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Tickets to Tarshish- Part 1

Garhett Morgan


  • November 4, 2017
    9:30 AM
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As I was studying for this sermon I was really excited about and it's been 1 that I've been wanting to do for a while and once I started writing it I realized that it was going to be too much for just 1 sermon so I split it up into 2 we're going to have 2 sermons on the story of Jonah tickets to Tarshish which we're going to explain that. That title here later on today so we have a part 1 and a part 2 so I'm not going to be here next week and the week after that is men's retreat so you're going to wait probably 3 weeks to get part 2 so I really remember today. You know the Book of Jonah is only 4 chapters long and it's $48.00 verses in total for the average reader it only takes about 10 minutes to read the story of Jonah yet when you look online and it's an amazing thing to have the internet at your fingertips because you have so much information that just comes alive it can be a real blessing it can also be a real curse to many as well but if you look online and look at Bible skeptics you'll find that many skeptics don't have a problem with the Book of Genesis many don't have problems with the Book of Revelation or Matthew but 1 of the books that Bible skeptics focus in on the most is the book we're looking at today the Book of Jonah there's a few reasons why that is and 2 of the verses that they focus most on if those 2 verses were taken out of the Book of Jonah often the skeptics probably wouldn't have a problem you probably wonder what these 2 verses are it's in Jonah chapter 1 and the last verse of that chapter Jonah $117.00 this is a this is a verse that many scientists and skeptics have a problem with says now the Lord had prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah and Jonah was in the belly of the fish 3 days and 3 nights nomad seems a little bit extreme doesn't it it's quite a story the story of Jonah is very popular in children today but many scientists and skeptics believe that it would be impossible for a man to be inside the belly of a fish for 3 days and for 3 nights are we talking a little bit about that today the other verse the skeptics have a problem with was the is the last verse of chapter 2. Chapter 2 verse 10 and the Lord spake unto the fish and it vomited out Jonah upon the dry lands when you look at the story of Jonah which are going to be doing you find that it's a pretty unbelievable story isn't it there is no other story in Scripture in the history of the world the really talks about a fish swallowing a manhole and then spinning him up a little bit later it's an amazing story but should we as Christians believe in the validity of the story of Jonah Absolutely and there's a few reasons that I believe that to be true but when we looking at the scientific evidence of why that should be true today which is going to be awesome I'm excited do that but number 1 apart from the scientific evidence I believe that it's in the Word of God we should believe it Amen methods of science and different theories of science and laws of science change quite often with the exception of a few you think of like the law of gravity and things like that right those stay pretty true but science is changing all the time isn't it if you take a look at medical science you found back in the day that people would prescribe cigarettes for asthma right so science is constantly changing and often science is dead wrong but if anything comes up against the Bible even if science contradicts the Bible brothers and sisters I'm going to believe in the Word of God So 1 of the reasons I believe you to be true is that it's in the Bible but another reason I believe to be true is in the story of Luke if you want to turn their look Chapter 11. Keep your finger in the Book of Jonah because we're going to be back there but Luke Chapter 11. Luke alive and 29330. Jesus is speaking in this statement here in Luke Chapter 1129 through 30. Way for you to get there. Luke $0.11 and when the people were gathered thick together there was a lot of people their heat being Jesus begin to say this is an evolved generation they seek a sign and there shall be no sign given it but the sign of Jonas or Jonah the prophet for as Jonah was a sonnet to the Ninevites so shall also the Son of Man be to this generation if you take a look at Christ he references the Book of Jonah So that obviously Christ believe in the story of Jonah what do you think he didn't eat so if the Bible says it and it's included the can zation of the Bible and if Jesus believed in the story of Jonah you think we should as well absolutely right but let's take a look at the story of Jonah specifically now that we know that the validity of it is true go back to the Book of Jonah and we're going to re read our scripture verse Jonah chapter 1 verse 1 and we find this prophet of the Lord that is given a certain command Jonah chapter 1 starting in verse 1 it says now the word of the Lord came into Jonah the some of Amitai saying Arise go to Nineveh that great city and cry out against it for their wickedness is come up before me I want to stop there. Perhaps 1 of the greatest understatements that the Bible ever makes is that Nineveh was a great wickets that's to put it very lightly I'm a big history buff as a lot of you know and this week I'm excited Take a look into the history of Nineveh itself. Now none of OP was in a Syrian city at 1 time it was the capital of Syria and Syria had great marble walls it was it was very comparable to the nation of Babylon at the time and this Syria did some things that are unspeakable especially