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4. Temple Made of Time

Garhett Morgan


  • February 17, 2018
    11:30 AM
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So with the exception of last week over the past few weeks we've been talking about the 10 Commandments and we've looked at 1 through 3 already we've looked at there's been no other gods before God The bow down to graven images or I don't and we also looked at the 3rd commandment 2 weeks ago and that was talking about taking his name in vain or profanity and what we saw was that taking his name in vain was more than just words but also no other actions to didn't it's 1 of the worst tragedies that ever can come about of the Christian church is that what we say but what we do as we claim to be a Christian remember the word profanity profanity and it's Latin roots actually mean before pro and vanity means the temple interesting isn't it when we profane God's name or doing it as it were in front of his temple so the past few weeks these commandments I like to break them down it's of this the 1st commandment we found the objects of our worship that God wants us to worship they meant the object of all of our adoration and our praying should be God the Father in the 2nd commandment to us the mode of worship that we should worship God in can we worship God in a wrong way what do you think we can can't we when we come to church on Sabbath morning or Sunday morning whatever it is when we come to church on that day and we come just to go through the motions could we be worshipping Him and thing what do you think so the 1st family talks about the object of who we worship the 2nd talks about how or the moment of where of where we worship and the 3rd commitment talks about the approach of worship but the 4th Commandment today we've gone over all of the banks 6 but the 4th Commandment today when I look at the time that God wants us to worship. You know it has been brought to my attention by many people that we should worship God every day of the week what do you think and I agree with that wholeheartedly but today we're to be looking into that a little bit we're going to be looking at some of the things that people use against the Sabbath day but I want to look at the Sabbath apart from all of its critics I want to look at the Sabbath in a way where it has no criticism Bill look at it as how God looks at it you know I think without meaning any harm and I think with good intentions that often we as Christians and some of the administrations as well we try and take people and we get them right on the edge of the baptismal tank right here and we like to push them in we like to get people and here's heaven and here's eternal death and we as Christians like to take people and we try and push them over to eternal life because we want them to be there right when it comes to the Sabbath when it comes to all these other beliefs that we have we take the truth and we push them towards it which is all well and good but brothers and sisters I believe that that is not the way to bring someone to truth truth that of itself should be inviting shouldn't the Sabbath day is not something that should be pushed Torrence and not today when I present the Sabbath it's not going to be anything Seaway it's not going to be extremely profound I'm not going to have a flashy story that will make you tear up but today was we a was we approach the Sabbath in a simplicity I don't want to push you towards it but I want its beauty to draw you to it I believe that everything that God has created as we're going to see is something that he has created for your pleasure. You know that God wants you to hapless sure. We're going to look at that but before we look at that trip with me if you would to Exodus Chapter 20 it was our scripture verse today Exodus Chapter 20 and if my lip starts bleeding here I apologize my wife did not clock me it's just from the dry climate I think Xmas Chapter 20 starting in verse 8 Interestingly enough this 1 commandment starts with the word remember which 1 to look at in just a minute X. is Chapter 20 starting verse 8 says that remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy 6 days you shall labor and do all of your work so I'm going to stop there before the stabbing before the Sabbath command or the 4th Commandment talks about the Sabbath It also talks about every other day of the week to doesn't it before the commitment even gets to the Sabbath that says hold on let's talk about the 1st 6 days when God created mankind did he create us to be idol he didn't did it was a perfect children's story for this very point itself God created you God created me to be busy Amen but not just busy to the point that we stress ourself out but busy to our happiness I tell you as a pastor I'm busy all the time but it's by my choice because I enjoy what I'm doing M.N. I'm busy all the time but praise the Lord I'm busy because I get to talk with people that I love I get to print people to God that's an enjoyment it's not a burden so these 6 days the gun has told us he says before we get to the Sabbath let's treat the 1st 6 days right I remember when I was younger and many of you were probably thinking how can this guy get any younger. I remember when I was a little bit younger I was in college and I was going to take a full load in college and after I was taking my full load I went to work. And so I went to work from about 8 o'clock in the morning maybe a little earlier sometimes to about 5 o'clock in the afternoon working construction and then from about 6 o'clock to 9 o'clock I was taking night classes and it was a really really rough schedule and I remember I had never appreciated Sabbath so much in my life as I did when I was working those kind of hours the appreciation of the Sabbath grows when our work load grows you know there's a story of an old monastery and this monastery I read 2 different accounts of it and the 2 different accounts don't agree 