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Session 1: New Life in Prayer and Praise

Janet Page


Janet Page

Ministerial Associate Secretary for Prayer, Pastoral Spouses and Families for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist




  • October 10, 2009
    2:00 PM
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father thank you for how we live thank you then you promise to hear what asking to be we thank you for filling us from their presence for just that pray for you to redo words my mouth coming to share value in the way you want I thank you father in Jesus name amen at the handout will look at it a little little bit but not right away here on one what is it they were commanded the most in Scripture to do love it if you go through and count your commandments to outweigh found his praise thanksgiving is what were held there and yet the opinion of the Scriptures like Psalms one one oh three headphones while for the talk about to glory in his name yours like to glory in God 's name I don't totally understand that all beginning to learn them at one time a friend of mine has been I had talked and somewhere we shared a little bit about praising God and afterwards his friend came out she said you know what is the big deal I knows I love him and I know that he loves me why waste all his time with praise and thanksgiving the last few years we've heard more about it than we used to and I really have an answer for Susan why not just down to that laundry list those wants those needs and be done with it and so I I do not have an answer for but as I thought and prayed about it the next several weeks would connect my mind was the first year that Jerry and I were married we been married I think probably seven or eight months and one day I was busy it was a Sunday kind of the laundry done before the new week began as I'm doing the laundry Jerry comes up to me Mrs. Janet didn't you tell me what's a while that you love me and I like and I simply love you Mary Lou midnight is lobbying anything that I need to hear happening in putting a funny way and he is claiming to be here worthwhile that you want me I think I feel about me but during marriage of the change is a light you know I is this guy 's good luck and start on how great isn't it insane and when I let it happen I just kept on putting a lot he went working lately along with this for some time after that he kept buying me about it and I need the resumes books on marriage and found out that it really can be important to your mate at July ninety eleven he may think he may well leave right now that I didn't realize that but that it was really important so I started trying to do that and it was hard for me the first bidding on the that's what happened as I told Jerry how much I love them and would tell nice things about what happened was as much as I love Jerry my love for him his religious decrees and it made me realize I really got a great guy here even better than I realized and it also maybe realize how much he loved me and it made me want to do nice things for him as I thought back to that first year was Mary I thought that is why I need to take time spent doing my God worshiping my God praising my God it's not that he's got some big E of it he's a beast of neither effect on the limits blast as I do that I realize how much God loves me and that he is doing all he can in this world here to bless my life and it makes me want to do good things for God makes me want to be obedient to him I monetize we get into Thanksgiving but there's so much to praise God for those characters you study Scripture fifty three deaths and sustaining powers as for the wonderful videos on you not have God 's presence with you throughout the day Psalms twenty two three seven our wholly owned out that inhabits the praises of Israel even when one turns presence with us throughout the day all day long continually repricing living in Thanksgiving and I know how to reopen out of favor ask on wake up in the morning I heard my son when he was a teenager tell somebody that would do it as you know it will be but sometimes I wake me up I want to get up lindane of worse than bad things have gone wrong you are not feeling it whatever it is and blasting outliners praise God this morning I didn't think any holidays down now my problems and that's what I love about the Psalms because don't expect us to be like a Pollyanna discount humans at all everything just right wonderful now he wants us to come and pour our hearts out to him in Psalms sixty two a it says trust in him at all times all people want your hearts before him gone is your refuge is the that you find the if I don't open up to God with all my heart there's a wall of separation that comes up between nine now once an e-mail that tells him I think in writing within my heart why do I have to download I don't know all I know is if I don't do it and it's happened to me over and over if I don't do it there's a wall middle between nine and ninety was a point of telling God you know telling Sally has a ten megawatt are right do you have is negative or what you want about an angry at him for what happened is you can strike anyone but now comes word is that we are poor hearts out to him and the more we pour our hearts out to him the morning unleashes his power in our work in and you read the Psalms every am a there from joy to hatred and jealousy the grade anger depression everything they are the more I think the songs and meditate on the song and train a backfield sometimes when I wake up my often like praising God this morning I don't have the words I'm in so much grief over what has happened if