in the setting today I did some research this week and I found something called Assyrian reliefs Assyrian relief's are stone carvings that they used to put on the walls of their palaces and their homes in their town squares I was tempted to show you some of these stone carvings or Assyrian release that were inside the city of Nineveh when the archaeologist dug it up a little bit and these stone carvings that were found in and of ah were so graphic that I didn't feel comfortable putting them on the screen in church service you know there's a lot of children here today and so that's 1 of the reasons that I didn't but if you're curious about what these stone carvings were all about I posted them on my Facebook yesterday so if you want to go to the sometime and take a look at what's depicted there you'll find that these Ninevites were extremely brutal people if you look at the history of nations especially in the old world around the 500 B.C.E. or B.C. as we Christians say it 500 B.C. you'll find that most nations had pretty bad kings and then every once in a while they'd have a good hearted 1 they'd have a humanitarian you think of the nations of Israel they have some pretty bad kings didn't they but they have some great ones as well I think of Joe acts and things like that but a Syria or Nineveh is very different because when you look at all of the kings of their time you'll find that there wasn't an ounce of mercy or humanitarian among any of them they were completely brutal people and the Assyrians hated 1 people the most the Syrians or the Ninevites hated everybody but they hated 1 nation the most the Jews. It's sad that they went to the land of Judea and they captured many Jews and brought them back to and then a bot. And these Assyrian reliefs that are found inside the walls of Nineveh write the story of what they did to some of these Jewish people. And the put it lightly and to give 1 mild example of what they did there is a relief that is there that depicts them taking Jewish children and in front of the palace in the town square impaling them with a big stick impaling them to the point where it didn't come through any of their main arteries where they were still alive as they were hanging there. They would lie a slow burning fire underneath them and wait for their skin to bubble and then peel it off. It said that sometimes as these people were being tortured to death it took 2 weeks for them to actually die. And the Assyrians loved to do this a lot of historians call them the old world Nazis of their time. But. Now I only say that. To give you a true picture of what Jonah was really thinking. When we tell the story off those we say Jonah what are you doing man God told you to go somewhere why don't you just go but what God had just told Jonah to do probably scared him to his wits and Jonah knew everything about the Ninevites Jonah knew who the Assyrians were he had heard of those stories he had heard that the King of Love to have heads inside his room for him to look at when he fell asleep at night. He knew all of this be it God had told him to go you see the number on the device for people that worship a god that was very prominent among the pagan nations of that time they were called they worship the God by the name of Ishtar people know Ishtar we get the term Easter and Ishtar was a god or a goddess that was part man and was part fish Well interesting to think about we're going to talk on that a minute part God in part fish and God told Jonah to do what's to go now if you knew all of that and God told you to go to that place what would be going on in your mind I would be a little bit worried. But Jonah Obviously this wasn't the 1st time that God had talked to him. If we believe in a god that can protect us from anything if we believe in a god that can perform miracles and if we're close to him we should go Amen and God fully expected for Jonah to go God had faith the Jonah would obey him or God would have asked him at all. But take a look at what Jonah does here in verse 3. But Jonah rose up to flee We all know the story unto Tarshish from the presence of the Lord and went down to Joppa and he found a ship going to Tarshish so he paid the fare there off and went down into it to go with them to Tarshish from the presence of the Lord so here we find Jonah and Jonah decides he prayed justifies in his mind somehow that he's going to go to a place called Tarshish now Tarshish is a place you don't find in the Bible anywhere else and you don't really find it in world history the reason being is because Tarshish was a the wall long ways off from the world in scholars of that time a lot of historians believe that Tarshish get this was all the way in the Philippines. Jonah was going to go as far away as possible even to the Philippines if that's the case why because he was so scared of these Ninevites the Bible actually gives us a reference of this if you take just a couple books forward you go join in my to and the new name we're going to be looking at name chapter 3 verse 1 I love how the Bible explains this historians take a look at Mayhem chapter 3 as 1 of the most accurate descriptions of what men of OP was really like. The Bible's an amazing book isn't it even some secular historians have to go back to the Bible for their facts I love it they have chapter 3 in verse 1 this is what the Bible says about Nineveh wall to the bloody city it is all full of lies and robbery the pray the parts not the noise of a whip and the noise of the rattling of the wheels of the prancing of the horses and of the jumping chariots these men of ice were known to have $15000.00 chariots at a time going to battle verse 3 the horsemen lifted up both the bright sword and