1 account says it was in Portugal the other said that this monastery was in Greece it really doesn't matter but I believe it was in Greece there was this monastery that was in Greece and it was up high on this cliff and the cliff was not accessible anywhere there was no trail that you could take to get to this cliff it was just this month it was just lodged there and when it's monks went up into the monastery they were there for the rest of their life the only way to get food supplies or to bring anybody into that monastery was literally by a big basket attached to a rope and they put the person or the food or the supplies that they needed and they draw that rope up into the monastery Now interestingly enough this 1 man came around this monastery 1 day and so that would be a really really great thing to visit and so he got in this basket and up he went and he toured the monastery and he talked to some of the monks that were there and had the 2 or that he wanted and as he was getting ready to get into this basket again he looked at 1 of the monks and kind of in jest he says How often do you check your rope How often do you change your rope. Out of the monastery with them if the monk was serious or not his answer but the monk replied and said we change it whenever it breaks. I'm sure he was keeping a special watch on that rope as he was being lowered down right but in reverse felt like this life is pulling on you so continually that you just are going to snap. Before maybe it's your workload Maybe it's your home life maybe it's school it's all those things combined I don't know but this 1 has something about it the just makes you want to step doesn't it emotionally and physically but when God laid out it's his 7th day sabbath everything that he did was logical and preventing you from snappy Let's continue on in this commandment here 6 days verse 9 X. 296 days you shall labor and do all your work but the 7th day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God in it you shall not do any work you your son your daughter your manservant your maid servant or your cattle or by strangers in the gates were in 6 days the Lord made heaven and earth the sea and all that in them is an arrest of the 7th day wherefore the Lord bless the Sabbath day and did want to it Sabbath simply means rest in its original translation by the way and that Sabbath is here we find something very very interesting about it the 7th commandment takes us all the way back to where to creation to the Genesis accounts and as it takes us all the way back to creation we find something very interesting back there in Eden we're going to turn there in just a minute but back in Genesis when God created this earth perfect which I believe he created it perfect God created things there for Adam and Eve to enjoy. Everything that John created in Eden the devil has been attacking for example I believe that the food that was there in Eden was a lot tastier nutritious than we have now I believe that the environment and the nature around them was a lot more pretty than it is now but when God originally made those things he made it for mankind's health and his enjoyment I believe that when God created the institution of marriage between a man and a woman. That God made that for our enjoyment would you agree and all of these things that God has made for your pleasure the devil has had under major attack I believe that when God created Eve. That God created Eve gorgeous and I mean physically appealing and attractive and I believe that when he made Adam that Adam was a handsome guy everything that God made was for their pleasure and then when you think of the word pleasure it kind of has a negative connotation to it doesn't it when we think of pleasure we think of things of this world writes all the pleasure that this world offers but is there a difference between pleasure and godly pleasure What do you think I believe that there's a big difference and the Sabbath day like all of those other things and even let me ask you in the morning when you're eating breakfast and you and you sliced open an orange or a great fruit and you sink your teeth into that is that enjoyable it is isn't it everything that God has created for you should have a level of enjoyment in it and I believe that the Sabbath is the exact same thing we're to look at this go to the verse Genesis chapter 2. Genesis Chapter 2 starting in verse 1. Very simple here Genesis 2 starting in verse 1. Thus the heavens and the earth were finished so the creation 6 days were over in all the host of them and on the 7th day God ended his work which he had made and he rested on the 7th day from all his work which he had made and God blessed the 7th day and sanctified it or made it holy set apart because that in its He had rested from all his work which God created and made the 4th Commandment starts with the word remember for a couple different reasons. Number 1 is the 1 that we often say the very commandment the stars with the word remember is the 1 that so many people forget right God knew that in our busy work schedule or that or the or the deception of the Double that we would forget the Sabbath day and so he put that word remember on and there's another reason why that would remember is there if there were remember if I tell you to remember something it means that that thought or that thing I told you remember existed beforehand right remembering shows that it existed before that you had remember it that makes sense so this 4th Commandment X. is Chapter 20 Scholz that the commitment existed before Sinai right and it's very easy to prove that here in the Genesis accounts we find out how many did they keep the Sabbath they didn't day we have proof that Abraham kept the soundness that the Israelites were keeping the Sabbath with manna and talking about all of that and picking up an extra portion on Friday we'll have time to get into all that but they were keeping the Sabbath day before Sinai ever