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6. Murder? Me?

Garhett Morgan


  • March 10, 2018
    11:30 AM
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Father Lord we thank you for the Sabbath day you've given us Lord a very high sabbath where we saw a life commit his life for you for not just here on Earth but eternity Lord we thank you that you made that all it possible by dying on the cross Father read prescience that it blows our mind to think about that but Lord you love us that much help us to love you back we pray in your name Amen. Brocton did up that fabulous job. Reading our scripture verse and he read it in the New King James version which I like a little bit better now I read out the team James Version 99 percent of the time when I preach but here the New King James version gets that just a little bit more accurately than the King James if you're reading the King James today that commandment said Thou shall not kill right. In the New King James what does it say. When the murderer is a big difference between killing and murdering isn't there we're going to go into that briefly a little bit today but that's not going to be the focus of our message now I don't know but have you ever gone over the 10 Commandments before and I know that I have and I'm guilty of that but if everyone over the 10 Commandments for it may be consciously or maybe in your subconscious you're thinking OK Sabbath I've blown that before committing adultery and blown that new I shall not steal yeah I blow. And then finally we get to the command I shall not murder and you smile to yourself and say Well at least I haven't killed anybody writes I've seen many people do that before and hear what we're going to be talking about and that when that commandment says Thou shalt not kill it's not just talking about physically. You know the very fact that God had to include in the 10 Commandments thou shall not kill shows how far gone humanity really is the thought that she managed he would take a life. Shows how low we really have come you know as I have been studying the news briefly I don't spend much time on it but I keep up a little bit as I've been seeing the news and I and I love to read history and things of that nature it's a miracle that humanity is still even arounds the only reason that mankind is still here with all the weaponry that we have and their nature that we possess isn't because that some governments have made a stalemate with us because our heavenly Father has a protecting hand over us as a human race. I want to tell you a story and this is for the young people as well as it is for the adults but I read a story many years ago in a in a book it was called Tiger and Tom. And it was an older edition and it included a story that is included in the new 1. And it tells the story of a little boy named Joe. Joe was about 9 years old. And he had been. Kind of battling his mom a little bit over the past few weeks now and those of you with children you never saw you never battle with your kids and all the you. There never rebellious and well this mother knew that with her rebellious child that she had lost her temper a few times she also knew that he was being obstinate. And he came down to the breakfast table 1 day after these few weeks just very obstinate behavior. And his favorite cereal or something of that matter wasn't there and as he looked at his mother there sitting across the table from him he did something that was completely uncalled for over such a trivial matter but he looked at his mother dead in the face and said I hate you mom and then slapped her across the face then stood up and went to school. Now it was there sitting at his desk he knew that he had gone over the line a little bit. Until he felt a tap on his shoulder and he turned around to see his teacher and his teacher informed him that his mother was in the hospital. And he went to the hospital there and saw his mother on her deathbed and as he looked at his mother unconscious she's all right right before his very eyes the doctors couldn't explain it the only thing they could say is that she died of a broken heart and the last words that this young boy spoke to her mother his mother was I hate you and she died so Song story isn't it for the rest of his life. That young man had to deal with that is it possible to murder somebody spiritually. I think that's a prime example of and let's go to a verse here and you probably knew I was going to go here but those are the Book of Matthew Matthew chapter 5. Matthew chapter 5 or $21.00 and here we see that Jesus agrees with this commandment but he takes it to the next level which he loves to do doesn't and I love how he expands upon the Old Testament he didn't come to do away with it but when he comes to do the fulfill is fulfilling in doing away with the same thing it's not Matthew chapter 5 we're going to start here verse $21.00 it says this you have heard that it was said by them of all time now shall not what. So he's looking back where it Exodus So you've heard that it said You shall not kill but he goes on it says and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment but I say to you That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment and whosoever shall say to his brother Rafa which in today's translation or English would in my terms basically say I hate you right what us to his brother I hate you or Rocco what is the 1st say shall be in danger of the council and whoever says now school shall be in danger of what. Is it possible to murder somebody spiritually. I remember a young man who had just come into the saying he was about 20 years old or a little bit more than that and he was excited you remember back for those of