the glittering spear and there is a multitude of slain and a great number of carcasses and there is none upon end of their corpses they stumble upon their corpses This is what the Bible is talking about when it talks about Nineveh and Jonah was called to go Jonah somehow justified it in his mind to go somewhere completely opposite possibly the Philippines and so he goes and he buys a ticket and take a look at what happens here go back to the Book of Jonah Jonah chapter 1 and verse 4 but the Lord sent out a great winds into the sea and there was a mighty tempest in the sea so that the ship was like to be broken then the Mariners not the baseball team but sailors the Mariners were afraid and cried every man to his God and cast forth the where is the way in the ship into the sea to lighten it but Jonah was gone down to the size of the ship and he lay and was fast asleep I don't know about you I'm a pretty heavy sleeper but when something on the word merry comes up I will wake up pretty quickly. Jonah was down there in the hold of the ship and it said that the ship was being rocked so harshly it was about ready to come apart do you think you would have woken up if that was happening probably but the ship captain wakes up Jonah but I just want to pause here and take a look at what Jonah had been doing. Jonah was down on his faith with God To put it plainly Jonah was down on his relationship with God and recorded the record that we just read Jonah 1 Jonah went down to Joppa then perceiving that Jonah went down into the hold of that ship and join and went down to sleep pretty soon we're going to find that Jonah gets cast down deeper than possibly any man ever has been before the 1st submarine ride if you will but Jonah is spiraling to a place that was the lowest point of his ministry the lowest point of his Christian walk or his life I sympathize with Jonah a little bit because Jonah was a preacher. And we were all called the missionaries and preachers Amen. And in any preacher's wife I don't care who it is a preacher is going to be sent to a place where they're going to be tested by the devil we're everybody is against them the entire city seems to be against them even the church may be divided this is my area of testing by the way I love the Bristol church but Jonah was being tested and he decided to go to sleep now take a look at what happens will continue reading here in verse 6 so the shipmaster came to him and said to him what Minas now asleep or arise call upon thy God If so be that God will not will think upon us that we will perish knots and they said Everyone to his fellow come and let us cast lots that we may know for whose cause this evil is upon us so they cast lots and it fell upon Jonah when Jonah was woken up do you think he knew why that storm had been called upon that ship he obviously did because later on that chapter he admits. In Jonah doesn't admit it up front but what the sea let happen he lets these pagan cast lots and I believe that God probably used those last to point to him now lots at that time where pretty much of form of gambling and I believe that gambling is something that should be completely against our Christian principle what do you think. There's a famous maybe famous There's a famous admin to shaft called Mark Anthony I don't know if you know who that is he's been around this area before and Marc Anthony used to own a casino in Las Vegas that's where he learned how to cook and Marc Anthony said that when he was owning this casino business in Las Vegas he walked into a slot machine and there was a widow woman that was there and she had 8 credit cards lined up at the slot machine and she had maxed out all 8 of them over the years playing at this casino she was heavy in debt and Marc Anthony said that he went up to her and said listen I think now is the time for you to stop being the proprietor he felt guilty because he'd taken all that money he was the cause of that woman's grief The woman looked at him and said I have 5 dollars left on this credit card if I win big today I'll take care of all my problems. The devil definitely uses I think the gambling industry to take people away from the war have gone and also to cause them a lot of pain and heartache but at this time period when those lost were cast I believe that God somehow used them and pointed to Jonah and as these pagan shipmates looked at Jonah and everything spilled out of him right and you know begins to admit to them that he is a Hebrew we picked this up here and Jonah chapter 1 and verse. 8 and 9. Then said they'd to him tell us we pray for whose cause this evil is upon us what is your occupation where do you come from what is your country and whose people are in you verse 9 and he said to them I am a Hebrew and I fear the LORD the God of heaven which have made the sea and the dry lands and then were the men exceedingly afraid and said to him Why have you done this for the men knew that he fled from the presence of the Lord because he had told them this is really really interesting. This must have not been the 1st time that these sailors had heard about the Hebrew God because when Jonah says Listen I've been running away from the Hebrew God These men were instantly frightened they knew that this Hebrew god was different than their other gods and as Jonah was there and he was asleep I feel oftentimes we are 7th Day Adventists our sleep today. We're very comfortable in our walk with the Lord as we should be. We're very comfortable in our church we're very comfortable in our homes in our families and if we look around us in the world today we must realize that there is a tempest being blown about and there are people that are crying out for help and God has