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Session 3: Principles of Intercessory Prayer

Janet Page


Janet Page

Ministerial Associate Secretary for Prayer, Pastoral Spouses and Families for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist




  • October 10, 2009
    4:00 PM
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I guess Don thank you for this precious group of people and father you know it's gone analyze what they're searching for it is prayed by the Holy Spirit to speak to them is blessed them and just pray father that you might be able to use me and speaks to me right now as Jesus would be lifted up knowledge another so much to be shared helmet to share what you want thank you thank you father for being such a dialogue is so personal and intimate lives we thank you in Jesus name amen know I've been talking about impressions God speaking to one thing I need to make clear enough that we do have to be careful with that God does speak to escape he does a lot and he's unconvinced people so I don't hear God speaking to me I'm convinced and were now listening and a lot of times God is a man I find out later showed been listening but I ain't cornet women's retreat center and he was yelling at me at one analysis allowed my mind and I just was being stubborn and resistant and I should've done what he was tolerated there is a letter had a problem afterwards because I didn't know what he said that we need to be careful and be a bit want on your regular put it on that website mentioned that in now testimonies volume one page four thirteen if says impressions and feelings are no sure evidence that a person is led by God Satan will it it he is unsuspected gift feelings and impressions these are not safe guys I know another one says that he'll come in and in disguise himself as God to us so we need to be really careful if you ever get a font or impression do you think from Don and it goes against God 's word you know it's not from God and God will never go against his word and there needs to be in all of our lives somebody that side of what I call spiritual mentor for our meeting I have more than one bit you can go to for counsel if you feel I got the impression you to do this or that you need in promises as if it's good to have many counselors but for me you know it's my husband I go to him and run ideas by him until I got saved me to do this or that will pray together about you be sure you have a spiritual mentor that will pray with you if all they do is give you their thoughts they are not a good counselor for anyone that will really pray with you it just to be safe God does speak to us that we have to be careful that that Satan is in this last hour to talk about on note for those of you are here last time I talked about how God led me to do women's retreat and he led for somebody to regroup women first price each week to have that retreat at that retreat we saw so many miracles happen and we know it's because of all the prayer going up and we didn't know on miracles to help off weeks or so afterwards the one that happened was a woman was killed there she wanted to be anointed as the handouts they are on the table and two years later her doctors were saying that she was physically killed that retrieves and I don't have a clue what went on there with your hill he just was amazed that the beautiful part was we saw marriages that were healed because of that retreat we saw relationship with children and young adults and their parents healed well pastors convict colony thing when I'm there as the women came home changed and then calling him say when you come into a women's retreat in our local church and let the guys and we welcome the food while you are alive because it made such an event and we know this because of the prayer trip by sharing journeys when I know you don't what is the one who wanted this retreat has I'm sure and when and what happened these are the same hopefully either that's when I noticed a fully guided willingly as we are starting to gather with other families and praying together for God to work in our communities and archiving is a wide range that side got some families that I knew of it would want to do we started getting together to pray together once a week and one of things I gone to commit to is that we would all be sure we were having quality time with God every day education training a prayer group operate up it just isn't thinking and so we all can committed to that we started meeting and train together once a week now I is for you but when I together a group of people and she prayed a long prayer each underground train a long prayer and heat spread along pretty good to me roughly coming I get bored out of my mind I guess it's time to staff wills long prayers I got up and threatening against the what we know is pray conversationally maybe you're needed at the display in a few sentences of the time frame one subject at a time and go back and forth you don't have to open and close the prayer every time you know it's a continual conversation with God and that jury he would try to pray with him and usually was at night related that may go to sleep and he prayed as long prayer and I separate his long career present here and storing behind but when we switched it and started doing the conversational prayer to strain up use of one subject at a time if you said this difference it made everyone a given domain with your kids I never forget the how that really bless and help darker type is so beautiful now I'm doing I are our form of social life is to go walking we loved it to what Emily I live on these country dirt roads and were paid back-and-forth conversational he sometimes will get away from it for a while as our busy schedules and then we start doing it again it's like God is time to show us the difference at night there is a power that some least when you pray together that you will not experience when you pray alone and in your handouts on it it mentions that in that the very back these aren't numbered are the sorry about that that they not this last phase of the next one the power praying together human effort was that if equal if not in eighteen nineteen twenty two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that makes Alaska shall be done for them on my father which is in heaven for where two or three are gathered together my name there I am in the Mets but on down Helen Weitz comments on it are the prime is made on condition that the United prayers of the church are offered an answer to these prayers there may be expected a power greater than that which comes in answer to private pair prayer the prayer again it will be proportionate to the unity of the members and their love of God and for one another I'm convinced and I read it in other places always writing the recent God is limited more power was praying together if he wants us to bear each other's burdens like a seven Galatians that he wants us to love each other he wants us in unity so we can come again and ate it down and under number five it says there is nothing more needed in the work and the practical results of communion with God we should hold consultations for prayer and on down that there's more but I love chances number ten is that I asked