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Lessons from the Orchard

Theressa Wood




  • November 30, 2017
    11:45 AM
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Well good morning I hope you've had a wonderful wonderful step to your day and welcome to families in agriculture. Today I'm going to be sharing with you some lessons from the watch it and I hire confining carriage meant I noticed that a lot of the people who are coming into the family stream surprise surprise mom and you know that just makes me feel so very very much at home because guess what I'm a mom to. So welcome welcome. Can we pray. Loving heavenly Father already. Words that I have to speak and I pray that they will be to your glory. I thank you that your presence will be here with us now you and I my brain a min. We used to live in Canada quite some years back out with and even now. Was a train at strong young train and it was just 1 of those trees that reminded me of Daniel you know the character the biblical character Daniel who stood for what was right he was tall he was strong he was upright in character in the street was just like that tall strong and very very straight and back then we had the children I need to back then and I used to say to my boys that's the Daniel tree and I always used to like to point to that tree as a visual example to Bam of what Daniel was like Towles strong and upright in character. And you know I guess the character of Daniel is something that we still have to see today and a train is a bit like that the way that a cherry growing is everybody can see how it cries can't it everyone can see the strength the bent the shape the character of a tree just like we can see even now today thousands of years later we can still see and that my and I want to strive for the character of. Visitors in sounds that says that as some may be is plants growing up in May you and I love that Bess when I read it I read that our sons may be as tree grown up in the. I don't know if you can see that picture too well because of the contrast in here but we nearly of anybody 5 minutes from here and we have and that the Daniel tree I don't know if you can see it it's right in the middle way and it's really tall and it's really really straight and guess what now we've got both boys and I say to them that's the Daniel Chaney It's a visual example as I say of way I want them to cry told strong upright young men and you know every day I see these train I'm talented because that's what I want for them but it's what we do as parents that's going to be hopefully encourage them to grow in that right direction we've got our young men there they are and it's my greatest desire for them to grow like downhearted tall straight and upright in character. Well God has been teaching me a few lessons as he does slightly. I guess nothing particularly brand new necessarily but you know I don't we need to just sometimes really learning the old lessons and being reminded again and again because we start easily fake it that is things that we need to be applying at every time we moved to our property 45 minutes away from here back in July and so we haven't been there very long but before we even moved there we knew that our very very best party would be to put in an orchard we were going to put in the 80 watt voted and with a lot of planning before we even moved. The plan was to put in 51 trainees and to take those great big gigantic made by made it by made the holes and fill it with a good mix of layers of soil and rock and everything else. We planted all sorts of things everything from apples avocados to mangoes and mandarins black the parities pomegranates bothers you name it we've probably got it some of the exotic things that even a little little bit hard to get to turn around and we did a lot of planning for months and months we ordered the water tank that was going to boil we ordered the plumber to come in and put it in we order the soil the top style and the composite all been tempted off aimed then we finally moved and I tell you even before all the boxes had been unpacked in the house we were out there working on the orchard because this was priority number 1 for us I think there's a few photos here all of some of the trees going in this is this 1 will bear a lot of of many this is some of the hardware that went into putting in the orchard. It was 1 thing to have the backyard coming in to get the house but then we had 2 regular holes. And that was a lot of a lot of family work and that's some of the orchard with some of the new little baby trains. Once it was in the cherry Lee truly big. We ran into a lot of trouble with 10 of the 80 why we thought we were doing everything right. I personally have an absolute fascination in soil and sorry we thought we had everything organized we thought we had everything in order and we thought we done everything right but on the 9th us it was going to come back and bite us we ran into so many trouble and for a while they I didn't know I was I was I have a void earring was I under watering I'm a god now I'm a passionate God and I had a care at the gardens but I'll be honest I've never cared for trees before and this was a brand new experience for me. We had leaves that were just telling up we had leaves that was burning all around the ages or right across the entire leaf just going brown and then we had leaves that was just falling off