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What Do I Do With All This Produce?: Finding Good Homes for all Your veggies

Pamela Dysinger


Pamela Dysinger

Bountiful Blessings Farm




  • November 30, 2017
    3:00 PM
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So I guess I'm going to compare live vantages of the disadvantages of different kinds of marketing or selling to stores if you can see art this here are some send that to us so he's just kind of entering some stores with our produce with outlets particularly this is fall winter in the US and so it's a good time to grow. The prose of stores our number one large orders you can often it's a good way to sell a whole lot and I think different kind of talked about that last night he does a lot more stores we have not done that much we have done much more well what we call direct marketing stores are still direct marketing but we direct market to our customers and so we don't usually use a middle name like a store but we are doing something like this it's a good way to use a lot of pro to move a lot of produce there's not as much investment of time it can be you know you just stop by the store and your truck up and they send you a check and leave them and voice it's relatively easy and simple. But. OK. So oftentimes they're not willing to pay a price. But I will say right now we're getting about $8.08 U.S. dollars So that would be well over $10.00 a pound for our lettuce in store I mean we're selling to stores at that price so we're getting a good price for that but typically you happen to get this high price usually you have to be certified organic and you know if John's talked about that we let our certification go we are we were certified we've been sort of by off and on for many years but it's become more and more difficult and. They're not as in favor of some of the medical ization that John wants to do I think it goes outside of the city of this for us. Large change or. You may be growing. OK Yes. That's we grow organically but we do not we cannot get an organic price obviously if we are not certified but I will say that I feel in the stores that we're selling in now they're giving us an organic products they know where they know that we grow with organic methods our farm has been around long enough that you know we are we are somewhere in there. Anyway but the large chains. Like we have Whole Foods I don't know what would be the comparable market here but like an organic market. There's a lot of. Paperwork at the galaxy that you have to go to we have to carry. A $1000000.00 insurance on our farm in order to sell at some of the large chain for pretty much weeks of the way we go for the small market. Which was the wrong place by high end restaurants they pay a good price they can be guaranteed consistent. They can order large quantities. And usually they're very focused on quality they really want a good quality product and so there is no budging if you're if your produce doesn't look. As good as it should yeah you're not going to get a good price and restaurants are this instant. It can build a strong survive relationships and especially if you can be with connecting with a chef you actually if you're just selling at a restaurant and you don't have a relationship with the chef it's not going to fare well you're not going to. But there is there are cars and you'll see kind of some repeating things they can be finicky I mean we've had restaurants and right now we have a restaurant we just started a new market this last year and there was a chef who has known of our farm for many years and we met hand he says he's starting a restaurant right near this new market and he was so excited so excited our son Joshua when I sat down with him and he drew up a plan and this is what I live to you say you know these are the kind of quantities I want and then. You know you know I'm here for you tax. You know if it can you go again because we have some real challenges with restaurants but we've had some good sales too. They can be high maintenance because you have to always be sending them this is what we have are you interested. They can be unreliable and I hope for us they have been and I think it's partly because we just haven't gotten in with a good enough relationship. And I will say more about our. Food hogs while saying so a food is. A centralized place where you bring your food and they distribute it and so this is how we market to a lot of restaurants we have. To have a national called Nashville grow and we host week period but we have it and then the restaurants go on this site and they say outbound because it has their US and this is in the order from us and so that's kind of how the restaurants a lot of restaurants purchased for me but I have a little bit of a grievance of that I mean I just before the this hour session I just saw a National grown come through and so I opened it up just to kind of see what's going on of the far 5 pounds of carrots like you know what's a restaurant going to do with 500 carrots except they're going to say that they got carrots from Bountiful blessings far. Away they get are made up their. Houses are nice because it's one contact you don't have to deal with a lot of people fairly low maintenance you just have to go in and let them do what you have. And certainly many restaurants lawmaking what the. That's how it was for us collectively it's a fairly large order I would say in the wintertime are our weekly orders from just our food range between $3.00 and $600.00 probably for the food only. Here is our big thing so you are so negative that. You don't have direct contact with the consumer so you really don't get that feedback what they like what they don't like you're just kind of stabbing in the dark swell borders for good on this are they want to get on. That you don't