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The Pioneers and the Alpha and Omega of Deadly Heresies

Joel Ridgeway
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This program looks at the Pioneers of the SDA church and the development of the Godhead in their understanding. Plus it addresses the question of Who is the Alpha and Omega of Deadly Heresies that Ellen White spoke about? Is it the Trinity doctrine?


  • March 18, 2018
    12:00 PM
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Quick recap before we proceed I hit there were 3 questions that I had to understand and solve my mind to understand the truth about God and they were firstly is Christ your turn on God like the father Secondly is the Holy Spirit an individual person in his own right and thirdly is the Godhead part of the pillars of our faith which the Lord lead our pioneers to establish Now we've looked at the 1st 2 in the previous session and we saw very clearly from inspiration that the answer is a resounding yes but what about the Pioneers this is a very big emphasis in the 1 true god movement the pioneers and the Godhead So let's dive in and find out this presentation is based on chapters 7 and 8 of my book where I go into this in much detail if you want to get copies of the quotes and letters that I referred to in this presentation you will find them all in the book so why is this such an important question for me in my journey. This idea of the Godhead being part of the pillars about faith Well consider this statement here by sister what she says men and women will rise professing some new light or some new revelation whose tendency is to unsettle faith in the old landmarks their doctrines will not bear the test of God's word yet souls will be deceived false reports we circulated and some will be taken in this snare for years I believe that Al church had to say can the old landmarks. Established in the early days by accepting a false view of God This is what I believed and it and this is the punchline which the 1 True God movement will be put forward to you in the context of the history of pioneers they will say the church has a pasta sized from the truth but is this the case and this question I wanted to answer so the question we need to ask is What are the old landmarks because this is key to understanding what is to what is saying in these quotes or Thankfully God has not left us to guess regarding this question in the book 18 and yet messages on page 518 Ellen White clearly defines the old landmarks she lists 5 doctrinal pillars of our faith as the landmarks and they are number 1844 and the cleansing of the century Number 2 the 3 Angels' messages number three's a physical sanctuary in heaven number 4 the 7th and number 5 the non immortality of the soul or the state of the dead and then she says I have to after listing these here she says I can call to mind nothing more that can come under the head of the old landmarks all this crying about changing the old landmarks is imaginary So no mention of God in here is there but I can think of many more key doctrines about faith that are not listed in this list can you. Yet what what about salvation through Jesus Christ alone what a bounce the literal return of of Christ what about the Bible is inspired word of God Why are these in the list because these are not landmark statements for the 7th Day Adventist Church noticed the statement here know lot about faith is that has made us what we are is to be weakened. We have the old landmarks of truth experience and duty and we just stand firm in defense of our principles in full view of the world now what is a landmark landmark is a reference point that help yourself when you're navigating it keeps you on track. And these doctrines landmark doctrines that distinctive doctrines that stand out that separate the evidence church from all the other president churches out there these 5 points are unique to 70 and insists there is no 1 church that has all 5 of these pillars notice that righteousness by faith is not even in there we're going to talk about more this later this was something that was added to the foundation it's not part of the foundation so where did the understanding where did the pioneer understanding of the Godhead come from you know and what rights that the pilot is spent many days and nights in prayer studying the Bible to cement these landmark troops that that she listed here. And you know I was led to believe as a teacher Tarion that the Gone head was part of those doctrines that were established in the early days and if you read the writings of the proponents of this doctrine this is what I'll tell you they'll tell you that and I'll quote the pine is saying that they studied and I prayed and these trees were established then but when I looked into it I discovered something surprising I discovered that James White Joseph Bates you are a Smith and other very prominent leaders in the Advent movement came from the Christian connection. This is the 1st religious movement in America now what did they believe we got in the Godhead this is a quote from an old religious encyclopedia published in 1902 and it says commenting on the Christian connection but although the Bible was their only authoritative rule of faith and practice yet the general characteristics of their belief may be determined they were anti Trinitarians yet called Christ a divine Savior and acknowledged the Holy Spirit as the power and energy of God isn't that interesting this is exactly what the S.D.A. some damages pioneers believed and when used compare the writings of the Christian connection with the writings of the pioneers you'll find that they both believed that Christ was literally because of the Father and the Holy Spirit is not a person like the father and the Son but the power and energy and mind of God I have all the quotes in my book by the way the pineal understanding is not part of the distinctive doctrines of the evidence church this doctrine along with other doctors like Sunday worship were brought with the pioneers from the president churches which they left so we need to be very very careful when we accept this doctrine as truth because it's not a distinctive doctrine and it is a hand me down from from the president movement so we