all over the place every way through the orchard there were some plants that somehow seemed to be doing OK but they were too many that were really truly struggling and I kept going to God in prayer that these are only God knows how much I poured into these orchard to prepare it before we even planted it and only God knows how much I have agonized with him but what happened after we planted the Auton. I kept saying a lot. Give us wisdom and please save our plants but a lot of time and a lot of money and even the crisis I realized that I need to ask God another part another part another prayer I had to pray was Lloyd's teach me what you want me to learn in these prices. And God started linking some beautiful messages of what was happening in the orchard to my parenting Jenny and I guess that's why I want to share with you today I know it was an invaluable experience and I praise God for what we've been through with the orchard it was like an image in my face parallel of the health of the options the trees in the orchard in fact tell of my children if you get the drift so I Lesson number 1. Let me just grab a little drink you had about the time when the OP should was honestly looking at it's what I asked I'll tell you the truth I had been losing sleep over if it had been creating a bit of a bit of AM stomach ulcer in me multiple trains had literally they follow the I did as in lost their leaves and the citrus particularly had just been reduced to just in a lot of cases they said looking sticks and I knew that we had a huge huge issue happening in the soil I had South idea of what was going on in the soil but we had taken a soil test just before we planted the trees in so we had sent the salt test off to be to be tested and we were still waiting for the results and even though I thought I knew some of the issues that were happening in the SO I wasn't prepared to go ahead and try to fix them until I got the results from the soil test back because I knew that when I went to fix them I wanted to fix them with precision. So I was I was anxious I was quite anxious and I this particular day I had just completed another round of inspecting the trains in the orchard and I was praying again I was agonizing with God Again what I could see happening to me and I was standing at the scale that's why I got that picture they are standing there at this gate looking down across and I were the orchard and I was praying lot ot help please keep the trees alive until we get the salted back and I can do something about the problem you know I was anxious and I was in thought and in Pray about the trains not about my children my children were the furtherest thing from my mind at that point in time when God spoke to me and it wasn't a lot of them but I tell you what it was clear with absolute clarity God stands by you as concerned about your children as you are about your trades. That was God's work to me because I was not thinking about anything to do with my children my focus was the orchard got Same to you pay for your children as much as you've been praying for your trains out I cried I absolutely cried and it was the 1st significant lesson that I learned here in the lot and I praise God heard I'm glad of being through this. You know I we we to pray for our children to me it's yes to me to lead you know to weep leaves with God for our children not just a little casual. Thank you to my children and please help them in whatever today but I mean please. Plead for their eternity Lesson number 2. As I say there was something in the soil that was causing damage to hatcheries and we couldn't actually see the thing could we we could only see the evidence of this picture if you can see it there with the contrast is a picture of 1 of our macadamias and if you can see some of the burn happening on the leaves. Aisle at me as I don't have many to show you of the point of desperation that we got with the OP shit because you know when things are going bad to get your camera out and take a shot not really. So I don't have too many pieces 1. Stick you can probably see the 2 stacks on the side and maybe see the stick in the middle that was the tree. That's where it got in some of the cases not all of the cases but I now have to make a start to be panicking you know we couldn't see the evidence of what was God I mean we could see the evidence of what was going on but we couldn't actually see the thing later on when we got our soil tests back we were to find that there was actually huge toxicity issues happening in else I'll. And specifically with side the him and boron and also have a very very like house and level and are going to that a little bit later on but at the moment I just want to focus on the fact that there was a toxic issue is happening in our soil. In Sound 85 percent live and it says truth will spring out of the. And it does you've got style that isn't good trees comes out of the up it tells you the earth will tell you that you've got issues happening in the soil and that was certainly what we were saying and of course the same thing happens in the hearts of children doesn't it does truth spring out of the hearts of our children it was very very frustrating for us tonight it was wrong happening and yet Nice our little sigh little about what the wrong was in rhetoric in retrospect I would have done things differently I would have still put in the Navy watch it at my head I'm