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Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.




  • October 9, 2009
    8:00 PM
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why do we pray my God everlasting father we only want to be in this place father we know that we need not to invite you into your house but what we need is to prepare our hearts to meet our still every soul is hold allegiance around this fleece and as we learn to be still and know that you are not that he will not go that we would sense the spirit of God this placement only it has never felt it before and not something would happen that could only have been accomplished and power that comes from the secretly software that shook the world of information bestowed our father upon this police leave us change the light that not one soul would go to England the finger of God this is our prayer and we are special focus to be on experience but we are in Jesus name amen I remember some years ago I ordered a play in with Delta Airlines I just finished editing and my Christmas vacation with my mother in Chicago until that time I had recently come across that shows about Daniel chapter two I recently come across I will say that the Bible is actually being inspired by God as I was boarding the plane I was pleasantly in my heart as I sat down on the role everyone is playing in a close vicinity could see this will be going on and I was wrestling with the concept of becoming a Christian I was struggling with this idea of following this man I call Jesus but in my mind the reason I was wrestling the reason that I can be such a novel idea for me was because up until this time Chris things equal hypocrites and I would oftentimes be holy to Christians on my campus at the other people I knew that were Christians and believers in God standing on the interesting I may not be a religious man but it is only as I'm on in these functions are likely to be that's enough there's a lot of a hindrances that were in my mind was being in Atlanta he saw the mega churches and our friend would come to me and we arriving somewhere one pharmacy sensitizing and all my pastor of his big mega church twenty five thousand members it's basically a compound is not a church as you said the pastor who owns six three hundred thousand dollars vehicles they decided to route all one of his car to the church members and I remember looking at her in this cost is in line with you if you just saw this call to get behind his church members are you a thousand dollar car they can drive themselves this is because most of them take the bus I went to high school with this on his son drove Bentley two-door Granny Smith apple green his junior year in high school and I look exactly like using for every time I want Jesus of Nazareth I don't see them driving the latest chariots in Jerusalem can you say that had been Jesus zoning is not a Holocaust was thinking but not outrageously claims representative is the most expensive vehicles known in the automotive industry now remember because you know Christians are very persistent about getting the content service astronomer one time I finally got on the invitation not because I was interested in Christianity but because he was my friend laid out and be a lesson to your monument in this so I walked into arts arts and the floor was marble this was before you that I think a few more stops I look to my right and I saw a huge mural partly undecidable for the miserable just the past there is an and he was smiling with the goal to his mouth and you wonder why I don't want to be interesting and I remember grappling in my heart how can I become a Christian because of not doing anything to be interesting I'm not interesting in my suspicion is not just within the evangelical churches but also well doing Adventists are so we see that we are conducting a global analysis service somebody know them telling the truth and I want you in young people all I can a mad one they were bringing in these and no force of silence you you go to South America in July people don't handle singing with all their hearts because they knowingly and I think this is great because they don't have running water and I look at the joint and I say this was my final personal injuries to surrendering my life to Jesus and so I thought to myself there's no way I can become Christian and I kept messily on that flight on Delta Airlines to live in your Bibles to the book of second and Chapter three second Timothy chapter three when you're there safe and if you're not there say have mercy all right Mercy said no him and second Timothy chapter three verse one are you there all right second Timothy chapter three verse one the Bible says this this will also that you know what is the last days and times shall come no as I written as far as I can imagine that these are some of the last of the great apostle Paul to his young nineteenth committee an up-and-coming minister in the early church and I imagine myself at all of the late-night writer it was a deep thinker and hilarious sitting on various sorts perhaps I will visit coin is probably running out of entities including his letterhead and he is mine the Holy Spirit is charming along the human mind and asphalt finished chapter two is now young Timothy Nelson also in the days perilous times shall come and I wondered to myself what was going through the mind of Paul when he wrote the word feminist missing I grew up in inner-city Chicago Atlanta network elements which means dangerous this is what we get the word Carol for parents perilous times shall come and when I think of all parallel is dangerous times I'm thinking perhaps was about to start describing my neighborhood in Chicago maybe he was thinking in