get retail prices we get our lowest prices from our food. Online marketing this is a picture I took at. Rival Desley. They do in the online market sort of like what we would call a C.S.A. but their customers go online and they like they post probably on Sunday everything that they have to offer that week and their customers have to order it before of September. And then they package the boxes all individually will notice here it has their name and everything that they want in that box and as they put it in and check it off check an object we have done the same thing our own line market absence flows sometimes because it takes more work we'll talk about it here some pros it's a good way to move access for us it's a good way because it's just an extra thing. Last pressure if you don't have it there's no stress you just don't even offer it. It's a nice addition for us it has been a nice addition to our C.S.A. more so some of the car. This is produce also around. The. Takes more maintenance because you have to go in every week and you have to list your produce tenders this kind of guesswork how much are we going to harbor. You don't want to overshoot but you don't want to undershoot too much and so you're trying to kind of you have to be pretty good at. Estimating how much produce you're going to. Allow often you get many small. It's not consistent You can't depend on K. so the the bulk of the time we're going to just spend it on I was really fast with my materials really fast does anybody have any questions on those I could just feel the couple of questions probably. Those are kind of our career for all things the last 2 marketing schemes are where we do our goal. Question very common with on once I was that effectively relating supplied to them on the science and that of the estimation to much of the mom. How does that work with all the channels on the restaurant's Yeah and so people presumably still have to try maps. Right so the question is how do you you have to match supply and demand not just with online market but with restaurants and it's true it's true it's I think with with the restaurants and with the online market that is probably a con for both of them you just you know you just kind of you don't want to put to me I hear it all the time Joshua is the one who has managed our online market for as long as we've done that our son and he you know it's always Dad How much do you think we're going to have this much or did you know our I posted this many I hope but I think our heart once you get kind of that's probably the most awkward when you're the smallest You know once you kind of get past that. And you have more produce and you're moving it's not as much of a problem and we usually have more produce and we're actually moving so what's your like percentage or why stage. I would say that on our farm we have very little waste because we eat a lot and we feel a lot I mean I've got 4 boys plus John it's on our home planet you know all all of summer we had. How many precious as we had 6. 5 of which. You know we hack away a lot. You know what we give for one week to our customers doesn't do one meal for us so we use a lot and then we get all the way and I appreciate hearing about parents giving away we need to do better that honestly we get so bogged down in the season that sometimes it rots in the cooler because we don't have time to pull it out run it to our neighbors or take it to church or you know it's a little bit a little bit more difficult anyway we'll have more time for questions. So farmer's market highlight how many can watch it why is. This worth it. And it's true if you don't have an abundance then you don't you don't sell. So here are some pros with with farmer's markets. It is less commitment it's a wonderful place to start and earlier John was saying that we were just doing striving or is in the beginning and that's true but we also did a summer farmer's market it was just not very successful I mean we were just kind of selling access of our garden but it's a good place to start because nobody is saying wait a minute you said you were going to get this you know you use out what you have if you know that you can't sell so obviously it must stress. Great way to meet the community and get to know people and that to us that was a big plus. We wanted to to get to know our can see. Quality is easily seen and appreciated and at our farmer's market see him. It's not at all uncommon to have people come by and they want to take pictures just of the purchase or they say you will have the most beautiful produce and we just try to be deflecting and say you know praise the Lord because you makes you do all we do our part it's only a small part. So we have Ike We have got many in fact just recently just looking through pictures for Sly is and for this these presentations I saw a picture of a market stand that I had years ago and there were 2 there were 3 people standing around the table and 2 of them are serious and personal and so we have it's a it's a funnel to more consistent and more committed. Participation of our farm. It's farmers markets are a lot of fun no system to maintain I don't know did I write or do you. I mean if it's true there's not a system to maintain but there's a lot of systems to maintain in other rooms you've got to have the right table to have the right labor you have town or markets you have to have you know why can't people you have to have been there or you have to have something built from the sun and it's just like on here on stilts there's a whole lot of behind the work details that you kind of have to get in place and keep a place but no systems to maintain meaning that hey if we leave the market and forget our table files at home. It's not a big deal you know whereas if you forget to put your online market orders for the week you know