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A Thorn in the Flesh

Eric Walsh


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • July 23, 2005
    10:00 AM
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we briefly discussed this morning from the topic of owner opponent of flesh and reading second Corinthians chapter twelve second Corinthians chapter twelve will read verses six through ten second Corinthians chapter twelve verses six through twelve sixty ten sorry Paul says although I would desire to glory I shall not be I will say the truth but now I will be here that a man should think of me above that which he see it need to be without you here with me unless I should be exalted above measure the abundance of the revelations there was a those difference in the eighth morning of flesh the messenger of Satan to buffet me that I should be exalted above measure of this thing I'm a sophomore thrice that it might depart from me and he said unto me my grace is sufficient for the fall my strength is made perfect in weakness most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities that the power of Christ may rest upon me therefore I take pleasure in infirmities in reproaches in necessities in persecutions in distresses for Christ's sake when I am weak then am I strong let us pray father God it is now the legal diligently into your word the more the Holy Spirit would fall upon this place fresh Laura hearts and minds of the made fertile ground to your word not the angels that excel in wisdom and strength would be given charge over this place the following relief here we do not leave as the King in all three tortures that he really had issue with all our concern about the state and the state of the church of corn search in a lot of ways have a lot of issues that were very difficult to deal with Paul and always there is probably no porn fat only it was in sound what is the scribe after the land raising more wrong to size the central point of the ancient world were much of the train that would happen change that area is all of the charges planted variables it did well but it was able to for interception but the world that he will join the church as we often see people join a church and try to bring them into the church something from their past is always relative chloride with a difficult place to work within an Oracle called the findings from clear what the meaning is to give them some instruction and and and and and the court of Corinthians are powerful on this but in an twelve of the second book is described that while he visited the third heaven will have been taken over the vision if anything the old man had been able to feast on testing the streets of gold hitting the date alternative felicity that sound weaponry stolen even then would imagine would be good I even all of them will probably come back down at the little distance on the wall is one of the most humble people in all of Scripture matter-of-fact poem says I am chief among sinners in the study came out on legalism and an persecution of the Christians the pagination and to begin to elevate himself to laugh because he realized that the ruling of the outcomes of the nation of Israel before him I will thought that they have become on spiritually arrogant they figured they had all night and it was all right I think maybe they became suddenly listening to the Pharisees and sizes these were elevated to high point of all client was that precedent which are absolutely developed in the agent that the Christian church would never normally that Israel alone initially Paul was a man of foresight because the charge has been inundated with the elevation of women the truth is that it is an apostolic talk about the papacy would even exclude all of Roman Catholicism and look at modern Protestantism and you can see that you have been ready to go there certainly passes from certain and in Georgia say something off the road and have always if I said it inside an egg because of the soulless Paulson 's various factors have been perpetrated onto the Christian era that I have been extracted as with the whole biblical foundation to establish that there will be a secret rapture and most denomination question somebody believes it to shilling for text that is the handling to answer often if my pastor says but had climbed to remain humble gives them something and I learned if you have administrative and other Christian sometimes you've got to be a little bit older you have to be a little bit transparent you've got to show people some of your own struggling week is for them to understand the past I'm not crazy I can tell you the church rumbling back to in reality millionaire and I found that the transparent little young people even when they a lot already and I made it they know that any struggle as long as you doesn't let you that way that is really nice I doesn't understand in her homework when and how they ran out to my mother got another painting the committee wanted to invent a very pleasant without an regard that will get you everything that you wrote his book would always take the lack of next week there are so many transparent to you as well including the Christian walk they actively and I really struggle with English although there was an entirely visiting where you left it on the end of a loved one thing that will actually bring with us to value our care Paul becomes transparent mercy even before I dive in Florida this meant that if you have been obvious all the mysteries of the vision I've seen it all is that I is void because I shall not be a although three that nothing really will save me from probably being grown up and turned into a criminal lawyer or investors of an afterthought and in the footnotes of American society is the fact that we were worried that the fact that the church warned us against thing that no one feels warmest of the