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Radical Vulnerability

Jonathan Walter


Jonathan Walter

Jonathan Walter, an Austrian native, is a pastor who currently serves with the General Conference Ministerial Association as well as the Vice President of Missions for GYC.



  • April 28, 2018
    10:00 AM
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Well good morning happy Sabbath. The name is Jonathan and it's such a blessing to be with all of you this morning this is a very different way of preaching very different view than what I'm used to but I like this I can see everyone's faces and it's easier to spot those who are falling asleep. It's great to be with you here in California and I'm not saying this just because we had a snowstorm in Michigan last week and thing is that because I love being with young people I love being with Adam Hope been here once before last year and I'm happy to be here again and it's such a blessing to to interact with people who are thinkers on the university campus I just enjoy that and it's like a breath of fresh air for me to to be here so thank you so much for having me and for giving me the opportunity to share with you some of the thoughts that have come out of Bible study and just my personal walk with Jesus and this morning I want encourage you to. Keep all of us and myself in your prayers as we desire God to God speak through his word Amen. Don't be distracted by my accent from Austria try to hide that but you guys are used to governor over here that's from there so we all go. At the end of the day who cares about countries and languages were all 7 they had to stand on their 1 family and we are on a journey to reunite with everyone in the heavenly city Amen and looking forward to being there and let's start with the word of prayer and begin our study its power heads. Father in heaven we come before you recognizing our desperate need for who you are for your presence in our lives there's nothing inside of us that means anything without you and so Lord we come before you as people of dust desiring the Holy Spirit to fill us and to teach us and guide us Lord we pray that your word will be uplifted to Jesus will be seen as we behold the cross we see the truth about righteousness and sin and we see the glory of the gospel which is salvation for all who believe well we commit ourselves into your hands and we ask if you will now take over and be present with us and praise in Jesus name and everybody saying. This world is not our home a man not a day goes by where tragedy doesn't hit where evil doesn't show its ugly face on this planet where hatred and sin is not raging in raining over the multitudes of this earth not a day goes by in which abuse torture murder hatred war violence fighting and suffering selfishness sickness and pain are not a daily experience really of each and every 1 of us in some shape or form deep inside we are with creation groaning our souls moan and cry for the hurt and pain we see and the suffering we experience in the brokenness we all have inside ourselves the ways of this world are cold and selfish and evil and the forces of darkness control most of this planet's don't pay. The principles of loss and which is planted runs are wicked and broken and all who engage in them are eventually left empty sick sad depressed and dead in Matthew $1328.00 Jesus says that an enemy has done this and we know this. The world's brokenness is the work of the rabble rabble Satan and we are all collaborators in sin we have let him infect us with the disease of sin and the results are clearly seen and experienced around us and in our lives there's not 1 aspect of life that has not been penetrated by the darkness of sin and we are affected to the core Romans 3 verse 10 tells us that no 1 is righteous no not 1 which means that left alone by ourselves we have nothing intrinsically in us which can save us from a hopeless lost state nothing from just inside of ourselves with nothing good or righteous that could give us any chance of lasting healing humanity is truly a hopeless case if left on its own and sooner or later I believe we all recognize this brokenness don't we recognize that things are not all right that things are not all good subconsciously or subconsciously we feel that this world is a broken place in our minds and and body uses its coping and abilities to kind of deal with the trauma trying to make sense of the senselessness and insanity of all the evil in this world and most of our behavior really stems from that coping that's going on trying to make sense of all of this Ecclesiastes chapter 3 verse 11 tells us that God has put it turn it. Into our hearts which means the deep inside of us we all have an eternal space in our souls a place that used to be inhabited by God but sin has damaged him and so in our attempt to cope with this broken world and the broken that's an emptiness inside of us we are all trying to find some kind of fulfillment and purpose to find a purpose that we were created for we're longing continually longing for something better. Here is how C.S. Lewis puts it he says this creatures are not born with desires unless satisfaction for those desires exists a baby feels hunger Well there