I take the song and start using the words of the writer and train those that denied using the words in the song what a difference it makes it's amazing how God 's peace and joy comes over me is I do that I know I may sound boring to do that but it's life-changing it is life-changing what it will do very there are many sounds that we don't here preachers talking about like Psalm forty four twenty three twenty forces around yourself why do you sleep of God solid thirteen one how long the Lord when you forget forever Psalm one three seven nine says how blessed will be the one who seizes is your little ones against the law for Psalm one oh nine eight two twelve is let his days be few but his children be fatherless and his wife the way to let his children wandering back and other places says Nick 's house and went downhill there's such open honesty there in relationship with God but all over again after the point after heart to God turnaround comeback and yet I will praise you in Psalms forty two talks in complaining enough point is reached and goddesses and yet I remember what you did am not harming I will praise you for what you have done and what do one place of its really helped me as Psalm seventy seven is Wednesday when things are really bad the sun had elected you're wondering is not alive it is a work in my life does he care about me me you never experience that I guess I ninety nanometer fill out one month while the internists on seventy seven and Mrs. years ago I read is gave me such hell does I verse one I cry out to God with my voice to God with my boys and he gave ear to me in the day of my trouble I sought the Lord he had his in my hand was stretched out in the night without ceasing my soldiers used to be comforted I remember God was troubled I complained to my spirit was overwhelmed you hold my eyelids open I saw troubled that I cannot speak we felt like I had considered the days of all the years of ancient times I called to remembrance my son in the night I meditate within my heart and my spirit makes diligent search for seven will the Lord cast off forever will he will he be favorable no more a felon Willie be favorable no more has his mercy seems forever has promised out for evermore has God forgotten to be gracious as he and anger shut up his tender mercies it is felt that way I have felt that wedlock but down in North Carolina gives the answer of what to do when you're feeling like that because and I said this is my anguish but I will remember the years of the right hand of the most high I will remember the works of the Lord surely I will remember your wonders of old I will meditate on all your works and talk of your duties when they are going really bad in your wondering does God exist does he care about me in your zeolite is a slightly molecular what is done in the past when I think it has helped so much for my husband I together do that is keeping a journal to journal debuted earlier prison obsolete it I can always do it every day but when life is really having his burdens or God speaking to me a certain lazy I'll start writing them but back in my nose request might be answered somehow a rat or something the margin will become such a blessing because when you're gearing down for trial and had a problem on you a little like documentaries not answering your wondering why it needs to journal and literally started thanking God for anything and for how he's worked in the past what I want to thank and praise you for Sudan August twenty twenty eight nineteen whatever you for what you do their thinking for how you showed your mercy in my life I remember what you do not color such and such a year or whenever one I may sound boring to do that because they decide to continue what it will feel you would display his power it just unleashes something and you become at that time it's hard to believe and know that God 's work in your life they may be thinking why I don't have a journal you have a bad memory is an identical night usually people my age at the looking at handling how many teenagers I've met do not serve God exists they hasn't revealed himself in her life and it isn't that I is reminding them of the way he's worked as a child it is so important someday when you have kids particularly bring them before then you do that then I can walk away when they're teenagers and if you don't have a journal and you can't remember how God 's word take your Bible and start praising the negative of the stories in God 's word he parted the Red Sea at the last minute but for the children of Israel you are about to get flat fly by the inch the Egyptians and jealous of the whole story and Joseph and what he went through a long time was terrible result was a perfect plan to save the children of Israel Daniel Lyons a gene is on the cross dying for us to take those chapters and in the last few pages of each of the Gospels and just meditate on those appraisals think God for what he did for you on I don't know man I found an interesting but life-changing will happen is you do that with it in its again at Psalm one forty four it's not some of reports on one forty five it talks about their version assess the state fixed all to celebrate the things God has done in your life when my kids were little we have family worship Nelson is wrong I couldn't figure out what what the problem was and then went reading Psalm seventy eight Psalm one three five help me to see what the problem was with one thing we were doing Thanksgiving hours of time servers and times are you really a Bible story against but then we would largest tell my son Megan and math God please do this why do that when we needed a house