his mind about when I was five years old walking home with my babysitter who was fifteen and is working on some female gang members calling her on her name across the street she's just keep walking just keep walking in as me and my sister who was four years old at the time we try walking down the street and these female gang members allow initiatives and they were serious so seven females decided to cross the street and began to beat her unconscious and I remember looking at my babysitter knocked out on the concrete waiting for her to wake up so we can go when I think about at times unthinking populist something where a second and eighty three that covers that when I think about countless times I think I'll be six years old overall telling him things than this then again a running outside on Sunday morning snow Sunday mornings of some of the best days for children you feel like you can play all day in my heart of the timeless football football is probably the size of my body was a small size silent running outside of my best friend is Molly was nine years old and my middle name is Paul Teresa Coley Littell J somebody out there across the field to his apartment building and I run downstairs and when I get upstairs apartment I am not I think that says cost I look over the door and I see multiple holes in the door and I remember that mom would say Sebastian just leaving anything alone on my website and my uncle with the big boys you would look and he said no you don't understand nothing only do positive things economist and do anything that but this time they got tired of it so it went this way they decided to visit to malls apartment to find this nine -year-old boy was talking against the friendliness of the college and being as they knocked on the door Jamaal 's mother came to visit when you put them all season I'm not been opened the door so you might as well just leave and that's when they started opening fire through the door they get the mother is a sixty times and I think continue farming tended toward tomorrow all holding balloons it is one and it was an unsolved mystery no one knows what I think about perilous times I think about that when I think of all perilous times I think of all the lunch lady at my elementary school when I was nine years the best time am a little deeper into the gang activity and Daniel was the silence of a parasite a little bit person I hope the Lord is on eight pages of that in heaven when the will so silent walking along Simon 's writing was old-school unit of all sizes I don't pull your pants up he didn't look like something okay this lady was on that if I came to the lunch line with my pants at the proper place I will know what the word is that's doing any extra food from the lunch line is that okay serving in anything you want to pull up my pants Helga Meister the only civil ones on .com AZ cell can you like something to the extra mashed potatoes praise God as you always told me singing along with him again when he was a young man don't mess with those names don't mess with those guys are not if anything positive you can make something out of your life you don't have to be like that is so later on that afternoon she was walking to her car she was met by a few bones they shot it down right in front of her vehicle and I remember coming home as a nine -year-old child and I just started crying and I didn't even know why perilous times as I can imagine that young Timothy perhaps living in a nation will similar findings that is fundamentally you thinking when you reinforce one concept is expecting learned to be in the list is a second radical rethink today and how do we know we're living in perilous times because children are starving to death is I think I will also affect slaves in Asia maybe that's what Paul was thinking the Holy Spirit was talking to you but when you read on numbers one and the Bible says for what that means because none shall be lovers of their own selves bolsters blasphemers disobedient to parents ungrateful unholy without natural affection shows breakers in continent that means without self-control theaters as advisers on those that are good traitors heady high-minded out of the blood and more than half of the barn I can imagine that these eyes getting why not all that is really bad it makes sense both thirds having online novels on their own selves more than lovers of God I can definitely see them in the meetings themselves reading this under his torchlight out there is none for this and also any Zyban is pretty bad maybe he was thinking we are living in perilous times when I look around a single within the next probably blue is my and Paul says in verse by having a form of godliness but denying the power countless times is not because the crime rate goes up in Collegeville it's not written in the about single pregnancies happen on canvas SAU that's not perilous times in the mineable perilous times in the mind of Paul Paisley will find itself in the church finds is when people become in the church is on their old selves more than lovers of God is there the is missing when you see this people coming in having a phone that great what is more thesis that means I send lists the very outskirts form of the picture come different you appear at customers on Friday night all on ungodliness only on animal when that source is suffering from a secret life what happens when you don't have to come to Vespers anymore what happens when you don't have competition credit anymore you still get on your knees and pray policies apparently sometimes parents 's and says why is this so parents it's one thing for the inner city golf it's one thing for a young six nine -year-old boy in Chicago who doesn't know any better and getting involved in gang