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Session 2: A Society of Actors - Understanding Our Problem

Israel Ramos


Israel Ramos

Pastor in the Michigan Conference




  • October 13, 2009
    3:00 PM


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Paul you be with us as we continue to understand the seek to understand how we get on deal with the answer that you have for it for us to be to the society 's problems today we bring Jesus name and I was sought by Tony guys three stories which are in a tie into the point I want to make the and this and this topic which I've entitled the society of actors draw the stories you remember to that artistry my point what does this look like you guys all glossy and Brazilian calamity fish I know you guys wish you could like a plan like this was ineptly yet is a marvelous pilot so does my eye was on in Detroit and I was getting ready to get onto an airplane and you have to go through you know security check and as I was going to security check I got in the line and I got my bins and also putting my stuff in there and then I see a line of just like pilots just come into what was it was a lot of a crew and pilots come in and I thought to myself you're a slam to identify the airplane so they should be able to cut in line no problem with that and overcome undercutting them I like that that's fine you know that means they have to fly the airplane what kind of upset me was a data as a lady was reaching for the Bennett the pilot and say excuse me I need to grab then denied knowledge or put a stop walk when I thought to myself he currently said excuse me I'm sorry of doing it I have to fly the airplane landing in acknowledgment is it almost seems as though he snatched the blocks and then put a seven and to my dismay when I boarded the airplane I thought to this day I think it was the same exact pilot as libel rundown house kind of thinking into my summit disguise disguises rude you know and I sit in the airplane and this is when the lesson here as modified is the white of the title this was a while back I said and yet when he gets on the intercom and he says in his smooth pilots voice ladies and gentlemen welcome to flight whatever whatever from Detroit or whatever one hundred be flying at this altitude and he says we just want to let you know how much we appreciate your service must on this guy is an actor because so many other times of thy blood yet I see the same height I hear the pilots and they sound so nice over the intercom but then when it's getting time to board the airplane and you're in the line there stealing events and I thought to myself and this guy 's not really as nice as he sounds on the intercom is actually just acting and then I thought to myself not only are pilots actors but even that could not only as a person providing this service inactive but also the people that are partaking in the service they are also actors I have a friend of mine whose name is Alvin is a photographer this guy was another picture here I told this guy about a certain card within which was introduced to me by my friend and his American Express card is not as an American Express card that's his name right there is not as an American Express card and American Express platinum card is the best credit card in the world I think I'm minimal I was able to get it but I was able to get any and I told him about it he was able to get it and this card is so awesome because they have this this type of insurance is called Travelers insurance and if you fly a lot the big guarantee that your luggage will make it to your destination and if it doesn't they will give you I think of two thousand dollars off of credit to get your luggage house on Doctor John Lilly I pray every time I got beer advertising Lord please help them to lose my luggage out to lose my luggage and I may have this other thing that is called satisfaction guaranteed that if you buy a product and for any reason any reason you don't like the quality of the product you can return it and get the company doesn't take and that they will reimburse up to one thousand dollars on that product a year and so Monday I went and bought an iPod for nice night my wife and I we bought an iPod from my sister-in-law and we got a engraving on the back you can put their name on their and she wanted actually a smaller iPods Alisa does greatly save money so when we want to the Apple Store to return the iPod visit were not accept the iPod because you already got engraved engraved iPods are not returnable and so I say let me see if this thing works of the American Express and you know can oftentimes you'll get you by the credit card company is like the prior so we call that has allowed Apple wanting the same reason sir can you tell me to transact and rice I told him the data from the transaction they said for now we do take the charge out of your credit card account Morgan called the Apple Store and we will refund your money it regardless of what it is not enough I got a call the next day or of Brussels a car letter in the mail be said return the iPod Apple will take it back so we returning on a money back Matt American Express is awesome but my friend held in here I know he takes advantage of I'm just the guy knows how to use those features and he uses them very well I hope this this is a region Alan Albano is just a fake name is a pseudo name a number of really referring to the birth and I thought to myself not only is my friend Alvin and I casting actor not only is the person receiving the service also enact their looking only for their good looks on my and I think so all you don't raise your hand but because I know you're guilty of this whenever I get us in a nice hotel if him staying there for a long period of time I get by voted UIC Wednesday the sun is a longtime will go to the bathroom and I will take the soul and the shampoo and conditioner and all the lotion I get all of that sub panel put in my bag that night so the next morning they'll come back and give me fresh stuff all over again and put it out again then I'll take it back I'm only using what little we would all take all that and I'll put it back in my bag and I'll do that day after day and then if I see the cleaning lady they ask his ideas of Satan note a couple more shampoos as you can throw a little extranet so when we come back from traveling for more than a week we have in my house right now we have so many shampoos and hotel and shampoos and conditioners are this big now this is the Hilton logo on them that every time I try my disease acting and I bring that and I go to the hotel and I use alloy steel the hotels a shampoo and I have my I can sell it to you and I know which one is the best and I know which was not on some of him like a quality outing on blog I just leave those alone will give them to guess that come and visit and it hit me really in