is such a thing as food duckling wants to swim well there is such a thing as water men feel sexual desire Well there's such a thing as sex if I find myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world unite I have desires which nothing in this world can fulfill because we were made for another world so what are things that we were created for originally come with a to 5 Galatians chapter 5 here we find the things that God promises to those who walk by the Spirit but it is those things that we were always intended to experience this is what God had in mind it's elation chapter 5 here verse 22 you find a fruit of the Spirit a food a spirit is really just our original purpose in life. 522 The Bible says but the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace patience kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness self-control is not a wonderful list of things and I want to add to this list acceptance appreciation genuine interest in our lives coming from others around us total honesty and innocence I'm sure we could continue this list the things we long for the healing in our hearts the long of our hearts we all desire to be known and loved and respected and in our lives we want to be have people who have a genuine interest in us who want to be supported and appreciated but reality is harsh reality is brutal and our sin sick soul shiver under the abuse which this world and we ourselves inflict upon us and so we are scared that if we show vulnerability we will be taken advantage off or be hurt. And so we build walls of protection and we hide ourselves behind facades and masks anything to not appear vulnerable or weak but in the process we also hide and protect our sins if you compare our lives to an instrument any musicians here some of you if you compare our lives to an instrument then sin would be kind of like the ditch union of an instrument make it out of harmony and so when you play that sound just sounds awful anything we play with a detune instrument will sound totally off disharmonious and disrupt it and that's what send us to us and so the fruit of sin so the Bible calls a life played in the tune of selfishness it's it's not about the cost of living by the flesh it's fun in the same chapter 5 if you just jump just a couple versus back and says here in verse 19 another works of the flesh are evident sexual immorality impurity sensuality idolatry sorcery and Mitty's strive jealousy fits of anger virus dissension division envy drunkenness orgies and things like these these are the natural results of a broken heart seeking fulfillment in temporal things seeking fulfillment for that eternal space with things that are not eternal friends the brokenness of our existence is the problem of this world and trying to fix it may maybe 3 avenues of politics and science military philosophy institutions peace treaties medicines false religion self-help groups fashion cosmetics arts or education at the end of the day and hopeless and never thousands of years of human history have proven this reality and while professors politicians humanists and science fiction try to convince us that there as a result of human effort there can be lasting hope and healing and peace and unity ahead of us. These desires about wishful thinking and simply an expression of humanity's shared desire for healing something we by ourselves cannot and will never be capable to produce and we know that as Christians we think we do but it seems to mean at least myself I can tell that too often I still rely on self for healing we need something from outside of ourselves all human attempts to overcome sin and its effects fall short without feeling praise God praise our Savior Jesus Christ the fulfillment rantin us and the healing of our brokenness sadness and pain it can indeed become a reality by faith by faith that is by focusing away from ourselves away from this world and self and sin and focusing on the supernatural the extraterrestrial power of God alone focusing on to our Creator and our Source of Love and Life are amazing healer the 1 who inhabits eternity and therefore can inhabit eternity in our hearts in John 1010 Jesus says the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy I came that they may have what life. And have it abundantly is that hopeful our lovely Jesus desire for us to live and to thrive and to be healed and to become an agent of healing Christ our only hope the life giver has the solution to cure the power to make things right that is to heal the broken hearted and to cleanse us from our sins to restore what sin has destroyed and to execute justice he continued our instruments back into being in harmony with him and he can empower us and enable us to play the symphony of love and truth the symphony that rings throughout the universe Praise be to our God and His righteousness alone. This morning I would like to invite you to recognize the fact that we are broken and this world is a broken place it's a common reality that we share it doesn't matter if you're homeless an educated poor and sick living in the slums of New Delhi or if you are an educated $1000000.00 home owning well respected sophisticated and polished individual living in the suburbs of Loma