called us just like Jonah to go and preach the gospel to them and yet so many of us remain asleep don't be shaken awake so Jonah here begins to admit to them about who he is. And these men continue to say how do we get this whole tempest to stop and Jonah says the only way you can get this tempest to stop you know the story is to throw me overboard. And these men knew that it was the Jehovah God that had caused the storm but still they did everything in their power to row the boat back to shore the Bible tells us that and these Mariners were probably very seafaring men they had probably been in storms before and they knew what they were doing and so they tried their best to get back to shore in this ball but did they fail they sure are dead because they were going against the creator of the sea the creator of the universe and finally they were at their wits end and so they took Jonah if you can just imagine this these sailors during John overboard of Jonah went by his own free will but Jonah was cast overboard here and look what happens in verse 13 Nevertheless the men rode hard to bring it to the to the land but they could not for the sea rots their attempts us against them wherefore they cried to the Lord said we beseech you a lord we would see each You let us not perish for this man's life and lay not upon us innocent blood for you a lord has done as it police so they took up Jonah and cast him into the sea and the sea ceased from her raging then the men feared the Lord exceedingly and offered a sacrifice into the Lord and made bows I love this was Jonah being faithful to his call he wasn't was it was Jonah being faithful to his God Were they in a good spot right then they were more than John had been prayed to not at this point but yet as he was being thrown overboard and that sea remained call I don't know if we can even picture what this would be a lie but these matters were in the storm fearing for their lives and as soon as they threw Jonah overboard what happens the sea was calm talk about faith building right. Jonah saw that too he must have been pretty built in his faith as well knowing that he should not run from God and as all these mirrors saw that this had actually taken place and that the sea was call him what did they do they actually offered a sacrifice and they prayed to the Jehovah God Is it safe to say these sailors became believers in the God of Israel and our God Today it is isn't it even though Jonah was going away from God even though Jonah wasn't being used by God at that point God still used him isn't that powerful. But what more could have God done through Jonah if he would have been faithful to God it's powerful to think about but God still used Jonah even in the situation verse 17 is that 1 verse now the Lord prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah and Jonah was in the belly of the fish 3 days and 3 nights when we hear the story we think that Jonah and the whale right a lot of people are quick to point out that the Bible never mentions that there was a whale that swallowed Jonah and you're right there is it if you take the original language there of what that fish was you take a look at it and actually mean Sea Monster is not interesting Jonah was swallowed by an unidentified fish that they hadn't seen before and as Jonah was swallowed there he was in the belly of the fish for how long 3 days and 3 nights this is really interesting Jonah was in the ship asleep when it was being rocked back and forth in the storm Jonah was cast overboard and swallowed by a fish for 3 days and 3 nights sounds a lot like Jesus doesn't it the sign of Jonah just like Jesus talked about in Luke and also doesn't Matthew. Now this is where the scientists say that it would be impossible for any fish to keep Jonah alive inside a stomach for 3 days and 3 nights take a look at what Jonah says in his prayer when he's in this fish in chapter to chapter 2 verse 5 and 6 Jonas praying here and he says the waters compassed me about events of the soul the depths close me round about the weeds were wrapped around my head I went down to the bottoms of the mountains the earth with her bars was about me forever yet has brought up my wife from corruption or Lord my God I don't know how this happened if Moses was Moses of Jonah was there bobbing on the sea and then officials came up and swallowed them in the sailor saw I wouldn't horrific about putting the fear of the Lord in them but Jonah somehow was swallowed by this fish as we talked about before Jonah was down on his luck I don't believe in luck but if you believe that a lot to believe that a lock so that it was down on his luck according to these Mariners he was down his relationship with God He went down to Joppa he went down into the hold of the of the boat he went down in sleep he was cast down into the water he was cast into the down into the belly of the fish and now he was cast down into the depths of the ocean Jonah was as far down as you can get Jonah had hit rock bottom at this point now I don't need to tell you about what it would probably be like to be in the belly of a fish for 3 days and 3 nights but it must have been horrific must have been pitch black right and if you're submerged that far in the belly of a fish below sea there's not going to be any life that's allowed to be there. It probably stuck a little bit in it so there were seaweed wrapped about his head he didn't know what he was new couldn't really get his bearings he actually compares enjoy a Chapter 2 to being in AL and he said it was like evil it lasted forever which is a point that we use saying that hell doesn't last forever because Jonah was in the belly of the fish forever but it did and Anyways as Jonah was