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3. Name Above All Names

Garhett Morgan


  • February 3, 2018
    11:30 AM
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So we are on part 3 of our commandments and for those of you that happened then here we've been working through the commandments 1 by 1 so the 1st we found that the 10 Commandments are still valid for today men are they still relevance of course they are I think and then the 2nd week we took a look and we serve a God that has delivered us out of bondage and then praise the Lord he just like he freed the Israelites from bondage and being slaves he's free all of us are offered freedom from all of us from slavery as well and I know that he still does that he meant so as long as God is still in the business of 3 people from bondage the 10 Commandments are still going to be valid and he meant praise the Lord for that and what we have been finding is that in the 10 Commandments every commandments is a guideline to keep us from bondage you're right God has saved us from that and now he's going to keep us out Amen you know it's 1 thing to follow God for a few months but we've all known people and they believe that and that person ourselves or we're on fire for the Lord for about a month 2 months 3 months even maybe year and then that faith in God slowly starts to waver a little bit and then pretty soon we slide back to where we were but praise the Lord that he's patients Amen and that he's long suffering and he wants to have that relationship with us doesn't he and today we're going to be finding that this commandment the 3rd commandment is as well 1 of those suggestions. So I'm going to read you a text here from X. and I'm not going to tell you where it is I'm going to kind of throw you in the middle of the story they were going to come back later OK in the book of Acts this is what it says what happened all in Silas following after Paul and us she began crying out saying these men are bond servants of the most time who are proclaiming to you the way of salvation she continued doing this for many days but Paul was greatly What's annoyed. And there is not sound a little bit odd we had here a woman who was following Paul and Silas through a great town in Macedonia by the way and this Paul and Silas are going through the town preaching the Word of God This woman is following them saying these men know the truth they meant these men know the way of salvation now Paul should have been rejoicing you think right but instead it said that Paul was greatly annoyed when come back and see why he was annoyed or grieved in just a few minutes but let's take a look here at our Scripture text for the day X. this chapter 20 turn there with me again if you would actually this chapter 20 extra chapter 20 and verse 7. Doesn't matter what comes out of our mouth. It does doesn't it a few months ago we talked about what it is to complain this God while the complaining people he still loves us doesn't it but we found when back to the Old Testament we found that when the people of Israel were complaining and even the leadership of Israel complaining and speaking harshly to each other what happened to The Spirit of God there in the sanctuary it picked up and it left today we're also to be talking about our language and speech a little bit but it's a little bit deeper than just that it's this chapter 20 starting in verse 7 thou shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who take it his name in vain after Bring us from the bondage of idolatry God continues to work upon a relationship by asking us a very simple request respect my name now have you ever been around somebody I know a few of these people in my lives have been my life but if you have been around somebody who just demands your respect. That person where you just are when you when you're talking with that person you may have had a rough day but you come up to that man or that woman whoever it may be and you just know that you need to respect that person just from their presence My grandfather was 1 of those people and when I was a boy I was a pretty rambunctious skin and I could go do it do all these different mischief and all that when I came to my grandfather I knew that I need to respect him he never disciplined me he never did any of these things that normally would earn my respect but when I came in his presence I knew I needed to respect him but with more you respect somebody we always ask ourselves a question that's really relevant is this person worthy of my respect do you respect somebody who isn't worthy of your respect at all you don't do you know let me ask you this question Is God worthy of your respect is gone worthy of my respect what do you think why do you think God is still worthy of our respect talk to me why do you think God is worthy of our respect. He's loving OK Why else is God worthy of our respect he cannot why we learned that last night didn't we why else does God deserve our respect. Created us He died 3 you he does doesn't he if there is anybody or any being that has ever deserved respect it's God isn't it if you would turn with me to John Chapter 17 John Chapter 17 Matthew Mark Luke John. John Chapter 17 in verse 6. I praise the Lord for this verse. John 17 in verse 6 they were fine as Jesus talking and this is what it says I have manifested What does it mean to manifest. To make known right to magnify I have manifested the name once of the men which you gave me out of the morals than they were and now gave them me and they have kept