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Session 3: Life in Financial Partnership With God

G. Edward Reid


G. Edward Reid

Former Stewardship Director, North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists




  • October 10, 2009
    4:00 PM
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my father again we thank you for unaware that he given us and we thank you for the inspired men that have been used by you you'll inspire us with the same Holy Spirit as we look at these important text today in Jesus name amen what is it mean to be a financial partnership with God was I one thing it means amazing less than be a lot less stressful and immediately were contended with what you have and this could mean that when you Jesus returns he will say well done good and faithful servant I'm a tell you something interesting as one who uses the computer a lot and you do research on it the words well done are only spoken to those who manage their money look at well done is only spoken to those who managed to my Christian way so this is pretty important so the Bible says in Deuteronomy sixteen sixty the seventeenth they shall not appear before the Lord empty-handed every man shall it should be given as he is able according to the blessing of the Lord your God which is given you then giving to God is by far the most significant financial factor in life management I believe this is absolutely true Kathy and I was been the manager of our family and I understand what is our forty second anniversary and she's been managing our money all these years and she said no there are many times when if I had waited till the last thing to write the type check for money but she always writes it first thing and somehow God has blessed us incredibly ways that we could not imagine if you can imagine working on pastor salary even on a journey of love with things until your earlier I didn't mention it you know that if your professional parsing the current thousand a year I should've added unless you decide to work from church because whatever level of education you have doesn't make that much difference when I went to law school in a Québec working for the conference my pace it was exact the same has been since that time as a pastor I believe that we should all of us get as much education as we can were told that God can use anyone through his Spirit but those who have education stand on vantage ground look at Vantage if you want to see it real simple that we stay on vantage ground of the worst guy will give you opportunities that you don't have made incredible things happen to us and I'll I'll just tell you this is collected UIC we are spoken and UIC of Chattanooga and San Jose in other places living in Key West he next year in Australia and I've been asked to come as a speaker over there while the awesome thing is the rewards are not all monetary in addition to that God 's is great is your reward in heaven when you work with him and I think that's can be true so I think we should all be so valuable the church can afford to pay us what really works and that that's my personal philosophy about this so we're looking at one forgot first he will give us wisdom and he will bless us nobody told you about Proverbs three hour talk you know not Deuteronomy twenty eight less if you have Bibles must turn to Deuteronomy twenty eight Danielle in Deuteronomy twenty eight there's something very very interesting phenomena does anybody know the setting of what Deuteronomy actually is why Deuteronomy in the Bible exactly the idea is God the Israelites right before they crossed the Jordan River and to the land of promise and Moses gave them his last four sermons and Moses was not allowed to enter the promised land if you sometimes have a difficult time understanding the Bible when it gives them get hard things to say for example Moses said to the people I wanted to cross over into the promised land in the worst way but God said you're not going over and don't ever mention that to me again it settled you're not going yet does that sound harsh way worked with the Israelites this happy over forty years God did not allow them to crossing the Jordan across the Jordan for what reason anybody know he was disappeared by striking the rock is speaking to them God 's name this is done in a don't ask forgiveness for but remember I told you earlier and listen the preachers you're been talking about this today as well and last night Helen say something interesting the most important thing you could ever figure out for yourself is God 's will for you and you want that to happen for you so whenever you pray you ask Lord this is what I think I need but I would ask you for your will to be done if you ever heard your will be done Moses wanted to crossover to the promised land in the worst way and God said you're not going over what you're going to do what you can climb up on this mountain I'll let you look across you guys believe in miracles God said I'm going to give you sensory perceptions you never had he gave him bionic eyes if you read about this in Prophets and Kings Ellen White says when he looked into Jordan across the river he not only start greenery he saw the grapes on the vineyards can you understand this is like ironic test hundred and fifty magnification or something incredible he could smell the flowers and he could hear the birds singing and God said to him now you've seen whether going I want you to lay down here and die and angels will come and bury you and nobody will ever know where you died and nobody's giving shrine of years you euro graveside this is an interesting situation and he did that now most of you know that Moses could have been a Pharaoh of Egypt you guys know enough about archaeology history to understand that this is pretty amazing stuff but he chose rather to suffer what does people and so on the amazing thing if he had chosen that route where would he be today she would be a mommy in the Cairo Museum or the British Museum is a tramp is probably what's been happening if he had gone into Palestine as he really wanted to do he would be dead and buried but God said my will for you is not either one of those I would like to take you to have where's Moses now he's in happen the Bible