Linda we're all united. We're all united in our hopelessness without Christ Jesus started his Beatitudes with radical and foundational statement bless it's the poor in spirit for theirs is what the Kingdom of God This is so profound we could just have a 10 parts aren't serious just on that statement before God our social status in our education our wealth or influence importance it all becomes meaningless as far as our spiritual state of being in our worth in God's eyes is concerned because of sin there is nothing good in us no matter what kind of degrees and education we get no matter how much money we make we really have no righteousness to offer but it's so easy to think that we do you know why Jesus said it's harder for rich men to get into the kingdom of God It's because richest wealth and status can facilitate ways of covering up the emptiness and the brokenness of our lives with quick and temporarily pleasurable fixes which numbed the aching heart for a short time many of your medical professionals upcoming doctors you know everything about pain killers money can provide Pinker's I'm just talking about literal pain killers. Killing the pain in our hearts temporarily and Satan is working diligently on all of us no matter rich or poor to convince us that recognizing our Antinous and brokenness and our spiritual poverty. He's trying to convince us that acknowledging this weakness and being vulnerable is embarrassing and will make you look weak and look like a fool he wants us to fear honesty and fear vulnerability he wants us to build walls to protect ourselves and hide ourselves and pretend that everything's all right France this morning by God's grace I want to uncover Disli and I want to propose to you the powerful concept of radical vulnerability the principle and incredible beauty of total honesty I would like to explore radical vulnerability by looking at this principle in action and in 3 different ways I believe that hearing to this principle has the power to change our lives and the potential to transform our church in our the way we do ministry to become really fruitful in our 1st example of radical vulnerability join me here in John Chapter 8 John Chapter 8 The Gospel of John chapter 8 Find a powerful story here John Chapter 8. Starting in verse 1. John 8 verse 1 but Jesus went to the Mount of Olives early in the morning he came a came again to the Temple all the people came to him and he sat down and talked them describes in the Farriss brought a woman who had been caught in adultery and placing her in the midst they said to him Teacher This woman has been caught in the act of adultery now in the Law of Moses it commands us to stone such a woman so what do you say this they said to him the demand have some charge to bring against him Jesus bent down and wrote with his finger on the ground it's positive for a moment here we find brutal example of how the world and especially apparent religious men often treat vulnerable individuals. With little or no mercy or compassion we're told in the desire of ages that this woman was actually led into the act of adultery by her accusers her broken heart which like all of us was just longing for love was taken advantage of and led into sin and now she lives in open shame and with a clear knowledge of her guilt in front of the judge of the universe guilty and full of shame not trying to hide her sin and with no 1 to protect her she's completely vulnerable before Christ and the religious leaders who are ready to stone her to death how will Jesus react how will the law giver and judge respond to this situation is profound Let's continue reading or 7 and as they continue to ask him he stood up and said to them Let him who is without sin among you be the 1st to throw a stone and her and once more he bent down and rode on the ground but when they heard it they went away 1 by 1 beginning with the older ones and Jesus was left alone with the woman standing before him just stood up and said to her Woman where our day has no 1 condemned you she said no 1 Lord and she said need to do I condemn you go and from now on sin no more praise God is nothing credible is not heartbreakingly beautiful this woman just like all of us did indeed sin now Jesus knew that she was led into it so there is guilt not only on her but also her deceivers and this is what the Jesus pointed out when he wrote in the sand he made it clear that he knows what's really going on here her Hughes's accuses all the wrong in their process or actually correcting their judgment their wages of sin is death it's true. However what the Farriss and the woman did not realize in this critical moment was the glorious reality to that before them stood not only the law giver and judge of the universe but also the gracious divine human substitute an advocate who reads every thought and intention of the heart and through his life through his life and death would make a legal way for mercy and forgiveness to me be made available for the sinner Amen he was not just a judge he was also the compassionate Savior the woman recognized her radical vulnerability her utter hopelessness without a savior knowing this Jesus tender heart full of compassion grants forgiveness healing defense