also the 80 why don't you did but I would have taken the soiled hist just got the results back amended the soil fast and then planted the trace you know retrospect is a wonderful thing but you know in the moment with my lack of experience and my personality pinned to impatience we had just what was done to him. You know we had the experience and learnt later that it cost us a lot. You know life is full of if I lease isn't it and when to say that that's true in parenting. Although if I live in the reality is that we live in a toxic will not start when there are so many hidden toxics in our world there are so many hidden toxins in our children's world and we want to protect them from that and we do our utmost best but sometimes become protect them from everything they asked things that maybe we cannot see maybe things we cannot predict negative exposures that are simply out of our control in the lives of our children stuff that we would like to protect them from but sometimes even it's the mistakes that we make Isn't that can do damage in the lives of our children there are so many if our knees along the way the reality is that we live in a battle. And it's a battlefield where the enemy is using toxic wolfing on our precious children so I guess Lesson number 2 from my Should was we are surrounded by toxic office but the good news is East that God knows the things that we do not know why and God sees the things that we do not see and somehow my let me put it beside my favorite verse in Scripture is Romans 828 all things work together it's to balance enough got some how God can work things for good so we can trust him even though we are surrounded by toxic water. There's a number 31 thing and NASED me in this journey that we went home that despite all of my many mistakes than the obvious issues that I've just outlined boy you despite the severely imbalances in the minerals and the microbes that were struggling in our soil there was still cries pap to me absolutely amazing I recall the mic to rain just fast forward with the most glorious us a pretty pink cloud and we had PE that was just literally this tall when we put it in and wash it just took off it took up an avocado that that grease that passed it almost lifted out of the ground well so there was still good happening in. Our actions and even the plants that were the most of the really affected and that was struggling the very most of all even a a trying time what was going to grow bless them. I believe that a crisis gosh. I could see the fingerprints of God I could see that he was working in my orchard despite the challenges his power was still being and he was answering prayer. God's plan God's Where is the balance and abundance and. If you look in the soil the way you find balance the why you see balance in the soil is when you have your minerals well balanced we didn't we didn't and we didn't know why the sit. In terms of abundance isn't gotten abundant God can you say I'm into that amen he is and we see these character of God in the soil in the soil the abundance is when you have healthy so you have an abundance of microbes and it is dies its ties microbes that are going to do the work for you that's the microbes is what gets the the goodness into the plant so we see balance and we see abundance in the soil we also see balance and abundance in a families only show and say balance in abundance in our families in our families we want to see a balance of love and discipline not lots of love and a little bit of this with them not lots of discipline and a little bit of love but a nice balance between the 2. Many of them a balance of work and play and I that's a challenge for me not all what I can not play and not all play and I was there so many ways in our families that we can be balanced but peace is God's way God is a God of balance and abundance in our family well I guess that's an abundance of God But you know I am in the well in the single well that we live in style often our soils are just out of balance and so often in our families yes we struggle we struggle with balanced. And yet somehow God still lacks. You know I when I walk around anyway I see growth and I have it in the soil anyway there's imbalances and somehow God still acts with the soil despite the imbalances and I know that in alleys it's the same thing and yet God still works with us isn't it Ryans pretends is there is none righteous now are not 1 and all of us parents struggle with our imperfections and these impact our children in a big way but somehow somehow despite it all God still working in the hearts about children and hopefully in the last thing so he left a number 3 from the orchard God still causes all things to grow in the orchard and how many children and in US I can listen number 4 finally at long long last we got the results back from the soiled history it was a painful waiting period as you can imagine it was more painful than it should have been because it should have any taken 4 weeks to turn around the soil test but because we had such significant imbalances they had to rerun the tests didn't think so it took 8 weeks and sorry it was that little bit of extra time of waiting was was significantly painful to us and at last when we got the results back the mystery was. Revealed unveiled we had very very high levels of boron we had very very high levels of sodium we actually had 15 percent side the human soil which is