the word evolution see Christ Christ was a representation of who is Father in Heaven and then when you look at Jesus was Jesus someone that needed respect and deserve respect now when children came to Christ when tax collectors and I don't yours and all of these simple people came to Christ was Christ an intimidating figure he was of the fair seas because they knew that they were wrong right but when Christ invited people into his presence people felt loved Amen this isn't a respect of God out of fear but it's respect because of what God has done in our lives a man Jesus came and he fulfilled what God is really like he fulfilled God's character in every single instance of his life and you say amen to that and because Christ came and fulfill every instance of God's character another verse came to mind that I had never read like this until this past few weeks and we've read it before we actually read it in the sermon series but go back to Matthew if you would go back to Matthew. We spent some time on this a little while ago Matthew chapter 5. Matthew chapter 5 in verse 17. Matthew chapter 5 and we're 17 says this This is Jesus talking the Sermon on the Mount here think not so that I am come to destroy the law the Christ came to destroy the law he didn't did it but look at assess or the Prophets I came not to destroy but to what the fulfillment a lot of people say and we've talked about this before that since Christ fulfilled the Law The Law is no longer relevant right but I believe what Jesus was saying here is this if you want to see a life that has truly kept the commandments of God and fulfilled what a concert a commandment keeping Christians should be that's Jesus amen if you wonder what it would be like if we kept all the commandments all the time that's Christ Amen and the Christ lived a successful life he did to me I want to be like Jesus and then I want to be like Christ but there's a difference between Christ in me I've already blown it haven't I and all that you have to and because I've blown it already I struggle with this nature that carnal nature right there wants to do things against the law so the only way that I'm going to be able to keep the Law of God is through Jesus Christ amen and as we saw the Law of God I'm going to say this over and over and over again the law is gone and the love of God are synonymous amen if we bring ourselves in accordance in alliance with God then we're going to bring ourselves in accordance with the commandments as well amen Isn't that beautiful picture if we become like gone in essence we're going to be keeping His commandments through him so do you think that God is worthy of our respect. If you look in Revelation you see it says 10 thousands upon 10 thousands of angels which simply means a lot right all of the angels of the universe say that we are worthy of a lord a right to receive glory and honor and power the $24.00 elders join in with this is well every unfallen creature in this universe knows the gods to be respected Amen but it's only OS that are for all and it is only OS that have come away from God's plan that seem it is that seem like it is a good thing to profane the name of God and when we read that 3rd commandment there are normally we think don't take the name don't take the name of more than God in vain simply means not to use profanity or not to swear and it doesn't include that and we're going to talk about that in just a minute but there are so much more than just using profanity that this is this verse is talking about did you know what the word profanity came comes from if you looked at my Facebook yesterday you know what it is profanity comes from 2 laps in roots and suffixes and pro means and of rights we all know that pro means in front you know what tenets he means the temple or the sanctuary a place where holiness dwells is not something profanity means in front of the place that God lives that's not provoking isn't it when we take the name of the Lord our God in vain which so many people do these days and I believe Christians do as well which we're going to get to in just a minute we are doing that before the throne of God himself now it never makes sense to profane the name of God with your Christian or not a Christian I'll tell you why if you're a believer in God It's a dangerous thing to proclaim his name isn't it we just read that next 20 Lord will not hold him guiltless that takes his name in vain so if you are a believer in God and you believe that He exists it is a dangerous thing to profane his name. But if you don't believe there's a God and you profane his name then you're illogical This makes sense if you don't believe there is a God then why would you prefer in the name of somebody that doesn't even exist right and never makes sense to profane the name of God but also there is a reason and I was reading a little bit of this on the Internet this week to make sure I was correct there is a reason that in the business world or that in improper places and in interacting with money and things of that nature what business men come together there's a reason why profanity is improper you know why when somebody uses that those words their intelligence level is looked at a little bit lower if you know that when people use profanity over and over and over again people think well they're not as bright as I thought they were but when Christians speak brothers and sisters God wants us to speak with a pure language Amen we see this and Zephaniah Good luck finding that 1 Zephaniah It's right after back if you want