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The Colossal Constraint

Justin McNeilus


Justin McNeilus

Former President of Generation of Youth for Christ (GYC)



  • October 10, 2009
    10:00 AM
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morning all pretty well everyone this morning you haven't happy Sabbath so far Mike started out so happy I got to sleep in it felt like sleeping eczema Minnesota time I got up I had one my favorite breakfasts ever and then I got to my bag decided to pull out my freshly pressed suit and realize I forgot it in Minnesota so I apologize about that I also forgot my socks so reusing these again I did you enjoy the video later becoming the GUI say I wanted myself and some of you heard of G Y C it's just about everybody has anyone been to DY C in the past few of you are lacking you should come just to clarify I guess I often get asked is G Y C NGC are they the same thing to be clear they are not G Y C is an organized movement of young people is flat out all by volunteers and it's a bunch of young people they got together and in our mission our determination is to fulfill the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist church also to prepare the next generation of young people to fulfill the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist church now we connected with the GC a lot of people asked that we are connected like this we have any advisory Lord what is it an advisory board consists of the GC youth director the NEDs director a couple vice presidents in the GC membership from ASI and then of course young people as well serve on that board were also as president of UIC I sit on the north of American division youth advisory kind of an exciting time we get to sit down with all the youth directors discuss what were doing make sure everyone's communicating well and just recently as president of view I see I got elected from the GC to serve as a delegate in Atlanta so definitely communication between GUI see NGC happens and were excited to be part of a movement I am excited personally to be part of a movement that supports the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist church just a little way of introduction I hope you come there truly is a life-changing experience and you should come I just still alive I just provide encouragement if you will I get to travel quite a bit working with you I see an ad that hope is able less seen literally around the world and I've been in Europe I've been in Asia I've been a different places where they listen to the messages there inspired so just encourage the leadership keep doing what you're doing it's a blessing for more than just the congregation here is a blessing for me personally I know that my wife was traveling I think they cannot hear to visit her sister and the sum of the last words I heard before drifting off to sleep or those of Norman McNulty so it's a blessing in my own personal life keep it up don't stop by as they said I'm just in him I tell you that because I work in a bank what do I do full-time on the bank I work in a community bank in Minnesota I don't have any formal training in preaching at indigo to theology school things of that nature so sometimes my messages are you know right on point I skip over things I forget things that I leave words out I mix up words I tell you that is a warning before we jump into our message this morning fair enough so our topic the colossal constraint seen from another perspective I'd invite you to bow your heads actually limited to say one more thing site it's interesting because in our minds when we kind of categorized spiritual thing will only we put levels through them and say this is more spiritual this is less spiritual so I got to my office maybe a couple weeks ago sat down prayed open my Bible he and I realized to be speaking inevitable so I needed to come up with something the you been in those situations where something in your mind surface just isn't going to do so I get out and I'm going to the sermon and I run across this quote from Alan white that just fit into this message sold perfectly and I'll admit this morning in some minds it's a simplistic message it easy for everyone to understand but I know for a fact that God wants at least one of you here this morning to hear this message data by the heads of me our precious family father Lord it's an honor it's a privilege and it's a blessing to be here serving you the Sabbath day we thank you for creating us for knowing that at the end of your creation we would need a whole day to look back at you and remember you so here that this morning just to do that board as I preach I asked if you would take me far away from the message you know the messenger you know my Mike delinquencies my deficiencies in asset all that would be pushed aside and that your Holy Spirit would do send in this auditorium this morning but it's a humble prayer I prayed not so people will leave your Saint Justin preached a good sermon but so that the leave year saying we know Jesus more but it's an honor in a privilege to serve you I just have to be with us here in this message and I pray everything your precious name amen was not too long ago I was at the Mount has got Academy has anyone heard of it by show of hands of you heard of it had to go I a I was there does anyone know where that North Carolina