that's something you have to maintain you have to keep on top of. Here so negative as far as markets. They're weather dependent and that in the US for us has been a huge thing. This summer we had. Bad rain markets and we saw a very big decrease in our sales because it. May take us from the grass and put it in the parking area and our sales just down even if we're at the market and even if it's not ready if they had great people feel like. You know there's just not a lot of commitment to farmers' markets we have great markets that you know I'll say meet this last summer we had a market that reached almost $3000.00 that's a great market I mean that's an amazing market but at the same market we have markets where we did we bury the $500.00. So you know that's a pretty big disparity from you know different parts of the season in the early part of the season everybody so it's good to have fresh produce and they're all there at school out and it all goes well but once it starts back again we just see a lot of our sales and the market traffic really decreases. Oh I prior Is that OK very large fluctuations during the season. There's more waste with partners because you never know what's going to sell you know so it might take 45 bunches of different kinds of kale and why the market they're gone and you're out before the markets over and the next market you might come home with half of. Them so that's where there can be a lot of ways if we don't have a good way to move it in the past we had a charity that would come around at the end of our market and pick up access I love they would bring their basket. And then they would take it to a shelter. Or. Something so more waste. Market is in some places becoming saturated and I would say that we're experiencing something ourselves. Not only is the market in our area becoming a saturated for our market that we have to depend on is kind of become exaggerated when I think about farmers markets is that. If you don't have a real Even market manager. And. Things are what is just as it goes OK a good market manager is somebody who's right out there got you on social media and keeping everything about the market in the eye of the public there are plenty neat things. You know I was just talking to definitely give you this is an example so our markets are very strict and there's no selling before a certain time so 330 whether they always you can sell but you sell before the market manager will come down because if you don't want to create it so I mean it's not uncommon for us not alone on our stand before the bell rings and people can step out of the table you see in line waiting to purchase their mark yet I definitely had arrived does not do their marketing manager has no standard and so well used to be the 3 to 6 or 7 o'clock market has crept back and I know they have people wanting to purchase stuff like it. And that's a big because not market manager now is really thinking and working on the house. Market cards so. Our saturated market is just being seen as so many for anyone to Farmer's Market in. But there's not really enough partners right now. OK farmer's market tips. Abundance is. Keeping your sale stocked and what we do is we start with 5 tables we are back to our own front and we have a small team not far I cash register. As the market wears on our produce else we take a table down all together take the table down and at the end of the market we only have nearly not 3 tables but they're still looking like us abundance to them and so we just it's a it is a real skill to keep on top of keeping your teams all talking to your customers trying to engage who know how you're trying to make you know would you like some ideas on how to use whatever especially the usual things so keep your table start don't have a price when you have access. To a big thing. Yet get them to buy to the manager but it's allowed us we're not we don't reduce our price we just say we reduce the price per pound to so the price is reduced but you're also Son more and it is amazing how many people will say you'll come up with one day let's say So did you notice that we're doing today to provide instead of $3.00 a bag would you be interested in getting another bag hung in seeing that people do not use them you can look out the signs it can be a good and bold and then what most people will not even notice and so if you don't have somebody like the register who's giving. You know trying to engage trying to get them to stop Can we get you anything more today did you find everything you. That's right. Use the square out how many of your for boy or anybody I believe they're trying to go. OK I believe this couple was running against a rock bin Laden. He said You call them all the time and when it comes to where we need you here and so because he heard about this crowd when you can't deny your culture conference in January so it's whether it has been such a huge plus I don't need to say more John spoken to it already but it has been a great blessing for. Me I'm ashamed to say but it's a truth that that John and I are not going to prosecute in track and keeping records hard to do or not it's hard to grow it and marketing and keep track of your finances and keep track of what you're selling but you're not selling it so the square out has the. Community Supported Agriculture Ragsdale knew this is something that is not here in Australia. And I I wanna believe that I'm going to speeling this will bring it to us till I get this young people because I feel that it's the very best. Way to market your produce if you are. If you're looking to build relationships so the C.S.A. super community supported agriculture and basically my dears is that our family joins our C.S.A. for a whole season. And we commit to provide them produce they commit to sit with us for the season. They do not have a