to turn there with me Jonah Micah and name a back and then you'll get the Zephaniah Zephaniah chapter 3. Starting in verse 9 Zephaniah chapter 3 starting in verse 9 I love this right here Zephaniah chapter 3 in verse 9 says this for then well I turn to the people a pure language that they make all call upon the name of the Lord to serve him with 1 can sense how does God want us to speak what kind of language does he want to use pure in language in the pure language isn't 1 that just is absent profer Prone from profanity but your language is also 1 that is honest Amen 1 that speaks the truth. In the Netherlands right after the Dark Ages there in medieval times the Anabaptists were just starting 2 comments a province and the Anabaptist which we now get today called Baptists were there and they were attacked a lot during that that time in history and the Baptists there when they went to the Netherlands and they were making a name for themself they would come and a lot of people didn't like them because they were taken business those politics and all these things and they came to the king for help and the king of the Netherlands said I trust the Baptists because when they say yes I can believe that their yes means yes their on a speech will praise the new person that he meant I want people to think when Garrett Morgan says this then is truth and you can go to the bank on it I believe that should be for all of us as well and then we have some of the administration should just be known for keeping the Sabbath but we should also be known for being honest people Amen God wants all of our language not just the absence from profanity but he wants us to be truthful as well let's go to another verse here go to Jeremiah right after the book of Isaiah in your Bibles and Jeremiah chapter 14. Jeremiah chapter 14 and verse 9 this is a little bit of weight to the matter here Jeremiah 14 and verse 9. Jeremih 149 says that's why should you be as a man astonished as a my demand that cannot say that you alone are in the midst of us you believe the Lord is in the midst of us today the men are in the midst of us and we are called by what by your name leaves us not it's are we known are we called by Christ's name we are only we're called Christian people we should be doing that justice Amen when I just left home I was almost 18 years old when I left home and my dad is 1 of those men that when I'm in his presence I know he demands my wrist he demands my respect excuse me and I remember getting on the plane and I had my backpack and everything and I was just headed into the airport and my dad is a very soft spoken gentleman and some of the last things he said to me when I was leaving home was this Don't profane our name don't make my name look bad my dad is a very and I believe that's a good thing it's a good type of pride my dad is very proud of the Morgan name because the Morgan name has been known for a while to be up right people I think he was telling me when I went back in our family tree there hasn't been a divorce in the Morgan side of the family for going on 6 or 7 decades there has and all these different things that want to make sure that when I went out and spread my wings a little bit that I would make sure that that name lived on as an honest name and that pales in comparison to being called a Christian doesn't it I'm proud to be called the Morgan and I and I tend to keep that name strong in Peter but being called a Christian is something far greater than that as it is when you are called a Christian you are a witness of God Himself that you know that. That's a very weighty matter isn't it when people look at you sometimes as the only glimpse of God that they will ever see we need to be pure witnesses don't we that's what this commandment means do not take the name of the Lord your God in vain when we profess to follow Christ we should really follow Christ Amen Let's move on to another verse here go to Isaiah Chapter 481 book to your left Isaiah Chapter 48 starting here in verse 1 this 1 was a rebuke to me this week Isaiah Chapter 48 and verse 1 when Jesus was here on Earth we already discovered that Jesus was respected right would Jesus have been respected and if he said 1 thing and acted another way he wouldn't what he would Jesus have been respected if he would have done 1 thing and then in the corner with his buddies said profanity he wouldn't know let's go here Isaiah Chapter $48.00 hours 1 notice what it says here then if so house of Jacob which are called by the name of Israel and are come forth out of the waters of Judah would swear by the name of the Lord and make mention of the God of Israel they were telling people that God was real but look what it says but nots in what but not in truth nor in righteousness verse 2 for they call themselves of the holy city and state themselves upon the God of Israel the Lord of hosts is his name these people were these these Jewish people were saying and swearing to people that their God was real and they were saying that they were from Israel with was the promised land but yet when it came to righteousness in actions were they being Christian people they weren't were they how many of you believe Jesus is coming soon. Do you believe in I believe he's right around the bend you know 1 of the reasons why I think that when people tell me and I've heard this over and over and over again but if you ever heard people say you know my grandfather believe that Jesus was coming to you or that they've been saying that Jesus is going to come for hundreds of