activity that's one thing Paulson is not living when the person think of the Christian when the person on research when necessarily potluck dinners when she's happy when the preacher once increased anything but the word of God once school is more about opinions and what the Bible says countless times call since and when they call upon us we ultimately don't accept Christ no surprise when you come to southern people don't think this is no also that in the last things perilous times shall come the title I this is not his more answers because it was a young man on a Delta flight looking for more answers but you know friends why is it that is so powerless what is so powerless that sure is falling into these various attributes want on this perilous manipulate a community will illustrate this there's a gentleman by the name of the tool don't want to use is one of the leading medical staff at NASA General Hospital in Boston and he was called back in the late nineties because there was a polio anything that means it was closed within a confined area and polio was driving across the country like wildfire I never called him to go forward and to provide support to help contain the polio endemic and selecting the system that the people would come through with the vaccines and if you have a vaccine that will put a mark on your pinky finger enhancing the point of the villains to make sure people receive the vaccine they came to a halt and folios not paralyzing the time and you look at him only saw mother weeping in front of her tens any reason uneasy a child and saw her child and the child's legs will completely paralyze the child's quality dragging his legs behind a Cisco community the vaccine then they combine he said yes they came by but there was a ruler in the village that was a lame SNL data vaccine is from the Muslims which want to poison all the Hindu people consult the cognizant misrepresentation she said when the medical people cannot sustain any see all my side not knowing that was that sure they were holding as you said I didn't know if she started weeping after I was paralyzed for life misrepresentations and behavioral signs when we only mature picture of Christianity when Jesus is not suing the people around us when the gospel doesn't seem relevant when the Bible is acrimonious public on the path not knowing that when people walk by you in the grocery store when people see you at SAU campus and not think this and I while I like this woman thinking I would think your misrepresentation I want anything Jesus and I was that young man on that flight on Delta Airlines I want anything but Christina and misrepresentation can be fatal but I want to show you Jesus is analysis for hypocrisy and after that the close and will be done for the night I was excited to the book of Matthew chapter six mapping and the six chapter in the essay that Matthew chapter six I still hear pages turning anybody was okay Matthew chapter six the Bible says this verse law that you will not do all people and that will be seen of them otherwise you have no reward of your father which is in having therefore when outdoors nine homes do not sound a trumpet before thee as the hypocrites do the Senegal are in industries that they may have glory of man verily I say unto you they have their reward but when I was home to us all that nonviolence I know what thy right hand with nine alms may be in secret and I thought they would see it in secret himself shall reward thee openly so it lets create a picture here so do this as all are nice generous giving Xena leaned over the pork with a Windows without children are we doing kind means we give money to them and Jesus says be warned he mentioned only a kind of beans so that it can be seen on that but this is what is and what he says he'll let the right I know what anything so doing all in secret and your heavenly father who sees in secret if you want to open so I want to know something you do don't be like the hypocrites the word hypocrite Dan is the case it means to be interdependent Elizabethan actor to play the one in the law and police these are all doing on my and so Jesus is doing a secret he says if you want a new one now talking in a manner walking on the street is a all in this format will allow my topic but the name is not in all anyone to make sure everybody knows how generous they are according to the individual in the church you know those people who like to get wanted to know the watercress heart attack here for three thousand dollars all wanted to only visit the church and what Cecil John Jesus is knowing that the right had no left-handed that's all no birth on and when the helper is also not be as the hypocrites are for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corner the mysteries they may be seen of men verily I fancy you may have their reward but now we now pray as answer into my closet and when thou hast adored my father which is where in Seagraves and I probably see it in secret shall reward thee openly but when you pray use not vain repetitions as the heathen do they think that they shall be a much speaking not healing and using the Jesus I don't like immigrants in the synagogue in the public places in this series so they can be seen of men don't pray like this is all into your closet and printing your father in Supremes three he adds one more bluebird sixty moreover when you fast being not as the hypocrites of a sad countenance for they disfigure their faces that they may appear on demand to fast and I think you may have their reward but now when thou fastest anoint thine head and wash thy face that now appear not unto men to fast but I do which is where a Seagraves and I probably see you can see greater job would be open obviously