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Communing with God in the Garden

Edwin Dysinger Jennifer Dysinger




  • November 30, 2017
    9:30 AM
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All right. I'm Ed by singer and this is my sweetheart Jennifer. And we're from near Nashville Tennessee where my dad was born and raised. We are we're just really really happy to be here with you and we've been looking forward to the Sabbath we meant. I'm especially happy to be here in Australia because. As you heard John say that's were our mums from and. Her Her dad was born in Perth and her mother grew up. In the. Area. My grandmother my mom's mother was the daughter of jump Okok who was taken on as a maintenance man for Ellen White at Sunnyside and that was when he lost his job because he started keeping the Sabbath he was that we'll write the carriages and she's on each step to him and asked him to come and it was really. Kind of exciting to us on Sunday we visited sunny side and there there was a dusk of Ellen whites and it a chair a bell and whites that she gave to John polka when she left and then the family had given it to the sunny side and I didn't realize that until we went there so. I have been to Australia once before in 1981 I came with my mom and John and I have a brother in between us Wayne. He's been back here quite a few times since then and he's he's a doctor and he's been involved with cemetery in chip. But. On that trip it was a flying trip we had we had 2 weeks and we got a bus pounds and we went from me down to Melbourne and laid. Back across the. Port McCoury. Broome to Townsend and back. If you can imagine they're having 2 weeks on a bus we spent half their lives on the bus and the other half in the homes of relatives so it was a this is my adventurous the man I married and life hasn't got much slower. But. 1 thing that was special about that trip. I had a certain young lady on my mind the whole time and when I got home things progressed and. It was. This topic is so special to us about God's purpose is glorious purpose for education for the human race A So let's let's start with a prayer you know be wonderful if you are loving father and you are so tender and so gracious toward us you have led us every day of our lives and brought us to this place. And revealed yourself and your love to us and we pray today that we may get a glimpse of your glory let me leave it Fleck that glory and give you praise and honor. Love 1 another and we pray in Jesus' name and. Our journey we're just going to share a little bit of how we were schooled. So. I I was my parents were missionaries and they were missionaries to India so my 1st memories are of India and America was an elusive land that people had walkie talkie dolls or you know we saw missionaries bring things that I thought What is that land and I when I was 7 and a half I returned to America and it was there that I was put into public schools I was kind of I wasn't an Adventist and my parents really believed in the American ideal of educating everybody the same that we shouldn't have classes or elite ways of being raised and they had quite a attitude of humility about life even though they were both doctors my dad came from poverty and. Worked hard to become a position and to serve he served a lot around the world so I was a little fearful of this world that I was coming into because it was so different than what I was experiencing under the mango trees and. It was growing up in that I was very obedient always you know doing what I was told in school I was a favorite of the teachers because I was listening and I was. Learning But what I was learning was men's thoughts right and what they're teaching you to learn and God isn't a part of the secular you know public school system and and therefore you're with your peers and that isn't really conducive to family life and relationships. And even though I didn't recognize the need as I grew and as I. Got older and you get heartaches in life I started feeling the needs of my soul which you don't want so much when you're a little child unfortunately and even before that I mean my greatest thing that turned my life on when the light was growing a garden with some neighbors they had an orange grove as a business lots of orange groves we lived in Southern California near Loma Linda My dad taught at Loma Linda He's a pediatrician and geneticist So it was in that setting with these neighbors that I grew the 1st garden and it was so engaging to me to see a seed grow into food that I could eat it was the most practical thing I felt I'd ever done except you know I we did and did things at home when other kids were playing but this was real life and life had more meaning in the garden to me I just I was touched and fortunately when I was 15 or 16 my dad took a sabbatical to New Zealand and he took all of us with him and we spent a year there but at that time a girl took an interest in me and took me to navigators and I was praying. About whether the Bible was real you know that might seem funny for a missionary child but my parents really didn't have morning and evening worship so they didn't have the foundations that we have and so I was looking for a holistic view of life and the Bible just the Lord confirmed to me the bible is real you can trust in the Word of God and that began by Journey with the Lord my own personal journey with the Lord. When I was in grade school I hated. I. I was I was passive rebellious and so I just did the minimum necessary to get my. The main issue I had with school was that I didn't see that it had any relevance to real life. I felt like it was confining and trying to put me into a mall and. I felt that it proved it prevented me because it gave me lots of busy work it was preventing me from following and pursuing my real interests. In high school I attended a an academy. It was a boarding school that how to