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Sweet What? Potato and Basil!

Darren Greenfield


Darren Greenfield

Weimar Farm Manager




  • December 1, 2017
    11:45 AM
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The it's called Storm and the protein it's not in any other planets if they're in the sweep of those when I was there. At least. You can eat the leaves they're quite a strong and they kind of got a bit of a bitter taste but the leaves have a powerful and cancer property as well. As. The. The leaves kill 94 percent of prostate cells in vitro. An extract of sweet potato leaves was discovered to be extremely toxic to prostate cancer cells in the study killing $94.00 at the seams and the trade in slowing the growth of prostate tumors in mice by 75 to see. Other research has shown that the super Greens are also activities breast cancer lung cancer colon paints a stomach cancer and leukemia and the health benefits of these greens are not just for the lame 1 study I want to show that eating at least 100 grams per week of this supervision will decrease lung things to respond to the because they haven't seen another study sleep that at least boosted in the city and I've read that it's inhumane lower in humans and lower blood sugar in mice with type 2 By that I believe it is and if you need an energy boost sweet potato leaf could be just a visual for you a recent study showed it significantly relieved for tea in mice increased exercise capacity and even boosted muscle glycogen levels why are these greens so powerful they are an excellent source of problems and the oxidants called and also including minicon powerful has said it would acids and if you cancer peptides and alkaline diet fans take note these greens are 1 of the most alkalizing visuals out of delivering 400 percent the alkalizing power pure live and use this for hills so very powerful just in all properties and in very nutritional this strong so you can eat them you want to put them mix them and with your perusal of raw mix them and. My wife cooks them sometimes in the stew you can place them in but you get their food on them so. Very good stuff. I don't know about yet but more and more scientific research is revealing the. The health benefits of sweet potatoes so the demand for them is increasing and. So. Yeah it's good in that respect the. Only once is this in the Congo basin of the soil of thoughtful workable pine that triggers little green door opening up before him no 1 can succeed in agricultural gardening without changing to the laws involved the special needs of every variety of plant must be studied different varieties require different soil and cultivation in compliance with the laws governing each is the condition of success not all crafts are the same they require different things and different. Here and we're going to look into what it takes to go sleep with her so. If you going to grow any quantity of them. But you want to start out with. Row them in the race be it's in the greenhouse because because we have to stop in the early to get big enough to plant them out they're actually a tropical climate and they love the heat. And so because we have a cold winter that they will survive and we stuff them. And. Us the slopes so the bottom piece is that you just slip and we house the slopes. And we can really ground it in really. Groups. And so you can see they have these a raised bit. In we basically just dig out. Maybe hundreds of millimeters and then lay the sleep in here side by side almost touching you know as many kind of this kind of a big. Truck and then we use grip tape in so many watering them and and then you can see the middle of this so we were inside a high panel but then we also put plastic over the beer this well which increases the heat in retains more heat in the air and so from planting them in. It takes about 2 weeks and then you start seeing sprouts coming in through their soil and you just let them grow like by them being so close together normally secret it why the vines it has got a horrible because you proud of them inside by side into the kids they've got nowhere to go. Which makes it really good who are have a sting them because then you just gotta grab a handful of them like you just slice them all in a lot of them very short amount of time and we don't grow all our slips we grow. Some of them and. So they take up a lot of space in the greenhouse and there's other reasons I have time to get into why we don't agree more but. If you can kind of get an idea from the picture. It's until a poignant moment California so but what I did was I thought of the way that regrettably New Zealand and knew that there was no 1 was growing in that way and so we were able to enter a local market in the foothills of the seriousness of California no 1 else was growing and so it gave us an open door to start out actually now I'm not the slots year I didn't grow any but that was basically God intervened and prevented me by causing the hydro tractor to go out and. Work the soil and get them in on time. But it actually turned out to be a blessing because we do some other crops that work out better as the plants are but you can see here we are right up to these the rototiller with the clay soil the clay is very heavy and with plants and we use them retain plant them and so you basically have your hand into the soil and if it's high you can't get it in the So we write it still and it sucks the soil up and I made a mold of so the back there is a picture of it. That just attached to the back of the rototiller and so you just go along it throws the dude out the back and most of the shape of the rope works really nicely he said nice and even and with the width of the tracks of the tractor it's about 60 inches so I'm talking inches of in America 24 years of on which I use metric a little bit but I take you off convert it in