came about it's the 7th day throughout the Bible there are flat posts and surveyors stakes where this Sabbath is consistent the entire way through God has always had a remnant day people that have kept his Sabbath day now. There are a couple different critics many critics that will say these things Number 1 the Sabbath day was made only for the Jews. Was the Sabbath for the Jews absolutely right the Sabbath is for all of God's people including the Jews and I think there's a very easy way to prove that that Adam keep the Sabbath was Adam a Jew. The Sabbath was kept long before a Jew ever existed and the Sabbath is still today Jew or Gentile which we're going to find here in just a minute but there's another arguments about the Sabbath that gets brought up over and over and over again and it's this throughout all of the calendar changes and the different types of calendars and all these different things the 7 day week must have somewhere become corrupt to where Saturday the 7th day isn't really the same as it is today as are you following me I did a lot of historical research and I did a lot of looking back into this and I'll tell you what the monthly cycle has been changed a lot the names of the days have been changed all of these different things have been changed but I'll tell you this the 7 day weekly cycle has been attempted to be change a few times the Grecians put in a 4 day week that didn't work well because they weren't getting anything done the Romans put in a 10 day week. And people started dying. Because it was too long their physical cycle even even that even their animals and livestock were just falling over from exhaustion the 7th day so I call as something that has never historically changed for longer than a brief footnote and they always revert back to that 7 days let me ask you does God protect things that are important to him he does doesn't mean this isn't evidence of that the Bible have there been people or beings that have wanted to destroy the Bible hope you better believe it right the devil wanted this thing destroyed long ago he used many different resources and ways to try and get this Bible outlawed Byrne's done away with destroyed completely but is the Bible still around today why do you think that is God protected it let me ask you this are you important to gone there's a reason you're still here by the way everything that God makes holy is never going to end when God sanctified the Sabbath he meant it for eternity and by the way when God breathed into Adam I mean. His breath of wind he wanted Adam and Eve to exist forever in by the way God's breast never ended because that same breath that he breathed into Adam Many you're breathing that today as well thousands of years later God protects what is important to him and the Sabbath is no different from that. Let's look at another verse here go to Mark Chapter 2. The 2nd gospel accounts Mark Chapter 2 I want to take you to a verse here or to start in verse 23 Mark Chapter 2 starting in verse 23. This is what the Word of God sent us and the fairest see where they stop with keepers Oh you better believe it and the 1st see said to him Behold Why do they talk about the disciples and Jesus why do they on the Sabbath day that which is not lawful and he being Jesus said to them Have you ever read what David did when he had need and was hungry he and they that were with him how he went into the house of God in the days of Abbot are the high priest and eat the showbread which is not lawful to see before the priests and gave also to them which were with them and he said unto them this is the part of the Sabbath was made for whom for men and not meant for the Sabbath therefore the Son of Man is lured also known of the Sabbath so here we see Christ and Christ look at all those people that are gathered about most likely the fairest he is in general and he looks at those fair season he says listen I don't create the Sabbath and then say all right let's get some people to honor it but I created you and gave you the Sabbath as a gift for your enjoyment how can we make the Sabbath enjoyable I'll tell you this if the Sabbath is an enjoyable for you then you're not keeping the right Sabbath if your children get up on Sabbath morning and groan that this week has come around again than we're doing something wrong by the way as we see here later on in March chapter 3 says that Jesus entered into the synagogue. There it is right there. But as you just entered into that synagogue there it shows us as we look at the New Testament continuing on with Paul that the Sabbath day was a time where we would get together with common believers as well coming to church should be enjoyable too when you come to this church brothers and sisters it should be enjoyable. In other things want to preach for me. But when you come brothers sisters this church should be enjoyable and I'll tell you this I'm a pretty open guy if there's something in this church experience that isn't blessing you or you know of something that would make more of a blessing in our church service let me know we'll see what we can do to make it better because we have room for improvement Amen Now I should say that with a little bit of clarification I don't want to put it in front because it would make it more enjoyable for you that's not what I'm saying but I'm saying something that would make it spiritually more meaningful and in depth and enjoyable and it holds true to the Word of God then we should be doing that amen the Sabbath we should not push people into it but it should drop people to itself the way that we treat it continuing on here in March chapter 3 verse 1 and he answered again it's in the synagogue there was a man who had a weather to hand and they watched him whether he would kill him on the Sabbath day that they might accuse him and he said to the man which had the withered hand stand forth he sent it to them it is lawful to do good on the Sabbath day or to do evil have a lot