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Session 2: Poverty

Elizabeth Williams




  • October 10, 2009
    3:00 PM
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only five and I will pay you for your craziest Matthew mercy in your love harmony five there is that kind of thing than be here with us now fully coming I you are looking down on this world used last year you also see how all the other people got there and you know everything a person 's world endearingly I got it exactly given us in our hearts to serve others but even here are to serve awake and passing someone's heart today for this topic if it here will have a father and ministry ID and your heart just die our talk today thank you for the Holy Spirit acted he have any know myself pretty that's barely make it cited that you speak through me in spite of myself the people here he just keeps them awake it may be important in this topic for your glory most importantly millions more in your curling filing regarding had installed it ridiculous and honor in Jesus name amen so I want to have an Mullally Africa the landscape is similarly Peter five three their white strong article remain the error and dreamed of the keenly vertical eighth-inning you thanks you my right into my last shack the Raiders are collapsing they are insufficient protection against the hard rain and the rainy event coming I think people are watching their eating utensils and a mighty water not their thing in the ditch beside the road I tried along the wooded path is when actually for about twenty minutes him to meet us around the NIH within nine destination since I can tell I'm heading to negative Kulkarni R L I E Ashley is her -year-old lady who is praying for an after effect of electricity she is actually a huge rarity in the last week because she has reached the age that is not the norm her feet are not even see her hands are not cheap around in the back I met her house her surreal it's filing in she had know that if we bring to think on the floor she had no running water no extra chief will have water at her age from kilometers away in her in vivo location and is poverty I walked into a downtown hotel in Chattanooga Tennessee there are thirty people gathered in the conference room at the hotel I made my way around reinvigorating with the people and I hear numerous stories and I think many I'm really looking to find job will not have places to live in one young Hispanic man in his homeland no family in the United States did not have a job right now and he's actually been sleeping on in the rain and it just happened a couple weeks ago he is poverty poverty and related negative effects such as poor health crime illiteracy premature death is an math problem in the world today let's look at some statistics there are three billion people living in poverty in the world today the world 's population according to five having children did not die as a dairy poverty will and means children are living in poverty one in three children do not have adequate shelter one in five children do not have access to safe water infecting children had no access to health services and the attention I cut myself and the boy had the rubella malaria is that they die the next day that you work in every day and another child dies from malaria in his life Santa Clara another child died in late something that can be prevented not just a global phenomenon it affects the United States of please let not forget that according to the Census Bureau in two thousand eight thirty nine one million Americans were nearly thirteen percent of population are living in poverty in significant name is poverty and poverty is certainly a world reality they are more than an umbrella party doing enough about it he left the governing finish Africa and then we provided very for people in United States I is for people already taking care that we didn't have anything to do with you and that he doesn't have anything to do with defending the pictures today that turns our guidebook the Bible and were invalid the hypocrisy of the well and we are like poverty and got people I is for me I will I will revisit a man if I very think that kind in the Internet as a writer however when you are for one there will usually have it right through that and let's read that the powerful and the fact that children are combined with waiting till he knew what that means learning to let go free and gray and rained out in the white and just share your bandwidth three and he bristles your house or at the poor guy cast out when he insisted he knew what you cannot find yourself in your home your last December good morning here he shall spring forth speedily to your righteousness shall go before you inquiry and the Lord shall be your rear guy he loved rearguard legal women female by when they're in the Red Sea the clan came between man and the Egyptian born with their rearguard the wires were partners in crime in the area and no I can see my rearguard but the kinetic and eight from twenty five five Matthew twenty five you and I and bear drain thoroughly reading versus thirty three to forty Elizabeth Bennett and laugh one twenty forty how do I even be in the world happy twenty four hundred and twenty five hairball on the converging repair and will enact you had me in his reporting teaching actually to later Jesus died so pay close attention is one of the laugh this is trying to get across in the sidebar this anniversary gala in October thirty one when he turned in his glory all the holy angels with him but it will fit on the throne of his glory and powerfully powerful site and all nations will be gathered before him and he was great and one from a nightmare as a shepherd invited to sheep from the goats first thirty three and he was shot in foundation on what the right hand and the girls gone that he will think you are you driving at my father inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world are hungry and you gave me what food I was thirsty and you did what it means you are in this danger what you do it to me had I was getting called me I went and did everything for eBay I knew what came to me being arrested for and anything are you hungry and feed you are thirsty and give you drink will you change your ornate current year