need to be very very can't we can't just accept that because the pioneers believed that they were advancing in their belief an understanding of God just like we are and what's more the pioneers did not have a set doctrine on the Godhead country to popular opinion. Take a look at the $9872.00 fundamental beliefs this was the 1st statement that the church that they released in the early days and the end the preamble says this in presenting to the public this synopsis of our faith we wish to have it distinctly understood that we have no articles of faith creed or discipline aside from the Bible we do not put this forth as having any authority without people nor is it designed to secure uniformity among them as a system of faith but is I believe but is a brief statement of what is and has been with great humanity held by them so this statement of beliefs was not binding it was developing and this here is the statement these 2 points the section in the 872 statement believes that deal with the Godhead number 1 there is 1 God a personal spiritual being the creator of all things on impotent omniscient eternal infinite in wisdom holiness justice goodness truth and mercy unchangeable and everywhere present by his representative the Holy Spirit number 2 that there is 1 Lord Jesus Christ Son of the Eternal Father by the 1 by whom God created all things and by him they do consist now Does anyone disagree with this statement no there's nothing in our current churches belief that would disagree with this statement it's very broad and open to invade individual interpretation and this is because the church as a body was still developing in this area of the Godhead they had come together on the common ground of the landmark doctrines that we read early and the other areas of the faith was still in development let's take a look and see how the point is developed in their understanding of doctrine. Then Firstly we have Sunday to Sabbath prior to aging $46.00 elements which was on how men at the time and most of the pioneers still worshipped on Sunday just have Bates was actually the 1 that introduced the Sabbath to the advent movement they resisted at 1st because they thought that Bates was focusing too much on the 4th Commandment but then God showed Ellen White in vision that the 4th command was actually the center of the 10 and after that they accepted the Sabbath and then we have health reform in the early days the pioneers did not think it was wrong to eat pork and James White says here we do not by any means believe that the Bible teaches that it's that supports improper use in the Gospel dense dispensation is sinful but then God showed element in a vision that meat especially unclean meat is wholly unfit for human consumption so the pioneers abandoned the practice of eating meat and particularly pork and then as the church grew that many of the pioneers had an incorrect understanding of the law of God in righteousness by faith. The emphasis was too heavy on the law and they. Said that many had lost sight of Jesus so he said God sent a message to the Pioneers 3 elders joins in Wagner to help them to understand the truth regarding salvation so not surprisingly we find. A progression in the pioneers understanding of God For example you are a smith at 1 point believed that Christ was a created being like the angels and this is taken from thoughts critical and practical on the Book of Revelation and it says moreover he is the beginning of the creation of God not the beginner but the beginning of the creation the 1st created being dating his existence far back before any other created thing being or thing next to the self existant and eternal gone but 17 years later when he Republic the book as thoughts on genuine revelation he said others however and we more properly think take the word to mean agent or patient cause which is 1 of the definitions of the word understanding that Christ is the agent through whom God created all things but he himself came into existence in a different manner as he is called The only be gotten of the father it would seem wholly inappropriate to apply this expression to any created being in the ordinary sense of the term. So you can see here that you are Smith is progressing in his understanding of gone so the question we need to ask is if we're going to accept the pioneer understanding of truth at what point do the panis have it all together we're not given any clear line as to when the point of understanding of God or anything for that matter was correct we were they were growing in their experience just like we are so it's not safe to base our understanding on the Pioneers we need to understand on the Word of God I meant man changes with the wind now what about Ellen what. Before Illinois was an Adventist she was a Methodist and the Methodists believe in the Trinity trinity doctrine much like the rest of the president churches which is 3 persons not this 3 persons in 1 substance not 3 distinct beings to take a look at this is from the Methodist website I took this myself from the Methodist website there is but 1 living and true God Everlasting without body or parts of infinite power wisdom and goodness the maker and Preserver of all things by the visible and invisible and in unity of this Godhead there are 3 persons of 1 substance power and eternity the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost Now this is the Trinity the piny is opposed here isn't quite as from the pioneers just have by its respecting the Trinity I concluded that it was and in possibility for me to believe that the Lord Jesus Christ the Son of the father was also the Almighty God the Father the Father 1 and the same being suggested Bice's it was impossible for me to believe that the Father and the son were by the same being and obviously we both believe that we believe the father thunder stink person is not when James what Jesus prayed that is disciples might be 1 as he was 1 with his father this prayer did not contemplate 1 disciple 112 heads but 12 disciples made 1 an object and if it in the course of their master neither are the father and the son parts of a $31.00 god they are distinct beings yet 1 in design and accomplishment of redemption can you say made of that that this is what the pioneers believe they