God is also said would you please anyone in Jesus name amen we doubted that an anatomy in Psalm seventy eight Psalms one forty five it's a says to the next generation speed to help celebrate the things God is done we started doing that whether we started spending the time in prayer on Wednesday do it we made it home safe today thinking that we have to like that word carries an inherent essay thank you removal rampant in the hanky-panky with each other in a again and again instead I'm going up wanting wine because work for dunking on everything they were so grateful for the small things in life what a difference it made with them and when I has just turned the whole prayer time around and in what God wants to do in our lives the gene of the Scriptures James one two says consider it pure joy in other bars in town it all joy brother when you encounter various trials or are plenty in store for rejoice in the Lord always nearly always always think about this last week did you rejoice always you can take your joy Katie didn't come down regular harpers five eighteen p.m. thanks in all circumstances are stances for this is God 's will for you in Christ Jesus Ephesians five twenty on we giving thanks for all things I'm telling you what is I first came across those reading those I thought that's for somebody else apologize a crazy are you drinking that please and thank you for the trials of problems in my life no surely it's not translated right something that I decided to try it one time I had down we we had owned a home and the other new prices went the interest weights went way down and we could get a higher district like what happened here last year with people and we couldn't sell a place finally we did sell the place but it sold for that value i.e. it sold for the amount we paid for but we had a realtor so that leftist paying a huge realtor speak so for the next year so we were still pay on that house and that meant we next place we notably have eleven rounds and sometimes in rentals unanimously when senior Katrina Sala plays something happens you keep moving starting prayer request was widely thankful to have a little rant but not rigidly to the social that we don't have to keep moving and you know behind it it was a miracle would happen travel miracle and the house I see a bill I got to help make the blueprints not make the blueprints begin other plants but over every detail on it this is good and just I'm using the cry over every detail about how you know we moved into that house everyone was it done right but I did determine your I'm not complaining I want to bother me because I literally provided this home will determine that the enough when I so I tried you know the quiet about it and on about and one morning associate up spend that time with God I like to ask God just how can I praise you this morning sometimes you lead me to some particular chapter or Scripture and the outbursts in the Bible without warning it was Psalm eight and begins to eliminate a song out of it oh how majestic is my name and images of the sense God saying and I don't hear voices which is that impression when mine was looking for you in England is how I need anything for I'm going well I want to but beyond eleven or three snapping through this again I mean I think what I did do some of these things be done while fourteen over every detail of this place and there was a silence nothing except what came to mind was how it all joy rejoice in the Lord always find that at times those of you are limited on a related and I got out a notepad and a half by eleven sheet of paper and I started riding on it dear father in heaven I choose to praise you for this stupid as the builder put in the living room they were wrong statutes of writing that is why we are while they put them on black ice and guide choosing Agostino started covering everything about the house that was negative on such a raw white aside on his Carmel life I guess you will have families and a half by eleven sheet of paper which was very bigger thing that had been its negative to put on that page could you do me if I'd written all of them came to the very end of the eye and sense of peace and joy come over me is going to be in his presence I was one of you and I see more about you and on that page but I was embarrassed because I had fill the whole page and I turned it over and started trying to write things positive I can think of more prison for killing a half page it was embarrassing but really once again I know from the past that once again reminded me of how important it is that I do that with God I actually appear party to sleep right with once a week all I hope I'll I hope you will pray that God will lead you for someone to pray with at least once a week in telling you there is more power in praying together and it stinks anyone can happen because of that I tend to have a lot of prayer partners from young to old people and this one day I went over to this one prayer partners house viewers needing to pride come on and don't worry everybody is looking at me staring at you that's okay take a handout you're welcome and I went to this one trip artist Tom and she and her husband had a bad fight the night before and I did something on Trajan never to do I tend to learn everything the hard way that has a certain timeframe the Lord for this problem it just does not go over to him Proverbs it says doing that is like putting vinegar on the wounds you know it didn't hurt anyone we prayed together we played another marriage your whole problem and I went home and hardly help this woman and I'm driving home thing about my day I had everything scheduled out