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Raising Entrepreneurial Evangelists

Pamela Dysinger Jennifer Dysinger




  • December 1, 2017
    11:45 AM
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To have an entrepreneurial spirit and so I pray that you would put the words in my mouth that would be a blessing to those who are listening in Christ's name my brain you know when I'm a I'm a product of the education system as probably some of you are came through all my elementary years. High school college and never I mean entrepreneurial ideas were not in our minds but it's amazing how the agrarian life sort of opens that up and brings that brings that part into life I mean I I was never in my younger years thinking entrepreneurial thoughts but once we started farming it just sort of like flowed out of me personally I mean I started a number of add on businesses to to help. On the farm but I can definitely say it's becoming a passion of mine to try to bring awareness to why it's important for 7th Day Adventists to be thinking entrepreneurial thoughts so it's not coming but I have my notes here so I'm going ahead so the 1st thing we're going to do is just look at what is an entrepreneur and I think we all probably have a good idea but I just looked it up to clarify what what is an entrepreneur an entrepreneur is 1 who organizes manages and assumes the risks of a business or an enterprise so obviously farming fits in that but when we think of entrepreneurs we usually think of people who are in the business world starting businesses starting industries but it's anyone who's managing and assuming the risks of a business or an enterprise. So why entrepreneurship Why is it important and I'm I'm speaking specially what's on my heart especially is something I've been us 7th Day Adventist young people and I'm not disturbed that I don't see more young people. As much as I think it needs to be a paradigm shift for parents. So why entrepreneurship in the 1st deaths this alone eons for $10.00 to $12.00 Paul gives this council and I love this we urge you brethren that you increase more and more that you also aspire to lead a quiet life this is the 1 we share the other night to mind your own business and to work with your own hands as we commended commended you so Paul was encouraging those and Thessalonians and I don't know all the whys and wherefores but he was just saying look work with your hands mind your own business and. Do that work Paul not only gave the council but he also gave the example. He was truly a self-supporting men missionary he did his tent making which supplied the needs for him then to go and minister and I feel like the farm has been that for us. We It provides our basic needs and it frees us to do other things. I never wanted to be dependent on donations. That's a different model than Paul commended to us so missionary a self-supporting missionary a missionary is a person undertaking a mission and especially a religious mission very enthusiastic and eager about doing a job or supporting a cause so I think we would all agree that we should all be missionaries it should be our mission to bring Christ to whatever opportunities are before us so here are some points why we own our own businesses why should we own our own business and that's our. Anyway why we should own our own business 1 is because we have much greater opportunity to be a witness and to use our businesses as an evangelistic tool I. Just going to give some examples of that I know 1 business that they something is messed up about my notes here because I'm going to backtrack even apart from I know it's OK There's just a blessing when you own your own business that you can. You have freedom that you don't have when you are just an employee so I want to share some of those freedoms I know 1 business where it's a mail order business owned by an Adventist and they put glow tracks in every package hundreds of glow tracks going out to all corners of the world I mean things you know and you crash you never know what those are going to do I know of a banker who owns a bank and he has in his. In the bank in the lobby of the bank rather than just some magazines like we would have. In any other bank he has spiritual literature the desire of ages glow tracks signs of the times magazines you know if you work at a bank you don't have any ability to do that sort of thing but if you own the bank pretty much you can do what you want. Another example we were. We were in New Zealand before we came here and we stopped at a Subway sandwich shop you know we're looking for something for Miller and that was it so we had a nice breakfast nobody was there and we just had a sandwich and I engaged a lady who worked there in conversation. And she went on to tell me about what a blessing it was to work there and to live in that community she said she had moved away for many years but they had been back and her daughter was just getting ready to do a trip abroad working somehow into or ism and she had had to raise all this money and she said I never would have thought but this little community has come and given her help and support and she said it's just amazing and she said that she worked at the subway and she said. That the subway was own by a person from the Church of the brother and I know exactly what it's called the brother in something and I don't know what you know about them but if you go online there's not there's some nice not so nice things said about them but she was very quick to say you know what people say they're a cult Well they're not a cult they're the nicest people she said they own several businesses in this town and she said you know I'm paid not just to set wage she said they pay people what they're worth she said they pay us by the labor that we do not you know just