believe that the Father and the son were distinct persons contrary to what President Church believed in saying that the Father and the son were the same being. Now when we study Ellen Weiss the early writings about nonwhite she said the same thing she emphasized that the Father and the son were distinct persons take a look at this I've often seen the lovely face of Jesus that He is a person I asked him if his father was a person and had a form like himself and Jesus said I am in the express image of my father's person I've often seen that the spiritual view took away the glory of heaven and in many minds the throne of David and the lovely person of Jesus had been burned up in the fire of what spiritual is not that word because we're going to come back to it so in her early writings and in what emphasize the fact that the Father and the son were distinct persons This is the error that the pioneers had just come out on the idea of 3 persons in 1 substance but as you read her writings and study them you'll see a progression in clarity as time progressed and this is the way God works God does not flood the early church with every red light at once because it would overwhelm them the pioneers came from the Christian connection many of them believed that the Holy Spirit was not a person so they were not ready for that truth yet so God emphasized the fact that the father and son were distinct persons then as time progressed we see. An increasing clarity and I much writings we look at the statements already in the previous session but I want you to notice that these statements do not contradict the earliest statements they are simply adding to it 1st notice the dates 899893 this is later on where it said in earlier writings the Father and the son a distinct persons then as time progressed she adds that the Holy Spirit is also a distinct person and we see the same. Increasing clarity on why it's writings regarding the divinity of Christ as well for example this statement here comes from Spirit of Prophecy volume 1 and it says in this is speaking the context of Lucifer and the rebellion the great creator assembled the heavenly host that he might in the presence of all the angels confer special on upon his son the son is seated on the throne with the Father and the heavenly throng of the holy angels was gathered around him the father then made known that it was ordained by himself that his son should be equal with himself so that whatsoever the presence of his son it was his own presence the word of the Son was to be a Band-Aid as readily as the Word of The Father His Son He had invested with authority to command the Heavenly Host Now if you take this statement on its own you could come to the conclusion that the father at that point bestowed divinity on Christ and kind of brought him up to this level of God But when you read this the same book published as prophets and Petrarch some prophets she clarified the statement by saying they had been no change in the position or authority of Christ loose of his Indian misrepresentation and his claims to equality with Christ made it necessary a statement of the true position of the Son of God but this had been the same from the beginning many of the angels were however blinded by list of his deceptions and sadly many people are becoming blind today as deceptions regarding the Go on him but this original statement was not wrong this new statement just adds more information to clarify the issue. And we see this an increasing clarity in Elements writings regarding the preexistence of Christ we read all the statements earlier but I want you to notice these clearly showing us that she calls Christ Self existant eternal unchangeable original unbind under I've life if you have an open mind the evidence is simply overwhelming sure there are some statements that can be interpreted to say the opposite but when you study them in context and compare them with clear statements like this the truth is evident in fact I have 2 chapters in my book dedicated to expanding some of these more difficult to understand statements regarding the Holy Spirit and the nature of Christ so all these clear statements that head or stated regarding God had an impact upon the understanding about pioneers but the question is When did that change take place how did it impact them editor Terry and would like us to believe that leaders in the church waited until after all the pioneers and on what died off the scene and then they started this this train of changing our church's doctrine from what it was before to what it believes now is this true. Take a look at this more recently as I was studying this topic I discovered something very interesting and this really blew me away when I 1st started it this here is this a summary of the development of the Godhead in the statement of beliefs from the administrator of the we read the idea in 72. Statement basically says that there is 1 God everywhere present by his representative the Holy Spirit and that Jesus is the son of the eternal God this is what it said in 872 then in 1931 that this is the next statement that was released there was 1 in between that but it said exactly the same thing but in 1931 we see a change in the Evan a statement of beliefs and it said that the Godhead or Trinity consists of the Eternal Father the Lord Jesus Christ Son of the Eternal Father and the Holy Spirit the 3rd person of the got it this is the 1st time we see it appearing in official images literature and then in 1801 it was expanded begin to say the Trinity there is 1 God the Father Son and Holy Spirit a unity of 3 co-eternal persons So 1931 is pinpointed as the date when the apostasy started by 1 true god movement but is really true here is the statement this is this is the 1931 statement of believes point which deals with the Godhead what most people don't realize is that this statement you read here was not written in 1931 it was actually that's when it appeared as the official statement it was actually it was actually written in 1913 by a man by the name of F.M. Wilcox if it will Cox was a man holy trusted by him what he was on the original board of 5 men Ellen White picked to be trustees of her writings after she passed away he was a 7 to Evans's minister administrator and