you that have been baptized or you found Jesus for the 1st time can you remember back to when you 1st came to the realization of who Jesus was and what he really meant and how on fire you were you member that and this man was on fire he was given Bible studies there were people that were going to be going to the baptismal tank because of this young man and he was just stoked for lack of a better term and that he was saying this he went to some dear old lady in the pew now there's nothing against our season members because we need you we talked about a few weeks ago right that gray hair is necessary because it means you have wisdom or should. And this young man went up to this lady and said and he very boldly said why are you guys just stagnant Aren't you excited about what we have our hearts like open the Word of God and just see what you just blown away how can you not share it and this lady I mean it will destroy him for this lady look at that young man instead just give it a few months and you'll be just like the rest of us. And that man's face flushed of all joy but was not only really saying she was saying just give it a few months and you'll be in a comfortable Laodicean state just give it a few months and you'll be happy to sit on the pew. And come to Sabbath school and then go home and do nothing about when you went for a story about your man hasn't done that he's still on fire. But that was written down in the books of heaven wasn't Is it possible to kill somebody spiritually words can kill can thing belief can kill another part of the scripture that is a touchy subject in today's world that I didn't realize. It's not murdering other people and I'm not talking about murdering murdering somebody spiritually but I'm talking about is self murder the subject of suicide now I have been realizing that there have been a few more suicides of late than normal 1 of them hit close to home to me a few months ago my cousin's husband committed suicide and 1 of my church members in Big Rapids his nephew committed suicide and then not to be too graphic but I want to let you know that this these things are happening for a young 9 year old girl I believe her age 1 she might have been 11 but in that range went on Facebook line in front of an audience of hundreds of people and committed that act for all to see it's not just happening it's becoming popular. As I look at the statistics suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States tens $44965.00 dying every year because of the suicide that's right put that in into some type of a number so we can understand it would be like Grand Rapids it would be like Big Rapids with school in session times a half a gram about 30000 people at another 15000 onto it. And that's how many people commit suicide every year and what continues to blow my mind was for every suicide that is successful $25.00 attempts it and are unsuccessful and the people that are most commonly affected and I say this today because there's a lot of us in this room because I'm 22 there's some of you very little older than me a little younger than me but it affects young white men between the ages of 20 and 30 the most. That's the demographic of people that commit suicide the most and the question that always comes up with suicide is this. Are they going to be saved. You've been asked that question haven't you been asked the question is mine nice is my grandmother is whoever it is is that person going to be saved and I've heard many people say of course they will be saved I've heard other people say anybody who commits suicide is going straight to hell you heard that before too. But today I want to tell you this and it's not a copout because I'm going to explain it a little bit praise the Lord the God of the judge. Because there are people in our world today that have never been given the hope of what God can do in their life that little girl the did that public act in front of hundreds of people on Facebook live we looked into her life a little bit she was being abused every day by her father her mother wasn't any better they were not Christians she did not know the peace and joy that a Christian life should had and so she ended it all do you think that she's going to be say I think that God will judge her according to what she knew would you agree. The people that have that mental imbalance that comp them to commit suicide or the people that have no hope and 1 who God is because they don't know God never been shared with about God because of them being too lazy to do it so to speak show and I'm not trying to scare anybody but this is that show that there are people in that very room who are currently struggling with the stop of suicide and if you're not struggling with it right now statistics show that you have your past or you will in your future at some point. And I don't know what your reason is. I don't know if it's because you're lonely I don't know Chris because the I.R.S. is after you. I don't know if it's the burden of taxes and coming in you're just done with it all people have done it for that. Whatever it is we're going to be learning today that God is always the answer. He can fill that void in your heart that you cannot seem to fill up with anything on this earth and people are looking to fill that in there's a book that was written called the God shaped hole right. People are looking to fill that God shaped hole over and over and over again but they can't fill it because the only 1 that can answer Heavenly Father. Won't take you to a verse here but 1st John Chapter 5 I love how it falls in out so clearly 1st John Chapter 5. First John Chapter 511 and 12 through there's a man you're not to have mercy. OK there's a couple it's OK. First