that I needed to get done now we had run out of bread it are and my family we pretty much live on bread is another great attack and that I had saved up money to buy one of these machines call the bosh in an e-mail you grind the weight you put all these ingredients in the fall when you're able to make bread I have to on a use a couple of times but I had two hours to get this bread made and sold that was it is our candy was starting next week this is going to have had a lot of work to do that we somehow I rushed home and find out how it was made today at Olive and abandoned on the day Lord and I'm glad I could help oneself and then I rush into the kitchen to pull out this equipment and I noticed that the bill that on on the ball won't move I know you for this likeness could you develop him overnight with no new pass and accurately developing with somebody else I was using sorry Alan I couldn't even tell him to know an American mother interest value not eventually return to this amendment as they will work why I like the new eyes my little boy looking at anything I I thought oh this is a bad example him muttering away God will guide and hears prayers I think this means I know in a brand-new year I know we need that money because I don't think that without the whole damn I refuse to go the store and buy that I had this expensive equipment I had bought save that money for ads is exactly do pray that God will make this thing so we can have him he's okay mommy says he prays not now manageable and then I played Tacoma double the effort you know why I went to you and still in love and I'm their children right that my husband came in the kitchen he was homework on a sermon participating as well as I told in the promises and the problem is I'll grab the ball ignoring him at sorry that my ball under him to the door on hundreds very intimidating walk in the loft area it's intimidator maintained on your soap the ball he tells an abandoned all that the pull was buying up our mission a confidence interval are being the mechanical man that he is he went back downstairs and started work on a sermon and then witnessed banging down the fly with it my point might be committed abominable and is not going to find is that no one will add that worrying if you come to my house and eat my bread I sterilize the ball to be fine but I published was happening getting a slot the metal part the top of the no hook with a hammer I think I can do that if I do that my brakes on page much more than that and I want to ask you speak into me it is about time I didn't really realize that he got an eye turned upside down the father were screws in the bond of unity under those screws that would hurt anything I could see what was wrong as I got out on the counter I was screwed out of a light is why looked at the clock I don't own know I'm late to pick up Madison from school so I leave everything on the counter a jump in the car and I raced over to the school to get my son and I'm if I'm going there in on sitting calmly quiet in the car flanked the Holy Spirit to start speaking the Janet Lee Junior clear part of this morning it also ties about your help in your calendar praise God and are probably than any are simple little domineering bread machine in your carry-on luggage single out I felt so bad when I got back home I went upstairs to our kitchen there especially in on the counter and externally nowhere is it okay not I choose to surrender that will stay in as a price you can make Brad the store is one of be at peace with you saying that if a man comes into my mind Dave Wegman twenty one am I thinking about a letter which he was one of our customers in our conference and Dave was very mechanical it is working on the same machine as well David then I realized your day looked over to two hours away or sell additional way to get there and get back and make the bread I got a time as something all this was back in the kitchen he says I don't run over sharks happening which was eight minutes away for a meeting I said all the meeting with Jesus Damewood with an additional event handling with you I spent I followed them in my car over there and I showed Dave the problem in June now that within five minutes or less this guy had the problem fixed in United States a year away as he tell you what our guys get a sense of humor and artisans he immediately coming gently like not need to worry about these things and how can I didn't win the event actually had to donate by the store but I learned a really valuable lesson what happened but ensuring that you so much were constantly telling God how big our problems are when you start telling our problems helping organize winning in the end God 's word and claim even if those promises of saying this is my time in day care in this thing thank you for how you take care of the situation what I want to thank you for what you've allowed to happen in my past that may make you angry maybe no way can I thank God for what he's allowed to happen to me in the past for some of you you may have had some pretty dramatic experiences and you may not be able to but I just found my life but as I do it unleashes our something happened many years ago now that really helped me to see the difference it makes I was previously married my first husband was also a minister we hadn't been our school very long he was Ashley in turn one place we moved our first district we've been there two and half months or so and we learn apartment building keep visiting and doing whatever pastors do all week because I don't stay home today and work on my sermon offered to meeting me for predictors are set out and he said on the