there in the belly of the fish he offered up a prayer to the Lord and did the Lord listen he certainly did now to all the skeptics that saying that it is impossible for a man to be in the belly of a fish for 3 days and 3 nights my 1st response is I believe in the Bible and the Bible says it to be so I believe it amen and that my Savior said it to be solved and even though they think it's impossible I believe it but there's a story back in 1912 of a man who was fishing along the coast of the key of Key West in Florida I believe it was and he was fishing there just normally he was just sightseeing and fishing and the fish latched on to his fish which he was excited about but soon they realized that this wasn't just any old fish it said that the man battled this fish for a grand total of $39.00 hour worse I don't have the patience for that but he battled it for $39.00 hours it was a fish that they had never seen before and as this man finally real down the fish he probably took shifts with other people as he finally rolled in this fish of 39 hours they measured it and it was 45 feet long and it weighed 30000 pounds 15 tons this was a fish that no 1 had ever seen the likes of before it was an identified then and the stills and identified now it's very interesting but scientists say that we know more about the universe and spanks than we do at the depth of our ocean is not curious. There are many species that are living in the ocean today that we have no clue or even there and oftentimes they find a new 1 that pops up that they thought was extinct millions of years ago and then it vanishes as quickly as they saw it but they caught this certain fish and it wasn't a whale it was definitely a fish 30000 pounds 45 feet long but what was interesting was this it took that man about 40 hours to reel it in right which meant that that fish hadn't eaten in 40 hours as they reeled that fish and it opened its mouth they found that there was a $1500.00 pound octopus that that fish had eaten whole $1500.00 pounds at least been there for 3 days and as they took that off to put out that $1500.00 pound octopus they found that that octopus was still alive. It's not interesting. Now I'm not saying that this is the fish this wall Jonah what I'm saying is that it's possible for it to happen the Smithsonian Museum caught the caught wind of it and they ordered av 3 every funeral home in the area for all the embalming fluid that they had and that took like 20 or barrels of embalming fluid to preserve this great fish and it's actually on display in the Smithsonian Museum in Britain I believe it is still there today but look take a look at Jonah. Chapter 1 Verse 17 there's 1 word here that's very interesting it says now the Lord had hears the word prepared. It's not below God it's not above God it's not impossible for God for this very moment to create a fish specifically designed for Jonah is. I don't know if that's what happens I don't know if God used to fish like this I'm not sure but brothers sisters I know what happened. I don't know how in the Bible that Jesus was able to put his hand upon a dead child. And automatically a few seconds later that child lives although he was debt I don't know how Israelites could March around Jericho and do a couple trumpets and that mighty city falls down. I don't know how lions keep their mouths shut while the prophet is there and they have been fed and who knows how long they are full of mysteries in the Bible isn't there there are full of things that we as human beings can't comprehend that maybe doesn't add up to our science that we know today but that's because our Father in Heaven is far greater than our science can even imagine today and I believe that as Jonah there was swallowed by that fish that God did not want to harm him but that he still had a plan for Jonah a man. Jonah here was at his lowest but God still had a plan for him now I want to take a look at 1 more verse here we've read it before but it's in John chapter 1 verse 3 look at Jonah does when he's called by the Lord talks about a title but Jonah rose up to flee to Tarshish from the presence of the Lord and he went down to Joppa he found a ship going to Tarshish so he paid the fare there off. Do you believe that God has called you on this earth today to do a great work it's different for every individual the purpose is the same but God has called you individually to do something for him. What's your ticket to Tarshish. Or in English What's your excuse. Is there something in your mind that you're justifying to get out of doing that work the gun is calling you to do. I don't know what it may be it may be a good thing right remember when Jesus invited that had told that parable where people were invited to the wedding feast. And people had all sorts of excuses that were good excuses I bought some oxen and to go inspect them or bought some land to make sure that's OK I'm going to get married I have to whatever it may be those were all excuses not to go to that important wedding feast wasn't. What our tickets to Tarshish today. What are our excuses. I don't think we have any do we there's a story in 1918 around the time of World War 1 there was a pastor in England in Britain who was visiting the hospitals of people that had been injured in World War 1 another must been horrific because in World War 1 they were using weapons that are deemed. Illegal in today's war time they were using gas mustard gas and killing gas and things of that time it must have been terrible. But there was also something that was used during that time period that never had been used before it was called mortars or shells right that exploded upon impact and as that pastor was walking around and talking