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Session 3: Human Rights

Elizabeth Williams




  • October 13, 2009
    4:00 PM
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him only five five nine yeah thank you for this opportunity with Hobby days value about the world I need to gain tenure powering your clear even the elite rapidly had made the rack blade management that Jesus cry is that you enable the people to be awake and alert and made holy it totally not applicable to every heart here including my own private open guide for your glory please check our heart is still in place place a hard lifestyle please been easier Holy Spirit guided lessons taught by devious means to so world problem in guide people in the night maybe go to the hot ale something keeps impressing me maybe go to the hot ghetto to I really don't like you in Mullally Africa and now the middle class down into tribes they have about a half mountain house I can't get to go back down the hill I'm lazy maybe go to the hot video okay how them out back downhill I go I want to do now award of the hot video within an example of work backfilling when I hear someone gasping for air iMacs into a room and I see a young woman about my age being crazy of uniting our and neither indicating to get her daughter to agree with every ounce of her being not being a medical perfect I only know idea what Hideo think that young women to be having at night or something but what do you have a Mac we need to pray and we need to pray we pray now now that they can rally with me right now in jail after interviewing fewer tickets AOI health if they want to pray the will and keep laughing for a nineteen night let's pray we pray and I distinctly remember praying this prayer is only that Jesus cry as her Lord and behavior I think we remember that I may and I will not haven't a room trying to find the doctor or nurse nobody is around as soon lately nobody and later I am by the women that died every age have stopped she no longer gasping for air she then her mother kissed her head back and began to wail family members around the bad begin wailing as well I think that she got into the corner in disbelief I have never seen anybody died before I hear a few days later that these women should not have died at lab was incredibly slow getting back her lab results with an appropriate diagnosis from the lab results that could have been prevented a tragedy but for the wrong way that it was really impressed me I prayed with her before she died what a tragedy but they are not isolated incident will our health care is in the year this new world today but healthcare is talking about health insurance in the human variety we want our human right and the insurance had a role to play and need a healing so human rights as defined herein to a simple definition is sustained with every person I argue think they are human beings is entitled something quickly he and I are simply human right in the world today we hear about human rights is working that night he was in violation like the view that frequently on television near enough to mean a newspaper and international political arena when he uttered human rights when I think of the genocide occurring right now for CDN when I think of child soldiers in the nine that human trafficking in Thailand with young children being told at that place in our world right now is my phraseology comes from actually is surrounding human right definitely gained in importance following the genocide that occurred in World War II where everyone are Holocaust and Nazi Germany shortly after one were to tell you read about the Kennedy drive to create something called the Universal declaration of human rights what will engage in creating the Magna Carta if you will for human right that the world would abide by that she called in the edit to a very I'm not worldwide public class not engaging not again be merciful and inhuman I think that he can be a car and United Nations in order to invasion was in two promote world peace around the world for your magna indirectly and diplomats around the world and quicker linking of what they deem to be I can like they have to take thirty people here today is about thirty feet down and hammer out what our team I get what you include when you not include the actually came up with thirty different articles in the media show you did it don't worry nevermind she and Jack paid to torture or to cruel and unusual punishment amen amen no lines shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest attention or exile to do that live find the right to a nationality with me why it's important that the Anglican get anything out of three in the right it is important for seventy ad and that their right to freedom of religion they met had the right to a standard of living adequate for the file and well-being of himself and his family had the right to what everybody is education everyone has the right to education so the smattering of the noble rights that are delineated in the universal defloration suffering a Christian of the Universal declaration was written in nineteen forty eight him and him and he will not be for example in the last thing that made along the nongovernmental organization to know that if you live in the international Japanese menu form solely for the purpose and stating human rights I got totally working out an interesting story how it happened but in working out then I think you can chat United Nations W to go in your committee for research what an amazing blessing from God with your time at the