are we printing and heal what is threatening I share in a year and had my thinking a fair one and I really than need in my brat and you got up to me and get me how a man is pray one for serving as an error I heard that there were many minutes south in relating friend 's house he and the fact that we ran returning all taxes during his time I could actually see that I interested in a row Internet attack two versus forty four to forty thousand TV can be needed to present forty four to forty thousand eight when you demand in the United being over forty five now I hear the leaves were there and had all things in one economy and development in that sense inchoate and divided them among all anyone had need so continuing daily with one accord in the temple and breaking bread from house to house their full article at new and improved video card current line and having favor with all the people are realizing what I can insurance daily those who are being saved came out and well here I am increased insurance with no PR it when he is on fire and got it when he is on fire with my fellow man I think we link you out the following example a mass we had right here in the call to owner can huge salvation and I know I struggle with it renamed selfishness and mouth last is powerful immediately behind the nightlife and do the faithful steward of the Lord that they would be how much no cry for granted thinking and offering investigation is making anyone is on faithfulness and that brings around the state of suffering when it is currently one of the main which humanity it finds it will not admit steroids with appropriate there were experiencing I look forward today and then there's manufacturing when what not think that it is a rebuke to wow a huge review I now to myself that is not a quality knife is only partly what point you are just too powerful the past five and half spirituality from the install more quickly than what you experience that I know I have in my own night when I second the about myself my spiritual walk with God the downhill to killing dogs South neglected care for souls and bodies for whom Christ is giving glad I'm not eating the bread of life they are not drinking the water in the well of foundation I him when century bears no fruit they are one spirit into our cars spiritual divorce he told in the Bible and they can begin to not only be made during his time at transgression and food health friend Lori might think that the Jamaica I actually talked about that the gospel would have gone much further the first of February he repented from my heart heart today for your heart today absolutely nothing good quality we can't think I be liable marketing and retelling of the city were not only can preach is important but in the kitchen and advantage and by holding the highest in the hope that they think the video I love it they began their arise I than I am in glory and the Lord Adrian and I maintain me give you an active kind that can arrive arrive so similar there are a guy and he will use you absolutely seen that can be asked for going on to strongly urge all accurate members all rights through missionary in the league do what their agent and that they all interrelated he is added to the inventor in the mountains and water sampling at fifty eight chapter ninety eight million today though my husband and helping others enjoying in this chapter in Nuremberg on what you will think why people think you have to find in the work I've seen on a plane and on point me out I fell at seventy only got to look like that I would think he is everybody doing the TV show that our neighbor did not mean nearly why the church are faced with in the long and no friend terrain color I think you and I I gave her a few who need our help as reprinting private object landing page three seventy five so you hear me you can't give people to serve as a new right to serve American poverty and according to Matthew twenty five when turning the fourteenth and actually thirty gene that Christ had in my life in the only means you and her anxiety Bob and actually exciting to say that the Army 's church in already by God 's grace doing my to help those her elect fortunately met and truly cranking and Nathan Byard at retirement I can buy convention your guide in addition stories in the US and around the world are so incredibly inspiring I am thankful for my developing organization like project thirty four hundred and twenty countries around the world I actually first Kenyan father times last year for a little bit when I was in the lab Africa is returning as a registered for the loneliest location San Diego cataract is also incredibly thankful for the work is enchanting Gail the Mac quickly I think that services they can call in distribution and other activities and usually I start losing more and absolutely there is no question there are really people here and abroad in our temporal help they need care they need the lab is that port out alive I did everything that one of you guys here how can I I I the young person be involved in any care examples today we are going to start doing my good friends over here if you can maybe I don't think you go okay so what is your name and how old are you names Elyse Harbaugh and I'm twenty one okay so what are you doing right now are you working for you studying and I'm sitting at setting and I'm studying nursing and nutrition I heard that you had been working as service project downtown how did you get involved in your working with the less fortunate and a couple years ago I was able to go to arise as if they do missionary college and I learned a lot about about how to do Bible where can you know how were also see missionary a zinc as I left really wanting to say to be involved in issuer ratings are we now what my specific calling lines or anything and then I ended up coming back to southern and found out that a lot of students during that last year had started a project called the passing project and have some pictures here patent towers is a big building downtown and easily called Hotel Patton Arizona the fanciest hotels in the south make president 's important people would say there when they came its brand-new bag and in holding or recording the other will be there again okay so as I was then building