says that Christ himself came down and fought with the devil over the body of Moses and took him to heaven and he was thereby fair and was able to come down the mount of transfiguration you remember that with Elijah and this is a real interesting story to me when you see that so Moses is giving his know is not going in so telling Israelites these things in the ever Bible Deuteronomy twenty eight the first fourteen versus for all the promises to faithful people score in covenant with God but the last verses and there's fifty three of them are curses member in Malachi that their jobs as your courage with recursive missile nation these are the curses you do not want to get involved with these curses there really awful I've never preached a sermon on I've never heard anybody get the sermon on the curses I just want you to know where they are there right here in this chapter world a look at the blessings so let's look at the first part of Deuteronomy twenty eight now it shall come to pass if you diligently obey the voice of the Lord your God to observe carefully all his commandments which I command you today that the Lord your God will put you will set you on high above all the nations and all these blessings shall come on you and overtake you because you obey the voice of the Lord your God I would say what this means them blessings overtake you where I live in Washington DC last year in the metro area more than seven hundred people had their cars carjacked yes I understand carjacking this is not therefore you go to sleep at night next morning are not in the driveway this means that typically happens your stop at a 7-Eleven that place for gas in the design will often go get myself something during Cedric Arbogast go inside to pay and you come out this guy stand by your confidence give me your keys or kill you the things that made a young attorney just a few months ago had driven a brand-new Jeep Cherokee stayed late at work went inside to get something to drink after those car up in the amazing thing when he came out there was a guy there with a gun and he said give me your keys or I'll kill you and I think it is an attorney out talking out of this he's smarter than this understand the guy with the gun shot him through the neck and it paralyzed him from his neck down he will always be a quadriplegic the whole rest of his life and guy drove off in a Jeep live leaving him in a pool of blood well let me just tell you that in those circumstances whenever you're out at night yet the listeners and was coming up behind her whatever how would you like to turn around and see God 's River of blessing coming to your family not a carjacker or thief but blessings is that what the Bible says here you can see it says all these blessings will come on you and overtake you the coming faster than you can run because you obey the voice of the Lord your God blessed are you in the city Western in the country and so on there's many blessings but I want to show you first twelve the Lord will open to you his good treasure the heavens to give you rain in its land in a season to bless the work of your hand you shall lend to many nations you shall not borrow the Lord will make you the head and not the tail use of the above only and not belief if you heed the commitments of the Lord which like Lord your God which I command you today and are careful to observe them so obedience and being a partnership with God is really pretty awesome stuff sorted a look now at the why do people give knowledge of the glorify God as the creator to integrate God into the material side of their life so people understand you can actually practice Christianity I think that support the show thanks for God 's grace and blessings so want to talk about biblical tithing most of you probably were tithing when you were little cats but I'm just been to tell you something amazing right now this is very interesting that Antonio only about forty percent of Adventist type I know that because I'm the stewardship director of the North American division that should be one of the things I know this is incredible the reason I'm telling you that is that some people are so materialistic they think that they want to spend it and not give it to the Lord puncture most of your faithful tie that you think everybody is but it isn't true I don't know how many of you were listening when the preacher spoke today but some of the people in our churches are dead spiritually dead they are not in covenant relationship with Almighty God and God says what will go on to look at biblical tithing help for nudist tithing is not a matter of generosity or gratitude LOI tells us of the book education is a matter of honesty with God I get to see this all the tithe of the land is the Lords it is holy to the Lord now since the tithe belongs to God what could God do with the time if he wanted to the right answers anything he wanted to you could take it back to heaven with a good make the belongs to him and he could also burn it up like he did the sacrificial and disparate but God has a special plan is his and he is the one that has to do with the first all we understand that God is creator of heaven and earth the first thing the Bible establishes about God is that is greater than Earth by the way the Bible does not prove try to prove God 's existence it assumes his existence because he is the creator of heaven and earth and this forms the foundation of everything else the Bible says about him about who we are and about how we should relate to him the tenth tithe is a tenth part of our income or if you are in business for yourself self-employed that would be the increase you understand there's a difference and this is the first part of our God-given increase that he claims as his own by the way listen carefully I said this at several camp meetings this summer and I want to say it loudly for you do not think that you could rob God with impunity and that he will take you to heaven when he comes back it will not happen if you plan on going to heaven you need to be in partnership with Almighty God and that means everything including your finances don't think it's reported time never get enough position I'll tell you a little story Kathy and I were at the seminary and we just