government first and so he goes for Ryan because backing if it's hot muggy July three days as I will go for swim in the pool on self well our little toddler Sydney go today we go to sleep Dragon up and off to the pooling was and I stayed behind as I need to do some cooking and sometime I do that when suddenly hear my little Tyler at the patio door banging on regulation was enticing with me anything that he will want and so I grounded and optimized over the pool ready to get after my husband for leaving this little guy who can't swim all while you swim in the deep end of the pool right here to find this crowd of people standing around a bend in the pool I particularly then what's the matter and I saw my money at the bottom of the pool fire immediately you know until then take to pull them out I know if you've ever had anybody close to you Adam imagine you married the net none of the rest of your but your mate is vastly different than their big and strong they thereupon you and suddenly to pull his lifeless shell out of the water every time I pull them out of the water this thing the adrenaline kicks in it is instructed to work but I can see invisible nightmare is a nightmare I know this isn't real this is what happened to me is not a requirement likewise it we just got to school when assembled together in ministry I'm a little why grandma hand out there I know a little morning in a collection in so thankful in the in the emergency room when the corner air Doctor came out he said there's nothing we can do is go in some people for God 's word at that time I couldn't even tell you where the verses found in earlier here's how let's find its male plaque fun while it was all things work together for good housings were together for that you started saying that while all things work together for good and so thankful because I'm how many months before we attended a seminar where the speakers were talking about something totally different but suddenly before they ended they decided to talk about praising God in all things and all trials as I listened to hello I don't know about this I don't think so but we went home and started studying and praying about and started trying it down it really did make a difference in our lives the only discounted jokingly to what we had a flat tire are a little rusty need obvious and bolts arresting he can get that higher off-season is so decided to talk handling ability Brightman got a flat tire Mike and I then I worked really hard to make something on our summer I went was I'm trying it out of the oven over the table and I'm clumsy my mother even now what let me take them to the table on another house that I just install it and you don't anybody bring in films we were to each other but I wasn't so good but we were just passing it with and we found it really did make a difference as much as I loved my husband I tells us I think I I just apprised of what happened I understand that I want to live my life plan below and I want to be surrendered to you we had done that not nine the first person to show up with my brother it was between midnight one o'clock in the morning we went into my room we have this king-size waterbed and he lay down one side I lay down on the other nice and we just talk to me so I follow falsely because like my closet is honestly harmless if you are not lifeless shell comes back he probably fell asleep on me he was also a minister and he'd been working really hard and was exhausted so I got up and went into the other room where my little time I was in a double bed and crawled in bed next to him and I shut my and is the heartless but came back as I think I choose to thank you praise you for whatever reason you Melendez in my life I could but I think I need sleep I face church members tomorrow as it is pastor had been killed in a terrible car wreck this Tylenol six months or so before so that the church members were absolutely devastated I found out and make decisions where I can easily and before enrolling at that player now who's feeling like I was being held his loving arms Mrs. peace come over me and I slept the whole night long I wasn't taking any medication I had a doctor often and I said no no I want to take anything as I started to wake up in the morning I thought wow this is a nightmare you know it's a nightmare this is not part of my life plan I know I wouldn't do this and I reached out for my husband and my little boy there and pay him knew he was for real the game of the day and it happened the day before I had caught when I called my parents and told them they had said that don't do anything till we get there three states away we were in Georgia they were in Maryland and I think that's the extent anyway I said okay I will do anything out of the weather caused them to do we owned a rusty VW and a canoe one of February dentist the funeral planner something so I'm being obedient honor and in the partner couldn't do anything outside pacing back and forth my brother sat on the counter thinking about all the things Mike and has had together the people we've seen one the Lord given personal studies all that backpacking and hiking trips and you guys constantly ski chats with my little one is thanking God for always wonderful years we had no not that many years that time we had together all it has undo my brother decides to point out the fact is as you know is directly young man you're going on final moment how the Internet and I think I haven't any I find it cyclically charging on the new tasks that were says will be just as quickly and I can work with that series is okay it changed how they are recognizing and I decided my canvas crazy