church the tallest section pure will stream at the fifth family of alcohol of any visiting with me we figure I've been mingled and other alcohol nor I was at the temple of the Holy Spirit that you will use health at anything that he is repetitive to me one humbly available they don't understand that this is the will of income I is a you will you will just rules of how is in diabetes and hypertension and I think I is a lot of birthday meetings with people come and reason together various floors I don't feel like yourself especially in intoxication you cannot can we want Paul in Ephesians this talk about the helmet of salvation and of the I praise God that I haven't says that Cathy is in the end of the think every mouse lives are good times and the Williamsburg word numerous times that we can't do that I can to live for those our out towards those world you have to be real careful event that is especially because we do all of these great and precious room that we don't take them and begin to believe that we can post in path we must remain humble even though God has given us great revelation we must remain simple even though God is opened on June him whom we also did a very NFL is the eighth seventy seven lest I should be exalted above measure the abundance of the revolutions that he was given because they will give me a born and often the less I will resend the messenger of Satan to buffet me less I should be exalted above measure politics of Scripture there goes the bottom of the pool of problem probably a fight for the white refers to something that Paul actually have more than simply a physical problem in the past and strong spiritual struggles the past to deal with him being someone who is on somebody maybe you couldn't understand how I can adhere the economy transparent a lot of us are having struggles a lot of us have been issues many of whom many of the film is really good and unreliable father every now and then upon coming back to the temptation comes back anyone aware that I ended up on the dualistic in Washington in this episode I find it very well find that they doesn't know where you are in a spiritual walk you will be on both apartment temptation split process I believe one of the processes in the flesh itself AFLAC also valvular or endless when you put a form and let what happened in terms of the oh the woman wanted to let it in into your official and vision David Obama recognized that the enemy in the hospital I often will you have what is called in medical jargon and hopefully was you who said that Feldman is different are all mediated and in that area is protected with you become sick nipple infection on your hamburger on realizing six oh yes and I wanted to see me an urgent care because it is more than I will than what is there anything I can do that and I think I'm the ideology being a snake is actually in the air believing that you were able to mount that response everything you payment contact with that look as you would destroy the modern era when examined with a runny nose cough and the low-grade fever and Vioxx problems of the virus election don't need to people jump up and down to get mad eternal journey in principle of the Spurs walk when you are exposed to things spiritually there should be a response at them when we see something that we will do something that is actually identical to the location that is why they are reality and that Larry has been signed if you have it in him if you are being how you than the music collection I is recognized that are in your life as you you will have found fifty one verse five David is writing was born infinity was eliminated we genetically Angela has weaknesses modified in understanding the genetic code of the evening and I was thinking that I was advising yesterday as I think that if you look at the level of the enzyme and Internet of life in all likelihood of becoming addicted to alcohol in the unlocked and the enzyme and I will try and I offered to let the line that is reminiscent of a new drink a beer revealed that you're growing up everybody who live in genetic and physical makeup predisposes you to start with Asian medicine perspective view of a finger now I has been harmonizing syndrome which is tossed about in the brain people got them to get into the chemical state of the question that wouldn't allow Beverley was the chemical the call is an area that you don't hear about them have an effect you will do what Compton Creek and some pornographic I will get done I was all around him and he is always in front he is not a one-day in the crack pipe in a joint of marijuana I think that Draper wearing out the outlet background my background is in the syndrome is good unless aboard we might leave now that you eat but if it in ten Americans and drive alcohol will become an alcoholic is only a few kilometers all the time you'll know which one to ten this is is at all of humanity is at twenty talk with us as I is also a lot of dating we will yes you are strong you will be carved and their images drawn to things you want to say that you are a difficult time overcoming that you are playing with weakness this is the problem is that the trip you up I think the former antagonist of wandering eye although the cat will control it is something that is a part sometimes that is what a lot of unwanted in weird directions and got back in San Francisco but I can tell you that when he met women is because you want to say I will bless them that he is taking the spreading of our Robin Manolo a trip into the supernatural I hope everybody right unlikely shown the video of him of his interview on at our church a wide latitude in this week of our young people to understand the real reality of the minimum allowed in the theater there is a spiritual one was hard to get them to that point as I is also the fact that even a child anyone is any interest in the Temple