mounted again I went there for four years I think it was my third or fourth year I don't like was getting a little bit mundane it was getting a little bit same old same old so do my friends and I we got together and we decided we need to do something to kind alive or not our experience we need to do something that would make us living alleged sins in the boy 's dorm so we put together this plan would put together a pretty simplistic but we wanted to do it we had a mission and our mission was to types every doorknob in the entire faculty on campus seems easy enough ordered in a video documented were going to go out between the times of Warren and three know to be clear that was one of three a.m. that posed a bit of a problem because they had to sneak out of the dorm and those risk of getting caught now I don't say this because I'm proud of the story but I tell you that you illustrate a point so we did we sat down on the chalkboard we want line it all up we had our routes we knew we were getting to me a sneak out the door and we were ready to accomplish this tonight one comes it was close to the beginning of the school year we snuck out we got to the Sierra Dona 's house we did that when we get to the Carter's house and I mean things were just going like like clock then we get to the Bradley South you can see the picture and up at another Bradleys they were interesting people what we didn't realize is that Mister Bradley decided to get Mrs. Bradley I have over the summer that you have to happen to be two great games so that did not come into our calculation of how we are to catch their door not so numbered so vividly we snuck up behind our house we're in a clinic crawled up and then slink along the outside and get to the front door so were there in the backyard work were crawling up or sneaking up were getting ready in and I still remember to this day just over my right shoulder this this bloodcurdling from this deep abyss growl columns and we knew we are in trouble so we scanned the horizon and we saw this cliff that led out into the woods we had no other choice we didn't know at the time that he actually installed an invisible fence but we had to keep going so we just start running for the split and we get to the collected we just leave off it into the way down we did that we had this thorn patch and was still running and him and him getting caught up blood is dripping down my my chest and my legs and it was a disaster and we get to the center of the woods and it was went bad couldn't get any worse today all the dogs on the entire campus began to start barking it was it was like this great Cloris of dog barking and the three of us got together and there's this little huddle in the middle of the woods and we thought to ourselves we are in trouble faculty are getting here this there got to be nestled between their seats there to hear the dogs barking any immediately from their perspective there and I think the regard snap out of the dorm we just knew it so where there were time to come up with a plan will learn nervous word word going over what went wrong in all we want to do is get back to the dorm safely and it occurred to us and I remember how long ten fifteen minutes that just because a faculty member here's a dog bark doesn't mean they'll associate that with guy sneaking out of the dorm so in our minds from our perspective a faculty member was good and know we had snuffed out but in all reality a faculty member might hear a dog barking and think it was a cat think it was a rabbit doesn't necessarily mean that three guys like idiots snuck out of the dorm from our perspective we were caught we're in trouble and we're looking at it from the faculty 's perspective thinking big trouble but in all reality it could've been something else when we really sat down and analyze from the faculty 's perspective it could've been something else this morning friends I want to unravel a story I wanted to look at someone who I believe saw things from eight different perspective is a David and Goliath David answered before you go there perhaps this morning I would venture to say that a lot of us look at witnessing we look at the evangelism we look at involvement in the church from the wrong perspective press this morning and came hearing and you know that God is calling you to do something more but in your heart of hearts you feel in adequate attention somehow in our minds we build up this picture of this perfect person that God could use we sit here and think to ourselves you know if I knew my Bible just a little bit better then God could use me if I could articulate a little more warning is that the average is believed the twenty eighth fundamental belief that God could use me if I could knock on that neighbor 's door talk to that coworker without stuttering then God could use me from our perspective the human perspective we build up a perfect person that must go out and witness this morning I went to unravel a story of a young boy went to unravel the story of a a senior who was selected at a very early age the thesis for my sermon you can go back once the thesis for my message this morning as if we began to see things from another perspective our lives would take on new meaning if we began to see things not from a human perspective but from God 's perspective our lives would never be the same as if each one of us here