happier as you have a hypocrite on the rights I personally think you'll present on the left side and Jesus is a prayer to pray these elegant bombs to give all these are the only difference is enough into Lincoln Seagraves he's doing it in the scene that something is following whenever called hypocrisy is what we have been discharged oftentimes a Filipino income is about the reason why I don't undergo Nancy Weinstein is alive out there in the Bible where God is not only being integrated by some of those people and their are not what they do will actually receiving and doing some quick officer I see now the leader is when no one is watching am I talking to somebody tonight is one of the life that Christianity is available of godliness so do the struggling apartment yesterday was a native agreement that's why I'm not going all the way that's why I'm not getting up to singsong service I don't want to be a hypocrite and Jesus as and is finally hypocrisy the answer is not operating giving all all stopped laughing the answer is a new heart is the art of hypocrisy using friends as I was sitting there on that plane on their airline struggling in my mind I don't want to be a hypocrite visit my mind that's what a Christian is an ongoing leaning with very bright we need to the Lord step-by-step dignity of every precious Buchholz that the clients and on the thirty second page about as I was reading looking for more tests I came across the passage he says many people do not join Kristen Bell because of the hypocrisy doctors but she says if you have such a high concept of what a Christian should be part of a novel more guilty if they don't do it cleanly and I'm talking to you I will always like there is no way I checked the copyright on the book and I kept reading she said if you have such a high conception of what a Christian should be Bengali in the time and learned a lot that is the answer you don't swing back and sing a song service you will swing back complaining are doing all the hitting him to preach the word of God because other people are living a duplicate his life when we are living in perilous times a shoe that is on the table is going on in secret I remember reading a book on Natalie on a plane young girl whom West Virginia she had completely lost away she was like on the work of your flight got canceled flying back to Boston thousands library facility musings often which is amusing to note in talking about some diminishing the said okay sure divine appointment so we went to the Conor range is set up and put us up in a hotel into the hotel and all the things I thought you said Lord I got my Google would've gone with this girl sadly started talking to my boyfriend he was in the Army so you don't need to connect homes and readings fever all day so you understand sizes up unless you want me to leave the Marines I was waiting for you to ask so well because I wanted to become a Christian and guilty December the Bible some of these athletes are talking she should think about this is can you get into Boston so we went on himself silly around downtown swingman I went to the bookstore is allowable a level two we started to Barnes & Noble where the people around the show she pulled off a book of poems secret this is seen as aforesaid not never heard of it as well this book was a project I started online and what it was okay what if we ask America people around the world to send their deepest darkest secrets on a postcard no-name completely anonymous and we want to publish available so that America and the world can know this is what the people around you are carrying around in the cost secret penis so I been looking at my report what if we made a book called secret SKU what will be found in Apple using friends that has a book called the secret to having policy groups and is not anonymous and in this sense Jesus says the issue of Christianity is not a public life as a private life is strongly denying the power of God the power of godliness not see the same people friends and we've gotten to the place were not authentic anymore as we walk along and diagonal praise the Lord sounded good to see you on your tonight etc. etc. etc. when really in the heart we got crazy is going on inside sinfulness condensers worth it bought only been globally act like the devil and now you have this experience in your life many of us are smugly say you are eventually we just fell in the towel were tired of hearing the Bible class were tired of hearing the procedure this is seen in the will not work when done something friends and a very limited ministry that God has given me the privilege to engaging there is no there was no that has broken my heart more than going to our schools to our patents to our local churches and finding these people claimed to believe in Jesus who profess the big message in a hellish life I was out of Art Tatum 's and I will not give evening and after I finished preaching a message on rings to young ladies came on a family located and she said brother Sebastian I really appreciated your message I have a question you said that God 's grace and the power of Christ what do I do when my father is sexually abusing and he's an elder in the church I looked at her I didn't know what to do I don't want to say the following evening I preached a message on faith called on the under estimator don't under estimate the power of God and the the same two girls came up except it was the first time this and she said my friend wants to talk to you Sebastian and after sitting down beside leaning on the wall the girl looked up and she said go ahead tell him initially she tried to open her mouth her face turned bright red and she collapsed on the floor discovered and I knew why it was so perhaps couldn't even