the angel of the Isle of Wight on an ISP into why it was not more faith in power in Israel and the Angels that you let go on the arm and onto so impressed your petitions to the throne hold on my strong thing in the again to me I I shared how last to last hour of how people started praying for me and a conference might has been Adonis a comments president I felt I was totally lost I given up on life I just was going to the functions I knew was going on out and if there isn't really helping the burning back and help the people start to pray not knowing I have my life trained the Holy Spirit in my life and my husband 's life too easy to them praying our lives were turned upside down Jerry was a good man's life but his experiences starting growing in leaps and bounds it was incredible what happened and I had not connected it to those people praying for us till a while later and suddenly realize it's cover most people praying to God you started leading us into praying with others and we started meeting once a week after that retreat you know praying together and I keep a list of people were praying for you not the end of the year was that last was over fifteen people on that list we saw that been converted a reminder renewed in Jesus Christ and they did not know we were praying for them we thought our cat any just this one after another wanted to get baptized and accept Jesus into their lives they know the schoolbooks over your praying for them and indices out all the time happening when people avoid costly but do we really need to pray and I hear that so much I know God knows and he's got to do it we read Daniel nine ten oh nine and has rained about the seventy year prophecy and it's it's it's about their gayness is any there he's in a taken in Iraq found the relevant those calls in sick praise God you know he's good what is Vanderbilt he goes into fasting and prayer fasting and prayer for God to work he does and the confession and confess enough to send the people in and of itself John Mount caramel when you start him out and frisking seventeen when the fire comes down it is literally melts that whole altar into all-out lines and middle godlessness and the rain I think I just left that mountaintop knowing that not anyway but when Elijah to get down on his knees and starts prior for God sends rain he sends his servant to go look for the rain class or some fine-grained and gentlemen I noticed a sign in in now Ellen White's writings it's an nine Bible commentaries say that said Elijah humbled himself and how he was in a condition where he could not take glory to himself serving watched while Elijah prayed six times he returned from the one saying there's nothing no cloud no sign of rain but the parliament did not give up and discouragement he kept reviewing his life to see where he had failed to honor God he confessed his sins and that continued to afflict his soul before God while watching for a token that his prayer was answered as he searched his heart he seemed to be less than last book in his own estimation and in the sight of God it seemed to him that he was nothing and that God was everything that was when he reached the total point of self renunciation is when the little cloud came in the sky and assume that over and over my younger boy he went to have a rebellious time I started going to guide us and God what is it about me that would cause my son to be the way it's going what do I need to repent up don't ever ask that if you don't want not to lay it on me because he will he start revealing a lot of things to me that were my fall my problem that I had caused even permitting out of school and got my bad example and I headed up by member when he came home from being kidnapped in these you mean a phone number sometimes that I say we you forget me not to show me this is my fall what happened I take a hard rebellious young boy in May and cry and it's totally in a turned around and God did miracles there in his life but you're not seeing my answer whatever it is and another woman we do set up prayer ministries thing last Sunday in our conference she was sharing it God has led her to start repenting everyday we need to be repenting every day we should have the time the confession sometimes we needed even more important what is it why why is it know you're not working right now sometimes you may repent of everything you need to and not still not working and then as a time to thank and praise them that he is working in a you may not see it as you go through and read so many places but but find in Isaiah thirty seven heaven I get this letter from some other group same organa common smash you were involved to and have has started down this week and getting it in an example spreads out before it got the temple in primates over it and then the next chapter it says that life starts speaking he says the kind you have prayed this is what I will do him in Paul's writings Romans Libyans the Thessalonians Colossians open at least a stride with me in your prayers my deliverance is through your prayers pray for us that the word of the Lord may spread rapidly glorified to you devote yourselves to prayer and in non- in great controversy she says great controversy page five twenty five says it is part of God 's plan to answer us answer to the prayer of faith that when she would not misspell if we did not must ask we had a guy in our conference who had donated a lot of money for many things yes he has all of the world and we had been praying and assess the price about some of his business adventures in this one particular one he sent his loss taken off the left is a done deal and what wise it was he had built a hospital in the government was leasing and form a veterans hospital in Las Vegas Asus is down hard on Liz and I taken to court loss and Jenkins on setting out the last you know it's it's lost and I just printed out as it will believe you will and is found and I never take credit for answers to prayer because he usually played on your market price you know both about the answer and the new EEO users let you enjoy being a part of it I just felt so impressed we needed to keep reinforcing second thing is the group we now pray for this it doesn't bring glory to God 's name this man is given so much money to the church throughout the world you sit to lose all this money were talking millions of dollars so we can pray important question for this guy and that may lead to go back and appeal of our appeal for the advocates to higher court and you know that he won the case the judge ruled the government and bad favor this has never happened before it has gone it's going into law books of the history law books because it's never happened before to rule the government bad favor had not happen and on top of that they may think paying the money for the hospital that they on the building they also made them pay the government had to pay for all his legal fees and court fees to those years of fighting against it which is unheard they currently sit on your heart to keep reading about something don't get discouraged and give it up as he means he's about to do a mighty ruler started showing me the importance of upgrading with others I have a woman commune the phone and she tells me I been married