finish it will route for summer and that we got married when I finish school and anyway we reprimanded University deficit nursing and I'm in the seminary and we came Thanksgiving time we were just too poor to travel to Tennessee we had Thanksgiving 's for many years with her parents in Knoxville area thanks giving is a big deal in North America most of you know that is the busiest travel time of the year more traffic that we can than any other time but we could not travel to Tennessee from Michigan because we were just too poor solitary all the circumstances but at any rate yet that some got a special food for Thanksgiving is a different meal than you would normally have in our family one of things we have always had is cranberry sauce wasted by this congealed stuff that you take the enzyme push on off you know we now make our caffeine makes it with cranberries and office cranberry relish stuff anyway I said to Kathy what we decided to do was to stay in Andrews have Thanksgiving with some of our poor friends cost of traveling families so invited to couples to our place and I think it was I Sunday the week before Thanksgiving Thanksgiving week I send Cathy wanted to go out and buy some cranberry sauce mother stuffs will have the food in over here she says well I was trying to them but I don't have the money do you have any money and I said no all I have is I have these for ten dollar bills in our top drawer my dresser drawer I don't keep there anymore someone give you any secrets about our house and I sat on on on Sabbath on the Internet advertise and then I said something that you may be tempted to say in your life I said I no tie this for the ministry and we are studying for the ministry and God knows up where we are we can pay it back you guys ever been down that lane at all we just got a rationalize a little bit one any rate Kathy and I look divisions of know what to do that's it we sputtered and five envelope by the way hire highly recommend this as part of your family budgeting and your family planning you should take the offering envelopes home from church empty like by the handfuls said Kathy usually takes half a dozen or so the let your last as for a few papers at any rate so we had a tight envelope at home and so we just put on their forty dollars for time and I then somewhere forgot a four dollars and I put three or sixty dollars on Bill Anderson and is forty dollars of time in any rate we can put that in envelope and sealed out that in bias in the cranberry sauce of course so later that there was thinking I understand some hospitals by blood so I thought was before cell phones I was out working I went over to pray for Michael catheter secure the nurse used in nursing why don't you call around civilian hospitals buying blood of Justin Andrews last summer teaching at the seminary and it's interesting that the little hospital in Buchanan Michigan about twelve miles south west of Andrews University no longer exist this is not a hospital there now still building but that somewhere somewhere else the county anyway she said that my buds we went down there I hate blood but anyway I got that they type differs with printing and delivering it admissible by offing of blood sucks out and I'm a positive which is average American know many people that so after they took my blood that you knew about your window this is often ten dollars for my blood and when I typed Kathy she is all negative which is a relatively rare blood type and so she gave her blood in the envelope coupon thing and she went down will bastard to the business office and they gave her thirty dollars for her blood of course he's never let me forget the relative value of our blood as you can imagine I wait until the people who had Thanksgiving dinner with us at the reading blood money but not tell it later is more funny now than it was then but you know I know what it is like to be very poor I know what it's like to be a student as a reviewer in the circumstances but I will just tell you listen carefully God has honored our family from that day to this and such incredible way I could not tell you all the stories is absolutely amazing I could tell you stories will bring tears to your eyes what God has done for our family over the offenders University two years later I had my Master of Divinity degree Kathy and Pastor state boards and finished her nursing pastor state boards and we didn't know anybody anything in the whole world no student loans and debts that you are the part of the vial the guide says I will bless you to a thousand generations but that's in the Bible so here we are thirty years later back in Anders University sitting upon the moral church for our daughter Melissa 's graduation and we have this little program that you had all the graduates less than nothing we're looking up data we saw Melissa Suzanne Reed cum laude we were proud of Melissa but the neatest thing about it was thirty years later when our daughter 's name is Raven she marches across from the big pipe organ to get her diploma from the president of the University only about four people in Holborn new the Melissa had no debts no student loans Nobel standards University and she was graduating debt free I think God is awesome you understand what to talk about this is really important five thirty one more new the end of the session hear the word for content are used interchangeably in both old and new Testaments for example in the case of a Roman catholic which is the first mention of fighting in the whole Bible Genesis fourteen verse twenty were Abram gave a tithe to my catheter it says that he gave him a tithe of all but when you hear the story in the New Testament which by the way is Hebrews the seventh chapter first ten verses talks a lot about tithing images that same experience and estate him gave him a chance to tighten gently used interchangeably by the way in many years of teaching stewardship I've never had anybody question the type intent part never once pivotal point in the Bible overlooking another one Satan 's plan for your money most of you are probably aware of the Seventh-day Adventist of a unique view of what's happened in the world we understand we're seeing things that are showing us that were right near the end of