editor of the review and Herald and in 1913 Wilcox write what would would become the 1931 statement of beliefs. And it was written in an article in there it was published I should say in the review in herald in the same year in an article titled The message for today and this is how it reads for the benefit of those who may desire to know more particularly the candid features of the Faith held by this denomination we shall state that the 7th Day Adventists believe 1 in the divine trinity this Trinity consists of the Eternal Father I personal spiritual being all of this isn't infinite wisdom infinite power wisdom and love of the Lord Jesus Christ Son of the Eternal Father through whom all things were created and 3 here and through whom the salvation of the Redeemed hosts will be accomplished the Holy Spirit the 3rd person of the Godhead the 1 regenerating agency in the work of redemption this is pretty much word for word what it appears in the 1931 statement of beliefs what's interesting is this is here is a scan of the original review and Herald article as it was published in 1913 and the message for today that the title then you can see here the divine trinity that's where it's mentioned Look here 2nd of Ellen what follows it so obviously Ellen what was around and live and it would have seen and read this statement. So if this statement is the start of the apostasy then therefore the apostasy started in 1913 under the night of the prophet and she said nothing about it but what I believe is that this is not apostasy but an advancement in truth this clearly shows that the pine is change of thinking started much earlier than people would like to us to believe that it. In fact there is more evidence coming out showing that the pioneers softened on the stance of the Trinity in the later years and here are a couple of statements in the formula for baptism the name Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit is associated with the father in the Son If the name can be used thus why not why could it not properly stand as part of the same Trinity in the hymn of Prize Prize Father Son and Holy Ghost so Smith is saying you know if we can use the term Father Son Holy Spirit in the baptism or formula why can't we you know sing to him which is fair enough logic to me but what I find really interesting about this statement is that it appears that the pioneers when I baptize people back ties in the name of the Father Son and Holy Spirit unlike the N.T. Trinitarians him who think this is apostasy and they say that we need to be baptized in the name of Jesus and of attended baptisms where N.T. Trinitarians were conducting baptisms and I always meant ties in the name of Jesus that we not use the name Father Son and Holy Spirit but it seems like they are actually at odds with the pioneers on this 1 and Stephen has school writes in his book. Story of the prophet Daniel he wrote Gabriel was only an angel upheld by the same power that sustained John and he would not for 1 moment allow John to be deceived by thinking that he was part of the great Trinity of heaven and where the worship of mankind this is written in 1905 so clearly and as many most I mean I've only given you 2 could could have given you more clearly the pioneers changed their understanding of the Godhead much earlier than what a Trinitarians would like us to believe this just clearly shows that we're not dealing with apostasy you're dealing with the development of truth so far. The evidence I believe is very convincing but there was not another question that I had to solve in my mind and that was written regarding Dr Kellogg and the Holy Spirit you see the editor Terry and claim that Dr Killen believed in the Trinity and Ellen White attacked him or or confronted him over this issue and that it was the whole Amiga and Alpha that she talked about is all related to the Trinity and therefore they go as far as to say that the Alpha spoke about. Was the Trinity doctrine and therefore the Amiga which I once had been following is is the church current position that's a pretty serious charge so we need to address this we need to look and see what is the truth of the matter in the year 194 element write the following in the book Living temple there is presented the alpha of deadly heresies the Amigo would follow and will be received by those who are who are not willing to heed the warning that God has given it all started with a famous well respected man by the name of John Harvey Kellog Dr Kellogg came to believe that God was in nature in the trainees and the flowers in the rocks even man himself God was the life force that kept everything going this idea is rampant in New Age philosophy and it made a concerted effort to make its way into the administrators 3 Joc Dr John Harvey Kelong but this belief was not new to Kellogg nor was it new to Illinois at the time. Doc Herbert Douglas in his book messenger of the Lord writes before the death of James whites in 881. Kellogg shared with the whites some theories of new light in understanding the Godhead and I might responded forthrightly that she had met them before and that he should never teach such theories in our institutions but despite the mornings from system what Dr Kellogg shared his new life with the General Conference in the year 897 now night that 897 because we're going to come back to it he is the response he got from those who were not grounded in the truth what a wonderful thought that this mighty God that keeps the whole universe in order is in us what an amazing thing that this almighty all powerful all wise God should make himself a servant of men by giving him free will the power to direct the energy within his body as does this sound familiar we've heard it. Then in 1909 General Conference kill again shared his belief on God and he said very clearly that God is in everything Ellen White was in Australia at the time she was right here and she was alerted by revelations from gone what was happening in Battle Creek and she wrote letters weeks prior to the conference so that would arrive right on time to be read at the conference now isn't that incredible Ellen White write those letters weeks possibly months before so that I could travel in a ship halfway around the world and they were delivered right on