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It is Enough

Sebastien Braxton


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.




  • October 10, 2009
    9:30 AM
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for message on this morning is it is not it is enough for my consecration message tonight at five thirty in the sharing the rest of my testimony on hold the title for now but essentially from their home explain the rest upon the Lord pretty much brought me in and some of my experiences as I have made a decision to follow Christ in a jail in all what a crazy stories so on you interested in knowing how Jesus can save a person with serving the devil in your BFR thirty tonight I can share with you one last time how the Lord has brought me where I am today let's pray my God everlasting father we are grateful for the gift of life we come before you with no other argument when operating and you told the apostle Peter when he answered to you that you are the Christ the son of the living God he said that flesh and blood have not revealed the something but my father which is in heaven as the father we understand that as we approach the word of God which is able to make us wise unto salvation we cannot understand spiritual things without the Spirit of God that we need you Lord to open our eyes that she might really want to watch the truth as it is in Jesus and that actually when it comes it would have a sanctifying power over online we would not live to see and so this morning we ask what will you would use this which is what Gustavus and brief upon the breath of God and so we would like we ask these things of value would be glorified so that Jesus can be seen as a value people can be blasted machines to fulfill the purpose than half of their lives in Jesus name we pray amen it is enough I have followed and adjust some of my opportunities to serve in secular environments for ministry that one of the questions that seems to emerge on secular campuses secular environment in the workplace is his idea of how does a person County decision to have faith in God or his work is okay I remember talking to a young lady was atheist in China at the University of Michigan and she said in all of this whole concept of God very interesting to me is very good for the Chinese culture as a leisure talking about not like he's right here you can talk about Jesus as it you're just visiting with them in the morning I said I want but you know can see him you don't hear him he hesitantly sticky notes on your desk can send you e-mails as OC Sentinel and I was sleeping here in my dorm room and all of a sudden I saw a bright light appeared my window in his view evil in figure will likely glory came as a Christina I am Jesus the one that Sebastian is talking to you about and she said maybe that were considered not to be sufficient evidence I was able to to God and I'll believe in God and I look at everything on the national question are you telling me are you telling me that it has been your happiness for the thing into your room and you are going alike all now I know they need this because I've seen it are you telling me that you believe anything you see she said no I don't believe everything I seem to thought why not and when that happened it appears to you all decided this morning at like you know I think the really leaving it was just a dream if I had a little too much ice cream at the freshman cafeteria so maybe you're not having visions and dreams and olive hypoglycemic bothers other excuses and so I thought once I began to explain to her that they rest upon evidence not been misplaced I don't believe in Jesus because I have seen him I believe because there is evidence that is compelling that he does not exist we understand this in the legal setting when you welcome a quarter longer know what they say right that you can be proved to be innocent beyond a reasonable doubt are you following me even in the court of law is in this man has been found guilty in you gentlemen America a top diving phrase that we are innocent until proven guilty and they have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt don't follow this big essay beyond no doubts is that you have to prove this beyond a reasonable doubt and are many people don't thought out the word of God is being squandered the two not because there is no need for now but because they know it beyond a reasonable doubt follow Wednesday whether they are bowing is not reasonable if not because there's no evidence even in our enemy this we make all kinds of decisions based upon evidence was doing was considering enrolling at Southern Adventist University when he came and visited the beautiful blush campus they were gathering evidence as to why they should call and sometimes the evidence we need in a direction at one point we find it is not the way that we were hoping it would be so because it says it is Southern Adventist University ISOs and as a parent my assumption as a student based upon the evidence in the mainly based upon the evidence that they have to go to topple our popular congregation credits of that is that this is a campus that is heavily spiritual but that's doing positive they may not find that to be so anywhere on campus anything well I thought this was a administrative message I thought that I would find these kind of things you and for you we decided that the fact that I was University the fact that you have to go to wrestlers with the congregation credit example was enough evidence for you even in relationships within the same thing so while all the person is especially pleasing to my site and some people it is enough it's enough about it we find that team somewhere in the human experience there is a dichotomy there was a split that happiness was selling leasing when it comes down to temptation when it comes out as soon we don't need a lot of evidence will need a lot of evidences and you know what was really really pleasing this is really good for mice or do you want to somehow Holcombe meaning little evidence to sin but somewhat tentatively set the promises of God Jesus has no weapon formed against me shall prosper and mobility situation and will begin to collapse and fall apart as if God