the society we live in a society where we look after ourselves one day I was a rebuke because I was traveling with my friend Mike and as a Mike Hewitt take away the tape I was in the rules as anything you that the cleaning people in a calm can you please take the shampoo out of the shower thinking with new shampoo and any settlement into that feeling that's like stealing and I said amen he regularly that is what gives you the shuttle bus okay so I don't do it that we let I do it now we look at ourselves and you know what when I take the shampoo or when I take advantage of the features of my credit card gives me more when I take advantage of the airline features of a given paper being a frequent slut traveler whatever when I take advantage of these things I tell myself it is okay because the hotel is accounting for every night that I will use the shampoo the rate doesn't change right and they charged me forty nine ninety nine for the first night they don't charge me forty nine fifty nine for the second night it continues to be the same slicing on getting charged for the shampoo everyday soma take my shampoo everyday and that's how I justify myself and I never care about I never care about the fact that if I don't think the shampoo that I'm actually helping build to automate even Mormon the hotel is not on my mind on to make the hotel for business fun trying to get out of the transaction whatever I can get out of it I'm trying to take get the most for my money isn't that right that's the way all of us are and I want to tell us during this session that the reason why we are this way is because of the way than we have been trained to be and how that in the end is part of a bad society in which everyone that lives in this society is nothing but an act let me pause for a moment and read to you from the book education something that just absolutely shocked me now this is talking about education and this is where it actually starts it starts in education formal and non- formal education true education she says true education does not ignore the value of scientific knowledge or literary Aquinas it is an annoyance and that's why it upsets me when people say when Euclid Avenue schools are not receiving top-notch education because they're teaching you all you have a Bible class is always time it says it is not ignore literary acquirements or war or or scientific knowledge blocks but blood of the information it is values power bubble of power goodness public intellectual of choir men's and values does anyone know what values character character in other words God 's system of educating us about developing us had priorities to you was a ladder and here you have scientific knowledge the intellectual requirements all these things which are good things but it says there is something that must be above these things and that which must be above these things is our power is more important than these things I can be the dumbest person in the world but if I was born to a wealthy family that all some type of a large corporation no matter how smart you war you probably would be working for me right if my father my mother on some large huge Corporation and and people that think and you went to school you got your PhD in chemistry you would be making some solutions to help you know make perfume that was for my company no matter how dumb I am power sometimes is not a lot of power sometimes is more powerful right than scientific knowledge or even intellectual climates and so it says Don Valley 's power more than these things but there is something that he values even more than power something that he values even more than our intellectual acquirements and that is and that is character you see the power the power can be used for good or for bad Palestinians live from that power can control scientific knowledge and intellectual requirements and so what happens here is that when God designed the development of humanity he designed it that yes it would know it would know things what I wonder knowing anyone know how to use power so that with our bandwidth so that without women would know how to handle properly intellectual climate and scientific knowledge what is what is character character is the use of power character is how we use the power that we have for good or for evil evil characters align use of power to the characters of these out Ethel God says listen I can always teach and on how to be smart but how to convert someone that's the hardest thing to do how to teach someone how to not steal just to gain personal benefit that is much harder than how to teach someone how to act so here it says to education does not ignore the value of scientific knowledge or literary requirements but above information in the Valley 's power although our goodness about intellectual acquirements character and then this is what she says which is so true the world does not so much in need man of great intellect as a noble character the problem with society today is that you have too many smart people that are reaching the levels of government for governor definable governmental government but just of running stuff without the character and the result of that is the result of that is on downward pointing in society and in the way society functions it says the world does not need so much does not so much in need sorry man of great intellect as it needs men of noble character it needs a man in whom ability is controlled by steadfast principle what is character character is when you have ability that is controlled by principal that the characters so God says we need to develop the most important thing is to establish a box of principle and within that principle you can will whatever it is a unique and will put all of the time this will be under control it will be control it won't go while you won't go out of control it will be it will be harnessed and maintain and so it says here so true character is the most important thing that is essential in order not just for a Christian to make the to heaven but in order to have society survive and where to go to that in just a little bit it says this wisdom is the principal thing therefore get wisdom that's on the book of Proverbs seven four seven this is true education imparts this wisdom it teaches the best use all right it teaches the best use acidity to the best use not only of one blood all hours all right teachers not just in a vintage just use it to do the best he is not just the one good powerboat of all the dollars in other words in the human being there exists there exists a not so many different powers spiritual powers physical powers emotional powers social powers the best use of powers is to take every single one of these things not just to a good extent but to the best extent that means that I have a physical power my physical power can be used in many different ways I can use my