thirty two years I know her that well Jesus will come well-to-do people in community anybody thought well of her and her husband and they did so much to help everybody and he tells mandatory thirty two years I want now I don't want she says I'm miserable he's miserable we got a horrible marriage and she said I'm trying to leave I had my car with everything I thought I could live without and she said I got in the car and I laughed in kind I started praying I know you like the boys got elected down he's minimal IM uses I got to get around this guy what he wanted to do God went than she sees a huge white billboard with big black letters on turn back now next exit so she turns back into some NASA turns that goes back home and she's going well I do and he tells her to call me so she called me on to get a marriage counselor work and anything approaching this god says if I don't hear voices this is that they depression asker to get together with you once a week to cry I'm going over how long it was like forty minutes his wife felt he was saying size of the guys are not marriage counselor I help you there that I be willing to get together we can pray about your marriage this is how I love that we started meeting to pray for her marriage and the first time we met she's going all just tell me how terrible this minimize and I don't want that was it you only meet together to pray a prayer groups so much time can be spent on talking about the prayer requests I would encourage you and I have groups we need a lot guilt every week we'll talk about the prayer requests we pray the prayer request I think it you coming that come in the part of the problem I have a group there the commandant of housing units Bryant will pray with you because otherwise all the time to be taken up talking about the request on top of that Intuit can't resist giving our full on how to help you can say that the because is what you if included from where the red so we may want to talk about what I'm learning and after that we discuss it now we just got a pragmatist at approximately a forty minute and each Israel God help this man carries it was not in a sudden terrible and on and on and I gradually started giving her spin the first part at least in Fridays and Thanksgiving Lisbon Oregon and I have learned in this thing you'll can praise and thank him for as we started doing that also got her to commit to spend at least like thirty minutes a day when God as she had been doing and she was a woman who'd just knew she was lost in June so worried your knowledge whether this writer that right in this new God can accept or she started spending time with God every day just ask on to show you how much he loves you and help you to know she started doing as we come together we spent time in praise of a student which became much easier to do because you been spending time with God now she had a lot to think for praising she went from this angry woman to a woman that was filled with joy because of this experience now nothing to change in her marriage which it would happen as we started to pray together for her marriage things got worse nightmares now that doesn't necessarily always happen but a lot of times when you start to spend time with the each day we start praying about some situation I found things will get worse process once they get in there and stop you from playing he does not waste anytime God in him you could spend that time is like truckloads of trouble will be dumbed on you and tell you what you start doing like we talked about the first class was a praising God in this trial thinking God for whatever trials he allows not that he caught the zone or want them necessarily be and in your handout this quotes to talk about that it's totally true problems arising on and in one thousand Sinai Harris Elisha start thinking not brazen was happening I said we got a believe God working in and now your hand at some of the best things to reading I get listed on the back argues once male and white Christ object lesson fasting began education faith and prayer those chapters and on down there they are so good that one I thought it lessons and steps to Christ on prayer in public and I love you so much as I photocopied my carrying within our time is that you sell helped me understand about prayer and how to price and so we remain and pry and she wanted to enjoy to her kids she had three adult kids with families would never come into the church and I'm sure it was because of your marriage problems and solutions for them but you are happen without things got worse I'm telling you just thinking about his family I sent hard important for the physical and on for months and it's you know so needless to get in there and get a board with praying for a good script written by whatever it is such highest but I realize he's trying to do that so I started all the Morris and Whitney got oppressive to the farm and keep praise and thank in and in and bring it a point to attend doing it was our a while later that the husband started to notice his wife because he members she was angry to Solomon so miserable now she was happy and joyful and he started white my wife so happy and name he started talking to her again find out what was going on and pretty soon they became like this they fell in love all over again were things we also did is we started praying is weak if that's your dog what to do we started praying God how do we pray for them I pray for them linearly proud in it's okay even in a group prayer times the silent to be comfortable with that want to speak to a twenty and got laid off were surprised that he would see his wife the way he did when they first meet and that she would see him the way she did when they first got married on we started crying unless the pregnancy would have a pure mind as he had a woman problem and I forgot what it does when things got letters too we started praying and we saw it was over within a year or so they came together and became like this it was sold to they were like young lovers always holding hands in the cars and sit next to him and started along with him at his job going everywhere within and it was still processing he wanted to start having played together having devotions together they designed a private time I have had together it seems very pretty and he did not know we're praying for this that he started praying Lord give me a pure mind it was a trial found that those three kids and their families we saw now and then in another city I've never even met these people they all came to the Lord and that Tyson join the church I just worked dramatically before that'll happen with a lot of troubles and problems I have under the weight allegedly had a prior woman comes in the nineties while you let it terrible I even celebrate formed to combat the next leg always interpret the line from his job in years like fighting as you said in a voice and an ongoing one thing bodies work in any careful how you do that consent can really get noxious to people very innocuous I am very careful I do it but in Isaiah fifty five eighty nine negative it says his ways are not our ways his sponsor not our thoughts his way I think we understand how God at work in someone's life but I can promise you that if you try and