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A Perfect Fit: Why Adventists Should be Market Gardening

John Dysinger Pamela Dysinger




  • November 30, 2017
    9:30 AM
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We made it before we grabbed in the. Spirit of Prophecy that trials are blessed big 3rd of all don't 100 balancer I loved it I remember we had years of trials so. It start we started as a strawberry production and I got really led in. But then from there because we almost lost everything you know it just was not sustainable then we started doing winter production. And we were doing winter production and spring production that was for a few years and then in 2000 the love and we launched into summer production which is where most people who are smart. Because that's her easiest but we so now the farm runs. Year round and John and I and what's left of our family and apprentices we do an apprenticeship run the summer and our son Joshua also works heavily with us he works at least part time half time in the summer and then he manages the winter production. Thing else. That's about a hour earlier and I thought it would also mean good he knew that I didn't ask are ready and they were in the market for a nurse and he was but I wouldn't just this lady back here she kind of did the stay planted garlic but any serious any any people who are you know seriously moving in that direction or you're here to be true that. Have passed them Wolf. You when you have a boy OK that's a good direction All right so I'm going to share with you and I'm going to try to move this project to solve a lot of heat. Why. I'm going to be and you are way too much too good to be over here. 12 reasons why we feel that agonist families should consider market gardening as as a life work if you don't want to move to a friend's in your way please feel free so let's see number 1. It was gone to original plan and we know that from Genesis the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eve and there he put the man whom he had formed so it's interesting that the 1st thing we hear about is that God planted it and he put the man but it wasn't enough to put him there then the Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to it and to keep it so I mean that was just for God put us to begin with that's where I think he knew we would from. Sin and took us out of the garden the next thing was to keep the family together number 2 to keep the family together that starts we believe with the husband and wife and I don't know with us here in Australia well I gather power is here in Australia because some conversations will have and. It's not that different than the US marriage is almost becoming a thing of the past. And that is still as. I mean what he said about that is it's it makes me so sad because it's the thing that was to bring God's image in a visible way to the world and so John and I believe that part of that is that we need to be more together once and he gives us great joy we haven't got everything right back has are not perfect but it gives us incredible joy to see our children taking home our always does Mary and her husband works for a W.R. as. They travel the world but when they fired him because it was in 1 position he said number 1 travel without tears because I can't do it without her and number 2 we are just committed to being together so 2 and a half years of marriage they haven't been separated from 1 night they have chosen and continue to choose to be together so you have a lot better chances as a family and as a husband and wife if you are together. And now shut teach them God's commandments diligently This is the 1 I just shared and the other 1 OK so I'm going to pass on that there's a little bit of overlap here because there just is but this goes deeper OK The 3rd reason is that on the farm there is meaningful was pictures so they looked better so you didn't hear. The collar looks also during And anyway meaningful and necessary work we touched on that earlier necessary I'm going to tell you we had to have the help of our film they had to work with us in the garden and there was no other options and it's not just for us and our Bianculli But guess what that. Company that comes to see hacks they can just enter in with X. to our daily rounds of work I mean it's it's a joy you know sometimes when you visit people you know that dad's octu work and on the softer work and you spend my evenings at the farm is a wonderful place to just be together so this picture is case in point this is on the daily farm that's rock youngest with my mother. He's a. Capable to still work in the garden and watch movies and whatever and so we had some fun in their garden helping them. Here some more. I think this is my dad he died 2 and a half years ago but he was and tremendous cost to us and. Again just to point out that the garden is a place where many people can come together and build memories and work together no matter what age this is can live when he was younger and to. My nieces children they live on the farm they're not really a part of a farm but they do live there and 1 of the 1st jobs that you do on the farm of your baby stay on a chair so I mean our kids are all doing it when they were to you know stand on a chair and sit. So if you could see they are covered with that ground. There's always work for children this is. Packing C.S.A. boxes which we'll be talking a lot more about that in the marketing but then we have an apprentice couple we have an apprentice family and they have 1 child and this is their their child and he's been he's been in practice as much as has carrots if you came to the far he could give you a tour of the farm and you could do it quite well 5. Cell phone number who are practical skill. The agrarian mile or market farming farming gives us so many practical skills so this on the fork left is our oldest boy and he's not farming with us anymore but he is making farming possible. In many small farms by developing tools and I believe no doubt he gained the skills from what