the set rate she just I just felt like she held these owners on a pedestal and said OK I don't think she she went so far as to say well they don't force their religion on us but they are the nicest people praise God Oh for it to be at and this you know that some of the advocacy business people were employing community and making an impact in the community where they are serving wonderful. Encouraging. I think I want to tell you about a couple of others that I have learned about at A.S.I. in the U.S. this year we went and there was a a speaker that I was so looking forward to hearing and guess where he was from his from Mr Alya and his 1 of his seminars was called the infidel Christian and that really piqued my interest but. So I went to his seminar and I think the 1 that I I mean he had a main service as well a main plenary talk but he is he's an entrepreneur he was raised by serial entrepreneur parents who had many businesses and I imagine some of you know him because actually I was talking to John's cousin and her husband worked for him and that's the Archer family huge impact they are having they have had for good but Julie and we sat in his seminar help I've been blessed and I read his book I finished it on this trip I finished it before we started the trip I guess and I emailed him and I just told him what a black thing you know I have a very similar view of money and finances but when you come from the poor side of it you know we've never had means so who are we to talk about what you should do if you have money but for someone who has been materially blessed to to talk very openly about how prosperity can kill your spirituality and how our money is to be used as a channel of blessing I found it a great encouragement 1 more example in Julian's book he references a man. What's his name littering Neo R G liter Neo and I'm sure I'm slaughtering that name but he was very. He was an early inventor and industrial man and he was a part of the earth moving equipment movement I don't know that he started it but he was very involved with earth moving making highways and building dams and designing and manufacturing the tools to do so he died in the fifty's so we're going way back he was a mall tied multimillionaire probably reached to the billions and in his day it was just astounding but guess what god owned his business and he gave away 90 per cent of the profits from his business 90 percent so he did an incredible amount of ministry and I we got his book and we re read it and amazing an amazing witness for the Lord so when you own your business you can truly take God on as your partner you can use your means however you want I want to read you this what was said about him. Argy is perhaps the most inspiring Christian inventor businessman and entrepreneur the world has ever seen a 6th grade dropout Robert Gilmore who they called R G went on to become the leading earthmoving machinery manufacturer of his day with plants on 4 continents more than 300 patents to his name and major contributions to road construction and heavy equipment that forever changed the world. Most importantly his contribution to the advancement of the Gospel ranks him among the greatest of Christian business men of all time famous for living on 10 percent of his income and giving 90 percent to the spread of the gospel he exemplifies what a Christian businessmen should be amazing so when you own it you can just use your business as H. channel of blessing so the last little bit before I say I'm very happy to see a couple of young people here that I know are going to be interviewed but I just want to touch on how I think this is just my thoughts I hope the Lord has guided them in how to raise entrepreneurial evangelists because there's no point in being an entrepreneur only we want them to be evangelistic entrepreneurs so the 1st thing that I would say is start young and I had this idea that we would have all of our children start their business life with an investment project and I'm I'm great for ideas and I don't always. They don't always go all the way to completion and I don't know if anybody else can relate but so I did that with our daughter she had a little business where she made bookmarks and I made a little bookmark she did them with ribbons OK so she wove this ribbon and I attached it to a bookmark and on the back of the bookmark I told about investment because I have a bird for investment project in the US we do investment. Projects for the church and so I wrote about this investment project saying that all the monies were going to missions and that it was something that Kiersten was doing and well she sold dozens of them was a great beginning a great launch into business for the Lord OK so I don't really remember that we did that so purposefully and intentionally with our boys that's probably to their disadvantage but. So start them young. So and the other thing is OK because business is to help them achieve their goals again our daughter she wanted a little dog well at that point in our life we had all we could do to put food on the table for our children and so truly we had no no money for buying an animal no money for taking 1 to the vet no money for anything except the bare bones basics and so. We encouraged her to start a little granola business and again the pharmacy a great platform I made a very simple recipe she was not reading when she started it it was 1 cup of this and 1 cup of this and everything was very straight measures and she would make it and she. She sold it on the farm to customers when they would come for we had a you pick operation in those years she sold it to a retreat center right down the road to us from us where they you know they were promoting it and serving it to their clients it just grew and it took her about 2 years to earn the money