work study program and. That started to get a little bit better and 1 of among a number of different work positions that I had there I was assigned to work in the dairy for a while and I really loved. The discipline and the hard labor. I also read the book education during that time and I was really attracted to the holistic picture that I saw in that book. It alive and I felt like wow there really is a better way and I felt like my my views on school were were somewhat validated. By that book by the way how many of you have read education I I want to really encourage those of you who haven't to read it it of it is really deep it's it's actually I mean I like so many books that Alan White has written but I have to say this is this is right at the top among the ones that I like I really like it live. I mean it's going to add that when I. When I actually became a converted Christian school started having very little meaning to me because I'd been producing really good grades top of my class but it wasn't real it didn't impact real life and so that changed my life and what was really exciting is when God brought me into this message and everything took a holistic viewpoint on life. So. When we got married we there was our intention to be missionaries we wanted to go overseas and we wanted to have a family and we we wanted to do something different with our family how we had been raised so this is our family as it stands now. We have we have 3 children. Deserve you know OK this is our oldest daughter and I've had to live around July and her husband and I'm a house for care of Kate and of the oldest son Patrick then Allister and Real know and they live on the farm next to us and it's such a pleasure to house them their Cheyanne as a graphic artist and he's able to do what most of his work from home. Are next of Caroline and her husband David and they have 2 children Sarah here Peter and David was that Apprentice on our farm and met Caroline That way you know. The Apprentice finds the farmer's daughter. Well anyway they live about 3 hours from us and they're starting up a frozen big an entrée business. And then our youngest of Paul and he's married Natasha about a year ago Natasha bliss. We're very pleased for them they are actually. Working with Mark Finley right now for almost this this year. They're sort of being being allied allies to Alija when we when we think of when we talk about education we need to think bigger. You know if you if you read the book education maybe you are thinking bigger but but in general we just need to think bigger it's way bigger than what we were accustomed to thinking. From the beginning God how to glorious purpose and the education of the human race. That we want to we just want to touch on what was that purpose what was encompassed by it and how was it to be accomplished I want to say that most of what we're taking comes from the 1st chapter of the book education there's a bit from other places in education but it's all from the book education. Again I want to encourage you to read because we can just touch on a little bit here I was really surprised that. Pure and perfect race needed to be educated I mean I really didn't know that God had a plan and a purpose for our education when we were sent less. And that's the really amazing this is going to bring that forward what he has but he had thought for us was that we would always be developing. And growing just like a plant to retreat would some this. Is the 1st sentence in the book education. And she just starts out bang. Her ideas of education are too narrow and too lone there is more to education than a certain course of study. There is more to education than the preparation for this life like job training or a career track and that's what we got in education that. We need a broader scope and a higher and name education encompasses the whole be. And it has to do with the whole period of existence possible to man we're getting pretty big here the whole being any is my heart my mind my soul my spirit. And my physical I mean she denies the term faculties Yeah you know all your abilities and and the whole period of existence when did that start. When you're born when does it end. Hopefully hopefully never. OK. God actually planned it through all eternity so I mean this is this is really a key idea that it never ends. And it involves the harmonious development of all our powers. Physical and Spiritual and I want to emphasize the harmonious you know we're And when we think of education we're thinking mental knowledge. And. When she talks education she's talking about the harmonious development of all your powers and harmonious you know we have some kids they're great in math so they're great in reading and we think they're really intelligent but God is looking for harmonious development so they're not developing faster in the mind than they are in the physical and actually physical would be better for them because the mind is more taxing than physical strength and I was ready for a lot of them when they're real little you know so we want to have the harmonious development of the mental physical and spiritual and that can do grow very well in the garden that way some people might think your kids are behind in this area but they're growing at the same rate as their spirituality and their physical strength and their mental So what's the purpose for developing all these powers these abilities. It's simple it's to prepare the student for the joy of service in this world. So everything we're learning is to bless others our faculties are growing so that we can share the goodness of God. And then secondly it's preparing the students for the higher joy of white or service in the world to come that really shocked me you know in the beginning that I can see in this world we need to be self forgetful right we need to be thinking about others because Joy comes from relationships so