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The Whole Secret of Prayer

Martin Kim


Martin Kim




  • October 3, 2009
    4:00 PM
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him this must be the other women and him and him telling like enchanted with you asking that you talented developers Sun never talk in a all right helicon engine company that I was another one of delinquencies unless this opportunity to connect together just pray once again now pointedly steered Lord open our eyes help us to hear and understand help us to know more about her previous views George Miller live in a day and age where people did not crazy handle a big and not look to God for anything unusual endorsement I have been according to help the people that they understand that our God is faithful prayer every prayer answering the interview given everything that he released later in his life Mary decided they had any meeting national needs the only begotten her and decided to claim that the six thirty three percent first the kingdom of God is restless and all of the added team during the administrators of Mister Mueller started the knowledge to the distributed Bible to give religious instruction he also began an orphanage the educated and out of the will of one hundred twenty two thousand people responded and salary levels of assistance be supported why do you missionaries how many missionaries are you supporting bin Laden stipulated twenty thousand Bibles in different languages and distributed one five million public children have been provided for for all the homes that gauntlet Mister Mueller to start over if the EU is planning with seven five million to fund these projects and more waveguide and he usually positions were valued at eight hundred is beautiful as the weather only in the on I have given the rich simply did that for considering this the amount five million in today's dollar is equivalent of one hundred eighty million dollars that helped by providing this matter is that we can find alternate jiggly little humility very happy man living totally forgot a lot of fun and you will need to schedule a meeting and I want to want to catch our first and one reason is because you want to fill our lives with his July integers it has a look at George Miller at Bristol begin the first chapter with these words finishing a life filled with the power of God is one of the fiftieth two visitors into the world is that what you would like to be built with the presence and power so they can be a blessing to the world around you him this is the whole secret of would you look at it that I believe tells us much about her that I don't want to give you an impression that I had everything there is no buffer there is a lot to know about the fine prayer and I'm just a student learning here I enjoy the conversion of video lighting me and my words abide in you you'll have what you desire initially done for you that anyone to condition here and that upon the condition and if you are fighting one of the names you apply in Christ through a lot better than to help within a defined range John Ingrid started with four of the planning meeting you cannot bear fruit of itself unless they don't like in the fine needed in you unless you apply in the first life to identify you are the branches if she will like me and I am very much fruit you can do now I love the picture of the line for the most beautiful pictures in all of Scripture I believe it helped us understand the kind of relationship we ought to have in Christ that you diligently will understand the practicing here to have a relationship where you are abiding in Christ we are talking about a life that is fully surrendered to see the rest happy life of its own no delight in the practice of the life and divine love into the we are a relationship with Christ we need to be fully surrendered to the life I have flow into our breast our in the book when you question the writer is not worthwhile to be holy and wholeheartedly yielded his life the half-and-half Christian is a very little using you to God or man got Zen and that has no use for but considers him a hypocrite one thing about her life read what our usefulness and are doing Enron per the it is so important that we be fully surrendered if we want to be in this abiding relationship with Christ Dallas when he was on the third it was a leave all cells all in for single is there something in your life that you're not willing to leave and that she should enter into the abiding relationship with Christ that is identified as a life that is fully rendered and secondly it is a life of complete dependence on Christ what can you do apart from the vine is exactly what happened if discovered the begin to wither and die no lead in the blood note law no apart from divine and one to be in this experience is where we are completely dependent I him I thought efficient individual off on a health on an individual to be in the abiding relationship and their later in the labyrinthine and prayer simply because we cannot see where the divine and it required to maintain the human much faith in much prayer in John fifteen percent to ten my left eye is on the commandment and by his siblings you say I have applied in the father you are to apply in the know in the book of John Wood given a glimpse into the intellect and the relationship to the father she unthinkingly use the word not in the John five nineteen that the son can do nothing of himself John five thirty I cannot myself deny Mike Tyson is right because I do not seek my own will John five forty one I do not receive the honor from the thirty five and had not to do my own will don't than fifty Mike often is not mine Justin and I come of myself joining me I do nothing of myself giant orgy nor have I myself but he sent me donate fifty again on my own glory job working in the work if you cannot be on my own authority and I was so I think a lot of you clean I need thee every hour and I I my way or the highway the words you hear is not mine unfortunately it didn't live this life are dependent on the father he might have a higher submission to the father delete God with everything in his life and are you willing to be nothing nothing that God maybe everything are you difficulties if you are looking for anything is a question with you this is most assuredly you he who believes in me don't work that I do he will do also and greater works than these he will do because I go on the control promised do you believe this upon deeply back on the pill on the three C is correct that the authorities