tell me and a friend said she's feeling the same issue I accept every daisy hospital if you are not living an authentic Christian life do us a favor don't tell people your Christian RAV applause just to name just do the flavor don't call yourself since and not okay Jesus gets no reason you are not laws is the real question it changes the world 's Savior things real people dealing with real problems is what Christianity is about coming to the world they say you have more answers than Hinduism and Buddhism he says this is all behind they can help you gain victory and policy we are listening and able to get anything really a shocker in the timeless you are like me great is God 's faithfulness you might looking at your mother dying of cancer and you're wondering why God ladies and gentlemen Jesus says if you are holding back tonight because you would see Christianity making seen it in your parents I heard that many times and young people a systematic I will be a Christian but I see how my father lives I see how my mother lives I see how my dad was a pastor I know what goes on in oh so why would it is going to cousins hitting my mall what a lifesaver do you know what Paul meant when he said panelist 's what was the Holy Spirit bringing to the mind of the apostle and Jesus says if you are struggling not to be a Christian not to go all the way for Jesus because he seemed false Christianity using this representation using duplicity in your home and your school and life in the Academy I always seen it all what is holding you back the same thing as it will listen and give me more it's not like this and I want to put all eggs in one basket but all my life and this is a sham this is not real but offsetting any volume to let you know God is still sending people to help him out if you want to walk in heels and be a part of what sexual abuse it was nothing like that she suffered Jesus is saving the anonymous and as he does when I will use Jesus can save you and people say anything you wanted but tonight is not listening is not listening because I know many of you are looking for more answers and here's my concluding illustration one of my favorite speakers and teachers the I send Robin drawings and I remember when I first came across Bobby's ministry I heard about it from a friend I said I'll check this out so I waited he said he was on the Q&A session three hour-long Q&A session by okay leasing with his guys so he was standing on you without one of our Ivy League schools in America and the audience was littered with TVs the brightest minds in the nation and I think they started drilling in the questions how do you know God exists you know the Bible is how do we know that the resurrection really happen where was Jesus right now you say this about God you say that about God that were asking him to define another listening and watching and finding these people one is as an audience putting all the smart thing answering these questions trying to make it intellectually credible existentially relevant and I remember towards the actual hours and forty five minutes answering questions and it seemed as if there was a brief silence like there is one and I remember he seemed to be standing there as a Christian soldier tired and being an intellectual battle it seemed as if there were no more questions to be asked and then a young Asian only remains for him in the back she said skews me Doctor Zacharias I have one more question he said yes what is she said if what telling us this true where other Christians that live this way he closes Bible step from the podium he says I've been wondering the same thing because the greatest argument against Christianity are Christians themselves every had his mouth and MBI schools the greatest argument against Christianity are Christians themselves and what is simply asking you tonight as I'm wondering are there more answers here and to access is there a person tonight I don't want with the Sebastian line with you on Jesus I want to be an answer is not an objection to Christianity as audio saved by the grace of God will I want to know slow Christian faith while he is like then we can answer it and I'm telling you that my friends what the world needs is more answers not objections based on cross as it serves to stop being when it is this progress is not being enhanced more concise is what the world needs that's why came into this church to be an answer to be a strong argument for the gospel of Jesus Christ it got his wish about his relatives and he politely enhances him for will not be noticed as a decision car audio seems to pick that out right now what do you think that this is a cardinal right now and tonight it is important that we don't just go through the motions outstanding only to go back more of the same this is the time to start making radically different decisions than what we haven't made before as I've been on this campus got been encouraged guilty will be on his universities is no more radical people there is no more committed people there but I found the opportunity to rub shoulders with many of you my heart is encouraged because I sat down with some of the campus using I sat down with some of you and you only cafeteria and I listen to you talk from your heart and sincerity to be used by Jesus is still there on the carvings but we can go back to business as usual they can be more of the same anymore as he watched how many more weeks of prayer how many more revivals this focus on young prisoners are preaching revivals in the Yellow Pages to our wife had failed to present as he wants it's time for you to be an answer for the Saddam when you leave this University we are not sending sensitive into the world but we are sending answers people will be strong