time we understand the big picture we call it the great controversy lives in the struggle between good and evil so it's significant what's happening in the stock market is significant with seven in the financial world is significant to this password there were four major disasters in the world were hundreds and hundreds of people lost their lives deserve I understand that this is just happening this where near the end of time and the amazing think part of the great controversy is the devil would like to trick people into being lost just before Jesus comes and I want to show you something interesting selfishness and materialism plays a part in the great controversy now I have the opportunity many times a year to speak to workers meetings this pastor 's meetings sometimes it's a whole union like the Southern Union inning when the North Pacific Union or the whole division likely not the one of the trans- European division were went last year and you know we have meetings because the strategy meetings evangelism meetings Mac OS X do you think the devil also has workers meetings he does and Ellen White was given a view of one of the devils workers meetings and it's recorded in testimonies to ministers page four seventy three and four seventy four and what she heard the devil speaking by the way this is in quotation marks in customers to ministers because the devil is speaking did you know that the devil is actually quoted in Ellen White's writings of Irenaeus is very important here's what you are the devil say in one of Adele 's workers meetings will make the possessors of lands of money drunk with the cares of this life present the world before the men's most attractive like they may lay up trade their treasure here and fixed their affections about earthly things now let me just stop and ask you this question do you think the devil with the successful address it's amazing that he has been successful at this we must do our utmost the devil continues to prevent those you labor in God 's cause from retaining means he is against us keep the money in our own ranks the more means they obtain the more they will injure our kingdom I take it from us our subjects make them care more for money than for the upbuilding of Christ kingdom and the spread of the trees we had and we need not fear their influence I want you to see the part of underlined here very amazing the devil says for we know that every selfish coverages person will fall under our power and will finally be separated from God 's people that is amazing this is an counsel stewardship also but what I do I have assessed was delicious four seventy three four seventy four let me just tell you something money is so strong that the last test for all the people on earth you can't buy or sell measures and market-based you understand the ready money out of business the last test of the faithful people Revelation thirteen you cannot buy or sell unless you take the market would be the understand how serious this is you can't buy or sell this is very serious so we trust God for eternal life in those days we will trust him for our day to day life and that's really really important stuff so I will show you something God gave us high thing as a hedge against selfishness I heard Carmen Edwards at this way one found this very interesting to Meza pastored Beltsville Maryland he said I could use all the money I get when I'm happy to give God his part because he's got more where that came from and he blesses our family you get the point this is very valuable to learn and by the way don't think the unit type someday when you start making real money the point is be faithful what you have got Susie been faithful over a few things I would make you ruler over many things you understand no matter what the level list and that's important to know so what to look at now with our document Abraham another dimension and more about that Jacob is an interesting story also this is more appropriate for students probably because Jacob was a young single man not married yet and Genesis twenty eight talks about his story and if you have a bottle turn energizes twenty and is is a very very interesting story I think it's one of the more famous and well-known stories in the whole Bible but Genesis twenty eight tells the story of how Jacob and his mother Rebecca deceived Isaac into granting him the inheritance you where that even though he was the second board and that it's a very interesting I want to show you the story by the way do you think people argue about inheritance money even today him when he saw realized that he was running at the birthright he said my father is old and blind and when he is when the days of mourning up as we know we stand be morning by the windows as they mourn for someone famous for thirty days favorite when they supported Beth I would kill my brother if he meant it subjective had to leave home I don't know if you've ever understood about running for your life but Ellen White says that Jacob ran for two days without stopping now I'm telling you where we have property of the mounts occasionally see a memo missing this one time I saw a deer that have been chased by the hunting dogs that came to the field where I was and it was so panting that his tongue was hanging out about four inches and he stopped and he can so he been only running for maybe an hour you understand but if you ran for four days two three two days Delaware says he ran futile but you can't run that long but he ran as far as you can go on and when to stop and get his breath and get a drink and run again and finally into the second I just sent you I just can't go farther I've got to stop becomes the rock the Bible says that he put it on his head and hid behind it think you pray before I went to sleep I think he prayed earnestly for two things because God can answer to that night he said God please don't let me find my brother finally sleeping visit brother was an outdoorsman can easily track and don't let my brother finally sleeping and I want to come back to my homeland again someday this was an incredible experience and the amazing thing is the Bible says I love this I wish I could read like Alexander scored me but if it's really really interesting that he laid down then