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Tickets to Tarshish- Part 2

Garhett Morgan


  • November 25, 2017
    11:30 AM
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Father Lord I thank you for the Sabbath they've given us Lord it is a little bit cold outside but we thank you that it's warm here and father as we look into the continuation of the story of Jonah Lord help and to help continue to convert us and Father as we grow closer to you we know that you will grow closer to us as we pray in your name Amen so 2 weeks ago if you remember we left Jonah in a pretty precarious spots if you remember Jonah it went down to Tarshish and then he went down into the boat you started to remember and then after he was down to the boat he went down into sleep and then he was cast down overboard into the water and finally a great fish opened up his mouth and swallowed Jonah and Jonah was even down further Jonah might be the 1 that has gone down for of this in the oceans even today I'm not sure we talked a little bit last week or 2 weeks ago about how that fish or that whale may have ben could have actually swallowed Jonah and we did a little bit of research on that and we found the important word there we read in Jonah was that God prepared a fish you know God still has Creating Power doesn't e and it could have been that God used a current species that is still out there I don't know but also I do know is that the Bible says it and I believe it's Jesus believed to be true and I believe that even if science says that it is impossible for a man to be swallowed by a fish and in 3 days they'll be alive 1st of all believe that science says that it can be true but because the Bible says that brothers and sisters and I believe it but Jonah went down to Joppa he was going down down down lots were cast to see whose fault it was that this big storm had took place and it fell to Jonah now I'm not sure how God used the lots and all that that gambling little thing there but he did it fell to Jonah and Jonah as we find him is there in the belly of this great fish Jonah is about ready to have a wake up call as any. Well I don't know about you but often times in our lives it takes us to get to a rock bottom before we realize that something is wrong and Jonah had a rock bottom experience if you take a look at Jonah Chapter 2 Jonah chapter 2 verse 6 you find this Jonah Chapter 2 we find Jonah in prayer and look what he says here and join a chapter 2 verse 6 he says I went down to the bottoms of the mount since the earth with her bars was about me forever yes has now brought up my life from corruption Oh Lord my God when my soul fainted within me I remembered the Lord and my prayer came in and so you into your holy temple they that observe the wind vanities for sake their own mercy but I will sacrifice and the with the voice of Thanksgiving I will pay that when I have vowed salvation is of the Lord and Jonah should have prayed a long time before this should any of as soon as Jonah had some doubt in his mind about where he should have gone he should have been on his knees but the 1st time we fired Jonah actually in prayer in the Book of Jonah is when he's in the belly of a great fish he's got seaweed wrapped around his head and he is down at the bottoms of the ocean and then he finally decides to pray. You know so oftentimes we as Christians do the same thing when a trial approaches us or something along those lines we do everything that we can to fix it and our last resort is prayer when our 1st resort should be to be on our knees There's a lady in 1 of my other churches who a couple weeks ago was having some back pain and so she decided to go into the doctor get it checked out and on her kidney they found a growth the size of a tennis ball and they also noticed that her lymph nodes were starting to become sore and as they continue to examine her this past week they found that it's most likely stage 4 lymphoma. Now the survival rate of that isn't good and I remember talking to her this week and going through some verses with her of comfort and she says I guess all we can do now is pray and we say that off we say that a lot and all we can do is pray there's nothing else that we can do but prayer something more powerful than just a last resort it isn't something that all we have left this to offer a prayer for prayer or something powerful and if we have faith that God will operate his big plan and I believe that we will see answers to prayer and Jony here as he is down on his knees he's obviously a man of God and as he is there he doesn't really make any excuses for his wrong doing does he he doesn't at all but he says I will give thanks to God that I am in this valley of the fish this is interesting stuff now you remember a couple weeks ago we probably don't but we talked about the Ninevites No I don't want to get to interrupt on that anymore but we saw the Ninevites were pretty evil people right we saw that they were very murderous and we talked about a couple of those instances that they were and we don't need to go into that anymore but the Ninevites also were a polytheistic religion now polytheism means that we believe that certain religions believe in many gods are right we as Christians 7 as Christians are monotheistic which we believe which means that we believe in 1 God right but 1 of the 1 of the invites many gods was the god of let me get this right day good now Dagon was a god that was very interesting it was relayed to the God of Ishtar Dagon Ishtar were both gods or I goddess of fertility. And the God of Dagon was a fish God he was part man and he was part of this now the reason that he was part fish was because fish in the minds of those ancients was a symbol of fertility now I don't know but when I was growing up my parents allowed me where that really allow