God is working in that situation I've seen it when churches start not a problem the Holy Spirit report on uncharted trouble right now people start fighting between each other and enable consistent if they will start confessing and repenting and thank God what he wanted teachers bringing her close will we don't understand how important it is happening and drudgery child be so terrible if we will turn around and start thinking and praising God through that trial and inexperience but this this will later was dying of ovarian cancer we pray for godly healing Jesus healed but it will be on the resurrection morning and before she died she called her bedside and she sits in I can't figure not that you took time out of your busy life to spend time training with nations that are remembered and ready to die she said that he found my relationship with God is he'll need I know that he saved me and my marriage is Ben Hill and not knowing this took me off the site said do they do not permit it with my wife and our marriage is still the environment never been ready for her to die if it if you hadn't taken it there's something about it in this busy busy controversy that's going on we take time out of our busy life to pray together for others it opens the way for God to work he lent itself to our prayers he limited himself to us to witness to this world you know they were told the very rocks to try out but he wants us to have the blessing of waging this world the same way with printer whose glass the most bike frame follies people in Job forty two ten I love the way it's worded in the King James it says that Gerald 's captivity was turned around when he prayed for his friends I have found that social in my life is my focus has been more on praying for others guys during the captivity of my life around it melted that illnesses and problems and struggles away because of fonts anymore that time with others we had him until I'm afraid if I forgot about the last one we talked about if you spend an hour day with God which I know is college students you may think that's impossible hey maybe right now but defined sometime during the day I told experience of my husband and how he didn't have time but he started trying any minute elders Bibles and that time is gone and got started wake him up in the night colonizing is a harmless experience as he started growing but the people know there's spending quality time and in most of this and how are they to be injected to do ministry it's incredible people start writing books composing music as it started children's ministries homeless ministries just different things speaking anything you spend my time with him I will give chewing he was so blessed you in ways you never dreamed possible you can try working working working a successful your job that you will never be as successful as you says that time with him it's in its internal difference of what it does do some group of us got together to pride for chelating and this woman asked us to pray for her husband she said that I hear my GoToMeeting and I really like all we were praying for meteor entertaining and women's meeting and she said I came in the church to him and yet he doesn't really want to go to church and he won't be the spiritual leader in the home so we started planned voyage of the synagogue can't mean they can be the spiritual leader in the home and became time for team meeting and he went down so as we met again the next year to plan for the next meeting she again brought the same request we pray for my husband wanted to be the schedule later I wanted to go to candy though unless you guys so we started praying for that yes Martha instead of telling God what to do we said how do we pray highly price of this man we got brain being in a nineteen eighty and happened so highly prize and there was the time assignments of us waiting on God and Don pointed in our our minds to pray that it would be put in that man's mind that it was his idea that he wanted to campaign and why it is important I will discuss that we started praying that we started pray be put in his mind it was his idea we must I know how Ali brings several weeks or so he comes home one day comes in the kitchen she's Artie they are fixing supper and then he scratched his head like a not sure where the funds coming from he says I want candy I can borrow Santos trailer I can get but this time I can take off from work on it I can't even she called me in the theater the next Michael there are a lot the application sentiment as we go again meeting and she would I was so frustrated and Randy's answer just ended and she said I know when it comes down to it he won't want to go and she's instead prison with magnets on the phone the refrigerator and leaves it there Frank was very frustrated with many weeks go by and finally this guy notices it exists in the application recanting his of the hour feasible why do you want to fill it out and send it in light I hear they fill up and she said why it came down to it you would want up is when you want to go on as I want to go I don't want to go to Brussels a strategy I want to go to Candy she was a pretty woman I believe that God had led her to wait till it was really enforced and it was his idea to go Tammy sometimes deleting now this is a long campaign goes through to weekend and the first weekend the early-morning meeting on Monday morning now insisted they are waiting for me with arms crossed in front of them on the floor sank behind your here came meeting and easier came in England and a dubious about any meaning to get a sense of why I don't know how different people together will pray for him so I grabbed some people I knew were comfortable praying together and we went into the bathroom and we started praying God give this man into the meaning he needs a quick frame an argument all the meetings which I need them all he never went to a mall and started going to one meeting that met during the week and human creatures will say now divided into three the price this man would never pray with his wife he would wait till everything was done to sit there quietly they get up and leave both towards Arnold the middle awake ourselves the preacher just to speaking any dubious some argue on prayer he is thinking he goes off the platform down the side out take out the two of them is a valid premature view and I felt it was that why he was forced into praying that he goes home to change me he goes Rodriguez Bylund Gannon and and going to church again he also started leading out to family warships everywhere praying that well two weeks of that wife calls me up and says she's crying restlessness and leaving out family worship is and will gratefully want to write for a flight to Sydney it's terrible he's so authoritarian or dictatorial it's terrible to campaign at fortunately she was a wise woman and she kept her mouth shut she did not tell her husband is doing it wrong I came encouraging up with some money around UNH or your roommate your sister or your brother your parents whoever does your kid don't tell them what they're doing wrong you will discourage them it's not just prayed for them God fully capable of being the Holy Spirit and working to why don't I tell you stories there is a graph that we