to save lives or to kill but they held their peace you know why they held their peace they didn't have an answer the Sabbath day is a time when we're supposed to be doing good for others not so you this I believe that every once in a while. The Sabbath nap as an order. Every now and then you need a good Sabbath nap don't you praise the Lord for that but if we sleep away the Sabbath we're missing out on a major blessing if we come to church go home get our bellies full sleep until sundown then we come to life again. We're missing that the Sabbath is standing for the blessing of God has promised us. So I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the Sabbath now because he wants to have that now and then but let's do our Sabbath as the Jesus did and do something good for other people and I don't know what that may be and maybe talking with your neighbor and maybe giving a Bible study to somebody I don't know but let's treat the Sabbath how it was originally supposed to be treated Amen. You know when people take a look at the Sabbath often they wonder why it's so important why is this your hill to die on as what a lot of them say spiritually things are spiritually discerned are things people cannot understand the importance of the Sabbath if they don't understand the importance of God People cannot understand the meaning behind the Sabbath if they are unacquainted with the father because I can tell you this the more close to God the Father that you calm the closer to his character that you understand the more the Sabbath is going to make sense the more that all of his laws are going to make sense because you find that his laws aren't laws there it's for a check box as we've been covering but the subvert the 10 Commandments on the Sabbath are there to free you from bondage and to keep you from. So the Sabbath for many seems unattractive and unimportance simply because there are many that don't find god important to me if you would say the book of John John chapter 1. I love this. John chapter 1 starting in verse 1 this is a good minor in the beginning. Was the word for supporting tells us that word was Jesus by the way in the beginning was Jesus and Jesus was with God and Jesus was God want to take a little sidetracked there. There are many that are telling us today that the Godhead the heavenly trio the Trinity whatever you want to call it all means the same thing that they're separate entities that Jesus is not God In fact I read a bible years ago when I was studying with Joel witness in by the way the answer Trinitarians that are a movement that are starting to form believe the same thing as you have witnesses do which in essence believe the same thing that Catholicism does they won't tell you that though if you asked 10 different answer to Terry and the same question about the Trinity you'll get 10 different answers I was reading 1 of the Jehovah's Witnesses Bibles and I took them to John chapter 1 which very clearly proves that Jesus was God Amen and this is what it said in the beginning was the Word and the Word was WITH God and the word was a god that is important isn't it Andrew we believe in 1 God Amen where monotheistic which means 1 God If we believe that Jesus was 80 God then that is poly which means many polytheistic. And the 1st 2 about that doesn't mean we believe in 1 God we believe in 1 baptism and we believe in 1 Sabbath Amen Let's turn to another verse here to Isaiah Chapter 58 this is 1 that we don't bring often bring up very often excuse me Isaiah Chapter 15 verse 13 and this narrows down what we define earlier as pleasure and that breaks down goodly pleasure and evil pleasure Isaiah Chapter 58 verse 13. Isaiah 5813 says this If thou or if you turn away by foot from the Sabbath from doing by pleasure on my holy days so what it's saying here is if you walk away from the sabbath that's what turning put means right if you walk away from the Sabbath from doing your pleasure my holy day and call the Sabbath the what's a delight the holy of the Lord all are born shell honor him not doing your own ways nor finding your own pleasure you're watching college football on that day nor do whatever it may be doing your own pleasure nor speaking your own words and then you will delight in the Lord and I will cause you to rise high above the places of the earth feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father for the mount of the Lord has spoken it I want to be pleasured by the Lord on the Sabbath and he's promised it and he promised to count me a part of Israel if I do that a spiritual Israel praise the Lord I want to read to you this verse here will not verse but passage there is a book that was written by a man by the name of J. and Andrew's own if you know who he is he was a pioneer of our church Jan Andrews wrote a book he actually wrote it upon his death bed. And it's a thick guy it's about $35400.00 pages long and it's called The History of the Sabbath pretty simple the history of the Sabbath and he breaks down every century on keeping the Sabbath day very much detail and there was a quote in here that struck me I'm going to read this to you now. This is what it says on history of the Sabbath to keep the Sabbath in an idle manner is the Sabbath of the oxen and asses. If we keep it in your sleep in a way that's what animals do too and I'm pretty sure that God wants to communicate with me more than a dozen animal to pass it in a jovial manner which means in a careless manner to pass in the careless manner is the Sabbath of the golden calf. When the people sat down to eat and drink and rose up to play to keep it in a surfeit setting and Watson this way is the Sabbath of Satan the Devils holiday while that's striking isn't it the Lord doesn't want to take the Sabbath and worship the Sabbath as the Israelites did a golden calf because many people do that I must have and they haven't because the Sabbath on this of the ovens because of God Amen and because I serve God I keep