are doing a book that they can see how this process I don't really like both in the early church and Italy got the confidence to his disciples in the eighth spigot is the only thousands are aged and to him that he might be manifested in the Jews we don't know will exercise of power that men may not have the inherent in the Navy I love them the following Jesus did for humanity him him all all are made that it will be to God as he was all right for you this is the way he describes what this is unlikely looks like you what if I had to renounce any independent life of we must give up trying to make our own file format on methods of cultivating our own feelings we must simply and cleanly good I think it's not enough to form his purposes in a to do it in motion and affections in it as we now call an independent life they can't only look to him for the inflow of his life into a and outworking of his life when we do the hour per while what we seek from God Fred Wendelin becomes our life and desire to become our desire to no longer out for meta- pain in his prayer will always be in harmony with and God the life to answer such person for ever for Dale and me are indeed how are we coming to the abiding relationship with Christ most of the difficulties in prayer disappear if you abide in him aware that I need you to design and it shall be done for you what an amazing pump that are not abiding relationship with Christ got to get me to visit Jeremiah thinking I had the hard people of all and definitely with you in the him until the condition we are fighting high that he give us the desires of our simulated in the cell and the Lord should give you the desires of your heart and authority and all the little vocal at the pink elephant the little girl she was afraid she was kneeling I have been accusing me and her dad was walking down the hallway and he overheard her prayer and he got a no worries I hate her little daughters for the firm like this Dolores I think it is great that I had no antimissile plan to write on back to hang on to hate on it should and my friend who just think out of the pool if I had in all things down reading a book and a literature editing that I want to give me thinking a lot anyway the father of the little concern about not getting one without a grill in any about her and so she went and visited his daughter down that anything we relate a little in the city we don't have a lot of room and we had a big healthy when we should does daddy would imagine that in a locker room that as of then as that in the deficit suite you that you a lot how are we going to see this on she goes back to will you will than that and that we Chinese student had little to no biggie to clean up the envelope of those daddy shovel in the closet you could use a shovel to clean up duty now I ask you to document local if you don't know because God is one in no have you ever asked you don't know that getting caught but you know what have you ever asked for something else like digital as to why God as to why I'm so glad that God is not given to me from the peak of the eye before and I know had thought given to me what I thought were the desires of my heart they could have wrecked my life the condition is if you apply me that we're going deciding commission and my words abide in the juices of the thing and I in you input port to abide in me and I in you it is through his work as part of his life to what we must study the weather I ended anything icky into our minds and into our hearts degree him he is very young George Miller will begin training by reading and meditating on the word of God and Phil Hartman formula saw in his heart that God was the real author of the act and gone who inspired effort put forth that are like that for what nation is in the range who has gone still not in the Lord our God is in all that we call on him if we went on like I do it on my his glory will go before in his place is incredible she will die out opticians Jesus for the very things that he placed himself to distill on eliminating me understand why it was that God was able to do so must be to indicate as I was inspiring and showing him what it is that God wanted before humanity in my work inviting you have what you desire any shall be done the nutrition to my head no one can have very real and deep communion with God who does not know how to pray so that you get answers to prayer in light of an definitely make their sanity and for before and union with Christ before abiding in him it's only natural to see for the answer him I was what is the greatest gift this is his response it wasn't a man I finally got to go even lower and lower density on the first floor is Miller 's opinion preferences and will the world approval or such I will play in any of my brethren and I only show myself from to the jugular with you to sell he could say was that all I interested in life is no longer I who live but I miss me until I was able to what will George Miller is such a mighty way I look at life George Miller and I think about this quote to limit the usefulness of one over twenty five makes you want in the Holy Spirit lifetime and live the life holy consecrated to God is my one friend had one friend and everything fell these is either eliminate the Christian are you are no limits Chris forty one international did you move through a hundred frayed and one that he was wholly consecrated to God alike there is no mention of himself we can only consent is required to accomplish this the work they should is because when you leave the place in your thinking I don't want to him myself with the multi- jet in the language of the flow will be more to my heart if I wanted it is a property to get here right before the baby in spite of myself my weekend I saw mold me that any reading into the cable into the with a rich curriculum can flow through myself I encourage you to pray this prayer everyday prayer throughout the day I want an petition with the words of Hannah Wilson taking him up on the Christian secret of a happy life she's the following evening I believe nothing and will him and then you may not be like the legions you know and confident enough but not yet doing they are too will to interest to life you have not yet law the own life that you may live only in his one I cannot than what I am quite perhaps now they didn't even cry and I but had an identity crisis only and not by Anil Fred I have not arrived but for that one day I will write and I hope you'll pray that one day it will be quite only pray


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