my head so. 2 rows fit in between the track so the 30 inches of which would be what $450.00 millimeters I think. A pot and then you can move over with that and do the next ones and the spacing stays nice and even. So I don't know if any of you are going to try to grow them attractive if you're going to grow them with a tractor doing the right it's. In molding them like they're just going through the ground they just take a rake and rake from both sides in just. A matter of you probably want to be. Probably 202300 millimeters all ideally. Growing lists but you want the root to have loose soil you know space to expand it if it's not if there's not a lot of that the air. It can dry out over the roots $25.00 water. If you are too shallow and it dries out the roots go deep into the hand underneath and then they tap into the water of the long and thin and then when you go to harvest than you usually see them because the shorter back into the wall and so that becomes a problem so I found that about 1 of the leaders 3 of all these works really well. In the mold of those that perfectly. So I show you a little video of how we plant them so we harvest of the slips the can see them on the left of the students and then the tractor just moves down the road they're going up in the room they just thank them and just straight in the ground. They're going quite fast the kind of them that's going to. They want to see how fast they can. We got so fast 1 time and then afterwards. To show in their head to go to replant the so that speed they were pretty good. So basically the picnic if you hold it like a pencil is if you can write in the soil here and with your hand if you go down into the soil and I feel like that going straight down it takes a lot of force in your shoulder get through the floor if you just want to go straight to go in and typists you want to be under the soil. But if you crack it like there you get probably about $150.00. Of the soil so that when the water. In the. Hole if you put them in any maybe 50 millimeters they might wither and die. By putting them around a good 150 millimeters they've got the best chance of survival if may also influence how many sweepers grow off it because the distances from the ground roots that grow up from that I go for model that. No they will when you growing slips cutting House to say yeah. Yes and that forces them to grow up humanely the Pixar structures of race being just like a secret. You know. Just 1 layer of probably a good war and then just the lines cross and then you grab them and talk to let me go back maybe I'm going to hospital. OK So you're right. As president of the flock in substance sorry I'm not explaining it so to see these guys here those are the slips and so you grab to make them and then the nice thing is about these nuts not me before it's them and so we've got a secondary income after we plant and you know we always grow more more than anything we don't run out so we have people time growers the current source the slopes anywhere they come and buy them from us and so we actually. Took more money from selling slips in is. Saying. Yes and if you were to the cells are really small and you don't there's something it was almost like this you know if it's. More cooked and good you know so but these will say this if you getting if you're buying them from a commercial grower be careful see these ones here the roots. In the slope has a root out of it growing out of it. What I found was we were buying strips from a commercial grower in then we started getting a disease called script no show you a picture of that it's really common with sweet potato. Because when they harvested them instead of them reading them about the ground they yanked them you know you seem to be on notice. Right now for the president you end up with some troops on the slip and what the disease in the oil train food your son or your God and and then you're not getting the you know the I think getting from somebody make sure they chop off above the ground or if they do come with the group on make sure you cut them off because they don't have to have roofs on them to take their life and we say you put them in the ground in the water once you get more of those issues through steps so quickly and so science and so that's really amazing. So. I'll skip that again and OK these sweet potatoes if you want them to be nice in fact they need a lot of potassium more than other times and. I have to ask you a question I've got some inviting me to be thinking. On our part is calling up we're going to go 1 on 1 knee and the thing. Is I don't. Know I will never take. Through a flight. Was a flight like that. But I think whatever that is going on the leg and I don't know if I'm getting bit by spider I have no idea. Or. I mean spirit feels like it even if I had seen it all. Those are there are a half and I was not really have a. Problem. And. I didn't find the right person but not for this but you know what you have. OK So back to the protest him. We used the witness consultant to get the recommendations from him but what I have found. Actually didn't seem commercial sweet potatoes and else because it's a lab and I drive them and analyze the nutrient content and they're 1 of those big markets that I think they can strike had 3 times the potential of a balance and so I realized and with an alliance with typically not especially the longer he had to just leave should run for a longer period fund to get the diameter that was more desirable certain I fit and I realize that the commercials are feeding a lot more offensive here you know we're getting the reputation school so I've experimented and street signs to fancy things to be and so what we do is rather than just broadcast it on to the choice 3 times you can do that. But if you try if you learn what's right with not who says that but when you've got so much success