this morning could see things how God sees it and then hope would be a different place unravel the story of David and Goliath a story with an incredible truth that sometimes I think we overlook because we've heard it since we were knee-high a story of an old age shape young child yet spoken to all ages David who I believe this build things from another perspective God 's perspective if you have your Bibles on Bert invites you to turn their first Samuel seventeen Ivan up on the screen if you did not first Samuel seventeen in verse one are you then first Samuel seventeen in verse one first Samuel seventeen of the Philistines gathered their armies for battle Solomon of Israel gathered and encamped in the Valley of the line drew up in the line of battle against the Philistines who they drop in battle against the Philistines the Philistines stood on the mountain on one side the Israelites stood on the mountain on the other side with a valley between them so you can try to get the picture the Israelites are there they've been gone to battle there on one side of the mountain that the Israelites on one side the Philistines on the other in a valley is in between and out of this philistine army comes this goal line if of a person Goliath comes out any attempts to set down a little groundwork for the Israelites he says listen guys this is no point of us going through a full battle by ourselves there's no point of us just duking it out Israelites against the Philistines up to you what one person come out and fight me and then whoever the victory is there that will determine the victor of the war so that there verse four I think it is seventeen in verse four there came out from the camp of the Philistines a champion named Goliath of gas now Goliath was a person that absolutely should the Israelites he hated the God they serve year he hated their values you did everything to do would be Israel it if you have Goliath was alive today I think you would hate the Seventh-day Adventists he would have a Facebook of sex I hate the Seventh-day Adventists he would make fun of them you say you guys call yourself people of the book yet most of seventh Avenue scanning to give a Bible start is a you say you have this hope that Jesus will come again soon but most of you don't even tell anyone about it though it would blast the seven dams as if he was alive today he was doing the same thing you come out to the Israelites of the youth survey living God yet no one is I am enough to come and find me coming let's be realistic here fighting with a landing dot on your side I should be nothing you would come out and it talking and then we find David now David for what ever reason was not at the battle site probably because he was too young or his father was maybe his health was failing and we find David in the story out herding sheep today without hurting a sheep in and just seen the father to obvious signs gets a little nervous he's wondering what exactly happened to his sons how are they doing they didn't have the communications we do now so he's worried about that many brings Jesse and from the Shepherd 's purse usually from the sheep and he says Jesse I want you to go out and tell your brothers I love them tell them I miss them bring them food bring and cheese event and we find in verse seventeen Jesse said to David Asante for your brothers they watch and what and if I feel your pain tension of this parched grain in the ten lows and carry them quickly to the camp to your brothers also take these ten cheeses to the commander of our thousands see if your brothers are well and bring some token from them the Damon goes out he brings the grain to his brothers who are in the battle he goes any checks up on him he sees a barrel KE give them a message on the father and eight thousand he loves them he misses them and gain there in the Israelite army outcomes go live Goliath comes out and he he's attacking the verbally attacking the Israelites these keys he's he's prepared to fight damage and Damon is questioning this in his mind he thinking to himself why in the world has no one thought this Goliath yet it's interesting to me it's not a main point but I don't want to rush over it God takes a seemingly ordinary task from David and turns it into an ordained mission from God interesting isn't it it it didn't seem like that big a deal take some food to the brothers give him a message but God had an ordained plan from heaven and I just wondered to myself that same God that was around back for David and Goliath is alive today how often does he give us ordained mission from heaven to us it might seem simplistic we go to work and back every day but maybe someone's eternal life is in the balance in God 's given us that mission to witnesses we go to class every day in a God given us that mission to witness to our students you get every day but I don't think it's out of the question for him to do it for us the data gets to the camp on this is seemingly ordinary mission outcomes this Goliath ready to attack ready to abuse than an actual life I just mesmerize how many guys work conquerors got it done incredible things in the Army and what's happening now they're looking at it from the wrong perspective based they conquered people previous it is that they really shouldn't doubt and now this Goliath has come out in there looking at it from a human perspective