots of schools of thought and what So fertility should be saved could anybody list any of those I think of any. We've got the most obvious when you've got the conventional philosophy of how things should be done and we're going to look at it in just a 2nd you've got the organic philosophy of how things should be done and and then you've got like the biodynamic school of thought you've got the perma culture school of thought you've got a biological school of thought and what you'll discover is that. Just like we have so many denominations in Christianity they all feel like 1 aspect. And they emphasize it to the detriment in the Glock of the others I'll save a little bit that you get in there but anyway so we're going to look at getting the model right and we're going to look at some of the guiding principles from inspiration if you believe this and I'm going to him that everybody in this class believes in God as a creator and every team or. If that's true then what he has said should be consistent with what he made shouldn't it. Doesn't that Bible say that what he made testifies to what he said. Another thing to be talked about on Friday night is you know Paul said that we have no excuse because the very act of use of god or testified to in nature right. Even the Godhead. As we go through this you're going to see why God put Adam and Eve in the garden it wasn't by accident it wasn't well let's try this went out and see if it works or not and if this 1 doesn't work we'll try a different model how he put them there because that was where they needed to be in order to learn about who they were to learn about who God was and learn about what the purpose of life was so we need to we need to get the inspiration and the science the word in the works we need to get them in harmony with each other we can't have 1 saying 1 thing and the other saying it's another thing because we're going to get in trouble eventually and you can get in trouble on either side. You can think inspiration says something and the science doesn't agree with it. And sometimes it's because the science is wrong sometimes it's because our understanding of inspiration. It's wrong so we need both of them to have you know I have a much deeper intimate and a more correct conviction and understanding of what the truth is so we're going to cover the inspirational stuff 1st so what. I already touched on this is the right model. I sure hope there is because you know we live in an confusing enough world and that that's the reason that there is confusion because the Bible says a seek 1st as John pointed out. The kingdom of heaven and you'll see as we get done with this that everything flows out of that when you get the character right because it's consistent with the the character of God Everything else flows out of it I did it I normally do I don't have it as part of the session because I'm going to integrated in to the others 1 on insects diseases and pests then I have problems and those things. If nobody in this class has a problem with that then I'm going to come sit down and listen to them. And the interesting thing is when I do that when I do these presentations whenever I do that class the population in my class doubles or triples. When I go out last year when I did it in Texas I'm not kidding the room I was in would fit any more people they all kind pouring in and I told him waiting for I started the class are going to be disappointed by my answer because what they what we want to hear it we have these specific problems and we want solutions. And we want what we want is interventions. To take the symptoms away we don't want to solve the problem and I take the centers where while I'm telling you that there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of variables on that on this problem. So what we're going to do is we're going to instead of fighting off debt. We're going to look at fostering life. And you'd be surprised how fostering life just takes care of those problems and they go away so yet again is the condition the conditions that are required. For life to prosper and Jesus wants us to have life he said that he said that he came that we might have life we might have it more abundantly so that's what God wants for us he wants us to have a life. Where I just have the temptation to veer off on all kinds and we do that you know the whole idea of suffering and everything is that is a subject that we could spend the whole time we're going to do this on and properly understanding that So in my opinion there is a correct model so we have to define what that model is our temptation is to go and look at what the world is doing and because it's popular that's what we want to do and we never ask the questions what are the what are the philosophical underpinnings and what are the scientific underpinnings of that approach when you start looking a little bit closer you start becoming a little more disturbed about some of these approaches and then I'll tell you up front that there's 1 common factor in all of these schools of thought. There is a desire to deny. A standard. Nobody wants to have a standard that they're accountable to. And you'll see that as we go along here so let's start looking at it. We have to go to the beginning when God established man was establishing life and winning and I want to read that because you're going to see as we go on and we start looking at the science of it that the model is right here. Genesis $127.28 So God created man in his own image in the image of God He created him male and female he created them then God bless them and God said to be fruitful and multiply so he gave his mandate there to be fruitful and multiply and when we when we go into talking about some of the problems that arise because of problems in the condition of the soil. It's that mandate right there that causes the problem