regulation a heart of downtown Chattanooga and is about two hundred fifty people who live there but now it's a it's a building full of people who are broken people elected different needs their common multiple there are an government disability or very poor are there on the government helps to find their stay there so I got back the Senate and found out that students have been going down and doing church services and doing different things and had ties himself unable to start getting involved and done and needed to secure the people you see in the pictures is my friend Mary Behr and this is damn and feel see me all kinds of different people contacted different stories to his old heart and its imperialist as they tried in a member the first time I went to Mary's house and Eric and her refrigerator anything that were in hand looked like they might be like three years old I mean they were taught full of mold and and then now seen it everywhere she just can't take care of herself and them and in others it are the very circumstances that everyone here has me the results didn't have to project to students got involved in doing the work of Jesus and let's get immersing the confused execs anything that we are able to deal we had concerns on seven afternoons after he guided search around here with students would die down and we put on a big church service in Gaul to the building there's eleven flies a knock on the doors and say hey United States and I know we had passed black which is played like and we had like forty or fifty of them sign up for personal Bible studies and so it has that ensued out to the week going down and giving Bible study we did different health program it is that something program and you start health fair and I remember one line behind me Ms. Morrow and what societies is the sweetest man and he's is so sad because his children have been taken away from them and and then we were giving away water bottles so telling them you do not need to drink July miles each day and there like all great men if they didn't know that there is a sitting day cups of water how many of us we know that we just don't know so you like okay and an enzyme a week or two later he says I've been drinking I've been drinking my bottle and I feel so much better and that is so rewarding I something that all that any of us could do and is making a link that impact worldwide we get a lot of friendship evangelism we can enter into the Mary took a trip to cram a lot of places downtown would give us discount I think I hadn't say hey were bringing in really busy let us come for free and down and then at the end of our time there currently dating of an evangelistic series for a week and a lot of people came out and learns about the bylaw about the second coming about a savage and and responded to appeal and also you later it's one man in particular this is been going to church downtown faithfully ever sent and then this is even a couple pictures the manager of the village market what is common and collect it outside Indiana because they are going to have left the next day and so on we sit outside the village market and ask the customers coming in if they be willing to buy something on this list meant was they gave them and I thought you know maybe we'll get a couple bags of food while the customers is cut coming and coming up highly more and more and and and and and a day we had made the I-9 something we replace them for the VM over to southern village Unitas remembered just thinking while you knowledge we have such small idea of what God can do anything in three verse eight it says that God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think and so he needs to do everything in our ministry and to allow God to give us a bigger vision of what he can get dressed and not allow our our leader or nonexistent resources I know that money or time or whatever they get in the way of becoming involved because God can do way more than we can even think and that since we took it sensory aquaria and she's touching us to testing and there is on the right time with the gray hair his name is Jackie and relievers Matt Hammond has agonies down using very dull like very slow and in our Bible worker dance dance has started giving in Bible studies and he would come it certainly came to evangelistic meetings he came every night has resulted that an enterprising and he is like you can find their friends think he was getting smarter as he is studying the Bible and then he started going to church downtown he comes every week till cooked beans and brings a potlatch and on this is just so rewarding to see what I've been doing in his life is still studying the Bible and everything that shifted to share and issues we been able to build some wonderful relationships of these people come his businessman and we went out riverbed Dan has had me that she kept saying about the farm is happy like she never smiled and said she is happy found that many happy and answered with mean to is one of the major success stories my friend just started giving in Bible studies after the patent project has started and he does some of the Lord like you to study in Bible and study reading the spirit of prophecy and he didn't even know yet that that we believe that online in the past and he is on my friends F I think this woman is inspired or something and and he even is like the lenders really chain says hi and he decide to love the things I can heal on really wanted to learn how to be held because he had crushed heart disease and diabetes and you'd be going in and out of hospital all the time he sat listening to that vast land and outlet to sell them anyway we went up to check that Chretien and his next weekend after this picture actually passed away you can and we ran across the land happened and I remember going back he was in ICU and going back and seeing him and he was totally swallowed up in John this any and on a ventilator this test is going up and down that he is about to die and thinking him right the thief does not come except to steal him to kill and destroy you know that this is what it looks like and then says that Jesus came to know that we can have life and really to have it more abundantly and for me being involved in a time project in seeing now this