choice of where they live and their cocks and they get their produce and what we have we get and we try to alternate it and offer different. Things through the season like one week they might have here it's in their rocks and the next week they might have turned us in our box so we always try to have now certain things the winter and summer very different but like in the summer we want every box once tomatoes are in season we want every single box to have tomatoes and not just one or 2 but and nothing they can really. Can really change when. We. Buy. Them yes. Yes OK Well that's a that's a few places and I don't think. Ryan's runs comic was think 20 years back in the US and that's where we go we rarely are and I think that's probably a fairly truthful statement 20 years ago where we lived to see ourselves today there I don't see is a match so it's something that if it started here great I would expect that you'll see it from. You now but I will say this is yeah we'll get to the present. So here's what I love about this is a great. I know there's that she was about to. And her family is that part of our C.S.A. for many years and before they were part of our C.S.A. they were firing from US arms markets and. It's all about relationships and you're always trying to think what can I do to drop people and so this was last spring and I had the idea that when we picked this was our very 1st kind of cherry tomatoes so I put it in a box had no idea which box I knew I had it might remember that I was really hoping that she would get it because I know how much she likes cherry tomatoes so I did sent out in my email that our 1st fruits for coming in C.S.A. box and one lucky C.S.A. customer was going to get cherry tomatoes and Amaryllis mom told me she didn't say anything because she said all that you're supposed giving it was our next Apple you so. And when he came I thought I knew where the where the box was that experience made as an astronaut and then his they chose another box and I thought well we're going to let the chips fall where they may I'm not going to tamper with this and open the box in the emigres let. Me ask you one thing she was so happy and that was her 1st hearings middle of the season so for me the pro is the relationship you know people. I mean I listen she's just started into a real school at school activities says she wasn't my last delivery and. I was very sad so busy I say the lessons of it are it's consistent you have this hard core customers I mean we have some C.S.A. members that have been with us for. 1518 years since the beginning since the beginning I guess it's not going to do our persons such as form yet so it's not C.S.A. members we haven't had that many years of C.S.A. but some of the C.S.A. members were with us before we got C.S.A. they were just buying strategies from us so we have a very consistent core I would say we have 50 families that are with us year round that are very insistent that we have another 25 to 30 who are changing. Their prepaid you can take to the banks and see. You you can budget. It's not summer it wasn't a 0 plus 2 it's dependable you can budget it's relational for me that relational aspect because the market is really called us to serve and because Ira culture for us wasn't so much a business as a ministry. Those are really important. It's evangelist ing and. How many of you were were here earlier when I talked about sending the Wright controversy to somebody. Just because I'll just repeat that since it was I was this summer we have a customer who gave us probably far off and on for at least 10 years and her husband works for all these I know you know about all these if you haven't sketchy. He's a developer and they've been in our area for a number of years and they were moving and I happened to go to the very last delivery and we had the most amazing conversation you know we really pray I really pray that the warrant will give me that time with people that I and she and I have as big window of opportunity where we just talked and shared and I said I hope when you move you'll find a good church family and she said we don't we don't really go to church and I think I must ask her do you do you are you part of this specific church which we have a lot of customers from the church and she said no we don't really you know like a church and. Her husband was a Catholic that had become very disillusioned and she was another legend and she became disillusioned and you know just talking she said we just we realize that we can we enjoy our time in nature on Sunday and we find we really connect with God And so it just opened up a lovely conversation and when we laughed I just took it you know that I don't stand for the good cultures and I had a few weeks later when I knew they had been murdered and they were settled in their new house I said with a great controversy with a note and I also sent her our book and he said which. They have been our customers. What we've been through on the far or what the fire even gets to us or maybe even what our life was before we started so you know you just pray you have so many opportunities so many opportunities. He's thinking of another. You need to see us. Anyway it's what the Lord has called us to us where we can plant seeds I have one customer that I'm very close with I've never been as close actually to anonymous person she's been with us she came to pick strawberries the 1st time in 2000 our 1st season the one that guy gets across from her holes they have been slighted and so we've been friends a long time and many spiritual conversations many discussions about the law. It's our ministry we have to see it as a customer this year who lost his job. Family of 5 kids and they were getting. A large box of ice every week and she e-mailed me and she called she called me and she said. Minus the monsters