has abandoned us but Lisa hayseed on young lady over there we see that young man I know you can sleep in this example like Daniel in presenting this evidence and were wanting with the devil into some nice introduce enough momentum to stories are so many stories that came out of 9/11 that fascinated me because I was in the Marine Corps when 9/11 happened I remember sitting in my student center at college I joined the reserves I can go back to school and house right before my economics class criminal watching the television in the news flashed on and I saw the plane hit the building and in my mind I knew I would never get a call from my commanding officer I think all this is that in showing off within two hours the school was shut down I was in Atlanta they say when I has a CBC will be a terrorist attack is sold over the years since I become ultrasound was very interested in all the stories that surround it September eleven in Archuleta really caught my attention in the first one is this is about a man with what I ended destruction of the twin towers and just a week before he had proposed to his girlfriend who was living in California hereafter to marry him I like the blood the only initiatives as a guest on this law seems to put the brother 's feet to the fire she said that a single body that was probably a hard week for new so she went back to California and she was thinking about a and late at night on September ten she had come to a decision called all her girlfriends she said you know I think this is the one movement to get married her friends website is warning a letter no she similarly to leave a message on the fly to New York to go see early in the morning on September eleventh about eight a.m. she left a voicemail at his office home in the twin towns he came to work that day but shortly after nine a.m. we know what happened and that later on that day she found out that the man finally that she thought she could spend the rest of her life we've lost his life in a terrorist attack in the question that was raised in my mind where was God when this situation came at the same token there was another story got even more fascinating and resources about an elderly woman who was in the building and got picked in the firemen in the building and it works on a walk around the time we got to get out of this building this thing is going to collapse as you have arthritis to a very severe degree and so they were walking down the stairs and they were coming down one flight to flight for four number eight and four number seven and she sat how are you doing this in a burning building and the firemen alike then you have to get off we have to get out of this building Jesus I can't my bones are hurting too bad this amount we can carry he said no it'll hurt too bad you to carry so they said okay then they let her rest the building is burning she finds a look at the get up to go down on floor number seven floor number six floor number five four number four C sits down again this is on September eleven what you want I want to knows that woman in the Bible in the stairwell of the building and hear and understand these getups he says I just had one I just can we present now please and with individual letters are sitting on the stairwell at read more below them collapse and a woman in the finally made it home without a scratch in the filing told the camera season is that if that woman was awesome we went down to Florida with me when I could before and every other thing would collapse on top of but because he stopped the fourth floor because she stopped the fourth quarter we have made it home alive and the woman said these were my angels decompensated me in the wanted signal she was an angel from the heart costs to stop on the fourth and God used arthritis and of course inventing on the Hotmail in Outlook on September eleventh the UK inevitably and people say in what is the issue as well as their theological talk was emerging at that time they say this is what theologians call all this on top doesn't make it so obvious that he exists talk a lot doesn't make it so obvious that he's participating in your life you are in the exam you are in this frenzy your in a situational distress or can we read all the time and on Neurontin but hopefully they can obviously see publisher with a passage from the word of God that I believe space of this issue in a very profound and direct way but would need to the gospel of new chapter sixteen it is enough to chapter sixty one NSA and cannot there say have mercy nobody needs mercy sixteen verse nineteen the parable of the rich man and Lazarus I know many of us as administrator this process because it values up to justify life after death you have to be afraid the muscle was going there was a certain rich man which was clothed in purple and fine linen and haired sumptuously every day and there was a certain beggar named Lazarus which was laid at his hate full source and desiring to be fed with the qualities which fell from the rich man's table moreover the dogs came and licked his sores and it came to pass that the beggar died and was carried by the angels into Abraham 's bosom the rich man also died and was buried now let's look at the situation you it was common in those days you are a wealthy man and the Bible says this man was clothed in purple and fine linen so we can imagine things a very wealthy man he dressed quite well get the best close any fair assumption was so when I read that one of the key meaning is a little overweight fan sumptuously in the Bible says every day so I was calling that we saw present was really fostering any software that was really poor family and had been changed on the wealthy person so that when anything in or out of this house to get something to the Baghdad we find the same experience in acts chapter three with the man who was waiting in thinking of the ten this was a common experience in the understanding was because God has blessed you with Greenwell you can provide this better and the Bible says despite the fact that Lazarus was there and begging for complete poverty and physical illness and the resident was very selves loosely label distinctly remote this life is not all so whether you are doing