muscles to beat people up I can use at my most of the people I can use my muscles if I had right I can use my muscles to access the opposite sex I can use it for that some ladies like men are nice simple right and I can get a bunch of girls if I had the figure of the model I can use it for that or I can use my muscles I can use my muscles to help other people at someone breaks her leg in the bottom of the Grand Canyon I can use my muscles to bring that person up we are possible I know we have Doctor John here and I know you're not supposed to move people when you get her to make this clear because even talking on the way home I hope that my medical sciences right so I you can use your muscles to benefit someone else right what character does is that it takes your powers or physical powers and it finds the best use for those powers and take your mental powers and I can use my mental powers are many different things I can use my mental powers to convince my wife that she is wrong even though she is right I can use my mental powers to do to get what I want I can use my mental powers to humiliate someone that has gotten the math right I can use my intellectual powers to create an atomic bomb and blow out another country or I can use my intellectual powers for the best cause in the best use you get the point and try to make true character makes every single need every single power him him him makes the best use of every single power and then it says this if you converse it covers the whole circle of obligation to ourselves the world after God the first thing that we have to say is this that there is a circle of obligation you and I are obligated with the powers that God has given to us there is an obligation that takes place and the obligation is to God to others and to ourselves to ourselves in that God has given to us these powers God is giving you online he is given the intellectual powers to use those to come to the discovery into the realization that God in fact lives that he died to save me and that what he has to offer me as the best that is why God gave us a brain so that we can make a decision to follow him God gave us an emotional power to get to the heart so that we would love him and love our fellow men God gave us physical power so that we would resemble him physically so we have an obligation to ourselves we also have an obligation to God and we have an obligation to others and so what character teaches us is that we live not just ourselves but we live for other people we live for God what is I mean how does Adam pulled out exactly in everyday life we get to than just a little bit but it says it is it covers the whole circle of obligation to ourselves to the world and to God now I'm good read to you this thing indemnified on for this and will probably wrap it up than in true education the selfish ambition the greed of power the disregard for the rights and the needs of humanity that are the curse of our world find a counter influence God 's life as a place for every human being each is to improve his talents to the uttermost the faithfulness and sorry unfaithfulness in doing this mean that gives your many untitled want to honor in God 's plan there is no place for selfish rivalry there's no place for selfish rivalry what God teaches us is this guy teaches is first and foremost that in this world there is a plan for every single person and you and I need out a realization on that in our minds that there is room for everyone in this world and that God has a plan for all of us because this automatically eliminates the first problem in society here eliminate the first problem that God has a place for us in this world of work for us to do based on this based on the fact that God has to work for us to do based on that fact we then disregard or we then don't have to disregard the rights and the needs of humanity that the Pentagon says Knowles firstly God has a place for us secondly don't disregard the rights and the needs of other people there don't have agreed of power all of these different things all the beasties find a counter influence why because God teaches us that character and power are the most important thing and this governs the way we live in a scissors from the child's earliest years it is in appeal to emulation and rivalry it fosters selfishness the root of all evil buses created strife and supremacy and there is encouraged a system of cramming which is so would still which in so many cases this what will this for usefulness in many others emulation leads to dishonesty and fostering ambition and discontent I had a friend of mine who studied in law school and she was telling me that in some of our nation 's top universities Harvard Princeton Gail whatever then when you get to law school people will actually go into the library and tear out pages Pero tearout pages that are essential for the examination and so that other people will not advance more than they would turn out to so that other people will get it as vividly as a get and you ask yourself how will the world does that happen not too long ago we heard that our economy crash and I was frustrated because as I was driving down the freeway not the free will of the dentist on the romance we were living as a funny number when I look at the gas station couple summers ago and I would see the price is going on and up and up and gas and at the same time I would hear the news on how these CEOs were getting more and more and more bonus packages and I thought to myself why don't these CEOs get a patent one don't they just say love him to get myself a pay cut so that I can actually lord gas so that more people have the ability to drive to church by church members and and had enough gas money to come to church and I thought to myself it hit me because from the very beginning in life we have been taught CEOs and the very bottom the very scum of the we have been taught that we are in competition one with another from the very beginning what school you go to college and you're being rated the performer in accordance with the rest of your class and so you think to yourself I will have to perform really well I just got the performed better than everybody else that's what everyone else is getting a D and I get to see him still then again in a candidate first of all this teaches us that we are in competition against each other one and secondly in lower the standard of education is that right I was on one house the school I will stick in history class and just so you know just so you know at the mangosteen here because were in an academic setting just so you know the reason why was in a failed the exam was because I was I worked two hours away and I was running an evangelistic meetings like skip two months of school the teachers that it was all right by the recent him a glass just as long as you know the majority of you be great on your