and hope and he did it before she could even ask for it that's our God with the divine light of salvation Christ pierced through the darkness of human hopelessness and from the lips that spoke the universe into existence now flow the words of hope Grace life and power needed do I condemn you go and sin no more praise God Francis so much power in this and how Jesus treated this individual because this is how he treats all of us before the law and the judge of the universe we all stand on equal grounds condemned and lost forever in our sins no amount of good deeds no amount of donations no amount of sacrifice no amount of our own righteousness can offset the weight of our sin no merit is to be found in ourselves to can in any way outweigh the depth and the gravitas of our sin any attempt to excuse the insanity of sin only deepens our guilt and hopelessness the love of the only solution for a painting salvation and healing and Recreation is found in the a good knowledge ment of our guilt in the confession the declaration of the reality that you and I are hopelessly lost without a savior the declaration of this reality is confession it's acknowledging. Truth it's acknowledging that there's nothing in us then when we in radical vulnerabilities strip our souls from selfishness and self righteousness before our Maker and admit our true state of being then and only then can Christ actually step in and offer his righteousness in our place then he will cover us and empower us to overcome and you do I condemn you go and sin no more that's not just a command that's and power meant to not continue in the wrong ways praise God he's a god of healing and forgiveness but sin must be recognized for what it is the reason for all death in this area that's all God wants us to realize that the ways of sin are not good for us he doesn't desire to hurt us he desires for us not to be hurt anymore so he's pointing out the things that hurting us so we can get rid of them know that he can get rid of them bless it are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of God I recognize I'm lost without Christ lesser those who mourn for they shall be comforted I recognize the ugliness and darkness of sin as I behold my creator suffering as he's being crushed by the agony of the 2nd death on the cross and I am mourn for my sins I start to hate the sin that killed my loving this sire Jesus and I surrender and I cling to his offer of salvation in response to his incredible love friends all God needs in order to apply to us that which Christ has obtained is total and complete honestly radical vulnerability surrendering all of our excuses for sin then in recognition of our imperfection He through the power of the cross grants to us the perfection of Christ and the promise of healing fulfillment and restoration into complete wholeness praise the Lord. Truly if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness that means justification and sanctification are gifts from Christ for those who are willing to let down their guards of trying to defend and protect our sins a gift for those who become radical the vulnerable with God Look at the cross and you will see that God is not going to hurt you when you open yourself up to him he's out to heal you he's tender kind loving and gentle he will heal your wounds and your aching sin sick soul if you let Him He will not condemn you will you become radical vulnerable with him today this radical vulnerability is found in many places in the Bible but I want to look at 2 examples from David and I want to go to the Psalms here come come with me to solve 3132 Psalms 32. For David recognized his brokenness. Sums 32 starting in verse 1 Psalms 32 The Bible says here. Bless it is the 1 whose transgression is forgiven who sin is covered bless it is the man against whom the Lord comes no iniquity and in whose spirit there is no deceit for when I kept silent my bones wasted away through my groaning all day long what David is talking about hears when he had those walls up when he was not willing to be vulnerable to uncover the truth before God for when I kept silent verse 3 my bones wasted away from my groaning all day long for day and night your hand was heavy upon me my strength was dried up as by the heat of summer verse 5 but then I acknowledged my sin to you. And I did not cover 9 equally I said I will confess my transgressions to the Lord and what you forgave the iniquity of my sin praise God We find the same again over and over again go to song 51 you know it well recession teen for the sacrifices that God requires a broken spirit and a contrary heart he will not despise those who recognize their brokenness he will heal them praise the Lord Have you ever found yourself praying and suddenly in your prayer you are realizing there is something that God wants to talk about is something that he's pointing out and remembering all points of sin when he convicts us of something it's not to hurt us it's not to annoy us it's not to condemn us it's to heal us many of your doctors are going to be doctors you're going to be pointing out issues in other people's bodies they want that we recognise that conviction from the Holy Spirit is a wonderful gift we will welcome it but anyways