in actually to generate another. Ministry being available or kind of lost the way so rather than giving it all at once maybe I put 1 of the half the recommendation on and then the race put it through the drip system you can just rip through an event works but if you if you do grow into the time. That cyclists all result. In work. You got our most popular and the new An open about this all. And that kind of thing I mean. You know 1 thing that I will say this week the Tedesco Haydn road or course oil had just amazing I am 1 hatch in the field where I was growing and not even unique withdrawing it was like air and I think that I and 6 guys couldn't then grow as well as the respect they think grow. So it's the software like that itself becomes more significant events just so fast they things that I worry about today. And I haven't found so 1st of all it reaches out you know with the rain since I haven't found 1 to do more so it's the next year that is too high horse or annoys things to work out right so that's 1 of the keys if you're growing use in using some pasta is probably plenty of. Cost because of the concentration. You can see the difference here between the streets so see this is nice this is what our goal is to get 1 for the short in fact but they need 1 and these longer ones even didn't get enough water. Or didn't get enough the transom and so. The Tester's is a good choice and when you're growing commercially for certain if you sell them by the pound so the difference between this 1 and this 1 could be more than double that. You know from the testing is really that important weeding you just to John's work you know we really important that we don't. We just want to take all the new chains and in some of the plants. We use to lead a lot of them and that's raising work the students would complain and it was a lot of hard to just go through 5 acres and in the morning and you could just do it with a lot staying up because your shelf off the vine could heat around for you to handle the Israeli After all the planting go around the tree and so it was from critically high so. I had been teaching welding to some of the students in 1 of the news that was really trying that we consider please can we just like something we can lie down on and and we and I thought you know when you're busy with. Say that you don't have time to stop and build up some new and shift on me and so I finally I think a lot of christianity do that so we took half a day and we made a period a bunch of scrap steel and stuff and so we made a lay down leader and the amazing this is a mechanical we did just with shovels to go through the rows for the 1st meeting when the plants have inside of you know string out and we go through with that and then we go through and they have allying down and make these little hand leaders with a triangular blade that a shop of all the way around and as we go to track the guys down the road and they're happy and actually spit up spit up and state of the tanking 2 weeks that we a 2 acre field it took 2 and a half days. And that they have to you know teenagers love to be together and they love to communicate. And if one's faster than we have a deal so I'm going to go home and be a part from the ones of the smaller and so he usually got the price of the slowest rate of where is there only because the since the price of that was made it was really good. So here's a picture of the weeds in front you can see grass and everything growing in this picture behind as we travel. And you know the drip takes the you just want to move it out of Lamie tune of ACORN who's sitting up they can poke at the root of. This this is a field with different varieties we tried all kinds of I used in we see it with all 3 kinds what I found was even though we had rice that tasted better and saw all the other ones that were alive it American history as we sit in a way say like the ones that used to it made him try something else so we just describe it when it's a 30 wounded war. And this is just a picture of we had. Sweet potatoes in different places that sort of soup tensely also other bitch and into tomorrow's the. Yes. OK now with those within those 3 congressmen occurring. I don't know what Jim available here but there's actually way more than a 100 different right of that and why. And. If you're going to grow for the sale you applied on the condition that the commercials right there been great because it was best for commercial production and even though you can drive along they may not use the same quantity they may not taste as good and they have disease issues they breed the initial price to be disease resistant and and what what actually happens is they have to continue to breed new prices new diseases come along and there was a strain for the. Change of. The. Business with the penicillin most likely. We say for. This next little video is our elementary school primary school as you call them. The kids would come up with here on the stage to help out and so pulling up to just say I can go through and play all the the secretaire up with the drip taken place but if something was going to move it so we just going to drip take out I go. 500 feet. So I made up this hole here for this thing it's like a play out it's just flat and it just pushes them up to the surface and it has a culture or kids called a pizza kind of front of the the army goes down cuts the vines and then just pushes them up and then just a matter of looking the vinyl. That on there blowing them off and picking them out also made this promise but we had too many rocks and now feel that if you jamming it out and. We don't have actually used this 1 but you can see that this was beautiful because the soil was good and we just dump them on the on the ground and we could just pick them up off the ground and put it on a square but it was jamming or thinking more time. So we