you're when you're engaging and losing sight of self all of a sudden you're seeing this bonding and the joy that's happening to the other and it's amazing what God does when we give right you receive back but thinking about service in Heaven Have you ever thought of that before I thought that we didn't need to serve in heaven because everybody has what they need I thought we're serving the poor over serving our neighbor our spouse you know we're serving each other but so that was a new concept it was really a new concept. I thought that service was related to character development to enter heaven you know that the idea that we need to lose sight of. Selfishness when the 1 thing our I like about this concept is that it tells me that heaven is not some Graham spiritual amusement park. You know a lot of times growing up when when people were trying to explain what happened was like you know they said it's a great place you know you can have fun sliding down the necks of the giraffes and fly in and exploring other planets and it's you know it's a great place you'll have more fun than you ever could imagine but you know there's more to life than just having fun I really believe that God created us true to want and desire to carry responsibility and to accomplish things and. God built that into us I believe. In the beginning before sin and he you know everything that God created how the place where it was to function and serve I mean I'm talking about everything the you know the plants the animals. We were all created with a in biology we call it a niche. So there is a place for everything and we're not going to be aimless in heaven we are going to have a place we have a purpose a reason to be existing there and a reason to be developing our our powers and our abilities more and more. I mean this is this is a really big picture and that's why we want to get started here because we're going to build on that because we're laying the foundation here that's going to take us there so we have responsibilities and service to give in heaven that reminds me about having to satisfaction. See God wants us to have satisfaction in life and Edwin it showed me well there's 3 areas that we need every day for daily satisfaction Well I picked up you know like what is it so when it was 1 is work yeah you know there's there's nothing as satisfying as those working hard and sweating and and coming home at the end of the day feeling like you did something when you built something or we'd planned something lead kind of stand back and look at it and don't you are doing all you like Wow that's amazing look at this and our kids always ask us to come watch their things right they do it even God did that yeah and we're created in His image you know he built that into us and said this is good so that's 1 satisfaction what's the next 1 affection. You like that don't you. So. Yeah and we all need that every day we so we need work every day and we need affection every day and that's very satisfying and we can that's why this single people need to be in families and it's very important and there's a 3rd thing that we need every day it's a very simple and basic thing and that's food and good food particularly from the hands of someone who loves you is very very satisfying and it's even more satisfying if you grew it yourself. So I don't mind of wraps it all all 3 of them up together you know yeah that's affection there yeah in the food so. Yeah God created us to have satisfaction but this is not not just in this world this is for eternity so this is what we're going to have in heaven to. Where affection food that's 1 of the 1st things are going to have is the Marriage Supper of the lay em so God created man in his own image and it was his purpose that the longer a man lived the more fully he should reveal this image the more fully reflect the glory of the Creator all his faculties were capable of development their capacity and vigor were continually to increase. You get that picture they were our faculties. The capacity of our faculties and their vigor to continually increase that was God's purpose in creating out Him He created us with this capacity for continual growth. I don't do you have the stain here in America we say Old Dogs don't learn new tricks. That's not true. Our brain is developing God already had us for continual development and growth and so Adam and Eve This is the time to share about had a mini. Not growing again higher than the highest human thought can reach is God's ideal for his children I wish you could see the full picture because it goes down very far and Caden my beloved is her grandson grandson The oldest is taking off over our farm so you could see all the fields down the right and the hillside that he's just toppled from yet so this is this is what God wants for us this is the glorious purpose that God has in our education it's to grow in the likeness of God. That sums it up so we're going to look at a few more details and then we've got 20 minutes OK OK. So 1st off when we're talking about education our primary source you know we scholars like to talk about going back to the primary sources when they're doing research while our primary source when we do research is God Himself right I mean did with was there any knowledge or wisdom before him outside of him so everything goes back to him in the knowledge of God All truth knowledge and real development have their source. Whatever line of investigation we pursued with a sincere purpose to arrive at truth we have brought in touch with the unseen mighty intelligence that is working in and through all I want to point out here that you know we do sometimes have a fear of worldly knowledge along but it is it is clear that any wisdom and any knowledge that's true that's out there it doesn't matter whose mouth it's coming from if they are speaking truth that truth came from God OK so we don't we don't need to