you're in your prayer time and suddenly God convict you of something and you are you don't want to talk about it. Now no 1 can talk about this let me just pray for something else I'm going to start interceding for my whole family now and I'm not going to you know. And then comes up again and then you don't pray about it you say Amman and you go on with your day and it goes on and God is just trying to point out something to you and you're ignoring it and you want to know don't talk about many times here right here I'm doing this all the time I'm trying to do not anymore but it's happening God is pointing something out and I'm ignoring it for the longest times I've been plagued by this experience just like David was saying when I would simply avoid talking about what God was trying to talk about the thing is that when we try to hide or ignore sin we are in route reality just trying to justify it aren't we. In fact we're acting if we were invincible and if our sin was invisible to the Holy Spirit it's quite ridiculous when you think about it really you think you can hide something from God so you can see through you that no are no issue for him there's such a wonderful relief there's such an incredible joy in surrendering in becoming radically vulnerable in actually addressing the issue that God is pointing out and saying OK let's talk about this it's going to hurt I feel is going to hurt me but the reality is it's actually going to heal you open up don't don't hold surrender back I did that way for way too long in the beauty of this when we when we open up and we are radically vulnerable with God He can start healing us so when you convicted in your prayer life don't hold back there's nothing wrong in telling God how much you love assent nothing wrong with that you can tell him that you love a sin that you have in your life you can tell him that you are struggling with giving up certain behaviors he would rather have you tell him the truth than you treating him as if he was not the all knowing and the pretend 1 be honest with God your prayers don't have to be perfect or pretentious They just have to be real open your heart to him as to a friend we're not to appear before God trying to look perfect in all shiny something we can do anyway from ourselves but what he truly desires is a broken and contract heart radical vulnerability total honesty then he can work in us and transform us and cover us with his righteousness and his actual perfection radical vulnerability with God Let's now look at radical vulnerability as it relates to us in our church and notice that as a church we are often struggling. And as individuals with how to express ourselves as we live in the tension of sanctification the tension between our intrinsic sinful broken ness and Christ's work of transforming us back into the original perfect image of God while the reality of so they show is glorious and while yes God desires to make us perfect and yes we are called to strive for higher ground and to sin no more by the grace and power of God at the same time there is a strong temptation to pretend that we've already arrived the following me we come to church we look all polished and happy and it becomes so easy to wear a mask it's so easy to make oneself look all put together with a happy Sabbath when inside we're actually depressed and sad we ask what part like are you going to today while we might be too afraid to ask can you pray for me because I'm struggling with anxiety and sinful habits we talk about this and that but how often are we intentionally fostering an open community of healing and honesty how much time do we really spend with each other sharing our hearts and experiences and struggles how often are we really there for each other and for those who have nobody to speak faith and to pray with and for each other I believe church needs to become more and more a space where radical vulnerability honesty and openness is practiced church should not be a space in which individuals are expected to look perfect or met with judgment and the constant pointing out of mistakes most of us know clearly when we mess up don't we the Holy Spirit does a good job and convicting we don't need a couple 100 more hands to do that pointing to our issues where people need us relationships honesty and the space in which 1 can be vulnerable without having to fear instant judgment. When we create a space like this a space in which we stop comparing ourselves healing can take place to accept the 1 with me accept the 1. I'm fascinated by the 50 days between the crucifixion of Jesus and Pentecost. And specially the last 10 days before Pentecost Acts Chapter 1. I believe you see radical vulnerability at work in our church acceptor 1 verse 12 Jesus just ascended to heaven. Then they return to Jerusalem the disciples from the Mount called all of it which is near Jerusalem a sabbath day journey away and when they had entered they went up to the upper room where they were staying Peter and John and James and Andrew and Philip and Thomas but all mean that you James the son of Alphaeus and Simon the cell and Judah son of James and all these with 1 accord we're devoting themselves to what prayer together with the woman and Mary the