years that just makes me know that Jesus is coming all the sooner because people aren't expecting it that's what it says and 2nd Peter but I believe that Jesus is coming soon Amen enough I profess that I am of heaven and I'm just a passing through this world I should be acting like my citizenship is in heaven Amen. Let's go to X. Chapter 16. Acts Chapter 16. We're going to follow up on the story that I kind of just dropped you in the middle of why I was Paul annoyed and grieved that this woman was witnessing for God There is a very good reason some of the already know it acts 16 in verse 16 this was right after the baptism of Lydia All right and they came to pass as we want to prayer this is Paul and Silas as we went to prayer a certain damsel possessed with the spirit of divination this god it was the spirit of divination sometimes he does right but this is the wrong 1 met us which brought her Masters much gain by what what's soothsaying. Fortune telling consulting with the dark side right continuing on here the same this woman followed Paul and us and cried saying these men are the servants of the most high God would show unto us the way of sounds that salvation was she saying all the right things she was wasn't me we should be saying Praise the Lord but why was Paul not happy about this what do you think. OK What was that. The way she said it I believe that the reason that Paul was upset about this was because she was saying all the right things but because of rocky patient because of because of her actions people were looking at God differently weren't they because this woman was a soothsayer people look to civil she say the truth but because she is of the soothsaying nature God must not be the pure God that Paul and Silas are saying that he is because look down here at the next verse in verse 18 because Paul it was go on for a while and this did she many days but Paul being greet turned and said to the spirit he didn't talk to the woman but who did he talk to was this woman possessed sure sounds like it doesn't so the spirit was staying out of this woman that God was real interesting but Paul being grieved turned and said to the spirit I command the and the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her and he came outs about the same hour the devil loves for people to be lost in the world and don't get me wrong we should be calling people out of that but the devil likes it I think even more to have unconverted people in his church in God's church some of the most harm the most damage that is done to the kingdom of God isn't done by preparing it saying it isn't done by saying the wrong things or swear words but some of the worst damage done to the kingdom of God is done by us because we profess to be Christians we profess to be 7th Day Adventists Christians but are we living up to our name. That's what we call a hypocrite right. When the word hypocrite 1st came into the English language it wasn't used really in a biblical sense but it was used in reference to actors they call actors hypocrites back in the days before the King James Version was made. Are you an actor today. Am I an actor you know some of us are really good actors but if I profess to have the message of God. That's a responsibility isn't it. And it's a responsibility that we shouldn't take lightly Do we have a pure message what you think will appear message don't we do we sort of appeared on we do don't we if we have a pure message and we have a pure God we should be pure people and the only way brothers and sisters that we're going to be pure people is not by keeping the commandments although that's good but we need be keeping commandments through the power of Jesus Christ amen He's our only ticket to be peer let's not be actors let's not say all the right things and Mr Craig God's name by acting another way but a lot of strew only know that we are Christians Amen. In 1888 and that date will spark a lot of different things and I'm not here to talk about that controversy but in 888 at the General Conference there was a big tent that was put up and there were some meetings taking place there and then after the meetings were over there were about 4 pastors that were there in that sense and everyone had gone away and they were cleaning up and tidying up the tent for the next day and a tall stranger came into that tent he was about 6 foot tall maybe 6 foot 1 he had a nice sharp suit on he just well put together and this stranger came into the tents and he zeroed in on 1 particular pastor and started to ask this pastor questions now pastors are pretty used to questions and so the question started talking with a stranger answering his questions and then very pleasant manner but as that gentleman began to ask that Pastor more and more questions they start to get more pointed. And finally that Pastor answered a question and the stranger said well I have to disagree with you on that I believe this way and that Pastor sweet spirit that he once had changed and he started to have a spirit of arguments and debate and he started to call the stranger out that he didn't even know who he was and then after a few minutes of the bait the pastor started to get a little bit nasty and he told the stranger this. You cannot meet the arguments you may has well just leave the stranger looked at that pastor and said something very bold and this is what he said. You are no minister of Jesus Christ you are controversal lists or how much what does it mean to be a controversal ist somebody that seeks controversy right somebody that