the Sabbath I don't worship God because of the Sabbath you understand there's a story I'm going to close with the story and 1 more verse there's a story and those of you that know me love know that I love history and there's 1 in particular part of history that I love that's World War 2 history and there's a story in this book that I read and it talks about Norway specifically and Norway was 1 of the 1st countries to be overthrown by Hitler's 3rd Reich and as soon as Hitler came in with all of his all of his armies and all of his Panzers and all these different things the 1st thing that he did among many but 1 of the 1st things that he did was he took down the Norwegian flag and guess what he put in the place was a red flag with the black symbol in the middle of it what we call a swastika right the Norwegian flag was done away with it came out ma they have a Norwegian flag and the only flag that flew was that of Hitler's and his time drew on as the years pass this happened for 456 years as this happens. People started to miss their old flag but what really started to bother people is that the children that grew up in this Nazi regime that were Norwegians by birth didn't know what their own flag looked like because they'd never seen it that's super sad isn't it. The only 1 that they knew was that of Nazi Germany and they didn't know the Norwegian flying and so many parents with simply just a pencil would draw what this flag look like and tell their kids this is the flag that we Norwegians have however kids aren't really known for keeping a tight mouth sometimes and so many of these parents the did that were found out because of their kids and many of them were put to death because of it well towards the end of the war there was a Flying Fortress that flew over Norway and whenever a plane flew low whether it be an ally or an axis power you took cover. And everybody started taking cover except in this in this blind fortress there just so happened to be a Norwegian soldier and he carried with him a massive Norwegian flag Hitler was just about ready to be defeated in Norway had just become I just been retaken and this Norwegian took this a massive flag the riginal Norwegian flag he hooked it to the fuselage and he let it go and as that plane flew low all the people looked up and they knew that their country was back and as their children looked up at that while they asked the question Mommy and Daddy what does this stand for. And with joy their parents would tell them and they rebuilt that country praise the lord amen go to X. is Chapter 20 and I guess this is he's an easy easy chapter 20. This is much more important than the old flag. Although honor ours. Chapter 20 and verse 12 is equal Chapter 20 verse 12 says this moreover Also I gave them my sadness to be a 1 a sign between me and them that they may know that I am the Lord that sanctify you interesting language isn't the same God as the park the Sabbath is the same god that wants to set you apart from the world Amen and 1 of the ways that God shows that you are set apart as if you keep a set apart day is clicking and yet there are so many in our world today that claim to fly the flag of a Christian but in fact it's the wrong flag. The symbol and the song 1 of the few songs a god has given us to fly as God's running the day people the last day people is the Sabbath day in there are so many of our children in society today that don't know what that looks like. There are so many people that are sitting in church pews and God forbid our church pews that don't know what God's flag what God symbol looks like in brothers and sisters that is dangerous it's not just sad but it's dangerous and I'll tell you why I was planning on saying this but many people are worried about this mark of the beast thing right. There are so many different theories about what it could be and we don't have time to get into that today but I'll tell you this you don't have to worry about the mark of the beast if you have to steal a gun. Jesus is very clear that no man can serve 2 masters and if we're serving God The devil can't touch you should not be comforting if we are God's people. If we are keeping the Sabbath because we love God not just keeping the Sabbath to keep the Sabbath but keeping the Sabbath because we are in love with God and it's attracted to us then we are going to be sealed with God's infinite power that has protected the Sabbath return and he and God's going to protect you not just now but in the end times when things get rough when things get worse God's protection is going to be on you do you want that I'm not telling you today that to be sealed by God you simply just have to keep the Sabbath that's also much more than that. But to be sealed by God Is that a relationship with him to love him and the seal and the proof of that is none other than the 4th Commandment Remember the Sabbath day because if you remember the Sabbath Day brothers and sisters it shows the rest of the world that you remember who God is in his original form you have vindicated his character. I want to be vindicated Christian what do you think. Let's pray Father Lord we thank you for this day that you've given us we thank you for that it is your Sabbath a day that we don't want to sleep away and in that we don't want to waste away a day that we just don't want to do because we do and that's what our parents do whatever it may be but father a day that is attractive. A day that as soon as it ends we wish they would come around again and when it does Father we are all so ready Lord help us to continue to explore the beauty of the sound and not just the beauty of the Sabbath Lord but the beauty of you. We thank you fired for being so patient with us but often we fly the wrong flag. The Lord we want to be known as Christians to. This we pray your precious now in. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit W W W dot audio verse or.


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