with people that were dying and encouraging people and blessing people he was about ready to leave the hospital he had a very emotional day as you can imagine and he was walking out of the hospital there was a big table of injured G.I.'s that were there around it and they were talking about something in all of these G I's had 1 thing in common. It said when people write about them that they can look into the eyes of these types of people and just see nothing. They all experience something called shell shock what we call P.T.S.D. today. And all the more around this table shellshocked are having P.T.S.D. and they were talking to each to each other about how they didn't think that they could ever go back to normal society. How they thought they were scarred for life and they didn't know how they were going to get back to their wives or their children or their jobs whatever it may be and that Pastor sit down sat down and he listened to them for about 1520 minutes and as they turned to him he did something very curious he took a bowl that was there on the table and he flipped upside down. And the pastor said What is this bowl full of and the soldier said absolutely nothing and I said you're wrong this boy is full of darkness for 1. As full of usefulness uselessness excuse me it's dark and it's full of uselessness the G.I.'s looked at it and agreed. And then the preacher turned over the ball right side up and poured water on it and said Now this boy is being used for its full purpose and he looked at them and said all of you are going to be full of something you might be full of self-pity and I think you get away with saying this today to people that P.T.S.D. you might be full of self pity you might be full of memorise but fill yourself up with things of the Lord and you'll be able to go back to your life when you left. Now that rings true for us today brothers and sisters if you're not full of the Lord you're going to be full of something. Maybe you're made a fool of yourself. If you ever know someone as full of themselves maybe you're full of pride. Maybe you're full of your own knowledge. You could be full of somebody else. But brothers and sisters unless we're not filled by Christ we're going to be filled with something that shouldn't be there. Jonah had it in him to be filled by the Holy Spirit in me Jonah had been called to be useful for the Lord he had been called to do something mighty for the Lord he was to be filled with the Holy Spirit and go to a convert a whole city. But yet he flipped his bowl over and said I'm going to be full of myself. And where did that get him to a lot of trials and tribulations didn't that. He went through that ship wreck if you will he was captured there by that whale he went through some serious trials you know a lot of us go through trials today there were no somebody words maybe it's you where you seem like you go through trial after trial after trial that person that never catches a break or someone like that they just got their new car and had a flat tire in the same way that they ran into a tree and then the next you know they just over and over and over and over again brothers and sisters could it be that some of the trials that we go through are because of our own ineptitude. Not listening to our savior that's what happened to Jonah. We need to be filled with the Holy Spirit and not our own wisdom amen if there are 2 things from the sermon remember this as we close here no matter how far down you may be in rock bottom up no matter how far down you may be in your relationship with God It's not too late. God will always hear your prayer he will hear that sinners prayer and that. Number 2 the other thing I want you remember is this if God has called you to do something goal don't let anything get in the way. But go. Next week or next week but in 3 weeks want to be doing part 2 in part 2 or to be taking a look at Jonah as he has spent out in of up ironically and he goes to the 1 he starts preaching and 1 of the things that I really want to connect next week is something interesting that we don't connect very often but you seem to be a little teaser remember how we talked about that the Ninevites believed in the God of Ishtar and the God of Ishtar the goddess of Ishtar was half men and half fish God uses everything for good as any could it be that as not as Jonah was spit out of a fish into Nineveh that he used his story to connect with and then of by it's. Could it be that he gave them that they gave him respects because he came from 1 of their gone if you will did he say I just came from a fish which you guys worship and maybe some of them saw that I don't know but next time we talk we be talking about how Jonah in a state where he was not right with the Lord until the end of the Book of Jonah was able to convert a whole city. And not just a city. Like Big Rapids but a city that was 10 time worse than Las Vegas or anything that we can imagine. Looking for doing that with you let's pray. Father Lord we thank you for the Sabbath you've given us alone we know that you have indeed called us and Father we want to accept that call The matter what it may be but father more importantly we want to be full of you we don't want to be full of ourselves are full of our own beliefs or things of that nature befallen we want you to fill our hearts and our lives father come in if there's anything in our way help us to understand what that is and get rid of it this we pray in your name Amen. This media was brought to you by audiotapes a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about yours or if you would like to listen to more sermons Please Visit W W W audio or.


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