started praying for this I think they would now will it took a while but it finally did it just became a beautiful experience with the kids and many months now and I'm buying this guy would get involved in the church and just have a beautiful experience the Lord and one night after they had family worship of the kids to bed he asked his wife to come out a living exhibit you waiting I need your help to do something she said okay he goes back and some other room and he comes out with a huge stack of pornography magazines and not just shaking pages we'll help you burn these in the fireplace she says oh yeah I'd love to setting in the fireplace and set them on fire which is not a good thing to do for fireplace that she said to Bernie now let's go to that he doesn't know I will not go to bed till every one of those is the matches they have so controlled my life here and we didn't know I denied him his wife did that he was suffering with this but we do have a spiritual problem in him near your handouts I'm not that's how you work so I can read all of this is really good stuff but LA says why don't we get together in twos and threes and plead for the salvation of the soul and then go on leave for another one and another one if you see somebody around you spiritually you know there's a problem by giving you the discernment to see that it is not time to gossip about them or talk about is you need eyesight to see anything wonky right for them to Priam for gods working on on I came in the South will class of an disguise if you never guess what me this weakness about why so he could share with me talk us out of those over some weight and you know to find out he said you know building again I know he said do you know my wife makes these honey to do list of all the things she wants fix around the house and will fix anything building work having always laughing and wanted to a holistic something and he says all your alleys when the incident this week I got this urge to fix things and see what you think that wisely said well I fixed everything I could think of and then I went to my wife is a don't you have a list of things you need to explicitly see anything else I need to be back she said sure she pulls open a door and pulled out this list of mandatory and he then fixed everything he could on that and then trying to get near sundown he took a shower to get cleaned out the sentences easy chair is one comes out in the mahogany case as if the Yankees so much for always things are fixed on week and then she says to him have you noticed that I have not been nagging you are giving you a list for the last three months and he goes your rights you have and she said no I than asking the Holy Spirit to nag him and I'm telling you what would my can in their teenagers I started journaling journaling my journal things that can happen to know why they cannot read my handwriting I have loudly and right now I could say story about Southern Avenue unit should join the fun anyway they can't read it near a look at my journal that I did anyone in the diet housing and changing outthink the threat of this power of training and writing down mostly these were much with my older boy and one thing I failed on which pointed out my kids how to pick out the right made I swear I could bear and he was dating a girl but that we now would someday leave him here she was all into herself and would someday leave and have affairs limited but you can't tell a young man that waited in line behind all that you want to hear about selling in this price well I this price will probably know and so Brian can start journaling I think the Lord this is the kind of woman my son needs to have started pointing at the guy I want a woman that will be a pew Center but this passive work done to resolve the long people I want a woman that minimum zapper that an attacker out of our personal interests I like the Xenical I don't shop was an unknown and I said I want I know a woman alone that will really love my son he is such a soft running hard one I don't really have compassion and charity to listen only thing that I should happen and a couple of and you know I was sick of being say he was a freshman there and asked us to come and share with theology religion later at lunch and within there was this girl in the front row another was nothing he was that money will look at her kind girls she was just a normal looking looking now but my heart was drawn to her and I didn't know really and I'm a shy person I never even got to know her while we were there speaking I asked my family that girl she landing gear nonracist while you sort of efficiency and nice girl a Sanya I sending a check around is a mama take your mound dating life thank you very much I just felt compelled to do with wanting them today and so I started journaling said Lord I know this is the right one for him I sure can't bring it up to him again I shouldn't have that time consequently she's the one with you please bring them together and God this is the time to learn why one girl loves you more than celeb Tyson and Nathaniel where you are not I was that I wanted a race my grandchildren M .tv regular TV no sugar that is colored coloring I thanks again while you live in an overwhelmingly said no minimalism they went his junior year I given up saying anything to him and I guess I thought this could not happen here on a washer and I was in the service during the tiny end of the office there and by the way my first target in a program hardly anybody came any type God lays it on your heart to have a prayer group and nobody shows up don't quit doing be obedient to God and keep doing the obediently tells you to do and ask him stable he told me to do this you got to bring people over here I went like that and got started bringing people out of the wood works as so many people we had to go to bigger room that this one a woman in the office would come in with a request for kids and she worked in accounting and I go by and see her and ask that you know what house audience in whatever and she never really arrest about my kids but she she was concerned about this one girls come and hauled them to meet just was hoping it was the right one for sonnets we're praying about that it had to go so she's perfect she's just the one you want to send America is at all I was gone again for my son David Junior and even met anybody adding to that of those around the fun right neural he had actually been engaged to a girl and right after Academy and cordially dotted broken amount of girl that would arrive the left then and have affairs she had started doing and what do you know God broken my best never forget him crying and in broken up over breaking in on patting immigrants filling sorry for the heartbroken I think I'm going to ask him today anyway as you hear in music I say right yeah I think it had to go somewhere else God is not have the right one for him and I go home in a spring break Tyson comes home from college by the way when I'm sharing with you would be okay with an Gonzales as you know my my roommate and my friends are all talented the girl that would be right for me is this I dated fifteen eleven I think I got been telling actual nuclear freshman and easy to this I remember that when he said