because in nature nature is not in rebellion against God It's just broken because of the curse of sin and nature will always pursue this mandate to be fruitful and multiply always to the detriment of its own self. The real clear real question is whether there is sufficient capacity for that mandate to be fulfilled for failure comes because there isn't enough. Genesis 27 and the Lord for man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living being so. That's the model right there. Now we're going to go into the tropical what that looks like and practicality but there is a determined aspect to it that the dust of the ground. Now let me ask you a question here do you think God just randomly threw a bunch of stuff together. And and that's what he for man from what does it say up here. Says God created man in his own image so whatever he whatever dust he put together it was a reflection of his character. And then that dust had the breath of life breathed into it. And it became a living being what what is it you know now there's a lot of ideas what a living being is out there but what does that represent it simply represents the testimony that we become a witness we become a witness to the glory of God the character of God we become a reflection of that image and the mandate is given to be fruitful and multiply and multiply what to multiply the image of God to fill the earth with the glory of God That's the whole purpose. The breath that's breathe and there if that breath is not there that dust does not live or if it does. It is not expressed. Correctly. And you'll see as we go along that. And I emphasize this a lot the wrong spirit. Can do more harm than the wrong character. Because the right character can make the correct the character can be corrected. But it has to be corrected in the right spirit. If it's not you never get the right character it's wrong or standing up I put a turn on a comma called Understanding how many people you know. Yeah we better state that. Comes back to Paul illustrating that the Godhead is represented the Godhead is represented here the father is in that dust spirit that I breath in a living being is Christ that's what it is. And you can have the right knowledge in other words you might know what the dust out of the. But your understanding of that knowledge can create a completely different witness. What I mean by that is well let me use this illustration how many know what the music is to a song in the end and all that in juxtaposition to the lyrics. What is it music do to the words. That gives them a yes it is the a motive power the emotion that is given to those words and so in other words it. Communicates to you the feeling that you should have towards those words or towards that character. So can you imagine Abraham walking up to the Mount Merapi to mount Mariah with his son Isaac the sacrifice and him and. The words that he's thinking the emotions he's singing. If they were put to music what kind of music would you put it to. When you put it to a little bebop and kind of you know party music as he is he's going up there wrestling with the idea of sat you know sacrificing his own son with that give it the right understanding. Now it wouldn't. And this isn't. The more you get these things for both practical and spiritual That's why this garden is a wonderful place to learn about God and to learn about life because so much of these so many of these illustrations are there. You have that so I will have to be able to breed. In order for that dust to properly be expressed in that living being now we're going to look at this in practical terms so we just use up the patient we were going to get there so here is a model right here scripturally speaking but there are details there like OK what does we're going to look at what what comprises that does and you'll see 1 school of thought decides what it's going to be comprised of for a very specific reason but it's a very destructive reason. You can take good things and you can make them destructive if they're not consistent with everything else that should be there. The word I would put on it is stimulation. The world is full of stimulation today but not nourishment. Nourishment increases life stimulation only extracts it. And we're going to look at that too so let's move to the next 1. Is God's specific. Version not. When he asks no to build an ark. Did he tell did he say to Noah. Well I'm going to flood the air can you come up with a design that would work to. Save anybody that would would enter in did he do that. Do that. The I have thankfully not right. He said Make yourself an ark. And this is how you shall make it. And he gave him specific detail of how it should be done why did you give him specific details of why it should be done. Think about that for me and we'll move to the next 1. I will read this quote down here God gave no the exact dimensions of the Ark and explicit directions in regard to its construction in every particular letter paychecks and profits page $92.00. Exodus 25 verses 89. And let them build me a sanctuary according to all that I show you that is the pattern of the tabernacle and the pattern of all its furnishings just so shall you make it again I'll ask the question Did God give a house design catalogue to Moses' and say Pick what you like. Absolutely not and again thankfully he didn't why is it that God was very specific about it you'll find a god specific about everything in life there's nothing general about any of it. Exactly because it's reflecting God's purpose it's reflecting God's government it's a reflecting God's character. And so it had to be done according to God's design. Not according to the way we felt it should be done now to the core into the way we saw things. But according to God's purpose. I put this in your let's just go and read it for Education Page 