not a good thing you shouldn't have above 3 percent and then we had very very large calcium the calcium magnesium ratio was just not good not healthy and it created a very tight the oil in very top soil the microbes kind of get you know chart and I can't I can't really tell you they're being new to well so then they were huge issues there and when your calcium is particularly large. Having the toxic Boron levels just made the toxic Boron levels even worse if that makes sense so those were the issues that we were struggling with but anyway once we knew what we were dealing with we could deal with it instead we amended the soil we put on the appropriate amendments mostly we needed to add lime as well as a few other little little goodies on the side in all of a sudden the soil started to breathe you know it is out and it I've been to the soil and we saw some beautiful things happening the microbial life in the soil just started to balance going home and seeing and I tell you what I think that the microbes in the zone which is literally clapping their hands for joining. Me live in this place and the mineral balance started to hate in the right direction and what the surprise we still live life come back. It was Saluki miraculous you had to see it with your own too wise to get to to see where these plants had come from. In see the miracle that could could be poor that the miracle of life that could be pulled back into. The soil and into the lives of these plants it's truly or inspiring. And you know what I just might right now be doing a little plug for Whitman McConnell's soil fertility class because this is what he's teaching are today the principles that we were now at last I will to apply intelligent is what he is teaching everything. I put this picture here this is a bill N.C. A couple N.C.R. are in each and I put this picture in here now if you could see it with more clarity but. I wish you could have seen this particular 1 when it was at its worst it was the best 1 to drop its leaves is probably the 1 that I agonized over the manifest. As I started to see where the orchard was heading and the. Branches of the of those train had started to go brown and black and it was just on its way out it was on it so I have these by now here is after we demanded the soil and it literally came back to life I love that train because when I see it it's a reminder to me don't you know mom. We have a hard heart task as marvelous and I know it takes a lot to be a mom I know the challenges pain all and I know that there's times where I feel like giving up. I know that these challenges in my parenting journey in my children that made me wonder what is the outcome going to be don't if I give up. These still N.C.R. and just going to stand for me as a constant reminder for many years to come I cannot wait to eat the fruit of it it will remind me that my children don't give up. You know I would melt when I walk through the orchard. I see a vision of what God can say what God can do when God's way is a follower I remember balance and abundance and it's not just a vision of what God can do in the soil it's a vision of what God can do in our families if we were willing to follow in his way. When I walk through the options now I almost do it with a sense of sacred all because I see God's hand at work. Visitors in to Tirana me that says the lot your God will make you to abound in the work of your hands. In the fruit of your body parts that have children yet in the increase of your life stuck in the properties of your land that's our gratitude Yes God wants to make our families actual germs and gardens to abound if we are by his voice each we are by he is the way so are. Less the number call balance and abundance bring hell and grow our so do you want health and growing in your gap in yes. Well you better head over to Whitman McConnell's class but. Do you want help in abundance in your families and that the more important question in which case you're actually in the rack allows a man. Maybe dying from time to time we should ask God what do you want me to do what do you need me to do to ensure that we have balance in our family and abundance of them any. Less a number of buys there was 1 ingredient missing in fact it's still kind of missing. Something that will not come on your soil test results it won't be recommended for you to do but you will have to do it whether you want to do it or not it's pretty important if you want to rape our habits any guess is what it is it's time. Time time to let the roots go down in the fruits come up time to strengthen up that trunk time to develop the fridge time to ripen the for right time time as we wait patiently for the harvest and I sure hope you can see and just let your arm I'm parallel these with of course now on children. I guess we've all done it before if you're a gap you've held a packet of seeds I love growing my own vegetables from seeds not from seedlings but from seed I love it I love to hold on to a little packet of seeds and and Megyn what it's going to be like when I received harvest Surely you've done that. I'm sure we have you imagine what it's going to be like if you sink your teeth into that delicious food at the end you know we plot that little baby don't we but then we've got to wait for it to grow we have to wait quite patiently is not a such thing as an instant fruit salad and there's no such thing as a perfect instant