stop it but if you've got st st a lot. For playing it's a challenge. If it's playing on false soil it's OK now it's a good point actually the site a very fine print. It actually triggered something inside them and they clearly that that put us. Through to the wrong thing and they go wrong very quickly here with the dropping of the concrete. And with going rotten maybe causing a creep. You didn't want to handle but we found that with them dropping on the soil it's just being. Able to float. But you do want to be careful with the skins you don't want to knock the skin off them too much you can get away with that and we'll talk about shearing them when you cure the sweet potato that actually will heal if you get a couple. In the film in even in these issues that have been done he was right on the bacteria and through it coupled with the Skins lost. That's a picture of that school actually modify these things are actually so big machines that looking a drip out of the ground and so I made at school about amounts of them on the air and so the cultivar that worked really let's face. This is what the commercial growers use it's a trainer ised unit that goes behind the tractor you can see the bio that would have the same kind of rods that the dirt in the soup. And then shake it in the do it would pull through and the stick to discover conversion and they have a whole team of people they sort of grade and put them into the right to bend on the side there and then when they fill up in a crack the comes along and pops off the bone and then goes and takes it away and they just keep continuing and they do it very fast and very moment so if you're growing them to garden situation like John has demonstrated. It's really hard for you to make these money else who might be more work than regular crafts the work of getting them out of the ground and all of that but if you want to have the right to be a specialist. It's a good thing to add to that but if you want to do with simple like isn't you getting figure he can get some more efficient equipment then you may be able to make money the reason you see on the road they do up to 70 acres and they make a lot of money Homans but they've got this kind of a unit to harvest and. So Ben you can see here is an example you can see the slope the sort of being from the sort of being this part and then probably just look at St many vines sculp they'll go out 3 meters or more you know different varieties of different lengths but this is a purple pepper nice kind and you can see this is what we're aiming for these 4 big beautiful. Sweet the panels. And they're this is an orange where I same thing can happen is. Whole family of them then this is the disease called Screw it's black it stains the skin it's only on the skin it's not an inside but for selling. In America everybody's been conditioned everything is pick picture perfect and the stores why buy it if it's got the stain on it but you can just scratch luck with it being a male where you can peel it off and underneath there is nothing wrong you know with them but we know having to throw away the ones that it's good in the spring is really fast so if you find it you start getting some steer don't grow up in it see her give there give it here a break. And hopefully it won't. Continue to spray but if you grow we found that 1 year and we grew the next year. It's probably. Actually 25 percent. So what we would do is pick up the pick them up off the ground and put them in these crates. Put the least little plastic to take them over to the crate and I had to teach them the leave you know dump them into the crate. In. The porch in the tractor put a little trailer in. Here with them there. So. Here is the shade we just got a normal building it's not insulated or anything but we would put them inside there. And to cure them. They're like humidity in heat. So they like the conditions that actually make them sprout and grow and so in the shape the concrete floor drops down about 50 millimeters down to the to the center so I can flood or water and then I've got a. Free program. And I just heated up through. It's a private reason. Celsius probably like 30 degrees. Close to 50 degrees and for 3 days like that it's enough to cure them you can go the longest sometimes they recommend a week but I found 3 days is sufficient for them to cure and any bright that they have snapped or the skin that heal them I mean you actually see them dry in the performance like a scab that owns over them and in that direction if you don't do that then you're losing very quickly so then when we started out we didn't have a lot of money to put in so we used to know about top just put it up on legs and we put them inside they would wash them picked up and. It's a conveyor drive that was used in a print shop off Craigslist for $200.00 and so we put 4 states through there and then here folks there are about as I took a. Round Table in motorized as a collection hable and they came through and with the they were dry and then through there we would pack them into the. Boxes ready to ship and. You know we'd ship them out and it actually worked out really good because we were able to have student labor rights through the winter season when not only were growing pains. It was a good fit but I did find the kids didn't enjoy it and I really wanted them to enjoy the family experience and now we've switched over to doing more cherry tomatoes and they love chairs and a lot of this is great on them and they sat and picked and and. To navigate. Situations for them to have an enjoyable time experience so I'll I don't know how much time I have left that I think because a lot. 3 minutes is that right. So if you have any questions I normally take at least an hour to go through 3 pairs that I had to convince him that he asked me to do other specialty crops as well. So who share more peak of the