me I just bought them I bought a couple guppies right now guppies you can buy it at those at the pet store for like a dime apiece they're really really small they're really easy to take care of they don't eat much and so they thought OK but guppies if you get the 2 right kinds of fish within about 4 weeks I had about 5 or 6 guppies I think it was within a couple months I had about 32 and as it continued to go on I just had courtyards and just full of guppies in my room they mass produce very quickly right and over and over and over again this is why Dagon was a god of fertility now this God and I can show you a picture of this later but this God was very interesting if you took a look at him in those ancient descriptions in the ancient stone carvings you'll find that he looked just like a man in a body just like we did but he had very long hair and his hair wasn't hair like we have it but it was scales all right now of course this God doesn't exist not saying that he does this describing what they thought this God looked like and this God had scales that would cover his entire body that was grew from his had really interesting right. And if you take a look at Nineveh you'll notice that when Jonah was spit out the Bible says that he was spread out in a 3 days' journey we're going to talk about that a minute but the Bible actually says the Jonah was spit out right along the side of war Nineveh was now if you look at Nineveh you'll find that in the but isn't anywhere close to any large mass of water there is in the sea there is an ocean there isn't anything like that but there is something very important there's the Tigris River the Tigris River is a very large reverence very deep and it's very wide and actually ran right along the side of Nineveh in fact in some maps I'm not sure if it's exactly true but in some ancient maps of Nineveh we find that the Tigris River actually ran through the middle of the city just like it did in Babylon so when know when Jonah was spit out of this whale he was either spit out on the side of the city right there or it could have been it's very possible that Jonah was spit out of that river in the middle of the city that's something else isn't it now as Jonah is there let's let's let's continue to read this Jonah Chapter 2 Joy chapter 2 and verse 10 and the Lord spake unto the fish and it vomited out Jonah upon the dry lands 1st chapter 3 and the word of the Lord came out to Jonah the 2nd time saying arrives go to Nineveh that great city and preach unto it the preaching that I bid you that's the exact same thing that God had told Jonah to do a long time ago right. Days prior God had told Jonah go to Nineveh and that to this big experience with this great fish which must have been pretty nasty right can you imagine being in the belly of a fish for 3 days that wouldn't be pleasant right but after this great trial that Jonah had he was finally spit out and that God's plan for Jonah change they didn't the day we can resist all that we want to we might think that God has forgotten about us or that we have maybe gotten away with something but this God's plan ever change for us and never dies and Jonas he has spit out there he is spread out exactly where he needs to be and look what it says here in verse 3 So Jonah rose and went to Nineveh a court of the word of the Lord now Nineveh was an exceeding great city of 3 days' journey now a lot of people think that Jonah once he was spread out had to walk 3 days to get to Nineveh that's not the case and there never was such a big city that in order to go around the city preaching 3 times in order to walk around the circumference it took him 3 days to do that that's why it says it was a great city so as Jonah there was preaching in the streets of Nineveh it took him 3 days to walk around the entire place all right and would take some time now this is really interesting stuff we talked about a couple weeks ago that the Ninevites of the Assyrians in general they hated the Jews right they hated the people of got there had ben people that were Jews before they had been brought into the gates of Nineveh but once they were brought to the gates of Nineveh the never came out again they died a horrible death Jonah was perhaps the 1st Jew that went to Nineveh that didn't pass away in that sense. Now obviously Jonah was preaching about Jehovah God if you walked into a city as a Jew preaching about your hope for God You probably wouldn't last very long right if I was doing that in those days and I was a Jew and preaching that message they kept in the King's guard would probably hear about it very quickly and within maybe a matter of a half an hour I'd be taken away and very quickly I would be executed that's what you would think but for some reason these people allowed Jonah for 40 days to walk around the streets of Nineveh and preach this message now this message wasn't just anything that was lobbied of the in really easy taking a look at would join was actually preaching here Jonah chapter 3 in verse 4 and Jonah began to enter into the city a day's journey and he cried and said yes 40 days and Nineveh shall be overthrown not only was Jonah just preaching but he was saying listen if you guys don't shape up this city is going to be overthrown in just 40 days not only is he talking about the whole got not only is he just a Jew but he's speaking treason to that king of the of A is an E. and as Jonah is allowed to do this it just builds my faith knowing that God has protecting hands over Jonah Not only that God have His protecting hand over Jonah but it really makes me known that God can use all of the trials that we have gone through and use them for something good when we go through a trial. It makes us stronger for 1 but often when we overcome a sin or we've been in sins in the past it helps us to relate to