that we never see each other he said were totally different major majors you whenever that usability standard procedure as well she's got a phone number inserted the cholera and ask her how to do anything we don't do that nowadays that's what you guys did we just have to hang out together you know maybe it's how they do their D-Day so invincible I think by now he's hanging out and hang out and he does not know I don't know is easily able to go back to school I'm waiting in the minds they were found regarding important at any Lehman back-to-school course we prayed with and without aching with and without but I go back the next week to the prayer time on Wednesday and I get my file folder for my husband secretary can still be read paragraph and think that they can burn it and I sent him a good one another this is not from this account saying come see me after prayer day I think I know the right girl for Tyson today her name is Sheena win as I go in microwave prepared a video normally I love that I went bust and if I wanted at prayer time we spent three hours because that's what God led us to do with three hours but we don't conversationally this one subject at a time and we love it we were looking at China expanded something which is hard to do with a busy life because this is so beautiful write awareness and whenever needed additionally entries that I don't know she's just came into my mind she said she wrote with my daughter and she is a wonderful girl and I outside the home I couldn't wait to call myself was it's hard to reach him to the college in any ID the whole if I think that's what happened I tell him what happened to the wow so you see he's realizing that may be gone soon he said down so starting to get a screenshot like I am starting to discourage you can actually ask around when his roommate suddenly says I've asked her to call me on crying faith was not wanted to make a jump amazing that I have gotten now this happened even humiliated I cannot fight back the tears and then got in I don't know but but we haven't got Scott I know that's about the news on here I didn't sometimes rightly Newington yes I would love outside pregnant in some roommate takes out one day and two days later tells Tyson you can date her she's too conservative for me but I can't ask her out and were praying in a laboratory from Brian Lawrence about any other integer while you were not demanding anything of God if it's a well they start need gnashing their major they start meeting in the stairwell the cafeteria scenery from the cafeteria he's a chapbook working as the assistant chaplain and she starts showing up there before you know what they are married they been married by the seven eight years now and she's a godly one and she's so good for Tyson and one or one of the last thing to have a name like that for my son and his raise in my grandkids in better every day just beautiful journey part is I never jumbled what God has given me a woman who loves me who wants to be my friends wants to pray together is just incredible the whole journey and experience with it it's incredible what he does you can never put God in a box in getting him to answer the same way that first women's retreat I talked about no God shows me this Scripture we needed if you have each woman a son of Scripture and I think what this is really from you would you please show it to the decorator who would be used in NASCAR I will tell her about how will the additional from you I come back from their and she comes and says one thing about using the Scripture was a sanguine it is installing a time of God waiting on him as a sequel to thing happen and in saying a lack that doesn't mean that you see every answer prayer everything turned out Rosie remember the first I told my first husband dying I'll see everything answered just the way I want I know this by contrast and if I choose to surrender to him and praise him given Thanksgiving I see them doing miracle after miracle analyze the younger son is now twenty four junior bounty and I love hearing stories but I really need some I started journaling about him finally because he is dating wrong legally lowered my kidneys can see these girls are selling that depicted her into themselves and in August all he can about is that in the end of the kind that will have affairs the end that you can't do this on and I started I thought is not a work again you could put God in a box I started journaling the kind wife the disc is needed that I thought I said Lord I know you need to choose but here's just some suggestions and that he kept in dating this other girl and we were really concerned that we couldn't say anything we like the girl but she does we would not begin and my husband finally states surrendered to God because I prayed and prayed and prayed for God to break them up I started saying okay got to surprise you that he's dating this guy to surprise you that he's living the way is right now this I don't know what to do about it Lord I know that your work and I know you are even I don't see that Jerry and I would be walking down on the country roads there would pray that conversational prayer during well hello I'm writing him up I figure you want to help me know we need to pray where another and my son also eyes over my dead body would make you ever go to a certain college that in the southeast part of California and you learned each words and your kids eighteenth and he went to that school only you know or pray in this country nine a.m. bringing from the easement bring your children from coming accompanies the West nor does it bring glory and the beginning is it I can go in the long storied but not broken for the school she had an affair with a teacher at the college people cannot and then he brings her to gather with a girl that he had no idea what God said to me about there was this girl I got denied coordinate youth prayer conferences and this girl had started helping me she's really a good administrator and but is she wanted start praying to get so much fun to watch financing all the prayers and our life she did a lot of ministry a similar graduation from attorney and isn't sitting there this is what you come down the aisle I suddenly see her at her like she's enough whining just inches away I'm going either working too hard Sony will let me add and I'm just what it will excite Lycos it might first daughter was watching is what felt like an management and usually tells was just so Mary's and I thought no way I could fit that time he was in almost three years relationship with a girl he planned Mary and this girl was so essential and my son was not to know what I gathered bringing together but you know why God then I never told them talk to the minute notes they were getting married what God said to me that God wanted to get very now be two years in December and she's just a precious precious woman a godly woman she's bringing both of my knowledge a little while speaking through stores because we've got even if your husband eyes even if something happened we've gone to such an intimate personal relationship you can have within it is nothing like this world can offer if you want give autonomy to pursuing and just take your Bibles the same God teach in all you teach me to