20 I supply the emphasis there the system of Education Institute at the beginning of the world was to be a model for man throughout all after time how long. Perpetually as an illustration of its principles a model school was established in the home of us 1st parents the Garden of Eden was the school room nature was a lesson book and the creator himself was the instructor and the parents of the human family where the students. Something John John and Pam shared with me made me think of this. What is it you're after when you're trying to make a living. It's about what you can get. Making a living is about what you can get We're not talking about that here what we're talking about is what makes a life because what makes a life. It's based on what you can give. And in order to properly learn we need to be in the classroom and we need to have. The right lesson book and we have the need to have the correct instructor. In order for us to be able to understand things as we properly should. Does it matter. Well I hope you would say yes it matters. I just through this went in there is again this is an absence there are many ways to practice the healing art but only 1 way that have been approved 2nd selected messages page 287. Again there is only 1 model. Now hopefully not satisfied sufficiently that we can agree on that. I'm not here to tell you what you should believe I'm here to share with you what I believe to be true and so I encourage you to continue to consider this question and to to pursue a better understanding and knowledge of it don't just you know it's easy for us we could come together with like minded people in this happens all the time whether it's in your vocation you know you tend to hang around with people you do the same type of work that you do you hang around with people that have the same religious beliefs that you do you know you could go into a whole lot of things sometimes you begin to start repeating narratives that you hear amongst yourselves. And not the narrative that's true that comes from God and so. Just because I say these things I say I sure hope that you'll go and. Consider it chew on it think about it you know is it reasonable does it make sense God is always reasonable. And always makes sense he's not in reasonable. Second testimonies page 70 this 1 makes people uncomfortable. It is just as much a sin to violate the laws of our being as to break 1 of the 10 Commandments for we cannot do either without breaking God's Law. I mean what can I add to that the laws there are laws that govern life. And honestly you know when Paul says they were under the law and the law can't do anything for us now I realize he was talking about ceremonial law not just 10 commandments. But the truth is that the law is not going to change because we didn't comply with it. It's based on the character of God It is not going to change and it cannot do anything for us because it's not going to change you can go jump off a cliff. And while you're heading down you can shout I don't believe in the law gravity there's a lot gravity care. You know it's not a matter of it being insensitive to your wishes. It's a matter that that that life is defined by these laws and abundant life is created based on these laws and you can agree with them or disagree with them and it's important we be able to differentiate this because there's nothing wrong with the law and in fact you know if if we would realize that the law is actually there for our blessing to. And that if we saw that again it comes back to that breath of life that we saw it we understood that correctly. Then that the witness that would come out of that understanding would be entirely different than what does come out sometimes we just look at those as a drag on our lives I have kids and you know we try to instruct instruct them in the way of the Lord and sometimes maybe it's just my kids but. Sometimes you get the idea that you're just trying to deny something from them in life. You're trying to keep them from something in life that might be good and wonderful and. And sometimes when they get the freedom to go go out on their own they're heading straight for the the Tree of Knowledge of Good navel. But the truth is that the law is there to give us life it's the spirit that we bring to it is the understanding we're going to look at that in the practical soil how that happens. Is the understanding of that law. That makes it a blessing or a curse to us. 31617 do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you if anyone defiles the temple of God God will destroy him for the temple of God is holy which temple you are. You know when Jesus died on the cross. The Jewish economy was pretty much over. It was over because something better and that what it pointed to had been demonstrated and so now what with an external thing would become an internal thing. And I put this in here because I want to people to see that previous quote about violating the laws of our being is just as much that violating the 10 Commandments to violate the temple of God in any way is a violation of the of the commandments of God is a violation of why there is nothing amoral in life. No thought and no expression of that thought whether it's in word or deed that is amoral it either gives to life it increases life or it takes from life everything there's not there's not a thing that's excluded from that I know a lot of people want to say your music is a big 1. Music is a moral there's no you know it's not. As if you could if you could actually take songs the lyrics and put different styles of music to them and listen to them. He would feel it yourself you would feel yourself an entirely different understanding is given to the words and again. To turn to the kind of spirit that a person brings. To the truth will give it entire I totally different feeling attire an entirely different understanding. To what's being communicated was being expressed. And of course 1st Corinthians $624.00 you were bought at a price therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit which are god's I put these in here simply to show that the Bible says the same thing that the Spirit of Prophecy does. It's because we're kind of dull minded that we are our eyes are kind of dull and our ears are not hearing too well that we have to have a little bit better elaboration on being able to see it's there though it's there the whole time you know the truth is there the whole time I tell my kids all the time but you know we talk about the eye the idea of hiding in and receiving a blessing as a result of that it's not a magic trick to God because it's not some arbitrary thing OK Were you satisfied paid enough I'm going to I'm going to give you a blessing. You know that that does this is again with the kind of spirit that we bring to this what that does to the character of God what people's image of the character of God is when you when you represent things that way it's not a it's not a magic trick I tell in the blessings of God are flowing continually. Whether we receive those blessings and whether those blessings are communicated through our testimony is going to be determined by our understanding. And our knowledge. So it's like. I learn new stuff I've been doing this for a long time and I learned stuff all the time and I can tell you after 26 years I feel like I'm just beginning. To know and understand. But again all of this knowledge is already there. The correct understanding of it is already there. The problem is that we don't see it. I'm sorry. Or commit to it you know we're going to talk about that Friday night. OK Are you following me so far here haven't lost anybody OK when we get to the more technical So we may have a bigger problem but I think this is pretty straightforward. That model in the Bible is Jesus Christ. And. The sooner we learn that if we will embrace the truth as it is and Jesus. Christ will become our righteousness in all things the better off will be. But here's the spiritual model and the Way the Truth and the Life no 1 comes to the Father except through me. No other option I know a lot of people have ideas there are want to put different versions in different ways and you know what the interesting thing is you'll see in life that every single discipline the devil uses the same tactics. It doesn't matter whether it's in spiritual things or it's impractical things it could be in economics it could be in finance it could be in business it could be an education it could be in you know social relationships the same tactics are always used to divide and conquer. To take. Give a little bit of the truth that always deny accountability. So what is it when you do that what you say and you say it I mean Authority did you know that there's a panel in the Library of Congress in the US There's a panel this says the true should there be no what I mean by say the words you can or it was that it was the representation of God over the mercy seat in the sanctuary the true Chicago area is man. That's in our library of Congress and our Capitol. Where people go to gain knowledge in the Library of Congress. So let's look at the soil connection. To put that about the classroom there because that's where we can learn that's where God was going to instruct Adam Eve That is where God did instruct Adam and Eve about himself he expedient he. Educated out of me on him who he was as God by what he had made. My correct about that. OK I reduce that I reset this but in Christ object lessons page 43 that was the parable of the sword chiefly deals is the effect produced on the seed by the soil into which it is cast it is the condition of the soil it is the condition of our character that determines the effect on the sea. And how it will grow and whether it will bear fruit and what kind of fruit if it does bear fruit it bears because you can bear fruit. But it's not the fruit of the Spirit necessarily. OK so now we know kind of from it from a biblical perspective we kind of know what the models are start looking like we should we're starting to see some of the components of that model you know we've got it we've got the dust we've got the breath we've got the living being we don't have details on a stuff yet there are details that that go along with that but there are some other defining principles that we have to take into consideration here. The model has to be what I call the whosoever model and from actually the book actually Chapter 2 page 221. And it shall come to pass that whosoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved how many. So with the model only work here in Australia. Or maybe up in. Canada or over in China well maybe it would only work with people that are part of this group. Or people or this in this folk a sion we've got to get that out of our head there is 1 model and that that model is applicable anywhere you go to whosoever. Now you're going to see if I have time to go into this that this becomes a problem. Because a lot of things come along and they work really well I have people come up to me all the time oh what about this person this doing this and it seems to be working really wonderful and everything and I have to go back to the principle of this model because I can't always answer this question I can always tell them why sometimes I don't know enough detail about what they're doing and there's a lot of factors that can come into play. And we so easily jump ship because you know we want we want something that is quick and easy. Being know what salvation is free but what does it cost you. To cost you everything else because you everything we don't want to cost you everything I do so consulting I do consulting for other growers and you would