people later on in life doesn't it some of the things that were difficult for us to deal with maybe overcame an addiction when you overcome that addiction as powerful because once you've overcome that addiction you can share with other people how to overcome addictions and as Joan of their had been spit up out of this great fish I'm sure it was a terrible terrible 3 days but if these people and then of a believed in a fish God and let's say you're walking down the streets of none of us someday and you see this great fish come out of the water and spit a man out onto the streets of Nineveh and you believe in a fish God what would you think. The gods just delivered us of profit right now I'm not saying that that's true but I'm saying that the Bible says that that is very possible right it's too coincidental for me to believe the Jonah was so swallowed by a great fish and that God would have used that John as advantage I believe that he did and as Jonah was spit out onto those lands of Nineveh and he started walking up and down the people had respect and they knew that this fish God if it were was speaking true and they allowed him to continue to preach on now we think that Jonah would be pretty excited about this. Take a look here what the size of this city go to Jonah chapter 4 Jonah chapter 4. And we're going to read here in verse. 11. Well what God says and should I not spare Nineveh that great city were in are more than 6 score thousands of persons and cannot discern between their right hand in their left hand and also much cattle as Jonah was there preaching to this great city he was preaching to a city of 120000 people that's a lot of people especially for that time period right it's a lot of people for now but especially in that time period and as Jonah was preaching there to that city and saying this is going to fall in 40 days 35 days 30 days 20 days and then of us going to fall 10 days he started to get people's attention in the Book of Jonah tells us we're not going to read it but the Book of Jonah tells us that even got word to the king of Nineveh and at the end of that 40 days every single soul in the Neveh had repented to Jehovah God that's powerful isn't it I would be pretty excited if we converted the whole town of Tustin I would be stoked if we converted the town of Luther but this is 120000 people we're talking about here and just goes to show that even somebody that is an converted like Nineveh like Jonah which we're going to see in just a minute if you don't was obviously unconverted Jonah converted those Mariners there on the seed on that ship in the sea Didn't me Jonah was able to convert the town of Nineveh or the city of Nineveh yet we find that Jonas heart still wasn't in the right place what drove Jonah to preach for those 40 days well we find that Jonah really didn't have any compassion for those people whatsoever which were just confined that a minute but Jonah was so driven to speak this to the people of Nineveh not because he was hoping that God would have grace for them. But he was waiting to see the people and then of a destroyed he was excited about that and they gave him pleasure every day to walk up and down the streets and tell these people just wait in 30 days and see what happens but yet our God in all of his wisdom was able to use a man like Jonah to convert a city of 120000 not spoke to a fish God spoke to a burning bush God spoke to a donkey God can speak through you and I'm not saying that you don't have to be perfect in order to speak what God has you speak you should be as perfect as possible through his name if there is blood a men we should be converted witnesses but it doesn't matter what you are like brothers and sisters God can still work through you and if Jonah had been converted Wow What more could he have done if he had been truly converted. So let's see what Jonah does here Jonah we're not going to look at this but what he does here in Jonah Chapter 4 join a chapter 4 we find that Jonah after the end of the 40 days decides to go up to his side of Nineveh now the side of then about that Jonah decides to go up to if you look at the geography of Nineveh it was actually up on a hill overlooking the city All right so Jonah goes up to this big hill and overlooks the city of Nineveh up and I can just imagine it there he leans up against a gourd or a booth that God grew for shade for him that's a whole nother story we're not going to get into that but Joan of there he gets up there and if Jonah had popcorn he would have popped it because at the end of those 40 days he sat down there on the top of this mountain overlooking Nineveh and he had a little smile and he thought I'm ready for this city to be completely eradicated I'm ready for it to be destroyed and he's excited about that and that's he's sitting up there on top of that mountain that that 40th day waiting for it to be destroyed what happens it's not it's Jonah chapter 3 verse 10 and God saw their works people Nineveh that they turned from their evil ways and God repented of the evil and he had said that he would do to them and he did it not now God does need to repent from sin that's not what that word is talking about there are certain prophecies that God tells us in the Bible that are real prophecies and conditional prophecies there are certain prophecies the God says listen this is what's going to happen and it happens no matter what but then there's conditional prophecies if Nineveh would have not repented to the Lord that prophecy would have been fulfilled I promise you that Nineveh would have been completely destroyed but because that city repented that conditional prophecy was eradicated and God meant his word and said You've repents and now you will be saying we'll have a prophecy just like that hanging over us the Bible tells us very clearly that if we