take a few minutes if you have any questions for example the basic. Questions you can talk to me after reading your mind so I will jump into the sweep as. So it's not a crop that has a lot of mazing health. Is read through this though isn't it well I can say who understand the miracle of incremental C.H.. Antibiotics and see if the. Minute an appetizer. That has a special affinity for the stomach it will significantly benefits the stomach during the addition and can provide immediate relief from gas stomach cramps and noise here it also contains powerful anti inflammatory properties in can provide relief for inflamed valve conditions such as colitis ideas groans and celiac disease is also high and to bacterial and viral make you typically begin spectator infections intestinal parasites colds flu moderation rules in here because. This 1 is rich is a rich source of Mamie's him which relaxes muscles in blood vessels and supports cardiovascular health by lowering the risk of river rhythms and spasm is essential oil of vessel contains huge in all which works in only 2 aspirin ibuprofen in decreasing the swelling in the joints and tissues to provide relief from mouth rightists and fiber more. Presence fungicide all properties also aid in healing wounds in rashes warts and sick bites a pretty good medicinal pot when you say. So. 1 thing I will say about why we got into. Growing vegetables was when I was looking for the crops that I could grow that would get me into the market we're in a very competitive area and the store was you know I head out of town and supplying inside of the regular crops like I'm out of here comers and things were a little hard to get them to vie from us because they really had the slides and they weren't interested in you know supporting your son but they wanted that though and I had to learn how to grow it in the 1st year wasn't very good. The next year we had proved it got better and better at the learn their habits and each time but 1 thing about them. We stuck growing and we supply from a little way through to October and it's a very close to the stream of income right through the season we can grow in a very small amount of space and it brings in the long run but it's just constant regular work the houses and so on any plant plant once they have to keep doing succession process like a lot of crops you plant and then you have to plan again with this you can grow it's actually another tropical plant that doesn't get called it will just grow year round and it's growing through. So you can cut it and I'll show you the way that you can cut it you cut it in if you do it the right way it will actually keep expanding and from growing a staple then it'll keep doubling and that limits you keep promising from that and so what we found was this was 1 of the base door Eichner to get us into stores because when we started supplying it and the customers love the time that's we actually. They started any liking us to the palm and then they started buying out us and that we were supplying 2nd effort in the door places and it's an excellent crop so here you can see this is inside a high tunnel as roll up slides on that and we can start. The early before that a month earlier than we can do it outside so we just got a race bit in there and. It's about. Nearly half a metre wide you know I've got 3 rows there in that picture I think I went all right I was wide I pop I'm really close to give it. A 150 will need is a when the riders in the rows so I crowd them I find that that works well for them they want to describe it is unless 1 stains as well I haven't experimented yet but I'm going to I want to experiment putting some cycle over. You know plants when they don't get enough light they reach for the light. Sloane Stephens and that's so easy harvesting. 1 of the reasons why people really like the sweet bezel is that we grow is because the stuff that is available. Shops in the claim shells you know the plastic things they grow hydroponically that have a lot of labor while and they get very little of that where we make a generous crunch and it's grown in a good then explore. While flavor and people just love it and sells really really well so. If you grow up well it's 1 of those things that love was. Growing and they don't really have a lot of the to do it is in doing so and able to supply the quantity that the customers want so you can see. I grow it on the aegis of the greenhouse I've got some of those inside but. If you come. In between and then 1 of the age I didn't really take a lot of photos. 1 of the nice thing about the street vessel is it doesn't have pace now you can see a couple of deer and. They did. Broke into the you know greenhouse and they like to eat that as they like to Cumbers but they don't even touch the. I don't hear it end of the season I get a little bit of right why but it's not enough to. Prevent it from being marketable if there were. If I was wanting to do something to prep the white flour probably spread the more allotment but I haven't had to in so it's it's a really nice crop no disease issues no pissed issues that are significant in it's just right in harvest that week of the week twice a week actually we harvest that. So what we do is we have the drop of my posts that are about this high there you know the size in the end you can see that some holes in the side 3 holes that are about probably 40 millimeters round and so we can put lids on them and we can stack them because they take up a fair amount of space and when we delivering them we have a lot of other product use and the way. So we make of stacking all they can breathe they like to be stored at room temperature probably 20 degrees is good. If they warm now actually growing here in water that they just keep growing prescreen you'll see flowers you know hits coming on that actually last for about 2 weeks looking like they're