backwards walkie did I think I will never take that away from him I think that phenomena find we got it but as we do as I'm pacing back and forth I have this urge to pick up a devotional book and read it for that year was printed by here was this day would come let's put together from Ellen White's writings and I just I read and I can't talk about my husband and I just never thought to ask you to read this time he told not to speak to you he downs and I know that I'm thinking of and insight into E Dallas July four while we ended up having a memorial service and yet find his body to Wisconsin because his parents wanted me to bring them home and into very minor property of their and so when we came back my parents and my brother stayed a while to help me pack up his original point had lived there that long appoints a and the good that you will serve as a memorial service yes it's okay to week yes it's okay to cry we miss a lot of what but when I found invalid have a blessed out we have something to rejoice about so we know that Baghdad funeral in the memorial service at the time appraised with things on the blessed to have life and the second coming of Jesus and what is true for your fits okay and awake but we have something that people don't have and we had people from the apartment all come into that memorial service in which as it was to be a witness for them but my parents and brother they also back with me to help me pack up the apartment and they said we got to get back to work and I have one place to pack up yet it was a garage we had things in storage and things you'll been pulled out of the boxes and all and so the morning before going in I had to do it right away consumer was common in moving the morning before going on in the morning I'm going I decided you don't dampen emotions and read in the word and then I suddenly does not it was now July fourteenth as I read it was seldom that I can't read page after page this really was enjoying it maybe just procrastinating to the Hague pack but in July eighteen and nineteen and I looked at the clock about while I haven't year and I ever get back to the mullahs in a common uniting it with me I'm not ready so I was so good that I wanted to come back to it if I took it in July eighteen and nineteen Internet like this and put it on the end table by my bad side to come back and read about not an I lasted there that little toddler and onto the garage we went to pack things out and again they are not just become overwhelmed with how much I miss my husband was a sporting good stuff you know tools it's all kind not that I made them keep all his things in the garage but it was just a lot of things about and it reminded me of an and is and started having an ongoing one I don't want my easily teaches graduate school all were starting a ministry together we go around the deal in my life now worldwide guide you step on a long asking and that night when I got back home in my little guy was asleep and I carried a man playing as bad as when in my building is flocked across the Dan Klein Dasani and research comes over me pick up that devotional book and read and I'm thinking one of the unmanageable I will try I kept trying and is currently not leave me alone pick it up and read it and is on doing I thinking Primo cried out in final days think I'm boring crime is really great to look at an area so I had to present treatments and only child of a further four years older they get up anyway last thing I want to keep reading but it was no longer there in July eighteen ninety nine picking up it was a July four and five -year-old Dutchman I realize nobody's been in here and my little guy was asleep when we came in Indio anything you do not get on the floor not left it in another place my cell on July fourth July forces Jesus cares casting all your care upon him for he cared for you first Peter five seven embedded in the first paragraph it says dear heavenly father will be your husband at hand to counsel to the rack and comfort as you need medicals Lamentations three thirty three for he does not afflict willingly nor grieve the children of men God does not want to do bad things to us on down it I get if I read that part I think you are not white was as written it I noticed this particular book it would would tell why things were written I looked on down at the bottom it said letter forty two July four eighteen seventy five to assist it would recently lost her husband outflow to some loses luster has been in the near the end of said claim to his handheld fast he will top take you your children on in recent burns if you will only cast them all upon him how did I do that indeed affect the sent an angel and venture into those pages I have nothing we didn't we serve incredible God that is therefore snowman what's happening in our lives my parents had moved to Maryland I know the nine months before so and they were building a new place in a subdivision may have a choice of a two-bedroom three-bedroom or format of the floodplain went in and out with a two-bedroom because it was just the children now nice brother and I love the Alpine gone from home and the insurgency build a format and build up Orlando is not that's poor stewardship we need the money guys weren't on the look for that in-house but this urgency when Lehman along and so they'd be built a formidable house but they were embarrassingly mentality that enhance four-bedroom house and tell your people to let nine months later Mike dies in the main new white has forbidden house you have my son went from the dead that is funny for their bedroom and truly you even before you know you got a problem authority