love you don't spend time reading other books spent reading the Bible and when you know you is that it is like the conflict series elements by his window a compilation of his undesired age is one of those but with the Bible there such caregiving in the gap for Leviticus there is a healing power that will come into your life to Scripture the Juneau and yet with any other book 's were told and hang earlier on the BR website to it that Jesus during his visit is working at this very voice speaking to us how it's not time to quit here that you understand that it's not begging God to work in that hand out you read it explains that he got away God wants to work wearing a gray controversy and limited itself he limited himself to our prayers because when last if we pray for him to be out of work in our lives and in the clockwise and Christ object lessons eight one forty six is that God longs for us to expect great things in in our conference will be moved to California Jerry goes in his comments president he gets hit when always committee think our school is way and that to happen we got lots of space goals but this boarding school it's almost two million dollars of all the buildings are falling apart we don't have a Matisse there and said you know why the students that designed down when Abhishek Bachchan and now I can't eat Harley-Davidson and again eating and we young we had this causes so much money in a meeting when you shut down and then voted before we came to shut down heating because they does it cost too much and highly acclaimed Harley rings except was quite a people and so drink themselves when they went down because I'm always seeing you need to be the life of the conference is what holds us all together because we need a boarding school is not everybody can go today's schools and would pray about it and God led to send a letter out throughout the conference asking for prayer partners sending a car in safety be willing to be a prayer partner for the conference we got hundreds of those backend center letter then saying the prayer requests when what you believe in Monterey Bay Academy would you please pray for God to get the data and to fix up the building field bring students and we start copycat standing if you believe Jeanette Candy jury got the executive committee to vote one more time to try Cantonese if I got the senior I can't decided away with us I've never seen one is if you believe is lacking I forgot to fill the people present on the field is present and convince everybody we need to ask Amy and so we started praying for all that plus some other things and Marine Academy he was searching the country is the principle unless the treasury last search the country for the right ones could not find him grinning and honey I've seen on his face it early in the dark in the dark time of the morning praying thousand nine one oh I know God lately dropped into his lap the right principle the right treasure heat on in the country and God is present at any any principle of the call for prayer at four o'clock every day I went on my cheap Timex watch for that there is going to go off print four o'clock everyday said everybody anyway on the campus to stop and why and they started doing you know within just a short amount of time they were out of a two million dollar debt it was this incredible miracle consensus doesn't and still is very common in God 's artery leading to fixing up the building and went to the printer many several years for the event God would lead to money to fix up actually holds as a solo as the guardian of the takes some nonbeliever whoever Jindal this literally brought a nonbeliever to give money to fix up MBA will begin over two million fifty six but that persistence of taking those prayers before God to keep rain personally done though is that Scott how to pray what do we pray for one of things we started praying for them can be at team meeting I filled it with people the result of the place for this presence people were talking about it for months we had a guy come on the campground to repair something it is not trailer takes our refrigerator part in the open apartment and when the ladies in Houston while you he says you know me anything she said why you even doubtless he said some specials going on here this is what it is that I want to charge any money we want people these trailers and you got people from this company delivering those people talk about it in the person that manages that company tells people when they call in at least one we know what goes on those grounds but we may be traveled and miserable week on your campground comes over we distillate to what Morris do we keep inviting them to the meeting I haven't seen them come here but there's something about praying very specifically gone to fill it with us as we pray for God to compel specially young adults to come the community that are going to church and dealing with the income of the campground I love the Greek printed people as they arrived and I'm not dancing yet another state house on farm beginning I can't how many and what that means that I don't know I felt compelled to come the words that we were probably an end will come and now you see many excepting Jesus and coming back to church there but we started praying people just don't believe that praying together makes a difference we started going to the metal shell people that makes a difference and gone late on our hearts to pray for evangelism often a candy is talking with us only place they can raise it a case meeting and make it like a hundred thousand was also the start of train one hundred twenty five that will show everybody the difference printmakers were trained again about unitedly in that year she went a little over hundred twenty five antiwar timeout was an solicitor train the next year this time we started praying for lighting with two hundred three thousand and eight D went up to it a little weird I was with a little over the smart we started praying God how much do you want us to pray for God said half a million we started praying for that you know it came in over half a million dollars a little bit over and this is pregnant now spring everybody can't need to start praying for her diary that am sure that a lot of it are pretty important because it was such a miracle what God is doing genome from a hundred thousand that is in the offing has now gone for the last two years over three million it's just it's incredible miracle and you will never even got a million little over we happened to people did make a pledge and make godly glasses on the payoff name of Senator Lori so they actually more than science the plans is turned in but these people are having this beautiful experience of doctors were not failed you and gives you were saying when you pray and ask God how much you should get when you wanted to rely badges ask not what you should do well does he take you over your head he's been doing that with Jerry and I suspect incredible the amount you will find that is incredible but near eight hundred million we had started playing board which we pray for this next year and God laid it on some of us to pray to Mary and the first time I brought up in the prayer group I know I did shut down and I did whatever he will