perfectly picked with water so we put them in the in the tough with about the normally does water up and we take about a $25.00 millimeter chicken mash and they are all the size there so make a conscious with 19. Of the. Rubber band around it and then focus through them Manish and it sits in water stays fresh we deliver it to the markets they put it down or some of them actually put a hole. In the customer just comes that it. Takes a. It's a really nice system we put 15 branches and we sell it for $30.00 to get $2.00 and. I don't know what a strange prices would be here but here's 1 of the markets they actually had their own display then with. Just transfer display you. Just. Take it straight. I think this last season I'm trying to remember how many branches I think we did over 200000. What you saw those those days in the greenhouse. If you will it finds that way through. The area that we grew them and so it brought in a significant amount of their $20000.00 from just a very small area but you it takes time to harvest and so every week we were misting twice. Delivering price to read I'll show you this 1 of a year there's no sound to it there was a guy we must have want to make a video of you want to you want to show me something of what he wrote for you basal so he made it out in it and explain a little bit about the cutting me an inside 1 I wish I could speed it up because it's going to. Be here for a while. But. It will get to the place all cause it's there you can see the steam's and see where the growing habits so I can explain to you more peer plea. How to bunch them and. It's a technique that works really really well. Very well you can see this now. OK you can see me batting at the end I just put it in a glass of water just for demonstration purposes. So. Then. Let me stop there for sic see this guy here. Anyway if you did a grunt that they may want to put plows on and a lot of people are brought out the well you know. Usually if you. Hit the site on the right. OK. So this is the start of the flashing to be just like a whole bunch of the leaf and then you can see it on the side you don't want to develop so when you see it starting to put the heads on. We house them so heavily that they very really get to that stage but if they do get to that stage you want to trim it all later develop because as soon as it stops is that what swells and you know stops eating and the time changes its flavor comes more stringent and not very nice not only that the plant takes energy from the leaf to put into the seeds and they shrink and they become all yellow. Green and it's not very good. I can do with. The Shot. OK So with the shot here you can see the stadium and it's got the big leaves then and you can kind of vaguely see him a tween the 2 leaves start spinning out and you shoot. And so from the stand you go to lease and live there with 2 more steam is coming out about that and it just that the growing habit of it just keeps he's producing them so when we cut them for bunching or just kind of about those 2 leaves and where the 2 shoots and then 1 of the plant those that 1 that you cut that replaces with 2 more and they grow fast enough that once a week you can just go back sort of grow big enough that you go back and how it was the Being a week later. See if we can. Move this along to another so. Sure that looks clear. OK here's a pool was. The way. I think back when the men. OK so here can you see that scene there that's where it was cut last time you see the 2 that replaces it so that's the growing havoc and it just keeps washing out more and more and more. As you keep harvesting from uncertain stuff out a little 1 and by the end of the season it's like a huge slab and it's like a Haitian grows up so I think. We actually see a bit of. Him sort of in the sideshow but also injecting through the drip line we're feeding them with a little bit of a test him and a little nitrogen and. I don't know the saying need much in the way of potassium but it does add strength of the same when you use just the nitrogen on time they become we can more of them putting on a lot more watery products that we feed the nitrogen through and it keeps a lot of good digital growth here is. The feed into the. NIH The seed is so cheap it's incredible to part 1 of the saving lives but we have been feeling it's call that not possible for the plant actually produce the for us we have is long. When the temperature drops down to I'm thinking probably below. Room for the 15. Or so degrees they start getting blackspot probably in the not enough not that. They liked a lot but he. Sure did anything else with well you can see he has. The picture you know of this. You know the temptation is to. How this long stems we keep the feely sure that this will if you have this long stems to actually get rid of the harvest you know and typically the customers are happy as long as it's a whole bunch if it's a short you know from stem to the police and just because the plant a chance to reproduce faster so. That's pretty much. As we will. Again I'll say that it has been such a door right now this is the demand for it is higher than wherever the produce every year I grow more like 25 percent more and every year I don't have enough this last year I grew again about 25 percent more and more lists we saw parable of the previous year so it was just through him placing the crop that would actually produce even though we had a very quick profit more. So the demand is the once people get the flavor in taste of that it will still be. So unique questions that. Work up on. Some Oh sure you have to do other things we also receive. OK. So I think you have to grow what people want you know if you're growing commercially to make money I think. We have a think through all the different life in this Bush people some people that we've grown and seen foods that we would sell the other. 