Mother of Jesus and his brothers later on to tell us they were always together in 1 place praying study healing after the Ascension of Christ the disciples had so few issues to make right with each other they had spent 3 years competing. Who's going to be the greatest who's going to be up there in a high position in the kingdom of God They're trying to look at but now after the cross after beholding Jesus and the magnificent climax of salvation they realize their need for humility putting away all differences all desires for supremacy they came close together in Christian fellowship and radical vulnerability as they humble themselves in prayer harmony came and a unity came upon them which prepared them for the mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit they were radically vulnerable with each other until there was nothing between them that could be a hindrance for God Spirit to be poured out at Pentecost friends under desiring the Latter Rain outpouring of the Spirit should we also strive for such unity how can we have unity if we have walls let's be willing to be vulnerable with each other setting aside our differences and being open to showing that yes we are striving by God's grace to grow in our sanctification but it's also true that we haven't arrived yet if we keep pretending and judging unity cannot take place and evangelism will not be effective too often individuals come into our church only to see apparently perfect people and they've taken back by that and when 1 of the perfect ones falls into a sin they feel that Christians are hypocrites this must not be so if we have all and all with each other opening our hearts and I just being honest about life that although we seek a better way in Christ we are poor in spirit and in daily need of His grace then we are given got a chance to showcase through us his life changing power people especially people coming into our church from outside need to see that while we believe in perfection and the power of God to lead us there we ourselves apart from God are nothing but broken sinners in need of God's daily transforming Grace vulnerability and honesty a powerful tools to glorify God's work in our lives and this will lead to unity revival and effective discipleship. I'm not saying that we need to glorify sin and share about all our shame and guilt and sins all the time I'm saying we need to share about our need for Christ people need to see that we are only able to walk by faith as we surrender all to him people need to know that we are not doing this in our own strength we don't talk about that very much human beings want to belong and to be known and understood to be appreciated and cared for but all these things can only take place in an environment in which vulnerability and love and unity is practiced and part of the culture so as we interact with each other let's be vulnerable and Christ focused pointing out our need for him daily and it's become a community of healing in which every individual who is willing to be healed is accepted and loved and supported are not path of healing let's come together and humility letting go of pride and self-sufficiency and seek the unity that the disciples experienced in that upper room and God is calling us to confess our sins to 1 another to make things right for giving each other and finding that unity in love and truth and spirit this was part of the work that the disciples did as they prepared for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit Spirit could not fall on them until there was nothing between them and the Savior between each other and between us and God individually radical vulnerability with God and with each other Lastly I want to take a look at radical vulnerability as it relates to our God given mission as a church he wants to preach the Gospel and to reveal the selfless loving character of God to a world in in dying need of the gospel 1 of the most profound statements about Jesus is find new chapter 15 go there real quick with me looked up to 15. 1 of my favorite descriptions of Jesus comes from the mouth of hypocrites looked up to 15 verse $1.00 and $2.00 looked up at 15 verse $1.00 and $2.00 this is amazing now the tax collectors and sinners were all drawing near to him and the fairest season the scribes grumbled saying this man receives sinners and eats with them. The Kingdom of God is all about the long Jesus drew near to the broken hearted the UN wanted the unloved the sinner the rejected people those who had nobody nobody care if they lived or died the statement this man received sinners which was meant as an insult was actually a proclamation of the Gospel this man receives sinners prayer is God it's incredibly hopeful. Going to live in step or 2. Looking shepherd to Time's running out who are right for Libyans too and here verse 5 Paul describes the radical vulnerability and the method of evangelism that Christ exemplified to us flipping through starting in verse 5 the Bible says have this mind among yourselves which is Yours in Christ Jesus who though he was in the form of God did not count equality with God I think to be grasped but emptied himself by taking the form of a servant being born in the likeness of men and being found