Augmentin and your final examination and I remember the landlord class and the first one class and I sat down I looked around and everyone dislikes studying really hard and I look at my neighbor and I said we have a quiz today as she looked at me she said we have our midterm today a hundred questions as a really and she said yeah and I thought to myself there was no way on earth underpasses the only honor I sat down and starting the test and you now some of it even just make up an answer I was beyond even that I can even make up an answer I can even like come up with a fake answer like I was just out more than half of the questions I can even write something down and it was just like and the other ones it was a 50-50 chance of Houston even get when I got my exam that I will if I got eighteen or twenty eight out of one hundred I look and I said all my goodness him dead when I looked at the board when I look to the board to those great great on the curb and when I looked at the board I saw the standing down I saw I had a seat and I thought to myself man flees the Lord for freshman thank God for freshman I actually out on getting it all surviving the class and then when I went home I realize you know what it's just so funny when you compare yourself with others when you make others a standard you reach nowhere near what God wants you nowhere near you compared some of the smartest kid in class there someone smarter than in a large school and I you compare yourself about person there someone else is smart in the whole state and it was someone that is somewhat smart and it just goes on and on and on and even if you were to find the smartest person in the world they are sold for from God intelligence or intellectual abilities that you find your infinity to go society has placed us in a place where not only are we in competition with one another but on top of that we are never to reach God 's ideal for us because we never even try to aim for it were too busy competing with one another and so you have at the end of the day CEO that from the very beginning of life to be learned I went to school in elementary school I learned I needed to be better than that person I want to call it on you all at the dealers do better than that person and I will not whatever it takes to do that on the red pages of the book on the net steel that person 's exam and achieve whatever is required then that person makes it into the business world and they do the same thing I need to excel up every single person in my job so that I can become the top executive and once you reach that status and you say I need to bring my company the very thought of so that I can make an informed list and then you keep on going and keep on going to keep on going so that the world around you can before and you have no concept you have no care about what is happening around just as long as you are set far problem or economic problem and any other problem we face in society started long before these past couple years is starting when people those people started going to school God 's plan house gods plan different from the house of encounter God first start off by saying listen there is room for everyone room for everyone because there's room for everyone and because God is all-powerful I learn something I learned something this is what I learned if I'm going to school and I have a problem understanding the material I know that God wants me to be a preacher I know that God wants me to be a lawyer I know that God wants me to be a doctor then I say I'm to do my best and regardless of where I fall short God is Dennis somehow miraculously it necessary get me to where I want to be whatever he can do that and so I place my trust in God on the longer competing with anyone else God is working with me and then when I graduate from school I don't have to compete for a job because God has a job for me to do it can be a mechanic it can be a doctor it is a matter but in the end what ends up happening is this you have smarter mechanics and you have smarter doctors you have you have a mechanic that have character you have doctors that have character yet see all that have characters and what ends up happening is this ideal to the mechanic shop because my car is broken down and rather than the mechanics seeking how much money he can get out of me John and doing rather than seeing how much money you can cheat me out of the tries to help me knowing that God is good take care of all of Disney's role in bringing and little by little I see in society a picture of who God is all along the way from the very bottom of society to the very top of society you have that same thing I got all hotel and I don't take the shampoo just because I paid for I take it if I needed and if I don't need it then I see the hotel someone at NDN the pilots are no longer actors the people that are getting credit card you don't just want to get a character a credit card because of what you can get out of approach and get out of when you seek to function not just for yourself but to make society a better place that is what God intended education to be like God intended education to be a place that understood I have an obligation to God first of all to reflect two years I have an obligation to mankind my obligation to mankind is not to take all their money Buddhists or help them as much as possible and God will take care of my survival and I have an obligation to myself and that is to strive for holiness to strive for godliness that is what that is what education teaches us there is something that is more important than knowledge and that his character which is the use of knowledge men and women in whom character is developed our men and women who have the power to literally change society literally change society as a will God is looking for what God is looking for is not so much new America Democrat or Republican God is looking for is Adventism Adventism that is what this society needs Adventism the way was called to be the way to God intended to be Adventism that has character instilled godly character in all its people and that's my challenge for us in this hour that we would not neglect knowledge but that we would never neglect character in all that we do the spring father in heaven we pray that you would instill in our minds the need to be like you and everything that we do that you help us to look at other people not us competition is staying as people that we are working against but as people that we are obligated to the human officer recognize our obligation to you also and that you help us to use all of our powers in the best way possible to serve mankind and to serve God in every soccer in Jesus and this media was brought audio covers the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain please visit www. .com universe .org


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