do not repent if we not if we do not become like little children and follow him. That the wages of sin is death that's a prophecy but then there's also another prophecy that we can choose as well if we died daily and claim Christ's death upon us brothers and sisters we can be free of sin and we will joy eternity with our Heavenly Father forever and ever which prophesied you want to be a part of and the people Nineveh decided that they wanted to be a parts of God's church and better terms so here we find John chapter 4 Look what says Year new chapter 4 verse 1 but it displeased Jonah exceedingly and he was very angry what world Georgists converted a city of 120000 people and he was angry about it Jonah must have been quite a preacher but he was angry for some reason now I looked and looked and looked to see why I Joe would be upset about this I mean he converted a city of 120000 people prophets and kings gives us something that really just blows the top off of this look at it says when Joe No this is prophets and kings page 271 when Jonah learned of God's purpose to spare the city that notwithstanding its wickedness had been led to repent he should have been the 1st to rejoice a meant because of God's amazing grace but instead he allowed his mind to dwell let's get this he allowed his mind to dwell upon the possibility of being regarded as a false prophet jealous of his reputation he lost sight of the infinitely greater value of the souls and that wretched city that compassion showed by God towards the repentant invites get that Jonah thought about his reputation more than the lives and spiritual lives of 120000 people. Jonah was so self-centered that he thought whoa if this prophecy begun gamey didn't come true then people might think that I'm a false prophet that's what Jonah was worried about and so often I believe that's what we're worried about as well when we share our message with other people we are so often worried about what they're going to think about us right I don't know about you but I've I've been around in the grocery store before whatever it may be and you know right in here I've got strong tar radio cars involved so they offer right and they're just waiting to be handed out and oftentimes I pick out somebody there that I know needs 1 and yet that little voice in your head that culture has taught you says Wait just a minute what are they going to do what if they reject you and because of that fear we walk away and that fear is magnified in Jonah Jonah was able to convert that city and yet he was more worried about his reputation than about the souls of other people I can tell you this much if you follow God where he wants you to go you're going to have quite a reputation it's going to be a fantastic fantastic reputation it's not always going to be look that good by society that's for sure but in codon his people your reputation is going to be that of power and that of faithfulness to our Heavenly Father I want my reputation to be gone with God to be spotless Jonah here did a lot of wandering in his life look what he says look at it says here we're going to read this Jonah Chapter 4 verse 11 Should I did not spare Nineveh that great city where more than 6 core 1000 persons they cannot consider the cannot discern between their rights and their left hand and also much cattle Jonah here we leave in the book having a pity party in a desert because a plant died. Honestly I don't know if we're going to find Jonah and have been I'm not sure because we don't have any more truth about what happened to him but I knew know this bone of and it's a really sad truth Jonah took them on 1 leg of the journey they had all confess that God was gone and that they needed to repent of their evil ways that's step 1 isn't it and Jonah got them there but then it says again God says right there in that verse that they didn't know their left hand from their right hands and guess who needed to teach them Jonah joiners work wasn't done in the number yet do you think you would have a had John had just converted that 120000 people to believe in God but wasn't there a whole lot more truth left to be preached there was wasn't there we can preach from our pope all the time that we need to repent and that we need to have baptisms here and all those things we need to lead people to Christ that's fantastic and they're baptized praise the Lord for that but brothers that's our work is just beginning these people need to continue in the faith their acts when those people had been baptized during the day of Pentecost as they were baptized and continued steadfastly in the faith and the people of Nineveh needed that teaching from Jonah and Jonah failed to give them that teaching 120000 people had been spared the wrath of God and destruction and we find just about 50 years after Jonah was written or we think was written and Jonah was around the city of Nineveh was destroyed history tells us that it fell very similar to that of Babylon it fell overnight the Ninevites went back to their evil ways without someone there to teach them about what God wanted and eventually they were destroyed we have a responsibility don't we not only responsibility to share with people about Christ and what he's done for us and to be justified but we need to teach people how to live a godly life Amen and how to be sanctified. It's 1 thing to just for an example it's 1 thing to know the Sabbath this Saturday but it's a whole nother thing to know what to do on the Sabbath and how to keep it that's 1 thing that we've lost so much the Sabbath is in the list of things that we shouldn't do but it's a list of things that we get to do amen and so many Adventists today don't know how to keep the Sabbath we're here to teach them and the Word of God is here to teach us Joel could have done so much more and that city could