he's doing today. By growing up on a farm I'm awful at the things that he has talked himself to do he's self taught me and he's 24 but. Amazing the practical things so here are some things that you learn and history. Diligence. Patience. Problem solving that's a big 1. And common sense there and spoke of it last night you know young people who grow up on a farm and who embrace that lifestyle they have a lot of common sense they have a lot of ability they're not daunted by the tasks so I have 1 eye to Jonathan and another our 3rd boy who are very mechanically minded and they do very well but it's interesting to me that our 2nd boy Joshua who's the farmer he doesn't like mechanics backed has this natural intuitive ness about problem solving that we've seen of why events are mechanical things which really enjoy So it's it's. If I could have only known what I know today 20 years ago I would have had a lot more peace in my home schooling in my P.R.. I was still a teacher at heart and didn't realize how much life on the farm teach them so here's more skills this is our 3rd boy Zack He's a mechanic he's this is a car he had bought and he's working on this is him blind. Says but he was running into some problems so a friend came and helped him so efficiency John's going to be talking about efficiency. You can't make it in the farming world you can't make it in marketing if you don't learn how to really be efficient and move. Very quickly through projects and through jobs and to do things in an efficient way. Reasoning cause to effect that's a big win for farmers and it starts with when kids are young it didn't take very long for our boys to understand here is a cause and effect they planted I can half a score of corn and just when it was right they decided that while the crews decided that they like I don't know if you have records here but you have something that would probably like corn on K. are possums and don't want 1 but they're all kind of similar so it was decided that they were going to protect their crops and they in the docks went out and they were going to kind of patrol the crop while the boys fall sleep and the dogs falsely and while they were sleeping because we made off with their Crocs so it doesn't take a lot of these kind of experiences OK Point A to Point B. reconnect pretty easily 1 time 1 of our boys was going to run a tomato for transplant. And start in small little plants and small blocks and he. Who wanted. It doesn't take very long cause in a fact live pretty close in the realm of hard. Mechanics just more life skills construction you can't be a farmer and not have a or grow up on a farm and then he grew up in life without dabbling and all of these. This is what I love and I hate having a love hate relationship this is something I love and I hate a little hardship and privation is a classic I mean we've had a lot of hardship and privation but we've really had no you know what I'm saying it's it's all relative So here are some good quotes here are big and this is Speaking of the wild and see and hear parents tender and affectionate as they were loved their children too wisely the cost of them to stuff to sell the indulgence. They were educated from childhood to endure hardship to submit to control and yet to think and ask for themselves as parts of the thinking and after 1 self very early they were taught to be your responsibility that gives you the picture that his parents were. Very proactive to discipline their children. Here's another 1 this 1 is great hardship privation and beer discipline or the school in which infinite wisdom prepare Luther for the important mission of his life. Martin Luther you know if hardship privation and severe discipline he probably in our generation even he learned to have in the. Not too many of us but here is the last 1 this 1 is the clincher the parents of Jesus were poor and dependent upon their daily toil he was familiar with poverty self-denial and privation this experience was a safeguard to him in his industrious life there were no i don't moments to invite temptation no aimless hours of and open the way for corrupting associations so far as possible he closed the door of temptation and I guess I would say this God closed the door his spirits closed the door. That no aimless hours and safe guard and I can say that's been a huge safeguard in our family for our boys especially when we started farming we had 2 boys we did not know them were good multiply our try and and we would end up with 4 boys so this is another 1 I don't know if you ever thought about this but John the Lord is the spot to John Number 6 market gardening after a flea incorporates all 8 of the health of the laws of 8 laws. So you know them nutrition obviously you can't get better nutrition and growing outside and harvesting it yourself. Exercise sometimes it might feel like a little too much exercise but Mrs White says there's no better exercise than the exercise that's done in the garden. Water you got to drink and you perspire we were kind of perspiring here I ask and I think I didn't know it would be so humid I mean this is last night's sleeping in the cabin was kind of like summer at home. Lots of perspiration sunshine I know John's cousin 1 that we visited said viewing here and Australia they have this looks laugh and slop slogan you know that's what it was that was her I have OK Well you know where it's a lot of are satisfied and you know. We only some good vitamin D. My husband even though he's a farmer tested low refined. But anyway we understand the benefits and that the disadvantages of sunshine temperance that was a little bit hard of all that in the 8 was I would have to say temperance might be the 1 that's you have to work at getting from because working how to farm can be rather good temper you know just ask Ron Daly some time you know your days can be very long and it can seem like you are being totally intemperate lacked the thing that that we have going for us and that market gardening has going for it is that you're to get OK So when dads are intemperately