work and I'm just wondering I know it's not protocol for of you and I'm just wondering if under the circumstances we could drop out. And hopefully when he unswerving we can pick up the next season. You know. We were furious and really going to say no no we're not going to yeah you can drop out you know I said you know we were counting privilege to meet and he bring you a box and we'll be praying that he has been well by work and you know to us it's not a really good thing it was several $100.00 lost because you are you need a miracle but you know we trust that the law right takes that and he somehow South place here in Malta classic for us. One other customer in this year reminding me that about 10 years ago we did the same for him now and what I had meant to him and totally forgot you know we have many opportunities to serve and that service just kind of ties the heart strings of people and us to them and that customer has a job a good paying job and is back paying for his see a sec. This is Christ man. His work was partially me a personal injury. He had a faithful regard for a while and so on. Through that one saw the message was often extended to thousands you know we don't know what the Lord is doing with influence I overheard a couple of. Pastoralists talking to him about food and cars. And it was a minute farmer's market and they were saying they give us so much more than us Chris. Christie you know I had 11 lady I met this this year she's been with us a long time and I was meeting her mother and when I came to the tractors to bring her produce and and greet her she introduced me to her mother and she said Mom this is the only pray for produce in ASH this produce is prayed over me say praise God Praise God we don't know where that miracle fact goes. And that's really not ours to worry about but that's a little bit on market Oh the cons and see I said there are some. It's not as lucrative. It necessitates growing more variety after John saying at the end of this last one. You know there are things that we wouldn't grow except for C.S.A. that somebody is that's a that's a basket that somebody's got this summer I thought and said privileged put it in a basket in a sense you are indebted because we owe them the produce. It's not entry love marketing we will never heard she was start with the C.S.A. because that's kind of how serious is good about rap and about American television because in takes time to figure out how to grow and to get things to be consistent. The slow produce here some see as a tax is very cackles we set up some new one tables. We changed it this year you can see the stream beds are what we are all of our produce in and we run by with our boxes and we fill them when it's not that's new for us that we feel like it's more fish we're always trying to be more. A small farm Central or a similar organizational software is running I did it for years and none of them and those are. Small arms and it's great when you're just starting it's free if you only have 20 I.C.'s and. Go through one year the source. Said. And I will say yes they meet actually our C S A relatively small yet 80 members this winter we only have 6 years out but it's not as lucrative and so you do need outside things that are going to have bring in a little bit more than. Another exhibit back in containers and keep your produce fresh Obviously that depends on where you are we have a lot of high heat and high humidity so if we didn't pack our boxes we'd use boxes big clothes and we try to make sure everything is refrigerated before hand when they open up their box even if it's been there for hours you look at them and in few words take it like in that basket and showed you by the time somebody picks it up to let us know and we will. Make customer relationships a high priority. One for our value added products this is definitely can ship it's a great way to use Access and you can spray were injured and. On. The outs we do things like strawberry jam this last year I think I did 50 dozen jars of strawberries Man I wish we could have brought some to share with you all. So this is our armor son Joshua so many ways to market choose the one that has you. Being. I was 4 minutes to hear. That was a. Recent reason tells me to deliver all in the see is a mother who can see you we have locations in central locations where we do that so there are people who do it to you know to direct to your home we thought about that but. It would be pretty hot for him if. I just point central locations are working for us now we have something that's come to our I mean come to the US probably not just our area called blueprint that I feel is giving us a little bit of a threat it's a large organisation and they're getting a lot of organic produce not locally grown and you go out and you order it and they deliver it to your door and they have recipes you can get a recipe and they don't come with a recipe and all the fresh produce and everything you need to make that recipe is really appealing to the working mums you want to feed their families well you are in a hurry. Let's. Go to her for the love for us yeah. You know and yet I would say this white kids that is the relationship that we have with them I mean if I were a consumer and list and used to just purchasing from a grocery store I mean it's me almost like it doesn't make any sense that you want to choose to support a family someone that you know well you know that the critics that are trash are more nutritious Yes it's a little infant being you have to remember to pick up your box every week and you know go to that central of everybody has most of the 900. We are already wrapping up with asking. There is there is a marketing getting past this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W audio verse or.


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