child it takes time it takes time. I love the Squire I think it really revamp the heart of a family or a gas or perhaps or a mother. God looks into the tiny see that he himself has phoned in he seen raptly been at the beautiful flower the shroud or the lofty wide spreading. Sorry does he see the possibilities in every human being we in our children are he for a purpose God has given his plan for our children's lives in a desire for us and our children to reach the highest standards of development so I guess lesson number of buys from the orchard is time time and patience sorry the question could be ask is our ought to be now imperfect help. Now it's not but by the grace of God It's certainly heading in the right direction what about our children. I 4 young men have a perfect in I know I but by the grace of God. I pray even hitting in the right direction in time we will see the right people in time there will be a house. I'm guessing that you know if you're here in the valleys in agricultural stream that more than likely you might have an orchard yourself or maybe you're going to have an oh just 1 day and I'm not talking about a photo to buy there's an election on the mess a man more than likely you have you are an orchard growing right before your very own eyes your children and I assume that you like me want your children to grow tall and straight and strong like Daniel I mean we could run a soiled hist on our children. If by me we could run a test and then get the recommended that recommendation back and then the Cordingley let that be wonderful it's just not that easy it's not that simple but as long as we have a sense of our needs and we continue to go to go with the mouse to God now for an expert's advice he will teach us here a little there a little I had a recent experience I was going through I just a time in our family that was not going. Aimed I was struggling with parenting struggling in a big way and I didn't really know what to do. I knew that I was struggling particularly being patient and my brain was just kind of you know after days of struggle I was kind of the setting down and I knew I needed help. And I remember waking up this particular morning and staying saying Lord Lord help me I was feeling absolutely in actually to have brought. Him to if you know what I mean that sense of just mental fog when everything's kind of not going quite so well that was what it was like to me and I couldn't think beyond the moment. And I pray and I said Lord help I don't even know way to step out. And instantly God spoke to me again not all of glee but with clarity with clarity instantly he flashed into my mind that the concept of the lock up you know what I mean by the lock up you know that every 1 of us have a love cup that children have loved cups and that we need to make sure that we are feeling their love cups and not by our words and actions feeling their love Cup and I know I go and planted the story in my mind I know it was an answer to my pray because I was an angle to think of that and I know it was just what I needed because I know that I had been spilling their love cups when I should have been feeling them any met Marmont I was over because. It made me realize that God was willing to stoop and come cyclers to me. As a mom and give me what I needed for that day God has a very very personal God in he does he teaches us how to raise our children here a little there a little do we make mistakes along the way. Yeah. To Miami but God is the for those of you were here last night he was speaking to Aaron Greenfield he put up on the screen a vest from. 28 you might recall that how it he said it was for the power and it truly is and in the middle there it says his God teaches him God teaches them that that's what it's not exactly in his words that he will teach the farmer and he teaches us as and. He does. What God does for the farmer he does the parent also a man. And Eve and way in 1 day our children do stand tall and strong in character I pray that it will be to God's glory and not to outlawry 1st Corinthians then says I planted a policy or to it but it was God who gave the increase so even me you know he who plants is anything nor he who waters is anything but God it is God who gives the increase we need to remain humble that's not too hard when you're a parent. But we do we need to remain humble in all we did So lesson number 6 which is the last lesson To God Be The Glory. To finish I just want to read you this passage I love this passage in Jeremiah trapped in. It says Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom let not the mighty man glory in his might nor let the rich man glory in his riches and I'm going to add 2 more bits to that. Let the orchard keeper glory in his thoughts and now BUT TO GOD BE THE GLORY and let not the parents glory in the children but always are ONLY TO GOD BE THE GLORY can I pray with you loving heavenly Father you love to teach us lessons I pray that you will continue to teach us keep us humble keep us teachable. And keep teaching us even through the tough times of life I particularly pray a blessing on the the moms in the taxi to know that they need to know why but you are the mastic out there and that they can go. At any time in you. Working with them and for them in the glow in the human journey and I pray. That through I don't. Know my brain. 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