United Nations in January for meeting my country is yelled around the world my plea bargain and they hurt a little girl being kidnapped girls I called me and put into prostitution for using force to protect the patient come in all curriculum if you have held differing political views are mentioned at some idiotic people had been standing committee 's top staff will look like going on in the world today the world I have been having secret United Nations cared deeply about these atrocities human rights atrocities get you anything you don't become secular religion affect their religion with the United Nations they found that my same for you guys today November the seventh Avenue search it down do you mean you are you we really care in the picture of world humanitarian day Darrell Lee had our fill in that Saturday night plan and I him on and the fanatic our friend returned that will cover all human beings around the world they seem to gain can be immediately and privately at the church she may care if they are playing it safe actually attention that is very proud of this statement is based the line remained November seventeen nineteen ninety eight that anniversary and the universal vaccination and unite that may permit there that's in Maryland the nineteenth century the fact that communist church has supported you may buy a Mac that we were leaving I agree in promoting religious freedom family by what everybody is a sad occasion how needs a roof if they named her leaving he found out and the dignity of the human person created in the image of God amen I will then fall back shared publicly affirm the importance of healing I am so thankful for the defendant administered fingernail amen here this afternoon to wholeheartedly indicate that I cherish sharing including the members individually and corporately should be even more involved in issue of human rights I live in a help on a Sinhalese peoples temporal he then immediately went to bed and then pity on me Sal Florian anything that relationship with Tina I believe the quintessential human right it is a relevant excited about e-mail should be even worse out a map in regard to agitation and anything can happen if you focus on for today and why I think the example of Jesus cry please look again at Christie lately and ninety four twenty three and he went about all Galilee getting what you taking anything creating the opportunity now and again one theory will do this thing all you need to be among the people are having an individual today winter hot that you think the immediately daily that Baghdad would be amazing time fell in with Matthew Gifford that is make a statement against you know whatever happened absolutely back that brain activity automatically by then anyway and there is a weekly quality in people taking inaccurate and currently has several miracles of healing that occurred in his statement in the teaching he gave examples of healing and nine thirty five he said that he plans I had done Macintosh runtime called a second burger and nine thirty five is now amazing ability doing what is that God Trajan Goslin Athena and doing what will primarily be green and made a mind that the Mac and immigrant until healthcare provider then we followed the man was using in providing healthcare today to pretty think everyone that they now lately absolutely you might say we can insurance actually arguing the we have the second-largest education and health of the world after the Roman Catholic Church issued after they leave you what a wonderful education system we had to operate in numerous printing around where we had previously not been known in various countries such as an media on Scalia and Ethiopia at the door etc. but you will be doing you more there really people in the world today the thirteen principles and human rights Jesus Christ and education are amazing tools to serve such individuals working relationship that continues potentially for eternity let's first look at healthcare Advocate healthcare is pictured actually operate a hundred and seventy five hospital around the world and three hundred twenty however the hospital that we had in developing countries are clearly lacking from resource and is in healthcare today I will have to write forty seven Doctor four hundred thousand block of thirteen hundred and forty will be acting as three green errors for Perth and eight thousand people are shocked three inbounds and high there's four hundred and forty nine two thousand and five US two forty seven Ethiopia three cell someone here who is a land that were classified to talk about the healthcare center things to come up in Paris we appreciate it so what is your name in your occupation Larry Ron number physician how do I know you on your father of critical equipment and resources when it is hot in the developing world black cloud it depends on the hospital while others may be mentioned there are a number of hospitals are understaffed now that don't have equipment supplies are churches recognize that in a form formed a group called after the self international that is addressing to try to turn around some of the hospitals which are most critical you need including one and one of Allawi when Ethiopia one in Haiti of other places recently he looked pained a donation and medical did you receive and what you can tackle difficult to think about God let in this disco things will story about how to guide my office he had come and protect artistic bike and we started talking about the mother or submissions he said he was an ultrasound salesman also great if you read