be afraid what what we need to do what we need is to to understand and to and to give our children off a strong foundation of knowing who God is and how God works so that they can recognize truth for themselves so they'll be able to weed out and say OK this man you know he's saying some good things he's sane some true things but not everything and they're able to extract what's true and leave what's not we need to be able to have this ability. So now that we as we investigate. And research of particularly when we're 1 we're well if we're for examining anything that's true. The mind of man is brought into communion with the mind of God. Because anything true out there came from God's mind and so if we're if we're understanding these things. Where we're we're delving into God's mind I'm going to like the flash of the intellect anything that's an inspiration to us you know sometimes say oh I just thought of that and it seems really amazing it's from God He gives us the seeds of thought that we're going to come back to this. Again so in this communion is found the highest education and it is God's own method so what we're wanting is to bring our minds into in touch with God That's what Adam and Eve had in the garden. And this. This next 1 I think makes it clear all created things in their original perfection were an expression of the Father of God. How did God create any by his word by his word went to heaven so he spoke and what's a word where does the word come from it's an expression of of the heart or the mind right I thought it's a it's a it's a thought expressed and so when God is when God is creating things it's his thought that's being expressed in those things that are created. His thought was being expressed in you and me and the whole natural world and so as we study those things of nature how do they work and why do they work the way they work and how they interact with each other all of these things are things that God established and we're we are touching the mind of God we're having communion with his mind as we as we understand those things deeper and deeper. Well you know Adam and Eve when they came into this perfect world they were so excited about what they saw the mountains and the hills and the streams and the babbling brooks and the stars they were incredible and the seas and all the animals Adam was given to name and so he had this intimate relationship with them he's looking at them and he's watching that their habitat and their character and so he's naming them by those 2 things and so those are things that we have that he's recognizing the monkey has this joy playful way and he's associating that with himself so he's naming them he's able to name them because of what he can recognize in himself so he is looking and his home is is the garden and he has the grass and the flowers for his floor and the heavens for the dome and he's making his wells out of vines you know for his house and the more and Jesus comes every day to the garden and he's able to ask him about the things he's discovering and talk to him about it and what did you have in mind by this lofty tree you know how does it hold itself up and. How are they related sweetly that you know he was looking at relationships in the garden and that everything is connected. Everything is giving to another to help the other 1 live so he says he's looking at the largest animals and the tiniest little things he's looking at that see the worlds and their revolutions and wondering how they stay in order so every day he's asking his father Adam is the Son of God he didn't have a parent like us this is his parent and he's God says parent and he's coming there and he's saying look at what I found and that's what your children do doubt they they want you to enter what they're looking at and find out more about it so the 1st school was a garden the garden of Eden was the school room nature was the lesson book The Creator Himself was the instructor and the parents of the human family were the students. The laws so what what were they what were they studying and how to how did the school operate while the laws in operations of nature and the great principles of truth that govern the spiritual universe were open to their minds by the infinite author of all so so they were studying how how do the natural things operate and what I found in the garden is that there is a connection between the laws and operations of nature and the great principles of truth that govern the spiritual universe I don't know if you you know I I I have come to for I didn't believe this when I started gardening I thought there was kind of. You know just happened that there were some connections there but when I started gardening I started seeing those and it's very clear to me now and I'm totally convinced that God created the scene world the natural world that we live and work in. To teach us about the unseen world and so when Adam and Eve were working in that garden they were not just learning how how to make plants more fruitful how to how to take care of the animals they were learning principles on a spiritual level as well OK so that's 1 thing that's 1 way the garden school operated the 2nd is that useful occupation was appointed to them as a blessing to strengthen the body to expand the mind and to develop the character so there's something very significant about useful occupation. It's it's a well. Have you heard of the science of kinesthetics. It's it's the study of of the connection between muscle movement and and the mind I could say the movement of the mind there's a connection between those 2 things and and learning actually is facilitated when those 2 things are connected together OK So are you seeing some connections here to the garden you know God God wanted us to work with our hands but as we're working with our hands we have to be doing a lot of. Thinking you know gardening the manual labor you