their employment that usually takes them away from their families but when intemperance comes to the family on a farm it can actually really bind you together and make some really good memories. I don't know if we call it intemperance but fresh air. Rest no 1 rest as well as the man who has Labor his little we actually have had experience with people who have been on sleeping meds I want to tell you you can get off your sleeping meds very quickly if you just get out and work in the garden and really do physical labor and especially in the garden we've seen we have seen it happen are right and the last 1 trust in God and for sure trust in God. Is usually incorporated into your culture along because we can do everything we know and the ultimate outcome is the Lord's doing. All right number 7 this is a big 1 protection from the sins of this age listen to the scout I could not sleep past 2 o'clock this morning during the night season I was in council I was pleading with some families to avail themselves of God's appointed me and get away from the serious to save their children some were later in making no determined efforts and I was thinking this. Was this yes this 1 is the same. This is 354 and trying to think where I may be and I was thinking that this was actually written what are your solution here and Australia where these you. Know No 9 No I'm sorry 1900 she was here here 9. You know I mean I knew. This would end right after I think. I heard our people to make it their life's work to seek for spirituality now I love to collect 1 liners that happens a good 1 liner and how many of us can really say that we are making our life work to seek spirituality that's a that's a pretty strong statement Christ is out the door this is why I say to our people do not consider it a privation when you are called to leave the cities and move out into the country places here there are overweight rich blessings for those who will grasp by be holding the scenes of nature the works of the Creator by studying God's handiwork and percept of really you will be changed into that same image imperceptive. Whole. So it's not a privation number 8 and let me just say going back to the separation. I think especially cold but not only I think for parents too we need that separation so this is a concept that we wished were being developed more and that is that with an agrarian life market gardening you can live in the country which we're told to do and you can work the cities Why is nobody saying that this is the perfect the perfect live in the country work the city message Listen to this quote. The cities are to be worked from the outposts said the messenger of God Shall not the cities be more Yass not by God's people living in them but by their visiting them to warn them of what is coming upon the earth well how are we going to visit them in a natural way OK what a lot of people do go when they can help you know tracts or something to go to the city and do City giving Angeles. But. I don't think that's the most effective way. It builds faith and trust I love this picture because I felt I felt like a kind of isolates a very small. What's happening in the garden but if we could see God's view of them there'd be no little pinhole he sees the Being picture of why agriculture is so important so it builds a and trucks Nevertheless when the Son of Man comes shall he find very on the earth where you think. Have. I mean it's it's just a sad reality around the world I mean and I'll give you 1 of my 1 of my moments where I've felt this you know as in the days of no I was socially in the coming of the son of me Matthew $24.00 we were we went to Sydney and we were there on the harbor. On. You called. The theory but there on the Boardwalk before. Under the opera house there's like a whole string of restaurants and bar and and I was standing there and. And Gar I'll be the 1st 1 to admit that probably many of those people they are from my country and they're tourists OK it's a grand tourist spot so it's not about any 1 place it's about our culture as a world and the world culture that we're living in so we were standing waiting for some of the new restaurant or something and the noise level was so old love how. People talking and I just kind of took in the scene actually took a video because it was so it was so on and so sad. So what happened and again it's not about us truly It's about our world because we can see it in the US too it just happened to be that it was this is a recent thing and I just saw the heart you know if someone were to see come up to the plate right here in this place and have to have everyone was talking and everyone was carrying on and say she's is going you know who was with you and it's just we're living in a very very sobering times and we need to be placing ourselves in a position to grow our faith and trust in God because He is coming. So the spiritual classes are so many we can't even begin to touch them but here's just some of our favorites they verses works out about that still a topic of conversation and from where we come from that the balance between faith and works is still not sure for a lot of people salvation is if I think there is of my works you know how well are we just want to say in the garden and it's so easy to figure it out there we don't plant the seeds we're never going to get any fruit if we don't water were never going to get us that cross. Faith and works are just like a gardener the way it works in the garden we do our part it's a cooperative act we work together but our effort is pointless part from God God is love is written upon every opening on every spire of spring grass roots from steps to Christ through the things of nature and of deep best and the deepest and tenderest earthly time that human hearts can know he has sought to reveal Himself to us the softness you cry isn't that interesting so through. That tenderest earthly human stock What does that make you think What's the tenderest earthly human time. If. You will are I mean this rock is clearly a family bond but the