her sparrow show machine let me know I love to have and so he called about two weeks later and many says I have an ultrasound machine for any brought milk some Shane and it was great in about two weeks later he says you want five more man I said sure you have no one of them do it them based again on five morning turns out he was the regional representative of an ultrasound manufacturer and they were they were redoing our training center and there will throw these away and these were worth all total about fifty thousand dollars a medial after that I contacted Abbott 's health international and all the machines were just spoken for like that there's a young lady doctor and her husband nervous start hospital in some South Cameroon are taking to thought of yell her to Doctor Helen and Chad 's southern shanties way out in the goonies are you getting one one's going to Mel Merlo was going to Haiti so these are the user to make a tremendous difference in mainly be using maternal care ultrasound witchery by take for granted Jeremy nowadays and ladies have outsiders 3-D in living color and you have a video of these are older machines grayscale but they'll be a will see the baby and see problems and ultrasound machines help RC people 's lives even of course now main dish and if you can diagnose the problem early you can help them when people come in the trolley can use an ultrasound machine and see if they're bleeding internally so they will definitely save lives and be a blessing so he excited healthcare cases like he to impoverished people in healthcare and enable you to form relationships with the people that you otherwise been able to healthcare is a tool which you know of course our church is always believed in and then Alan Weiss this is the right arm of the message we have to meet people 's physical needs first rep app to be fair they have to be healthy they can't listen to the gospel of the running a few hundred three and died of cerebral malaria you meet their physical need you need to physical needs they realized you love and care for them and then they will receive receive the gospel church shines you more as you care health care and how still of course when you do more and that's why I'm so thankful that all of the early all the younger folks are here today and want to dedicate your life to deserving Lord there's tremendous needs in every country and we all need to try to do it we can help help these needs in other countries amine healthcare is nonexistent in a lot of places as Desmond he mentioned the young girl dying right before arise how that happens everyday every time we go on a mission trip we go to Haiti a lot of we would go to Haiti every time we go for we had been there there was at least one personal misery would've died if they hadn't received something from us to tell this story at night Belfast but as of this is a miracle story we were in Haiti was Friday afternoon we'd seen about three hundred people that day a big clinic but here comes this little tender your team -year-old girl coming staggering uphill between two other girls come to our clinic in and you can just tell by looking at it she was in acute respiratory distress did know what was going on thought she had pneumonia and we can handle their winter in the hospital the hospitals in Hades are much different in United States we had to buy the x-ray film before we can get an x-ray overdone but got a neck trade done and by that will later on we got the history she was a rest of it which in Haiti is a child slave she was sold by her family to be a yarn servant for this family and someone had given on a dare her to drink some unknown liquid to drink the liquid it was Clorox in perforated not hold her softness she had a holder software she had an is an abscess on one side of her lungs had pneumonia on the other in United States in the pediatric intensive care units you have nine percent mortality found that neither this little County Hospital which wasn't much of all what wasn't much of a hospital we prayed and asked the Lord is to spare her life and to give her a chance and got performed a miracle week later she walked out without any side effect it was all he is doing to me there was nothing that we can do except pray for which we did on the God fielder and allowed her to live semantics defined and I've seen that he will send it out nicely on management fifty five nineteen oh one missionary worker is that it is not really from my aspirations of impropriety homework and got the end of the gospel that it is what I'm saying of Christ revealed I work in a growing lead the world in an open for thine is the important than the medical missionary work Senate understood what you need to field may be immediately answered and found inside his ankle that may be invented you can resume well accepted play here maybe people that will be listening to that later on in that area I encased in the taxi adventure in my crime is that it was a Kenyan college it right I'm just doing their exact locations of effective on the mail humanized is administered actually create more than fifty hundred schools and hundred and forty five countries around the world hundred and forty five countries have what he reached over one million students in our schools worldwide create him friend that's when I went back to work by the primary educational tax me tomorrow morning and read the word of God and we had a school that you simply do not have adequate resource and running in an example when I was in the alley I visited the local elementary school and their