humanly no one should be able to copy this giant but yet David had a different mission in mind Lucien 's first Samuel seventeen twenty four twenty six all the men of Israel how many of them all of them when they saw the man fled from him and were much afraid the men of Israel said have you seen this man was surely have come up to defy Israel David said to the men who stood by him what shall be done to the man who kills this Philistine and takes away the reproach Israel for cool is this uncircumcised Philistine adhesive defy the armies of God to become companies need fighters so they say the Israelite army doesn't want in the world is going on and uncircumcised Philistine and no one has attacked them yet no one has gone out after him one is you have to offer Silvers twenty eight UIM 's eldest brother heard when he spoke to the man he lives anger was kindled against David and he said why have you come down and with whom have you left those few sheets in the wilderness I know your presumptions and the evil of your heart for you come down to see the bad so he lied about David's older brother who you'll remember there's some history between Samuel was there to pick the next king he got all the brothers lined up Eli was there in spirit of prophecy tells us that Eli most likely resembled Saul from a human perspective Eli probably should've been crowned the next king of Israel after Saul from a human perspective but praise the Lord we serve a God that doesn't look at things from a human perspective David was called in from herding the sheep unqualified and adequate in incapable humanly speaking to be crowned to be going to the next king of Israel you might come in this morning feeling a little inadequate you might relate with David in capable but each child physically speak Dean but as an appeal year from David God does not look at things from a human perspective is created you for a specific reason for a specific purpose a specific task or gain from having to rely on comes up to David and any attempt to use peer pressure to get him to to move from office task from heaven first Samuel seventeen twenty nine Eli of concept of David he said listen David I know your presumptions it is down here to check out war you're here you're a little child you think it's cool that wars going on you have all these great ideals but listen but the big boys take care this any attempts to hear pressured David office mission borders David do verse twenty nine what have I done now and was it not but a word in he turned away from him toward another and spoke in the same way and the people answered him again as before what a blessing David Watts up against his older brother a half goat of Israelite army man verities say why has anything been done his brother says listen David Lima to the big boys go back home to your sheep you can't do anything about this any attempts to peer pressure him away I just wonder how many times authors as Christians are says Seventh-day Adventists RP or pressured away from eternal decisions we get up in the morning were excited to tell others about Jesus we go into work or ready but we start to think to ourselves that if we tell someone what if they think where we we enter the classroom excited to tell someone ready to go to the next person ready to witness is someone but we thank you I felt black classmates think were weird do I really want them to know that I study my Bible David 's modern-day appeal is for us to be our own person not to acquiesce to a world full of pure fresh friends it simply said get over it someone thinks you're weird Mike Vogel wants someone eternal destiny is in the balance somewhat baser weird and work get over it there each external destiny is in the balance David knew that morning that he was sent out for a purpose a task from God and he was able to get over it he moved on the lab attempted to say here where David you can't do anything you are but a youth but he keeps going keeps going forward with his mission for Samuel seventeen thirty one David goes on to the next person to the next person to the next person you say we've got to do something that got to do something about this Israelite in it finally reaches all the words of David spoke were heard they repeated that before Saul and he sent for him and David said to Saul let no man hearts fail because of him your servant will go and fight with this Philistine Saul said to David you're not able to go against this philistine to fight with him for you are putting you listen to the menu missing when you're coming in this that nine foot gorilla over there you don't stand a chance that you are but a young person less than David maybe you missed it but he's been fighting since you are knee-high David maybe you missed about his biceps on a size of your life 's you don't stand a chance but listen to David's response your serving is seeking seen from his father whether cable line R Baird took a lamb from the flock I went after him and struck him and delivered out of his mouth and if you rose against me I caught him by the beard instruct him and killed him your servant has struck down both lions and bears and this uncircumcised Philistines shall be like one of them but he has defined the armies of God listen to this game it is not able to be Damon does not just the outcome of the Philistines why because he had experiences to drive to the