well whether doing badly there's one thing that's coming that does not care for and that is the result of this the Bible says in verse twenty three that in hell that is the word Hades in the green the grave he lifted up his eyes being in torments and saith Abraham alcohol and Lazarus in his bosom and he cried Mrs. the resumes of father Abraham mercy on me and send Lazarus that anything that obviously don't want to and cool my tongue I am tormented in this way a but Abraham said son remember that now and I like to talk received this by good things and likewise Lazarus evil things but now he is competent and how long appointment and noticed this next verse and beside all this between us and you get is a great golf dates so that in which would pass from hence to you cannot neither can they pass laws that would come from thence now notice this the second element in the parable first element in the parable is the lifetime and there is the one doing well externally in the lifetime is indeed warbling ponderously in the lifetime and now it's their life knowledge what happens when life is over and now it's man who are informing and this was based upon how you can enjoy life in the whole point of the second element of this parable is one's life is a want to die once the brain comes in field settings you definitely need a face based upon what you did in your lifetime there's no more opportunities there is no opportunity to do more for God is no more opportunities to do more for the Lazarus and your life and the question is who Jesus is you come to ask you on heavily comments down things God has made Chattanooga Atsugi and we come bearing sumptuously opportunities to study the word of God we can't advance sumptuously troublesome individuals who are not trying to clutch and I'll call Bob he will take your wife and what are the latest in talk is going to come a time when you can do no more when that will be a great golf thanks and that nothing is set in the one hundred live this life it won't be as financial agent they won't be whether you got that grant you what you got this scholarship the difference shall be made by hotlink doesn't like what you would like to resonate with the latest of these in you we are bearing sumptuously within the crucial part of the parable arrives I want you to notice with me what it says in verse twenty seven the Bible says this man he said I pray be careful that means okay since I can change my situation as you can send Lazarus to stop when I strengthen my blog for a long airport father Abraham says about what is certain into my father 's house for I have five brethren that he may testify unto them that they also come into this place appointments and Abraham said unto him they have Moses and the prophets and not want to follow this no man's land on his informing understands the situation his face not look to Abraham I know that I have five brothers who are not ready for the afterlife maybe you have some family members who maybe you have a mother or father assembling a cousin and aunt and uncle whatever the case may need someone in your life that is not and I will I know one person that I can for sure know without a shadow of a doubt in my mother is not ready to die and I want to ask yourself the question what you most afraid of losing in your life who are you most afraid of dying in your life is in a person that you are receiving blessings from his president and all does not know Jesus when I think about people I like Michael Jackson and people talk about the death of Michael Jackson it was such a big deal he decides amount of blood the only question that remains of my heart with Michael Jackson is not seen on Jesus when he died knowing that the only question a Seventh-day Adventist young person is concerned about another life when anything at all whether he be on no and if you read the obituaries and you ask yourself do you know Jesus are not in the present time there is not already Abraham can you send Lazarus and anyone is responsive they have Moses and the prophets when he was saying what they have awarded by and he says and then you you see one of my great burdens as a you in ministry as you travel around the local churches or conferences congresses you know North East new Congress whatever the case may be and all of a sudden we want them to hear everyone but the word of God Christian contemporary movements that while this feature that's what on this video for them in Jesus tells us this morning and in the word of God the young people it sounds him whether they want Christianity to the progressive Christianity the message is the same job as powerful into my life wanting someone else's life no one bought a praise band the covertly there was no gospel choir that the reason he symbolized the Lord of the and were living in a time when we want people to know what the word of God consult the Bible says that he and don't understand any signs of working miracles don't bring this up let them hear the Lord of the no more entertainment put down the possible clouds in the Boston topics called down on the music music comes from the Lord of the interpersonal mark on the word of God but it is not the word of God and it is certainly seems with one on this are that soprano alto tenor and things became flesh and dwelt among us kings and in and in and said you were much with in the beginning with God became flesh that you if you are new leader if you are passed individual is leading a Bible study Bible class archaeology section zero word of God Moses and the prophets and that is enough Abraham says they don't need any other evidence is enough to prepare this all the afterlife but it gets better verse twenty nine he says they have Moses and the prophets that you and the book and the rich man said as a father Abraham but if one went onto them from the dead they will repent verse twenty one he sent to him it may hear not Moses and the focus not even will they be persuaded though one rose from the dead you see what I was looking at him is no part of the engine off and we look in this situation you talk about great faith you talk about a president who went on and so on if the presentation is worth using only racism you have a close friend of my princess