might present truth but in an argumentative way to going to beat someone over the head with their right do you think that that's a false witness as well do you think that that might be taking the word of gone or the name of the Lord in vain if we present as truth in a wrong light absolutely right the Word of God isn't something that should be presented as a debate or controversy but is something that will give us love joy and hope they meant well the stranger answered and said you were no minister of Jesus Christ you're a controversal LESTER The minister just chock old let it roll off his back and said the same thing you can't meet my argument well the tall stranger said the exact same thing again you are no minister of Christ you're a controversialist This happened 3 times and so finally this tall stranger pointed out another pastor in the room instead this that is a true minister of Christ and then he left I was in no that's a pretty No that's a pretty incredible story. But Sister White was present at that camp meeting at $888.00 and this was told to her and sister want your smiled and she said this that was no tart tall dark stranger that was an angel. Can you imagine how that Pastor must've felt I'm trying to put myself in his shoes being told by an angel of God that I was not a minister of a controversialist. Brothers and sisters we have all been called to be ministers of Christ Amen maybe not in the status as a pastor but we have all been called to minister and to people and we need to present that message and its purity and its truth in a loving way Amen not as a controversy not as a debate but how Christ did Amen and the only way that we can do that is if we have Christ help us you know I believe that we as Christians we have our work cut out for us Amen we have a lot of work to do as a local church in Bristol we have a lot of work to get done don't we but has Christ given us the tools he gave us the Holy Spirit in me we read out last night with Brother Chan he said that in Matthew it says that how much power was given to us all of you want to access all of that power the only way that we can access that powers if we live in the presence of God We cannot be hot or cold but we must be hot Amen when people are cold they don't just sit outside. And say well I'll wait for summer to come around again but when people are called What do do they. They get inside and go into the arms fire place right in that they let me on fire last night nothing was warm but you go sit by the fire rites and you warm up so many people today and I believe Christians today as well are saying I feel spiritually dead I feel spiritually cold you have to show your hand if you're a fellow like that before I just feel spiritually blah Well you're not going to get hot unless you go into the presence of God Amen if you want to cure for being cold spiritually then bask in the presence of God for a little while spend some time on your knees and in prayer and I guarantee you that after you go away from the throne of God that he will have lifted you up a minute let's not profane the Word of God But let's lift it up Amen and the only way you can do that is of Jesus holds our hands every step of the way isn't it amazing as we look through these commandments 1 by 1 that they're guidelines to have a better relationship with Jesus not a blessing to know. Him and praise the Lord. I just want to do something very quickly as we end here I wasn't going to do this but I think that we should there's a few people in our midst that this past week have been feeling convicted to be baptized a man and I would like those 2 people to come up and I'd like the elders all the elders in the church to come up I think we should have a prayer over them amen because when someone makes that commitment the devil's going to attack Iran the Lord is right amen So we need to have a pro over them but not just them we're also going to be having a marriage not this Sunday but next right and I'm not going to be here next Sabbath but I think that you too as well should come up and we'll have award a prayer for you and kind of calm the bride's nerves down a little bit event so if you for would come up Jameson and the others as well and we can have are all the elders in the room come up as well that would be a blessing welcome to is well adjusted. And sound a word of prayer over them Father Lord we thank you so much for these. Young people that have committed their lives to Christ. Father we know that it's not an easy choice in the past few months I have seen their lives transform father continue to be with them bless them father as they make this transition to truly being known as a Christian father we ask you would protect them and that you would fill them with your Holy Spirit father I also asked that he would be with Holly you with Alan as well Lord He would bless them in their upcoming decision to join together in a marriage. Father Don't just be with them on their wedding day because that's just the beginning but we would be with them throughout all the time after that day as well may they live a life that is close to you and as they grow closer to you Father we know that they will grow closer to each other so father be with these men and woman here affronts there when you would continue we know that you are consistent help them to be consistent and follow. And she go. As we pray. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more service please visit W W W dot audio Verse dot org.


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