is what the devil wants to get people like this is elected on city finances to destroy a physically and emotionally and mentally every way it just makes you fall in love with Jesus 's mission which is to restore restore at back into his image and gives you a whole new appreciation for the health message and four for the counselor leaving given and so I'm looking forward to seeing Whitney and had been and and others and then I unwittingly did we rented cabin for a week and sent a couple of the women from anti- and we did like the week of new start the race began on the remedies we go hiking away and we had were set and raises funds to get them out of the city and so it's good that don't be afraid to think outside same here I never broke college student and all evening I found the program and the remaining cabin when you have nothing out there like it's caught it like a husband and I have been sat on his project and got provided that he may have had many family writers students or people that wanted to help Anselm having money and is now traveling when you have died because health spending and Mrs. Melvin said she asked to go to love flameout that we can and the bat the cabin and he had identikit promises many I distracted out is that as we get them out not only of what others that it are what and my chapter six attack about let's is go there open my chapter six verse thirty four rank six thirty four and exactly match even when you went ashore beside a great crowd and he had compassion on them Lady from passing and so many people downtown and beyond have compassion on them it is people that you know what a family is driving city they lock the door is in me they heard he is and they don't talk to that person and I'm glad to do that can pass nine people and I do have compassion on us there were poor weather were rinsed Jesus had compassion on everyone and then after after it said that you thought and had compassion on them the disciples recognize the problem because you him he began to teach the people so the disciples recommend a problem with it have anything to eat anything that can send my way now way past to get saved and immersed thirty seven but he surveyed them you give them something to eat you give them something to eat and we we recognize there such a need and allow that such a need for homeless people far for people everywhere of life in every circumstance and youth have compassionate and and and sessions if any I and others in need we neatly need to come to God and tell them about it and you said you give them something to you do something about the needs and so the story goes on to where God says something very small and made it made it multiplied to take care of the needs not only of of the people there but the disciples and I love verse forty two it says and they all ate and were satisfied as all these issues values problems and we talked about Hughes has solutions for them inducements used by and as we get involved in the service we will also be satisfied man think he might release for that last year they worked he empowers the national do you know that I get great knack for them to bring a Luther binky so much as an example about being done by a person in the US now it's been a live there and see what he's up to be a syndicate that they are widening for older youth are twenty years old okay so he's twenty years old what are you doing right now you working studying I'm a full-time student am like most seminal things from an imaging unit are just business resulting fairy I think that I heard you developing a project intrigued me around the world the country is now Afghanistan how do you have any family you might think of Al Qaeda the Taliban and carry the state views using why Afghanistan while placing blue there to guide me even care what the bigger question on if you would announce me several years ago if I'd ever want to work in Afghanistan are traveled there I would've said where is Afghanistan I had I didn't really haven't really heard a country until I was eleven years old and some you may have heard a little bit of the societal school but I remember distinctly I just finished a ten mile hike with my dad wearied driving back home in the car and we turn the radio on and we heard the words United States has bombed Afghanistan so all of a sudden there's this country that on I never really heard before I discovered him included in into my conscience and unaddressed the world diamond being treated just like hearing that were Afghanistan solid sun is so intriguing to me that I never thought how the chassis left shoulder work there and so that was a sweet end of it constantly is Mumbai and then all that changed all of a sudden in June two thousand six parents etc. the opportunity to work in Afghanistan in the capital city of colloid and humanitarian aspect actually working in some some hospitals are in and so I got the chance to visit them and I was expecting to find a country that now I'm not so they didn't tickle stereotypes we hear about now is expecting to see Osama bin Laden 's and out also here is walking everywhere on the dirty guys with Kalashnikov sitting before noon site outside the thing roadside bombs and does it wasteland but instead I found something not quite different than the intrigue me so anyway to make a long story short I really enjoyed my two months there in Afghanistan two thousand six on and I knew I wanted to come back I felt like the country had a little little piece of my heart but then I got caught up in finishing high school and you get television and when your education you having is that it it becomes very self-centered any forget sound some of those bigger things in life that that can be important so it wasn't until I was at a rise of Leslie and in Mideast class and why I was in the rise classroom this semester after after finishing high school in and I was sitting there and ended as she was talking to us and he was like you know there are many countries in the world it basically still in reach and commission Afghanistan is one first countries mentioned that while I've been there but what am I doing about that experiencing out like hot how can I possibly just dumb you sit here in my incomes will share here hitting on states not much of anything about