and then I will be there to pick you up at nine a.m. because he is my friend I don't question his words I will need to see the keys autoimmunity if you have a car I don't need to see whether you have a license or not all I know is because I know you a lot and I assume I will take you no more and we are living in a time where we have people who honestly believe I also think a phase when he was being debated to ask how he said Mister Russell is an atheist and you went to the grading and found out that God does exist what was he thinking and Arthur Russell said I would turn to him and say not enough evidence God not enough evidence there is a philosopher at Yale University I would like to start campus ministries there is a Ms. Norwood Russell Hanson and after September eleven he was criticizing the absence of law and he said these words I want to read it for you more codewords he says that Paul was that on the next Tuesday morning just after breakfast all about in this one world will warn these more percussive and he has Saturday thunderclap snow swirls we welcome the trees me are thieves and buckles buildings and towers crumble the sky is ablaze within a league still rely that the people of this world look up having to open the clouds will part revealing an unbelievably nice and radiant things like figure towering Obama like a hundred apparatus he frowns darkly as lightning flames across the pages of this Michelangelo a face he then went down at me and explains for every man woman and child to hear I have had quite enough of you to put your logic shopping and watching in matters of theology being stored Norman Russell Hanson who most certainly exists and then I would believe that God exists really what are we talking about this morning it is enough we are told into Johnson profits that every failure on the part of God 's people is due to a lack of faith is due to a lack of faith they say what is on the what is that mean to let me know the chapter seven the clothes you build shock the seven connect the dots make an appeal will close a service will chapter seven verse one are you there not have all right the Bible says this now when he had ended all his sayings in the audience of the people we entered into coparenting and a certain centurion 's servant was beyond to him was sent in writing to draw and what you heard of Jesus descent hunting in the outlet of the Jews beseeching him that he would come and heal his servant and when they came to Jesus they besought him instantly say that he was bargaining for whom he should convince for you on our nation and he built us a cinnabar then Jesus went in and reason Jesus was walking with a notice with the Bible says that when he was now not far from the house the centurion sent friends to him saying unto him Lord shall not myself I am not worthy that Nelson 's answer under my roof wherefore neither thought I myself will need to come to be what say you know what were and my servant shall be healed I am a man set under authority having underneath soldiers and I failed to one and all in the doorway to another company coming to my servant doing this and doing things and when Jesus heard these things he marveled at him and enjoy them about concerns of the people to follow him I say unto you I have not found so great faith no not in Israel notice the situation eventually and is I will disarm it is said is and how you heard about Jesus and he says I choose to live in a synagogue building and I couldn't have this up-and-coming Rabbi if you could come all are this is sure to be one of the fifty fifth hey that's why we built a synagogue a playground design okay I'll call Neil and he's not walking down and the Bible says when he was not far from the house and the Centurion was sitting in his living room he looked out the window cracked the savings on to coming to his home and he told his friends go I can tell him don't come in how many people here today and was outside the house with a trouble not thyself I want to follow this Jesus can come in and was willing to come in to work a miracle and the man said I'm not working and I know you're a man under authority and all you need to do is say the word so that when we second the word of God says that he will accept an end of the lobby the additional child says anything am not myself you don't need to appear to need Jesus and through trial of faith is no weapon formed against thee shall prosper I don't get the tornado warning will not myself you need to come when they read the Bible all things work together for good to them and called according to his purpose and is enough I don't need any more evidence and that's what we all can use the same I need no other evidence I need no other plea it is enough that Jesus died and rose again for me I truly desire the faith said I don't need more than the word of God so when I read and hear and is enough in many about the celluloid secondary this person I want to sign Larson I don't want in this field I want to sign on Larson I wanted this initially wanted to think differently outside were always looking for evidence read on the evidence when God says I already gave you my word you won't hear Moses and the prophets are a lot better Lord I want to administration and support demonstration and went up on a business and there's no way had no way young friends that we will see ourselves through a time of trouble such as one such is not as there ever was a nation and we don't have the kind of thing that is more this is what Lackey some people want to argue in breakdown in kind of articulating is how we have always done for the Bible as if they need to actually feel that explanation at the Bible says don't do anything off the Bible says all doing well inquiries and is enough I'm not a preacher I ask you to be a preacher I asked him about a and all liabilities and beliefs of the power is not a new invention the word that's why the Manzanillo on man under authority trouble not thyself and so this morning someone in something awkward situation some young lady dealing with a broken heart young men looking for direction in his life use it down to the Bible and say Lord is in I don't care what other SAU students are doing I don't care what other