in verse twelve of chapter twenty eight for a look it says and then he dreamed and behold a ladder so set up on the earth reach to heaven that Angela God were ascending and descending on it and behold the Lord stood above it and said I am the God of Abraham that we are a father and the God of Isaac and the land which you while given to your as soon as I'll bring you back here what he promised and probably everything that he prayed for and renew the covenant with him an incredible experience the next morning when he woke up something amazing happened he took a big rock my sense started up port on the top and he called the place Beth L which is house of God in Hebrew every time he ever passed that place from then on even when it is bringing his family back from night Heron you remember he stopped there and they had a worship experience by that stone gods house he said but he said to God you can see it right at the end of the chapter here where a smoking verse twenty two the stone that I've set as a pillar shall be God 's house and of all that you give me out will surely give a tenth to you was a young adult single guy before he got married he said count on me I've just been converted I would be a time he always was from then on that's what it's about well let me to show you if I were to ask most of you what are the what is the major types text in the Bible what would most people say Malachi the third chapter that is only after the Babylonian captivity these are the two texts in the Bible that the deal with five very very important Leviticus twenty seven verse thirty all the tithe of land is the Lord that is holy unto the Lord that's this one the tithe belongs to God then the next what tells you what to do with the tide and that's numbers eighteen twenty one God says I have given the children of Levi all the tithes in Israel as an inheritance in return for the work they do the work of the tabernacle of meeting and other words what you say I'm getting used to type to support the ministers and that's what he does very interesting that's where the Bible puts it down now here's something very interesting to you guys a lot of people don't understand this many evangelicals Larry recounted others lastly we had the salsa vanilla white has a counselor storage of a sixty five many years before these guys were born the tithing is the modern equivalent of the tree of knowledge of good and evil a lot of people do not know this let me just tell you the tithing system is the equivalent to the last a Christian of the tree of knowledge of good and evil friends even the garden of the don't think they're the only ones that have a test we have one to not want to give you an illustration Silvio understand this when I was at Loma Linda doing a master public health in community nutrition class we learned that eating between meals is not a good health habits is everybody know that people eat between meals have more dental caries more hypertension more obesity etc. than those who eat only at mealtime out my secretary Lori Brian is a sweet young woman and she's worked with me for twelve to fourteen years now so people sometimes come around with snacks like a doughnut or something which I'll be on the phone or in my office and shall so we relate whenever we wanted it to dinnertime because she knows that I practiced that and with the help that is so I thought for example when either the tree of knowledge of the Naval she must've been eating between meals this caused the problems with a whole world anti- Israel serious situation but then I found this interesting statement in the book education as there is twenty five says there was nothing poisonous in the fruit itself and the sin was not merely yielding to appetite so there goes my between Milstein I put these numbers in your nasal quotation brackets but it's just a direct quote from Sprint prophecy it was distrust of God 's goodness disbelief of his word and rejection of his authority that made our first parents transgressors and brought in the world a knowledge of evil now listen carefully if you are an adult and understand tithing and you're not tithing it's for one of those three reasons the only reasons you could be time to understand what is the modern equivalent is very simple so when were fatal what are tied we show God that we trust is goodness we believe his word and we accept authority this is really Christian living this is the bottom line stuff so I wish I'm another one that's very interesting and this one is our covenant relation with God was talking today about that I think it's a Skip McCarty fermenters in one of the seminar the new covenant book cabinet really enter covenant relation is a promise agreement remember that salvation is not a unilateral contract on discussing everybody in the whole world salvation is a bilateral contract God offers it and we accepted it understanding what were both involved in this very interesting sort a look at this Council stewardship says he'll gave his only begotten son to die for you has made a covenant with you what's a covenant promise or an agreement he says he gives you his blessings in return it requires you to bring him your tithes and offerings a lot of people think they tired to get God blessings God 's blessings but the bottom line is what comes first the blessings of the time the blessings always come first God says he gives you his blessings in return he requires you to bring him your tithes and offerings and this is important numbers show you this one because it's an interesting one and often give you little strange to understand the Bible says failure to tides is robbery listen carefully there will be no active robbers in heaven is a true yeah they might be a lot reformed robbers and sorry robbers but no active robbers Jalisco the interesting thing about most of you know that when you come to school here whatever degree you're going to get you probably after the freshman English and psychology and maybe a couple teachings of Jesus or whatever is true only to study something interesting when I went to law school I did not intend to practice criminal law but there are certain core courses you have to take so one of the course I took was criminal law another criminal procedure if not never