experiences in the past because King David Seeley King Saul listen God and I have still have struck down my God and I have struck down bears and God and I will strike down that Goliath Seo don't understand something fall on different than those Israelites out there God has been with me in the past God will be with me today and God will be with me in the future David knew the outcome of that battle before he even went into its there is an appeal from David for us to have our own experience never has there been more important time I believe this with all my heart for us to have an experience with God it's not enough for us to have an experience through our pastors through our teachers through our mentors through Advent hope it's not enough anymore friends for us to come here each Sabbath to be spiritually fulfilled we must have our own experience with God so confidently went in at ninety five listen I've been here before God led me in the past God will lead me today and he will lead me in the future wouldn't you like to say that same thing to walking confidently to your classroom the next week knowing that God had led you in the have you leave you today and it lead you in the future knowing confidently when you walk into your workplace that next date that God lied in the past to lead today and it lead in the future David was able to do it and friends that same God appeals to us this morning to have that same experience first Peter three fifteen in your heart honor Christ the Lord is holy basically if you're going to love Jesus if you're good to be a Christian if your dentist Seventh-day Adventist of your entity and have an hope to learn always how often sometimes at night in the morning always be prepared to make a difference to anyone who asked for a reason for the hope that is in you always be prepared friends to Jerry defense with the hope that is in you Jesus is coming again tell them why Jesus saves you from your sins tell them why make a defense of it but do so in love and respect will skip do so in love and respect for Sandra seventeen thirty eight thirty nine this is one of my absolute most favorite scenes in the entire Bible one of them David strapped his sword over his armor and he tried in vain to golf for he had not tested them and David said to Saul I cannot go with these four have not tested them and I found a picture like this data comes into this tent where Saul is is probably on his throne somewhere I pictured a big tent probably about the size of this auditorium and down the wall is all assault armor and in an attempt to probably politically cover himself Saul says listen David honestly I don't think you stand a chance against Cisco I is David God made you but but this is this is a different animal in a looking at this the right way so he goes over to his his wall of armoring and swords and things that have been tested in the past and they get to his page helmet out any set sit on David's head it goes over and grabbed his chain link armoring inputs it over David's chest he gets is is leg straps and straps and the David he grabbed his gigantic sword in hand it to David and you think that a picture gave it a little slouched over Christie's much smaller than unity of this stuff is looking this over and in what Solly sensibly Sears tries to turn David into someone he is not within David I know you're getting allowed Aaron 's file that you stand a chance but if you are going to go try these things out try to be someone that you're not it was David's response is quite interesting another modern-day appeal David's appeal is this you takes off the armor he takes off the chain link you take it all off and said listen so I cannot go for have not tested them but since I can go on my own God has called me to be exactly who I am and I know just you I am and I know that's enough to fight this philistine takes it off the TV was about the modern-day appeal from David is this to be true to our own identity we must give up on trying to emulate our favorite athlete movie Star or political icon but it's more than that the appeal moves on to Christians it moves onto even Seventh-day Adventist you were created for a specific purpose a Mission ordained from having it is not being AMEX is your favorite Hastert eBay Angeles or mentor seafront a lot of times when you next this sea of Christianity and seventh Avenue we look to be the vandalism after the mentor than say you know what if I was just like them God could use me if I decreased just like pastor family then God can use me if I could open my Bible just like a bachelor then got confused me if I could articulate Sabbath schools like Norman McNulty then God could use me but the reality is friends and it's a it said scary truth God needs us just how we are these created you for a specific purpose and eggs that were even a mission ordained from heaven and all we know can serve that purpose but it is next quote Christian service page that I almost hesitate the shared that such a heavy quote to everyone how many not just passive family not just Doug Batchelor not just Norman McNulty to everyone each one of us in here work has been allotted no one can be a substitute for another each one has a mission of wonderful importance which he cannot neglect or ignore as the fulfillment of it involves the wheel of some salt and the neglect of it the wool of one and Christ die everyone work has been a lot no one can be a substitute if you give up on here your mission thinking that Pastor Finley or someone else will come in and fulfill its giving up on someone's eternal destiny is tossed fathom the reality of it David's very mad that ten UK softball bat armor you reaches down for his sling your reaches down for his staff and it's all he needs to listen saw God been with me in the past God then you'll be with me in the future and be with me today into my minds eye our picture this for the sling and the staff are there and in as I picture David reaching down for that sling I picture Jesus picking it up and putting it in his hands and his song goes out of that check I picture Jesus wrapping his arm around day she's Ms. David does not attend a picture Jesus putting his arm around David and squeezing them close the pitcher David walking out of that tent with a hundred angels by SI he goes out to that that Philistine you look sediment and were told in the Bible that Goliath disdains him because he is a you keep on there estimates him because he's young but here's the incredible irony of David and Goliath David is able to look up at Goliath in under estimate Goliath he looks up at Dave and anti-Semite himself are you kidding me this uncircumcised Philistines you don't stand a chance against me and Jesus and in my relationship with him and all his angels there's not a chance you will win today David looks up at Goliath and underestimates and because he knows Goliath doesn't have a chance you know so be like those lions and bears in the past he knows that God sent them out for this purpose you know that no want from you whatever any moves forward with the comprehensive knowing that only he can fulfill this mission from having you look at him and he already knows the outcome front this morning my view is quite simple in its nature that same Jesus I was there in the tent with David is here this morning that same Jesus that knows you're just the person is here this morning perhaps this morning you walk in here and you felt a little inadequate you felt the little underqualified you thought the little deer were relevant in this world but you can see from NH it came that God needs you you can see from an ancient king that God is in love with you God has a specific mission for you and no one else will substitute you see this morning that from a human perspective you're probably not the right person from a human perspective you can list all the reasons why Jesus won't need to use you you can list all the reasons why Jesus is not eulogy is working together on this Earth will accomplish nothing but when you look at it through the eyes of that ancient king when you look at it from the eyes of God 's perspective you're just the wine created just how you are to serve just that purpose it would be a shame for us to walk out of here and not claim that that confidence that glory of God to be a shame for us to go through our life thinking that were not a perfect person that Jesus can use the friends I believe with all my heart if David had walked out of there without armor with that helmet the outcome would have been dramatically different God needs you you need to do today any needs you just how you are this morning friends if it's your desire to really encapsulate this this story of David to really say you know what iPod looked at my life the wrong way I been looking at my life my existence through a human perspective through the eyes of this Israelite army but today I want to look at it from God 's perspective on qualified by human perspective but with gods help overqualified will you answer that appeal we walked out here with the confidence knowing that that same Jesus that conquered Goliath will help you conquer your workplace that same Jesus I conquered Goliath will help you conquer your neighborhood your classroom it's easy we've got this we can do it together for this morning if that's your appeal but that's your desire if that's what you want but essential to stand with me as we pray with all of our heads are precious heavenly father Lord we thank you it's an honor and a privilege for us to know that you want us sometimes we look at evangelism more involvement in the church and to be honest were scared or nervous but we know that you created us for a purpose and that gives us hope we know that lives are relevant and that there's people whose eternal destiny hang in the balance but I ask that you would to recall the fears appear pressure and failure out of us that this morning if you see people standing were saying Lord we want to work with you made that same Jesus that conquered Goliath coming here this morning May Loma Linda made me LA may be New York anyplace Lord that seems unreachable we know with you it'll be just like that Goliath comparable easy underestimated or this morning we want to walk out of here with the power knowing that you want to use us and that you're going to help us through life but it's such a privilege and an honor to know that you'll do that for us may you keep our our commitment that we've made this morning instilled in our mind that we never forget that we are here for a reason and you have created us for the purpose we thank you for being incredible loving God the trail descends in your precious name and


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