5 percent and of the Monticello high school the other that I didn't bother with. There. Come to. Me with the cucumber I. Rarely go ahead she's with powdery mildew we have a very dry climate. And maybe that because I spray we spray or I mean boil all she covers or say that is the way she Nimoy will be when he could be that that help he could have remove your way at the very end of the season I do see some of it but is it at that time that on not worry about it. I have to from other grow that if you can maintain a humid environment that the powder who doesn't grow in a human environment so that means having some This is. The only. There's others to try if this is also an experience a governor will do the you know the last time it was Charlotte. But. The 1 with. No constraints. This time it worked. Yes. Yeah so we grow this is an English cucumber or European. They actually produce this particular variety and it's a very expensive at a cost of the low seed a lot of money but we sell the cucumber through to go with that because here with the $32.00 each so the 1st group more pay for the seed. And 11 plant will produce about 50. Well who pays for it so we actually shrink wrap them and were sure to get a picture of the. Week if it cost us $500.00 for the street wrecking it wasn't just a wall graph with a single. Trip come to the alternate and you seal a sliver then seal next to it stealing and then with a glove that looks like it here at a commercial and I would go over lower shrink that and then we put our own sticker on the air and. If it's local and it tastes better than the hydroponically grown ones that are available and they so well so that's another crop that we grown sorry I was asked to do this after the season started and if I knew that up in a piece the class that I think more pictures you know it would kind of wealthy through in the fifty's this is another. Crop that we grow we don't sell a lot of it but it adds to our internal It's ignorant. It's the seeds for the New Year. Old age group is the name I could name for it and it's very pretty and ladies the most of the grocery shopping I see something for us to have it so compared with the black. The black planet itself probably I think maybe 3 fold. There was a nice. Grow. This 1 here goes recognizes anything. I grew for the 1st year this time when I was amazed it was really popular and I tasted this time and I love the playroom it's really really nice in the center we sold everything that we grew we just grown up with a. Pretty cane. Yeah. It is the purpose of life is if I forget. Yeah. Growth in the M.R. of growth to the fantasize that. If. That little bit different. You. Yeah I doubt they thought that US. All day 1 of those for their I supply of them like that I know and can play this place with. You know if you can let them go 1 more day and give them the 5 and over the way they will lay in the others there I kind of play around to find out what they'll tolerate is though you know they pretty thing give you the feedback of it's not in their life. Just that this is another 1 that we. See we don't have a huge market for but again a little bit of variety kind of looks pretty This is called See if it's a cross between. You know the yellow cork neck and the regular green zucchini and so it has a green step on it and yellow through some of these oddball things just in a nice bit of extra income and if you can see very well these ones here he's a layman cucumbers I know New Zealand they have a few from that you have them here it is little round there prolific they grow really. Huge crop in about you know within a month and I do a succession planting of them and we sell a lot of those that are really popular. So that's another 1. Last 2 years I've been growing curious matters in the. Most popular 1 is a mix merely in the Sardinia of a picture of the actual flame shot that they're really pretty We have the yellows we have a white cheery this 1 here these ones with the dark purple almost black color is called Indigo drops you can buy 1 that's called Indigo Rose but they corrode big too big for a cherry tomatoes but they just came out with easy to go. By the way if you're wondering where to get the seeds from these are you have Johnny Johnny selected seeds. You can order from here and I'll ship to you they shipped overseas. And. They have a really North Wind. Untreated they have some treated seeds and they have a lot of organic seeds as well really good service and from the most part the coffee is really good when you're looking at the speeds 1 way to tell of the quality of the seed is good nice big. Shiny and if you get seeds that are kind of devil in there the hell they were grown of course oil probably and you. Usually use low end and they don't waste. Strong vigorous plants but typically this company has really good ones or had some issues with. The other thing is without. The state what do you call here the wealthy against the regatta. They usually last $25.00 millimeters right on the ground that's why. We can sell those all day long but the plants often produce small ones that they don't want and so we just put them into a little Same shellacked that's a label on its hands or I couldn't sell them and so we were just giving them away and we had more than we could give away so I started selling them in the 1 town same shells and that year that it's $2000.00 and not actually 3 and a half out role of extra income between these and small rows. So it was really a place in series just on the way to sell. People buy a lot of my parents who had a loss in the. I think that it is fire is what I put into this and I think you know tons from. Any questions or. Roll with them we're going to miss you growing up here in. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermon or even the W.W.W. audio person or.


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