practiced criminal law we have to take them as part of the course but when I found out something interesting there are different levels of theft crimes if while I'm gone someday someone steal something from a yard sale lawnmower a bicycle or whatever and if they were arrested later what could they be charged with is not robbery his staff exactly is just as one of the minor theft crimes but let's just say that someone breaks into my house and steals my laptop computer what could they be charged with under those circumstances were talking about some serious stuff here in many jurisdictions this burglary classic breaking and entering volume another person with the purpose of committing a felony inside this is very serious stuff our son Andrew is an attorney in Florida any practices criminal law and he said to me dad if you get convicted of breaking and entering somebody else's house in Florida automatic six years in jail no judge can commute the sentence its statutory law in Florida do this to protect our house and our well-being our privacy understands so but you have been robbed yet what I told you robbery only occurs when the owner is present it is the worst and highest of the theft crimes you understand now I want to tell you I have personally been wrong it is not fun of when I was at General conference in ASI executive ASI ASI guys decided it would be a wonderful thing for the fathers in ASI who wanted to end their sons to go on a mission trip together to Guatemala to build a school during Christmas break some for our summer break I'm not sure exactly when it was in the summer at a rate sixteen of us decided we would go together and we offloaded from different parts of the country Linda Guatemala City and is always even flight so one time we collected our our luggage and got through security and customs in and all that stuff is like eleven o'clock at night this was a Marinol the program is highly organized with our money had been ordered but the billing address and so on but what they didn't do much they will never do again they didn't give us overnight accommodations near the airport instead they had rented a bus it was a school bus looking bus except it was pink with big purple polkadots on the side innocent Therese to in big white letters which she and Guatemalan Spanish means rich Americans please rob us what's happened to us in the middle of the night were driving down the Pan-American highway toward total neck upon and some guys in a truck pulled sideways across the two-lane highway to write an account of the road and they stopped and jumped out with guns are bus skidded to a stop and he broke into the bus and run every one of us at gunpoint I will never forget this for what happened to me personally I had the forethought to stuff our passports in our our plane tickets to get back to America in my sock so those are the only things of any value that we salvaged but with the guys were coming down the aisle systematically with guns in their hands robbing us of everything the man to rows in front of me I will mention his name but had a genuine Rolex watch taken right off his hands when they came to me I had a brand-new cheap Timex watch I paid nine dollars were on sale at Walmart because I knew that I was going to be mixing mortar joint block work and thought I'd want to ruin my good watches this was a fifteen dollar watch and so I have this nine dollar time X anyway when the guy came to our row Andresen was sitting beside me if I was sitting at the window and he looked at my watch and he started pulling on and I said cheapo I forgot all the spatial and high sludge that she put you to want the statements that were taken off and he pulled on it and I I didn't I didn't know offer to take it off so he had a thirty eight revolver in old rusty revolver she pulled the hammer back and stuck it right at my head and he was so nervous discount bump in my head like that I thought not interesting is there triggered my brain to be blown out of the sandbox and Anderson to give it to him he was nervous and I was nervous and I took the watch off and gave it to him I could have lost my entire life for nine bucks crazy you understand I was robbed and that's what I'm telling you about his robbery how does God get by with saying failure to time is robbery anybody know remember talk to the owner had to be present if robbery occurs what is David's a work can I flee from his presence I go to a high mountain the depth of the say he is there Hebrews four thirteen says all things are naked and open before him before we must give account the understand and we are willing to do God harm to use his stuff for what we want to do that's why it's so serious when we think about how there were to go on quickly and out while I show you something that I think is very interesting the Ponte Vedra positive commands of God concerning tithes and offerings and offerings one way is rich in the books of heaven as robbery toward him Caleb as is as large goods not only losing out let him of God but losers eternal life yes place sure that's a good question at some people ask what they should be titled the gross Internet and other further their gross check number or the amount of the actual check the same thing is simply true I think that things that benefit us for a life experience like things that we would use for food clothing shelter and software type double so I would tie that my student income in that kind of thing to remember I understand is I have been there through many levels of education help poor students are think if you're willing to put God first that God will bless you you know it's true anecdotally when we have these books over and over again our officer printed with three hundred stories of families are wrote in and said if you think I'm that great for you you should hear what he did for me now I think that we need to understand that God is not nitpicky and God does not need the money so somebody gives me assure I don't typically type that but if somebody gave me twenty dollars I would type that we understand about it it's it's between something you work out between you and God God doesn't need the money he wants our hearts once the Norfolk faithful are not me we can understand in our heart