the day when the conference was to start. And the 1st letter was in titled The true relation of God and nature and she said nature is not God and never was God as God created work it bears but a testimony of his power we need to carefully consider this for in the human wisdom wise men of the world not knowing not God foolishly deify nature and the laws of nature night that underline with their power what was the other word I asked you remember spiritualism we're going to come back to these shortly they're going to become very important in this discussion but this clear warning was ignored by killing many of his supporters then in a few years later in 102 Kellogg's world famous battle create sanitarium was burnt to the ground and Kellogg at once made plans to rebuild and he requested funds from the church so he could rebuild Haiti Daniels who was the conference President at the time suggested that he write a book on physiology and health care that could be sold in raise money to the Senate Erin but he warned Kellogg not to include his false ideas about God Kellogg at once began to write the book which in titled The living temple and that's the cover that's the original cover a review of the book reveals that Kellogg had not listened Daniel's morning and included much his panties to use about God statements like this God is the explanation of nature not a god outside of nature but in nature manifesting in solved through and in all the objects movements and varied phenomena of the universe this created a lot of controversy and the General Conference Committee at last with Drew their support from the book being published but Kellogg took out a personal order with a review to get $5000.00 copies printed but then a month later their view and publishing house burnt to the ground. And the plates were destroyed in the fire so Ellen White was not surprised when she heard this news just 13 months before she had written I've always been afraid to open the review fearing to see that God had cleanse the publishing house by fire revealing how it should never have taken up that order to produce the books are there. Yet despite this judgement from God Kellogg got his book published by a commercial publisher and the book began to circulate and it was in this backdrop that Ellen White write you are not different definitely clear on the personality of God which is everything to us as a people you have virtually destroyed the Lord God Himself that is a stern warning I entreat you to accept the message I bear to you I ask you to around your danger who by searching can find out God the theory that he is in essence providing everything is 1 of Satan's most subtle devices now not that you would think that the idea of Christ being the god being in nature was some glaring heresy he says is that it's 1 of the most subtle devices of Satan beware even the very least can be deceived I warn you to be to be where being led to accept theories leading to such a view I tell you my brother the most spiritual minded Christians are liable to be deceived by these beautiful seducing flattering theories and unfortunately many people today are being deceived by beautiful seducing flattering theories regarding nature of God Now Carol received so much criticism from Ellen White and the pioneers they decided to change his view he he he had a new idea that he thought would fix all the problems in his name and his book and he shared this understanding with a G. Daniels who later wrote a letter to Willie White he's telling white sun outlining the outcome of the discussion and take a look at this. Ever since the Council closed I felt that I should write confidentially regarding Kellogg's plans revising and republishing the living temple he said that some days before the coming to the council he'd been thinking the matter over and could see that he'd made a slight mistake in expressing his views he said that all along the way he had been troubled to know how to state the character of God and his relation to his creative works he then stated that his form of use regarding the Trinity has stood in his way of making a clear and absolutely correct statement but within a short time he'd come to believe in the Trinity and could now see pretty clearly where the difficulty was and he believed that he could clear the matter up satisfaction only now here is the statement and Unitarians used to prove their point he told me the now believed in God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Ghost and in his view it was God the Holy Ghost and not God the Father that filled all space and every living thing he said if he had believed this before writing the book he could have expressed his views without giving the wrong impression the book now gives I placed before him the objections I found to the teaching and tried to show him that the teaching was so utterly country to the Gospel that I could not see how it could be revised but changing a few expressions I could not see how we possible for him to flop over in the course of a few days fix the books so Kellogg now says that he believes in the Trinity and now he's able to see things clearly and editor in Terence I see Kellogg laid in the Trinity and Ellen White condemned him for it and then I quote their statements I quoted you earlier condemning Kellogg and I say that this is proof that the Trinity was the issue that element was dealing with. In fact someone said to me that Kellogg was the pioneer of the Trinity doctrine and the evidence church Now what's amazing to me is just a candid read of this letter should be obvious that this is not the issue at all Daniel says I placed before him the objections I found in the teaching and tried to show him that it was so utterly country to the Gospel that it I could not see how it could be revised by Watch changing a few expressions so Daniels understood that Kellogg's new belief in that quite Trinity was just a change of expressions and that the original issue was still there but then the any true Terence will link this statement with another statement which seems on the surface to bolster their argument and this is Kellogg watching this time and he's writing to a G.I. butler and he says as far as I can fathom the difficulty which is found in the living temple the whole