were written with the demon of the person being limiting the size of poverty would prefer that even from a child the enemy is what are you trying to find that we all will pay just by who they do I hope you are having any a religious and anhydrous it even will you yesterday and you are in the kingdom of God and particularly the new against you is that I has to result in the final purpose however I will read that and that was after I began and ended at the situation we all agree that nomad the reality is that we are Ground Zero the entire great controversy in being all over you every day all day Angels and Demons are battling your soul but that's okay you across the nose he lost his battle the only way he can get back to God the only way to get hurt it are trying to eat a low defendant of an amino acid of a little like the idea of the Carnegie without one of the only way that they can hurt you on Ground Zero the great controversy and being all your soul is then I will neglect family the vivid messengers they think about me I understand that all anything happen to all is not to be exalted Christianity is an exercise in humility will I get our CBN usually the last molesting in a lot all day long he would ring the size of Montana I know that I misled and rain jewelry and what it brings him he hit the deck down body background the idea being that if you're in God should be prosperous during guy who should be well ignorant I was a little startled and no problem on the Internet if you are not alone underlying theme of modern Christianity you do not automatically do I get out of jail free card when you join the church is actually in the village one army all that is an army of Northern Army and and and and and then listen and see everything country club I is you and you will eventually apparently underwent Motherland I will look out of the window in the room are you who understand that you would want up on the battlefield one day really if you have the lipids in Iraq and Afghanistan probably realignment commission gave his native England looked like they were not cleaned regularly not able to get a workout this article is a poor army is is is you can't identify recognize of the first is baffling there's probably will you ever wanted to live in Houston injuries out of our misery a person of your dreams Paul has gotten to be exalted dignity freedom between three times and it wouldn't do it apart from an annual move away all of the stories in the late and I want to give you something to do all of a sudden if you are continue to pray him him living from this problem I understand that it is ours who is often sent to our new but was in money and have every bit of everything in there you need about me as well using the live of the proverb Valdosta improbability of the proper moment where was with and and and I was right not only would be a woman with housewives that I don't want to be too rich and I don't want to his home to rich I'll get you for ocular crime industries her name is jilted at the end of the day all want to do is a digital I will not walk the red carpet in Hollywood the word about how Muslim Union Bank account is once more returns in glory which will after that is the most depraved the automotive right bottom of the reliability going to visit and prayer we have lost a lot of power because no pretty then I stumbled that we had gotten back together with the children who get afraid about evolution this is a very modest thing three times that of an apartment and it is little doubt that my grace is sufficient for the adverse life my strength is made perfect in the most requested therefore I will rather glory in my infirmities that the power of Christ may rest upon upon the issues in our weaknesses of God is made strong digital it is in the fact you have the problem him him him him him the plot that is sure applying you the process of bringing you from where you whatever you want to delete his access to the talking and the Holy Spirit is pacified located in the vacation and will definitely lead to very be giving a BJ instrument resentment birth and therefore I take pleasure in infirmities in reproaches in necessities in persecutions in distresses for Christ's sake when I then am I strong he strongly is weak because when we put distrust one hundred percent and mentally learn to do whenever this comes upon you when you see where you're not right spiritually when we see that struggle whether we comes upon you understand that God looks the eye or amounted to thought of an opportunity and an opportunity for intimacy is Trinity is needed to study housework as you feel that a few the Holy Spirit falls on time and is working to give you the strength to overcome regarding reserve about like that I pray God that even though were handicapped in the flash even all of us I week even though I was off on even though I was assuming some sort of his glory that God will serve a lifetime of such love that he would take all weaknesses and make them our strengths to God I believe the other is the broadcasting of the side of our weakness in races as well it takes us in our weaknesses and develops us and what he knows we can be there is no greater love on this planet the love that God has for each of us father God we thank you for this word is truth the father even in our weaknesses even in our struggle even in our problems Lord we ought to lay down in the victims at will be used to do at the UCI will visit you all rejoice understanding that unit in our weaknesses and what is it you will show all the good restaurants while the God-given victory over sin they meet may be a church that when you return that is without spot or blemish upon the value returned in the clouds of glory you would recognize us because we've been working together for so long the prayer in Jesus 's name and


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