family bond starts right here with the husband and wife. So I think that. The ball I'm there the earthly time I that human heart that the tenderest earthly kind of human hearts can know his specifically speak to the husband wife relationship. And the things of nature. There are 2 ways that Satan was isolated. From nature and marriage is becoming a little perverted. If Satan has made an all out attack to keep people out of the garden and to keep people from having people really happy God honoring him. He is on a serious Aurore and he's already on. Number 11 this is why our nerves were speeding through work down here and very well done so that we can distract. Or John can get go I hurry. So number 11 evangelism the world needs today what it needed 1900 years ago a revelation of Christ with your group that is a great just simple 1 line of thought there is need of coming close to the people by personal effort if the last time were given to sermonizing and more time were spent and personal ministry greater results would be seen you should go and read the whole of that that is an amazing. For ask are means of the be His will is and has been. Our customers and this is 1 of my favorites in your if you can have favorites I mean you should have favorites but this young woman I watched her family grow from the pregnancy of her 2nd child and she has 3 little ones now and I tell you when I see them at market we really meet like old friends and crisis method of the Young I think I have next now I don't. I think it must be in their crisis Mathes a low the method that says drop close you're familiar with it and then after you do all of that then you bid come and follow me so I'll tell you 1 of my come and follow me moments I'll be the 1st to admit that it's a little bit hard for me. But. It's easy for me to talk about it's easy for me to share the gospel in its simplicity and to tell people that I'll be praying for them or to ask people to pray for me I always just assume that our customers and we are on the same page you know they might not be but I'm just going to give. You know give the best foot forward and sometimes in my communication with them all you can say you know would appreciate you proving for you know for us. You know really are in Australia. During meetings that's a novelty to them because notice farmers you now crave for X.. But anyway 1 of 1 of our customers and it wasn't this lady. She's going to with us for many here and this last summer she and her husband were taking him and I have no happening the order of day that I would do that delivery which I was not planning to do and I did not realize it was her last to live with and I was afraid that the Lord will orchestrate and. Give opportunity for me to set speak to those who really need it and that he would keep the customers coming just in the right stream and so she and I had this huge window of opportunity to talk and share and talk about a lot and she shared you know some things from her heart and I was just telling her I hope that you'll be able to find a good church family that you can connect with. And I said do you go to church here see so I'm assuming the best are ever going to see him she said Well my husband used to be a Catholic and I was then and you know he was disillusioned with his church and you know we just really have never found we just find that nature speaks to us more than anything out and so we spend a lot of time on Sundays with God and me oh OK you know that's a good day so anyway we had a wonderful conversation but I put it on my To Do list to send her a great controversy and I didn't just send her great controversy I sent her our customer Well our every new user our customers have no idea what we have lived through. On the car and just run and just wished her God's blessing I have no idea if I will ever see her again but thus far it is a wonderful of the aphoristic to all and let me just back up here as I'm really talking about life family after this you know you should be agricultural and this is not what I fear is not because our family is any different than your family it's that the employees that live together. Can have a power that the young ladies who are fracture just don't seem to have and you don't even know you POV so we had a neighbor we didn't know him well but they were actually me cards and I don't know what brought them for the 1st time but all of our interaction with have happened on our for around our car around our family and the only 1 conversation I remember having with this man's wife was a spiritual conversation she was a lovely woman I really appreciated her and had a good conversation with her. A few years later we didn't have a lot of interaction last. Tragically that woman committed suicide I have no idea what with that. We didn't have any contact really with her husband after that because it actually happened when we were taking a sabbatical we were out of the country for him and still I have thought I need to reach out to him and he can never again never did I have the opportunity but that next summer I was asked 1st mark and would come rock and I just stepped around the cave wall and he stood and. I just want to deny that John and I are to have read you. Know what you've been through has been excruciating and he was very just responsive and good and spoke of God's goodness through it all and we never did. And it may be a year however in the last year we got a phone call and John answered it and if there's someone out there you're going to Iraq and. Refused to let John of course remember he said I have the foggiest only 1 year of what. Happened in your life and he went on to tell us that. He had been buried and you out a day he said that time I hung out with want to talk to you about the sound. Of it and he said yeah I really want to ask you about how you keep this sad and I had. Just I mean I don't ever remember is even talking about the 2nd time you can talk about. The long. Term because what your family stands for. I mean we're thinking we just let way out of the country we have a