in human form he humbled himself the becoming obedient to the point of death even death on the cross It's like a steep slide from the throne of God down into the depths of sin on the cross Jesus took that path and he became our example in the methodology of reaching lost souls God has given us the Great Commission. And this mission drives us but I believe Jesus in his approach of saving souls exemplified a degree of radical vulnerability which we have yet to let him develop in us. In Jesus we see the highest quality of vulnerability and what I mean by that is not that Jesus had you no shame and guilt and brokenness inside that he was sharing with us no he was perfect but what I mean with this is that as Paul said he emptied himself he made him voluntarily Christ made himself vulnerable and took upon Himself human flesh rejected the use of his divinity to protect himself or to accomplish his purpose while here on earth he made himself completely vulnerable to the point that he was willing to be rejected tortured crucified and killed by us and our sins He was God and he laid aside divinity to take the blow of justice that is radical vulnerability and this is a method that he has given us as an example to reach the lost souls God made himself mortal for your and my sake let that sink in and he gave all so that we have the opportunity to be healed saved and restored and friends it is this kind of love this truth which heals and transforms our brokenness into what we were always meant to be because it is as we behold across as we see radical vulnerability exemplified by Christ that we are drawn to him we see the ugliness and the emptiness of Sin Sin those that sugarcoating and we are drawn to a love that is beyond this world quite literally it is this love that God wants to exemplify through us behold what manner of Love The Father has lavished and poured out and wasted upon us how can anybody reject ject reject such love how can anybody not be drawn to such an incredible being. This is how Christ wants us to live we can do it on our own he wants to live inside of us and exemplify that this goes beyond the hour and a half Sabbath afternoon Outteridge and we willing to let Christ do this in us 1 more scripture here 2nd Corinthians Chapter 12 Paul puts it really eloquently 2nd Corinthians Chapter 12. I wish I had more time. Second create instructor 12 THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL 1st 15. You their. Second greatest separate 12 or 16 process I will most gladly spend and be spent for your souls if I love you more and I to be loved Les Paul says he wants to spend and be spent are we willing to be spent to be lavished to poor out love grace truth support forgiveness and our means are we willing to be sacrificed by making ourselves radical the vulnerable but surrendering our lives to the cause of Christ but taking hold of calling the calling to reach sin 6 ols with the Gospel in words and in actions are we willing to be spent even when there is no thank you no applause no looking no appreciation and we willing to become God's currency of grace and love to be spent and lavished upon a world who hates him not just on a mission trip or the occasional outreach but in a life devoted to saving the lost and I'm willing to live radical a vulnerable making all of me available for Christ to be used willing to give up my dreams and plans even my life friend Such is the heart of God That's exactly what Jesus did. He exemplified such vulnerability that it is this kind of love and life that will draw men and women to Christ when people see utter selflessness they will be drawn to that because it is a power that goes beyond sin a power that breaks darkness that's the opposite of sin what will happen if we surrender and instead of giving cries to 5 maybe 10 hours a week to be spent without him lavish his love upon this world through lives lived in radical vulnerability willing to give more than just are tired willing to give more of our lives and our time we're not here for ourselves when to be spent but willing also to accept rejection pain mistreatment willing to lose our status and reputation and to become known as a person who receives sinners at no cost spared willing to hold the other cheek in order to save the lost friends I'm convinced that it is such devotion that Christ wants to develop in us which will finish the work on this planet God desires to reveal his character through people who by making themselves radically vulnerable preach the good news through transform lives of love grace and service you know Jesus with open arms this is walking towards humanity towards a world that is constantly shooting bullets at him but it doesn't stop to turn he continues walking even though we are throwing death at him he still loves us. He keeps walking us towards us until we can embrace his murderous until we can show them His love despite the fact that I have been trying to kill him what love is this it is this kind of love that Christ Osiris to reveal through you and me and it's my prayer that by God's grace I'll be made willing to live such a radical vulnerable life I can do it on my own. But I pray to God will do this through me a life of self-sacrifice and humility