that experience so anyway to shorten the story on my iPhone got really really calling me there and never been sure about taking on the life really I can say that and so that conviction just to screw I talk some other people about him about that and the so I set out to and Afghanistan next semester well I I knocked at homeless doors and the doors open so I two weeks before I started started I I asked Senator classes and continues to I'm here but anyway I eventually got the opportunity to show left us and against the two thousand eight and one thousand Afghanistan the second time like it just confirms all the Morris Nina I want to spend him in the portion of from my fork over there and the so but to actually work Sarah and I and the main capacities is very hard for a young person older healing and I was wholesale and then seventeen my first troubled Afghanistan when I need the nineteen much elevated their aging aunt Helen's second time so I'm but a anyway so I I had talked different organizations and whatnot about Dean gave all of them but it wasn't really religiously possible design one is a higher nineteen -year-old so I is up on creating a small nonprofit organization called no shock Saint Afghanistan 's highest peak peak and and it was just it was a processes the La Plata prayer because it was intimidates me think of starting at the organization and analysis site college kid but him it was just took a step by step and I talk to people about the organization getting so a new shock right now is a.m. is a registered nonprofit organization I hear the states and also registered with IRS is a tax-deductible organization and were also registered as an NGO in Afghanistan and since I'm here juggling in education and and that going over overseas as well and stuff EEG take a step a step at a time it doesn't move raising amazingly fast the weirdest anyway the film I really have to get ready for no chaplain and it can go all a bit party already in any way absolutely Afghanistan is is one of the world poor countries among the poorest and has a very low GDP growth semester product after those unions and taken economics and and you probably know this already but ninety percent of the world 's opium comes from Afghanistan is sourcing a country ninety percent and so the little GP that Afghanistan does have virtually all comes from fallopian which is very destructive industries those issues need for combating poverty in the country so I know shocker focus is is updated that by the villagers developed last small businesses and industries helped him earn a sustainable income for philanthropists filling by Uganda and the use dear fellow youth about getting involved in an activity like this I once heard a quote that said follow a dream that captures your heart and I like to rephrase a little bit I'd rephrase it this way of following dream that captures God 's heart and a catchy your heart also there is a world of ugly out there so many needs are astronomical and dumb as is young people especially work were especially situated to to help address those problems so I just encourage you to use youthful energies for a cause that God is calling to something though anything in the way of that demand laser felt we had examples here had to use when you add one arrived serving others for God glory attacking a sheet of poverty inspiring amen I'm inspired me to ask will wrap the great here here and here PC and Mac are people making getting for God 's glory in Iraq not just a few words of crashing about attacking the initiate any guide the raking in force at the closing down to gather and be injured Henry K Crane is not lowly and you didn't need me to minister to suffering humanity they are an amazing duet right first clashing first-class businessmen testimony we need to support increment actually remained in Singapore and harm them by teaching them to be depending real scary help men you have a valid and I think a good example of this is what a leave and that there are doing their helping people get that didn't fit to start thinking about everything helping them help themselves in a case involving that job-training funding gap developing practical skills augmented that can cost in conversation of late great injuries had been around to the poor and outcast crafted a great work had been injured on the flipping of the filing and degraded in itself is what you think where the crown priests of God but there are many did not find his labors connected class he works for all who would hear his word not only in public he had but the raise in cultivated see the examination of the man is a journey that Iraq is important where we view as long as to develop down but we forget the rest the world right that it is important to remember definitely so in conclusion I will call you and I know how they are I read at the children and hospital bed they are initiated they had black child is going there I there get the infinitive things like the life and be pushed out and then it will challenge here had been actually starving for weeks inmate announces at the hospital getting nourishment they gave poverty this is a crusading reality of the massive world problem at Christian healing hi Rob are we going to do it easily me want to make I think a call to share your bandwidth hungry to cover the naked is certain for this error for ever got the thing and we now have a prayer to you pretty gather family planning guide I think even a opportunity anymore with all the individuals here about the topic of poverty that open eyes that we make the open year that we might hear it leaving not so wrapped up in one reality that we forget what's happening in the world around that right now there are people here you know how you're speaking to their hard Hamlet and that you have written in but I know that you have the person given the hoping of each year I jump out of the ground from my related they should go back to you immediately your churches arrived she meets down to all but actually known her for having my baby really is I only got in and he nicknamed a man in a this media was run by audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe will feel like this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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