know we tend to think of manual labor as mindless labor the manual labor that God gave man is not a mindless labor it's a very mindful labor it takes a lot of thinking to do things right I mean. You know gardening is is not simple you know there are steps you have to take you have to you have to be thinking about timing you have to be thinking about the relationships of different things you have to be thinking about seasons. There are so many things to think about a lot or nutrition water and you shade protection. And so and so it takes a lot of fun careful thought and planning a lot of understanding I can guarantee you if you haven't gardened you're not going to go out and grow a perfect garden it's just not going to happen there is a there is a lot of. It's a learning care young and there's a lot of learning and mental effort that goes into this manual labor but God intended for there to be a connection between those 2 things and he even told in a vision Ellen White had that she saw us working the soil in heaven. So we've just got 10 minutes and we have all the way to 1030 you can. Go to be coming out in the next. Year OK so we're only about halfway through. And so. God hasn't dealt us with a power not wholly unlike his to us has been given a degree of control over the forces of nature as God fall called forth the earth in its beauty out of chaos so we can bring order and beauty out of confusion this is part of the the useful occupation that God gave us to do and that was there before the fall even even though it's more so after the fall. The Garden of Eden was a representation of what God desired the whole earth to become and it was his purpose that as the human family increased in numbers they would establish other homes and schools like the 1 he had given thus in the course of time the whole Earth might be occupied with homes and schools where the words and the works of God should be studied and where the students with us be fitted more and more fully to reflect through endless ages the light of the knowledge of His glory this is the big picture that God had in creating was that that the Garden of Eden would be multiplied over the face of the whole earth and. The students who are trained in these other gardens as well as in the Garden of Eden would would more and more fully reflect through endless ages the light of the knowledge of God's glory. And him growing and his image and love towards each other. 1 thing very significant about true education and this is this is a pattern that God has created is individuality every human being created in the image of God as endowed with the power it came to that of the Creator individuality power to think and to do. This is really important with your children because everyone is different and we try to bring them into a mold often are we don't like their objection about characteristics but sometimes we can dampen them if we are not careful that they have a individuality that God has given them for a specific work and he want to help that. Every good part to grow and to develop and to not look at us all as the scene so so do traditional education the way the way we know it the way we're school. It's more like. A factory. You know where we're trying to mass produce a product. And if you listen to some things on education you'll you'll hear that idea. It's trying to mass produce a product. Specifically. The goal was to mass produce a factory worker. And so you know he's not going to be thinking on his own who's just going to be obedient and OK God celebrates individuality God celebrates diversity if you look in the natural world when when God multiplies and replicates things each each thing is an individual it's unique and there's not another 1 like it when we when we mass produce we stamp out the same thing over and over again so that this is this is a really key concept. For education for kids and love to all the different birds you have and the birdsong and the flowers I could not help but fall in love with this place felt like out of a need for looking at. Yeah it is the work of true education to develop this power that's the power of individuality and to think and to do to train youth to be thinkers and not mere reflectors of other memes. So they can go down different avenues of interest depends. Developing their skillz. Instead of confining their study to that which men have said or written let students be directed to the sources of truth to the vast fields open for research in nature and Revelation let them contemplate the great facts of duty and destiny and the mind will expand and strengthen so I want you to notice there are 2 places for study nature and revelation. This is a key thing. So. Education is relational and interactive. And. First and baby girl. So education is is the result of 2 things and really is the result of 1 thing but it's the result of your interaction with the world around you what you observe or experience directly yourself or Secondly it's a result of your relationship with someone who has observed and experienced things that you have not. Make sense and it is pretty simple that's that's how education happens. The 1st time I picked up Sarah Elizabeth it was the day she was born I was there at the delivery and it was in the delivery in my house in Caroline's room that she had in our house and I looked at Sara Lizabeth and I just poked her on the nose and smile and just said he was so precious and her little mouth went like you know just that little sideways kind of funny little smile the 1st smiles are that. They recognise us talking to them and so it is exciting to build those relationships from the beginning I think there are 2 primary things that make relationships educational 11 is questions. Other questions the 1 who knows more the 1 who house less who knows less the other way around but questions are very significant and secondly the stories. You know there's more