community around us but everyone knows and when I was it's his house song he was having an artist years and he said They keep trying to convince me about the Sabbath and they don't get it and get that I've been there I just want to have the Sabbath and so they have a they have a wonderful conversation so you know it's not ours to prescribe how you evangelize It's like having rated R.. We have been intentional about connecting our family to our customers whether that's even our colleague about what's happening in the family or our you know our family is always present at markets and of course this is I mean our kids are growing up and you know they're they're they're not far so they're still sort of connected but anyway largely as our children are growing up in their late teens and so when here still got married she was married 30 years ago we decided we were not going to have a spring open house but that her wedding would be our spring open house and we wouldn't buy new verbs the mail lady. You know our neighbors all of our hearts or mirth we sent a general invitation it was an outdoor wedding so there was no limitation on faith and. We just prayed that home Lori would make it a witness and a testimony and John your son had asked John to tell her story. Her love story of how she met Ned and how the Lord truly led them together and so the whole goal was to be of the Angeles stick through this love story now evangelist as in bringing people to Christ how they know to connect with cracks and to see that we do have a god and he's a very awesome God and so we did that here some said if we need to not invite some friends we'll do that but I just want our customers to be. In by she have 450 to 500 people afterward. And 1 maid who has been with us since the very beginning since our kids were little so you know almost 20 years 18 years when Pierson got married he came I know he's on church he has a Jewish background he came to the wedding. And he told me afterwards on her anniversary we sense how a. Memory of you know a year ago today we were celebrating on the farm Harrison's wedding and for any of those who missed it here's a link where you can you can watch the wedding that he does hold me you know I was just going to just going to watch a little bit up and then at the beginning he said yes I washed the doll whole thing and so I can't believe I stayed up till midnight to do it and just again it is about X. It's about our God It's about what can happen when a family stays together and makes it their ministry to the Angelus you can see in a very natural way we didn't have to it's not we're not out there hammering doctrine we're out there sharing Christ in the marketplace it's. A. Number. 12 God's ideal plan. In God's plan for Israel every family had a home on the lake. With sufficient ground for it to leave thus were provided by the media and the incentive for a useful industrious and self-supporting life and no devising a man has ever improved upon that claim to the world's departure from it is owed to a large degree the poverty and wretchedness that exist today it was this quote that launched into market gardening my husband is 1. Who if he really it's the very best then he's going to do the very best he's not 1 to the side of our 2nd best if he knows and can do what's best and so that was definitely the launch pad for our for our family and it's interesting and this thing will this is a side note. I think our people who are concerned about our children as they got into their teens in their twenty's number 1 what they would be doing for our life work and number 2 how they would have her get in there you know because you may have missed 6 who's ever going to find you or are your ever going to meet anyone and it's amazing to us in the circles we probably how many how many young adults there are in their late twenty's who are still I'm Mary. But our 1st 3 are our 1st ones going on in our 2nd to our soon to go and at fairly young ages from where we come from. So it's an ideal plan and it's not 1 that we are at all tender and. So whether it's farming or another are occupation we feel like it should be healthy spiritually That's the 1st thing when you are looking for occupation young people love to see some young people here make sure that your occupation is healthy spiritually make sure it's healthy physically healthy mentally and emotionally you know we are suffering from a lot of emotional poverty in the world that we're living in today. Healthy socially Ah the former is a hub of activity. Healthy morally pretty heart in the world we live to be healthy morally. Even the far doesn't isn't a perfect shield because now you can have it right in your pocket clothes everywhere with you and more ality a bad home but as much as possible make sure that your employment puts you in a morally healthful in my. And most of our make sure that your occupation mode is motivated by a longing to bring people to Christ so we believe market gardening is a perfect. But we understand it's not for everyone God's not calling all to be a market gardener's he needs other occupations to. Could it be that he's come. I suspect through and we've got her he says we can request. Lines right into the next May I think you comment. Is the oldest Are we said is this song. That it was pick up over hears a. While I didn't realize it from my way to do a wonderful job. Just just a few things I wanted to emphasize number 1 you know I think all of you why. You couldn't you could want anything better for your husband. Then to have them help surrounded by. You know. We believe the devil. Well you know the devil is after everybody but I think he's particularly attacking. Because men are to be the head of the house men are to be you know God's representative in their family. And he's doing a masterful job. Attacking men from every angle and like my wife said even the farm there are days is not off limits but the beauty of farming is. You're not on the computer I mean yeah you may have to it's and stuff the vast majority of it is not on the computer