thing maybe simmer down to the question is the Holy Ghost the person now the plot thickens you say no I suppose that the Bible said for this reason that the personal pronoun he is used in speaking of the Holy Ghost sister what use is the pronoun he and his said in so many words that the Holy Ghost is the 3rd person in the Godhead how the Holy Ghost can be the 3rd person and not a person at all it difficult for me to see so I say you go I can't believe the Holy Spirit the person and therefore am I condemned him because he believe the Holy Spirit the person but remember the the previous letter I said I read Kellogg or Daniel said the killer believes in God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Ghost and God the Holy Ghost is the 1 that fills every space in every living thing now with this in mind let's read another letter it wouldn't kill it actually explains himself what he believes I believe that this Spirit of God to be personality you don't he's writing to Prescott. But this is purely a question of definition I believe the Spirit of God is a personality you say no it is not a personality now the only reason why we differ is because we differ in art and ideas of what a personality is your idea of a personality is perhaps that of the semblance to a person or a human being this is not the scientific conception of personality and it is not the sense which I use the word so killing is saying I don't believe the Holy Spirit is a physical person now this is country to what the trinitarians try and make us believe they try to make us believe that that believed in what the church teaches today Father Son and Holy Spirit 3 distinct beings but this is not at all what can believed he acts he explained it more clearly further down in the same letter the difference is this when we say that God is in the tree the word God is understood that the Godhead is in the tree God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit where is the proper understanding in order to preserve wholesome conceptions should be presented present sorry that the wholesome preservations wholesome concept should be preserved in our minds it is that God the Father sits on his throne in Heaven where God the Son is also while God's law 5 or spirit or presence is the all pervading power carrying out the will of God in the universe now do I smell a rat do you. Let's get this straight killing believe that the father sits on the throne and so does the Son 3 just 2 distinct persons right but the Spirit the Holy Spirit is not a physical person the Holy Spirit is God's life spirit or presence which carries out the will of God in the universe now you tell me which side of this debate is Kellog on. It sounds very much to me like what any Trinitarians believe. It's a far cry from what the church believes tonight and to say that the Trinity doctrine that the church claims today was had anything at all to do with the killing crisis is complete misrepresentation of the facts and I'm telling you there are D.V.D.'s at there on youtube you can watch with I will present this to you showing you that the Trinity doctrine that the church teaches today is the issue that Kellogg is dealing with but the question is what was the fundamental error in killings beliefs Ellen White clearly nails that in this quote here I have been instructed when element says I've been instructed that means we're getting a direct revelation from heaven I have been instructed by the heavenly missing jet that some of the reasoning in the book Living temple is unsound and that this reasoning would lead us astray the minds of those who are not only a stablished on the foundation principles of present truth not that present truth what is present truth to them at that point it introduces that which is not but speculation regard to the personality of gone and where his presence is no 1 on earth has right to speculate on this matter so the problem with Kellogg was this it was regard to the personality of God and where his presence is killing his understanding of the presence and personality of the Father and the son was correct element was very clear that the father sits on the throne and so does the son but the problem lies with the nature of the Holy Spirit just like killing seventies Let him the idea that the Holy Spirit is a power that pervades all nature is the error then what is interesting here but truth is often close to error consider these 2 statements right he is going to read you 2 statements 1 of them is written by him on what the other is written by Kellogg and I want you to tell me which is which. Every leaf every blade of grass every flower every bird every In sit as well as every beast of every tree bears witness to the infinite this this Attila TE and inexhaustible resources of 1 all pervading or creating all sustaining life statement I say can be a mysterious life pervades all nature I life that sustains the unnumbered worlds throughout immensity that lives in the insect atom that floats on the summer breeze that wings its the flight of the Swallow and feeds the young ravens that crying that brings bud to blossom and flower to fruit Now tell me which is which. So sustainment I is is what. Can be as I want where you are correct so even be his own want statement I is Dr Kellogg Now isn't that interesting clearly Ellen White did not condemn kill him for saying that the pair of God provides all nature because she has self said that and it's true the pair of God does uphold nature if God would to withdraw his power from nature the whole thing would collapse immediately but the problem is this killing confused the power of God and the life of God with the presence of gone now here is where the blow strikes home if the Holy Spirit is not in need to be individual but the power of God and the mind of God then Kellogg's right now might was very clear that the life and pair of God does provide all nature Now if the Holy Spirit is the life and power of God Now how was Kellog wrong you see the logical conclusion if you believe the Holy Spirit is not a person but power Mind Spirit of God What do you want to call it if you believe that then. If it's also very clear that the pair of God is in 1000 then the logical conclusion of that is that God isn't 1 you can escape that you