John 511 and 12. And he says it so clearly. First John 511 says this and thence is the record that God had given to us what eternal life and that this line is in His Son He that hath the son Half-Life and he that hath not the son of gone has 1 brothers and sisters I would appeal to you today that there are many people in Christianity there are many people in our world today that are committing physical suicide but they're committing spiritual suicide and what I mean by that Jesus is the answer to eternal life Amen and if we know we only reject Christ we see them Romans Chapter 6 was 23 the wages of sin is once and who is the only 1 that can counteract that is our Savior we all know what we're doomed to do and if we reject Christ in the belief that he wants us to believe I am committing spiritual suicide if I reject Jesus. Because Jesus is the only life source that you know that. The reason for sin and death today is because we have cut off our life source and are moving further and further away from him the only way that we can have eternal life is to read Jesus live eternally in us. Because we're mortals it's only God who can give us that immortality So today my friend when you're talking about people that are committing suicide physically that's something that we would be talking about and are they saying well the God is the judge but are you committing spiritual suicide. You know that the Word of God tells us that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever would believe in Him would not perish but have 1. And if we reject that yes they've got has given us what are we doing we're going to die and if we're willingly attempting and willing to do that then I'm not just committing suicide here on this earth that is eternal This is a far bigger problem isn't it I believe that it's something that is plaguing us today there's a few examples of this in the Bible the 1 that always comes to mind is Judas. Judas committed that act in the it's best in the Gospels that before all this took place that a demon entered the side of Judas remember that and then Judas in his grief and his guilt and everything that he was feeling for selling the Son of God for a few pieces of silver couldn't handle it and he took his own life and the Bible is pretty clear that the Son of Perdition is going to be making at the heaven. I believe that there are those who have committed suicide that will be in heaven and I also believe that there will be many people who are Christians that have committed suicide and not be in heaven because they didn't rely upon God. Do you think that Darren you think that the Son of man you think that Jesus could have 6 Judas problems. Can you imagine what testimony Judas would have had. If he had repented and stayed with the 12 he would have the power to say I was the 1 that did the very act. Of killing the son of God I was the traitor in the camp I was the 1 that sold him for a mere few pieces of silver and yet he still has it in himself to save me. Wouldn't it have been powerful you look at Saul back in the books of Samuel. King Saul his armor bearer Saul have left the Lord and rejected him and because he rejected them he couldn't communicate with not any more so what did he do when the antis the witch didn't think and then he went into battle after that and he saw that all hope was lost and so he asked his armor bear to kill him and he wouldn't so he killed himself by falling on his own SORN I think the bomb was pretty clear that he's not going to be in heaven either. You know why because they knew he could piece they knew where to fill the hole and they were so obstinance they were so full of pride or whatever it may have been that they rejected the answer and rejecting that they lost eternal life forever the brothers and sisters God doesn't want that to happen Amen. I want to turn to a verse that is extremely comforting maybe you haven't thought. Of this right now I preach this in a church a few months ago and I can tell you the name or who but I was in this church and I knew some of the people there well and after this message was preached 2 or 3 of the most spiritual people McCall in the congregation came up to me individually at separate times and said we struggle with us every day I was completely deceived. It could be any 1 of us but let's look at this we're showing a little book of songs psalms Chapter $34.00. Suppression promise years whatever you're going through songs Chapter 34 verse 18 in 1000. Song started for 18 in 1900 and this the Lord is not or near the Lord is near unto them that are a broken heart you have a broken heart today the Lord is near to you. The Lord is near unto them that are a broken heart and saves such as be in the Cartwright spirit Many are the afflictions and they're anxious but the Lord deliver of him out of them all. I don't know what it may be today they are struggling. Or that's bringing you down or dragging you down but if you have a broken heart and a broken spirit 6 Rackley what God wants you to be because in his weakness in our weakness God is stronger I guarantee you that if you talk to James about this he'll give you his testimony and I can say this because he's given me permission to in the past James had a hole in his life then you know and he was trying to fill it with other things and so finally he realized that the peace that he had been seeking had been under his nose for a long time in Revelation it says that Jesus is knocking at the door and Jesus doesn't want to barge in and take complete control of your life and be a dictator but Jesus wants to heal your broken heart. And some day when Jesus is working on that heart because on tell us your pastor Jesus is still working on my heart I tend to