be surprised how many times I have people who decide oh this is too hard. It's going to take too long it's going to be too expensive I'm just not willing to go there kind of like the rich young ruler when he found out what was required of him Well you know that's just a little more non willing to willing to sacrifice so. It will take everything else but it's available to everybody. The next principle we that we have to define here is from my day 20 to the law into the testimony if they do not speak according to this word it is because there is no light in them. Any light some light OK what am I trying to get out here both of these aspects are in that original model we talked about there we have the law which is the does determined aspect. Of life God's character is determined it will not change. It will not vary is determined. And the testimony is what results from the combining of that character with the right understanding of that character or the will or the purpose of that character that's what the testimony becomes. OK can you have the testimony without law. Or you can. We've got lots of it. We're going to while touch on it we're going to school of thought and you'll see a big 1. Thinks it all a matter to test. But there is a standard. By which that witness for that testimony is measured. Am I correct is that what that saying. What it. Can to be law with no testimony it's a pretty bad thing that it can happen. Yeah and. So so there has to be a standard again I defined standard that will determine. What type of what manner of fruit. It's being produced. The 1st 1 I want to read is Matthew 633. But Seek ye 1st hear the Johnston Pam share this and we go. To seek ye 1st the Kingdom of God in His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you you will discover that if you focus on the model and creating the conditions that are necessary for life. All the other things you concern yourself about work themselves how they really do. Work themselves out here to bear the fruit life is increased. It's really what happens I've I've actually been to the place and we're going to talk about this a little bit more later too where there is no disease pressure there is no past pressure. And that we'd pressure is easily managed. We could we could look at some more biblical quotes that are related to this but this is what should happen when the right model is applied now you might you're not going to get there in a year you know what I'm talking about the soil and in your own life now we're going to see as we look at stuff that there are a lot of things you don't know about yourself. But you'll find Now people ask me do I do I have to go through all this to take so it has to work you know is there another way I say Asher to take spate of the digging fork out and dig up dig the ground up and put some seeds in you gotta take in the classroom. And you're going to find out you know what you need to know or what you don't know is more what the with the reality would be. So it doesn't you know you don't have to wait until you understand every detail of this. Go break up the fallow ground and and so the seeds this is. When you become a new Christian I don't know how many this is how I have a view this is happened too but the things kind of go haywire in a lot of ways. All the things you were supposed were supposed to happen everything was supposed to get wonderful like my yoke is easy and my burden is light what happened to that. But I'll probably share it on Friday night too this is not God cursing you. This is God revealing who you are in relation to him. He's revealing to you what your need is so that you can reflect his image again he's not cursing you he's not making you suffer we get it we've got a really we we create a really bad image of God when we the way we are attitude towards suffering sometimes when in reality. It's God leading us to a better place revealing himself and then revealing Himself were revealed were exposed. Lessons to 21. For all who for all seek their own not the things which are of Christ Jesus this is the world we live in. We live in a world of confusion because everybody has their own idea about the way things ought to be. We're not seeking the kingdom of heaven and it's righteousness we're seeking our own and we get to enjoy the fruits. Of our efforts and most of the time we don't care for a lot of the fruits of our efforts that are based on this but this is what causes confusion in the world because everybody has their own idea about the way things ought to be. And what we need to do is we need to learn about what God's way is what God's purpose is what his government is. What his character is and then we need to stay focused on that they focus on that they focus on that until we can bring it things tilt it's talk about a Friday night so I'll just do a real quick here. We need to die daily. But if we die daily in Christ doesn't live. Then that doesn't work too well. If I do a grower sends me a soil sample our sense of self sample I haven't analyzed in the lab reports sent to me and I give them a recommendation based on that model of what they should do and they don't do anything with it what good did it do them they can't do you any good if God reveals Himself to you and you don't avail and yourself of that knowledge and understanding. That's eating the bread and. Drinking the blood of Christ so OK any questions will just stop right there with that everybody a brief break to stand up to stretch and everything does anybody have any questions or anything they want to ask me. Not just take a quick break stand up stretch take it get a drink of water go to better. Media with wrought by audio. A Web site dedicated word sermon audio and much more if you would like more about the universe or you'd like. W.W.W.. Or.


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