know any Trinitarians don't necessary think that in their minds but if you draw their theory to its logical conclusion that's what you have to have to believe and this is why the pioneers had so much trouble trying to debunk Kellogg's theory is because he was just taking their theory to its logical conclusion but Ellen White had the clear answer she said the Holy Spirit is a person not the pair of gone a person when you say that the whole theory falls apart Kellogg said yes the Holy Spirit is the 3rd person the Godhead but he's not a person like the Father the Son He is the holy spirit and life spirit power and presence and he turned Terry and say yes the Holy Spirit is the 3rd person the Godhead but he's not a person like the father and the Son the Holy Spirit is God's life spirit and presence is just me or there are some similarities here remember those 2 words I asked you remember spiritualism in power are you seeing a connection. It was in this context Ellen White write the following This is taken from testimonies to the church containing messages and warning and instruction to the 7th Day Adventists she said that the father is in the fullness of the Godhead bodily and is and is invisible to mortal sight the sun is in all the forms of the Godhead men affixed the Comforter which Christ promised to send after you ascended to heaven is the spirit in all the formless of the Godhead making manifest the power of divine grace to all who receive Christ as a personal savior there are 3 living persons of the heavenly trio in the name of these 3 great powers the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit those who receive Christ by living faith baptized and these powers will co-operate with the 1000000000 subjects of heaven and their efforts to live a new life in Christ the night is very carefully here the Holy Spirit is not the power of divine grace the Holy Spirit manifests the power of divine grace there is a difference and then she says there are 3 living persons now and then she says there are 3 powers now when she says powers she's not meaning powers power is in power of divine grace when she uses the word powers she's using it in the context of a sovereign a king or governing Prince when you look up the word pounds in 820 at dictionary that is 1 of the definitions a sovereign or leader a ruler so no matter which way you look at it you cannot get away from the fact that there are 3 and that there are living now if the Holy Spirit is a living person but the same time is the pair of God like the any church areas want to believe that once again Kellogg was right. If in what was trying to say like the any trinitarians try and make it say that the Holy Spirit is the power and mind of God that acts independently of his. God and is called the 3rd person then how does this prove Kellogg's theory falls the direct context of this statement is. Ellen what is addressing Kellogg's false theories about God and she's here trying to debunk Kellogg by writing this this makes no sense at all if she's trying to cite the Holy Spirit is not a person but if she is saying the Holy Spirit is a person then the whole foot hold the area of killing falls flat isn't it rather coincidental and I say this time and change that the. When we study that time lot and once writings we see a change come about regarding her emphasizing the 3 persons of the Godhead in particular the Holy Spirit around the same time that Kellan coming out with his false view about Gone Take a look at the statement see it here is a list of Bellemont statements emphasizing the Holy Spirit as the 3rd person not the dates and using 809-389-7899 extension 911 you know 10519 I 596. It was in 19 around 981 that killed Ellen White 1st came in contact with Kellogg's errors and then came out in the open in 8097. And we observed the same thing regarding Christ eternal existence around $897.00 we see an emphasis on the fact that he is eternal so why the change and the wants writings I believe the evidence is clear because of the false theories about God that are coming out of God so it necessary to reveal more light regarding himself to debunk these false theories. So what is the Amiga village heresies this is a very very interesting question the L. for in the all of this belief was clearly that the Holy Spirit was the power and presence of gun in creation it started out being God the Godhead being in creation then Kellogg changed his view and said Right now it's actually the Holy Spirit but I might said it's a sign this is the basis of the basis of killings belief was spiritualism notice this statement here I'm authorized to say this is on what speaking I'm authorized to say to you that some of the sentiments regarding the personality of God as found in the living temple are opposed to the truth revealed in God's word I've seen these fanciful results of God in apostasy spiritualism and free love isn't the free love tendencies of these teachings are so concealed that it's difficult to present them in the real character until the Lord presented it to me I knew not what to call it but I was instructed to call it unholy spiritual love and isn't it interesting from what we can conclude we can see we can see that the character we can see similar characteristics to the Amiga spiritualism false ideas about the personality of God and unholy spiritual love we should see these these are going to be the hallmarks of the Amiga we saw them in the Alpha and we will see them in the Amiga but don't fall into the trap of pointing to 1 movement or 1 philosophy and say that's the Amiga Satan is far too clever for that Satan has a whole range of ways in which he could get spiritual ism to manifest itself in the church we have seen spiritual formation and emergent church philosophy coming into the church this is just another form of spiritualism. But how could Satan get those conservative Bible believing in white quoting fundamentalist Adventists to get into spiritualism I believe he's done it very cleverly through the 1 true god movement he has done this very successfully and the fruit of this movement movement are yet to be clearly seen but I will tell you 1 thing I know exactly what Ellen White means when she says. Unholy spiritual love I've been in the movement I know what I know