be abrasive. I tend to be so knowledgeable but I just there was 1 time in my life when my wife was not. She wasn't happy she was depressed and we weren't dating or even engaged yet we were just friends and she told me 1 day she said I'm depressed I looked at her and smiled and said well you're not close to God enough you should read your bible or there's no such thing as depression. What arrogance Jesus still working on your pastor's heart. I'm just a work in progress. And I believe that Jesus is willing to start construction on your heart Rice as well. Don't and a short to see as a lot to do for C.S.. Let's turn to 1 more verse here let's go to Revelation. And this is a verse that many of you are familiar with. Revelation we're going to be looking here at $21.00. Revelation chapter 21 in verse 3. I want you to imagine if you will. Someone I was giving Bible studies to he was from the country of Haiti and he wasn't just an your typical guy the guy was brilliant he knew 4 languages knew French English Spanish knew Italian he was working on assessed he had his law degree in 2 different countries and was working to get into the United States it's been what he was talking about and he had read literature and lots of us he was well educated and as we were giving Bible studies to him I knew that he was addicted to alcohol. Something that he couldn't give up in fact he lost his practice in Haiti because he got so drunk 1 night that he cheated on his wife. And his reputation was ruined and so he came here and states. And as he was here we read for the 1st time what we're about to read Revelation chapter 21 verse 3 notice what it says relation 213 and I heard a great voice out of heaven saying Behold the tabernacle of God is with men and he will dwell with them and they shall be his people and God himself shall be with them and be their God and God shall wipe away all 2 years from their eyes there shall be no more death neither sorrow no crying neither shall there be any more pain for the former things are passed away this was the 1st time that this man had ever heard those verses. And he wept. Read that tract like you've never read it before. Read that taxes this year it's your 1st time and realize what it really means there's not just some place that many other religions believe that we're going to be in some nirvana somewhere. Or snuck going to happen in a 1000 years for brothers and sisters I believe Jesus coming soon. He's right around the bend and if you don't think that Jesus is right around the bend then you're to see because the signs are everywhere. And the devil not at the sea. But wouldn't it be a shame. If we ended our chance to be with Christ's return today because it wouldn't be with him here on Earth. It would break his heart to have a mansion for you in heaven and he's ready to lead you to it hand by hand and you want to go to that place. And you want to be with him forever some day but for some reason you just can't trust him here under. The only way that we're going to have eternal life as a celeb Jesus live eternally in us. I want to end with this example. I grew up on a fairy farmer 0 I don't know if you prune before if you print fruit trees or grapes or anything like that. The man when you when you prune with these lockers my dad was old school he had a chainsaw but. Who needs that. So I think for my own good and so he gave me these lockers and he gave me 5 acres of cherries and said How about it this is what you do I was like OK you know after a couple hours of that your shoulders get really sore. And because your shoulders get store you get a little weaker and sometimes you cut a branch and move on you didn't quite get it through all the way so it just kind of hang in there you know just by a few threads. And what's crazy about this is you can leave it hanging there with just a few strands of bark lap. And you can come back in the spring and that branch severed as it is still alive and early if you're paying and there's just a few threads of line connected to the tree and if those $23.00 lines were severed maybe then there's leaves on it a few normally but they're focusing so much on staying alive these branches that there's no fruit. How connected to Darya. Because if you were just hanging there by a few strands if you were just hanging there in a Laodicean state we really don't know who he is you just claim that you do you're just barely read and write has a habit of throwing curve balls in our way and a lot of people snap I'm tired of being a complacent Christian. I'm tired of just barely staying alive I'm tired of just barely this even the other church members that they think I'm spiritual. I will be producing fruit. I want to be living I'll be living for God I will refer to God I'm going to have the fruits of the spirit love joy peace patience kindness and all the things that are included there because if you are filled with the spirit of the Lord do you think you're going to be tempted response of. Our. Works. Over and over and over again what's holding you back. Don't just be hanging there barely alive. To be connected to Jesus. Because that's the only way we're ready to turn away and that's the only way we're going to live a joyous life here on Earth. Father Lord you have blessed us today lord it's always a high stab someone commits their life to you in a public demonstration of baptism. Father we know that the Devil isn't just angry with James. But it says in Revelation that the dragons are off with. The church. All individually. Father help us not to be cut off before Judgement Day. But help to these leaning in Reliance they connect with you we pray in your name in their. Website.


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