learning that takes place through stories than probably just about anything else stories touch us in our hearts so Elizabeth as a powerhouse she was switched on baby since birth so she's my daughter has their hands full right now because she wanted to raise her but not her and so she's very intense about things both if she's happy or sad but anyway she loves stories she would hear them all the time when she you know and her papa is her favorite. So. The who is most likely the 1st 1 the who has experience that we encounter in life and is that. The mom and dad. So there's a natural rule there. For education. Love the basis of creation and redemption is the basis of education OK So true education you know if you're thinking of education I said education is relational it's about relations and interaction and love is what makes relationships and interactions work. Yeah I mean it's just obvious education is going to take place so much better and so much easier in an atmosphere of love than in an atmosphere of fear. You see that out I think we intuitively know that. God is love and we love because He 1st loved us. Love the basis of creation and redemption is the basis of true education. I read them OK You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul and with all your might That's the 1st great commandment to love him the infinite and on this event 1 with the whole strength and mind and heart means the highest development of every power it means that the whole being in the body mind as well as the soul in the whole being in the image of God is to be restored and I said I keep going back to this idea of restoring the image of God. The love love calls for the devotion of mind body and soul to the service of God and our fellow man and unselfishness underlies all true development we die when we're focusing on self. When we're not it's a principle of life again selfishness is unloving. Unselfishness is loving through unselfish service we receive the highest culture of every faculty more and more fully do we become partakers of the divine nature the mind of man is brought into communion with the mind of God the finite with the infinite the effect of such communion on body and mind and soul is beyond estimate in this communion is found the highest education it's God's own method there's a certain word stick out to you there. And and you know what is communion it's not just a relationship it's a very intimate close kind of relationship isn't it. And this is what God this is what makes education work really well is if we are able to have communion we need to have communion with God and with appearing with our parents or their kids and. In this communion especially the communion with God as we're studying his works you know what came out of his mind. That's the highest education redemption and education there is a connection between redemption and education to restoring man the image of his maker to bring him back to the perfection in which he was created to promote the development of body mind and the divine purpose in his creation might be realised this was the work of redemption this is the object of education the great object of life so the way she uses these words there are almost the same thing. Every think this school is to bring us back. For our development into the image of God That's why it's like education because that's what education is about and the more our powers are growing the more we love him because those all come from God Everything that we're developing is from Him there is in man's nature a bent to evil a force which he cannot resist to withstand the spores to attain that ideal which is his inmost soul he accepts as alone worthy he can find help in that 1 power that power is Christ cooperation with that power is man's greatest need in all educational effort should not this cooperation be the highest aim OK. What's you know again the basis of redemption and of education is love and. You know who loved us more than God. And Christ. You know who loved us more than that and so tapping into the power that Christ has available to us. At to be grafted in cooperating with that power and again the garden is the ideal place for this to be learned because when we're working in the garden you know we plant the seeds we cultivate the ground we water but do we make the plant grow do we make the plant produce fruit you know we're we're cooperating with a much greater power and we're we're understanding we have to learn how that power works you know that power has created. Parameters and laws and and so our goal is to understand how it all works so in summary. The aim and goal of true education is godliness God likeness to grow up into the image of God education is for service in this life and the higher joy of wider service in the life to come education is relational and her active ideal setting for education is a home garden. Individuality has to be fostered and preserved and redemption and education have the same purpose restore in and man the image of God So. You know so that's just a brief. A brief summary of of the 1st chapter of the book education and again please read it. This is a picture of our fountain bountiful blessings farm and you know each of us wants us to have a place on the land and a place where we can grow our food and Adam and Eve were given a garden and what is so amazing to me is that God took that garden to heaven. And at the time of the flood because he knew what that place meant. Isn't that beautiful thank God knows your heart and he wants to give you a blessed you he cares deeply about each of you individually and what is important for your growth and he's preparing that place for you. We have amazing God. We can't wait to see that garden of eden given to Adam new. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more service leave a Visit W W W audio verse or.


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