whether or not were doing the right thing most of the time you understand so I think that if you just grateful in your systematic in your regular God will bless you that that's what I think I don't know there's not really a lot of counsel on on the tithing of them small portions remember in the Bible it was based on income that you had early increase that you had in your business but in your particular case your scholarship or something I think that if you didn't have the ability to target at the point you might want to give a thank offering to God Jesse for his blessings to you or your family understand you I understand it is hard to to to do that another thing that some people asked me about lawsuits for example was to say that somebody I'm trying to the greenlight summons texting on his cell phone in the rent smashing my car well nothing I would tell you is living on this happens regularly in what I will tell you is somebody's wrong there wishes say that you heard it can't work for a long time maybe a whole year will when the insurance settlement comes you get your car repaired you wouldn't hide that portion because that simply putting you back holder where you were before but the part that in lieu of your work if you are working you are earned that money then you would tie that parts USA so it's part of your income situation that's what I think in the lot of you probably have you know different focuses or different life experiences did you have comment yellow pain-and-suffering that comes part of it what an interesting thing but I would think it would be a general income to you that would be my personal feelings and let me just tell you another thing this is otherwise well I have to hurry don't tell you a story this is amazing our son Andrew Winter University Tennessee law school in Knoxville but we were living in Maryland at the time and as all of you know when you go to an out-of-state school and do not in state resident a state university cost you more it would cost four thousand years ago through the law school at that time if you lived in St. Louis twelve thousand a year to go through as an out-of-state student so he comes to the University of Tennessee the law school and registered with an address in Maryland is paying twelve thousand years ago there is four thousand quarter at any rate this is such an amazing story that I want you to understand how significant it is to him our family philosophy based on spread across in the Bible is that you give the inheritance to children when they're young adults and not wonder when you're about to die in their old in their own right remember that inheritance in the Bible is always land to build proper build a farm on when you when you start out in life so they're not bit of the pharmacy you give them their education so when and who graduate from college is for certain illustration always tell this book we gave him twenty thousand dollars for his inheritance she knows now that when we die the rest of our stuff is going to draw because we paid his way through law school essentially what I would tell you this is amazing next Andrew called Lisa's dad in a most faithful my time but I got this twenty thousand and no I know that its inheritance is typically nontaxable and I did work for it just because I'm your son your option archive as well I don't really know whether you should or not but if I were you I would follow the principle that I've practice if in doubt kind and tell you why that in this is very very valuable and that's a good question saw really answering it for everybody but anyway I said you know the first time how did mention the whole Bible was when Abraham was given the title of the wealth of Sodom and Gomorrah and he tied that they didn't keep the rest is good because it was like a gift that he got source archive if I were you so you'd understand this is the largest project is ever written two thousand dollars understand I'm in this amazing amount for a young person by the time that Danny said I wanted to write what I want to do he says I'm then asked if I could be recognize as an in-state student at the University of Tennessee so it went to the registrar 's office or student office I'm not sure which one anyway he said what would it take for me to become a Tennessean is that what every registered as when you started school is what you can beat your whole course that's the end of the conversation so I'm just can tell you cafés my wife's aunt Lucille taught in the math department at the University of Tennessee personal life was a tenured professor and retired from there their daughter graduated from university Tennessee I went to Florida for two years to work inside to come back and were masters because you been away for two years they charged out-of-state tuition even though she was a graduate of University testing and her mother was a full professor to me that's how hard they are to get in-state but remember what I told you guys earlier when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead he could've done everything he asked for help on like he said for the lady and you think Jesus knew where he was of course when I got to the tomb he said you guys roll away the stone which is good reason God made them to what they could do and then when he came out he said you guys and rapid lingo Jesus could've just melted the right close you understand but what they could do so Anderson I would do what I can do so he registered his car instead of Tennessee and I would say that there's probably lots of cars out here without state licensing is interested in you can prove you don't have to change your license plate but he changes lastly he got Tennessee's drivers license he registered to vote in Tennessee and got a job then he wrote to the university regents in Nashville Tennessee and he said I have done all I can do to become ice Tennessean would you kindly recognize me as a Tennessean for tuition purposes for the rest of my law school could mail the letter and it was gone for like six weeks and one day he got this letter from the Board of Regents we wonder what the world this is what opened it up and this is their mystery we have received your letter and today at the Board of Regents meeting we brought your application