the whole movement is based on this emotional faith they very depended upon the literal father son relationship if someone dares to imply that the relationship between the Father and the son could be on a a a deeper level the immediate responses that were destroying the love of God were destroying the planet redemption they say things like how can God be loving and not give up a literal son but they won't even consider the fact that the farmer's son relationship could be on a much deeper level. Their faith is very much based on feeling but we need our feelings based on the Word of God Amen. So this is why I left the N.T. Trinitarian movement I believe the evidence is stacked up against it here is a summary of the flaws that I see in this teaching number 1 that robs Christ of his eternal existence the only time in the Bible that we see Christ being born is in Bethlehem if Christ came into existence what stops us from Bill saying Going to the next step and saying that he could cease to exist this law is very close to other false doctrines the idea that Christ came into existence is a doctrine that the Jehovah's Witnesses hold they take the next step and say that Christ was created but is a tangible difference between that and what the editor and Terence believed today no 1 has been able to give me a straight answer on that 1. Remember God does not procreate like we do there is no mother and I must say here if you're going to make this literal thing take the literal line and say he was literally the Son of God then with the mother you know when you start saying Christ is a literal Son of God then how do we are to interpret this in regards to humanity or divinity. Secondly Or thirdly I should say it cast mystery of the concept of eternity once I I believe I came to believe this doctrine eternity was no longer eternity it was like this mystery that couldn't be explained Christ could be eternal and yet he could have a beginning. And if people have to resort to such theories as this to maintain their position then I think it its cause and question the military of the on the teaching we need a clear Lasith a lot. Fourthly it brings into question the greatness of Christ's sacrifice in becoming man and the whole concept of the plan of redemption it does this in a number of ways if instead of God coming to die why did he send his son this doctrine teaches that God couldn't die and therefore he had to send his son right away this hints that Jesus is less a god than the father and secondly it's a problem that we shouldn't even be trying to solve we simply need to read what the Bible says and accept it Thirdly it makes a mockery of Christ sending the comforter if the Holy Spirit is Christ another form then Christ is still in the present despite the fact growing clearly says that he was cumbered by humanity and that he gave up his on the presence and also makes meaningless the idea of Christ saying that he promised to send another comforter which would testify of him and fourthly instead of they turn on bond between the Father and the son being broken up this doctrine teaches that Christ's bond with the father was not eternal and had a beginning. And you Trinitarians must the doctrine of the entry in terrorism rest its teaching on principles not clearly stated in Scripture they say that Christ had a beginning in eternity past and yet there is not 1 clear biblical statement to support that idea it's only a sure because the words be gotten and son are used regarding Christ. And those who uphold this teaching must take the Bible texts and in what quite out of context to support their beliefs when I examine the proof texts I had to admit that in most cases the verses were taken out of context or twisted to suit their agenda but at the end of the day what matters most God is far above and understanding at the end of the day we can only understand what God has revealed in God is far beyond our understanding and what's not revealed is not important for our salvation Secondly please don't make this your focus and this is a trap the N.T. Trinitarians fall into that sin as they accept this believe it becomes their 1 mission in going life to convert everyone they made to this doctrine. So when you stand the Judgment Seat of God God's not going to say to you what your understanding of the Godhead he's going to say Have you given up every oddly in life have you accepted Christ as your savior Are you becoming let him become meek and humble Are you going to give up your pride of opinion these things will keep you out of heaven. You know if the editor Terence would just keep this theory to themselves and not try and spread it and spit the church over it I wouldn't be standing here presenting it to you we all just need to learn to agree to disagree and get on with the work Satan brings these theories out here so that he will distract us from the mission that God has given us and that is the strangers messages and spreading the truth to the won't. If we get caught up in arguing about the Holy Spirit or the Godhead we are going to stop presenting the Gospel to the world and Satan who will have triumphed rather than that let's agree to disagree and let's focus on doing the work and then any unanswered questions will be revealed when Christ comes back so I want to challenge you today to study your Bible spend more time studying God's word not trying to satisfy your curiosity about the finer points of the Godhead but to get to know Christ as a personal savior. To to understand this is eternal life let's close a prayer Father God thank you for revealing trees to us and I pray that we will accept the truth as it is written rather than getting into arguments and debates over what is truth Help us Lord to stay focused on the mission of the church to spread the $300.00 messages so that we can all come home and then you are viewing yourself with more fully less as we pray I pray for each 1 here that you lean and guide them as they continue to seek to understand you and to get to know you better and we ask this in all sufficient name of Jesus for his saint I'm in this media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about the universe or if you would like to listen to more sermons. Or.


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