have been a powerhouse for the gospel if he just would have stayed with it he failed to do that in the city of Nineveh repented and then fell back worse than they've ever been before there's a story of an old farmer who had been doing his crops all day this was back in the 1800s back when they had horses and buggies and they had the horses and all that good stuff right and his dog his new puppy him for about a year had been good all day had followed him around and had school started the horses or anything like that and the farmer to go into town so he picked up his horse in this buggy and started pulling out of out to town which about 5 miles away and his dog started following him now I don't know about you but you ever pull it from your house your dogs follow you stay back stay home right and then as this this this farmer was you know trotting away on his buggy his dog started following him and he thought you know it's only 5 miles and this dog has been so good today let's give him a little treat right. So the 5 miles of course went on and the farmer finally got there with his dog and he went to the Mercantile there or the shop and in those days they had those really awesome structures that were stores where they had the store that around them was like a verandah right where people would have rocking chairs or checkerboard and they could be in the shade right well this dog as soon as they got to the store there went right up into that verandah area and lay down right on its back with its feet in the air and started panting right he was tired he was really tired he was very sick to the farm and think anything of it and walked into the store and picked up the things that he wanted he got his Roma because it was an administration good coffee service. He got all the things that he needed and he went up to the it up to the store master there and got his stuff and the merchant looked over at his dog it was a little bit upset with the farmer and he looked at the farmer and said Why would you take your dog this far look at how he's suffering of course the dog was really thirsty it was a little bit overheated too and so he continued to tell the farmer how is it he was an irresponsible dog owner and all those types of things and the farmer took it and took it and took it and then once the store or the shop owner had finally stopped the farmer looked up and smiled and then went on to explain himself he said You see we only live 5 miles down the road that's not that far for a dog but here's the thing my dog when they explored every rabbit hole he went looked at every fence he went over there to see that tree he went and chased those turkeys he did so much zig zagging that he was stayed faithful to the path he would be just fine right now but because of all that sidetracking that's why that puppy is so worn out today and I believe that farmer said something profound without realizing it so often on our Christian walk God has given us a straight shot to heaven what do you think he's given us that shot it's a distance but it's there and we know how to get there. We end our lives so much we do exactly what that puppy dog did and what Jonah did and we do a whole lot of zig zagging every temptation of the devil throws out on the side of the road or any false doctrine that he throws on the south road we sniff it out where they're right and we then we slowly get off the path then we see the next 1 and we're there and when we finally get back to the path towards heaven we're so worn out entirely that we can't even continue on and that's exactly where the devil wants us Jonah was so worn out from his zigging and his sagging that he just would have been faithful to God He could have saved the lives of 120000 people but yet he did it history is very clear about what happens I don't know what you might be zig zagging on today it might be something that's completely different than mine I'm not sure but let's stay true to the pole a minute let's continue along the she strained shot that God has given us because there's going to come a time when there's going to be a lot more temptations there's going to be a lot more trials it's already starting to be socially unacceptable to believe in God It's already becoming socially unacceptable to go to church and pay your timeline all these things are starting to get more socially unacceptable until very soon they're going to be unacceptable period and shortly after that it might be enforced but I believe that we're living in a time of the ends a couple 100 years ago Sure you might have had time for singing zagging shows in the den and then but today as we look at the news we look at the prophecies there's no time for any of that nonsense there is no time for anyone to false doctrine there is no time to waste your time the only time that we have today is to make sure that we're close with our personal Heavenly Father and that our family is on that right track is there somebody this week. That you know is a game in zagging along maybe it's you I'm not sure but the needs to get back on the path to righteousness don't let the devil fool you with rabbit trails he fool Jonah and Jonah was a prophet of God If you can fool a prophet of God he can fool you and he can fool me when to be on our knees daily not well before it's too late but constantly with our Heavenly Father and. Let's pray Father Lord we thank you for your Sabbath we thank you for the truths in your word and in simple stories like this or as we continue to study week after week and as we continue to have a prayer life Father I ask that we would grow closer to you Father may or spirit be with each and every 1 of us this week may we not be 7th Day Adventists Christians just on Sabbath but on every single day of the week this we pray in. 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