working on a solution I use all the way to do we had a life insurance policy I always are going out you've got to have life insurance you never know that it is hardest your stories of people and life insurance and how the husband the abandoned yearly kids and wife are terribly concerned that an so I know what my little guy was born I had have life insurance I pushed my husband into getting a life insurance policy we couldn't afford it we were still in school of the time he was in school but we got his life insurance while he thought what you get out of college and working full time to get lots of money well I was surprised that it's not much different and at least back then now the water I chose I really chose I wanted to stay home with my baby I did not want to go to work in life and I don't enjoy seeing him grow and so I said I don't think it is conceivable in orthogonal and so I started went through the budget when they cut out everything you think of garbage collection is that very limiting the rise unit is cut everything out I came that life insurance policy wow if I cut that out we could make it work really really carefully and my husband and wine anyway at that time is really popular these books talking about in the New Testament were said to be submissive to your husbands name is because I haven't been submissive I pushed him into it that's why got this problem so when he came home I told him you know if I cut Mrs. in this out in fact this life insurance policy we can make ends meet I stay home this is due I told you before when you first got it I don't need that many translated Jesus is coming even given that I can't wait till I see him and have had some talent since it wasn't too much longer six seven months or so after canceling a policy that and we did the day before my parents laughed at helping me pack up in the apartment were sitting on the cats that night dad says to me I don't know how you make it in future believes that life insurance policy to tide you over for and I had a look and then I said that I don't and he just came off the couch he gets excited like I do his last patient I told him I can't believe that appointed me to tell me what your mom and I wouldn't care if waiver while in Baltimore and Iran to the bathroom crying I knelt down by my banners and gone going on in China and meant for you know astronomy in the ministry for young stay home and raise my little boy you wait until me I really think this is your problem really started happening all over the country the US and Canada as people heard that Mike and I they started sending money carefully betting college with and I know good enough for no worse enemy large amounts and I send it back and then send it back then God told us to yield to that wheel money that is what was coming to me from where and I never had an outflow not only I had written down everything that you come into because I was so grateful for what is not an heart to be an boycott receiver he can be ajar but it was just amazing miracle and one day he was not a year later I'm happen that time the dog was a type of summit of the surge at what's coming in the last year I'm thinking that's really rude Karen Constantine the diagnosed distractions it has been time I got and I began to write out a focus on reading his word and song to read his word and just a urgency had the family and still the point where I'm not realizing God 's beginning and so finally I added up I doubt that journalists are now enough already come into me as well that it added up to the very penny that life insurance policy was worth ensuring you God you don't not worry about your future he's got a plan even if they can't all you need to do is not only more spin timely he will take care of you because he went seven and Corinthians talks about the God of all comfort is the title and at least in the NAB uses that the God of all comfort in their talks about that they got company crisis child has considered us we can comfort others not gone desperately needs people who go to severe trials or any Gentiles that will still choose to love and serve him because he needs you to witness to the school he needs you it's dynamic women say to you me used to love God I'm talking a woman her husband since died at me me us to love God Jesus I guess me home I don't idea Doctor might now you give me how big can you have a ministry security of God whatever it is you suffered through God wants to use that dabbles in from harming your life he doesn't farm but got one season for going for you to bring healing and hope and help to people who are going to severe trouser have gone through them because I is given me a ministry with that and this one woman she her husband got put in jail she had no idea that he was embezzling money and she says anyone with an additional work minimum wage it I don't have any help now I said I don't know I said but she and I had prayed to the hears and talk about praising God all things it was easy to figure there and we started going to just appraise you for this to how we don't understand it and how she's go to make it financially is minimized just doesn't cut it in California and GM started to list regularly writing things down at your request when bond I sincerely mean it look back on when times are hard as if she starts wanted to get you the first thing within a day at the starting to do this she calls me up all upset my hotline again just broke Jesus flooding of the deal is like water on no money to fix this and I'm going I don't know but let's ask that was also teaching her that God will be your heavenly father continually setting and I'll be your heavenly