and we have decided to grant you in-state tuition for the balance of your text is state the last two years of law school saving sixteen thousand dollars what I want to tell you is something incredible whenever called us he says you will never have to encourage me to be faithful tithe again this is amazing stuff and telling God is sovereign over everything and this is important to understand so he let me know I could've said well no big deal don't you understand but when I tell people I typically say pray God 's providence in your life you have a question before a full net area okay where to go on here and got a couple of things one show you want to show you all of this is important to get the sewers is tithing is an act of worship I was just last week and speaking of international Canada Hayden Lake Idaho and people out there when you talk about what one person talk about you guys when you come to the South energy all most of the time it has a nice term really and so when I heard yellow I thought maybe now it comes from the South because he says bring you all the tithes into the storehouse he does say that but the new King James is better where it says bring all the tithe and the storehouse not y'all bring the time but bring all the time you understand the whole time don't try to to get back some less important if the oh I didn't pick it up my secretary would shoot me she does most of my PowerPoint vision is small systematically withheld the right colors and backgrounds everything will not come to special meetings like this I'll take them out of other programs living in this workbook page eleven and it's your money it is my book it's your money is not the workbook so I is is immature it was up at the top right you okay sorry down there so many things that I can say I want just glossy with two minutes left where to go to what that what is an honest time and that when I went to go very very quickly over to it and understand go do it right now and there is it there this if you want me to pray for God and honest are the three elements is very very simple in English they all begin with the P and the first one is for sure percent we know when that is one tenth the second one is the place to return it we know that is the storehouse by the way where is the storehouse I heard somebody say right answer the right answer is the place from which the pastors are paid in the Adventist church that would be the conference office for the convenience of the members and for the worship x-rays they bring the type of local treasure the storehouse but listen carefully the pastor never touches the ties that the local church the treasure sends it on the conference and then all the pastors are paid from conference law the central storehouse is a big deal in Scripture I can show it to you now I maybe I will looking it but I know we needed one of the things that purpose of course this is numbers eighteen twenty one the support of the gospel ministry maybe others can show you the office show you this this is really interesting we saw thirty seconds only there we go after leaving Egypt during wilderness wanderings there was no problem getting the sites were for worshiper bringing ties and offerings there were tribes all around the tabernacle specified order but when they went into the promised land things will be very different scattered all over Israel now here's something you may not know the value surprisingly funny commission of the general crops the last three is getting ready for the general conference center in Atlanta and I would than it has to be one of the members of that when the research members in writing and my job was to see what the Bible said about the central storehouse and what I found was incredible even though there were Levites living all around them there were forty eight cities that remember the Levites were not given any form of their given forty eight cities and that included the six cities of refuge three on each side of the Jordan River but God still required the type to be brought to the central storehouse in Jerusalem three times a year they brought the tide and just go really quickly to that reason the Bible 's principles you can see it here I want to show it to you where they are not doing that double I must put in the various history Passover Pentecost 's Tabernacles three times a year the people came to the central storehouse with the tithes and offerings and then it was distributed back out to the Levites all over Israel so that Ellen White talked about it and spread across the top flat involving six testimonies anciently the Lord instructed his people to assemble three times a year for his worship entities holy convocations which of individual can bring into the house of God their tithes their offerings and their offerings of gratitude as testimonies volume six page thirty nine well obviously is going on but listen just on the Internet you can get it right off the Internet so all that stuff is out there and I hope that you enjoy snooping around and finding it because there's another meeting at five thirty across the campus the closing meeting within a close on time which is right now if some of you have questions or comments about tithing would like to talk to me about it let me just tell you for your overall financial well-being and success there is nothing I could tell you as an attorney or financial planner more significant than being in partnership with God and being faithful type that is very serious stuff sorted up right now and then you can leave if you need to work you want to talk for a few minutes of the five putting my computer away okay heavenly father we thank you for all your blessings to us thank you they are willing to partner with us in our life even in financial matters of religion bless each one that is here help us to be faithful to you so that one day soon we can all hear the words well done good and faithful servant you been faithful over a few things make you ruler over many things enter into the joy of your lord of this message that with your blessing we pray in Jesus name in this media was brought by osteoporosis a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. on universe .org


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