it's like is that it's surrounded by the things of God What man and his I mean what God has created most jobs you're surrounded by what man history and by the folding we become changed so. Obviously you women you can't you can't convince your husband that way can you be his conviction that you can be prying or. You know it I can't think of a healthier arche patient. So I wanted to say that. Talking about working the cities from country outposts I like to say you know our customers pay us to evangelize. Is amazing you know we get paid to work the cities from country outposts. You know this is true self-supporting missionary work you know we use that term a lot but the reality is most self-supporting missions are really donations of work right there's very few that are truly self worthy This is an amazing way to actually. Support yourself while doing the Vangelis thing. And. There is something about food. That bonds you too many people we read a bit book not too long ago that brought this point now and it really hit us in the way God has created. The why with those who feed this and you see that most easily illustrated in the mother child relationship the bond that comes from breast feeding but I mean who really feeds us. God and He wants us to understand that and that's a ball and we have gratefulness and thankfulness and what we can say is that that bond grows with your costume and it's truly amazing how much they'll open up and share you know they trust us. If you can't trust who's throwing your food. I mean you know that's that's the most basic. Part of living in so they were really trusting us and so many of our customers you know the very 1st solid food that their children ate was from our farm. That that's very. That's very moving to us. And the wind that is for you know at the end of the season. I am his head as it were just great to home. And say you know what are you going to do don't explain you know. How we're going to get our food you know they're they're just tide and it's it's really really special it's hard to put into words but. It's just so basic to humanity. Feeding. Why is US evangelizing is simply making friends if you think of the Angeles as making friends well that's what we like to relax to do it and I think God gifted acts with the ability to keep something they connect Yes So it's our plan to see it's god's to brand. And that's not saying that we're doing all that we should be doing you know we talk about it regularly. We should be more I think. We should be more bold in our international. We're trying to walk that line you know because many of our customers are even if you know it's kind of goes alone you know the whole organic movement goes who. Knew a few minutes and you know a lot of this so we were trying to share Christ without turning people while. Anyway. My wife has to rush through another. Sometimes she's 3 in the room here. But any questions on any of this is that makes sense. If we convince anybody. Or me or were you already convinced. Just talk out loud he. Good question and actually. We're going to talk more about that in a couple seminars but just repeating the question is how far do we live from our markets our main market isn't Nashville which is right at an hours drive. Which we think is is ideal we would want to be much more farther. But we wouldn't want to be much closer to the city either so that is pretty ideal some of our markets actually are closer. We do deliveries through a town there have been there aren't any towns closer than half an hour from us. So we do some there and then another town that's bigger is 3 quarters of an hour. But that's where we are and we feel like the war. Office in an ideal location that. Yeah we're not saying that everybody should do this but we are convinced that more and finish should be doing it and we're convinced that it's in tremendous. Value with this tremendous life but I do you know I want to be realistic and emphasize that this. Will be the hardest thing you've ever done. You just have to prepare for trials and the hardships if you want to go into this and I'll tell you why. It's so obvious but yet it took me a long time to figure it out I was just wrestling with the Lord you know in our early years because it seemed like everything we did fail and it was shown us so hard. And so I was just saying Who are we know you call this tune this why is it so hard it seems like everything we do just is not working and it just hit me that. Of course it's going to be hard because. This is God's plan God God created us to live and work in the garden so if that's God's ideal What's the devil's good. It's his goal to keep us out of the garden it's his goal to keep us off the farm because he knows what it will do for us. And so he's going to make it as absolutely miserable as it can be. And it's going to be as hard as it can be when I say miserable I don't want it to sound life. You get up in the morning. It's hard to go outside because it's not that great but there's some days it just seems like 1 trial another but now we can look at it and say oh well this is this is because we're doing the right thing in the double doesn't like. It's going to be hard you know when to. Any other questions. Not won't give you a little extra of the this is kind of a brutal schedule here. So we'll give you 5 extra minutes I think. If. OK funding to get going that's that's a really good question and I need to make a list of questions because anything we're not going to cover directly in our talks over the next couple days our last 1 I've kind of left open so there is time for question and answers and also time to try to touch on some of those areas that I may not have in my heart. So that's a good 1 yeah. Be nice Rugby be here or because. I unfortunately I am not as familiar with us throughout the year as I wish I was so I can tell you you know funding channels we have used. I don't. Hear. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service leave a Visit W W W audio purse or.


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