father and I love about God 's word is majoring as you read it I had is with you all forget things that are there yet when you're in the midst of a problem on prices in East End that time he opened his word the Scriptures will pop that you just what you need it is amazing how Scripture started popping that needed is a husband to the father to the finalists are they doesn't enjoy doing of it over and over again and leaned to the right scriptures so I started down one of him that I really love this is Isaiah fifty four five last part of four sibling the reproach of your way when you will remember no more than your husband your maker whose name is the Lord of hosts and teaching these women will be your husband you will you asked your husband and heavenly curriculum and choose the price of whatever trial problem in New Orleans she started doing that you know within twenty four hours of God and that are not undergoing so you know is likely to get the chance to be loved in a word with an extra lock hot-water tank to how many Percocet and you didn't want certain she had no money and regularly beyond twelve other problems and keep monitoring with Aaron and encouraging her to praise God right now teaching on work which he was going on inside of me it was okay to come through for her you know you see you are you going to quit I didn't tell her to have the gods have coming through and she is instead going up and down like this as if she spent more time with bodies day Jesus started going up in her experience one at one buyer office and if I'm going by their authors I saw this and how things go and she goes it is terrible at Donald William English American Legion in doing so what is in my electricity got turned off is that I have money to pad his event and then anonymously so he sent me the money and got turned off a second time because I was five dollars short of the day PG&E in California and she said it was likely without electricity to the time on ice while yelling I go backpacking are no speeches it was terrible unity Gibbons Golden is dark at night only because I knew her well I would not do this with just anybody the because we talked a lot about praising God all things I said to her but I make sure I stepped back away from her desk when I said I said if government doesn't want you to have electricity and your husband in heaven will electricity and you don't but I asked away because she came out swinging letter came out swinging again week we prayed together about it but she also said privately about tomorrow I have mediation court the people who putter has been in jail for embezzling us money five she had the money she's been doing it I had no money on negative day-to-day so we prayed about that for now I'll keep you about it tomorrow while the next day was his mediation court that night she calls me at five o'clock and the first words out of her mouth once I installed electricity which are not handling all know she's finally cracked no as he is is just two months ago I can't defend why are you glad electricity turned off to the one in this mediation court ninety one when my lawyer the people were after me or another member their lawyer as mediators going back and forth between the rent season is going on for hours and I finally sent to the to the inventors handouts cable finally sent to the my lawyer is a case is lightweight wait for their Windows resume this is enlightening to go home in time my dog they said why the PG&E can common term electricity back on his dotted again provided the money which by the way I had not done somebody anonymously had an decent wattage electricity turned off and find that it is turned off twice she tells him the whole story to the media comes in he takes them over the side he said electricity twenty she really has no money decision and she really knows you will tell the people that you dissolve the whole case the data sign of what's going on in your why electricity is turned off and start praising God is going on in your money bank so many times in our lives we choose to think not impregnable but we think our black things and is not enough when I got Benjamin house when the strengthening of the blessings and why is a Christian we have a choice we can either remain in the New York City icon on Tennessee a band that I forgot want as a lender but he argued that sewers underneath the sidewalks and streets and it's not keep the market today that it snowing down in their oriented down on this one you can be up in the sunshine of New York City's got sunshine but sunshine and flowers and is a Christian without a choice we can either be complaining and miserable down at my consumer admire or we can be up on the sidewalk in the sunshine praising God and rejoicing it makes such a difference and because I need that to close your but no I'm not as quickly as was acquitted by I'm sorry I forgot what I will quit but just know that in order to go through the trials and problems only way I can do it if I stay a nod toward knowing my God and Savior the kind audience is that enhances me from what I pray for these precious people by Hannah was going on in their life I pray Lord your Holy Spirit will show them how much you love them father that you can teach them to turn to you and us trials and problems and giving thanks and praise they will trust you you're taking care thank you father just quickly help you in this media was brought audio errors in read God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I really would like to know more about how humors you like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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