to purchase her little dog and she had that dog for almost 13 years was amazing amazing opportunity for her to to do a little business to gain something that she wanted and to learn how to use money tailor the business to fit the age so you know the younger 1 obviously is going to do something more simple. I also included music lessons and we didn't have money for music lessons so I helped my children learn earn money for music lessons 1 of them had cookies for keys he made cookies and he sold them to our customers and it said right on there it had the keyboard and said you know this the money I earn from these cookies is going to you know provide my music lessons or you know so I helped them to do things that would bring in money that would be a mutual blessing so they paid for half and we paid for half. So tailor it to the ages and the needs the desires. Encourage them that their businesses are for blessing teach them to use their businesses to bless others to give the product away and this has extended when we don't you know our daughter grows flowers when she doesn't sell all her flowers at markets guess what it gives her great joy to give away she'll give flowers to the market manager should give flowers to another vendor or she'll bring flowers home and she'll give them to grandma. So product that doesn't sell is never wasted it's meant to be a blessing to someone. Donate product I'm hoping that Caleb is going to actually get here for. An interview and he can show you some of the things that he does and again we have not only do we sell things but we give them and we've tried to model that with the farm you know I've had experiences where someone comes by the the farm booth and you know they kind of are disagreeable with our pricing and it's too much it doesn't often happen but occasionally and especially like with an older person who's has a harder time paying the rates that are acceptable today. And I remember 1 time in particular this woman was just a little bit disgruntled about the price of our tomatoes and and so she turned her back and she started to walk away and I grabbed 3 or 4 tomatoes off the table and I I ran to them I said here I just would like you to have some of our tomatoes I said I know the price is a little bit high for you know I just not and not everybody can afford them but I own no no no no let me pay for them I said no it's a gift to give just take it so we model it and then they catch the other thing is to encourage generosity and we we have tried to do that as we have tried to launch our kids in different entrepreneurial things pi is the minimum high this is the minimum and then offerings are. The the extra OK but we tried to say OK Tyson offerings are non-negotiable but we also went back to the Old Testament where God placed before the children of Israel the principles for the 2nd ties and so we taught them at a young age and this is where probably I didn't do it as thoroughly as I wished I had with my older ones. As the younger ones but they've all caught it that 2nd ties go back to paychecks and prophets and read about the 2nd time I go back to Deuteronomy the 2nd tide was meant for certain purposes to birth to make it so that the poor could attend the feasts and every 3rd year the tide was to be kept in the home for purposes of hospitality. So we had to use the 2nd tithe in different ways but often it's used to give to 2 organizations charitable giving you know for me personally if we didn't have that 2nd Ty's set aside for charitable giving I would never feel like I had to give but if it's there and it earmarked for giving then wow you always have something to give and to share. Then lastly of course after you teach them about tithing and offerings and then possibly 2nd Ty's you you teach them that God owns it all so after you pay your 2nd time I don't think that oh I'm done now fold my wallet put it in my pocket I've done my duty now. God has the opportunity at any time to say hey I need a little bit more and then we should very freely open up our wallet whatever whatever it all belongs to him so we instill the stewardship ideas So in summary and then we want to give the young people a few minutes to to share what they're doing some of the things the young people here are doing entrepreneurs business owners number 1 have more independence Number 2 they can literally have God as their partner go to God for decisions business decisions number 3 they can use their businesses as a channel of blessing whether that's employing people whether that's getting lit a Church of the world whether that's letting the money flow freely to bless others and number 4 can use their businesses to evangelize So I commend to you the benefits and the of Vangelis to opportunities that are there for entrepreneurs number 3 they can use their blood businesses as a channel of blessing so independence God can be your partner you can use your business as a channel of blessing and you can use it for an evangelist purpose All right Jennifer. Doing a little business in. Time for the 1st 1 I did was about 13 and I was saving up to go to a camp and. Put an ad in the local store for ironing and I thought yeah I've got this 1 or 2 ladies that would bring on any 1 of them every week for over a year I would bring me I think so I was very successful business for 13 year old. Yeah. That's yeah I worked really well. Did you think of that idea on your own mother did you come up with that my mom had done it before. When I was really little she had people doing that so I guess I'd been exposed to that before and yes that is such a useful did you have any relationships developed through that or. You know well we got to know that 1 lady quite well that would come every week. Because she'd drop it off at our house and we'd see it every week. Yeah but not a