arguments so on this car you notice on the part of the pencil I wanted it all back on as some of you may need special prayer success but specifically I want to make the reads must have been called tonight and these individuals are when you fill out your card and then once I think framing number one or the person who knows you have sustained a relationship with Jesus and you want to rededicate your life only to check that on your car I wonder we dedicate my life to Jesus as we talked about last night we serve a God of second chances amen we serve about and says the Lord spirit this year also I'll give you one more we serve a God of second chances so using out when we dedicate my life to Christ I also want to make a call for those who want to study for baptism in the same again in my life to Jesus you'll the ceremony of baptism and I wanted to a public confession of my love and desire to serve him the rest of my life am ready to cross the line and to make that commitment to Jesus when you checkout on your car I want to come forward so we can freely welcome you into the family of God check comfortable with maybe the person here who's gone very far so long as they stay on our continent place I may not want to take these closet agnostic like I've been denouncing seizes opportunity and indulgent probably get life and I want to rededicate my Lord my life to the Lord the rebound is filled out of the car I wanted to come forward so we can pray for you you want a personal visit we have plenty of individuals already set aside already set aside personal Bible studies or maybe you need counseling viewpoint is a very delicious I got to help use maybe there is something in your childhood something someone is going to you on campus and you need to talk to someone I want you to check up on the card that will take time to fill that out right now and those of the object that is a re- baptism or rededication I want you to come up so we can bring hotel there is time to welcome God 's children will use at baptism re- baptism rededication holy with your car is either filling out your cards want to pass them to the center to the end of the road and the autism of competent audio cards I'm so encouraged on sewing curtains people read dedicating their lives to Jesus people coming for me baptism baptism the first time I want you to come with your client no need to be afraid that he says if you confess me before men I will confess you before the Angels and my father please come all the way for make room for those who are coming your cards and conquer those of you filled out counseling or something else is that I can't put information into the center of the road so the officers can pick it up we want to make sure that each one of you there was someone to follow up to make sure that this is not a mountaintop experience but immediately what God was giving to you you have an expression you have been expressed where you can settle down loving the dedication you want to bring back to Christ seventeen how will I see you coming to Philly audio cards just and for those of us who are not coming please bought it hasn't free window Solzhenitsyn but also the need to fill out postcards are there others are there others single and am ready to live a real Christian life fill out the card one free with you if I can just ask as he watched the leaders just the intimation that we hear to receive these people right after the meeting when a frame announces mobile video to the right were done frame I see young people still coming spirit is still moving please keep praying please keep praying nothing more beautiful the Bible says that all of heaven rejoices over one on the federal rejoices over one you want to mean dedicate your life to the Lord you want to be rebaptized we want to be baptized the first time with your clients know what I'm ready to live a real Christian life is there more I want to make sure that no one does not come because they think that women close the service will initially the arms of the church all please call please call we need more hands for more foreheads as we pray most gracious father my heart is overjoyed because I do not come before you alone but I come father with some of your children that are ready to come somehow to be dedicated lasting some have come because they want to go through that public confession of faith and baptism of repentance and father you see how many upstanding to say they want to be enhanced as Lord and not objections it is our prayer tonight that's somehow Lord you would reach into the soul of every one that is standing heads of our hearts you would region to every soul into it plans that seem to show their fruits unto godliness may be hard in this room know what it's like to experience the power of the grace of God may every soul in this room know what has an answer for your son that the world may know that you sent to only becomes and that the gospel is real and that Christianity is true we thank you father all for visiting us and this place as we prayed and we often went that as we go home for this from this place may we not return to do more of the same maybe go back with new eyes meeting aware maybe go back to know how I feel living up prayers to you maybe go back with more earnest to spread the message for this thank you father for doing for us that which we could not enforce and now we commit ourselves to him that is able to keep us from falling and to present us faultless before his glory with exceeding joy this is operator error and we are special help this is the arts we ask and you will and this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is good like the more certain it is www. on universe .org


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