always loving always giving and expecting nothing in return how about you the promise in Psalm 126 or so 5 this those who so in tears shall reap with shouts of joy what a joy it will be on that day when we will see the blessing results of radical vulnerability in the form of safe souls from God's Kingdom every ice close in every head is bowed I want to give you an opportunity to respond to something the Holy Spirit might have impressed in your heart just morning you might find yourself in the same situation as the woman caught in adultery sinful broken and guilty and you realize there is no hope for you if you're left by yourself but today you've seen a glimpse of the Wondrous Love of Christ who as your Maker and your judge does not condemn you but offers you a new beginning and this morning you recognize your radical vulnerability and brokenness and the desire for Jesus to heal or to forgive you and to transform your life this is your desire would you stand where you are you want to be healed by him no one's looking this is just between you and God Or maybe you have already been walking with Christ but you might be in the same situation as I found myself more often than I would like to admit and your prayer life you have always you have always been completely honest with God You haven't always been vulnerable with him and you've been keeping back areas of your life certain behaviors plants or since you have been holding back from bringing these things up to Christ and you have willingly ignored things and essentially you have been treating God as if he was not omniscient and omnipotent but today you want to put an end to this and this morning you want to become radical of honorable with God laying it all before him. Even if Satan is making you think it will hurt or he gives you the fear of missing out on your favorite send this morning you're saying Jesus it's all yours I want to be fully vulnerable completely honest radically surrender to you and I want to hold back anymore please give me that love that casts out all fear even the fear of missing out on my favorite sins and heal me if this is your desire today would you also stand where you are you don't want to hold back any more in your prayer life you don't want to keep from surrendering to him but maybe this morning you have recognized how often our church is quick to judge and maybe you have been part of the problem I know I have but today you desire to become radical of honorable by asking Christ to give you a pill the ability to show mercy and grace and love and forgiveness towards others you desire to stop pretending that you have already arrived the perfection and to be more authentic in your walk with the Lord if this is your desire this morning would you also stand where you are you don't want to be part of that problem any more you want to have open hearts for the broken hearted because the end of the day we are all the same. In need of Christ's Lastly my final appeal is to embrace Christ method of reaching souls to be spent and to be lavished to live sacrificially so that people around you can experience see and hear and feel the truth of the Gospel exemplified exemplified through your life you desire to surrender all and that Christ lived out his life of complete other centered ness in and through you you desire to be able to love the unloveable to help those who won't praise you to give all for those who persecute you to become God's currency of love even at the expense of your own life in radical vulnerability that you desire would you also stand where you are open your eyes look around hear what you see is radical 1 ability we are recognizing that we are all in the same boat in need of Jesus. Let's live like that let's pray. Father in heaven and I praise you because you have given everything through radical vulnerability revealed your love to us in Jesus while we were yet sinners you loved us and gave yourself for us Lord we cannot but funnies and praise you and and surrender because we see the beauty of your righteousness and the beauty of your grace and forgiveness and Lord you said Neither do I condemn you but you don't leave it there you say Go and sin no more father thank you if you provide not only forgiveness but also a power power to overcome you recognize that we can only overcome by trusting in you and your spirit to live in us and work out this so they shine in and through us so Lord this morning as we have recognized our vulnerability our brokenness and our need for more of you in our lives we desire that you please heal arts and you please help us to become agents of love and to be spent for others forgive us for selfishness forgive us for thinking that this world is about us and life is just about us help us to be other centered We can only do this by Christ in us so please come into our lives right now empower us and Lord help us to always surrender in our prayer life to not hold back anything but to just open our hearts to you. And to start hating sentiment to love righteousness as I behold across. Make us more radical evolve the ball we pray in Jesus name that everybody say amen amen. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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