old when students are doing I don't care what other avenues young people are doing I will send will continue the tribunal said while talking you be doing as everyone else it is enough I don't need anymore I don't need anymore and for many of us were always looking for more and the unfortunate part of the story is Jesus David Ray someone from the dead and you know who crucified him Sabbath keepers crucified Jesus type paying members crucified Jesus people who said the word of God is not a and for us this morning it is time to time for us to think the Bible promises and this is what the Bible says anymore I want Jesus tomorrow at me you want to make Jesus on his head your tomato gone in the universe model you want to make angels look on fuels company excess and does not see when we get to heaven you will signify that cannot sing Angels don't know how to trust God without seeing him will imitate you know when you'll will continue how do you know I need no other evidence I need no other plea it is enough and this is why many of us walk around with the feeble faith can hear trials can arrogantly can hear inconvenience Canberra my plans being derailed the ruling of what I had wanted them to be because of this the failures of people continue continue where are you failing in your life where you come in short about expectations in your life you like to talk about brokenness in the church everyone wants to look like super Christian we don't want to live holy and spiritual but the reality is when we get home you know what's waiting for you in the closet you know was waiting for you when no one is watching you know what's waiting for you here in your mind right before you go to sleep at night and got that nice cause wishes you in the spirit of God what is coming to my end this is why I believe in church laugh so much joy Cooper walking around human walking around depressed and discouraged looking for more evidence as if God 's word is not every head is about every high schools perhaps there is someone who is going to experience what is going to experience what where was not immediately do something right now where is any seasons in the past hitting himself in your life but you know when you are you into the matter this you are the one that is not gone I know some young person this morning that says I'm ready to take a step of faith on letting us know and say to God this morning all I need is you weren't not waiting for feeling and I'm not waiting for an experience I'm not waiting for any signs Lord I just want you weren't I just want Jesus to see and he said in a word I know what to open a trust you have to work investor desires when I want to say I want to say anything will credit thank you that you were when I want to make a very special appeal only have two minutes and that he was with someone who's been going through some serious problems emotionally unstable maybe you've been following your spiritual life and you know that while you are going to this time where was God where is God and perhaps right now you're dealing with something like I need special prayer because it was involved in from me I want you to come forward so we can pray for you every artist out of me I close you realize that God is hidden from you I'm going to something this morning and I feel I do not allow these hidden from me will say Lord I'm ready to start something you have to work I don't care how far back you have to come special prayer Lord ongoing something I'm going to some and this is where we are his answers were all just doing just fine no one likes an evening out from that they have these feelings that God is not near God doesn't keep his word when you come see Lord need special prayer this is the time for us to come up and say Lord you weren't busy enough that's all I need is the promise all I need is the promise are there others just come just come completely don't wait for the Lord whom you were going to what you're going through that's why he gave this message for you as God is saying this morning I'm not hitting on the hiding myself I'm right there just take my word on to others please go I can hold this much longer every had his bodily eyes closed and an upcoming event is free that sold as a resident of the Holy Spirit comes ongoing something I've even gone to show himself in my life I'm going to take and password or a problem let's pray heavenly father we all send in the presence of a holy God not because we find ourselves with such briefly below and we are standing because they want to learn to take you that you weren't to look at the promises of God as he is enough I'm not waiting on any other signs just simply the word is all I need a good father to son that is for very special circumstances and I just remember the prophet of the Lord writing when you are discouraged when you see many seasons of life goals heart she said take your Bible bow down on your knees and say here Lord thy word is advanced through on your weight upon his promise and every one of them shall be fulfilled it is our prayer Lord that these that have come forward please log in you can show your social in their behalf these are they not only want the patience of the saints but they want the faith of Jesus was willing to think his father 's words even a single dental even though he could see beyond across the still took you at your word and it is our prayer that these are not and their followers it's paying would be best to read the protocol to marvel at and say I have not seen such goofy those who would come to take me at my word and I pray Lord that he would bring order to their chaos that she would be free you would bring peace to the storm and that's what called the soul as his communion with you bless us now as we go into this divine worship service me the conviction rest strong on and give us courage to go forward even though we do not see and don't always understand this is our prayer and we offer to help this to be our experience that we ask in Jesus name amen God bless this media was brought audio Bruce a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about how humorous you like the more so than please visit www. on universal .org


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