difficult enough electricity in the computer is having a book actually is about trans and the teachers were hardly getting paid it all and that is not a unique example of what many call it better than nothing amen and there are numerous parts of the world and it actually know that educational printing and will interview an individual he actually worked here Saturday Robert mine about all that he started in Indiana but he had not made it there yet so if you ever want to talk about the school in Indian remark that please contact him it's an interesting concept that he had going on there can't occasion if there is a basic human right increase in agitation and important work can be here in another important quality education that is intriguing I mean there is an important dollar more the gray object to be experiencing the proper development of character that the individual lady fitted to discharge the duties of the present time to enter when I find this easier and more alive than in Britain all it to conventional people to learn more about Jesus cry it has education and how you doesn't mean education does bear fruit he did actually we know how many and seriously we cannot actually maintain a constant search for a abortion Mayor Bloomberg and Riley bear in when I got there the conversation went as a lazy money and unity teacher after about my GPA her children as the ball during hard yet is actually joined the band administered two years before I came to enable you to join down his church is actually her well -year-old daughter I believe in attaining quality elementary car payment and girl would come home she would talk about the exciting things I will crack he trained me hereby when more women fell in France cannot see that coming pitcher 's and joining maturity when she became of that type numeric understand they have histories and it will try to map for eternity right in the world today in a very serious topic we went into basic human night health and education that are rented on Thursday night Jesus Christ Ron Harry bowed human night and I didn't ask you that we as human and Christian sharing even more so amen you might be thinking to yourself you know how how can I get involved that she is keen eye for an issue that is technically inaccurate and poverty can be a inquiry be replicating this report from the bilingual wrapup okay everyone you know we started packing on Anthony are you thinking how I got my card to mark the economic close I am in you and will he may so my chapters as they color is insignificant within our way of handling probably be around today verse thirty five thousand and nine verse thirty five when the game was now far spent his disciples came to him and said this is a deserted place and already outrageously away and they may go into the surrounding hunting bill again and buy themselves bread for the cause there are both coming to the event and they notice a problem getting out of their people and I have anything invented going to visit her he went down I'm what you need to react and verse thirty seven he answered and said and then you give them something to eat and make the other hand shall we go and buy two hundred dynamic and Fred given Sunday said that he the problem you guys have a problem with them during the images that I can't do that they didn't have their faith verse thirty eight but he said to them love you have go and see her make down that they did five and two thirty then back with what you have uniquely Canadian resources start with what you have been announced to verse forty one and when he had taken the five love him him in Brooklyn Brooklyn Lowe's and then we hit the target before then to make it inviting among them off so I had that I can do that and what was the result and multiply their resource at deep into his eyes and my cat and not really okay first forty two all were expelled from her job not just numbers forty three May ten twelve baskets full of fragments of fish so here is a problem-solving prime that no problem number one hundred to ask for guys with number three was like he had never for God will bless you in modifying your average number five the problem will be five amen and I know that God is calling each one lasted there just to be called the disciples is there a thousand years ago I have no idea what capacity he's calling you guys if they're individually and currently asking in the canyon that it can be laughing joy I don't know my prayer for each one I live today in their in that God will open our eyes to world probably available at the moment and find the resources that we already have and he will you I got people to combat world problem first and glory honor and create here in a broad honey I've been enjoying the Internet today honey indictment that sounds fine I'm a young print e-mail a person better act I will end up in prayer he gave me a funny guy I think the film for the prize that I think that he is clearly outlined mankind they are probably relatively few men by coming to you I am a father we just talked about you probably today there are still many more I quickly did you buy an act for your glory and honor please fill in the lab and she got nearly happened thirty first all rights Carhart has a funny and you can use now and it seems to me that we didn't talk about you having about a guy who is given the Holy Spirit independent thinking and me our mission having a father in his names and media was run by audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. audio course taught or


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