lot more than that really I'm sure Casey Other people noticed that what you were doing having an influence of industry. And what what were the other things that you were interested in doing well I have a funny business I have babies and so honey. I've been doing that for us come in the house. Well my dad got days when I. Must be about 8 he's a guy and then he so we did it together a sort of family thing. Kind of a hobby but you know selling honey and such as well and then he was busy with work and all that and so I kind of took over about 3 years ago I think. Yeah and so I've been doing that ever since and say yeah that's been going. Did you name your honey business or your honey. We just call it honey I think. Last name yeah yeah. And how have you. What kind of relationships have you had by selling honey. Well it's sort of just 1 word of mouth that we get out and say. People from Afghans and stuff as well as people from my dad's work and stuff so I actually just a couple months ago I met 1 of my faithful customers for the 1st time went to her house to drop it off because usually it would get to another way and it was really good to be out to connect with her and she was a Catholic emeritus talk and she actually ended up because we do a live show of Angeles and stuff as well so. She bought some books and stuff as well never have a talk with her and you know we have to keep in contact with her and. Yet just a friendship with her and you know other people as well S.. Plus what Cheney's. We've done B.S. on the farm too and I like her name because it doesn't spoil and there's not as much intensity in trying to get it out because it'll keep but it's also very helpful for people what part of the business do you enjoy most about the nice. I don't know I like Meister of it you do the whole thing now yourself taking care of the bees and yeah mostly with extracting and stuff we sort of do that all together still pretty much all the rest of it I do myself and my little sister she helps me with packaging and stuff say. Thank you for sharing K.C. is there any other business you're doing to. Tell us tell us what they are. So you taking off here. Well we do canvassing programs and that she and about a year and a half ago. With that we were looking at doing a new cookbook in Australian cookbook because the 1 we were selling before was American and. Yes I took on that project and you know to write a cookbook and it's really blessed that. That's powerful Where did you name the cookbook and and when was it printed wholesome homemade and we started working on it in May last year and if it was printed in beginning of December say. That's a great accomplishment and where did you get all the recipes from. Just so experience and yeah this practice sort of the stuff that we. It's very special thank you and what else are you doing tell us we're not going to let you get away from here. All the things you've been doing yes actually just recently I forgot about that 1 just recently a few months ago I have been a bit of cooking and stuff for the canvassing programs we go on and other groups and stuff. Catering that sort of thing and then I've had lots of people asking me for my can all of that I make. Just started. Making that in bulk and packaging it up and it's this way. Proverbs 31 moment. It's can you tell us a story about anything any interactions about your cookbook or your granola you know something to help us see how these businesses are changing lives and relationships. Yeah we got a cookbook into the cup by where we live and not a vacant cafe at all but they started making some of the recipes out of your cookbook in the cafe. I've been trying to take a healthy food with that a friend of mine at hime Lightning Ridge and she loved the chili pains we might have stacks of it with the Hamas and she liked She's a teacher I'd say she took it and cooked it at school with all the with the teaches and so she's just 6 of the books share it so she's obviously sharing 5 should be keeping 1 for itself. Do you have a story you want to tell to you know you're changing people's lives how they eat that is really really special because we are what we eat and what we think so that's really incredible if you think of 1. Thing. Just with. Bring entrepreneurial and stuff. The up in home schooled and then from I guess we've been told it and I've really made an effort to focus on learning Lenny everything that's there's an opportunity to learn every opportunity comes up to that's I guess principle trying to buy that when there is an option to learn anything to make the most of every opportunity and yeah I just just like to say I've just been so blessed and I've never looked for work I've never. Done anything but people just you know asked me to do things and I just yeah it's just. Because it's good and he blesses like that so that and you can you be a great blessing to others K.C. that gives glory to God because you know we are learning in education that we're going to be learning through eternity taking every opportunity is that an amazing way to help your brain just keep learning new things and blessing others and that gives glory to God and I know people see it that's why they're asking you to help out thanks Casey we have Caleb here come on up. And he and I want you to introduce yourself and what you're doing and how you decided to do that how you how that began. My name is Caleb day sooner and my pop up gave me a shrill saw about 3 years ago before he died and I enjoyed woodworking before that and so I've been making little Christmas ornaments and phrases different things like that Jack she brought some here to sell so you can buy them and look. Yeah. Like praise for you are you making theirs they're really pretty. Does a new place. Like phrases. Like blessed and love and give thing and