need more people you work and I was afraid to bring it up again but I when I was in there I bring it up as we walked the grounds this half of the fourteen starts and so appear walking the ground this is the illness and rapidly with young adult meetings are the treasurer couple prayer partners my husband and were there pretty awesome get the urge to cry but God laid on our hearts to pray for two million primary and only command milling three in that and then there's dead silence knowing and not and I hope my the legendary journeys as Raleigh lies like you really flipped on and the treasurer just been battling this June all that candy the last Saturday night it was coming in right of the million and they were Mike and Jerry up to injuries begin I never put in my time and this guy comes out and he says so how cynicism often doing entered as well it looks like it it's pretty close view name it temperature will go a million manual our pieces really wants characters of the but he said there's only been prayed for me and Agatha are you serious and he said to Andrew Sigler can't believe that is why ends as well my brother and I were praying today about what we should give in we were to get about a hundred thousand and then he says we just fell in Proust that we needed to give enough to make it go to two million and the guy gave a million there there were a lot of things we have not seen answers to we are continually having crisis is an problems in our conference and I know that we will to Jesus comes and I believe the reason is a sticky bizarre faces before him but in serious stories weren't trying to tell you is Palm Beach and he wants you to pray together with others reading for your here school here for your teachers for your homes for your parents peers siblings but also to spend time with century it will be the best thing for you to marry the right person you spend that time with God and let God lead you to marry the right is my first husband I didn't start immediately he's not even called the Brown County any denizen this evening another man you're married now and almost not yellow Catalanotto but they might need Palestinian interviewees on a single thing she dug in many locations my dad and I prayed about it and really going on said stay home and take care of a little boy I will bring them to you that he may not tell everybody that he brought Jerry to the airport was this close I look at him him to a jury such a godly man sounds a good husband Dante Windsor he can be awfully rotten and I can densely wrought if we don't have that time with Jesus each day what makes us having a good marriage is the fact that we are honor faces before Jesus asking Jesus to let ship help of the love and help me out to make a flight to its what makes a great marriage of what makes great relationship with your kids are kids love to come home when they come home early in the morning peak now the commandos would never demand market to quit when we doing that I want to get the canal and remains on course for Jesus can't begin to tell you the teams are the same I can from them doing that the changes they see the mouse from doing over here not make a timely than you have a question I don't know that I have an answer I don't always have your human invented earlier about impressions that we need to be careful about them I just found the more I spend time with God the more recognizes voice and everyone talks about that to the more that you spend time with God you can recognize his voice and in John Jesus says mice my sheep hear my voice I know my voice on again that's why say it so important that we have a spiritual mentor in our lives at least one if not more we can go to for counsel indicated any time you get a father goes against God 's word it is not from God God will never go against this word and that for me it's my husband and i.e. I run everything by him and we pray about that the other thing is a spiritual mentor you want get one that will pray we do not just talking when it's every thought impression I get I always have to search is a Lord you know this is from you sometimes I do know when it comes to witnessing the this is not going to do and him in Mark five you know the story of the demoniac 's at our demoniac and in the pics that's needles before the Bears rush off into the light and Jesus actually the people the one I and if he didn't allow this man but he still gets in the boat to because now you go back I want you to go back and share what God has done for you this guy Mendocino the twenty seventh on our twenty eight families busy no I tell that we were now all he knows is what got done for him and he he goes when Jesus comes back to you looking Mark six fifty three it tells you they are in desire may get the county that when Jesus comes back and he recognizes Jesus hundred thousandth comment to meeting and it's all because of this one man's testimony to match for each one of you each one of us your journal that experience in copywriting and down within God will have you went missing in ways you never dreamed divine appointments that will be absently incredible in your life and then delete that I had signed contracts for women's retreat and handwrite away I was really upset with this new salesperson she is a noxious I think is not just what kind of a lady that you practice me and again how he lets him I just decided to follow with it but the impression was called up and asked to pray for her kids and buying up she has kids I know she's a question but I thought what it didn't come to find out yet yet there was an alcoholic and one daughter living with a bad guy and gaudy healed in change that around and got her to start coming to church but i.e. you kind of have to keep testing it in again if it's a strange and I've had some strange thoughts come on praying that I know could not be from God and neonates at the same government that go away I love that helps at all but the more time you spend within the morning recognizes voice when you say the federal I is a iDNA there are several close word only says that they will disguise himself to make us think of God twice a important net yeah e-mail seminar the answer was which is pray and before you just would like to give you at this time of silence and just talk to God however he might be leading into right now now close my pinky and figured it just create a single ophthalmia thank you father just see it through your word in the Old Testament and New Testament you are longing for people that will spend time with you if I pray for everyone in this realm I know some are experiencing out if they're not only help them to make it real and alive for the major word exciting help and to persist and not give up no matter what the Lord bless each one helped them to pray every day for the baptism the Holy Spirit in our lives you are raising up I see it all across this world young adults that want to get this work done that are excelling in love with you I pray father that that will happen more and more here at Southern you will raise him up wanting to get this work Jesus now why will arrange a viewing for her to media was wrong audio nurse the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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