welcome friends and well. I bought some for like wedding presents and there I liked joy and gratitude things that that really helped me remember the spirit that you want to have what other kinds of things do you make besides phrases and more intimate it's. Just a little. Well I have things I've done I haven't here but for Thanksgiving it's a big holiday in the U.S. and it's in Turkey and say 3 different so the back is like feathers and satirically body in the head it would right yeah all different kinds of wood so it's a different colors so so. Yeah he's done some 3 D. work that's like a picture on the wall right. Are you thinking of anything new that you're wanting to do. And I think it'd be neat to get into more furniture maybe and yeah where do you work. In a shop. You're right yeah. That you said that yes. You were you were making some birdhouses to work you know at 1 time. Did you do anything for sale before you did this woodwork. When shown this is your very 1st project that you business that you've done. That's really taken off where do you sell your things. I've sold them at markets at Agra in the US and I can't meetings and stuff different places. You and you can have them available at your parents' booth when you're there. Can you share something that has been inspiring to you in terms of people that are interested in what you're doing or have you helped others learn this too and. I guess if you had 1 friend from Switzerland they came and visited us for a while and then goes around and how long was it like. A couple weeks and so I did a lot of work with him in the shop and once you got the I think they might have had a sure sign you started working with that doing different woodworking stuff yeah. And what about any customers whether there is what do they think when they come by the. Stand and they see or hear it woodworking or people that you've met do you want to tell us any story of people's interest or do you custom make things for people. I've done some custom things but not a whole lot. What you've done that has been a blessing to us and thank you for being a blessing by sharing God's words to people. To have anybody else here that would like to share what your children after what you've done. We're almost out of time but I don't want to give anybody else a chance that is here that would like to share John. I just want to make a point that I think is worse making it at a meeting like this you know with our young people the traditional way certainly in the states is for them all to go on to college and I think all of you realize the pluses and minuses of college but actually even though my wife and I are both educators by profession we have actually discouraged arch is that too strong a word. We've tried to to guide them in other directions than college because number 1 college for the most part is and I want to be careful because I don't want anyone to say that we're telling you you shouldn't go to college but for the most part college is preparing you to work for somebody else to be an employee. And we just believe in these last days and my wife shared some reasons why we think entrepreneurship is a better option but as we get closer to the end of time we think that it's going to be harder and harder to work for an employer and so we are trying to encourage and help our young people to be in positions where they can own their own business just so they can operate it as my wife said according to their beliefs and their. Their principles and so I just want to encourage parents to to think outside the box you know there are many other options than college and in this day and age you know the Internet is kind of a mixed bag there's a whole lot of evil out there but there's also it has opened up tremendous opportunities for people to have businesses out of their home and so think outside the box think entrepreneurial think. Owner rather than employee and I think it would be a blessing to your children. And your kids are doing that that's exciting and we're happy that Paul has his own business to support himself in the work of the Lord. It's an online business with gardening and Caroline's family sharing in the last meeting that we are her husband's doing frozen began meals which Pam started as pms pantry and then my daughter when she before she was married started doing Caroline's kitchen PM pass that business on to her and now her husband now that she has 2 children is doing David's dinners and so he is doing frozen begin meals but it's the to blessing pm really encouraged him that there was wonderful for him to have his own business you know he was doing Bible work and he done many different things but he is excited and he's making a commercial kitchen now next to his house in the shop so things just develop and God is good our oldest son built solar panels with a battery in clued in it without an external battery and his businesses Tesla maker had dot com So God is great as a knee that he can use all our gifts well let's have a prayer and think the Lord for how he's let us our Heavenly Father thank you so much for bringing us together and for giving us minds to learn for eternity and for giving us children and please Lord we pray that you would continue to bless our families to be where we can self employed and having our own businesses preparing for the days ahead help us to be thankful for whatever work we do have now because you are your timing is perfect for our families and. We want to give you the glory for what we've been able to do each child each youth each adult here thank you for prospering us as we serve you help us to give. It Away you have given to us in Jesus' name amen. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service leader visit W.W.W. audio verse or.


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